Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (MME 2016)

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Contamination Analysis and Monitoring Methods of Hydraulic Fluid

Rui Zeng, Yong Zhang, Zhen-Rong Lin, Jin-Kun Sun
In recent years, with the development of construction machinery technology, the controlling requirement for its hydraulic system has become more and more strict. The bad working environments did harm for the hydraulic system, so people payed more attention on preventing hydraulic system from invalid...
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4-DOF Mechanism Design for Reflectors in Vacuum

Jin-Xin Chen, Wan-Lu Xie, Xiao-Bin Wu, Yu Wang
The paper developed a new type of 4-DOF mechanism design for reflectors in vacuum, which had the ability of assembling the reflector stably and realizing 4-DOF movement (one-translation and three-rotation) of the reflector in vacuum by adjustments outside the vacuum. Then the equations of kinematic analysis...
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Numerical Calculation of Wind Turbine Airfoil Based on COUPLED Algorithm and Validation of Wind Tunnel Test

Quan Wang, Zheng-Zheng Qing, Xing Hong, Jun Wang
When the -Re_ transition model is used to calculate the aerodynamic performance of the wind turbine airfoils, the SIMPLE algorithm is usually applied to solve the equation of speed and pressure for airfoil surface. Consequently the precision of the results by using SIMPLE algorithm is comparatively low....
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The Optimized Design of the Key Components of Mechanical Rotary Stereo Garage Based on ANSYS

Shi-Bin Chen, Min-Dong Zhang, Na Yu, Guan-Long Sun, Wei-She Zhang
In order to guarantee structural safety of stereo garage and control its cost of construction, the key components, such as supporting frame and cylinder, were optimized by the ANSYS. Based on the static analysis of ANSYS, the results show that the maximum deformation of supporting frame is mainly distributed...
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Numerical Analysis of Solid Materials Transport in a Rotary Dryer

Miao-Ling Li, Yong-Yu Yao, Hong-Xia Zhao
The throwing motion of materials in the rotary dryer is the key step to dry off. An estimation model of solid material transport was established. The motion rule about the lifted materials was studied. The numerical model was proposed according to the space motion of materials and mathematical calculation....
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Design and Research of the Wire - Driven Lumbar Parallel Rehabilitation Device

Ming-De Gong, Xiang-Fei Kong
In this paper, a new type of wire-driven lumbar parallel rehabilitation device is designed based on the wire-driven parallel robot to realize the purpose of rehabilitation training the lumbar of the patient. On the basis of designing the mechanical structure, the kinematics of the device is analysed...
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Data Generation of Layer Slice in FDM Manufacturing

Hong-Fu Zhou, Yuan-Xian Ou, Yang-Hua He, Qin Fan
The research presents a data generation method for layer slice in FDM additive manufacturing, which solves the intersection between surface STL file and slicing plane and gets the slicing counter surface data. In the research it designs the layer slicing algorithm and tests it in a FDM machine to fabricate...
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Research on the Application of BOM in Modular Partition

Xiao-Geng Fang, Yan-Hui Chen, Guo-Jin Xie, Lin-Feng Zhang
In this paper, the criterions of module division are established, and the calculation formula of the number of modules partitioning schemes under two conditions is given, and the logic relation between modules is analyzed. On the basis of the research, a product structure attribute mapping method applied...
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Analysis of Invalidation Mechanism of Shell-Cup in Rotary Feed Mechanism

Guo-Hui Wang, Peng-Fei Fan
As one of new generation equipment in China, the main task of one type infantry fighting vehicle is to complete the breakthrough in the battle accompanying the main tank. It has not only the stronger firepower but equipped with auto-loader that is able to raise the fire rate and shrink the outer shape...
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The Design of Pneumatic System in High-Speed Bagging Machine

Fei Zhong, Qian-Cheng Wan, Jia-Yi Song, Kai-Long Lu
The composite packaging bag is widespreadÿused in packagingÿindustry. In the past, the production of it is mostly done by manual, so manufacturer want to use automated machinery to improve efficiency and reduce intensityÿofÿlabor. The pneumatic and vacuum system as a important part of this product need...
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Tooth Number Matching and Its Software Development for 2KH Planetary Gear Mechanism

