Proceedings of the 2019 7th International Conference on Modeling, Development and Strategic Management of Economic System (MDSMES 2019)

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Rating of Investments Funds Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model: Experience of Ukraine

Zoriana Matsuk, Vira Shyiko, Iryna Danyliuk-Chernykh, Lidiia Tryshak
The rating of the unit investment funds of the open and interval types, which invest more then 30 percent of their assets to the shares in Ukraine was done using CAPM. The sample of data from the investment funds that work on the securities market in Ukraine more than 5 years was compiled. The indicators...
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Development of the Energy Potential of the National Economy in the Context of Geopolitical Challenges

Liliana Horal, Nadiia Pysar, Viktor Oliinyk, Galyna Bodnar
The article concentrates on the study of ways to address the issues of development and utilization of the energy potential of the national economy in the context of geopolitical challenges for Ukraine. It presents a theoretical view of the scientific category “energy potential” of the national economy,...
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Modelling of Socially Responsible Pareto-Effective Stakeholders Interaction Formation under the Mass Media Influence

Ghandir Hatem, Mark Liuty, Sviatoslav Kis, Oleh Yatsiuk
The purpose, role and functions of modern mass media influence on all socially significant components of society by forming in the last public opinion, aimed at a joint search for pareto-efficient solutions of sustainable development, are yet to be subjected to further thorough scientific and theoretical...
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Prospects of the exchange future market in the development of the agrarian economic system of Ukraine

Nadiia Reznik, Anna Slobodianyk, Oksana Sydorenko, Mykola Horlachuk
The article is devoted to the problem of exploring the prospects for the development of a futures market in the agrarian sector of the economy, which will provide savings for agricultural producers by increasing their creditworthiness, protection against possible fluctuations of prices, clearer planning...
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Distribution of local expenditure for sustainable development of united territorial communities (economic and mathematical approach)

Lidiіa Horoshkova, Ievgen Khlobystov, Liliya Filipishyna, Damir Bikulov
The paper analyzes current expenditure system of united territorial communities, which includes funding of education, culture, health care, social safety net, housing and community amenities, infrastructure development, which together ensure territories` sustainable development. It has been proved that...
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Improvement of financing system of technological development on Ukrainian agricultural machine-building enterprises

Nadiia Reznik, Anna Slobodianyk, Valentyna Panasiuk, Anna Ivanova
The article is devoted to the problem of research of prospects of financing of research and design works at Ukrainian agricultural machine-building enterprises, which will provide acceleration of scientific and technological progress in science-intensive and perspective directions of state development....
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Methodological aspects of estimation of value of specialized property of enterprises

Ruslan Volchek
The author's vision of the process of valuation of specialized property of enterprises, namely, industrial technological lines, is presented. It has been established, that the current property valuation standards in Ukraine, in particular, National Standard 1 «General Principles of Property and Property...
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Methodological Approaches to Assessment of the Innovation Efficiency Level at Engineering Enterprises

Alla Cherep, Olexandr Cherep, Vasyl Brych, Olha Hryhoriv, Oksana Vasylyk
The analysis of innovation in all fields of activities as well as in financial and economic areas at engineering enterprises was conducted. The innovation efficiency levels of engineering enterprises were estimated. The analysis of’ availability ofinnovations was made, and the rate of their use at engineering...
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Estimation of losses from the use of volume units to account for natural gas for households in Ukraine

Yevhen Revtiuk, Maksym Bielawski
The natural gas market is characterized by a significant level of deadweight losses, which are due to the inability to apply perfect competition mechanisms during pricing. However, there are other loses to economic agents that are due to the technology used in the natural gas market. I have highlighted...
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Optimization natural gas pumping units operation by the economic criterion in the conditions of uncertainty

Mikhail Gorbiychuk, Olga Bila, Marian Slabinoha, Taras Humeniuk
The article deals with the method of determining the number of parallel operating units and the number of the rotor rotations for each supercharger in the group by the economical criterion, taking into account the cost of fuel gas and the power of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. At the same time,...
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The Performance of Activity Diversification Efficiency for Ukrainian Gas Transportation Enterprises

