Proceedings of the 2018 8th International Conference on Management, Education and Information (MEICI 2018)

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Research and Application of Mining Algorithm Based on Association Rules in Colleges Management System

Shaorong Feng
This paper aims at the insufficient of Apriori association rule mining algorithm. To avoid the blind search in the process of mining and enhance the search efficiency in the collection of frequent item, we investigate the improvement of Apriori algorithm. Then, we use the algorithm for mining on data...
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The Study of the Optimizing Strategy of Chinese Teaching of Literature for Children in Primary School

Mingxiu Ding
Children’s literature plays an important role in literature treasure and has the enlightening significance for children. The teaching for children’s literature is the guiding education for the development of pupils’ mentality, emphasizing the deep interpretation of literariness, storytelling and philosophy....
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Research on OEC Students’ Learning Interests through Data Collected From Online Learning Platform

Yun Feng, Honghui Huang, Xiao Xu, Shizhu Liu
The aim of this study is to stimulate students' situational interest in order to help them become subjects with completely independent individual interests. Based on this aim and the resources on the international teaching platform, SAKAI, we construct the small private online pharmacology course and...
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Construction of Multiple Collaborative Training Mechanism for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents in Colleges and Universities

Yue Hao
The “multiple collaborative” training of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in colleges and universities includes both the school and external collaborative training, and the collaborative training within the school, which is the unity of the external collaborative training and internal collaborative...
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Obstacles and Policies of the Social Capital Participates in the Combination of Medical Care and Pension: A Literature Review

Qiong Han
Under the background of the aging and ageing of the population, encouraging social capital to participate in the combination of medical care and pension is a necessary requirements, which is not only can replenish insufficient healing services provided by the government, but also will improve china's...
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The Study on Translation of Chai Tou Feng by Lu You Based on House’s Translation Quality Assessment Mode

Xiaoyan Wu
Song Ci is a kind of unique literary form in the history of Chinese culture, so it is difficult to translate it into English. This thesis applies House’s model of translation quality assessment to evaluate the English version of Chai Tou Feng by Lu You, which demonstrates its applicability and is helpful...
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Global Understanding Classroom: the Innovation of Cross-Cultural Communication English Teaching

Qingfang Cao
The Global Understanding classroom, which originated in the United States, uses various tools such as online videoconferences, chat rooms and e-mail to group students from different countries for real-time and non-real-time communication. It has the characteristics of diversity of disciplines, integrity...
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The Imitation Ideology in Poetics

Xiaoxia Xu
Poetics is an art work of Aristotle. In the existing chapters, it mainly discusses the creation of tragedies and epics. At the outset, he mentioned that "poetry is the art of imitating." In this article, it is considered that "imitation" is not only a means but also a purpose in poetry. This article...
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Study on the Method and Strategy of the Electric Energy Meter On-site inspection Based on the Electrical information

Jia Li, Wanyu Xue, Li Gao, Min Zhou, Xiaoqing Huang, Dapeng Xing
In view of the shortage of frequency electric energy meter on-site inspection, a predicting evaluation method is proposed to improve the on-site inspection strategy of the electric energy meter. This method based on the data of electrical information acquisition system extracts the relevant state variables,...
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Mechanical Model for Oblique Hole Drilling and Bit Life Analysis in Conventional Design

Weiyan Xu, Yanping Zhang, Juan Jiang
According to the practical condition and traditional design parameters of the oblique hole drilling, the mechanical model for the oblique hole drilling is established. With the finite element analysis software, two conditions are analyzed: the bit is not completely drilled into the workpiece, and the...
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A New Algorithm for the Smallest Enclosing Circle

Shang Gao, Changbao Wang
The minimal enclosing circle is used in planning the location of a shared facility. The feature of the smallest enclosing circle problem is analyzed, and a simple algorithm for the smallest enclosing circle problem is presents. The algorithm is proved and its complexity is discussed. The time complexity...
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Response of Anatomical Structure to Soil Drought in Old P. kangdingensis Cuttings of Section Tacamahaca Spach

Yanyuan Lu, Fang Wang, Li Pan
In this paper, the cutting seedlings of P. kangdingensis, which age of 300-500 years old and diameter at breast height (DBH) was greater than 1m were used as experimental materials, and the anatomical structure of the leaves and stems of seedlings were studied by the method of paraffin section. The pot...
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Response of Gas Exchange to Soil Drought in Old P. kangdingensis Cuttings of Section Tacamahaca Spach