Jin-Feng Sun, Jun Wang, Yun-Duan Hong, Hong-Xiu He, Quan Wang, Jun Ren, Sheng-Lan Mao, Shu-Ting Li, Zheng-Zheng Qin, Xing Hong
2K-H planetary gear is a commonly seen gear structure, but it has proven troublesome to match its tooth numbers through hand computation. This paper introduces a calculation method for the 2K-H planetary gear and develops a software written with the use of computer software technology for matching gear...
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Lightweight Design of Door Based On Multi-Objective and Robustness

Zhen Wang, Jie Gao, Hui-Xia Liu, Xiao Wang
Aiming at the problem that the study of vehicle door lightweight is mostly the single-objective optimization, and do not take unconcern factors into consideration, the vehicle door lightweight research of multi-objective optimization and robustness analysis is conducted. Firstly, the sensitivity analysis...
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The Optimization for Frontal Impact Pulse of SUV Based on Thickness Matching

Wen-Tao Yuan, Yun-Qing Zhang, Hui-Xia Liu, Xiao Wang
The frontal impact waveform is of great significance for occupant protection and automobile safety. According to the structure of the front engine room of the vehicle, a SUV frontal crash waveform is simplified by the simulation. The sensitivity analysis of the waveform characteristic parameters was...
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Research on the Influence of Air Pressure to High Accuracy Mass Measurement

Chang-Qing Cai, Man-Hong Hu, Jian Wang, Yue Zhang, Tao Huang, Rui-Lin Zhong, Kai Jiao
This paper analyses the influence of air pressure regarding the precise mass measuring process. The stability of air pressure to the mass determination process is discussed experimentally using the new M-one mass comparator. Due to the change of air pressure, air flow and vibration with regard to the...
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Design and Study on Mechanical Properties of Aircraft Wing Lift Simulation Device

Qing-Bo Dou, Xiao-Chuan Liu, Rang-Ke Mou
Full scale aircraft drop test was an effective method to assess dynamic loads and response in indoor environment. Wing lift simulation with drop testing machine is to impose a dynamic load equaling the landing weight on the aircraft, so as to completely simulate the landing condition. The choice of loading...
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Local Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of A Functionally Graded Material Plate

Xiao-Hua Zhang, Yan-Lin Han
In this paper, we investigated the local stability of a simply supported functionally graded material (FGM) rectangular plate subjected to the transversal and in-plate excitations in the uniform thermal environment both analytical and numerical approaches. Three kinds of critical points of the bifurcation...
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Thermogravimetric Assessment of Combustion Characteristics of Blends of Lignite Coals with Coal Gangue

Chang-Zhong Song, Jiang-Hui Wen, Yu-Yin Li, Hong Dan, Xin-Ying Shi, Shen Xin
In this paper, the co-combustion behaviour of lignite coal with coal gangue and coal are investigated by a thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) in the temperature range from ambient temperature to 1000 . The thermal characteristics and kinetics of lignite coal, coal gangue and their blends are evaluated...
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Analysis on Collapse Mechanisms and Weight-efficient of Sandwich Circular Panel

Zhi-Cheng Xia, Jian-Liang Zhang, Jing-Yang Zhou, Nai-Shu Zhu
Sandwich circular panel with foam core indented by flat-end cylindrical indenter was constructed. Collapse mechanisms and influencing factors of sandwich circular panel was determined, and the mass of sandwich circular panel was lightened through theoretical analysis. The theoretical predictions were...
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A Unit Cell Structure of Smooth Surfaces with Auxetic Response

Lin Yu, Hui-Feng Tan, Teng Ma, Zhen-Gong Zhou
A unit cell structure of smooth surfaces was designed in this paper. By combining the orientations of the convex of the surfaces, four different models were presented. The mechanical properties of the models were studied by numerical analysis. The techniques of the representative volume element and the...
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A Multichain Slip-Spring Model with Fluctuating Number of Entanglements Based On Single-Chain Slip-Spring Model

