Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Management Science and Management Innovation

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Study on Safety Management of College Students based on Behavior Based Safety

Guo-Tong Qiao, Hong Zhang
The health and safety condition of college students, who play a crucial role in future social construction, are widely gaining attention. The college students are confronted with many problems because of mismanagement. Based on behavior observation and meticulous analysis, BBS focuses on unsafe behavior...
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Logistics Management and Reform

Jian-Hua Zhang, Yi-Jing Xu, Zhe Zhang
China logistics industry fifteen years has made great progress, but still there is a big problem. The author pointed out, in the current domestic market economy environment, how to reform the management of logistics industry, integrate operating behavior of all industries, to mobilize all positive factors...
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Incentives and Its Role in Modern Human Resource Management

Meng Zhai, Yong Qi
As a strategic resource of the modern organization, HR has become the most crucial factor in organizational development. And the incentive mechanism is an important means of modern human resource management. It plays the role of strengthening, stimulating and promoting and it guides or leads behavior...
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Dual-qualified Teachers in Vocational Colleges Training Strategy

Ding-Hua He
The vocational institutions cultivate the talents of highly skilled, Cultivation of highly skilled talent needs to rely on the dual-qualified teachers. Wuhan Polytechnic, for example discussed how to create a professional and part of the Double Qualified Teachers; And incentive mechanisms to establish...
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Application Research of Human Resources Management Based on Safety Occupational Aptitude

Bin Zheng, Sheng-Sheng Wu
By reviewing the relevant theories, the definition and research object of safety occupational aptitude research has been cleared. By introducing the competency theory in human resource management into the research of safety occupational aptitude and drawing reference from the establishment and inspection...
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Copyright Protection and Cultural Industry-Theoretical and Empirical Studies

Jie-Jing Yao, Hui Peng
The nature of copyright law is to establish an optimal equilibrium relationship between creators and users. Too strong or too weak a copyright protection is not necessarily beneficial to the balance of interests among copyright holders, imitators, and the public. This paper reveals the inherent mechanism...
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Study on Objective-total Cost Management Mode of Construction Project

Shu-Min Nie, Feng Ren, Xiao-Liang Liu
Based on the basic theory of objective-cost management and combined with the actual situation of cost management of Jinan H Construction Group Ltd., this paper studied the applications of objective-cost management, activity cost management and total cost management in construction enterprises in China...
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An Investigation of Semantic Cluster Helps Listening Comprehension of English Learners: A Case-study in Pass College

Zhuo Li, Zheng-Jun Wu
This paper introduces Daneman and Carpenter’s test of working memory span, and taking the use of Chinese language materials collected by Chinese Language Education Research Center’s bilingual corpus does a 3 week’s experiment with both English majors and non-English majors in Pass College of CTBU (Chongqing...
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E-commerce Discipline Teaching Reform and General Education

Jian-Hua Zhang, Yi-Jing Xu, Zhe Zhang
In recent years, electronic commerce specialized domestic of universities and colleges it has attracted much attention in the field of education. This is not only because it is a rising subject in the rapid development of science and technology era, is the people placed great expectations on their, hope...
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Contribution Analysis of Railway Freight Transportation to Logistics Industry

Han-Li Chen, Tao Qin
Railway transportation is the backbone of the transportation system in China; it plays an important role in the development of logistics industry. Based on the index selection, this paper chooses transportation goods turnover index to represent the logistics industry, and chooses railway freight turnover...
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Research and Management Mechanism of Special Test Instrument Based on Knowledge Sharing and Value Sharing

Wei-Ming Zhao, Lei Liang, Li-Jie Zhang
Special test instrument used for aerodynamics research, especially instrument and equipment used for the field of flow visualization, possesses characteristics such as precious value and high technical content. Through analysis of current status of research and management of special test instrument,...
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Knowledge Management Research on the Effectiveness of Case Teaching

