Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2016)

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Study on Blended Learning Model for College English Teaching Based on Moodle System

Xiaqing Liu, Songqing Li, Xiaohui Dun
With the development of college English education and improvement of modern education technology, blended college English teaching model has become a development direction for college English teaching reform. Blended teaching combines e-learning and face-to-face classroom teaching, aiming to promote...
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Research on New-generation Migrant Workers' Employability

Shunhong Ji, Xinglin Chen
Based on prior researches and literature, we studied the employability of new-generation migrant workers. The study finds that the upgrading of employability of new-generation migrant workers is restricted by multiple factors such as individual factors, environmental factors and policies. It should be...
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Research on Kinematic Analysis of A Tandem Attitude Control Platform

Xiong Wang, Yaolong Zhang
Considering shortcomings of existing attitude control platforms, a new directly driven tandem attitude control platform that can bear certain acting force and make accurate and steady operations was designed in this paper. A coordinate system was established by simplifying its structure and its kinematical...
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Research on Photovoltaic Control Strategy Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Huaizhong Chen
Aiming at the disadvantage of low accuracy of the photovoltaic maximum power point constant voltage method, a photovoltaic MPPT algorithm based on particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO)is proposed. Based on the analysis and research of the photovoltaic array maximum power point tracking algorithm,...
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The Effect of Collective Bargaining on the Minimum Wage

Changhui Yuan
More and more countries are adopting a minimum wage policy, but few scholars have researched the factors affecting the underlying minimum wage level, especially the factors of labors' bargain power. We use a panel data from the year of 2005 to 2012 to investigate the collective bargaining on the minimum...
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Doppler Parameter Estimation Based on Fractional Correlation in Alpha-Stable Distribution Noise Environment

Li Li
This paper takes the -stable distribution as the noise model and works on the parameter estimation problem in the impulsive noise environment. This paper presents a signal model and a novel method for parameter estimation in the impulsive noise environment. Firstly, a signal array model is constructed...
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Research on Two-stage Consumption Decision Based on the Social Software

Li Wu
Consumer decision-making is a hot research issue in microeconomics. However, the study of social software's consumer decision literature is very scarce. This paper is going to use two - stage consumption decision model, so as to reveal the decision - making of the social software. We divide the consumption...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of TFP in Development Zone Enterprises --Take Baoshan Industrial zone as an Example

ZhongYuan Wang
With the Commission's data of Baoshan industrial zone, this paper empirically tests the differences of total factor productivity between of the enterprises in the development zone and non-development zone. Meanwhile, combining theoretical analysis and empirical methods, tests the impact mechanism of...
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Marbling Stone Slab Image Segmentation Based on Election Campaign Algorithm

Qinghua Xie, Xiangwei Zhang, Wenge Lv, Siyuan Cheng
Detecting irregularly shaped raw material is the most rudimentary problem of cutting and nesting process in natural stone production plant. The threshold segmentation and background subtraction method could achieve the segmentation of stone slab on the wooden platform in mostÿofÿtheÿcases. But when the...
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Research and Practice on Professional Teaching Pattern of Environmental Engineering that Highlight Engineering View

Yunfen Shi, Changming Pan, Zhenye Zhang, Meitong Jin
Aiming at training talents with engineering capability for environment major, propose establishing a comprehensive cultivating system that have curriculum groups and a practice teaching system with engineering background under the guidance of foster plan on building the connotation of engineering capability...
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On Design Philosophy of Public Environment Planning in Modern Cities

Chuan Sun, Li Dong
This paper studies design philosophy of public environment planning in modern cities. Establishing urban public environment planning system requires unified planning of municipal facilities, road areas, streets and communities, and forbids embezzling public green lands and public facilities. Meanwhile,...
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Application of Scenario Simulation Method in Teaching of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Jun Li, Han He
Based on the cultivating target of application-oriented universities for students, this paper analyzes the main problems of "pharmaceutical marketing" existing in the aspects of course construction, teacher's teaching concept, student's leading role and evaluation method etc., and discusses the procedure,...
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Research on Correlation between Foreign Language Oral Anxiety, Oral Performance and Gender

