Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Applied Mathematics

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Rapid Defects Features Extract Techniques with Chirp Signal in Plate Structures

Fei Deng, Honglei Chen
This work presents a convenience means to get defects features with linear chirp signal and demonstrate it with finite element method and BP neural networks. Aluminum plate models with various kinds of defects modeling with numerical simulation software ABAQUS to get pattern recognition samples.In order...
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Finite Element Analysis on Rubber Sealing Ring of the Rotary Liner Hanger Bearing

Weiqing Li, Yu Wang, Detian Miao
Rotary liner hanger bearing will be wear sharply and decreased its service life if the sealing structure is not able to prevent the drilling fluid to enter into the bearing. A two-dimensional finite element model of the self-designed non-standard rubber sealing ring was carried out on the software of...
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Numerical Simulation of Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow and Wear Characteristics in Rotary Liner Hanger Bearing

Weiqing Li, Ying Wang
The sand of drilling flow that enters into rotary liner hanger bearing will wear the bearing, which will reduce its service life seriously. Applying the fluid software, this paper simulated the wear characteristic of fluid domain inside the bearing. Based on the Finnie wear model, this paper analyzed...
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Computational Modeling of Planar Light-Emitting Diode with Mesh-Like Electrode

Yohei Nishidate, Irina Khmyrova, Julia Kholopova, Evgeny Polushkin, Valery Zemlyakov, Sergei Shapoval
Numerical procedure is developed for modeling of a planar light-emitting diode (LED) with top metal electrode patterned like a mesh with square cross sectional strips. The procedure is applied for modeling LED output performance at different parameters of the mesh-like electrode. Our numerical analysis...
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Effect of Temperature on the Nanoparticles Agglomerates Fluidization

Ali Asghar Esmailpour, Reza Zarghami, Navid Mostoufi
The effect of temperature on the fluidization behavior of nanoparticles agglomerates in a fluidized bed was investigated. Moreover, a model was developed based on the force balance between drag, collision, buoyancy and gravitational forces as separation forces and van der Waals force as the attractive...
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The Analysis of a HBV Model with Vaccination

Xiaoxia Yuan, Yakui Xue
In this paper, we introduce an improved hepatitis B virus(HBV) model to discuss the impact of vaccination. The basic reproductive number determine the extinction and the persistence of virus infection.When is less than one,the disease-free equilibrium is globally-asymptotically stable and the infection...
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Development of Liver Injury Simulation Model Using MPS Method

Yoshiki Hirahara, Ken-ichi Tsubota, Sota Yamamoto
The purpose of this work is developing the injury analysis model that can be expressed liver damage state by the Moving Particle Semi-implicit (MPS) method. In this paper, we set the material properties of the liver by simulating material test using the simplified geometric model that can represent the...
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Optimal Construction of Stroage Clusters for the Deployment of Cloud Platforms

Cong Xu
Improving the deployment efficiency for large-scale cloud computing platforms is critical for the performance of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud, especially under heavy workloads and the ever-changing demands of the tenants. Most of the state-of-the-art automatic deployment mechanisms use a...
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The Influence of Different Important Map for Image Retargeting

Zijuan Zhang
Under the condition of limited resources of the display, image resizing has become a hot issue in the field of image processing. Image retargeting algorithm can satisfy these conditions simultaneously: protecting the important content of the source information; avoiding the important content of excessive...
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The Role of Government Climate Policy in an Oil Price Shock: A CGE Simulation Analysis

Saeed Solaymani, Nora Yusma Bte Mohamed Yusof, Arash Yavari
Malaysia has made a pledge to reduce its 2005 GDP emission intensity levels by up to 40% by 2020 as its contribution to combat climate change. One of the proposed policies to achieve this goal is carbon taxation. We used a computable general equilibrium model to analyse the results of three scenarios...
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Key Nodes Analysis of Microblogging Public Opinion Spread about Public Emergencies-Such as the Missed Malaysia Flight MH370

