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SWOT Analysis on China’s High-speed Rail to the Overseas

Hongpeng Ma
In recent years, China high-speed rail develops very rapidly and at the same time it meets domestic demand, it is also actively seeking for opportunities of overseas development. But the road to the overseas of China high-speed rail is not easy. This paper uses SWOT analysis method to comprehensively...
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Access Network Selection Algorithm in Heterogeneous Multi-cognitive Wireless Networks Coexistence Environment

Tao Tang, Yina Deng, Weilong Wu, Wenjiang Feng
Considering the three factors of user’s preference, business requirement and network performance, this paper presented an integrated weighting network access selection algorithm under heterogeneous multi-cognitive wireless network coexistence environment. The algorithm based on AHP-TOPSIS algorithm which...
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Decomposing Complete 3-Uniform Hypergraph Kn(3) into 7-cycles

Yan Hong, Rimutu Ji
This paper studies the definition for a Hamiltonian cycle of Jianfang Wang-Tony Lee and Katona-Kierstead in a uniform hypergraph, respectively. In general, the existence of decomposition in 7-cyces remains open. In this paper, researchers use the method of edge-partition and cycle sequence proposed by...
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Review on Methods of Comprehensive Evaluation Index System’s Effectiveness

Yiping Wang
The evaluation index system is an important part of the comprehensive evaluation, and its validity will directly determine the quality of comprehensive evaluation so it is very necessary to assess its effectiveness. Nowadays , with the in-depth research on comprehensive evaluation, more and more attention...
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A Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Combined with User Habits for Rating

Min Li, Kai Zheng
Collaborative filtering is one of the most successful and widely used technologies in personalized recommendation systems. This paper proposed a novel algorithm combined with user habits for rating as the conventional method leads lower accuracy relatively. In order to reveal the hidden relationship...
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Set Cooperative Cache for Virtual Machine Relocation

Cong Hu
With cloud computing models gaining significant momentum, data centers are increasingly employing virtualization as a means to support a large number of heterogeneous workloads running simultaneously on a multicore server. In such environments, contention for shared cache space can have a destructive...
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A Lifecycle Controlling Method of Documents Based on Deadline and Access Times

Jiaqi Yang, Zhijian Wang, Xiao Fu, Yu Wang
With the growing popularity of the online-service in cloud, users' data security protection has gradually become a new challenge. After one user sends his documents to the other, the files are no longer under the user's control. Once he needs the receiver to destroy data, he cannot ensure that the data...
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A Novel Cache Replacement Algorithm of EPCIS

Wei Chen, Zhi Gao, Xing Shao, Yongwang Gong, Xiufang Xu, Limao Han
To shorten the response time of EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) server, this paper proposes the structure of EPCIS based on proxy server and a novel cache replacement algorithm of EPCIS. A queue is built in the proxy server. The object which is more likely to be requested is moved...
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A Method of Organization Planning in Scientific Research Task Based-on Role

Shaohua Wang, Lili Rong
A method of organization planning in scientific research task based-on role is presented to content the needs of increasing abilities of task assigning and efficiency of functioning and lessening proportions of recourse deploying. A mode of scientific research organization based-on role is established,...
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Model the P2P Attack in Computer Networks

Wei Wang, Wenhong Zhao
To analyze the distributed attack actions in computer networks, different models are discussed. Firstly, the Hybrid P2P, Pure P2P and Super P2P structures of attack are presented. The, the broadcast mechanisms of every structure are introduced. The attack methods mainly focus on the index poisoning and...
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Model the Flow Control Attack in Wireless Networks

Wei Wang, Wenhong Zhao
To analyze the attack on mechanisms of confliction in wireless networks, a new method based on the system stability is introduced. Firstly, the theoretic basis for flow control attacks is discussed, which shows that the flow control attack may destroy data stream and network system at a low speed. Then,...
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Low Electromagnetic Noise Squirrel Cage Motor Analysis and Optimization of Slot Coordination

Changqi Liu, Yufa Xu, Gong Pu, Jinquan Feng
The electromagnetic noise of motor is mainly caused by the main magnetic fluxing into the air gap along the radial direction, generating radial force in the tooth of stator and rotor, which causes electromagnetic vibration and noise. The paper analyzes the theory of the production principle of electromagnetic...
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The Study Status and Development of Metamaterial Absorber