Ying Zheng, Gao-Feng Pan
Case teaching method, as a teaching method, is more of a kind of educational ideas and concepts and is an innovative teaching practice. This paper analyzes the case teaching method that plays a vital role in education and teaching; and from the perspective of knowledge management analyzes the unique...
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The Study on the Construction of Groups of Party and League of Students in Colleges and Universities

Hui-Hua Zhang
Groups of Party and League of college students are the traditional carriers of ideological and political education in universities. And the construction of groups of Party and League of college students has always been the key work in Universities. With the reform of Higher Education becoming deeper...
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A Research on Normalized Construction of Logistics Information Platform

Jie Zhu, Bin-Bin Fu, Heng-Liang Tang, Chun-Lin Zhang
The logistics industry in China has developed into a unique pattern. Logistics informatization is one of the important parts of modern logistics, which distinguishes with the traditional logistics. More and more urgent demands for logistics information generates with the development of social logistics....
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Leading Competition with Innovation and Technology in New Product Development – A Case Study

Jia-Qin Yang, Michael Blain, Kevin Bowles, Jeff Hoptroff, Brenton Marona
As the demand for more innovation in those high-Tech industry and worldwide trend in developing new products and services, especially in today’s Internet era, the competition among these large international IT and computer producers and related companies becomes more intensified with a new focus – while...
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Problems and Strategy of Construction Safety Management

Hao-Sen Sun, Dong Yang, Shi-Jun Wei, Qing-Mei Wen
In recent years, many accidents have happened in the progress of construction and the number of the accidents has an upward tendency, so we have to try best to comprehend the safety management system from a new perspective. We should use new ideas to alter the passive situation. Because of construction...
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State-owned Enterprise Information Architecture Construction Methods

Tong-Qiang Jiang, Ting-Shuang Yan
Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA) is a critical success factor for Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Information management. The knowledge of business information provides a vital leverage to the design of Enterprise Information Architecture. This paper proposes an approach for semantically...
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Comprehensive Approach in Teaching Landscape

Zi-Lun Zhou, Yan Feng
In teaching the drama Landscape from stylistics point of view, the author of this paper employs comprehensive approach to deal with the speech act theory, the discourse analysis on the inner thoughts of the characters and the syntactic and lexical characteristics of the dialogue. The paper from five...
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Major Sports Event Organization Image Recognition

Bin Yang
In this paper, we discuss the relationship between the organization image and its reputation, the matters of our country sports organization image management system establishment and managerial strategy, with the bid and organization and management experience of NBA games, the Beijing Olympic Games,...
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A Research Study on Beijing Fitness Club’s Consumer’s Satisfaction and Need of the Health Service

Xiao-Peng Chi, Yue Yu, Qi Chen
We studied on the service of 10 health clubs and requirement from 439 customers through questionnaire survey and interview, the results told us: 1) For the current health service, 75.7% of customers think they are of an average level. The longer customers being in a gem house, the less satisfied they...
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On the Necessity and Feasibility of Hearings in Management System of Chinese Colleges and Universities

Hui-Hua Zhang
With the college teachers and students’ enhancement of their rights awareness and under the trend of managing colleges and universities by laws and rules, the management of colleges and universities draws more and more attention to the society, teachers and students. In reality, the management still...
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Game Behavior Analysis of Project Bidding Period Under Agent-Construction System

Wan-Ling Zou, Shan Wu
Severe rent-seeking behaviors are now very common in project bidding period under agent-construction system. The cooperation which happened in project bidding period between the biding side and the agent side harms the construction owner’s benefits. Aiming at figuring out the game behaviors in project...
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Creditability Evaluation of the Undergraduate’s Physical Score

Hua He
Aiming at creditability performance evaluation for physical score of undergraduate students, a general idea is developed. The evaluation indexes and their measurement method are investigated. Then, with the application of fuzzy integration, an opening performance evaluation model is implemented. This...
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Analysis of the Construction Cost Management Based on the Perspective of the Construction Waste Recycling