Cuiyou Yao, Guimin He
Microblog plays a very important role in the process of public opinion dissemination after the occurrence of public emergencies. As a Micro blogging platform based on user information sharing, dissemination and access, it is suitable for using social network analysis method to analyze because of forming...
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A Sleep-Awakening Communication Technology for Transmission Line Network

Jiang Zhu
Equipment on the transmission line generally works in the absence of the utility of the wild environment. When using solar, wind and other power supply, communications equipment will be faced with the problem of power consumption. Communication technology proposed in this paper, aimed at solving low...
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Medical Equipment Logistics Capability Evaluation of third-party Logistics Service Providers

Zijuan Zhang, Xianliang Shi
Medical equipment third-party logistics service has positive significance to standardized, intensive management for storage and transportation processes, evaluation of logistics capability is the first premise for product manufacturer or operator to select providers. According to the characteristics...
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Analysis of PMP Module Using Mesh Generation Techniques

Joon Seong Lee
Consumers are generally required the use of high energy density batteries. However, most consumers are often dissatisfied with the battery life from even the most advanced lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in mobile phone. All In recent years, plastic products have become thinner and lighter and proper...
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The linear Programming Model of Vegetables Transport Scheme Design

Tian’e Wang, Baocheng Wan, Cong Xiao, Yicheng Feng
Due to many factors, vegetable transportation scheme decision is more complicated, thus we put forward a reasonable and practical meaningful vegetables transport model that has considerable practical significance. Based on the rationality and feasibility of transportation scheme, and the limitation of...
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The Study of GRNN for Wind Speed Forecasting Based on Markov Chain

Shujie Gao, Jianyan Tian, Fang Wang, Yang Bai, Wei Gao, Shengqiang Yang
In view of modeling accuracy problems of General Regression Neural Network (GRNN), the improved GRNN has been used to forecast wind speed. Firstly, K-fold cross validation was used to select smooth parameter of GRNN, and the influence of K value was analyzed. Then, Markov Chain (MC) was introduced to...
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WBFS: An Interactive Virtual Simulation Landscape System Based on Kinect

Yuecheng Peng, Qiuhai He, Xinyuan Huang
Using gesture to implement 3D navigation still exists many problems to be solved. This paper introduces a solution about gesture interaction in 3D virtual scenes. In order to protect the intangible culture heritage of Dai Ethnic, a nationality of China, we designed and developed the interactive virtual...
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New Developments for Improved Simulation of Interconnects Based on Method of Moments

Sergei Kuksenko, Talgat Gazizov, Alexander Zabolotsky, Roman Ahunov, Roman Surovtsev, Vasiliy Salov, Egor Lezhnin
The paper gives arguments for the topicality of electromagnetic compatibility modeling. Trends of electromagnetic simulation software development are stated. General simulation process based on method of moments is described. On examples of interconnects the improvement of simulation is shown, obtained...
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Real-Time Fault Simulation of Mechanic-Electronic-Hydraulic System Based on Virtual Prototyping

Deyu He, Niaoqing Hu, Lei Hu, Ling Chen
Lack of historical fault data in real-time working condition is a pivotal problem in safety analysis of large-scale mechanic-electronic-hydraulic systems. To deal with this problem, this paper proposed a real-time fault injection and simulation method based on virtual prototyping. First, the virtual...
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Strategic Game Approach in Multistage Simulation for Supply Chain Planning

Yenming J. Chen
This study employs strategic game approach along with multistage simulation to find a supply chain plan in an equilibrium state, in which the configuration design stage and the production dispatching stage hold their coordinated strategies such that no one has incentive to unilaterally change her action,...
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Research on Atmospheric Density Online Measurement Technology Based on Spacecraft Platform

Chaojie Wang, Xiao Li, Lai’an Qin, Chunlei Li, Tao Yan
It is necessary to implement online measurement of atmospheric density around spacecraft in order to better design aerodynamic appearance of hypersonic spacecraft and meet the demand of pneumatic identification. This is one of important problems that should be solved in domestic spacecraft design field...
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Positive Solution for P-laplace Problems with Nonlinear Time-fractional Differential Equation

