Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2016)

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A Reflection on Management Reform to Cultivation Process of Part-time Postgraduate in Local Agricultural Colleges

Zhiying Wang, Minhua Xu
Part-time postgraduate education in local agricultural colleges lacks of high-quality students' resources and meanwhile the cultivation quality is urgently to be improved. In addition, the lasting period of paper and experiment is very long with high labor intensity. The paper, directs at courses, proposal,...
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Entropy Production Estimates For An Total Variation Image Model

Lihua Min, Can Feng, Zhengmeng Jin
The main aim of this paper is to give some theoretical analysis for a nonlinear higher order total variation image model. Applying the algebraic approach, we transform the analytical problem of proving entropy dissipation inequality into an algebraic problem about the nonnegativity of certain polynomial....
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Research on Green Agricultural Products Closed Supply Chain Operation Mode and Strategy

Zuotie Wang
Based on the actual situation of China's agricultural products market, this paper analyzes the meaning and characteristics of the closed supply chain of green agricultural products, and puts forward three types of green agricultural products closed-supply chain management model with agricultural leading...
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A Probe into Chinese College Mobile Library Service

Gemin Li
Over these years, the mobile library service has become popular among colleges. It can be referred to as a result of continuous development of mobile internet technology. College Mobile Library (CML) service significantly facilitates the information retrieval by faculties and students, and provides a...
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Comparative analysis of wear resistance of Non-smooth metal surface between laser and machining

Zhuojuan Yang, Youquan Chen, Lidan Fan
According to the biological non smooth theory, the design of non smooth surface morphology, mechanical and laser processing method, the formation of similar organisms form non smooth surface on the surface of 45 steel; wear test, laser machining and smooth specimen samples and samples in the bionic micro...
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Constitutive Model of Shape Memory Alloy and its Finite Element Implementation for Medical Applications

Yanping Wang
Shape memory alloy (SMA) have presented excellent behaviour for medical applications such as bio-compatible, high corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, and the unique physical properties, which replicate those of human tissues and bones. Based on the experimental results of super-elastic NiTi alloy, a...
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Fundamentals towards Adaptive Fractal Filtering for Multiple Dimensional Signals

Zhuang Mo, Liang Gong
The fractal dimension of signal can be applied into signal filtering. This application makes filtering adaptive to the change of the signal condition. To compare different filtering effect with different relation between filter parameter and signal fractal dimension, this paper shows results of two experiments,...
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Theory of Arts and Humanities Courses on College Students' Humanities Accomplishment Promotion Effect

Hongxiang Zhao
The course of Humanistic quality improves the ability of using language expertly and promotes comprehensive quality in university student. In this essay, firstly, i will elaborate the specific roles of course of Arts and Humanities on improvement of humanistic quality, and then i will raise some methods...
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Vegetable Safety Risk Early-warning Model Based on Fault Tree

Tingxin Wang, Xiaoyang Li, Qingchi Meng, Haihong Xin
This paper introduced the fault tree analysis method and its application, analyses various factors of vegetable safety status and safety problems caused by vegetables, establishes the fault tree of the vegetable safety, and for this fault tree do some qualitative and quantitative analysis, combines the...
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Negotiations of Services Trade and Free Trade Agreement

Yixin Zhou
In the global service market, service industry has surpassed global GDP by two-thirds. The status of service trade in international trade is increasingly important. Due to the complexity and time-consuming of WTO multilateral negotiations, all countries have moved from bilateral to multilateral and bilateral....
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Excessive Industrial Capacity Cutting and Steady Price: Dilemma of Supply-side Structural Reform

Xiaojie Fan
Since the beginning of 2016, under the overcapacity background of the iron and steel industry, the steel prices has increased sharply in the domestic and risen more than 50% in less than half a year. This article first discusses the phenomenon and the reasons for rising in prices and analyzes the adverse...
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Employment-oriented University-enterprise Cooperation Teaching Research--Taking Automobile Technical Service and Marketing Specialty as an Example

Yanyan Shi, Ying Han
University-enterprise cooperation is a new model of innovation education in higher vocational colleges. It is a kind of joint talent training mode between schools and enterprises by using their respective advantages, sharing their education teaching resources. The new teaching mode imports enterprise...
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Brief Analysis of Schools Enterprises Cooperation Teaching in Colleges and Universities in the Era of Big Data