Oleh Dzoba, Ivanna Zapukhliak, Oleksandra Romashko, Tetiana Semeniutina
The annotated article presents methods for assessing the effectiveness of diversification of enterprises, offers a system of criteria and indicators to assess the efficiency of diversification changes that take into account economic, social and ecological effects. An algorithm has been developed, stages...
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Asymptotic Methods in Optimization of Inventory Business Processes

Lidiіa Horoshkova, Ievgen Khlobystov, Volodymyr Volkov, Olha Holovan, Svitlana Markova
The study proposes a multi-nomenclature model for optimizing inventory business processes using asymptotic methods. An easy-to-use analytical formula for determining optimal order interval when ordering and inventory holding costs meet insufficient cyclical changes. Testing of the developed model of...
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The Scientific and Technical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Results of Research and Development Works

Iryna Metoshop, Alexandra-Anna Metoshop, Ludmila Voitkiv, Natalia Yashcheritsyna
This article describes the main approaches to the evaluation of scientific-research works, proposes the basic position of the scientific and technical evaluation of the effectiveness of the results of Research and Development works at the initial stage.
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Multiplicative Dynamic Model of Technological Progress Factor Impact on Economy Sectors Innovation Development

Olha Prokopenko, Nataliia Biloshkurska, Mykola Biloshkurskyi, Vitaliy Omelyanenko, Olena Garmatiuk
The research addresses the issues of development the active mechanisms to manage the national economy sectors innovation development taking into account their pace of technological progress and resource potential proportionality. The study is based on the idea about relative importance of different sectors...
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The phenomenon of creative economy in Ukraine and defining its place in the architectural space

Kateryna Holubchak, Yuriy Chuchuk, Tetiana Savchuk, Inna Negrych
The article shows the strong and weak sides of the current situation in the area of creative economy in Ukraine as well as develops the list of proposals for supporting and activating its potential. The innovative approach and research significance is presented at the intersection of economy and architecture...
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Forming An Innovative Exopreneurship Model To Achieve Strategic Goals

Mykola Danyliuk, Vitalina Babenko, Nataliia Krykhivska, Tetiana Oryshchyn
For the innovative breakthrough of the national economy it is necessary to formulate and implement a strategy of partnerships between the industrial, educational and scientific sphere of social activity. The implementation of this strategy is possible using the existing potential of the participants...
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On Development of Finance Management Models in United Territorial Communities Under Budget Risk Conditions

Nataliia Spasiv, Iryna Fadyeyeva, Vasyl Kozyk, Uliana Berezhnytska, Marta Shkvaryliuk
The problems of functioning of finances of the united territorial communities (UTC) in the period of reforming local self-government and territorial organization of power are analyzed. These problematic aspects are accumulated into blocks that focus on constitutional changes in the context of the formation...
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Ecosystem services in the management system of ecological safety of territorial units

Mykola Prykhodko, Nataliia Havadzyn, Liliana Horal, Ivanna Melnychuk, Mariia Berlous
Preservation and restoration of the natural environment and ensuring environmentally safe functioning of ecosystems are the priority conditions for implementation of the dominant social paradigm, which is development in harmony with nature. The article describes the essence of management system of ecological...
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Fuzzy Approach to Risk-Controlling in Oil and Gas Company Management

Iryna Fadyeyeva, Oksana Gryniuk, Ilona Mandryk, Svitlana Korol
The article is devoted to the development and improvement of methodology and implementation of risk-controlling subsystem in the management system of oil and gas companies in under uncertainty conditions. It is proved, that the mathematical tool of Fuzzy Logic allows to reveal and take into account complicated...
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Capitalization of Resources of Oil and Gas Fields

Uliana Vytvytska, Yaroslav Vytvytsky, Igor Andriichuk
The article is devoted to the development of methodological approaches to the capitalization of resources of oil and gas fields in the subsoil. A new methodological approach to the capitalization of oil and gas resources has been developed that combines a differentiated accounting of investment characteristics,...
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Labour motivation of financial inspectors of agricultural enterprises

Iryna Perevozova, Oleh Dzoba, Zoriana Krykhovetska, Nadiia Daliak
Development of the socially oriented market economy of Ukraine, effective realization of reforms in this area and improvement of people’s living standards are not possible without forming a high level of labour motivation of financial inspectors, particularly of agricultural enterprises. However, the...
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State management strategic principles of tourism industry development