Yongyan Song
In this study, the subjects are 102 level C undergraduates in grade 2014 from Jilin Agricultural University. Horwitz' Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS) is adopted to investigate the oral anxiety degree of the subjects. The data and the subjects' oral performance are analyzed by using SPSS...
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A Study on the Correlation between Guangxi - ASEAN Trade and Guangxi Logistics Growth

Zhigao Liao, Junli Wang
Picking the volume of Guangxi - ASEAN trade and the total social logistics in Guangxi in 2002-2014 as time series data, using the grey correlation analysis method to study the relationship between Guangxi - ASEAN trade and the growth of Guangxi logistics. The empirical results show that there is a positive...
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Design of Autonomous Learning Courseware

Chao Lv
It is very important to establish the dominant position of students in learning in education informatization era. Namely, students should be regarded as center and orientation during learning. In the paper, deficiency of traditional learning mode is proposed on the basis of analyzing autonomous learning....
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Application of Zigbee Technology in Electric Meter System of the Intelligent Community

Jie Huang
In order to be efficient and accurate statistics of the electricity consumption and electricity bill, the users can easily check the electricity consumption and electricity bill. In consideration of the actual needs of the electric meter system, an electric meter system of the intelligent community is...
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Application of Option Pricing Model in Business Evaluation for High-tech Enterprise

Lian Xue
This paper illuminates intrinsic value and behavior of premium option based on expounding exactly the definition of option. To modify the model fit for long-term option and short-term option with variables as Expiration date and dividend-paying policy by numbers of empirical studies,this paper explains...
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A Brief Study on the Influence and Countermeasures of Network Technology for College Teaching Management

Lili Liu, Xuehong Chang
After entering into the new era, our network technology develops rapidly, and its open, resource sharing and cooperative features, to a large extent, are affecting the college teaching management. We have to positively understand the characteristics of network technology as well as the effect on college...
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Study on Fish and Vegetable Co-existing System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Yueling Zhao, Zichao Ma, Haiyan Han, Guifen Chen
With the rapid development of the national economy, low carbon economy has become a new type advocated economy in modern agriculture. This paper presents a research method of water quality monitoring system based on wireless sensor network. It is the basis to save energy and to reduce emission in the...
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Analysis of Existing Problems and Countermeasures of Multimodal Transport Development in Western Region

Zhigao Liao, Zhu Qian
Western inland trade have developed quickly in our country in recent years, but it is still far inferior to the eastern coastal and central regions overall, so it is necessary to find out the existing problems in the development of western region of multimodal transport in our country. This paper analyzes...
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Review of Research on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Evaluation System in China

Jihui Sun, Xiufei Liang
Based on the research of the literature in China, this paper expounds the present situation of the domestic energy saving and emission reduction technology evaluation system from two aspects of the construction of energy saving and emission reduction index system and the evaluation model, then the scholars...
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Tilt Rotor Aircraft Coupling Research

Chong Zhao, Ning Wang
Through the rotor machine balancing linearization, the nonlinear model of this paper on the basis of the linear model, through the simulation analysis model of dynamic coupling and coupling operation, through the characteristic root configuration method for inner loop decoupling control, realize the...
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An Improved Sobel Edge Detection Operator

Yao Lang, Dan Zheng
The paper proposes an improved gradient algorithm which is based on the existing sobel edge detection. The algorithm is not only simple, but also can solve the coordination problem between the detection precision and anti-noise performance. Experimental results prove that using the modified gradient...
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Research on Contour Layout Property

Bing Zhang, Jianxun Chen
A key and difficult problem of contour study is to prevent two adjacent smooth contours intersect in generation process. This paper presents an approach for smooth curve generation based on a variety of algorithms. The technique combines Delaunay triangular mesh generation algorithm, Delaunay triangulation...
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A Cognitive Perspective on the Coherent and Cohesive Fuctions of Conceptual Metaphor

Hui Shao
Metaphor has been studied from different perspectives. During recent years, with the development of cognitive linguistics, many studies in philosophy and linguistics on metaphor have shifted the focus of scientific inquiry from a strictly linguistic plane to a cognitive - based stance. Conceptual metaphor...
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Research on the Relationship between Capital Structure and Enterprise Value of the Sci-tech Enterprises

