Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Management and Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (MEHSS 2018)

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Realization of Dry Cleaning Machine

Biqing Li, Suping Jiang, Hongyan Zhang
An alarm system automatic dryer control circuit SMS use STC89C52 microcontroller, DHT11 temperature sensor, display, relay, GSM technology components. GSM technology based on GSM module, send text messages to the relay, according to the SMS commands to control motor, when the clothes are temperature...
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Ensemble Learning on Scoring Student Essay

Haokun Liu, Yan Ye, Min Wu
Automated essay scoring is becoming more and more concerned by the researchers. In this work, we develop a new way to extract Textual features, which is proved to be valid. First, we calculate the Distributed Representation from the WiKi corpus by the word2vec. Then we calculate the number of words,...
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Index System Study for the Operational Level Evaluation of Emergency Logistics

Dingzheng Huang, Zengzhu Qiu, Lei Zhang
The unconventionality and uncertainty of emergency logistics have higher and higher requirements for its operation. Using scientific evaluation index system to evaluate emergency logistics activities, summarize operational experience and master operational rules can not only provide data support for...
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Teacher as Tutor: The Key to Cultivating Creative Talents

Lunchao Chen, Hongxun Li, Qinyi Tan
The key to cultivate innovative talents lies in teachers with an emphasis on teachers' guidance. Teachers should clarify their own professional role as "tutor", giving enough respect to the dominant position of their students and playing their guiding role to the students. In order to cultivate creative...
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Merger and Reorganization to Promote Industrial Upgrading: Review and Prospect of Research

Xiaolin Sun, Dongyang Cao
In recent years, with the economic restructuring in our country, the traditional mode of development has not adapted to the rapid economic growth. As the key to economic restructuring and upgrading, industrial upgrading has become an inevitable choice for Chinese enterprises to achieve industrial development....
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Analysis of the Connotation and Constructive Way of University Culture in the New Period

Weifeng Li, Huanning Yan, Lixia Liang
University culture is an important foundation and bloodline for university to survive and develop. How to deeply understand the scientific connotation of university culture, positively foster university spirit with the characteristics of the times, and build university culture with individuality and...
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Digital Design and Application Strategy of Intangible Cultural Heritage Presentation

Jiamin Fan
In order to protect the intangible cultural heritage, digital technology was applied. Problems in the protection of intangible cultural heritage were analyzed. The specific measures were put forward. Based on the theory of knowledge visualization, information space, virtual reality and experience economy,...
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Design of the Evaluation Index System of the Intelligence Level of the Smart Metering Supply Chain

Yanan Liu, Jingzhi Ding
This article discusses the transition requirements and development direction of each subsidiary from the “great marketing” system of the State Grid. Based on the analysis of various factors affecting the measurement supply chain, it constructs an evaluation index system for the intelligence level of...
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Time-varying Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy Credibility: A Bivariate Approach with Stochastic Uncertainty

Ning Zeng
This paper addresses the properties of inflation dynamics, and proposes a univariate ARFIMA-EGARCH-in-mean model to accommodate inflation rates, expectations, volatilities and persistence. As the changes within inflation dynamics may be caused by the lack of monetary policy credibility, a generalized...
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Research on Human Capital Model Based on Layered Complex Network

Yang Zhang, Lei Huang
To draw a network of a company which has 370 employees, the paper constructs a human resources network based on layered complex networks. In this network, nodes represent employees, so it has 370 nodes and nodes are given weights, which derived from the employee level, human capital and employee personal...
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Study on the Implementation of Enterprise Strategy based on the Performance Excellence Model

Wei Zhu, Yaxuan Sun
In recent years, as a major evaluation tool for enterprise quality management, the excellent performance model plays an increasingly important role in improving the management level of Chinese enterprises, and strategic management plays a guiding role in enterprise development. In order to improve our...
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Discussion on School Physical Education Development Ideas Based on 'Health China' Environment

Jing Li
In the paper, the development of school physical education is studied under the background of 'Health China' by means of literature review method and logical analysis method. Current development advantages and development trend of school physical education under the support of many documents are described...
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A Study on Loyalty in Science and Technology Translation

Xia Liu
This paper focuses on importance of the loyalty, types of the loyalty, strategies of faithful translation and interferences of absolute loyalty in science and technology translation. In terms of importance of the loyalty in translation, this paper probes into the roles and the embodiment of loyalty in...
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Improvement of Library Satisfaction Based on Fuzzy MICMAC Modified IPA Method