Yanyuan Lu, Li Pan
In this paper, the cutting seedlings of P. kangdingensis, which age of 300-500 years old and diameter at breast height (DBH) was greater than 1m were used as experimental materials, and the anatomical structure of the leaves and stems of seedlings were studied by the method of paraffin section. The pot...
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Improved Algorithm of Association Mining and Classification Fusion based on Temporal Interval Lattice

Qing Tan
This paper first describes the combined application of association rules data mining algorithm under temporal constraints. Clustering is to classify a group of individuals into several categories according to similarity. The purpose of clustering is to make the differences between individuals belonging...
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Analysis of the mythological Interpretation characteristics of Guo Pu's Shanhai Jing Notes

Shuyan Yi, JiLin Yang
Through the analysis of Guo Pu's annotation of mythical characters in Shanhai Jing, interpreting of the mythological interpretation of Guo Pu's Shanhai Jing Notes. In his annotation of God, Guo Pu had carried on the conscious enrichment to the god person image according to the annotated person's identity,so...
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Research on Digital Image Processing Technology and Its Application

Congbo Luo, Yunhui Hao, Zihe Tong
Computer digital image technology is a very important branch of the computer application discipline, and its application areas include measurement, computer-aided design, physics, three-dimensional simulation and other industries. Moreover, with the improvement of computer hardware performance, image...
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Classification and Extraction of Appositives based on English and Chinese Bilingual Corpus

Zhenzhen Xiang
This paper studies sentence translation in English and Chinese bilingual corpus, analyzing appositive mode with automatic identification and extraction from the perspective of computer linguistics. Firstly, based on semantic concept in linguistics, this paper classifies the basic semantic types of appositives...
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The Hamacher Aggregation Operators and their Application to Decision Making with Hesitant Pythagorean Fuzzy Sets

Lishi Zhang
As a generalization of intuitionistic fuzzy sets(IFSs), Pythagorean fuzzy sets(IPFSs) can deal with uncertain information more flexibly for its relaxing condition that the square sum of the membership and non-membership is less than 1. While in real world, the uncertainty and fuzziness universally exists,...
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The Thinking of Disposition Optimization of Naval Surface Vessel

Hongyan Shan, Liang Ma, Feng Tian
Under the condition of information, current disposition of naval warship cannot satisfy the operation and training, optimizing is necessary. Analyzing the problems of current disposition, relying on the prospective target, methods and process is put forward. It provides references for the disposition...
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The Application of Traditional Window Lattice Culture into Modern Interior Design

Hongxing Yi
In the long history of China, the window lattice culture has been inherited for thousands of years. It is an integral part of Chinese excellent traditional culture and has far-reaching influence. From the perspective of traditional window lattice in China, we can understand the different cultural connotations...
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Comparative Analysis of Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Solving Optimization Problems

Kashif Muhammad, Shang Gao, Sohail Qaisar, MannanMasood Abdul, Atif Muhammad, Ashraf Usman, Akhtar Aleena, Ali Shahid
Combinatorial Problems (NP hard Problem) have always been a hard task to be solved to optimal level but for the efficiency and finding the best possible solution in a certain span of time it has been solved to suboptimal level. During the study for solving the combinatorial problems to suboptimal level...
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Analysis of the Basic Methods of Red Design in Modern Design Symbols

Liang Cheng
Red design is a very unique design theme, containing a large amount of information. It is a design which brings a revolutionary atmosphere in the traditional design language style. As a kind of cultural design, it enriches the cultural connotation of modern art and design. Today, we organically combine...
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Short Term Prediction of Electric Vehicle Charging Load Based on Optimized Genetic Algorithm

Tianyi Qu
With the continuous attention and promotion of electric vehicles, governments of electric vehicles have made great progress. However, due to the randomness and unpredictable nature of electric vehicle charging, it will have a certain impact on the power system. To effectively predict the charging load...
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Art Appreciation and Collection from the Perspective of Aesthetics

Xiuqiang Qiao
Artwork is the product of the artist's life and understanding through artistic creation and externalization. It reveals unique images through truth, goodness, and beauty. This paper starts from the perspective of aesthetics and draws on Zhu Guangqian's aesthetic principles to fully analyze the subject...
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A Contrastive Analysis of Two English Versions of HeTangYueSe from the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics

