Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (MME 2016)

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Relational Database Ontology Discovery Method Based on Formal Concept Analysis

Zhi-Yong Gao, Yong-Quan Liang, Shu-Han Qiao
This paper elaborates how to use the formal concept analysis method to map contents in the database to the ontology, in order to provide the big data application with high-quality data source by virtue of integrating the database with Semantic Web. In recent times, a mass of data is stored in the relational...
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Inference of User's Intention for Human - Robot Cooperation Based on Machine Vision

Bei-Bei Yang, Ge Liu, Xiao-Fan He, Di Zhao
An intention prediction algorithm for natural human-computer interaction based on machine vision is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the motion data of human skeletal feature point is acquired. Then, the motion data and the real-time interactive image are coupled through data processing. Meanwhile, an...
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Adaptive Observer for Multi-Effectors Aircraft with Control Surface Damage

Shuang Zhang
An adaptive compensation observer is presented for fast diagnose of multi-effectors aircraft in the presence of control surfaces fault, which directly estimates the deflection angles of control surfaces. An augmented observer is designed for the estimation of system input, and an adaptive compensation...
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The Fault Diagnosis of Shield Disc Cutter Based on Neural Network

Kui Chen, Jia-Dong Chang, Hai-Xia Wang, Long-Yu Wu
In order to predict the wear fault of disc cutter in shield machine, a BP neural network model was established and then trained by inputting several groups of disc cutter wear fault samples data including cutter rotate speed, cutter head torque, tunnelling speed, total thrust force and soil pressure...
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Study on Testing Technology of Creepage Distances and Clearances in Safety Standards for Electric Toys

Yan-Yan Suo, Li-Juan Yin, Cheng-Bo Liang, Bei-Bei Xu
In electric toy tests, the creepage distance and clearance tests are related to techniques of various fields and there are no specific measurement paths and rules in relative standards, which results in the big difference in test results. In this paper, the technical requirements of the creepage distance...
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Electromagnetic Driving Modal and Control of Magnetic Levitation Spherical Active Joint

Fan Zhang, Li Zeng, Zhi-Da Zhu, Jin Sun
The traditional universal driving joint has the friction and wear, so its moving parts would get hot and its dynamic performance would become worse when working. Based on the Integration of motors, magnetic levitation, robotics and other techniques, a novel magnetic levitation spherical reluctance active...
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Relationship between Injury Risk of Student Occupant and Different Driving Speed of School Bus

Liao Yi, You-Ming Tang, Na Lv, Zhen-Qun Fang
In order to study the student occupant injury risk of school bus at the driving speed exceeding 30km/h, the numerical simulation model of children occupant restraint system of school bus was built using software LS-DYNA 3D. According to the China regulation of GB24406-2012, the model was loaded with...
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The Structural Optimization of One-Armed Planet Carrier of Wind Turbine Gearbox Based on Lightweight Structure

Bo Huang, Yu-Tao Yan
One-armed planet carrier's static stress analysis and modal analysis were accomplished by the finite element method. The deformation, stress magnitude and distribution and natural frequency of the planet carrier were obtained. Under the condition of satisfying the ultimate strength and fatigue life,...
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Wireless Communications Mode of Support Reaction Test System for Aerial Work Platform

Zhi-Xin Liu, Xiang-Chun Niu, Sheng-Hua Qiao
The measuring and monitoring of the support reaction of the aerial work platform is an important method to prevent its overturn. In view of the fact that the turntable is in a rotational movement during the whole process, it is easy to cause the tangling of the signal cable if using the traditional wired...
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Design and Analysis of Highly Efficient Led Power Supply with Pfc-LLC Topology

Xiu-Min Wang, Chen Su, Li-Ting Jiang, Ri-Hui Xiong, Jian-Bing Xu
A half-bridge light emitting diode drive resonance power supply which consist of power factor correction rectifier and inductor-inductor-capacitor resonant topology circuit, the controller for each part is ST6562 and L6599 chip, respectively. This design and analysis has been presented. The MATHCAD is...
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Force Feedback Control of Tele-Operation Based on Electro-Hydraulic Multi-Freedom Manipulator

