Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Mechanical Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

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Risk prediction of water inrush of karst tunnels based on BP neural network

Zhuo Yang
To evaluate precisely the risk level of karst tunnel helps reduce the risk of sudden flood water accidents in the process of tunnel construction. On the basis of relevant literature, statistical study and comprehensive analysis of hydrogeological condition in karst tunnel, and select unfavorable geology,...
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Data Research of the Whole Life Cycle Project Cost Information Sharing

Huashan Wang
According to the characteristics of the engineering cost information flow in the whole life cycle, Design the project cost index system of the original data and analysis data, Collecting, sorting, analysis, calculates the project cost information, Estimate the whole life cycle engineering cost of the...
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Effect of the Elevation of Old Dam Gap on Water Temperature Discharged for Fengman Rebuilt Project

Tiegang Zheng, Shuangke Sun, Haitao Liu, Han Jiang, Guangning Li
A full three-dimensional flow-temperature coupled mathematics model was established combined with Feng-man station. At the same time, a physical model test was carried out. Based on the research for different ele-vations with 235.0~244.0m on water temperature discharged, it is pointed that the elevation...
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Improve Adaptive GA Architectural Structure Optimization Design Model

Jing Liu, Zhuangwei Huang
Classic genetic algorithm is not effective enough in building structural design optimization. This paper pre-sents a building structure optimization design model based on improved adaptive genetic algorithm. First, tak-ing characteristics of genetic algorithm into account, we improve its adaptive crossover...
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Cold Chain Logistics Performance Evaluation Research Based on Electronic Commerce

Guogang Li, Jiaojiao Qi
As "Internet +" model and the organic integration of agricultural development in our country, the traditional agricultural products sales mode is gradually replaced by the online dual channel mode, at the same time, based on the special agricultural products trade, and the condition of low temperature...
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Study of Shale Gas Debris' Fractal Theory and Rock Drillability

Jianbin Wang, Yan Zhang, Hongfeng Zhou, Hui Guo, Hongqing Lu, Qicheng Zhou
With the developing of shale gas industry, in order to predict rock drillability in drilling time, we should set up the rock drillability profile, which has significant meaning. The article introduces the fractal theory briefly and gives detailed theoretical derivation on fractal dimension D. It has...
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Two Emission Reduction Scenarios of Single Carbon Tax or Combined With Carbon Trading and Their Impacts on National Economics

Zhiqiang Wang, Jun Zhou
In response to global climate change, according to the policy attributes of carbon taxes and carbon trading, the paper designs two emission reduction scenarios, single carbon tax and the joint use of carbon tax and carbon trading, and builds the computable general equilibrium (CGE) model to simulate...
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Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of the factors affecting the data quality of power system

Yu Song, Yafei Jiao
With the development of information technology, large scale intelligent information system has been widely used in the field of electric power enterprise management. This paper combines data quality characteristics and the significant problems that power system faces with, Constructing the index system...
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A New Method for Power Scheduling Management of Distributed Energy Storage System Based on Multi-Agent Structure

Xiaoting Shi, Bo Yin, Yanping Cong, Bing Li, Junnan Zhang
A multi-Agent scheduling management system of distributed structure is proposed and an adaptive schedul-ing model which is aimed at the optimal economic benefits is established to explore more efficient methods for the scheduling problem of energy storage system. In a case that a model containing six...
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A comparative study on the regulating characteristics of flue gas temperature at SCR inlet under different reformed schemes of economizer

Y.J. Liao, Y.X. Yu, L.W. Sun, J.H. Fan
One 600MW unit in a power plant in Guangdong Province was taken as the study subject to contrastively analyze four different smoke temperature lifting schemes through thermodynamic calculation. The result indi-cate the non-feasibility of the feed water bypass scheme and the economizer exit water bypass...
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The effects of process parameters on forming limit of rectangular tube in rotary draw bending process

Kuanxin Liu, Shunqi Zheng, Gang Chen
In the manuscript, the forming limit for cross-section distortion is defined according to the employing area and aviation standard. First, the definition and determination method of forming limits is proposed. And then, the effects of process parameters on forming limit are investigated based the 3D...
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Three Kinds of Energy Storage Devices

Wanwan Peng
Recently, environmental issues are continuing to exert pressure on an already stretched world energy infra-structure. Significant progress has been made in the development of renewable energy technologies such as so-lar cells, fuel cells and biofuels. However, these energy sources have been marginalized...
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Research on control system of live working vehicle

Lei Xia, Shuning Wang, Hong Xiang, Dahong Wang
This paper according to real grid power maintenance needs put forward a kind of live working robot, live working robot is developed for distribution live line work of a safe and reliable live working equipment. The live working robot vehicle control system, software and hardware realization of the motion...
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The Economic Evaluation of the External Wall Insulation Structure Based on the Life-cycle