Teng Ma, Hui-Feng Tan, Lin Yu
We present a multichain slip-spring model with fluctuating number of entanglements for dynamics of dense polymer melts, which is based on the single chain slip-spring model by Likhtman. By introducing the exclude volume interactions, a multichain version of slip-spring model can be presented with little...
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A New Approach to Prediction of Fatigue Life For 2024-T42 Aluminum Under Variable Amplitude Loading

Yu-Bo Guo, Ke-Ge Liu, Le Liu, Zhen Tao
A new approach is explored to predict the fatigue life of 2024-T42 aluminum subjected to variable amplitude loading. The predicted fatigue lives are compared with the experimental data and those predicted by Miner's rule, which show that the fatigue lives predicted by the proposed approach agree well...
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Modelling and Experimental Study of Shape Memory Alloys Coil Spring Actuator

Wei Li, Hong Chen, Qi Chen, Xu Zhang
Most of shape memory alloys (SMAs) are functional intermetallic. They are now practically being used for couplings, actuators, medical guide wires etc. And are hopeful candidates for smart materials, which already exist. Several papers review the latest developments in the modelling of SMAs constitutive...
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Elastic-plastic Analysis and Experimental Study on the Simply Supported Bi-modulus Graphite Beam

Wen-Juan Yao, Jin-Ling Gao, Yang Yang, Yu-Ting Zhou
Based on bi-modulus theory and experimental test, the elastic-plastic model of bending bi-modulus graphite beam is established in this paper. According to the results of material test, the graphite is demonstrated to be a bi-modulus material with the ratio of compression modulus to tension modulus being...
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Experiment Study on Friction Behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy for Hot-working

Fan Li, Jia Guo, Wen-Xiang Zhang, Jun Cao, Yu-Tong Lin, Ce Zhou, Fu-Guo Li
The friction behaviour between blank and die plays an important role in the precision forging process. Hence, the friction behaviour between Ti-6Al-4V alloy and K15 is studied to analyse the friction mechanism and characterization. The significant differences and influence law of temperature, sliding...
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Growth Feature of Diamond-Like Carbon Films by Various Vacuum Plasma Methods

Zhi-Feng Wang, Bing Zhou, Zhu-Bo Liu, Zhi-Yong He
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films were prepared on silicon substrate using four different vacuum plasma methods: magnetron sputtering (MS), pulse laser ablation (PLA), ion beam deposition (IBD) and pulse cathode vacuum arc evaporation (CVAE). The microstructure, surface morphology and optical properties...
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Testing Research on the Deformation Mechanism of High Manganese Steel and the Model of Surface Roughness Machined at High-Speed Cutting

Hu-Ping An, Zhi-Yuan Rui, Jun-Feng Guo
To study the deformation mechanism of high manganese steel at high-speed machining and the influence of cutting parameters on a quality of machined surface and on a tool wear, we conducted a serial of tests cutting high manganese steel with metal ceramic tool. By observing the macroscopic chip and measuring...
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A Compound Parabolic Concentrator Coupled to an Optical Microlenslet Array for Projection Display

Heng Zhao, Qing Yan, Jun Wang, Deng-Xin Hua
Regarded as the fourth-generation light sources, light emitting diodes (LEDs) have recently gained much interest as projection light sources due to their long lifetimes, large color gamut and small size. In this work, we design and fabricate a compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) coupled to an optical...
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Effect of Glucose on the Crystallization and Thermal Properties of Poly(L-Lactic Acid) Prepared Through Mixed Solution Method

Dan Cao, Qin-Wei Gao, Yin-Ping Zhao, Wei Ming
The blends of PLLA (PLLA) and glucose(Glu) were prepared by mixing PLLA solution and glucose solution with various ratios when PLLA and glucose were respectively dissolved in N,N-dimethyl acetamide to prepare solutions. The structure, thermal properties and crystallinity of PLLA, glucose and PLLA-Glu...
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Research on Fibiril-Reinforced Poroelastic Mechanical Behaviour of Articular Cartilage

Chun Long, Chang-Yong Dou, Tong-Tong Guo
The main purpose of this paper is to validate the spring-based fibiril-reinforced porous elastic model of articular cartilage. In this study, the ability to interpret the process of axial reaction and lateral displacement in unconfined compression experiments was used as a criterion to prove the correctness...
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Locomotion Patterns based on a CPG Model of Snake Robot