Olena Uhodnikova, Nataliia Bogdan, Iryna Segeda, Oleksandr Yevdokimov
The article presents some aspects of tourism development state management. The modern trends and tendencies of tourist development are analyzed. It is determined that the tourism industry is actively developing, multiplying the indicators of financial and economic activity worldwide. The active development...
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Formation of innovative models of urban planning system development by ensuring the competitiveness of construction enterprises

Olena Uhodnikova, Kostiantyn Viatkin, Sergiy Kobzan, Ruslan Sheludko
This article is devoted to the topical issue of finding effective models of urban development support. Increasing the information component, automating management processes and involving the local population in solving the problem of urban and territorial development were considered the priorities of...
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Development of regional economic systems under the impact of financial decentralization: display, challenges and new opportunities

Halyna Voznyak, Olena Panukhnyk, Hryhoriy Khymych, Nazariy Popadynets
The ongoing processes of authorities’ and public finances’ reforming in Ukraine stipulate the real opportunities to increase the resources of sustainable development of regional economic systems. At the same time, global practice shows that financial decentralization processes produce contradictions...
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Modeling of the Gas Transmission Reliability as a Component of Economical Security of Ukrainian Gas Transmission System

Halyna Zelinska, Irina Fedorovych, Uliana Andrusiv, Nataliia Yurchenko
The article focuses on the reliability of the gas pipeline system. The decrease in the reliability of the gas transmission system can be considered from two sides. On one hand, it increases the expanses. On the other hand, there is a threat to public health and the loss of human and natural resources....
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System development for generating information on the consequence influence of emergency situations on the safety of economic activities of enterprises in Ukraine

Viktor Ievdokymov, Dymytrii Grytsyshen, Tetiana Tarasova, Kateryna Polyak
A system for generating information on the consequences of emergencies through the study areas of transformation of accounting is developed. The current status of the organization and the methodology of accounting does not allow reflecting economic activity under the conditions of emergencies in full,...
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Innovative Model of SME Development

Uliana Berezhnytska
Report provides an insight into the characteristics and advantages of small and medium entrepreneurship (SME) as an innovative and progressive sector of development of social oriented market economy. The article analyzes the SME activity in Ukraine and reveals the position of our country compared to...
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Methodical and Practical Aspects of the Spatial Development of Ukrainian Regions, Based on Smart-specializations

Olha Komelina, Inna Miniailenko, Anna Komelina, Andriy Pluzhnyk
We have formulated in the article several methodological provisions on the study of the regional spatial development based on smart-specializations. We have justified that the resource and economic components of the region's development are its basis. The authors found that there are conditions for spatial...
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Enterprise Economic Potential Estimation Model

Olha Komelina, Svetlana Shcherbinina, Maryna Korsunska
The article proposes a model for assessing enterprise economic potential, taking into account the components of its formation (production, financial, labor, information, innovation). The developed approach makes it possible to evaluate the state of the enterprise, its resources, the efficiency of using...
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The Impact of External Threats to the Economic Security of the Business

Svitlana Onyshchenko, Oleksandra Maslii, Bogdan Ivanyuk
The external environment of doing business in Ukraine is analyzed in the article. Immediate external threats to the economic security of the business are identified. Dependence of the level of business economic security on the country’s shadow economy and corruption level was installed. The main tasks...
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Digital Transformation of Financial Sector and Challengies for Competencies Development

Inese Mavlutova, Tatjana Volkova
The development of Information and communication technologies (ICT) and robotics has a significant impact on the competencies of companies operating in financial sector. Digital transformation leads to changing existing competencies rapidly, as well as necessity of developing new competencies specifically...
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Current capital optimization by the mathematical modelling of interconnections between its components

Valentina Orlova, Sofiia Kafka, Iryna Hryniuk, Orest Boichuk
In market conditions, competition is the main mechanism for regulating economic relations. It poses the problem of ensuring the survival and the possibility of further development of enterprises, which requires the participants of the economic process to take adequate measures to improve the mechanism,...
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Economic and Mathematical Modelling for Evaluation of Potential Recreational Forest Utilization