Hua Xu, An Xu
At the present, the problem of energy crisis plaguing various countries in the entire world. China is also facing the huge challenges between energy supply and demand serious imbalances. The energy saving problem has become a hot social issues, which has received widespread attention. The key of building...
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Preparation of low voltage ZnO Varistor using point seed

Zhefeng Xu, Ju Rong, Xiaohua Yu, Zhaolin Zhan
The low pressure of ZnO varistor ceramics were prepared with 99.5 mol % ZnO +0.5 mol % CaCO3. Subse-quently, placed in a constant temperature conditions of 1420 for 10 h, and cooking in boiling water long enough. The microstructure of the particle size analyzed by optical microscope, the doped ZnO varistors...
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Research of Column microbial desulfurization of high sulfur coal

B. Wu, H. Shang, J.K. Wen
A study was made to desulphurize the coal from WuHai of Nei Meng Gu province in China, characterized by high content of sulphur (2.85%) and high content of organic sulphur (0.49%) by using the mesophilic bac-terias isolated from WuHai coal. In the present investigation, while using these natural microbial...
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Sulfur and Lead Isotopic Geochemistry of the Mayuan Pb-Zn deposit in Shanxi Province: Implications for ore-forming material source

H. Wang, Y.S. Li
Mayuan Pb-Zn ore deposit is tectonically located in the southeastern margin of the Beiba Arch in the northern of Yangtze Plat. Its orebodies occur in the Upper Sinian Dengying Formation dolomite. Sulfide minerals are selected from the deposit for sulfur and lead isotope compositional analyses. The 34S...
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Synthesis of 1-(4-bromo-2-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-2H-imidazo[4,5-c] pyridin-2-one

Linxiao Wang, Wei Lu, Zhen Xiao, Min Zhou, Jiqing Li, Shan Xu
1-(4-Bromo-2-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-2H-imidazo[4,5-c]pyridin-2-one (1) is an important intermediate for the synthesis of many biologically active compounds. It was synthesized from pyridin-4-ol (7) and 4-bromo-2-fluoroaniline through five steps including nitration, chlorination, N-alkylation, reduction...
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Synthesis of 3-(4-aminophenyl) cyclopropane-1, 1,2,2-tetracarbonitrile

Shanshan Hou, Yuanzhang Zhou, Wei Lu, Jiaqian Han, Ziwei Zhang, Shan Xu
3-(4-aminophenyl) cyclopropane-1, 1, 2, 2-tetracarbonitrile (1) is an important intermediate which used to syn-thesize NVP-BEZ-235 derivative. In this work, a rapid synthetic method for compound 1 was established. The 3-(4-aminophenyl) cyclopropane-1, 1, 2, 2-tetracarbonitrile was synthesized from the...
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Research on Hot Decomposition and Burn Function of a Double Base Propellant

H.C. Wang, M.H. Chen, S. Yuan, Y.W. Fan
DSC method and closed bomb test were adopted to an aging different time of the double base propellant forward to carry on a research, activate energy was computed with dynamics method, and computing syn-thesize combustion characteristic parameter of the double base propellant. Conclusion: with aging...
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Chemical Analysis of Available Nutrients (N, P, K) in Agricultural Soil

Ruqin Wang
Taking x County as the study object, doing experiment, calculation, comparison, this article analyzes the top-soil nutrients and PH value in field. The results showed that it has abundant organic content and teaches the standard of growing well for crops. The soil in X County has rich available content....
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Effects of Nd on Extrusion Phase and Texture of ZM21 Magnesium Alloy

Quan Li, Jian Peng, Weibo Zhu, Bin Zeng
In this paper, by adding different amounts of rare earth Nd magnesium alloys in ZM21, ZM21 study of Nd on magnesium alloy thermal processing temperature ductility and plasticity effects and mechanism of the law. The results show that alloy appeared 1-3 m needle and granular three alloy phase T1 and T2,...
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Effects of Nd on Extrusion Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of ZM21 Magnesium Alloy

Quan Li, Jian Peng, Weibo Zhu, Bin Zeng
In this paper, by adding different amounts of rare earth Nd magnesium alloys in ZM21, ZM21 study of Nd on magnesium alloy thermal processing temperature ductility and plasticity effects and mechanism of the law. The results show that with the increase of Nd content, grain size ZM21 extruded magnesium...
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Study on the Preparation and Influence Factors of Wood Assembled Adhesive in Normal Pressure