Ming-De Gong, Kai-Wen Chen, Tao Ni
The paper presents the control strategy to solve the problems that multiple-freedom force and displacement coupling existing in the bilateral servo force-feedback control architecture for tele-operation parallel manipulators. The control strategy transfers the values of the working resistance connected...
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Research on Maintenance Training System of Semi Physical Equipment Fire System

Da Xu, Wen-Bo Fan, Ye Luo
Aiming at the existing problems of traditional equipment fire system maintenance training, the semi physical maintenance training is researched, analyzes the main task of fire system maintenance training, researches on key technology of semi physical maintenance training system, makes the overall design...
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Tact Optimization Algorithm of LED Bulb Production Line Based on CE-PSO

Xiao-Mei Hu, Yue Yu, Ming-Hang Li, Yi-Ning Jiang
With the wide use of automatic production line in manufacturing enterprises, it is very important to calculate the optimal production tact to make production lines achieve maximum productivity. A CE-PSO algorithm is applied to optimize the tact of the LED bulb production line in this paper. The main...
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Optimization Design of Printing Nozzle for a Delta 3d Printer

Jun Wang, Hong-Jie Chen, Ya-Jing Gong, Quan Wang, Jun Ren
Delta 3D printer is a kind of 3D printer with parallel structure. It is easy to print and has wide adaptability. However, the complex installation, plugging of print head, surface quality of printed parts and quality of printing head limits the development of its application. This paper analyzes the...
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The Third Superharmonic Resonance Analysis of RLC Circuit with Sensor Electronic Components

Gao-Feng Li
Based on RLC series circuit of sensor electronic components with nonlinear capacitance research object, the first approximate solution of third superharmonic resonance of the nonlinear vibration system is obtained by means of the method of multiple scales for nonlinear oscillations. The third superharmonic...
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Development of CAD System for Gauge based on UG

Xue-Bin Liu, Hai-Li Jia, San-Peng Deng, Chong-Ning Li
In this paper, the structure of CAD system for gauge has been established. By creating parameters model of gauge, smooth limit gauge is developed and designed using the computer aided design calculations in the environment of VC6.0 and UG NX 6.0, in order to improve the gauge design efficiency, the use...
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Workbench Film Thickness Detection Based on Laser Sensor

Mo-Yun Liu, Han-Bing Tang, Ma-Chao Jin, Zhen Zhou
For large heavy-duty rotary table, in order to improve the machining precision of the workbench in practical work, the workbench is usually set above the oil film with stable thickness. Therefore, the accurate measurement of the oil film thickness of the workbench hydrostatic guide rail is very important...
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Calculation Method of Twist Error of Aero-Engine Blade Based on Three-Coordinate Measuring Data

Chao Li, Zhi Huang, Yun Huang
Blade is one of the core components of the aero-engine, which requires a high degree of geometric dimension precision, so strict geometric shape detection and evaluation is very necessary to guarantee blade machining quality. Twist error is one of the important parameters of blade quality evaluation,...
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Research on Path Planning of Aero-Engine Blade Profile Measurement Based on Coordinate Measuring Machine

Kai Li, Zhi Huang, Yun Huang
It is important to the aero-engine blade's profile inspection that the aero-engine blade's surface is highly complex with distortions. But its dimensional inspection demands a large number with measurement method most adopts the coordinate measuring machine (CMM). And the rational measurement path planning...
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Theoretical Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Concrete D-K Model

Chao-Hong Li, Guang-Xing Xu, Hai-Long Wang
According to the characteristics of the concrete fracture process zone, a damage and fracture model for concrete, which combines damage mechanics and fracture mechanics is proposed. This model takes the initial fracture damage threshold as the incipient cracking criterion, and takes the unstable fracture...
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Dynamics Modeling of Transmission Gear Rattle and Factors Analysis