Kryzhanivskyi Kryzhanivskyi, Liliana Horal, Vira Shyiko, Oleksii Holubchak, Nataliia Mykytiuk
The need to identify the potential of recreational forest management as one of the priority development courses of the tourist and recreational industry. Based on studies of domestic and foreign scientists, it was established that the potential of recreational forest management is a four-component phenomenon...
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Substantiation of the Approach to Selecting the Depreciation Method for Property, Plant, and Equipment

Tetiana Dolishnia, Iryna Medvid, Olga Stepanyuk, Yuliia Stakhmych
The purpose of the article is to substantiate the approach to selecting the depreciation method in oil and gas companies. To achieve this purpose, the following research methods were used: observation, comparison, integrated study of business transactions – to collect factual information on the use of...
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Optimization of arranging of repair works at oil and gas enterprises through use of simulation modeling tools

Iryna Hobyr, Vitalina Babenko, Oksana Savko, Yuliia Bui
There is substantiated the expediency of using the methods of the queuing theory for making managerial decisions in the face of uncertainty and risk. The model of organizing repair works at oil and gas companies has been improved, and its implementation ensures the optimization of the costs of maintaining...
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Territorial recreational systems and sustainable development

Liudmyla Arkhypova, Natalia Fomenko, Irina Kinash, Olena Golovnia
In this paper, the functional properties of the recreational environment are substantiated using the example of biosphere ecological concept and ecosystem’s framework approach for the sustainable development of territorial recreation systems (TRS). In the issue of the sustainable development of TRS,...
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Attracting Foreign Direct Investment as an Economic Challenge for Ukraine in the Context of Globalization

Liudmyla Bezuhla, Iryna Kinash, Uliana Andrusiv, Olena Dovgal
The paper reflects topical issues related to the attraction of foreign direct investment. The various dynamics of direct foreign investments into and from the economy of Ukraine are investigated. Tendencies of changing indicators are established. The emphasis is placed on the fact that the volume of...
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Modeling information transparency of economic entities under uncertainty

Hanna Kucherova, Anastasiia Didenko, Olena Kravets
Topicality of modeling information transparency is determined by the influence it has on the effectiveness of management decisions made by an economic entity in the context of uncertainty and information asymmetry. It has been found that information transparency is a poorly structured category which...
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Modeling of the Control System of Business Processes of Management of Region as an Economic Entity

Olena Bulatova, Tetiana Shabelnyk, Yuri Chentukov, Tetyana Marena
The article is aimed at developing a model of a control system of business processes of management of the region as an economic entity. The relevance of such model is reasoned taking into account the necessity of ensuring efficient management of the region in terms of continuous dynamic changes in the...
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Influence of the Country’s Information Level on Its Economic Development

Nataliia Gavkalova, Yuliia Lola, Svitlana Prokopovych, Daria Mykhailenko
Information technologies forward and change all processes that are taking place in the modern society. Recent literature has been analysed as for the vector of information society development, influence of information technologies on development of business communications and social institutions. Asymmetry...
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Strategic analysis of the potential of bioenergy: outlook for Ukraine

Valentyna Yakubiv, Iryna Hryhoruk, Yuliia Maksymiv, Nazariy Popadynets
Modern Ukraine is an attractive investment object for renewable energy development. Favourable natural and climatic conditions and a convenient geographical location create an enabling environment for renewable energy industry, in particular, the significant untapped potential "lies" in agriculture,...
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Modeling of regional clusters considering sustainable development

Lesia Zaburanna, Yulia Yarmolenko, Myroslav Kozak, Tetiana Artyukh
Estimation issue of regional sustainable development in Ukraine is studied in the article. Methodical approach that allowed us to rate regions using calculated numbers on indices blocks of resource support, production, social development and ecology state was suggested. This allowed us to compare various...
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Optimization of forest ecosystem recreational services formation in conditions of decentralization in Ukraine

Oleksiy Holubchak, Svitlana Korol, Ivanna Melnychuk, Mykola Prykhodko
One of the main conditions for increasing the level of ecosystem service delivery through the prism of decentralization is in-depth analysis and monitoring of the state of ecosystems, which will allow the development of priority services on a fee basis. The article shows the influence of the ITC on the...
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Methodology of assessment of the level of social responsibility of oil and gas enterprises in Ukraine