Qing Xiang, Xiaoyue Liu, Chao Zhu, Liming Dong
To solve the problem of the strong adhesive in normal temperature and pressure, a new wood assembled adhe-sive based on water-based polymer - isocyanate adhesive (API) is developed. The effect of prescription com-position, viscosity, solid content and cross-link agent content were studied by laser particle...
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Study on Sintered Ceramic Process Based on Thermal Analysis

Xiumei Wu
The sintered process is an important link of ceramic, ultra high temperature materials in the production process. Therefore, studied the sintered ceramic process based on the thermal analysis and discussed the sintering properties of ceramic materials. At first, it introduced the sintered ceramic and...
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Study on Preparation of Porous Ceramics by Using Industrial Wastes

Zhihua Xu
Coal gangue is a kind of industrial waste bring in the production of coal and the stock pile is very large in China. These coal gangue dumps not only caused environmental pollution but also caused by the waste of re-sources. This paper studied on the preparation of porous ceramics by using coal gangue...
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Properties and Application Prospect of Boron Nitride Nanotubes

Youjun Wang, Hao Chen, Yanjiao Li
Boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) is a new type of nano materials, with a variety of excellent physical and chemical properties. Based on the current research results, this paper makes a comprehensive summary of the relevant properties of BNNTs, and expounds its application field and development status.
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Study on the Reactive Sintering SiC Materials

Hua Xu, An Xu
SiC ceramic is a new ceramic material. For its excellent performance, it is widely used in the field of mechani-cal seal. It is used in the pump, blender and other equipment during the petrochemical, aerospace and other industries. In order to further improve the sealing properties of SiC ceramics, this...
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Study on the Performance of an Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Material

Xiumei Wu
With the development of technology and the requirements, the requirement on materials performance is more and higher in all walks of life. Especially in aerospace and other high-tech industries is more demanding mate-rials with high temperature resistance, erosion resistance and other characteristics....
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A Study on the Modification of Composite Ceramic Tool

Haifeng Lu
Ceramic tool because of its high hardness characteristics are widely used in various types of cutting. Its frac-ture failure often occurs, so the poor toughness of ceramic materials is the main factor limiting the develop-ment. In order to overcome these disadvantages of poor toughness of ceramic cutting...
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Modification Effect of Al2O3–ZrO2 composite powder on fine-particle and ceramic type zirconia metering nozzles

L. Zhao, Q.H. Xue
Al2O3-ZrO2 composite powder by sol-gel method was added into fine-particle and ceramic type zirconia me-tering nozzle to prepare modified metering nozzle. The differences in performance of nozzles were studied through XRD, SEM analysis and physical property test. The results are as follows: After modified,...
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Research of AC - 20 asphalt mixture proportioning design on northern end of the capital airport F sliding

Shuaituan Tian, Song Ye, Zhenyu Zhao
Because of the large load and large impact force of airport pavement under, it often appears the phenomenon of serious rut. In order to improve this kind of phenomenon, combined with the capital F slide northern area reconstruction project, we analyze the lower layer type of AC-20 modified asphalt mixture...
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Research of SMA - 13 Asphalt Mixture Proportioning Design on Northern End of the Capital Airport F Sliding

Shuaituan Tian, Song Ye, Bin Guo
When we go to airport to do something or take plane, we will find that there are a lot of serious rut. the capital F slide northern area reconstruction project is on the construction, so we think we can pass the construction to solve this problem .we research the SMA-13 modified asphalt mixture of capital...
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Experimental study and Theoretical analysis on the influence for diverse boiler load to SCR denitrification system

M.T. Cheng, J. Zhong, Y. J. Liao, J. H. Fan, Z. Y. Gao
This study investigates the performance of SCR catalysts which has been analyzed with a theoretical method from the operation data on the SCR device of a 600MW unit, and then performance experiments have been done under the high load-600MW&the low load-320MW. The results show that compared to the NOX...
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Screen culture of B-megaterium flocculant and the removal of Cu(II) from wastewater

Kairui Wang, Xiaojun Xu, Shuli Liu, Han Sun, Shilin Feng
Isolation and screening of a strain with high efficiency of flocculation effect from the activated sludge of a wastewater treatment plant in Kunming, after identification of strains, flocculating activity experiments, and eventually extracted Bacillus megaterium flocculant and study on its treatment...
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Research on Construction and Stability of Green Building Industrial Chain Based on Symbiosis Theory

Yingying Tao, Lihong Han
Green Building has shown great advantage in promoting the economic efficiency. However, it also has exposed some problems in the developing process, among which the matter of Industrial Chain stability is the vital one. This article, employing with the theory of biocenosis and differential stability,...
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Experimental Research on Mechanisms of Soil Pollution

Lixiang Chen, Wei Liu
Soil pollution can result in a lot of serious situation, especially safety, health and environment problems. In this paper, a serial of experiments were designed and conducted in a closed-loop wind tunnel to study the mecha-nisms of soil pollution. Through the research work, the mass transfer acts an...
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Research on recovery and utilization of Solid FAE