Ya-Nan Zhao, Hong-Hui Zhang
Based on the vibration dynamics modeling for the single stage gear of transmission system, this paper is to understand the mechanism of transmission rattle. The dynamic model response using MATLAB and Runge-Kutta algorithm is analyzed, and the ways for reducing the rattle noise of the automotive transmission...
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A Numerical Study on the Resistance Prediction of a Medium Speed Craft

Shao-Quan Deng, Guo-Xiang Hou
This paper aims to study the resistance performance of a medium speed ship, the steady-state Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) simulations are performed by utilizing a commercial CFD software package named Fluent. With the increasing of the ship's speed, the navigation attitude changes significantly...
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Optimization Model of Multi-Procedure Cost of Turning for Shaft Parts

Tong-Xun Niu
How to choose the turning parameters for shaft part? This paper established an optimization model based on minimum multi-procedure costs. The constraints of the model include machined surface roughness, power of lathe, parameters of lathe, and turning allowance. Different from the existing optimization...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of Cracks in Tire Shoulder

Jun-Fei Wu, Zhao-Peng Du, Cheng-Lin Du, Peng Wang, Rui-Qing Liu, Zhu-Wen Shao
You 11.00R20 tire shoulder suffered hyperthermia and periodic alternating stress will easily result in rubber aging and cracking, then the flaw generate in it. In this paper, based on ANSYS Workbench, a local sub-model of the 11.20R20 tire shoulder is established. And the stress, deformation and displacement...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Impact of Scratches on the Tire

Jun-Fei Wu, Peng Wang, Cheng-Lin Du, Rui-Qing Liu, Zhu-Wen Shao, Zhao-Peng Du
The performance of the tire has an important effect on vehicle running safety, and in the actual use of the tire will inevitably encounter a variety of complex and harsh conditions, it is easy to make the tire scratches, so to study the effect of scratches on the performance of the tire is very important....
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The Simulation and Analysis of Erosion to a Layered Structure of a Single Particle

Ping Liang, Yi-Bo Xu, Wen-Mo Li, Lu-Quan Ren
The dorsal scale of Laudakinstoliczkanain desert has good performance of erosion-resistance because it is composed of protein "soft" layer and the covering of the cuticle "hard" layer. In this paper, we simplify it to a layered structure called a bionic layered structure(BLS). Based on it, a numerical...
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Numerical Calculation for Effect of Fluid-structure Interaction on Flow Field Pressure in High-Flow Control Valve

Fang Cao
According to the actual structure and working condition of a high-flow gas pressure control valve in cycle power generation project, 3-D model based on Fluid-structure Interaction (FSI) is set up. A combined calculation for turbulent flow and structure response of high-flow control valve was established,...
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Finite Element Analysis of a New Welding Structure of Cutter Mount in TBM

Dong Zhu, Kiu Chen, Xiao-Qi Huang, Nan Hou, Wei-Zheng Wang, Jun-Zhou Huo
TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) has become a main technical means for the tunnel construction of rock condition. Cutter mount is an important welding structure on TBM cutter- head and it is the most dangerous positions to occur fatigue failure in the project. According to the characteristics that welding...
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Simulation Research of Pipeline Flow Field Based on UDF under Different Open Valves

Yu-Xiang Zhang, Zhi-Jia Li, Hui-Peng Yan, Yun-Teng Ma
Aiming at the manual ball valve in irrigation pump in industrial production pipeline, it is researched the flow characteristics of the valve and the pipeline under different way of opening valve. It is used user defined function (UDF) method and dynamic mesh technology of FLUENT software. Three valve...
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Numerical Research on Flow Field Characteristic of the Projectile with Little Incline Angle Truncated-Cone Base Cavity

Yang Ni, Hai-Bo Lu
The traditional shape of the base cavity of the projectile is a column. This paper focus on the influence of the little rake angle truncated-cone base cavity on the flow field of the projectile. With numerical method, the distributions of the flow field parameters and the drag coefficient of projectile...
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Numerical Study of Low Reynolds Number Flapping Wing