Wei-Jian Hu, Lan-Ying Zhao, Jun-Li Yan, Jin-Xiao Li, Zhe-Long Wang
The large number and scales of earthquake disasters have occurred around the world in the past decade. In order to mitigate damages from earthquake disasters, the intelligent rescue systems with high information technology and robot technology have been expected. With the rapid development of rescue...
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Research on Composite Braking Technology for Electric Drive High Speed Tracked Vehicle

Hui Sheng, Chun-Ming Li, Yan Xu, Ming-Gang Du, Tian Ma
In order to solve that the single execution component and mechanics-motor composite braking cannot meet the braking requirement of electric drive high speed tracked vehicle, the method of mechanical brake, motor and electro hydraulic retarder composite braking is proposed. Through the analysis of the...
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Design of the Single Leg of the Quadruped Bionic Robot with Jumping

Liang-Wen Wang, Kang-Kang Song, Feng Zhao, Wen-Liao Du, Xin-Jie Wang
In order to achieve jumping movement gait of a quadruped bionic robot, herein, a kind of quadruped bionic robot with a single leg is designed for the purpose. The body, thigh, shin, ankle and the structure of the energy storage unit are determined by analyzing the bone structure and the muscle distribution...
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Development of a Type of Non-Contact Driver in an Underwater Rope Drum

Bo Zhang, Zhuo Wang, Tao Wang
Research on a type of non-contact driver made of magnetic materials in a rope drum was carried out to solve the problem of leakage in the deep dynamic seals of motor output shafts. An isolation sleeve was added between the inner and outer magnetic rotor, which changed the sealing type from a dynamic...
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Research of Anti-Swing Control System of Tower Crane Based on EI Input Shaping

Xiang-Ao Wang, Jin Peng, Xian-Bing Wang
This thesis builds tower crane's simulation model using MATLAB/Simulink based on it's stress analysis, analyzes the design method of EI input shaper(Extra-Insensitive Input Shapers)in eliminating swing, and the simulation results of swing trajectory when doing heavy swing rotary motion were compared....
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Effect of Robot Driving Mode on Lower Limbs Rehabilitative Training

Ke-Yi Wang, Shuai Wang, Wen-Yan Zhao, Peng-Cheng Yin, Xiao-Qiang Tang
According to the combination of lower extremity rehabilitative robot(LERR) and trainer, the effects of multi-point driving form and single point driving form on muscle force and joint torque are explored. The musculoskeletal model of lower limbs was established, based on the physiological structure of...
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Fuzzy Neural Network Control System Design for Solar Water Heater

Zhi-Da Zhu, Li Zeng, Fan Zhang
There are more and more applications of Solar water heater in urban and rural, the research and development of advanced Solar water heater control system becomes more and more important, to improve the working performance and convenience of solar water heater. According to the requirements of the solar...
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Design and Realization of Simulation System Combined With Virtual Reality of Tool Controller Mechanism for Machining Center Based on Irai Software

Meng-Ying Liu, Wei Zhao, Kuan Wang, Yong-Gang Chen, Chen-Yang Wei
In order to solve the problem that the training equipment is few and the training items are single, the students can not connect the learned skills with the actual production of the enterprise ,a new idea is put forward to control the virtual 3D-model with the electronic components such as PLC, relay,...
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Research on the Single Neuron PID Control for Welding Bath Depth

Xi-Wen Liu, Chao-Ying Liu
Welding bath depth control system based on single neuron self-tuning PID is designed, and several learning algorithms for neuron weights are simulated, the simulation results show that this controller reacts quickly and has good stability. The experiment with various cross-section and seam-gap workpiece...
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Construction of industrial Robot Virtual Assemble Training System with Unity3D

Jun An, Zhuo-Tao Liu, Jin-Song Fan
By deeply analyzed virtual reality technology, industrial robot virtual assemble system and related software and hardware platform, the overall structure and fundamental configuration of virtual assemble training system applying to general industrial robot was put forward. The virtual scene and the UI...
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The Structure Design and Motion Analysis for a Heavy-Load Palletizing Robotic

