Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Mechanical Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

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Simulation Study of Electro spark Deposition on Die Steel

He Huang, Cunping Liu, Sheng Guo
The electro spark deposition (ESD) is an ideal process tor material increase manufacturing in many industrial sectors. In this paper, simulation of electro spark deposition and thermal analysis for this technology on Cr12MoV steel is presented with the finite element software. Material deposition is...
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Adaptive Course Control System of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Based on Back-propagation Neural Network (BPNN)

Yang Fang, Huajun Zhang, Biao Wang, Chaochao Jiang
Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is a small surface naval vessel which navigates and plans by itself. And undoubtedly, it plays a vital role in now and future naval battle and sea rescue. Adaptive course control is a necessary part of USV control, and in recent years, many researchers have done plenty...
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The Influence area of a subsonically expanding ellipsoidal inclusion

Xiaojun Su, Surong Huang
The expression for the elastic field of an expanding ellipsoidal inclusion in an infinite isotropic elastic medium is presented. The influence area of a subsonically expanding ellipsoidal inclusion is given in the form of ex-pressions and graphs. And the difference of the influence area between ellipsoidal...
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The application of uncertainty in human gravity measurement

Ge Zhang
This article is based on a person's gravity survey, for example, detailed introduction of the gravity acceleration g measurement, the uncertainty in the human gravity measurement can be applied.
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The research of the sun shadow positioning

Lingyu Huang
In recent decades, with the level of material life improves quickly, more and more people are on fire for out-door adventure. They usually trek in desert and wasteland. However the case that compass or communication equipment is out of order happens frequently. For someone who lack direction, it is easy...
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Statistical Analysis of Bored Piles with Pile-Bottom Post Grouting

B.J. Li, H.M. Zang, G.H. Lv
The statistics of cement consumption, bearing capacity, and settlements for pile-head and pile-toe are obtained by using the comparison of over 600 piles with or without grouting. The statistical results show that post grouting technique is most used in gravel and pebble stratum (taking up 67.8%), followed...
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Analysis for Influence of Excavation on Adjacent Existing Shield Tunnel

Jing Cao, Guowei Qian, Haixi Zuo, Haiming Liu, Yaliang Ren
The horizontal earth pressure of shield tunnel affected by excavation was analyzed. Firstly, the foundation pit excavation disturbance zone boundary and the strain of level unit soil in disturbance zone were assumed. Meanwhile, the formula for calculating the horizontal earth pressure in the disturbed...
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Influence of Vacuum Preloading of Soft Ground on Surrounding Environment and Nearby Building Considering Unloading Effect

B.B. Xu, W. Si
Although the vacuum preloading has been widely used in the engineering, the influence area of horizontal de-formation is controversial. In order to clarify the influence range and show the deformation of nearby building during loading and unloading of vacuum pressure, a series of finite element analyses...
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Research on Inventory Control of Cement Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise in Supply Chain Environment

Luo Xu
For manufacturing enterprises, holding a certain amount of inventory is necessary, excess inventory is not only useless but also occupied capital, therefore, inventory control is a good way to optimize the inventory struc-ture as well as to improve the utilization of the funds manufacturing enterprise....
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Supporting Mechanism and Technology of Roadway Overall along Goaf in Extremely Loose and Extra Thick Coal Seam

Renzhan Zhou, Laiwang Jing
Taking machinery roadway, ventilation passage of Roadway 8203 of Guobei Mine in Huaibei Mining Group as the research background, applying basic theory of modern solid mechanics, interaction mechanism between metal bracket and bolt were studied in the condition of large loose circle, high ground pressure...
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Finite element analysis of portal frame under fire condition

Dong Chen, Jinzhu Tang
The steel structures are widely used in modern industrial factory due to its advantages such as high strength, good plasticity, good sealing property, and short construction period. However the poor fire-resistance ability is the most significant weakness of the steel structures. The steel structure...
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Effectiveness Evaluation Method for Digital Logistics Equipment System of Systems

Xiaolei Zheng, Ji Ren
Based on grey theory, integrating Analytical Hierarchy Process and information entropy, this paper put for-ward an effectiveness evaluation method of digital Logistics equipment system of systems; the index of digi-tal Logistics equipment system of systems was established, the method of effectiveness...
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Analysis of Hazardous-Chemicals-Transportation Based on Interpretative Structural Modeling

X.Z. Liu, D.L. Qian
235 transportation accidents occurred in the year of 2015 involving dangerous chemicals were analyzed from the time of the accident cause, occurrence, location of accident. Identify risk factors in the transportation process. It is classified for risk factors, attributed to seven major categories. To...
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Experimental Study on the Combustion Characteristics of Deflagration and Pool Fire

Changyin Gao, Ling Yu, Wenxiang Cai, Yilin Lin
In the survey stage of nuclear power plant site, it is necessary to consider the impact on nuclear power station brought by the aircraft. The most serious consequence is the fuel leak. The fuel combustion process is divided into two stages of deflagration and pool fire. Therefore, this paper studies...
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Detection of Web Application Vulnerabilities Accelerated by GPU

Shaotao Li
The number and importance of web application increases fast. At the same time, the influence of vulnerabilities in web application grows as well. Automated tools are urgently needed because manual code reviews are inefficient and fallible. However, the time complexity of previous static code detection...
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Research on Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Positioning of Customized Clothing Brand

Yang Xu
With China's urbanization development, disposable income growth, the relaxation of international tourism re-strictions, China has become the country with the world's fastest growing luxury goods consumption and well-developed tourism. So high the explosive high-end consumption situation caused the attention...
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Analysis and optimization of cross-rail structure of milling composite extrusion CNC machine

Zhifeng Liu, Zheng Shi, Tieneng Guo, Zhijie Li
Cross-rail is a key component of support structure of the machine, whose mechanical properties have direct impact on the accuracy and dynamic performance of the machine. This paper studied a bridge type milling composite extrusion CNC machine whose cross-rail welded together by a rib structure, therefore,...
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Load model and modified model medical stone on the removal of arsenic in drinking water

Gang Zhang, Meng Zhao, Fei Yang
Using the method which potassium permanganate modified medical stone and titanium dioxide load maifan-ite to removal arsenic in drinking water. Compared with the dosage, shaking time, pH on arsenic removal, the research results show that when the dosage is 0.2g, the effect of titanium dioxide and potassium...