T.F. Shi, M.H. Chen, Y.W. Fan
At present our army has a huge cloud explosion agent needs to be destroyed. The traditional incineration, landfill and other methods has not adapted to the current needs of the community. From view of recycling, through the discuss the recovery method of hexogen (RDX), ammonium perchlorate (AP) and aluminum...
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Study on the basic characteristics of MSWI fly ash in northern China

Jianguo Zhou, Shuguang Zhang, Ping Li
Fly ash sample collected from a facility which treat urban waste with combustion, the major physio-chemical features of which were studied including chemical composition; the heavy-metal content, speciation as well as leaching toxicity; surface morphology analysis and composition within the mineralogical...
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The procession of constructed wetland removal mechanism of pollutants

Ruqiong Qin, Hong Chen
Constructed wetland ecosystem is a complex project, and the removal mechanism is complicated. This article is mainly summary the degradation mechanism of pollutants from the main processing and removal method of wetland functions. Constructed wetland treatment effects on plant species, substrate, microorganisms,...
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Study on High and Low Temperature Properties of SBS Modified Asphalt with fasir

Gang Peng
In order to study high and low temperature performance of SBS modified asphalt binder with fasir, the sof-tening point test, DSR, ductility test and BBR were tested to detect the changes in its high and low tempera-ture properties according to laboratory tests. Test results showed that softening point...
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Analysis on Parameters of WLF Equation for Viscoelastic Damping Materials

Bing Wang, Guanjun Chang, Xinzhi Lin, Wantao Guo
Williams-Landel-Ferry equation (WLF equation)is one of the most significant experimental equations in analy-sis for the temperature frequency dependence of viscoelastic damping materials. The papers about WLF equa-tion are reviewed and the difference of expression for WLF equation is analyzed with emphasis....
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Condition diagnosis of a practical bridge by monitor data of concrete cracks

H.X. Li, B. Jin, Y. Liu
Concrete crack is a popular damage of practical concrete bridges, so it is deserve to investigate the changing condition of concrete cracks of practical bridges. Based on this point, in this study, structural health monitor-ing (SHM) technique was utilized for monitoring the variation of crack width...
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Constitutive model of AZ80+Ce alloy as-cast considering strain effect

Gang Chen, Jingjiang Nie, Kuanxin Liu, Shunqi Zheng
In the present work, hot compression tests of AZ80+Ce alloy as-casted were carried out on a Gleeble-3500 thermo-mechanical simulator in temperatures range of 325 – 400 at intervals 25 , at strain rates of 0.01, 0.1, 1 and 10 s-1, respectively. The tests data at true strains of 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 were...
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Numerical simulation of progressive debonding in notched steel beams strengthened by CFRP plate

Cheng Geng
CFRP repairing is an effective way of repairing or strengthening notched steel beams. However, the debonding failure of CFRP repairing reduces the effectiveness of this reinforcement technique. The CFRP repairing debonding is the most dangerous failure mode to reduce the efficiency of CFRP repairing....
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The Application and Development of Artificial Blood Vessels

Jingwen Zhang
In this paper, we have summarized the types and main uses of artificial blood vessels. Also, we have analyzed the present situation of biological material-artificial blood vessels, and preliminarily explore the development.
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Design optimization of composite cylinders for submersible pressure hulls

Kechun Shen, Guang Pan, Jun Jiang
This study aims to optimize the design of composite cylinders for submersible pressure hulls, taking the critical buckling pressure and failure load into consideration using sub-problem approximation method in ANSYS program. The finite element analysis was verified by comparing with the test results....
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To improve tree support and the trash

Ge Zhang
This paper proposes a new simple tree with a fixed stent makes the transplant more safe and beautiful trees. The paper in order to put forward a new type of garbage can., mainly due to the improper waste disposal and litter bins filled leak, causing environmental pollution and cigarette butts caused...
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The evaluation of water's sustainable development

Lingyu Huang
In recent decades, the development of the economy is very fast. However the environment is damaged deep-ly. More and more people put forward the definition of "sustained development" to solve the problem, which is called sustainability. Because the availability of water is a matter of life and death....
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The Influence of Different Antifoaming Agent on Concrete

Juxiang Xing, Yao Bi, Xing Li, Long Xiong
This paper mainly study of four different kinds of antifoaming agent, which can make different influence on the concrete performance and durability. The experimental results show that: According to the comprehensive performance of concrete, the fluidity of concrete with the addition of the polyether...
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The Analysis of Economic Effect of Railway Piggyback Transportation in China

