Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2016)

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Structure Improvement and Flow Field Analysis of Condenser in Freeze - drying Equipment

Runling Peng, Shasha Yin, Hao Zhang, Wei Cao, Ning Wang
The condenser of freeze-dryer is used to capture the water vapor from the drying chamber. A common problem of the condenser is that the frost is non-uniform and prone to "ice plugs". This paper studies the condenser of large food freeze-drying equipment, the structure of the condenser shell is changed...
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Mechanical System Design and Analysis of Three Dimensional Scanning Probe Based on Flexible Parallel Mechanism

Beibei Wu, Hongxi Wang, Yaxiao Wang, Weiwei Li
Mechanical coupling is one of the key factors that cause scanning probe mechanical error. Minimizing or eliminating the mechanical coupling error can Optimize structural design of the probe. A three-dimensional scanning probe is designed with three-brach flexibility parallel mechanism, whose guiding...
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Motor Torque Overload Protector Based on CAD/CAE Features of Fixture was used to Optimize

Zhengcheng Zhang, Huahui Yi, Jinkui Cao
Parts of fixture design directly affects the processing quality of parts, especially the torque overload protector parts processing. In this paper, through the design of the function-feature-structure model, based on CAD/CAE common software, through Solid Works three-dimensional modeling software to...
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The Research on Heat Treatment Technology of Ni - Mo - P Electroless Plating

Jinkui Cao, Huahui Yi, Zhengcheng Zhang
In this paper, study on the Ni-Mo-P electroless plating which are heat treated with different time and temperature. Test and record the hardness of coatings by the micro-hardness tester. Modeling analysis and optimize the parameters of the coating hardness by uniform design methods. The results indicate...
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Design and Experiment of Precision Flatness Measurement Device for Miniature Parts

Yu Zhang, Hongxi Wang, Li Feng, Yaning Li
To achieve stringent evaluation of the flatness error for some miniature parts, a novel flatness measurement device based on the coordinate measurement method is designed. A two-dimensional flexible guide mechanism is used as the flatness measurement datum. The micrometer head drives the flexible guide...
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Electromagnetic Coupler in Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles

Yufeng Liu, Chunyan Xiao
The transmission power in wireless charging for electric vehicles is unstable due to the decline of the coupling coefficient caused by the misalignment of the electromagnetic coupler. Considering misalignment tolerance and coupling coefficient, the paper designed a kind of asymmetric electromagnetic...
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Application of ARIMA Model in the Prediction of the Gross Domestic Product

Bing Yang, Chenggang Li, Min Li, Kang Pan, Di Wang
GDP is an important index that is used to reflect the economy development and people's income. This paper chooses the annual data of Chinese GDP from 1978 to 2014 as the research object, and establishes ARIMA (2, 4, 2) model by applying the Eviews6.0 software. Then, the paper applies this model to forecast...
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Research on Image Dimension Reduction Method Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization and Discrete Cosine Transform

Panlong Sun, Qinghua Wang
According to the denoising technique based on the non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) and Redundancy technique based on discrete cosine transform (DCT), a fusion method is proposed, namely, NMF-DCT dimension reduction method. This method is applied to the dimension reduction of ORL face images. The...
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Conflict Mechanism of Humanoid Robots Driven by Emotion

Guofeng Zhang, Beixing Mao, Hubing Du
Game equilibrium based on mathematical logic can not predict the real game outcome. In order to solve the problem, a fresh game theory based on emotion is suggested by adding emotion mechanism into mathematical logic. The principle is applied to the game analysis of Coercive bargain between Two Humanoid...
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One Way Fluid Solid Coupling Analysis of Gas Mask Based on ANSYS-CFX

Wei Huang, Xiaoli Jin, Liying Wang
Gas mask in the process of wearing, in the role of breathing air flow, so that the uneven distribution of pressure inside the cover body, resulting in deformation of the cover body structure, so that the protective performance of the gas mask failure. In this paper, this paper takes the gas mask as an...
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Tooth Profile Design of Cycloid Gear Based on NC Forming Machining

Guixiang Liu, Yan Cao, Zhou Fang, Yuanyuan Kang
In order to improve the bearing capacity and precision of cycloid gear transmission, the tooth profile of the left and right cycloid gears is taken as the theoretical cycloid tooth shape according to the principle of forming processing. By the combination of positive equidistance and positive offset,...
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The Influence of Basic Frequency on Concentrated Load to Analogue Probe

Huaibo Qiang, Qiong Wu
In order to improve the response and stability on 3D analogue probe, the basic frequency was analyzed on the research of dynamic characteristics.The main components of 3D analogue probe was simplified as a concentrated load model, this paper study the effect of response characteristic and measurement...
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Experimental Study on High Speed Grinding with Single Grit on Tooth Surface of 20CrMnTi Steel