Liming Cui
This paper analyzes the current situation of the traditional schools enterprises cooperation teaching, and explores how to strengthen schools enterprises cooperation under the environment of big data and to improve the quality of application oriented talents training.
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Research into the Application of "Flipped Classroom" in Teaching Management Courses at Colleges and Universities

Yuzhen Wang, Chundi Zhao, Rengui Zhao
At present, we have already entered the information age, in which the traditional teaching mode cannot keep pace with the times and is faced with the fate of being eliminated. As a brand-new teaching mode, "flipped classroom" cannot only make up for problems in traditional teaching mode, but also meet...
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Modeling and Dynamic Behavior Simulation Study on Offshore Container Crane Based on ADAMS

Haiyan Qiang, Wanli Li, Yougang Sun, Chen Chen
In order to study the nonlinear dynamic response of the offshore container crane under sea wave, the virtual prototype model of the offshore container crane is established. Firstly, the 3D geometry model of offshore container crane is built in SOLIDWORKS. Then the model is introduced to ADAMS, and defines...
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Teaching Reform and Exploration in Compiling Principles Course for Application-Oriented Undergraduate Colleges

Peini Shang
Compiling Principles is an important professional and foundation course in computer major. This paper studies the characteristics of the course of Compiling Principles, and the problems existing in the course teaching of Compiling Principles were analyzed. Aiming at the characteristics of computer major...
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The Analysis of Current Research Situation and Development Trend for College English Writing

Yi Lu, Mu Sun
This paper takes the college English writings collected on CNKI as sources, and investigates the research papers about college English writing from eight key periodicals on foreign language study. The study aims are to state the research situations about college English writing, and discuss the problems...
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Study on the Strategies of Vocabulary Teaching in College English

Xiu Zeng
English vocabulary learning has long been viewed as a challenge to most Chinese students because of their weak language foundation, inability to learn words efficiently and less targeted practice of language in the communication in English. Much attention has been directed to the low efficiency in the...
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Analysis on Digital Library Construction in the Big Data Era

Gemin Li, Xiaoguo Liu, Jing Tian
As an important carrier of knowledge-based economy, digital library is an important part of China's information infrastructure and has become one of the important symbols to evaluate a country's information capability. Therefore, construction of digital library is forward-looking and strategic.As an...
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Study on Blind-guiding Robot Based on STM32 Embedded Systems

Changgeng Yu, Suyun Li, Qiang Li
The blind guiding robot is a problem that solve blind users navigate safely. The scheme adopts the four-wheels vehicles as the main body of the robot, it detects the environment information by the STM32 embedded systems, the many kinds of sensors, and fusion technology was used with different location...
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Application of Analogy Method in the Electromagnetism Teaching in College Physics

Li Wang, Jian Zhang, Bo Jiang, Hongliang Zhao
Analogy method is a frequently-used effective teaching method. If use this method properly in teaching physical, the learning ability of undergraduate and the teaching efficiency can be improved remarkably. In electromagnetism teaching of college physics, the materiality, the external manifestation,...
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Investigation on Indoor Environment of Camping Tent

Jingbo Liu, Yingni Jiang, Xiao Ma
There are often some problems, such as hot and humid air, crowded air, on the indoor environment of tents. Based on the above problems, the writer makes a thorough investigation on the use of the tents for the people. The result indicates that the camping tent is far lower than fixed barracks on various...
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Study on the Construction of Teachers in the Background of Charge on Postgraduate Education

Minhua Xu, Zhiying Wang
As the system of charge on postgraduate education comes into effect, some new problems will certainly occur, which may influence the quality of cultivating postgraduates. For agricultural universities, they are short of excellent students, so it is necessary to further strengthen the construction of...
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Reflections on the Influence of Sharing economy on the University Library Service Development

Gemin Li
Sharing economy is a brand new economic model derived from practice. With the rapid development of the Internet, the sharing economy has been widely used in many industries, and its influence is increasing in the social economy. This paper analyzes the characteristics of sharing economy as well as the...
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Surface Treatment Technology for Increasing Wear Resistance of Aluminum Alloy

Lidan Fan, Youquan Chen, Feng Yang, Zhuojuan Yang
Research and application of various surface treatment technologies in increasing the wear performance of aluminum alloy engine parts are introduced. These technologies include plasma spraying, plasma arc welding, plasma scanning, plasma electrolyzing, electroplating,physical vapour deposition and laser...
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Image Enhancement Technology Based on Fuzzy Set Theory