Wenwen Liu
Metamaterial with superior physical properties is a new type of artificial electromagnetic material. Absorbing material is used widely on stealth weapons of aircraft, missiles, ships, tanks and other more extensive application. the improvement in performance of the metamaterial absorbing body can design...
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BPM-driven Educational Informationization Technology

Xiaohui Gao, Zhiqiang Liu, Yao Zhao, Zhi Chen, Ang Li, Bo Xu, Bo Shen
Education informationization is an important part of the reform and development of education. Based on the re-usable and executable “task” and “sub-process” in BPMN elements, a supporting platform for education information system driven by Business Processes is proposed in this paper to meet the characteristics...
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Design of Speed Regulation Remote Monitoring System of Belt Conveyor

Ning Wang, Juan Hu
Intuitively display system operation parameters are the basis of the implementation for belt conveyor speed regulation and energy-saving control. This paper presents a speed regulation remote monitoring system of belt conveyors based on PLC and king view technology to meet the requirements of visibility,...
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Substation Remote Viewing Image Mosaic based on Canny Operator and Harris Corner Detection

Yufan Wang
In order to improve the effect of substation operation remote video monitoring system, a new image mosaic method based on Canny operator and Harris corner detection is presented. Firstly, the edge feature points from two images are extracted by Canny edge detection; secondly, the corner feature points...
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Study of PN-code Capture Method with High Dynamic and Low SNR in Near Space

Ke Sun, Xiaomin Hou, Qiang Zhao
Considering the requirement of building near space tt&c system, it designed a parallel PN-code capture method based on FFT. First, it gave a clear derivation of the principle of parallel PN-code capture method, analyzed the capture performance in detail, and finally proved the feasibility of the method...
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A Novel Firefly Algorithm based on Improved Learning Mechanism

Qiang Fu, Zheng Liu, Nan Tong, Mingbo Wang, Yiming Zhao
According to the problem of low solution precision, slow convergence speed and some fireflies failure in the traditional firefly algorithm, an improved firefly optimization algorithm is proposed based on the learning mechanism, By chaotic maps, the Firefly's initial position in which dynamic distance...
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Application of Image Compression Based on Discrete Cosine Transform

Hongmei Zhang, Zhigao Zhang, Zhili Pei
Image compression encoding is one of the key techniques in modern multimedia and communication field. DCT is one of the most widely used in image compression processing. It uses the symmetry of the Fourier transform and performs a folding operation on the boundary of the image. It transforms the image...
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Design and Implementation of Image Processing System Based on MATLAB

Hongmei Zhang, Zhigao Zhang, Zhili Pei
Digital Image Processing can be mentioned as computer image processing. It refers to a process within which image signals are transformed into digital ones and computers will be applied to the process of transformation so as to generate images that should be received by human vision or receiving devices...
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Price and Freshness Competition in RS Fresh Product Supply Chain Structure

Lu Cai, Lin Li, Tijun Fan
This paper focuses on the fresh product supply chain consisting of two competing suppliers and one single retailer. The model accounts for product competition between the two kinds of products provided by two suppliers, as well as for freshness competition between them. We use a game-theoretic model...
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Least Square Policy Iteration in Reinforcement Learning

Haifei Zhang, Hailong Deng, Bin Zhao, Ying Hong
Policy iteration is the core procedure for solving problems of reinforcement learning method. Policy iteration evaluates polices by evaluating value functions of these polices and then new improvement polices will be figured out by these value functions. Value functions and polices in classic policy...
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Information Sharing System of Ad Hoc Networks: Based on Data Access Service

Bo Su, Junhan Yang, Bin Wang, Hao Wu
Based on high speed Ad hoc networks, researchers build a kind of information sharing system using data access service for a variety of operating system and different types of hardware source. Information sharing system using service-oriented software architecture that supports localization of operating...
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The Research of PV MPPT based on RBF-BP Neural Network Optimized by GA

Jian Liu, Xiaolin Xu, Tong Li, Meiyan Cao
In order to track nominal output power of photovoltaic (PV) battery effectively and consider the feature of non-linear output, researchers present a Radial Basis Function and Back Propagation (RBF-BP) combination neural network based on genetic algorithm (GA) optimization to use in PV maximum-power-point-tracking...
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Burying Straw at Greater Depths into soil Using Machinery

Guangxin Pan, Ruili Wang, Yu Yuan, Yi Huang
The long term field scale experiment was performed for six years since 2008 in West-Liaoning Province, P. R. China. Furrows were made in autumn using deep-plough, straws were put into opened furrows using straw returning machine, and then the furrows were buried by soil back-filling plough and forming...
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Investigation of Authorware Application for Power Production Teaching