Long Wang, Xinli Tian, Qian Liu, Heng Gao, Yang Zhang, Penghui Yan
The grits in the surface of grinding wheel is usually high-speed curve movement in the grinding process. It constructs the test system that a single diamond grit scratching the surface of 20CrMnTi steel under the high-speed curve movement. The research shows that there are obvious plastic bulge on both...
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Research on the Function Relation of Air-to-Air Missile Body Structure Reliability Optimization

Yuanyuan Kang, Yan Cao, Zhou Fang, Guixiang Liu
In this paper, the function relation of air-to-air missile body structure reliability optimization is studied. The relationship between structure quality and structure reliability of air-to-air missile is studied deeply, and mathematical model between the reliability of missile structure quality and...
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Turboprop Engine Fault Diagnosis Based on Hilbert Spectrum and Singular Value Decomposition

Feng Ding, Zhi Qi
In order to solve the time-frequency feature extraction problem of the vibration signal, a fault diagnosis method based on Hilbert spectrum and singular value decomposition is proposed and applied to engine fault diagnosis. Firstly, the vibration signals are decomposed into a series of intrinsic mode...
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Epicyclic Gear Train Parametric Design Based on the Multi-objective Fuzzy Optimization Method

Nana Zhang, Yan Cao, Jiang Du, Qiang Li
The research can achieve multi-objective fuzzy and multi constraint optimum design of epicyclic gear train which has large transmission ratio, high power, high efficiency and simple structure, compact epicyclic gear train with multi-objective fuzzy optimum method. Based on analyzing of structure types...
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Research on Construction of NC Technology Practice Teaching Base

Xiaoling Wei, Mingsheng Song, Yu Jiang
Regarding to the currently developing tendency of the numerical control technology and the urgent demand of the manufacturing industry to the people who possess professional knowledge, hence this paper indicates the importance of strengthening the construction of NC technology practice teaching base....
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Design and Implementation of the Knowledge Parts Library of Aeronautical Standard Parts Based on CATIA

Qiang Li, Yan Cao, Jiang Du, Nana Zhang
With the object to reuse the design data and method of the aviation standard parts, the method to develop the knowledge parts library of aeronautical standard parts which can be expanded dynamically and seamless integrated with CATIA is researched with the MBD and parametric technology. Based on the...
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The Establishment of Three Dimensional Parametric Model of End Mill Based on MBD Technology

Mingyu Lei, Yan Cao, Yu Bai, Qiangfeng Wang
The dilemma of tool design and manufacturing in China is analyzed, and a new way of coping strategy is put forward. By introducing MBD technology into tool modeling, the expression frame of MBD data set in tool modeling is expounded, and the concept of parameterization is introduced in the new MBD model...
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Camera Calibration and Error Analysis Based on MATLAB Calibration Tool

Yan Cao, Jianghao Fu, Yu Bai
According to the calibration principle of the MATLAB calibration toolbox, the transformation relations between four coordinate systems used in camera calibration are analyzed. On this basis, MATLAB calibration toolbox is used to simulate the corner point calibration algorithm of the checkerboard, and...
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Study on Reliability Allocation of Machinery System

Miaomiao Zhang, Yan Cao, Zhou Fang, Bei Chen
The reliability allocation of machinery system is studied on. The basic principle and criterion of reliability allocation are expounded in detail. The mathematical model of reliability allocation of machinery system is established according to distribution method of failure rate prediction. The reasonable...
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Cathode Modification method for electrolytic machining of face gear

Yongming Wang, Yan Cao, Yaru Shi, Liang Huang
In view of the difficulty of cathode modification, this paper proposes a new method based on the theory of equilibrium gap and cathode modification. Firstly, the mathematical model of cathode modification of face gear is established and different normal vectors of cathode surface are selected. Then in...
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Finite Element Analysis of Stress and Natural Mode for Micro Aero-engine Turbine Disk

Feng Ding, Chuan Jia, Xiang Li
In this paper, finite element stress analysis of a micro aero-engine turbine disk with different rotational forces is performed by applying Solidworks and Abaqus. Maximum safe speed of aero-engine is calculated and verificated according to the finite element analysis results. Then maximum stresses in...
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Development of Parametric Technology and Its Application in The Development of Heavy Machine Parts Library

Bei Chen, Yan Cao, Jiang Du, Miaomiao Zhang
The present situation of the parametric design technique based on constraint, the thought mechanism and advantages and disadvantages of various parametric methods are summarized. Parametric design is to reduce the standard parts of the entire development cycle, to facilitate the management of standard...
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Modeling and Evaluation of Milling Cutter Processing Capacity Based on Relational Algebra