Yuanyuan Cao
Prose is a common style among the literature. It has an extensive content and flexible structure. The major feature of prose is shape dispersing but spirit concentrating. Therefore, expressing the original artistic charm is the highest standard for prose translation. Traditional translation emphasizes...
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Research on 3D CAD Model Retrieval Based on Ant Colony Algorithm

Li Xu, Yi Jiang
In order to better implement the reuse of CAD model, a 3D CAD model retrieval algorithm using ant colony algorithm is proposed. By extracting B-rep information of CAD model, the model is represented by attribute adjacency graph. If there are similar features or local structures in two CAD models, then...
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Teaching Reform of Mechanical Drawing Based on Flipped Class

Lichuan Ning, Yuanmin Xie, Guozhang Jiang, Yan Zhou, Gongfa Li, Jiabing Hu
As a basic course for mechanical majors, mechanical drawing is the basis of the follow-up related courses which has a very important position. However, the traditional teaching mode is still mainly in the teaching of mechanical drawing, and there are many shortcomings in the traditional teaching mode...
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Exploration on the Operating Mechanism of "Four Wheel Driving" Mode for Cultivating Students Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Yongxiang Ma, Xing Li
Based on the current situation of innovative entrepreneurship in applied undergraduate colleges and universities, combining professional education with innovative entrepreneurship education, the paper puts forward that through innovative entrepreneurship theory education, laboratory simulation training,...
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The Path and Orientations of Adult Foreign Language Education under the Perspective of the Belt and Road Initiative

Hongjuan Fang
Language ability has become the critical link and key aspect of The Belt and Road Construction. Language will by no means be the significant safeguard for The Belt and Road. Adult foreign language education possesses its own advantages in the Belt and Road construction. It proves to be the inevitable...
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In the Background of Education in Modern Medicine, the Exploration of Education among Medical Students Was Carried Out

Xu Yang, Yuan Liang
The cultivation of applied talents with high quality skills is inseparable from moral education education, This paper analyzes and studies the status quo of education in moral education of medical students, To find out the characteristics of education in moral education of medical students and the problems...
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Design and Research of Urban Haze Weather Monitoring System

Pengfei Wang
Nowadays people have higher and higher requirements for the air quality. Using the Tiny6410 development board with the ARM11 processor and the various sensors to realize a haze weather monitoring system. This system can be used for monitoring the temperature, humidity and PM2.5 value of the environment....
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Fractal Coding based Optimization Algorithm for Interframe Prediction of High-definition Video

Chang Liu
A fractal coding based interframe prediction algorithm is proposed, to hugely reduce the calculation amount of interframe prediction and raise the coding velocity. The complexity of interframe prediction algorithm is the motion search. The interframe prediction in HEVC needs to find out the best matched...
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The Empirical Analysis about Effects of Career Decision-Making Difficulties on the Career Decision Status in College Students

Weibo Yang, Lin Shi
Objective: explore the specific impact of different types of career decision-making difficulties on the determination of college students' career goals so as to provide an empirical basis for colleges to carry out targeted career education. Methods: extract 31 projects from the Chinese version of CDDQ...
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Living Predicament and Improvement Strategies of 0-3 Year-Old Children Early-Education Teachers in Chongqing

Dan Li
The living state of 0-3 year-old children early-education teachers directly determines the quality of early-education and healthy development of early-education career of a nation. To get to know the living state of 0-3 year-old children early-education teachers in Chongqing, China, this study selected...
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The Conflict between and Adjustment of the Upbringing for Children of the Dai Nationality and School Education

Zhongli Guo
Based on Huayao Dai the typical cluster of the Dai people in Da Muyu Village, Mosha Town, Yunnan Province, this paper investigates the current status of traditional upbringing for children of the Dai nationality, sorts out the incompatibility between the upbringing for children of the Dai nationality...
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A Study of The Morpheme Meaning Variation of Word-formation Based on the New Abbreviations in Contemporary Chinese

Qi Cao, Yuanyuan Ma
Driven by the economy principle of language, a large number of new abbreviated words have emerged in Contemporary Chinese. With the high frequency of new abbreviations, morpheme meaning of abbreviations produce various variation phenomenon. The morpheme variations mainly increase some new morphemes and...
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Exploration and Practice of Single Chip Microcomputer Curriculum Reform Based on Project-based Teaching