Hengjian Wang, Zuoyi Liu
This paper analyzes the economic effect of railway piggyback transportation in China, comparing the cost be-tween railway piggyback transportation and that of highway transportation. After calculating the cost of sta-tion to station railway piggyback transportation and that of highway freight transportation...
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Dissolved Oxygen Prediction Model of Crab Culture Industry Based on fuzzy neural network

Ting Li
This article proposes a dissolved oxygen prediction model for water quality about aquaculture to solve the problems like low accuracy and poor robustness of traditional prediction methods about water quality based on principal component analysis (PCA), fuzzy neural network (FNN), and differential evolution...
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Study on Torque Distribution of Master and Auxiliary Motor Coupled Driving System

Jinrui Nan, Wang Zhai, Hongliang Lin, Zi Yang
This paper focused on the torque distribution of master and auxiliary motor coupled driving system for the pure electric vehicle. With the minimum consumption of power as the target, the equivalent PESCM method was employed. The torque split maps of master and auxiliary motor were obtained .The simulation...
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Design of Thermoelectric Power Generation Based on Engine Exhaust gas

Haiyan Dai, Miaolin Li
In order to improve the thermal efficiency and fuel economy of automobile engine, make full use of the waste heat of automobile exhaust for energy saving and emission reduction, a flat-plate type of thermoelectric power generation(TEG) device is designed which makes full use of the car exhaust gas waste...
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Experimental research on asynchronous wave energy power generation system

Hongtao Gao, Xin Xue, Jin Zou, Biao Li
In order to make better use of wave energy, based on floating wave energy device, a new asynchronous wave energy generation system is presented in this paper. Being different with traditional floating wave power gen-eration system in which the motion of hydraulic cylinder piston rod on both sides of...
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Research on Economic Evaluation Method of Electric Vehicle Charging Station

C. Liu, B. Li, Y.L. Wang, L. Xia, L. Yu, N. Ding, X.F. Ma
The development of electric vehicle charging station have a directly influence on the promotion of. With large construction of charging station in China in recent years, it's of great importance to establish reasonable charg-ing station construction. According to the graphic appraisal method, we set...
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Research of Grain Emergency Logistics System

Xiaoqing Bi, Dong Zhang
This article on food emergency logistics system were reviewed, mainly summarizes the research progress in emergency logistics, large-scale natural disasters and public crises both have serious social impact and huge economic losses, emergency logistics system has an effective prevention and harm reduction...
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The Renovation Methods Analysis for Current Buildings Air Conditioning Systems

Shuwei Li
There are several problems in air current conditioning system, such as low energy efficiency, equipment aging, low operation efficiency, unnormal function, and poor thermal comfort. In order to better deal these issues, some renovation methods (including installation of ground source heat pump system,...
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Analysis of electric power generation characteristics for hybrid power system

J.J. YANG, B. Qu, L.M. Jiang, L. Lei, L. Chen, W.Q. Tao, Y. Qi
Based on micro gas turbine, a wind-solar-gas complementary system was presented to explore efficiently method of new energy utilization. The output characteristics of photovoltaic power and wind power genera-tion were introduced in detail, and the power output according to the corresponding influence...
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Research on Static Var Compensation Control Technology for Wind Power Grid

Fucheng Lang, Hongkui Zhang
In order to reduce the influence of wind power integrated into grid in power system, carried out simulation analysis on static Var compensator control the impact of wind power integrated into grid process. On the basis of research on squirrel cage induction wind turbines and Static Var Compensator (SVC),...
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Design of Calibration platform for DC current transformer based on LabVIEW

Zhiyuan Xie, Sisi Han, Lichong Wang
According to the verification requirement of DC current transformer, a multi channel DC transformer calibration platform based on virtual instrument is designed and built. Using Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) programming, it can play a flexible, customizable, powerful data...
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Research on Counterattack Trip Rate Based on ATP-EMTP

J. Hao, H.P. Zheng, L.M. Bo, X.J. Hao, X.T. Cheng, C. Zhang
When the lightning trip accident happened on transmission line, the rate of counterattack trip is quite higher than shielding tripping. In this paper, the regulation method and ATP-EMTP simulation method are applied to analysis the result of counterattack trip rate in a practical 110kV network model....
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Effect of transmission line running adjacent to the circuit parameters

Jin Nan, Yanghe Gao, Xiangyu Li, Jingyan Liu
In order to further calibration parameters on transmission line, it should be considered the influence of the ac-tual conditions of the transmission line, which runs adjacent to the transmission line parameters. For single-circuit transmission line through calculation and double circuit transmission...
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Research on Mixed Measurement of Zero Sequence Parameters of Parallel Double Circuit Transmission Lines

