Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Automobile and Traffic Science, Materials and Metallurgy Engineering

Session: Materials, Metallurgical Science

7 articles

Research on the Optimization of the Transportation of the Hazardous Materials

Fengrun Guo, Weidong Liu, Wentao Han, Wei Yu
Many ways may be available to transport the hazardous materials. However, different ways will lead to the difference in the cost of transportation and loss of total social expectations. Under the same condition, this paper studies the best way and path to move the materials of danger. It explains the...

Applied Research on Optimum Dosage of Flexible Waterproof Material for Bridge Deck

Fenglan Bian, Younian Dou, Haiquan Cai
The dosage of bridge deck waterproof material can influence not only the road performance but also the construction cost of waterproof layer. The bond strength, shear strength and pull strength of different bridge deck waterproof material dosage are tested to determine the optimum amount. The method...

Study on Analysis of Chenghe Fly Ash and Preparation of molecular sieve

Jianli Yang, Meili Du, Xiaogang Yang, Renshan Li
In recent years, with the rapid development of coal industry, a large number of coal fly ash has been produced, while the recycling rate of the ash is rather low. It is not only a waste of the precious land resources, but also makes environment suffering severe pollution. As an important kind of new...

Research On The Estimation Of Lithium Battery SOC Based On EKF

Zhi-sheng An, Zhi-yi Sun, Qiu-sheng He
In the battery management system, the SOC estimation is the most basic and most important part. The exact estimation of SOC can prevent battery over-change or over-change, and extend battery life. Based on traditional SOC estimate algorithm and analysis of factors affecting SOC, the method to estimate...

Phase Field Simulation of Dendrite Growth of Fe-C Alloy in a Forced Flow

Xunfeng Yuan, Yan Yang
Based on the KKS model, the phase-field model is built by coupling with the concentration field and flow field, we simulate the dendrite growth during isothermal solidification of Fe-C alloy in a forced flow. The results show that the tip of dendrite arm is parabola shape, the secondary branch appear...

Research on Preheating Pulverized Coal to Ameliorate the Blast Furnace Coal Injection

Ran LIU, Chunzhao LIANG, Xingjuan WANG, Shuai FENG
Pulverized coal injection of blast furnace is the important means of lowering ironmaking cost. It is a focus problem to improve the pulverized coal injection rate of blast furnace. However, improve the pulverized coal combustion rate has became a bottleneck of coal injection rate because of the contradiction...

Study on C/C Composites Ablated in Plasma jet

De-Wen WANG, Yue-Cheng YANG, Bai-Lin ZHA, Yu HU
In order to solve thermal protection problems under atmospheric reentry conditions, some tests on the earth have been done to study antiablative properties of C/C composites in thermal plasma jet. The flow fields and the thermodynamics parameters of thermal plasma have been researched, the parabola distribution...