Jintao Lee, Riguang Chen
This study proposed the novel integration of Fuzzy MICMAC and IPA model to make effective explore and analysis the service quality improvement of library. Thru a case study of Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College library to verify the availability and effectiveness of this approach, in addition, some...
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Exploration of the Promotion Scheme of Chinese Wushu for American Countries

Bing Duan, Lijun Wang, Peng Chen
Under the background of the growing prosperity of the Chinese Wushu culture abroad, it is obviously very important to understand the specific development condition of Chinese Wushu in a country. The Mexico is an important country in the America today, it is a multi-ethnic country, and it has important...
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Working experience, Social capital and the performance of farmers' first startup

Xianhe Yang
On the basis of the data of Chinese General Social Survey ,the study of the influence of working experience on the performance of farmers' first startup and the role of social capital has been played in the process. The study found that farmers who had a job experience were more productive than those...
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Institution Quality and Social Integration of Migrant Workers

Xiaolian Liu, Xiaobing Huang
This paper comparatively analyzes the situation and impacting factors of social integration of migrant workers from group heterogeneity perspective. The study indicates that the institution quality can promote social integration of migrant workers significantly, income, institution quality and social...
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Top Management Team Power Distribution and its Effect

Peng Xie, Lu Ma
The intensifying competition in the market leads innovation to become a new weapon for enterprises to improve their market competitiveness. As an important decision-maker and executor of corporate strategy, the top management team (TMT) is the core group to decide on organizational outcomes, such as...
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Research on Adjustment of Price of Construction Materials Caused by Price Changes

Ke Zhao
In construction projects, changes in the price of construction materials caused by changes in prices often lead to adjustments in the contract price. However, these adjustments have not yet established a unified adjustment plan among the contracting packages. As a result, they may cause the occurrence...
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Innovation of College Course Assessment Method Based on Outcomes-Based Education Philosophy??"??"Self-Service Mode

Tingdan Zheng
A new idea of assessment method called self-service assessment mode is proposed base on Outcomes-Based Education philosophy. It means that learning tasks should be translated into test modules and teachers set test options on the basis of these modules. Besides, students can select any item from the...
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Internal Control, Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance - Research based on Listed Food and Beverage Company in China

Miao Qin
Since the release of "The 12th Five-Year Plan of Food Industry” in 2018, food safety problems have aroused public concern. From the point of view of improving financial performance, this paper analyzes the impact of internal control and social responsibility on financial performance of food and beverage...
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Research on Supplier Evaluation System Based on Lean Accounting

Xiaobing Pei, Lijiao Song
Supplier evaluation is the most crucial step in practically all manufacturing and Lean manufacturing is no exception. Lean accounting, as the main accounting method of lean manufacturing enterprises, is the core of value stream and supports the development of the whole manufacturing industry as the highest...
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Analysis of Economic Disparities in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Based on Theil Index

Qingmin Yuan, Shilei Liu
Taking the population as the weight and the weight of income as indicators to measure the economic differences in the three major regions of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and using the Theil index to describe the degree of economic disparity in the three regions. The results show that the degree...
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Quantitative Research on Value Added of Production Process Based on Value Chain

Xiaobing Pei, Fangjian Shang
As the market competition becomes fiercer and fiercer, the requirements for the production department are also getting higher and higher. How to identify the value added in the production process and determine the most competitive link in the production process has become one of the most important issues....
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Research on Influence of Investors' Willingness to Invest in Equity Crowdfund

Yongming Pan, Yayun Liu
From the perspective of equity crowdfunding investors' cognition, the concept models of perceived risk, subjective norm, perceived value and investment willingness are constructed by referring to relevant theories such as planned behavior and individual innovation. The results of the study show that...
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Teaching Reform of "Supply Chain Management" Based on the Cultivation of Applied Talents

Yuliang Cao, Xiuyuan Li
Supply chain management (SCM) is the core professional course for cultivating practical talents in logistics management and plays an important role in the teaching system of logistics management. According to the development trend of the industry in recent years and the requirements of the education...
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The Role Orientation of Information Technology Teachers Against the Background of Maker Education

Feiya Chen, Zhi Zhang
The rise of the movement of maker has promoted the development of the society, and has also affected the education sector, and many scholars and educators have advocated the application of the concept of maker to the actual teaching to improve the teaching situation. In this process, the role of teachers...
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The Development Stages of Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools in Recent Decades

Hui Kang
Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools has developed greatly during past four decades and has become one of the most important forms of internationalization of Chinese higher education. Learning the development stages maybe useful for the stakeholders, policy makers, operators and researchers...
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Hegel’s Ideas on Education in the Philosophy of Right -- from the perspective of historical materialism