Bin Shu, Pu Zhang, Shengsuo Niu, Xiaoxiao Yu, Li Ju
For the measurement of zero sequence parameters of the parallel double circuit transmission line, the conven-tional off-line measurement method cannot meet the need of the zero sequence parameter measurement, this paper presents a hybrid measurement method, by applying a zero-sequence signal on line...
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Research on developing a measurement standard for insulation parameters on-line monitoring device

Jiliang Fu, Ying Huang, Xiwen Chen, Zijuan Guo, Xueqin Yu, Xin Lu, Qihua Song
This paper is mainly to develop a measurement standard for insulation parameters on-line monitoring device. The paper achieves measurement standards for the Voltage, current, capacitance and dielectric loss data of in-sulation parameter monitoring device by voltage, current sync source generated by DDS...
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The Mechanism and Function Study of the Main Controller in HVDC Transmission System

P.Z. Li, L.G. Ban, H.W. Wang
In order to analyze the differences between HVDC system and DC system, this paper states the mechanism and function of the main controller in HVDC. Also the impact of each controller and regulator on the system is analyzed. The result shows that there are some key parameters in each controller, which...
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Development of Insulation Support Frame Used in Live Breaking and Joining Leads of 10 kV Cable

Li Xu, Jie Niu, Yu Yan, Jinliang Li, Yanyi Fu
In view of the security risks in live breaking and joining leads of 10kV cable, a kind of insulation support frame, which could fix cable leads effectively, was designed. Its mechanical strength was checked. Its mechanical behavior and electrical performance could meet the requirements of the regulations....
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A Pulse Signal Generator for the Testing of Neutron Pulse Counters

Chuanxi Jin, Lifeng Guo, Panhui Chen
A pulse signal generator is designed to deal with the testing of the pulse counters for the measurement of the neutron fluence rates. It contains a microcontroller and a pulse generator circuit which consist of a high speed DA converter and a clock based on DDS to realize a square wave output with a...
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The Exploration of Main Protection Configuration Schemes of Internal Short Circuit of Stator Windings for SFD250-20/7500 Motor-Generator

Chunyu Hu, Yanling Lü
The main protection configuration scheme of internal short circuit for large generators is a prerequisite founda-tion for large generators to run with safety and reliability. Firstly, we sum up the type and the quantity of in-ternal short circuit for stator windings for SFD250-20/7500 motor-generator....
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Search of the Control Algorithm for a High-Resolution Automated Resistor

Panhui Chen, Lifeng Guo, Chuanxi Jin
This article describes an automated resistor that is based on a resistor network and the control algorithm of successive approximations. The resistor network, consists of relays and precise resistors, has a structure of re-ducing the effect of relay' contacts resistance. The nonlinear error of the network...
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Design and experimental study of 110kV Substation Transformer active noise control system

J.W. Wang, L.M. Ying, P. Yang, Y.T. Jia, L. Yang, Q. Liu
An active noise control system of power transformer is designed and implemented in this paper. EL-VB-FxLMS algorithm is used in the system as the control algorithm, the performance of which is analyzed and compared to BFxLMS algorithm. Based on EL-VB-FxLMS algorithm, a set of practice ANC system is built...
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Research of Injection Efficiency Function Based on Different Model-Driven Approach

Kaibin Wu, Cuiping Xu, Chaoyang Xu, Jie Xiang
Injection molding machine motor pump system energy consumption models were established for dosing pumps, servo motor pumps driven and other different ways, to get the comparative analysis of different ways driving injection molding machine energy consumption. The injection molding machine pump system...
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An Improved Perturbation and Observation Method for Power Transformer Active Noise Control

Q. Liu, J.W. Wang, L.M. Ying, X.C. Zhang, L. Qi
There are lots of negative effects caused by transformer noise. The energy of the noise is mainly distributed in several low frequency points shown by analysis of transformer noise characteristics. In response to these char-acteristics, this paper proposed a new power transformer active noise control...
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Calculation and Analysis of the Inductance Gradient of Serial-stacked Enhanced Railguns

Z.M. Qiao, B. Lei, Q.A. Lv, Y.C. Xing
Serial-stacked enhanced railguns are with bigger inductance gradient value than simple ones, which is im-portant to improving the energy efficiency and the railguns' launch force. On the basis that the structure and principles of serial-stacked enhanced railguns are introduced. We calculate the inductance...
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Research on Safety System of High Altitude Live Working Vehicle

Yinbo Du, Li Tan, Lei Xia, Hong Xiang, Dahong Wang
In order to fully protect the safety of live working personnel, high electric vehicle must implement multiple safety protection. First is the safety of the hydraulic system, not in office under the condition of artificial ac-tive operation can realize self-locking; Then the insulation safety, in can't...
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Long-term-Storage Performance Degradation Causes of Fuse Electronic Components