Kaibo Si, Lilin Zhan
The SCM course is a professional technical course for the electronics major. Its technical and applied nature is very strong. The project reform is adopted in the form of project-based teaching, which is conducive to students mastering course knowledge and development skills. The thesis is from project...
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Research and Practice of Mixed Teaching Mode Based on "MOOC+SPOC+Flipped Classroom"

Xinfeng Yang, Caixia Yang
Mixed teaching mode based on "MOOC+SPOC+ flipped classroom" realized the integration of MOOC traditional classroom, realize the teaching reform of “taking students as the main body and teachers as the mainstay”, reformed the traditional classroom teaching model, improved the influence and teaching effect...
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Strategic Research for Talent Cultivation of Strategic Emerging Industries under Industry 4.0

Yutai Rao, Fan Yang
The shortage of talented people in strategic emerging industries under Industry 4.0 is an important factor restricting industrial development. According to the requirements of national vocational education to serve the local economy, this paper analyzes the shortage of talents in Hubei.
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Numerical Approach Investigation of Projectile with Boattail

Haibo Lu, Zhihong Ye, Deyou Xu
The paper focuses on the influence of boattail on the flow field and aerodynamic force of the projectile. With the same base cavity, projectiles without and with boattail (boattail angle, 2°) are simulated numerically. The flow field parameters and the aerodynamic drag coefficient of models were obtained....
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Informationalized Teaching Design Promotes Effective Teaching of Theoretical Courses: Take "Clinical Diagnosis Technology" Course in Higher Vocational School as an Example

Qianwen Li, Xuegang Zhang
Effective teaching theory refers to an innovative teaching theory that is based on teachers and affects students' learning ability through teachers' teaching behavior, which has higher requirement in the speed, effectiveness and efficiency of knowledge dissemination that is hard to be meet by the traditional...
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People-Oriented-Based New Ideas for College Students Management

Chunyan Feng, Jingchao Liu
The people-oriented notion has already penetrated into every departments in society, and it is also applied broadly in colleges, no matter in teaching or in management. It is the basic work to maintain the normal education teaching order and to ensure that student’s healthy growth. In contemporary society,...
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Reform and Practice of Talent Cultivation Model of Food Engineering Based on “Excellence Program” in Perspective of Integration of Industry and Education

Chao Li, Weidong Wang
With the aim of cultivating students’ ability of engineering practice, reform and practice of talent cultivation model of food engineering was conducted in Food Science and Engineering specialty of Xuzhou University of Technology, by formulating the core curriculum of food engineering, establishing the...
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A Translation Study of “A Tribute to King Teng’s Tower”from the Perspective of Dialogue Theory

Rongqin Ji, Ying Jin
Dialogue theory provides a new perspective on interpreting the dialogue in cultural context and communication mode in translation. Based on Bakhtin 's theory of dialogue and Robinson' s translation rhetoric and translation ethical dialogue model, this paper examines the problem how to achieve harmonious...
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The Analysis of Two - Dimensional Animation Lens

Xiang Li, Mingyi Qi
As for animation,the design of sub lens have significant effect to the work’s complete style, it also relate to the rhythm and fluency of the whole work, and the expression of the theme and connotation. This paper is divided into three main parts: the first part briefly introduces the concept and importance...
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The Study on Teachers’ Inspiring the Learning Motivation of College Students

Lieming Fang, Weiran Zhang, Yuhua Wang
College students, as the main force for constructing an innovation-oriented country and a harmonious society, whose learning motivation is of vital importance. This paper makes a survey of the current situation of college students' learning motivation, elaborates the factors that influencing students’...
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Research on Characteristics and Optimization of Rural Tourism Industry Chain under the Background of Tourism Poverty Alleviation

Yue Wang
The rural tourism industry chain under the background of tourism poverty alleviation has special characteristics. Its development needs to emphasize the poverty alleviation effect. The poverty alleviation tourism industry chain fails to effectively realize the integration of regional resources, which...
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Cultural Translation in English Web Pages of Shaanxi Universities from the Perspective of Eco-Translatology

Chunyan Jing
The English cultural characteristic words carry the unique culture of English, reflecting the history, geography, customs, traditional customs, lifestyle, literature and art, behavioral norms, ways of thinking, values, etc. of the English-speaking countries, with high social and cultural values. And...
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Study Based on the Edge Detection Algorithm Improved by Canny

