Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2017)

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Optimization of Extraction Technology of Flavonoids from Grapefruit by Orthogonal Test

Qiu Xian, Wang Jing, Lu Minyi, Bi Yongguang
In this paper, the technology of ultrasonic extraction of flavonoids from grapefruit seed was studied. The orthogonal design method was used to optimize the process. The results showed that the optimum extraction parameters were ultrasonic ratio 1:50 (g / mL) , Ultrasonic power of 280w, extraction temperature...
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Experimental Study on Scavenging DPPH Free Radical Activity of Litsea Cubeba Oil

Yongguang Bi, Zhang Yanfen, Kong Fansheng
In order to verify the antioxidant activity of Litsea cubeba oil, the antioxidant activity of Litsea cubeba oil was determined by DPPH method. The experimental results showed that: Shancang The DPO free radical scavenging rate of Litsea cubeba oil was 86.33% at the concentration of 2.5mg / mL. Therefore,...
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Research on Several Experimental Modes of Electrical and Electronic Experiment Course

Hongmei Zhang
from the construction and planning, virtual experiment model of experimental pattern construction, environmental protection and construction of experimental model of innovative experimental building aspects in detail, this article gives better guide and improvement on the electrical and electronic professional...
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Research on Engineering Cost Management Based on BIM Technology

Wei Li
The application of BIM technology in the field of construction accelerates the construction industry to the rapid changes in information technology, and promote the level of China's construction to the height of the development of new technology, it can be said that BIM plays an important role in the...
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Study on Open Economic Status in Shapingba District

Xiaoyan Li, Sanyuan Wang
The open economy is not only the development of export, and encourage imports, paying attention to the two-way flow of production factors, emphasizing the competition and economic form of cooperation between countries or regions, which means it not only focus on the domestic market, but also pay attention...
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Application and Innovation of Architectural Decoration Materials in Modern Interior Design

Qi Li
The use of building decoration materials in the interior design are discussed, expounds the concrete application mode of stone and wood, glass fiber, fabric and ceramic materials in the interior design, and it puts forward innovative ways of building decoration materials in the interior design, in order...
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Study on Theoretical Exploration and Discussion of Mathematical Skills

Xianbing Pan
The theory of the basic education reform of mathematics skills research put forward higher requirements, and there is urgent need to reform the mathematics curriculum design, this paper puts forward a theoretical discussion of the mathematical skills to provide a reference for the improvement of math...
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Analysis and Solution of Common Problems in Construction Project Audit

Fang Wang
The construction project audit function is to make the construction more standardized , so the construction project audit is to strengthen the audit and supervision functions of the economic, scientific and reasonable construction project audit which is conducive to improve efficiency in the use of funds....
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The Application of "Flipped Classroom" in Vocal Music Teaching in Normal Colleges

Yingjuan Chi
Based on the traditional teaching system formed in music schools, different teachings between schools produced making individual students unable to get targeted teaching, this is one of the reasons leading to the effectiveness of the vocal music teaching which is not high. The shortage and difference...
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Risk Analysis of Urban Waterlogging Disaster based on Large Data Simulation

Bingde Deng, Wen Li
This paper uses the principle and method of simplifying the urban waterlogging model to set up a model of waterlogging problem in a horizontal bridge of Changchun. This model is combined with the precipitation data from 1950 to 2010 in Changchun City, and the probability of waterlogging risk at the bottom...
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Study on the Complex Analysis of Series Summation

Ling Chen
In mathematical analysis, the problem of series summation plays an important role, and it is also the difficulty of mathematical analysis. In general, the solution to the series summation is obtained by the method of item by integration, definition, or item differentiation. In this paper, through the...
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New Cutting Method of Skew Bevel Gear Based on the Tooth Generating Line

Peng Gu, Xinping Yu, Xia Liu
The generating principle of skew bevel gear tooth face is analyzed about spherical involute, base cone and base plane that tangent to the base cone is constructed. Firstly, based on the relevant motion between the base cone and the generating line in the generating process of tooth surface, a new machining...
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The Light Media in the Application of Commercial Space

Xiaoli Sun
With the improving of the quality of people's life level, people for lighting design media design requirements are more strict, a lighting in commercial space has gradually become an indispensable important constituent, is extensively used in business. Therefore, by the lights of the scientific and effective...