Xiaoyuan Zhang, Liang Gong
Images will lose some of local feasures by using traditional image enhancement technology. So this paper introduces the fuzzy set theory to transform the image smoothly in local areas. By considering sub-peak effect, we give one more channel to strengthen local feasures. In this way, images are enhanced...
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The Study of Transforming Manufacturing Firms into Service-oriented Business: An SSME Perspective

Yixin Zhou, Zhen Guo
The purpose of this study is to explore how the three northeastern provinces of enterprises manufacturing firms develop competitive advantages via providing value-added innovative services and how they transform themselves into service-oriented businesses in China. Through research to obtain data which...
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Research of Humanized Design of Urban Bus Station

Wenjun Wang, Hongxing Yi
Bus station is a part of urban facilities and an indispensable important link of urban transport system as well. The design of it directly affects the daily life of everyone in the city. This paper, from the perspective of humanization, and taking Wuhan City as an example, studied the design of bus station...
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Regional Economic Analysis on the Agglomeration Effect, Allocation Efficiency, and Regional Economy Growth

Rong Zhang, Li Jiang
The cooperation of regional factor and non-regional factor makes up the characteristic of economic aggregation. The externality of the economics bases on the regional factor and the spillover of the efficiency of cooperation is the foundation of the externality. Taking the theoretical analysis into consideration,...
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Design of geological hazard monitoring system

Guoshao Chen, Zhongsheng Wang
Geological hazards such as landslides, debris flow and so on are not stable in the Qinling Mountains range. It is necessary to forecast the geological disaster, how to collect the data and transfer the data to the data center in real time. This paper introduces the design of integrated geological hazard...
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Design of high precision time synchronization system based on GPS/BD dual mode

Fan Yu, Xing Ma, Zhongsheng Wang
In this paper, a new method of clock disciplining based on GPS/BD dual-mode receiver is proposed, which can improve the estimation accuracy of clock bias by fusing the GPS clock bias data and the BD clock bias data. In addition, the use of unbiased FIR filtering algorithm to filter the clock bias data...
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The Article Analysis of North China Electric Power University in Recent Years

Yuecong Chen, Baoqing Wang, Ning Li
Based on EI, SCI-E and CPCI-S, the articles of North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) authors were collected and analyzed from 2009 to 2014. It listed the articles, the annual growth rate, first author articles and proportion of first author articles by years. Then it analyzed the articles of...
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The H-index and First-author H-index of Chinese Scholars in LIS

Yuecong Chen, Zongqi Liu
Based on the journals of JCR Social Sciences Edition--INFORMATION SCIENCE & LIBRARY SCIENCE category from 2003 to 2014, the Chinese authors' 2793 articles in Library and Information Science (LIS) were collected and analyzed on Web of Science (WOS). First, it ranked the first Chinese authors, and selected...
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Embedded Fault Diagnosis Expert System on Weapon Equipment

Chaoyang Geng, Fenli Gao
In order to improve the work performance and mobility of the fault diagnosis expert system, a portable diagnostic client for embedded Linux operating system is developed. The data acquisition module is embedded in the device by analyzing fault-tree based troubleshooting process, using the fault symptom...
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Comparative Analysis and Evaluation of Common Spectrum Correction Methods

Meichen Liu, Xu Liu, Mei Li, Wei Wei
Although there are many spectrum correction theories and implementations, they are individual to specific problem and lack of a comprehensive comparison. This brings down their practical value in engineering applications. To solve this problem, we hereby establish a spectrum analysis and correction system....
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Role And Impact Of Non-governmental Organizations: The Case Study Of 'Free Lunch For Children' In China

Xi Xi, Farhad Hossain
During the last two decades, non-governmental organizations have come to be important actors in development and poverty reduction at local, national and global levels. This trend has spread all over the world. Since the reform and opening up in 1978, China has experienced dramatic changes, many grassroot...
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Analysis and Study of the Correlation of Genetic Loci

Yang Liu, Xiaojun Bai, Xiaofeng Kang
Based on information of 1000 samples provided by single nucleotide polymorphisms, analyzing the existing SNP data, using the optimized linear mixed model for data screening of correlation analysis, the coding mode of each given locus bases (A, T, C, G) are encoded into numerical encoding, with correlation...
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Yang Liu, Xiaojun Bai
Computer network maintenance is the most important part in the field of computer development, which directly affects the normal operation of the network. According to the different fault problems, taking the correct solution and having a certain working efficiency are the key problems of network maintenance...
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Research On Aorbco Model