Wei Zhang, Sijiao Zhu
Edge detection is a key technique for detecting foreign objects intrusion on railway rails. For the problem of poor detection of rail image edge, a rail edge detection extraction scheme based on Canny edge detection technology and convergence connection method is proposed in this paper. Through the histogram...
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The Robustness Study of Multiple Kernel Learning Approaches for VAD

Jie Zhang, Mantao Wang, Haitao Tang, Qiang Huang, Haibo Pu, Lixin Luo, Zhihao Zhou
Recently, although the MKL-SVM-based VAD has achieved desirable performance, the VAD base on deep learning networks, are attracting greater research interest than their with overwhelming advantages. In this paper, we focus on investigation and analysis the noise robustness of VAD systems multiple-feature-based...
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The Intrinsic Logics of English Phonics Learning Among Chinese School-Age Children

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
Phonics can be interpreted from three areas of learning, namely, letters and sounds, words and activities, reading and success. The main significance of English phonics learning among Chinese school-age children are different from that among native young learners, exerting positive effects on two aspects...
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Comparing the Attitudes towards English Language between Chinese-English Circumstantial Bilinguals and Elective Bilinguals

Mingjun Yang
Alongside the tendency of globalization and economic development, more and more Chinese people are likely to master more than one language. In contemporary condition, English as the second language is the most common choice for Chinese people. Chinese people who can use both Chinese and English can be...
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Countermeasures on the Reform and Development of Pre-school Education in Western China under the Background of New-type Urbanization

Libin Guo
Since the reform and opening, China's pre-school education has made great progress. However, under the background of New-type Urbanization, the development level of pre-school education in the eastern and western regions has become increasingly unbalanced. This article takes Chongqing, the only municipality...
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Practice of Student Community Based on Institutional Innovation

Peng Li
In the great cause of revitalizing the country through science and education in the 21st century, the demand for high-quality, compound, innovative and entrepreneurial talents is increasing. Colleges and universities shoulder the heavy responsibility of cultivating a large number of high-quality and...
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Research on the Construction of High-Level Professional Teachers Based on "Double First-Class" Construction

Haiyi Sun, Ning Li, Zhongtang Chen, Shuxian Miao
Objective: In order to meet the requirements for the construction of a "double first-class" tutor team and combine the existing problems and shortcomings of the training of the tutor team, this paper puts forward the countermeasures for the training of innovative graduate instructors. Methods: Combined...
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Construction of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Faculty in Publishing Majors in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Liya Yao
As the structure of higher education in China continues to adjust, the applied undergraduate has become an important part of higher education, and the publishing profession is a base for training professional talents such as professional technical editors and publishing business management. Team building...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Navigation English

Xiuping Sui
China is less competitive in the Seafarers labor market and does not sufficiently translate the comparative advantage of the labor force into comparative benefits through the direct international flow of labor force elements. The reasons for this are many factors. However, one of them is the quality...
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The Impact of North Shaanxi Paper Cutting on Local Regional Visual Design

Chunhua Jia
Folk paper-cut in Northern Shaanxi is an important part of folk art of paper cutting on the Loess Plateau. The cultural and ideological connotation of regional domain. Starting from the artistic form, characteristics, modeling and connotation of paper cutting in Northern Shaanxi, this paper tries to...
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Present Situation and Countermeasures of English Translation Teaching in University

Jianyong Chen, Ping Yang
At present, the translation teaching of university has the problem of the lack of translation method, the lack of students 'pragmatic culture knowledge, the obsolete teaching content, and the single teaching method. Therefore, teachers should optimize the integration of translation teaching resources,...
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Investigation and Analysis on Social Responsibility of Medical Students

Chunling Liu
A questionnaire survey was carried in students from departments of clinical medicine, oral medicine, nursing, rehabilitation. The investigation was to the principle of random. Medical students' social responsibility present situation was investigated, the existing problems according to the survey were...
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Research on the Manufacturability Simulation System of PCB in Experiment

Xiaohui Wang, Kewei Lei, Xiaoning Dou
Because of the disconnection between the printed circuit board design and the manufacturing in the comprehensive experimental circuit. A novel method for the simulation design in the stage of the experimental board is proposed. Combined with the related project practice, a simulation model system of...
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Exploration on the Piano Course Teaching Reform of Preschool Education Major