Da-Min Cao, Hong-Yan Lv, Lu-Hui Yang
The influence of different flapping wing models on the aerodynamic performance of a hovering insect is numerically investigated. Some simplified models are compared with the aerodynamic performance of the hovering fruit fly wing. With the increase in the complexity, two different models are considered...
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Study on the Instrument Panel Assembly Modal Analysis Basic on CAE Technology

Zhi-Kui Ma, Lin Hua, Tian-Wen Shi
Modal performance of the automotive instrument panel has been studied in this article. Finite element software Hypersh/ OptiStruct has been used in modal analysis in this article. This paper first calculated the modal frequency and vibration shape of the instrument panel. Engineered modification has...
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Numerical Study of the 2D Lid-driven Triangular Cavities Based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Bo An, J.M. Bergad...
Numerical study of two dimensional lid driven triangular cavity flow is performed via using lattice Boltzmann method on low Reynolds numbers. The equilateral triangular cavity is the first geometry to be studied, the simulation is performed at Reynolds number 500 and the numerical prediction is compared...
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Finite Element Analysis on Heat Generation of Multiplate Wet Clutch

Jin-Gang Liu, Tian-Wei Zuo, Feng-Wu Shan, Jian-Wen Chen
According to wet clutch friction temperature is too high, excessive thermal stress, and other issues during the engagement. It adopted ANSYS workbench software for finite element analysis and introduced direct coupling method to complete simulated calculation and analysed of the temperature field and...
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Study on the Seismic Behavior of Nuclear Pipes by Using FEM

Feng Liu, Xia-Jie Liu, Kun-Feng Li, Yong-Hong Lv, Zheng Kang, Shi-Qing Huang
The modal analysis and spectral analysis of nuclear pipes are carried out by FEM software ANSYS. Taking the piping system of Ningde Nuclear Plant as an example, the calculation results by using software ANSYS are compared with those by using software SYSPIPE.
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On Coupling Effect of Ship? Transverse / Longitudinal Motions Based on CFD

Jian-Jun Hou, Bo Yang
Aiming to break through the assumption that ship's transverse (mainly roll) and longitudinal (mainly pitch and heave) motion are not coupled in traditional sea-keeping study, the mathematical model to study coupling coefficients of transverse / longitudinal motion was proposed, and ship's roll, pitch...
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Large Crankshaft Connecting Rod Journal Fillet Multi-axis Linkage Machining Method Research and Finite Element Analysis

Fei Fu, Xiao-Yan Bao
The crankshaft is the important parts, engine crankshaft in multi-axis linkage machining crankshaft connecting rod journal fillet, due to the current solution is expensive, time consuming is too long, this paper proposes an improved scheme, make better able to take advantage of the present condition...
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Numerical Analysis and Optimization of Internal Flow Field in Optical Module of DUV Laser

Bin Liu, Jin-Bin Ding, Kui-Bo Wang, Peng-Fei Sha, Yi Zhou, Yu Wang
In this paper, the internal flow field in an optical module of DUV laser was analyzed by ANSYS Fluent based on the finite volume method. The way of purging nitrogen was optimized according to the results of the analysis. After the optimization, a better nitrogen purge method was obtained, and a flow...
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Numerical Simulation of Sudden Contraction Flow for Viscoelastic Fluids with the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Qing Yao, Wang-Jun Zhou, Yong Li, Lu-Wu He
In this paper, based on the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) and the Oldroyd-B model, the decoupled solving method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equation and advection-diffusion constitutive equation and the boundary processing formats are given. The flow of viscoelastic fluid in the planar 3:1...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Dynamic Response of the Maxillary Molar under Impact Loading

Hai-Tao Xin, Yu-Lu Wu, Kai Li, Xiao-Ou Diao, Fan Feng, Chen-Yun Dou
The dynamic response of a maxillary molar with periodontal ligament (PDL) was investigated to explore the dynamic behavior of the tooth. Three-dimensional (3D) finite element model of a maxillary molar with periodontium was constructed using CT image-reconstruction. The modal vibration of the maxillary...
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Optimization Design of Oil Film Thickness of Hydrostatic Pressure Table