Yingxue Xu
In Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, the necessity of education for men have been mentioned frequently. It is believed by Hegel that education, through which the development from origin to nature would be completed, is the key to freedom of mind by liberate people from his nature state. By looking into statements...
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A Terminological Study of Translation Equivalence

Xue Li
Since Federov explicitly proposed the theory of "equivalence" in 1953, translation equivalence had been identified as an important thesis in translation. This opens a door for research of translation equivalence. However, throughout history, seemingly, it is hard to see the discussion and analysis toward...
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A Study on Translator’s Subjectivity from the Perspective of Intertextuality

Shuxin Dong, Xiaocui Xiong
The theory of intertextuality emphasizes that the formation of a text can not be a closed or self-sufficient system. All the texts are related to one another, producing textual interaction, where texts always point to the past, reflect the present, and find the traces in the relevant text. Therefore,...
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A Study of the Senior Mentor Peer Counseling and Mutual Assisting System Combined with SFBT model

Yingqun Wang, Haitao Zhao, Yueqi Bao
Based on the worrying background, more and more new explorations and studies of Peer Counseling have been developed for youngsters while there are still a large quantities of psychological problems on campus, according to the disadvantages of other kinds of Peer Counseling system, this paper analyses...
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A Research on Improving Effectiveness of English Class in Middle School

Hui He
With the implementation of the new curriculum, higher requirements were put forward for English class teaching in middle school. Many English teachers have made a lot of efforts to explore a variety of English teaching methods in middle school. However, the general situation of English teaching in middle...
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Does Social Capital Affect Family Firm Innovation

Min Zhao, Xin Yao
Social capital, as an important link between family firm and external environment, plays a significant role in helping firms to obtain environmental support. This paper selects the intermediary factors that connect family firm with the external environment and studies how social capital can influence...
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The Influence of Health Promotion on the Healthy Lifestyle of College Students

Yuepeng Sun, Yu Su, Yifei Zhai
Since 1986, the world health organization (WHO) has introduced the concept of "health promotion", which has attracted much attention. Nowadays, due to the particularity of the study environment of seafaring college students, many of their mental health problems are not conducive to forming a complete...
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Research on Debt Financing Influencing Factors of China Shipping Supply Chain Enterprises

Yiqiu Wen
Based on the MM theory, the financial data between 2013 and 2016 is chosen from 31 listed shipping supply chain enterprises in the paper, to empirically analyze the influencing factors of debt financing ways for China shipping supply chain enterprises. The main conclusions of this paper were as follows:...
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A Study on Approaches to Enhancing the Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing Interaction

Yiru Wang
With the development of the Internet, social media has become the main platform for public to share information and exchange ideas. For enterprises, using social media marketing can improve marketing effects under the premise of reducing costs. It can also enhance their fame and reputation. Hence, more...
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Research on the Current Situation of Pension Caregivers in Private Pension Institutions in China

Weifeng Li, Huanning Yan, Lixia Liang
China's pension pressure is increasing, and pension caregivers are closely related to the life quality of the elderly. Through the form of field observation and interview, problems have been found in the aspects of supply and demand, the sex ratio, the threshold of admittance, the rate of holding, liquidity,...
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Research on the symbiosis between public art and economy

Qian Song, Yoo Sang Wook
Public art is one of the high frequency words in the art world in recent years. Traditionally, public art is often understood as a statue in the square, a permanent art on street or relief sculpture in a government building. And the public art that we're talking about today is beginning to be democratized,...
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Interactive Collaboration and Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

Miao Wang
Nowadays, A good and effective interaction and cooperation during the students and teachers during the foreign language learning is the vital standard to weigh the quality of the foreign language learning and teaching. This paper is mainly talking about the theory of collaborative concept as well as...
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A Study of Blended Learning Design to Promote Deep Learning

Yanmei Zhou, Zhi Zhang
As the main research content and important teaching ideas of learning science, deep learning has become the focus of researchers. Blended learning is one of the important directions of teaching reform and is closely linked with deep learning. Based on the analysis of the connotation features of deep...
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An Analysis of the Double Victory in Modern Society from the “Old Man and the Sea”

Yuanyuan Zhang
Hemingway was one of the most outstanding novelists in America in the twentieth century. His remarkable work, The Old Man and the Sea, is a famous realistic novel. The purpose of this paper is to find factors to success in today’s society by analyzing the characters of the old man and the boy, etc. The...