Wei-Xiong Xu, Jing Cao, Xiao-Geng Nie, Bo-Hang Chen, Zhi-Yuan Liu
Pallet refers to pile up one by one per certain mode to facilitate the transportation logistics activities used as material handling, storage, loading and unloading of unitized pallet. This paper mainly introduces a design of heavy-load palletizing robotic structure for coating handling, special grabs...
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Research on Key Technologies of Wheeled Robot

Bin Hu, Jin-Peng Xing, Yong Wang
As the main carrier of the robot, the wheeled robot has been studied for many years. Wheeled robots are driven by wheels to drive the robot to move and work. The key technologies of single-wheel rolling robot, two-wheeled mobile robot, three-wheeled four-wheeled robot and six-wheeled robot are reviewed...
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The Realization of Synchronizing Function in Roller Automatic Production Line

Yuan Liang, Jian-Ye Sun, Cheng-Feng Wei
Roller automatic production line adopts the unit management system, and has six management control units. And each of these units takes the 840D system as the control center and adopts PROFIBUS network for communication between unit and unit. The realization of synchronization function between internal...
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The Generation of Data Report of Roller Automatic Production Line Detection Unit

Yuan Liang, Jian-Ye Sun, Cheng-Feng Wei
The detecting unit of the roller automatic production line detects the key parameters of each roller and archive them, to analyze whether the roller product performance standards according to the detecting information. The detecting data was stored into SQL database using the VBS of the WinCC software...
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A Backstepping Control Method for Mobile Robot Path Tracking

Chang Ren, Jun-Hong Ji, Hao-Yue Yan, Hui Zhang, Jin-Zhong Yue
In this paper, the kinematic model of the mobile robot is built. Based on Backstepping time-varying state feedback method and Lyapunov theory, the time-varying feedback control law were designed and the global asymptotic stability is proved. Numerical simulations were conducted to show the effectiveness...
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Design and Application of Timing Model for Tank Driving Shift

Jin-Qiu Zhang, Zi-Jian Wei, Yi-Le Liu
Aiming at the status quo of subjective factors in driving training assessment, it is difficult to quantify the wrong actions and proficiency. This paper analyzes the timing changes of the various operating parts in gear shift, designs the shift action timing model based on the change of operating state,...
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An Adaptive Merging Method between Point Clouds in Reverse Engineering

Peng-Xin Liu, Meng Wu, Yun-Qin Zhu, Hai-Li Jia, Jia-Yin Zhao
This paper introduces an adaptive merging method between point clouds from optical scanning system. The point clouds will be wrapped in the form of triangulated mesh. One is used as feature data, and the other point cloud as target data. Then the special mesh region that needs to be updated is automatic...
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Autonomous Identification and Planning System for Quadrotor UAV Based on Vision

Xuan Du, Kang Zhu, Bo Qin
An autonomous identification and planning system is proposed and a flight platform based on Linux embedded control system is developed for a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based on vision. In the process of control, through the Zenmuse X3 camera and the Open CV library for real-time image processing,...
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Reliability Analysis and Applications of Marine Main Engine Remote Control System Based on Fault Tree

Zhi-Liang Wu, Jia Li
The fault tree analysis method of static reliability technology theory was applied to the marine main engine remote control system and a fault tree for the control system was constructed. After finishing the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the fault tree, an applied fault tree and a fault-finding...
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Express Automatic Sorting Machine

Tian-Yang Liang, Fei Zhong, Xin Yuan, Di Yao, Nian Yue, Zhong-Wei Cheng
Express automatic sorting is one of the main problems in the domestic logistics and transportation section. At present only a few large domestic and foreign logistics companies possess automated logistics sorting lines. The sorting equipment is complex in structure, large in size, high in cost and energy...
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Research on the Forming Module of Bagging Machine

Fei Zhong, Wen-Ding Li, Zhen Huang, Xin Wang
In this paper, after understanding the relevant circumstances the of the cooperative enterprise packaging bag production, the bagging mechanism of the mechanical forming has been studied. The structure is modeled with SolidWorks, and the mechanical principle and mechanical design are used to realize...