Romana Matskiv, Tetiana Topolnytska, Olha Romanko, Irina Savchyn
The article focuses on the need to develop a common methodology for assessing the level of social responsibility of enterprises. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of social responsibility of oil and gas enterprises, which is based on the calculation of partial and integral indicators,...
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Development of Model for Assessing the Level of Multipurpose Water Use and Protection by Economic-Mathematical Modeling

Roman Rohatynskyi, Natalia Garmatiy, Halyna Humeniuk, Nataliia Marynenko
The impact of industrial waste and enterprises’ emissions on the chemical composition of water, in particular, the content of phosphate ions in it and the main physicochemical indicators of water (dissolved oxygen, hydrogen index and water temperature) are determined. A model for assessing the level...
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Interaction and Links of Technologies Life Cycle and Life Cycle of Innovations of an Industrial Enterprise

Svitlana Bessonova, Irina Mayorova, Oleg Klenin
The importance of innovative process has considerably grown throughout the entire world and the situation in the national industry is not an exception. Efficient development of innovative activities can be carried out, on the basis of conducted research, on research base, the foundations of which are...
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Creating the approach for the evaluation level of the efficiency of the organizational culture of the sea port

Maryna Makarenko, Roman Ustynov, Olenaa Sienko, Marina Babachenko
It has been proved that efficiency of the management of the modern enterprise of the marine industry is defined by the obtained level of its organizational culture, therefore, there is a necessity to deal with the issues of creating corresponding conditions for developing organizational culture. Components...
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Creating the system of management of human resources innovation activity in the sea ports

Vladyslav Onishchenko, Hanna Kalinina, Anna Gurenko, Evelina Kamyshnykova
The importance of human resources for the activation of the innovative activity has been grounded. It is taken into account that there is a necessity in changes which provide required conditions of labor for innovative activity and, when implemented in practice, there is a possibility to adapt the human...
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The rationale for optimization of higher education institutions’ allocation of available resources

Lyudmila Oleynikova, Valentyna Helman, Iryna Halushchak, Yuriy Chuchuk
The funding models of higher education institutions’ activities were investigated. The regulatory practice in determining the resources levels used as a method of budget allocation was studied. The trends of changes in the budget expenditure on education were researched. Based on the time trend lines,...
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Tools for rating evaluation of human resources as the main factor for providing the innovation development of the sea ports

Liudmyla Nikolaieva, Oleksandr Haichenia, Taras Omelchenk, Victoriia Kozlova
It is substantiated that the revitalization of innovative activity of seaports can be caused by the corresponding development of human resources. Unlike the existing ones, it takes into account the need for changes in the provision of working conditions suitable for innovation activity, the practical...
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Methodological Approach to Determining the Strategy Efficiencyof the Economic Mechanism Development for Innovation Implementation at Engineering Enterprises

Alla Cherep, Olexandr Cherep, Iryna Mendela, Alexey Hostryk, Hanna Moskaliuk
The expediency of innovation activization stimulation at industrial enterprises for the purpose of ensuring their competitiveness was proved. The methodological approach to determining the strategy efficiency of the innovation economic mechanism development (IEMD), which is based on the analysis of the...
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Problems of Strategic Development of Regions of Ukraine Using Smart Specialization Concept

Svitlana Shults, Maksym Maksymchuk, Liliia Simkiv, Liliya Marynchak
The theoretical and methodological nature of strategic development on the basis of smart specialization is investigated and its role in ensuring the economic growth of regions and increasing the effectiveness of regional policy is substantiated. Methodical approaches are proposed to identify the types...
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Population Aging and Economic Dynamics in Ukraine: Models of Endogenous Growth Theory and Empirical Estimates of Current Challenges

Valeriy Heyets, Mariya Skrypnychenko, Svitlana Shumska
Among the global problems faced by different countries in the last decade, the article looks at population aging. In the context of assessing the impact of population aging on economic dynamics, the scientific novelty of research is to find a solution to this problem in the plane of conceptual ideas...
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Economic Evaluation of the Prospects for Bioenergy Development of Ukraine in Conditions of Globalization