Yingwei Wu, Xinglin Qi, Tieshan Zhao, Bingfeng Yang
The performance for fuse electronic components may have degradation after long-term-storage. In order to as-certain the components which its performance has degradation, two fuse electronic parts, which have been stored for 10 years, are chosen as samples for an accelerated test. It shows that the white...
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Experiment research of a rotating cylinder's guidance components on the three-axis turntable

Bo Tang, Bo Mo
Rotating cylinder is a major categories of guidance ammunition now. In order to detect the performance of its guidance components, the hardware-in-the-loop simulation test is necessary. Firstly, a platform whose core is a three-axis turntable is established for the test. Then, two experiments are conducted...
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Research Status and Development Trend of Automatic Quantitative Technology of Small-Caliber Gun Propellant

D. Xu, B.H. Han, Z.G. Cheng, W.H. He
The small-caliber artillery test ammunition is various, high precision in shooting range. But the Chinese domes-tic is still in the method of manual quantitative. In order to improve the accuracy and speed of quantity, re-searched common volumetric quantitative technology, weighing quantitative technology...
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Research Status of Wind Turbine Aerodynamic Noise

Q.Y. Mo, X.C. Liu, J.Z. Wen, J.Y. Wang
The research status of wind turbine aerodynamic noise is summarized. Firstly, summarizes the generate cause of the wind turbine aerodynamic noise. Secondly, from the study of the theory, experimental studies and nu-merical calculation research of the wind turbine, and emphasizes explain the method appliance...
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Improved Temperature Control System Research of Sound Insulation Cotton Heat Sealing Machine

Luang Zhao, Heng Cao
In order to do large scale line length heat-sealing for the sound insulation cotton and resistance to flame clad-ding layer materials of new aircraft, the system has been improved according to the original heat sealing ma-chine temperature control system. It uses thermocouple sensor of high response...
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Solid-liquid flow model and the impact of turbulent flow field on stirred parameters for oil chili sauce

Liya Yu, Shaobo Li, Lifei Luo, Ling He
From the study of mixed solid-liquid flow characteristics of viscous liquid, solid-liquid model of two phase flow for oil chili sauce in the stirring apparatus is presented in this paper. The impacts of turbulent flow field for stirred parameters in the stirring apparatus are studied. Combining with...
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Preliminary Study of Automobile Lightweight Technology

M.H. Li, Z.R. Li, L. Jiang
Energy saving, environmental protection, safety is the main focus of the topic in today's world automobile in-dustry, the automobile lightweight technology is an important way to achieve this goal. This paper takes the automobile lightweight technology as the research object, it studies the automobile...
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Study on the Turbulent Flow of Ag-Ga Nanofluid in a Spirally Corrugated Tube

Cong Qi, Chunyang Li, Chengyuan Luo
In order to study the turbulent flow characteristics of nanofluid, this paper establish the nanofluid turbulent flow model in a spirally corrugated tube. In the condition of a certain temperature difference between import and export ( T = 60 K), different concentrations of nanoparticles ( = 0.01, =0.03...
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Research on the Core Technology and the Development Tendency of Modern Precision Machinery Manufacturing

Pan Ming
This paper delivers the research on the core technology and the development tendency of the modern preci-sion machinery manufacturing. Precision technology development and application, to promote the machining precision of the whole mechanical manufacturing and technical level is of great significance...
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Numerical Research on Flow and Heat Characteristics of H2O in the Ejector Type Mixer

Cong Qi, Chunyang Li, Chengyuan Luo
Ejector type mixer has a hot water pipeline based on the Venturi tube. Cold water flowed from the left side of the pipe. After the gradual reduction of the pipeline, its speed went up and its pressure decreased, making vacuum degree in pipe throat and drawing hot water into the main pipe. After cold...
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Numerical Study of the Flow past a Rotating Cylinder at Supercritical Reynolds Number

Q. Yao, C.Y. Zhou, C. Wang
The rapid development of the large-scale equipment promotes the investigation on flow around rotating cylin-drical aerodynamic characteristics at supercritical Reynolds number. In this paper, the flow past a rotating cyl-inder at supercritical Reynolds number has been studied using the computational...
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Multi-function vehicle and control method for intelligent home security environment monitoring

Yang Chen, Yanni Deng, Wenchao Xiao, Fan Hao
With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people in ensuring the precursor of family safety on quality of life and intelligent family life increasingly high expectations. But the quality of life only in terms of temperature and humidity real-time monitoring,...
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Research of a Visual Multifunction Control Lever

