Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2016)

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Research on Reliability Prediction of Power Management Module

Shuai Han, Feng Ding
As an important part of the reliability design, the reliability prediction of electronic products reflects the reliability level of electronic components and the whole system. By analysis the structure and function model of a power Management module, this paper separately applies the component count...
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Comparative Experimental Study on the Filter of Waste Car-washed Water Based on the Technology of the Flexible Self-feedback Fiber Filtration

Wensheng Lyu
Comparative experiments between the technology of the flexible self-feedback fiber filtration and quartz sand filtering confirm that the fiber filtering for waste car-washed water is much better than the application of quartz sand. In the condition of higher raw water turbidity and two times fiber filtration...
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Analysis on the Key Factors Influencing the Success of the Industry-University Collaborative Innovation

Jia Liu, Yuanjian Qin
The research on the industry-university collaborative innovation has always been the focus. However, more attention is paid to the cooperative innovation mechanism and the role of the main body, but less to the key influencing elements of collaborative innovation. By using the method of case study, analysis...
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Application of CEEMD-SVM in Rolling Bearing Fault Recognition

Xiang Li, Feng Ding
To extract effective fault features from the nonstationary vibration signals of rolling bearing, this paper provides a fault recognition method by using complementary ensemble empirical mode decomposition (CEEMD) and support vector machine (SVM). Firstly, CEEMD is applied to process vibration signals...
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A Study of Risk Control of the Mode of "Internet Finance +PPP"

Zhenjie Xie, Xin'e Zhao
As a new financial model,"Internet Finance +PPP" is popular because of its low cost, high efficiency characteristics. PPP model works on introducing social capital into the infrastructure investment .The combination of the two models will form a new pattern of economic cooperation. And "Internet Finance...