Svitlana Matsyura, Viktoriia Radko, Zhanna Breher
Topicality. Globalization is characterized by exponential rates of production of goods and services, extraction of natural resources, increase in energy consumption. This has led to climate change. As a result, it is necessary to find a solution to this problem in order to reduce the negative impact...
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Innovative development of agricultural enterprises as an economic system

Iryna Koshkalda, Alona Riasnianska, Olha Dankeyeva, Olena Dombrovska
The transformations that are currently taking place in the world economic system are forcing scientists to research the factors that allow national economic systems to be sustainable and competitive in today's realities. The key direction for Ukraine with its fertile black soil is the innovative development...
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Creating an Innovative Environment for Industrial Companies Internationalization in Ukraine: Prospects and Riskf

Natalia Korzh, Iryna Semeniuk, Natalia Makhnachova, Vitalii Sharko
A high level of innovation is the main precondition for providing the competitiveness of industrial products in the foreign market. This paper deals with the identification of the prospects and risks of creating an innovative environment to stimulate the internationalization of industrial companies....
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Impact investing: world trends and the problems of its implementation in Ukraine

Kateryna Slyusarenko, Iryna Vasylchuk, Maryna Sadovenko
Development of socially responsible investing is a necessary condition of reforming the modern economy considering economic instability in Ukraine. The rapidly growing part of assets around the world is forcing to make a choice of investments focused not only on returns, but also on sustainability and...
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Methodological Approaches to Funding Tertiary Education Institutions Given the Relationship between GDP and Budget Expenditure on Education

Lyudmila Oleynikova, Valentyna Helman, Vasyl Brych, Lilya Mykhailyshyn, Roman Kravchuk
The main issues of funding tertiary education in the EU in the light of the tertiary education system role in shaping Europe-2020 strategy were investigated. The methods of using the mechanisms of the formula model for tertiary education institutions funding were considered. The importance of methods...
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Problems and Solutions of Transport Logistics

Liudmyla Boldyrieva, Halyna Zelinska, Valentyna Krapkina, Anna Komelina
The given paper is dedicated to the investigation and systematization of different views on the term “transport logistics”. The transport logistics functions and their application in practice are considered by authors. The estimation of the system of transport logistics management under the conditions...
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The formation of a sustainable development strategy of the region

Vasyl Kozyk, Khrystyna Zalutska, Oleg Tovkan
The principles of forming a development strategy of the region based on the results of a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of the direct and indirect impact of economic entities on its structure have been highlighted. The matrix has been proposed and the peculiarities of the choice of the development...
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Modeling the optimal distribution of profits for risk management of oil and gas enterprises

Inesa Khvostina, Viktor Oliinyk, Artem Heinrich Wiebe, Tetiana Panevnyk
The article discusses the optimal management of the distribution of net profit of oil and gas enterprises in order to minimize its risks. The constructed utility function acts as a criterion of optimality. Management parameters are fractions of net profit aimed at achieving the final predicted value...
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Economic and Mathematical Modeling of Demand for Recreational Forest Management in Ukraine

Olga Kneysler, Inna Zhurba, Nataliia Spasiv, Nataliia Hrechanyk
The article is devoted to the research of recreational forest management problems Based on the review of scientific works of foreign and domestic scientists, the main aspects of economic and mathematical modeling of the demand for recreational forest use and the main criteria for the attractiveness of...
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Application of Tools for Assessment of Risks of Economic Activity of Enterprises in the System of State Regulation of Grain Product Subcomplex in Ukraine

Svitlana Nesterenko, Liliia Martynova, Andrii Martynov
This article explores the peculiarities of assessment of the risk of economic activity to determine the criteria of state support of enterprises of grain product subcomplex. The model of the system of formation of the general risk of economic activity of the enterprise of grain-product subcomplex, built...
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Modeling the impact of innovation policy on the level of development and economic security of the country

Mykhaylo Voynarenko, Viktoriya Нurochkina, Olena Kovalenko, Olena Menchynska
Article deals with results of implementation innovation policy of Ukraine, which are reflected in global ratings. Today, key innovation indices are characterized by development of inclusive development, formation digital and innovative economy, conditions of doing business and creation of innovative...
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The Process Approach on the Basis of Digitalization as a Technology to Ensure the Efficiency of Enterprise’s Management