Juan Deng
Recently, the competitiveness and innovation of science and technology have become an important index to measure the comprehensive ability of the country. Firstly, based on the respective theoretical origin, this paper uses the description statistical analysis method to analysis the capital structure...
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Solving TSP Based on the Improved Simulated Annealing Algorithm with Sequential Access Restrictions

Lin Xiong, Shunxin Li
TSP problem is a typical combinatorial optimization problem, which has been applied in many fields in real life. InÿtheÿsolutionÿofÿTSP, it is no doubt that it will reduce some unnecessary calculations if the approximate path is determined in advance. Sequential access restrictions combined with the...
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Research on the Construction of Physical Education Think Tank in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Modernization of National Sports Management

Yao Bi
With the boost of the comprehensively deepening reform process in our country, the state has begun to put the development of the think tank in various fields into the development of key areas. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), perfecting and developing the socialist...
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Research on the Information-based Teaching Ability Improving Path of Young University Teachers under the Background of "Internet+"

Yanjie Zhan
At present, internet has become an integral part in life, with the rapid development of informationalized level, the information-based teaching ability of young university teachers is highly valued by the education sectors which directly impacts the teaching level. Through researching on the current...
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Effection of Current Transformer's Accuracy Error on Current Differential Protection

Jing Hua, Li Ai, Jiatang Cheng
In order to improve the accuracy of the current differential protection, we can detect from the current transformer which can collect reference amount and transfer current. By analysis of the equivalent circuit of the current transformer, the saturation current waveform, the saturation current of harmonic...
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Research on Development Trends of China's Design Education Based on Chinese-Western Comparison

Huazheng Liu
The paper spreads the discussion about the theme of the current status and differences of the Chinese and Western design education, summarizes the features and advantages of the Western design education, introduces the current situation of Western design education and its advanced design education philosophies...
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On the Integration of Socialist Core Values in Ideological and Political Education in College

Jing Liang
It is an important and pressing task to apply socialist core values in ideological and political education in college, for they could provide theoretical and practical support. The paper is to analyze the significance of socialist core values in ideological and political education, and propose some ways...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Improving Ideological and Political Education of College Students in the New Media Environment

Chao Wang, Junzheng Wang
Along with the development of Internet and digital information technology, new media technology plays an irreplaceable role in people's daily life. People live in new media environment all the time. Students as a major new media technology sought after, new media technology to bring them a variety of...
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Research of Grid-connected Inverter Based on SVPWM Control Strategy

Fang Zhao, Haiyun Zhu, Long Chen
In order to reduce the total harmonic distortion of grid-connected inverter, according to the working principle of three-phase inverter, establish the mathematical model in the three-phase static coordinate system, study the SVPWM modulation technology used in three-phase inverter. Provide the inductance...
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Expansive Research into How to Improve Library Intelligence Ability and Methods in Big Data Era

Gemin Li
The emergency of the digital network era has promoted the development of library intelligence, and corresponding research fields are being constantly expanded while its academic and social value are gradually embodied. Thus, to carry out knowledge service has become an inevitable road for library intelligence...
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Research on Quality Reliability of Rolling Bearing by Multi - Weight Method (PartI: Theory)

Xintao Xia, Bin Liu, Xiangfeng Chen, Wenhuan Zhu
Rolling bearing is an important connection basic part of mechanical, and its quality is very important. This paper puts forward the concept of the research on quality reliability of rolling bearing, introduces the weight calculation method of the various factors, and creates the rolling bearing quality...
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Applied Research of Convolution and Correlation in Digital Image Processing

Xihu Zhi, Aidi Zhi
Convolution and correlation operations are important tools to solve application problems in the field of signal processing, digital image filtering, earthquake detection, etc. As of today, however, there are no materials that can systematically and completely cover the concept and the specific application...
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Application of RFID Technology in Building Intelligent Logistics System in Internet of Things