Wenfeng Hao
In order to solve the difficulty that the beginner cannot understand and grasp the basic knowledge of thermal power plant in a short time, this paper studies the static demo, dynamic demo and test questions by using the construction design function of Authorware. The result shows that the frameworks...
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Application of ACO to Vehicle Routing Problems Using Three Strategies

Yunpeng Wu, Yonggang Zhang, Ying Xin
Ant Colony Optimization algorithm (ACO) is a viable method for attacking hard combinatorial optimization problems. In this paper, researchers applied adaptive method to the Max-Min ant system (MMAS). In every cycle of the search, researchers can determine the number of elite ants adaptively. In the search...
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Analysis of Communication Radius Configuration Scheme with Double-chain Linear Topology Network

Sai Wu, Xikui Gao, Yan Bai, Shuai Gao
For railways, bridges, highways and others constructed by fixed-chain type linear wireless sensor networks, many studies have focused on routing protocol research with stetted communication radius. However, different communication radius directly impacts the transmission; thereby affects the performance...
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DSP Serial Communication Application Design

Zhengshi Chen, Wei Zhang
This thesis briefly introduces the characteristics of DSP TMS320LF2407A and its asynchronous serial communication interface (SCI), gives a hardware method of SCI and several realizable communication modes are discussed in detail. This design is simple and easy to be operated, and can be used commonly.
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Application of 3D Ray Tracer in WiMAX

Chao Wang, Bing Zhou, Xiaojie Qian
WiMAX is a promising technology for a higher spectral efficiency and reliable transmission. This paper compares the downlink throughput experienced by mobile users in a macro-cell in an interference limited scenario with a frequency reuse of one. Bit accurate link level simulations are performed for...
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Research on Series Arc Fault Characteristics Based on BSS and Harmonic Analysis

Zheng Wang, Kai Yang, Fengming Huang, Qiuhong Chen, Shouhong Chen
Arc fault is one of the most important reasons of electrical fires. The common characteristics of series arc faults are always submerged in load currents which are acquired as mixed signals. It is difficult to extract useful arc fault characteristics through conventional approaches. Hence, novel approaches...
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Empirical Study of the Influences of Different Types of Nostalgic Advertisements on Mechanism of Action of Purchase Intention

Hongping Fei, Jianfei Hua, Rong Gong
Nowadays nostalgic advertising is more and more widely used in academia and business as a marketing tool, which makes it worth studying how different types of nostalgic advertisings affect different age levels of consumer specifically. In this paper, an empirical research method was used and the empirical...
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Route Planning of UAV Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Zhengxiang Qian, Guocheng Wang, Jingen Wang, Yongxin Shi
On the basis of analyzing the tactical characteristics and the mission requirements of UAV, a route planning model is established, which is composed of a comprehensive threat model, a performance constraint model and a mission effectiveness model. A dual population genetic ant colony algorithm is designed,...
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Rock Casting Slice Image Based 3D Digital Core Reconstruction

Na Liu, Wei Liu, Guojian Cheng, Xinjian Qiang
For the reason of high costing on 3D core reconstruction by using CT scanning method, a new method named 3D digital core reconstruction based on rock casting slice images under optical microscope is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the collected casting slice images are processed to acquire the reconstructed...
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The Market Factors of Influence Environmental Information Disclosure and Market Reactions

Tangmei Yuan, Zhoue He
In order to investigate the market factors of influence environmental information disclosure and market reactions, this paper uses Chinese all A-share listed companies of main board market in 2012 as samples, this paper’s research conclusion indicate that: (1) The higher the market value, the higher...
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Knowledge Checking Service Selection Method in Pythagorean Fuzzy Environment

Ming Li, Yuqi Yu, Yingcheng Xu
Knowledge checking service is very important for safeguarding the quality of the knowledge in the knowledge repository. There are many knowledge checking services with similar functions but different qualities in organizations, especially in the crossing organizations. It is not easy to measure the non-functional...
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Product Market Competition, Ownership Differences, and Earnings Management: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies

Lihui Yu, Yanhua Wen
This research uses data of Chinese listed companies during 2009-2012 to test the effects of product market competition on the incentives to engage in earnings manipulation in companies with different ownership type. Results show that competitive market has no impact on earnings management in state-owned...
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The Study on the Change of Consumers’ Brand Recognition