Shifeng Zhang, Jihe Wang, Zhiyang Jia, Qijiu Yang
In recent years, fractional differential equations are widely used in the many academic disciplines--viscoelastic mechanics, Fractal theory and so on. Furthermore, fractional differential equations can be used to describe some abnormal phenomenon. For instance, fractional convection-diffusion equation...
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Some Connectedness and Related Property of Hyperspace with Vietoris Topology

Meili Zhang, Bo Deng, Yue Yang, Pilin Che
For a Hausdorff space , we denote by the collection of all closed subsets of . In this paper, we discuss the connectedness and locally connectedness of hyperspace endowed with the vietoris topology. Further path connectedness is investigated. The results generalize some theorems of E. Micheal.
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On A Fullerene with 458 Carbons-Containing 8 heptagonal rings

Francisco Javier Sánchez-Bernabe, Javier Salcedo
A Fullerene with pentagons, hexagons, and heptagons is considered. The number of carbons is 458. It contains 8 heptagonal rings, 21 pentagons, and 212 hexagons.
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Stability of Balanced Implicit Method for Hybrid Stochastic Differential Equation

Sheng Xu, Baocang Xia, Shaobo Zhou
The paper shows that the balanced implicit method reproduces the moment exponentially stable for hybrid stochastic differential equation. The balanced implicit method has better behavior of stability in comparison with the explicit Euler-Maruyama method. Experiments simulation indicates that the balanced...
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Generating and Mathematical Modelling of Discontinuous Impulse Waveforms

Pavol Štefanec, Mariana Be ová, Branislav Dobrucký, Oleg Vyacheslavovich Chernoyarov
Paper deals with mathematical modelling of impulse waveforms and impulse switching functions used in electrical engineering. Impulse rectangular waveforms are created by periodical trigonometric functions with modulo , so, the waveforms are discontinuous and strongly non-harmonic ones. Impulse switching...
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Projection Filter Method Based on State Estimation to Nonlinear Systems

Lijuan Chen, Jizhang Sang, Jianli Du, Junyu Chen
For nonlinear systems (NLS), the estimator design is a crucial and important problem. In this paper, projection-filter-method (PFM) based state estimation approach is proposed to NLS. As the weak solution of stochastic differential model of NLS is denoted by the Kolmogorov's forward equation, this paper...
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Mining Time Series Data with Two Dimensional Fuzzy Pattern Rules

Haifeng Xia, Bing Chen, Jiawei Fan, Zhi Li, Dan Gao
Based on association rules and fuzzy pattern theory, this paper presents a data mining model to extract patterns using two-dimensional fuzzy pattern rules, focusing on the discretization of the time series of dependent and independent variables. The referential vector distance is established as a similarity...
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Newton Iteration Method for Analysis of Suspension Cable

Jian Qin, Yierta Ba, Yan Ding, Jieming Bai, Hongqiang Zhang
A Newton iteration method is proposed based on the analytic method of segmental catenary for the suspension cable. The method is developed from the Newton iteration method for the nonlinear equations according to the analysis of different common methods. The tangent stiffness matrix of the iteration...
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Asymptotic Stability of Runge-Kutta Methods for Linear Delay-integro-diffrential-Algebraic Equation

Qiong Li, Yuxia Wang
This paper deals with the asymptotic behavior of Runge-Kutta methods for linear delay-integro-differential-algebraic equations. It was shown that R-K of A-stability preserves the asymptotic stability of the equations under some conditions if applied to the equations.
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GA and ACO-based Hybrid Approach for Continuous Optimization

Zhiqiang Chen, Ronglong Wang
This paper presents an hybrid algorithm based on genetic algorithm and ant colony optimization for continuous optimization, which combines the global exploration ability of the former with the local exploiting ability of the later. The proposed algorithm is evaluated on several benchmark functions. The...
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Partial Linear Regression Method in the Application of the Accurate Calculation of PQDIF Harmonic Responsibility