Weiwei Ma, Yan Cao, Leijie Fu, Yu Bai
In this paper, facing the problem of tool selection in the machining process, an evaluation model of machining capacity of milling cutter, which is based on the method of relational algebra, is established. First, affecting processing capability factors are integrated by modeling. Second, these factors...
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Intelligent Maintenance of Moving Joints on Large-scale Machine Tool

Mulan Wang, Xuanyu Chen, Wenzheng Ding, Hao Zhu, Lei Zhu
In order to reduce the maintenance cost and the downtime of large-scale machine tool, the initial weights and thresholds of the back propagation (BP) neural network are optimized to overcome the disadvantages of the slow convergence and fall into the local optimal solutions easily. Based on the GA-BP...
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Implementation of Face Detection System Based on ZYNQ FPGA

Jing Feng, Busheng Zheng, Hao Xiao
Adaboost algorithm based on Haar-like feature and integral image is made up of cascaded classifier, and the computation is very large. This paper uses the hardware and software co-design for implementing the face detection system on Zynq-7000.And realizes the functions of video acquisition, processing,...
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The Management Mode Optimization for Pioneer Park of Wuhan University of Technology

Haochuan Lu
Along with the social employment pressure increasing, more and more college students choose business. Government and schools support entrepreneurship for college students more and more. In such form, college students Pioneer Park became the state that supports the best platform for carving. However,...
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Study on Interval Prediction and Application of Inter-well Pumping for Low Production and Low Efficiency in Yanchang Oilfield

Yajie Zhao, Duanyin Zhu, Jingfeng Liu, Hua Huang
In order to meet the supply and demand balance of ultra-low permeability reservoirs and improve the efficiency of rod pumping system, intermittent pumping wells is a good method. According to the characteristics of Yanchang oilfield low-production and low-efficiency well, analyzing the adaptability of...
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Analysis on the Application of Computer Technology in Water and Soil Conservation Monitoring in Production and Construction Projects

Daoming Cai, Wensheng Xu
With the development of computer technology in our country, the cost is further reduced and the running speed is greatly improved. Graphics processing and display functions increasingly powerful, the use of more widely used in various fields. Obviously, from the life of human society to work already...
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Discussion on College Education Management

Chunfu Yang, Dongliang Yang, Weihong Min
Along with the deep reform of college, there are new requirements on college education management. The authors come up with a glittering array of countermeasures and suggestions to dig into the problems of college education, and scientifically improve the quality of college education, aiming to carry...
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Preliminary Analysis for Optimization of Entrepreneurship Education

Haochuan Lu
At present, entrepreneurship Education gets the attention more and more by the society from all walks of life. A lot of college students walk toward the road of entrepreneurship actively or passively. Colleges and universities is the cradle of cultivating high-quality talents. With promoting the development...
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The Application of Social Media in Education and Teaching in the Mobile Internet Era

Chunyan Wang
With the popularity of mobile Internet, a variety of applications about mobile social media have emerged, and social media is gradually integrated into people's daily routine. Group of student is one of the easiest and most receptive groups to new things, who are the mainly users of social media, so...
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Study on the Urban Integration by Rural Minority Migrants in Xinjiang -Taking Urumqi as an example

Zhibin Fu, Shaohua Yan
Accompanied with the rapid economic development, in Xinjiang, more and more rural minority migrants (abbr. "Migrants") moved to metropolises within the Autonomous Region. The Migrants, on one hand, provided great energies to the urban development, however, they became the main target by infiltrating...
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The Design and Implementation of Data System for Magnetic Alloys

Jing Wang, Yu Bai, Yan Cao, Hu Qiao
Based on web, an integrated Magnetic alloys database system has been constructed, by adopting three-tier architecture such as B/S and using advanced technologies such as JSP and SQL. The system has several advantages such as friendly interface, simplicity, easy to use and understand, functional integrity...
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Development and Application of Database System for Rubber Material

Ningfei Wu, Yan Cao, Yu Bai, Hu Qiao
In order to quickly and comprehensively understand some rubber material data, the three layer system structure based on B_S model develop database system of rubber materials by using ASP technology, the Windows7 operating system, IIS7.5 as Web server, Dreamweaver CS6 as the development platform, SQL...
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Design of Water Saving Irrigation System of Agricultural Greenhouse based on Zigbee Technology

Jie Huang
In order to effectively save irrigation water for agricultural greenhouse, combined with Zigbee wireless communication technology and GPRS technology, a water-saving irrigation system of agricultural greenhouse was studied and designed. In this paper, the principle of the water saving irrigation system,...
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Study on Fiber Optical Vibration Monitoring System for Electromechanical Equipment