Yichen Xie
As the king of Musical Instruments, the piano has always been a hot course in universities. As a science of technical application that artistic and creative comprehensive, it is also a compulsory course for preschool education majors. With the improvement of living standard, the piano holding rate has...
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The Study on Decision Tree Classification and Three-Step Search Algorithm Based Compression Technology for High Efficiency Video Coding

Chang Liu
The new generation video coding algorithm HEVC reduces the bitrate by half compared to the previous standard H.264 with the same video quality, but this also brings the increasing of encoding time. In this paper, we mainly improve the intra frame prediction to solve this question: Combined with the decision...
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A Study of the Focus Expression Function of the Modal Adverb “yòu” in Modern Chinese

Shuang Dai, Chunhong Qi
The main point of view in the academia is that “yòu” is generally lightly read when expressing refutation and negative tone adverbs with a focus. This paper uses experimental phonetics to test 10 subjects “wǒ yòu méi huā nǐ de qián, guǎn nà me duō!”, “nǐ zěn me yòu lái le ?” The pitch frequency percentage...
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Research on Effective Teaching Mode of NC Machining Technology and Programming Course

Mei Tian
The reform of curriculum teaching is an eternal topic for colleges and universities. The direction of the teaching reform of vocational education is to take students’ morality as the fundamental, to serve the development as the purpose, to promote the employment oriented, and to promote the students’...
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Numerical Investigation on the Projectile with Base Cavity

Yang Ni, Zhihong Ye, Haibo Lu
Base cavity plays a key role in reducing the aerodynamic drag of the projectile. In the paper, two kinds of base cavity shape for projectile are simulated by using axisymmetric Navier-Stokes equations. Under the supersonic flow condition, the distribution of the flow field parameters and the aerodynamic...
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Design of Food Professional Talents Cultivation Scheme Based on OBE Concept

Yue-e Sun, En-qi Liu, Weidong Wang, Yu-wei Dong, Shuai Wang
The new industrial revolution has put forward new challenges to higher engineering education. What kind of people to cultivate and how to cultivate people are the subject of all engineering colleges and universities. Outcomes-based education is a model of which education and teaching activities is oriented...
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Research on Academic Procrastination among OEC Students

Yun Feng, Xiaojia Huang, Shizhu Liu
Procrastination is a behavior that evades the task. The two key features of procrastination are postponement and irrationality. Procrastination is often manifested by the use of non-urgent tasks instead of urgent ones, with simple and happy work instead of a difficult one. Sometimes procrastinators can...
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Research on the Status Quo of Continuing Education for Accountants in China’s Colleges and Universities

Dahua Wang
In recent ten years, China's accounting continuing education has achieved good results. The continuing education of Accountants in colleges and universities has also developed. The quality of accounting work has improved, but there are still many problems. This study conducted a questionnaire survey...
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The Integration of Eastern and Western Culture In Laozi Research

Xi Chen
The main purpose of this paper is to promote cross-cultural communication between the Chinese and Western cultures. On the one hand, it helps each other to better understand the collision and integration of the philosophical and cultural of the two sides, and reduces some misunderstandings caused by...
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Design and Implementation of College Students Employment Information Service Platform Based on Data Grasping Technology

Zhengyi Sun, Jie Dong
With the expansion of colleges and universities, the number of college graduates has increased year after year, and the employment situation faced by college students is becoming more and more severe. This paper designs and develops an efficient, concise and cost-effective employment information service...
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Selection and Application of the Authentic Materials in Spoken-Chinese Teaching

Zhongli Guo, Yuanhong Li
The objective of this paper is to empirically study the selection and application of the Authentic Materials in spoken-Chinese teaching, putting forward the teaching strategies and problems that should be paid attention to. This paper takes input hypothesis and output hypothesis as the theoretical basis,...
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The Standardized Research and Teaching Guidance on the Introduction of the Japanese Language in Xi'an Tourist Attractions

Man Tie
Japan remains an important source of visitors to Xi'an, while the promotion of tourist attractions in Xi'an is mainly in Chinese, supplemented by English, and lacks Japanese propaganda, there are many problems in the Japanese introduction of scenic spots. This study investigates the Japanese signs of...
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Research on Influencing Factors of College Students' Mental Health

Xiuping Sui
The research on the structure of College Students' psychological quality is related to a series of problems, such as the establishment of the psychological quality evaluation system, the training standards and the implementation plan. Psychological quality is an important part of the overall quality...
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Zhongnan Temple Fair: Human Resources and the Value of Art Education from the Perspective of Cultural Space