Guofang Kuang, Yingcun Cao
This paper firstly introduces the whole framework of security RFID system. Then, this paper analyzes the functions of the existing logistics system, and points out the defects of the existing system. Intelligent logistics system is concept proposed recently in the intelligent transportation system (ITS)...
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A Biology Experimental Study on the Effect of Bionic Painless Needles on Pain Relief

Jingchun Wang, Yu Chen, Lingxin Kong
Several kinds of painless biomimetic needle structures with high drag reduction effect was obtained by means of experimental optimization design. The changes of heart rate and blood pressure as the index of pain sensitivity were selected. The experimental study on the biological function of bionic needles...
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The Research on the Reflective Teaching Mode of Backbone Teachers Participating in the "National Training Plan"

Zhen Zhou
The Reflective Teaching is the most effective way to promote teachers' professional development. And The Reflective Teaching mode is an important pattern of the teachers' professional development. At present, the effect of the rural primary and secondary school English backbone teachers training which...
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Study on the Laboratory Construction Innovation of Application-oriented Colleges in Transformation Period

Baichun Miao
Along with the change from elite-orientation to mass-orientation of higher education, the society asks different requirement on undergraduates and applied talent cultivation becomes the target of a glittering array of colleges. Laboratories are important channels to cultivate both the practice and innovation...
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Ginseng Must Cutting System Based on Machine Vision

Dingzhu Xue, Pei Xiao
Ginseng industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the process of its collection, especially the cutting of its must costs great manpower. It has greatly influenced the development of ginseng industry. The principle of the ginseng root cutting is by comparing its diameter to that of a certain...
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Parallel Corpora and Translation Teaching

Jingang Bai
In recent years, the development of corpora-based study provides language learners and teachers with great opportunities to have access to parallel corpora in their translation teaching and learning. In this paper, the author tries to explore whether subjects can solve the practical problem of finding...
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Improvement Algorithm of Background Updating Based on Kalman Filter

Jin Wang, Hang Zhou
In the process of target detection under complex background, the color of target(foreground)is often similar to the color of the background which causes noise during background updating, and the integrity of the target extracted from the image has been affected. In view of this situation, an improved...
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Evaluation of Risk of Emergency Network Public Opinion Based on Method of Fuzzy Grey Evaluation

Pengcheng Lu, Naiping Zhang
If the response to the emergency public opinion network is not well, the network public opinion crisis will lead to serious damage to public. Therefore, it is urgent to study the risk of emergency network public opinion. This paper, based on life cycle of public opinion, explaines the meaning of emergencies...
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Effect of the Base Cavity with an Irregular Shape on the Aerodynamic Drag of Projectile

Haibo Lu
This paper focus on the improvement of the aerodynamic drag reducing of the base cavity configuration on the projectile under supersonic flow condition. Projectile with two sorts of irregular shape of the base cavity which is distinguished from the traditional column base cavity is investigated numerically....
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Research on Educational Reform of Java Programming

Limei Cui
As an important professional basic course, Java Language Programming is designed to train students about object-oriented programming ideas and application of technology. In practical teaching process, we summarize the problems existing in the traditional JAVA Teaching and put forward specific teaching...
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Positive Study on the Price-earnings Ratio for the Listed Companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Market

Sheng Li, Hongzhen Liu
Based on the actual situation of China's Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share market, the situation of China's stock market price earnings ratio, and combined with the various relevant data during 2014-2016, A shares of the Chinese market listing Corporation earnings ratio analysis of a cited the fluctuation...
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Constraint Analysis of Liaoning Scientific Foreign Language Talents with View to Bourdieu' Theory

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
One can see that much difficulty has been faced by Chinese scholars and instructors whilst developing scientific foreign language talents. Drawing on Bourdieu's theory we recommend adopting a new approach for a more nuanced understanding of how complex elements hold back the development of scientific...
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The Combat Training Damage Control under the Condition of the Existing Problems and Countermeasures Research

Xinjie Zhang, Jie Yue
since the combat training, especially the damage control simulation training equipment put into use, the forces of damage control to improve training level had the very big margin, but some still exist in the training from actual combat environment requires a gap problem, this paper respectively from...