Iryna Stankovska, Alla Polyanska, Taras Stankovskyi, Svitlana Savchuk
The article substantiates the expediency of applying a process approach to ensure the effective management of the enterprise on the base of using digitalization. The key benefits of applying a process approach to enterprise management and actions that will ensure the effective implementation and quality...
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Developing Risk Management Framework at Fat-and-Oil Industry Enterprises

Igor Posokhov, Yulia Zhadan, Myroslava Korin, Hanna Obruch
The aim of the article is consideration of questions associated with the risk management mechanism formation at the Ukrainian fat-and-oil industry enterprises. The purpose of the article is to study the issues of developing risk management framework at industrial facilities and modern scientific publications...
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Expert assessment method in socio-economic research and Scales transformations

Valentyna Lukianova, Yuliya Shutyak, Polozova Valentyna
The article discusses the expert assessment method and its utilization in socio-economic research. It provides an overview of the main steps in application of this method and main difficulties or concerns that may arise on each of these steps. The authors focus on the scales the expert can use and possibilities...
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Construction of crisis precursors in multiplex networks

Vladimir Soloviev, Viktoria Solovieva, Anna Tuliakova, Margaryta Ivanova
Based on the network paradigm of complexity in the work, a systematic analysis of the dynamics of the largest stock markets in the world has been carried out. According to the algorithms of the visibility graph and recurrence plot, the daily values of stock indices are converted into a multiplex networks,...
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Increase of Innovative Susceptibility of Personnel in Industrial Enterprises

Vitalina Babenko, Oleg Boichenko, Andrii Gusliev, Yelyzaveta Koniaieva
In modern conditions of innovative development, the most important resource of production companies and corporations is the innovative susceptibility (IS) of personnel. The key to this is an innovative organization of Human Recourse Management System (HRMS). Accordingly, the task of the study is to analyze...
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Analysis of the Dependence of the Performance of the Ensemble on the Accuracy of its Individual Models

Inesa Khvostina, Andriy Matviychuk, Svitlana Savina, Oleh Yatsiuk
The article devoted to studying the problem of finding methods to increase modeling efficiency by combining the results of calculations of several models. Conditions of expediency of creation of ensemble of models for the solution of the problem of binary classification are investigated. The theoretical...
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Institutional Factors of Competitiveness and Development of the National Economy

Valentuna Stadnyk, Galyna Sokoliuk, Andriy Goncharuk, Olha Matviiets
The problem of increasing the competitiveness and development of the Ukrainian economy has been updated. It has been argued that this problem can be addressed in the context of institutional change - by eliminating the discrepancy between formal and informal components of the institutional environment....
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Investigation of influence factors on agricultural enterprises' technological processes management

Larysa Batiuk, Nataliia Birchenko, Olena Lutsenko, Liudmyla Polyvana
The state of activity of agro-industrial complex enterprises (AIC) in the context of its components is investigated, on the basis of the analysis of dynamics of changes in the main indicators of agricultural production, the problematic aspects of innovative activity of Ukraine in the agricultural market...
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Recurrence entropy and financial crashes

Vladimir Soloviev, Olexandr Serdiuk, Serhiy Semerikov, Oksana Kohut-Ferens
Entropy is one of the most frequently and effectively used measure of the complexity of systems of various nature. And if the Shannon's canonical entropy is more a measure of the randomness of the system, then the approximate, sample, permutation and other new type entropy that have appeared recently,...
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Monitoring of international labor migration in the context of the world economy labor resources providing problems

Svitlana Kalinina, Lilya Mykhailyshyn, Yurii Korovchuk, Olga Kushnarenko
The article identifies migration as the leading process of labor-intensive provision of the world economy in the current environment. Dynamic and structural indicators of world migration processes are analyzed and generalizations are made on the regularities of their development. The peculiarities of...
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Innovative project management: theoretical and practical aspects

Hanna Matukova, Natalia Bahashova, Liliya Korchevska
The article analyzes various approaches to defining an innovative project and reflects peculiarities of its management relating to its life cycle stages. Components of an innovative project are determined. Advantages of the outstaffing system and reasons for its slow development in Ukraine are under...