Shujuan Li, Xiaohui Liu, Li Min, Chang Wang
To improve equipment utilization and guarantee long-term reliable efficiently running for mechanical and electrical equipment, fiber-optic sensing technology is applied to construct mechanical and electrical equipment fiber-optic vibration monitoring system, which can achieve real-time online monitoring...
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Influence of Wire-tool Speed on Kerf Quality in Wire-EDM 304 Strainless Steel

Quanli Han, Hongqiang Wan
This paper conducted slot-cutting of wire-EDM 304 stainless steel to investigate the effect of wire-tool speed on kerf quality. The special trajectory of wire-electrode was designed like the letter L, and the width of kerf at the five points in one group was measured with optical image measuring instrument...
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Theoretical Reflections on Practical and Heuristic Teaching Models in Professional Education of Higher Education

Xiaoqiu Jia, Xiaoyu Guan
In the professional teaching of higher Education, teachers must carry out heuristic teaching on the basic of the actual production and social living, which can results in the goal of improving the quality of specialized personnel training in the university. This paper discusses the epistemology of dialectical...
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Study on the Dynamic Impulse of Stock Market Order Flow on Return

Chenggang Li, Xiaoliang Liu, Cong Luo, Yandan Xue, Mingguo Zhang, Lingyun Luo
Studying on the dynamic impulse of stock market order flow on the return is beneficial for the investors to make accurate investment decisions. This paper use Cointegration test and Granger causality test, constructs the VAR model and select the data from October 1, 2010 to December 31, 2014, to empirically...
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Automobile Gear Form Grinding Force Experiment and Forecasting of New Microcrystalline Grinding Wheels

Xinli Tian, Lijun Yang, Qian Liu, Long Wang, Lei Lei, Heng Gao, Yang Zhang
To study the grinding force of new grinding wheel of microcrystalline grinding wheel. The model of unreformed chip thickness was established. Based on orthogonal test, the influence of grinding wheel velocity vs, axial feed speed vw and radial feed ap were researched and analyzed. Results show that the...
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The Finite Element Analysis and Optimization Design for Advancing Beam of Drilling Jumbo

Cong Liu, Feng Ding
Full hydraulic drilling jumbo plays extremely important role in tunnel construction. Drilling jumbo works in harsh environment, and the fatigue damages of advancing beam parts are easily produced. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and study on the loading condition of the advancing beam. In this...
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Influence of SLA rapid prototyping process parameters on the forming precision

Yaru Shi, Yan Cao, Yongming Wang, Liang Huang
Therefore, the development of new die design and manufacturing technology is imperative. Light curing rapid prototyping technology is the earliest developed in rapid prototyping manufacturing technology. The technology has great prospects for the manufacture of irregular complex parts. In this paper,...
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Constructing the Curriculum System of Cultivating High - end Skilled Talents through Secondary Vocational Education and Undergraduate Teaching

Xiaoling Wei, Zijing Hou, Wenju Li
The core and key of cultivating the high-end technical and technical talents are the convergence of the curriculum system. This paper analyzes the effect on construction of curriculum system about mechanical design and manufacturing automation, problems existing in the process of curriculum system convergence,...
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Experimental Research on Fiber Filtration Wastewater of Oily Car Washing

Wensheng Lyu, Zhaoxia Yin, Ye Lyu, Pengchun Hu
Through the comparative experiments between fiber filter and ceramic sand filter, it confirms that the effect of fiber filter is obviously better than ceramic sand in dealing with oily washing wastewater. Fiber filter has features such as highly oil removal rate, long filtration period and large production...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Relationship between Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance of Liquor Listed Companies

Yang Gao
As the basis of the corporate governance structure, the equity structure has always been a hot topic in the field of corporate governance research. As a representative industry in consumer goods industry, the liquor industry plays an important role in promoting China's economic development. This paper...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Archives Informatization Construction in Colleges and Universities

Liying Cui, Li Ma
The construction of archives informatization is a main task of the university archives, and it is an important task of the university development, which promotes the process of the University's information construction. This paper expounds the importance of the construction of archival information; The...
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Study on the Principle and Method of Process Design for NC Milling

Mei Tian
In order to achieve the goals of optimizing NC programming, improving programming efficiency, using NC machine tools reasonably, it is necessary to analyze and research the technical problems of NC processing technology design, to make a preparation for NC machining. This paper mainly introduces the...
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Research and Design of Indoor Environment Monitoring System

Jie Huang
In order to monitor and control the indoor harmful gas content and indoor air quality timely and accurately, an indoor environment monitoring system was studied and designed by Zigbee wireless communication technology and GSM technology. The content of formaldehyde, gas and natural gas can be monitored...