Hao Guo, Wenjian Mei, Zhaohui Zhen, Shuang Yang, Yang Long
Due to the operating poison is far, the line of sight is not good, inconvenient operation is caused when using the operator lever, in addition, replacing insulator need to be replaced different functions pin puller. To solve the problems, this paper development a visual multifunction control lever and...
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Research on Mobile Chassis System of Live Working Robot

W. Song, X.L. Zhou, P.J. Si, C.J. Wang
With the progress of science and technology, more and more people pay attention to the research of robot technology. Comparison of biped robot, chassis wheeled mobile robot in moving speed, stability, application scope, carrying capacity has obvious advantages on, and especially the application field...
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Research on control algorithm of high voltage circuit breaker three phase permanent magnet brushless DC motor

Fucheng Lang, Hongkui Zhang
Aiming at the high voltage circuit breaker three-phase permanent magnet brushless DC motor, this paper studies the motion characteristics of the motor operating mechanism under different control strategies. Considering the switching operation process of high voltage circuit breaker, we established the...
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The Research on Technical Qualifications of Railway Piggyback Transportation in China

Yueting Wang, Zuoyi Liu
The piggyback transportation is still blank in China. The paper describes the loading plans of the piggyback transportation and confirms the adaptation of railway gauge. Finally, the paper calculates the forces which act on the truck on the moving piggyback flat car, and tests the stability of van-body...
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Optimal Design of Track Hanging Structure Based on Order Algorithm

Hao Qin, Xiaoying Tang, Wenqing Yao, Fengqi Wu
Based on mechanical analysis of main beam structure in track hanging, the design optimization problem of weight of the girder structure was transformed into solution of optimal parameters values under mechanical constraints optimal parameters. Adopting structure geometry value as input parameters, structural...
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The development of DSR roll disintegrated comprehensive test bed

Huan He, Heng Cao
Baosteel cold rolled sheet production equipment technology has very important position in Baosteel steel pro-duction, and the DSR roll is the key components in the cold rolled sheet production equipment. This paper conducted the research on key technology of DSR roll, in view of the DSR roll exposed...
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Integration and Test Methods of Energy-saving Electronic 10kV Metering Device

Q.F. Shang, Y.J. Li, Q.Q. Chen
Designed in this paper, the energy-saving electronic 10kV metering device is composed of electronic voltage transformer, electronic current transformer, electronic metering terminal and communication terminal. Electronic transformers and metering terminal are no longer designed and tested independently....
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Fault Diagnosis Method of Wind Turbine Bearing based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Spectrum Kurtosis

Ying Zhang, Yichi Zhang, Chao Zhang, Hua Yu, Lu Bai, Jie Hao, Yu Han
Aiming at the problem that fault feature of wind turbine bearing is difficult to extract, a new fault diagnosis method based on variational modal decomposition (VMD) and spectral kurtosis (SK) is proposed in this pa-per. Firstly, vibration signal collected from wind turbine is decomposed into several...
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Study on Power Test and Assessment of the Missile Warhead

Xiujuan Gao, Lin Wang, You Zhao, Xiaohui Li
In order to assess tactical and technical index of a certain type of missile warhead, calculated warhead muzzle velocity and damage capacity for using of theoretical analysis. Combined with the results, design the new tar-get emplaced scheme. To the particularity of warhead structure and measured data,...
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An Empirical Study on the Thermal Comfort of Anti-Riot Helmet

F.X. Zhang, D.H. Xiang, Y.F. Wang
Aiming at the thermal comfort problems brought from anti-riot helmet in high temperature, an study of meas-uring the temperature of head skin based in the anti-riot helmet micro environment is designed, and thermal comfort of the volunteer is evaluated through the skin temperature and the volunteer's...
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Research on the Sample Size Calculation Method of the Inertial Gyro Based on the Step-stress Accelerated Life-test

Jinxin Xu, Jinzhu Wang, Zhifeng Fan
It is difficult to verify the reliability of a new type of ammunition components through traditional statistical testing methods. And the accelerated life test of ammunition components at the present often requires a large amount of sample size. The calculation model for minimum sample size of the Inertial...
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The Design of Muzzle Velocity Measuring System for Rapid Rate Firing Gun

Yuchen Yue, Fuquan Zhao, Jinzhong Zhang, Xiaoping Han
The paper focus on the problem that a certain type of rapid rate firing gun, which the army equipped, it's muz-zle velocity is difficult to measure. On the basis of summing up the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of muzzle velocity measurement method, the paper put forward the phase measurement...
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Motor mechanism in Separation Test of Coal Mine Isolation Switch and Controllability Test System

Hongkui Zhang, Fucheng Lang, Hao Wang
In order to improve the reliability of mining electrical equipment and realize intelligence of the separation test of the coal mine isolation switch operation process, the motor mechanism is put forward. We designed con-trollable testing system based on coal mine isolation switch breaking test the existing...