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Modulation and Demodulation of QPSK Communication System Based on Matlab

Xiaoling Hu
Currently, multiple modulation schemes based on QPSK are applied more and more widely. They are involved in digital microwave communication system, digital satellite communication system, broadband access, mobile communication and cable television system. QPSK is quarternary phase-shift keying. It characterizes...
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Effects of Humic Acid on Millet Growth and Soil Water Preservation under Millet Production with Rainfed Sandy Soil in a Semi-arid Region

Junzhen Mi, Jinghui Liu, Lingling Zhang, Xiaomin Chen
Effects of using different year of humic acid on millet growth and water and fertilizer use efficiency was studied in a field experiment in a semi-arid and arid region in 2011-2014. Four-year results showed that after using humic acid, the soil moisture content was increased by 0.20%-40.41% over that...
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Research on the Technical and Economic Problems of the Development of Distributed Generation

Chenhao Niu, Bingjie Li
Recently, the proportion of distributed generation in the power system is growing with the increasing development and of distributed generation technologies. The application of distributed generation brings many benefits to the grid, such as improving power quality and peak load and helping achieve optimal...
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Summary on Seismic Damage Characteristics of Bottom Frame Structures in Wenchuan Earthquake

Hongyu Deng, Baitao Sun
The application of masonry buildings with frame and seismic-wall in the lower stories in the “5.12” Wenchuan earthquake disaster area was very extensive. The main damage characteristic of this kind of structure was summarized through field investigation where a large number of examples appeared. Overall,...
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Project Management on Code Coverage Analysis

Pinghua Jiang
The code coverage analysis of large-scale software is a project that needs management skills to accomplish. The paper does research on how to apply Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to the code coverage analysis based on its techniques and process. The initiating process group focuses on three...
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The Construction of Service-oriented College Student Management Platform Based on “event-driven”

Lu Gao, Lin Lin
The comprehensive reform in the field of education is gradually implemented, and the educational management of students in unicersities as an essential part of it is in dilemma because of lacking of a service-oriented college student management platform which based on the “event-driven.College student...
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Context-Awareness Technology for Intelligent Sensor Networks Based on Active Mechanism

Jinhui Chen
With the emergence of intelligent sensors which have certain kinds of computing and wireless communication ability, more and more Internet of Things applications can be implemented to sense, judge and react locally according to the environment and its changes. However, mechanisms that can support context-aware...
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Research into Problems in the Implementation of Total Quality Management in University and Countermeasures

Lu Gao, Lin Lin
The comprehensive reform in the field of education is in full swing. The implementation of Total Quality Management in Colleges and universities is the important content of building the characteristic first-class university . The implementation of Total Quality Management in universities plays a vital...
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Hardening Process Evaluation on Penetration of Foamed Epoxy Asphalt

Ming Huang
Foamed epoxy asphalt, a kind of epoxy asphalt with a brand-new curing system, has excellent construction performance. This paper provided several new anhydride solidified agents used in Component B of epoxy asphalt based on the diversifications on viscosity-temperature curves, and monitored the whole...
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The Study on the Superposition of Mechanical Wave

Jie Wang, Lina Guo, Yingji He
The mechanical wave is emphases and difficult content in physical university course. Using the plane simple harmonic wave as an example, the physical meaning of the wave equation is clarified; the phase difference between the two particles in medium of coherent wave sources is also discussed. Analyzed...
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Type of Earnings Management and Different Economic Consequences

Tangmei Yuan
The purpose of this study is to investigate whether different types of earnings management have different effect on the firms future profitability and market value. Using multiple regressions and large sample, this study finds evidence that accrued earnings management is positive related with firms future...
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A New Similarity Measure for the Context Quantization based on the Statistic Counting Model

Fuyan Wang, Min Chen, Yiping Zhang, Qin Zhao
In this paper, one new similarity measure which holds better mathematical description is given and discussed in details. The increment of the amazing measure, which denotes the similarity measure between two count vectors is discussed in this paper and its corresponding properties are also explained....
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Similarity Measure For Course Efficiency Estimation based on the Wechat Platform

Chunfen Bu, Min Chen, Aijiao Liu, Qin Zhao
The modern instruction system based on Wechat is widely used to help improving the course instructing efficiency. By using the interact characters of this education system, students can finish their course by themselves. However, how to estimate the course efficiency become more difficult. The clustering...
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A Publish/Subscribe-based Programming Language for Sensor Networks