Aiqiang Pan, Xingang Yang, Yijun Liu
Quantitatively evaluating the harmonic responsibility of harmonic source at the point of common coupling (PCC) is an important task of power quality management. Considering the change of background harmonic and the fact that the current monitoring system can only provide the voltage and current statistical...
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Criminal Statistics Analyzing Based on Deep Learning Methods

Xuepeng Huang, Jianhui Lin
Social Security Administration analysis is studied based on intensive probe to present social fluctuation researches. A complex social system model is constructed by profile vector of complex system. According to the character of the complex social system, a simplified algorithm based on deep learning...
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The Research on Game Theory of Resources for Free Based on Personal Beliefs

Wei Zhang, Shuifang Yin
Problems of resources for free often be associated with personal interests. Personal beliefs make people choose to get resources differ in time,so-called first come first served rule. So people access to resources constitute a game under the conflict of interests. In this paper, we study two men’s personal...
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Providing Support for Today’s Decision Making Processes-Decision making

Sylvia Encheva
Current decision making processes often involve uncertain information obtained from a number of sources. In addition the available data might be incomplete and/or collected at different time periods, i.e. its significance may require adjustments. In many cases experiments cannot be repeated and conclusions...
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Knowledge Assessment Supported by Interval Numbers and Concept Lattices-Knowledge assessment

Sylvia Encheva
Selection of an optimal knowledge assessment method appears to be a multiple criteria decision making problem among many other things. There is hardly any doubt that working with humans knowledge is always done in the presence of uncertainties. It is also not a secret that a large number of experts in...
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Algorithms for the Detection of a Signal with Unknown Amplitude and Duration against White

Yury E. Korchagin, Alexandra V. Salnikova, Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Boris I. Shakhtarin
We synthesized the quasi-likelihood and maximum likelihood algorithms for the detection of a free-form signal with unknown amplitude and duration against Gaussian white noise. We illustrated the methods for calculation of the characteristics of their operating effectiveness and also we found the analytical...
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Extinction and Permanence of a Predator-prey System with Impulsive Control

Yan Song, Wen Xiao, Yajun Gao, Xiaoyu Qi
Based on the biological control strategy in the pest management, we studied a predator-prey model with delayed stage structure and impulsive control. Using the theories and methods of impulsive delayed differential equations, we obtain the sufficient conditions, which guarantee the global attractivity...
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A Demodulation Algorithm for Time-Phase Modulation Based on Nonstationary Signal Analyzing

Zhongyang Mao, Hongxing Wang, Xiao Liu, Zhiyong Zhao, Xiguo Liu
In this paper, the time-frequency distribution property of Time-Phase modulation (TPM) signal is discussed based on nonstationary signal analyzing method. And the mapping relationship between abrupt phase change and time-frequency distribution amplitude in TPM signal is further explored, whereby a TPM...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Economic Structural Adjustment in Tianjin

Xuelin Zheng, Zhanxin Ma, Yunling Luo, Jianye An
The economic growth rate of China has gradually present a downward trend after 30 years sustained high-speed growth. Therefore, the improvement of economic efficiency and the optimization of industrial structure is a necessary requirement for sustainable development of China's economy. This paper not...
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Nonlinear Cobweb Model with Time Delays

Akio Matsumoto, Keiko Nakayama
We study the effects of production delays on the local as well as on global dynamics of nonlinear Cobweb model in a continuous-time frame- work. After reviewing a single delay model, we proceed to two models with two delays. When the two delays are used to form an expected price or feedback for price...
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Research on Domestic Bank Customer Satisfaction Based on Logistic Regression Analysis

Chengming Chang
As modern people have higher expectations for banking services and hope to get perfect services, the banking service satisfaction is more and more important, and competition among banks grows with each passing day. Therefore, I studied service satisfaction rating among banks so as to improve the relationship...