Jun Tu
Through the investigation of the rich and colorful life style and the spiritual and cultural elements contained in the temple fair in the Mountain Zhongnan area, the relationship between cultural space and the cultural resources of the temple fair is combed, and the important role in shaping the local...
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Study on the Impact Factors of Campus Safety of College Students

Xiuping Sui
Campus safety management is a prerequisite for the normal development of all University work. Without a safe educational environment, the development of colleges and universities will not be guaranteed. In this regard, colleges and universities should attach great importance to the safety management...
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Research on the Relationship between Piano Teaching in Colleges and the Cultivation of Students' Artistic Ability

Zhang Wei
With the pursuit of higher quality spiritual life, music has become an indispensable part of our lives. Many colleges and universities have carried out reforms in the teaching system and opened a variety of art education courses. One of the key components is the music education that can cultivate students'...
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Discussion on the Thoughts of Family and Country in Du Mu's Poems and Its Teaching Implications

Xiaocuo Rong
Chang'an which is the capital of Tang Dynasty is not only the hometown of Du Mu, but also the spiritual home that he needs most to realize his political ambitions. Therefore, it has become a concern for Du Mu's life. Du Mu's many poems written about Chang'an have both a deep thoughts on the hometown...
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On the Spirit of Harmony in the Poems of Han Shan and Its Modern Education Enlightenment

Xiaohui Yang, Haomai Zhao, Pengxuan Zhu
In the Tang Dynasty, Han Shan's Han monk left over three hundred poems which are fresh and refined, peculiar in style and rich in content. Since the Song Dynasty, these poems have had a widespread influence, and have gone abroad for the lead and surpassed many famous poets in the Tang Dynasty. Throughout...
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The Status Quo, Problems and Research Countermeasures of Teaching Chinese at Primary Schools in Thailand

Ling Qin
In Thailand, with the in-depth and extensive implementation of teaching Chinese, an increasing number of elementary schools are offering Chinese course. This paper analyzes the Chinese learning characteristics of primary school students in Thailand, a special Chinese-learning group, the current status...
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Deepening the Path Choice of Jilin Province's Economic and Trade Cooperation with the DPRK

Lili Liu
In recent years, China has proposed the “One Belt, One Road” development strategy and promoted economic and trade exchanges between countries. Jilin Province’s economic and trade cooperation with the DPRK is not only a historical choice, but also an inevitable trend in the development of foreign trade....
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Analysis of Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping Environment

Yanping Chen
All social behavior can be expressed through the network data, then data has become the same important factors of production just like labor and capital.And people for massive data mining and application, also indicates that a new round of productivity growth. In the future,the assignment of sales expenses,...
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Research on Postgraduate Training Mode of Electronic Information Specialty Degree

Zuliang Wang, Shiqi Huang
The electronic information industry is a highly specialized technical field, and there is always a strong demand for innovative talents with solid basic knowledge and good hands-on ability. The postgraduate training of electronic and information major in Xijing University mainly covers two directions:...
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Statistical Analysis of Common Diseases among Female College Students of Grade 2-4 in Tianjin Agricultural University

Hongjun Teng, Zhenbo Bao, Fan Yang
In order to master the types and distribution characteristics of common diseases among female college students of 2-4 grades in Tianjin Agricultural University, and provide effective basis for health care, the statistical analysis was conducted on the situation of outpatient visits of female college...
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Research on the Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teaching System Based on Computer Science and Technology

Jiajie Yu
Computer science and technology is one of the most rapidly developing and changing majors in the 21st century. It is continuously updated and continuously expanded in new fields of application. Colleges and universities are one of the important bases for training computer science and technology professionals....
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Research on Strategies of Logistics Talents Training in Higher Vocational Education under the Background of Intelligent Logistics

Jingjing Liu
With the in-depth application of information technology in the logistics industry, China's logistics has entered the stage of Intelligent logistics. Intelligent logistics has new development trends and opportunities, which brings higher challenges to the cultivation of logistics talents and puts forward...
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Application of Jurkevich Method in the Study of Optical Variability Period

Haiyan Yang, Na Jiang
Blazar is a highly active objects, which belongs to active galactic nuclei. Based on the statistical analysis of some Blazar objects in the literature , it is found that Jurkevich method is widely used in the study of astrophysics. The conclusions of much literature show that the Jurkevich method is...
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Research on the Monitoring of College English Learning Strategies under the Online Autonomous Learning Environment