Biao Dong, Jinhui Chen
Sensor networks constitute an efficient solution for gathering data on such events and feeding the evacuation simulation. Sensor networks software(SNS) is considered as a new software paradigm in the sensor networks environment, with the characteristics of cooperation and flexibility. SNS brings challenges...
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China’s New Normal of Economy and the Optimization and Upgrading of the Economic Structure

Cheng Lin
In recent years, China’s economy has witnessed great changes in terms of growth rate, structural adjustment and the motive force of development. Therefore, China’ economy has stepped into the new normal. The main change under the new normal is the optimization and upgrading of the economic structure,...
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International Experience in Treatment of Transboundary Pollution Cooperation in China And Kazakhstan

Aigul Almerekova, Wenying Xu
Air pollution, transboundary acid rain, destruction of ecosystems, sand and dust storms and water pollution and other environmental problems continue to plague China and Kazakhstan cross-border areas. Pollution problems between the two countries China and Kazakhstan has become a serious threat to regional...
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Experimental Study on Subjective and Objective Comprehensive Weight of Evaluation by Supervisor in Higher Vocational Education

Cui Liang, Xinfang Song
The approach of evaluation lies in qualitative and quantitative and stops by science. According to developmental evaluation concept and based on the indicators about quality of classroom lecture supervision and evaluation in higher vocational education, analytic hierarchy process is used to obtain subjective...
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Adaptive Middleware For The IMA

Libin Cao, Xing Sun
With the three generations of development; Avionics systems has tended to miniaturization; integration; and intelligence development. IMA is integrated and distributed that use electronic systems for commercial aviation COTS software (DRE). IMA is integrated and complex logic structure that requires...
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Design and Simulation of A Rectifier Controller Based on Fuzzy PID

Yunfeng Ni, Junliang Zhang
With the disadvantages of large time-varying, non-linearity and uncertainty, it is hard to establish a precise mathematical model for the current DC thyristor rectifier equipment load which results in conventional PID control performance degradation. A control strategy based on fuzzy PID advanced control...
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Some Discussion Based on My School Software Engineering Profession Excellence Program Implementation

Yihe Liu
The author links to unit's reality, analyzed in my school software engineering profession excellence program implementation to be urgently needed the solution the question. The possibility of the implementation of the order form training mode of the software engineering profession excellence program,...
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Intensive Management: a Holistic View on Organizational Factors and Performance

Xuanhui Liu
This article puts forward the intensive management as a holistic view to explain the causal link between organizational factors and performance. This model analyzes the reasons of organizational performance from two dimensions: the use of performance information and management. The model is tested with...
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Numerical Simulation Study on Height Evolution Laws of Overlying Gas Flow Paths with Discrete Element Method

Hui Guo, Ye Chen, Xiangdong Gao, Chuanqi Tao
In order to study height of overlying gas flow paths of a certain mine, Shanxi province, China, this paper studied the formation mechanism of overlying fractures induced by mining operation with the method of material mechanics, and the optimization arrangement of high-located borehole in working face...
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A New Method of View-Invariant Human Activity Recognition

Han Su, Wenjie Wang
We present a new method to recognize human activity under uncertain view. The activity width image which is extracted from the sequence of silhouette is used to represent the activity features. It converts the spatial and temporal pattern to a grey-level image. View difference causes the deformation...
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The Production of Multimedia Courseware in Animation Teaching: the Perspective of Visual Arts

Leilei Zhang
Multimedia technology is widely used today in many fields of education, its emergence and development provide more visual elements and exciting visual effects for the animation teaching courseware. This paper will propose that animation art and multimedia technology be integrated, from the perspective...
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Methods of Alignment for On-Line Signature Verification

Xinghua Xia, Fangjun Luan, Shoujin Wang, Dafang Yang
Size, location and rotation angle of on-line handwritten signature will have effects on the performance of verification. Methods of alignment for on-line signature verification are proposed in this paper, the size, location and rotation angle of test and reference signatures are aligned effectively to...
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Object Search via Random Context

Wei Liu, Yunxing Ruan, Xia Cai
Accurately object searching plays an important role in computer vision. Retrieving and locating target objects in images are object searching’s two sub-tasks. Aiming to promote the precision and recall of object searching, selecting appropriate image representation methods is the core issues. The representation...