Liang Chen, Minyue Hu, Xiaobei Li
Consumers’ low-end recognition on Chinese brands largely hinders the leap from low-end to high-end. This study focuses on the change process and conditions of consumers’ brand recognition and the article is a partial result. The grounded-theory is applied to analyze the affecting factors and the conditions...
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Evaluation Model for Hospital Service Quality

Jin Yang, Xu Chen, Huan Yang
The level of hospital service quality is playing an increasingly important role in hospital competition in China. To evaluate that quality, this paper deeply studied the present service status and the service quality evaluation in China’s hospital from the angle of patients, and innovatively proposed...
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Study on the Relationship between Innovation Openness and Knowledge Management in Network

Hong-an Chen, Changwu Ji
Innovation has always been a hot topic in the management circles. Now in the fierce market competition, a single organization becomes more and more dependent on external resources, especially knowledge resources, for innovation. The importance of knowledge Management in network has been more and more...
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Review on the Research of Executive Compensation Stickiness

Aimin Zhang, Yunshi Lu
This article reviews the existing articles at home and abroad in the area of executive compensation stickiness. We found that existing articles include four aspects, which are the relationship between executive salary and performance, the existence of compensation stickiness, the influence factor and...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Regional Diffusion Difference of China’s Private Cars based on the G/SG Model

Gang Liu, Xianming Hong
With the markets and products evolve rapidly, enterprises have paid much attention to how products will grab the market share. The diffusion of innovation is the main mechanism of the product market’s forming process, and the research on the effect of the differences between different regions to innovation...
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An Improved Struck Tracking Method Based on Fast Search Method

Yunfeng Ni, Li Xu, Ying Hou
Traditional methods such as adaptive tracking-by-detection approaches generate a set of samples and, depending on the type of learner, producing training labels. ,However, it is not clear how to best perform their sample step. Furthermore, the objective for the classifier (label prediction) is not explicitly...
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Analysis and Design of Intelligent Electronic Commerce

Yongliang Li, Yaqin Liu
E-commerce refers that the individuals or enterprises use the Internet network, which is a digital electronic way for business data exchange and business activities. This paper analyzes the design and function of the intelligent electronic commerce recommender system. Recommendation system of intelligence...
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Research on the Device Risk Value for Power Transmission Network based on k-means

Xiaorong Cheng, Zijun Li, Yun Miao
To evaluate the risk system of power communication transmission network (PCTN) scientifically, this paper puts forward an improved k-means clustering algorithm in allusion to the issue of the power device risk value in the PCNT. Both the rating of the device status and the importance of the device determine...
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Construction of Personalized Expert Yellow Page based on Fuzzy Linguistic Method

Ming Li, Dan Xu, Yanchun Zhu
Expert yellow page is the knowledge map of experts. When selecting experts for consulting, besides expertise, learners take personalized factors such as trust, background and familiarity into consideration. In order to fulfill personalized requirements of learners, the construction approach of personalized...
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The Photosynthetic Physiological Responses of Leaves from Different Shoots of Taxus Cuspidata to Elevated CO2

Qige Qi, Lihua Zhong, Qichang Zhang, Xueting Zheng
Net photosynthetic rate (PN), transpiration rate (E), stomatal conductance (Cond), intercellular CO2 concentration (Ci), and vapor pressure deficit on the surface (VPD) of Taxus cuspidata leaves set at a series of CO2 concentration were investigated with the LI-COR 6400 portable photosynthesis system....
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Research on User Segmentation based on RFL Model and K-means Clustering Algorithm

Yunpeng Chen, Ziyu Liu, Yan Wang, Yao Qin
With the rapidly shifting dynamics of the current market, the companies are seeking a more thorough method to research the preferences of their target market. As such, data mining models of user segmentation are often utilized to fill up the broadcasting and television research areas. This paper proposes...
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Improvement Strategies for the Service Quality of Hospitals

Jin Yang, Xu Chen, Ze Sun
More and more public attentions have been paid to hospital service quality nowadays. Improving the quality of hospital service can ease the current tension in the doctor-patient relationship, as well as enhance the hospital's competitiveness. The paper is aimed to propose a comprehensive plan to improve...
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Stability Analysis and Treatment Measure of the Mining Stope Slope

Qinglan Qi, Xie Shaoxiong
This Based on the stope in HeBei province, the sliding failure mode and treatment measure after the excavation of the stope is discussed. The RMR methods and the GSI methods are both used to estimate the mechanical parameters of the rock mass, and the smaller parameters are selected for the stability...