Junmin Luo, Wenhua Lu
The characteristics of human mind are summarized up after the structure, functions and the working procedure of the eight consciousnesses and the human knowledge structure in consciousness-only psychology have been introduced. The limit of artificial intelligence, processing the formalized partial information,...
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3D Modeling of the Relievo Based on the Computer Active Vision

Gui Wu, Jun Tao
At present, the 3D modeling of the small relievo which is lack of real texture or no real texture is a huge difficulty and challenge. The paper provides a good way based on the computer active vision. The slide projector as an active sensor is steered in the principle of the traditional binocular vision....
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An Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method Based on SVM Optimized with BQPSO

Zhongsheng Wang, Sen Yang, Shujuan Huang
In order to improve the correct rate of analog circuit fault diagnosis, a method based on SVM optimized with BQPSO is put forward. Firstly, BQPSO algorithm and its steps are presented; Then the performance impact factors of SVM are analyzed, and the steps of SVM parameters optimized with BQPSO are given;...
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Study on the Control Strategy of Matrix Converter Motor System

Shuping Xu, Erdong Li, Xiaohui Su
To overcome the defects of pure integrator initial value of the integral, the cumulative error and DC offset, permanent magnet synchronous motor stator flux observer method is proposed based on full-order state observer. The stator flux as state vector to construct the system state equation, the current...
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Research on the Evaluation Method of Cognitive Electronic Equipment Information Acquisition Ability

Xinhai Liu, Yanheng Ma, Zijian Zong
Cognitive testability is an inherent attribute of the modern electronic equipment. The information acquisition ability of cognitive testability was described in details and an evaluation model was built upon the basic construction of the index system of the cognitive testability. First of all, the idea...
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Research on the connection of UML-RT capsule and Function block with Adapters

Zhuang Xia
The modeling of complex control system is usually based on the UML, thus the distributed control system is generally constructed by function block. This paper studies the modeling element: Function Block Adapter, which responsible for the connection of UML-RT capsule and IEC 61131 function block. By...
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Function Block Applications For Process Control System Based on Fieldbus Technology

Zhuang Xia
Present and future digital process control systems need to many requirements,for example,increase security and safety,reduce time to market, minimize training costs,support integrated methodology for implementation,and so on. Process control systems are required to fulfil these requirements in terms...
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Investigation of Machining Energy in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Using Measurement of Deform

Quanli Han
This paper aims at investigating the machining energy in wire electrical discharge machining. The open kerf was designed on raw martial block to obverse deform resulted from the discharge machining, and the deform on the material block was measured. The density of energy distribution was different along...
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A Novel Digital Sight Based on Intelligent Dynamic Parameters Modification Algorithm

Hao Xu, Mengying WU, Lu Zhao, Jiani Zhang, Zhongwei Zhao
This paper proposes a novel digital sight by dynamic modifying external ballistic parameters based on embedded Linux system. The external real-time ballistic parameters will be achieved by laser sensor and high-speed image sensor with high-speed Processor platform. With the combination of real-time modification...
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A Novel 3-Dof Electronic-driven Balanced Structure Model

Hao Peng, Haitao Fan, Jinghuai Qiu, Tianxiang Weng, Xueke Zhang, Jie Yu, Zhongwei Zhao
This paper proposes a balanced structure model of electric platform based on 3-DOF parallel mechanism. Compared with the traditional hydraulic structure platform, the proposed electric platform consists of three independent electric cylinders and their respective rigid strut links, each electric cylinder...
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A Novel Ultrasonic Water Pollution Detector Based on WSN

Yili Wang, Jianguo Gong, Shuwen Jin, Yongjie Lu, Chuanrui Mei, Zhongwei Zhao
This paper proposes a novel ultrasonic detector of water pollution based on WSN. The proposed vector difference algorithm on one time period can precisely calculate the velocity and height of drainage water pollution. The captured data with the detector will be transmitted to the server by WSN. Compared...
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A Discussion on Heuristic Teaching Mode of Professional Quality in Higher Education

Xiaoqiu Jia, Xiaoyu Guan
In the process of professional quality Education, the heuristic teaching method is better than the injected-mode teaching method. In the specialized course teaching of colleges and universities, adopting heuristic teaching mode can effectively improve the efficiency of the students' acceptance of new...