Cheng-Han Ai, Han-Bing Tang, Guo-Dong Sun, Ma-Chao Jin
Taking the static pressure of the oil film, carrying capacity and stiffness of the table as the main study subjects, in order to achieve the optimum design of oil film thickness, optimization method of the objective function with the linear weighting has been proposed, and the optimum oil film thickness...
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Research on the Three Dimensional Modeling Method of Automobile Steering Rocker Shaft Non-Circular Sector Gear

Jin-Fang Yu, Guo-Long Ding, Ya-Li Zhang
The precise 3D(Three Dimensional) modeling of the non-circular sector gear of the rocker shaft is an important basic work for the study of the mechanical properties of the automobile steering. The traditional 3D modeling method is difficult to obtain accurate model of the rocker shaft because of its...
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A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model Constructed Using Magnetic Resonance Images of a Knee

Sheng-Liang Zhang, Jing Xia, Tong-Tong Guo
In recent years, MRI studies have resulted in a better understanding of the movement and deformation of the meniscus in the terbinafine connection and provide, information on the morphology of the articular cartilage. In this paper, we will use of computer-aided technique and MRI to reconstruct the shape...
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Simulation of Part Surface Residual Stress Based on Grind-Hardening Process

Ming-He Liu, Ke Zhang, Zhe Yuan
Grind-hardening is a new technology for steel parts surface enhancing which uses thermal and mechanical composite effects on the parts in the grinding process. During the process, the workpiece surface generates hardened layer which improves the surface quality. As a key performance indicator of measuring...
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The Simulation of One Metro Wheel Tread Temperature in Cycle Braking Condition

Hong-Ping Zhang, Jian-Yong Zuo, Guo Hu, Fei Han, Tie-Feng Zhao
To simulate the tread temperature rise of the working subway train in the process of its normal operation and to explore the temperature rise limit of wheel tread during operation, finite element numerical simulation was used in this paper. Based on heat transfer theory and finite element method, a three-dimensional...
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Numerical Study of Sound Pressure Distribution in Volume Determination with Acoustic Method

Man-Hong Hu, Jian Wang, Chang-Qing Cai, Tao Huang, Rui-Lin Zhong, Kai Jiao
Stable and uniform sound distribution is a key factor in high precise volume determination of solid material especially for mass standards. A numerical study is carried out to study the distribution and uniformity of sound pressure. The FEM simulation results show that the sound pressure distribution...
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Gas Pressure Control System for Air-assisted Extrusion Based on PLC

Tian-Wen Dong, Chun-Lai Tian
A gas pressure control instrument for air-assisted extrusion has been manufactured by us. The principle, hardware connection and software design of this controller are introduced in this paper. The PLC micro controller is assembled in hard connection with pressure sensor and control valve. The 24V power...
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The Research on Two-Phase Dense Suspension

Da-Wei Sun, Bing-Xi Sun
Due to concentrated suspensions for solid dispersed phase and liquid mixture, the diverse nature, so concentrated suspensions of two-phase flow system in the transport process is very complex. Two phase flow is a complex nonlinear dynamic system. In the numerical simulation movement of two-phase flow...
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The Research on Flow Past a Cylinder

Da-Wei Sun, Bing-Xi Sun
The flow around a circular cylinder is one of the classical problems in CFD, in engineering will often encounter this kind of problem, such as river flows through Piled Wharves, piers, offshore drilling platform pillar, and all kinds of large-scale industrial equipment and facilities how better resistance...
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Simulation, Measurement, Communication & Evaluation of Measurement and Simulation Dual-mode Terminal

Le-Yi Ge, Rong-Jiang Jin, Chun-Liang Song, Chao Zhang, Zu-Qiang Deng
In this paper, measurement process and communication principle of measurement and simulation dual-mode terminal are introduced at first, then, a novel measurement uncertainty evaluation and parameter simulation method is described. According to analyzing the limited measurement results, we get probability...