Min Zhang, Yurong Hong
This paper explores the relationship between independent learning monitoring and English academic achievement through experimental research. It provides theoretical and practical support for the construction of multi-inspection system of college English self-study based on online environment and the...
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HD Video Coding based on Fractal and H.264

Yun Chen
This paper studies the HD video and remote sensing image compression algorithm based on fractal and H.264.In order to study the technology of image storage and transmission suitable for HD resolution video. The system further optimizes the intra-frame coding mode currently adopted by H.264, and proposes...
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Investigation on the Protection of Modern Buildings and Sites in Jinzhou

Xiangwen Qi
Architecture is a solidified history, and is the most real memory of a nation. The site of modern architecture is the true memory of the suffering, humiliation and struggle history of the people of all nationalities in modern times. There are more than 90 modern architectural sites in Jinzhou, ranking...
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Research on the Training Path of “Double-Qualified and Double-Ability” teachers in Private Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi

Huining Guo
It is imperative to cultivate “double-qualified and double-ability” teachers in Shaanxi private colleges and universities. This paper analyzes the relationship between the development objectives of applied colleges and universities and “double-qualified and double-ability” teachers, and the connotation...
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Research on Mixed Teaching of "Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology" Course Based on MOOC

Rui Liang
In this paper, based on the teaching status of microcomputer principle and interface technology course, a hybrid teaching method based on MOOC "Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology" course is proposed. The teaching method combines the MOOC platform with the traditional classroom, and makes...
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Kinematic Errors Identification and Compensation Method Analysis of the Machining Robots

Ya Zhang
Industrial robots were widely used in the area of stacking, handling, welding because of their good repeatability position accuracy. When the industrial robot is applied in the manufacturing area, they can do cutting work instead of the machine tool. However, the error of the machining robot is comparatively...
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Design of Teaching Board for Principle of Pulse Width Speed Control System

Hejia Li, Rui Zhu, Hongri Wang, Zhiping Zhang, Donghua Zhuang, Yue Zhao, Ou Qi
Along with our country economic strength unceasing enhancement, our army also ushered in the weaponry modernization high speed development time, a batch of new type weaponry one after another equips our army armored mechanization troop, the weaponry unceasing development, the high-tech introduction has...
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Research on the Application of Modern Educational Technology in College Physical Education

Xueqin Qin
Objective: The purpose of the study is to show the application of modern educational technology in college physical education. Methods: the research methods adopted include literature, logical analysis and mathematical statistics. Results: Through the analysis of the current situation of PE teachers'...
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The Role of Practical Teaching in Agricultural Universities in the Training of Graduates Major in Mechanical Design

Junming Hou, Youbin Lai, Ping Zhao
Graduate education in Colleges and universities is one of its important training indicators. In this paper, the training methods, training level and training means of graduate students in agricultural colleges and universities are discussed. The evaluation indexes are used to evaluate the quality of...
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The Impact of School District on Housing Prices: Based on an Evolutionary Game Model

Chen Lin
This paper focuses on the role that school district plays in the formation of housing prices. Under the nearby-admission policy and Hukou system, housing in a school district is equivalent to housing with admission-ticket function. For households who purchase school-district housing, it is the high-quality...
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Analysis and Perspective on Significance of Modern Logistics to Fujian’s Foreign Trade Development

Manli Weng
With the rapid development of economic globalization and in-depth, Chinese import and export trade is growing rapidly, while having driven the rapid development of modern logistics. As "the third profit source”, the economic growth of modern logistics industry with the advantages of efficiency and integration...
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Research on Deviation Force Demonstration Device Based on 3D Printing Technology

Mingsheng Yu, Chunyu Mao, Xirui Sun
With the development of the times, people pay more and more attention to the education of children, so education in the future is becoming more and more important, and in the future education also needs a lot of devices to enable students to understand the content of the teacher.
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A Fruit Quality Classification Algorithm Based on BP Neural Network and Computer Vision

Hequn Qiang, Chunhua Qian, Yi Ren
BP algorithm is a classical neural network algorithm. We analyzed the deficiency of traditional BP neural network algorithm, designed new S function and momentum method strategy, optimized the algorithm parameters. We use the new algorithm in the classification of orange images, take color and shape...