Qin Fu, Jing Teng
With the rapid development of building industry, the number of construction waste is increasing. As we are paying more promotion in energy-saving low-carbon life, construction waste is paid more attention by society. In this paper, the existence of the construction waste paper expounds present situation...
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An Analysis of Innovative Abilities Cultivation for Graduates and the Countermeasure Research

Peng Li
The innovation ability of graduate students has been one of the key problems of College education. This paper analyzes the problem of graduate students innovation ability present situation and existence, from the construction of innovation bases, cultivating innovative consciousness, improving the curriculum...
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The Current Situation of Engineering Graduates Cultivation in our University and the Countermeasure Research

Peng Li
As a comprehensive university mainly of engineering, cultivation of engineering graduate has always been the focus on graduate train. This article is based on our school engineering graduates cultivation realities, focusing on the problems and shortcomings analysis in the current training model, then...
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Analysis of Factors Impacting on Farmer’s Response to the Grain for Green Project----Base on the Investigation of 154 Households in Yunnan Province

Shui-Fa Ke, Qiang Shen, Tie-Zhen Zhao
Based on the investigation of 154 households in Xinping county, Huize county, Simao district in Yunnan province, Binary Logistic regression Analysis has been used to analyze the influence factors of farmer’s willingness to participate in this program in the later era of Grain for Green Project. The results...
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Study on Traffic Management Countermeasures Based on Road Network Capacity

Qiu-Shi Xu, Ya-Liang Gao, Hong-Zhong Ru
Urban traffic is a huge system, the key lies in the management of the normal operation of reasonable and effective measures. The choice of traffic management measures depends on traffic operation status of the overall. In quantitative analysis, network capacity is a characterization of the traffic state...
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Empirical Study on the Impact of Financial Agglomeration over New Urbanization: Taking the Eastern Area as an Example

Bin Liu, Hai-Shu Qiao
To study the impact of financial agglomeration over new urbanization construction can not only clarifies its influential path and strength, but also help the authorities to make relevant policies for promoting urbanization construction from the perspective of finance. Analyzing the transmission mechanism...
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Research on Undertaking Ability of China's Processing Trade Industries

Xin-Ying Liu, Wen-Wen Liu
Enterprises in central and western regions undertake industries from eastern region enterprises according to their own advantage, which would promote their own economic development and narrow the economic development gap between eastern region, central region and western region. By analyzing the factors...
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Study on Enterprise Crisis Management Based on Lifecycle

Yu-Fei Ding, Yue-Fen Wang
In information society, enterprise crises breakout continuously, the super-competitive market situation, the deepening theoretical research on enterprise crisis management and its practice applications, enhanced status and functions of enterprise information management and inherent lifecycle characteristics...
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Personal Information Management in Mobile Environment in China: Protection and Utilization

Wen-Lin Bai, Hong-Ming Cui
Several researches have been done on management of personal information from the legal perspective and technical perspective in Chinese literature, but there is no management perspective in dealing with this problem. The paper presents a conceptual framework of protection and utilization of personal...
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Job Insecurity, Work-related Stress and Employee Creativity: Proactive Personality and Team Climate for Innovation as Moderators

Bao-Cheng Liu, Mei-Hua Shi
Nowadays, creativity is vital to enterprises as human capital has become a main competition factor worldwide. Nearly every enterprise wants to have employees with high creativity. Meanwhile, in order to be flexible and quick to adapt to changing environmental needs, organizations frequently downsize...
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Reform and Exploration on the Management Mode for Maintenance Engineering of the Generator Units

Qun-Yin Gu, Hai-Yan Chen, Ying Song, Xiao-Dan Zhao, Cui-Yu Wu
On the basis of the maintenance engineering and management system for the existing power plant units, the characteristics and problems of the management mode for maintenance engineering of the existing four power plants were analyzed from the perspective of maintenance engineering and project management....
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Research on the Cooperation Relationship of the members of the Technology Alliance Based on Tightness and Pleasure Degree

Jian Xie, Huan-Huai Zhou, Ai-Qing Ruan
The relationship of the members in the industrial technology innovation alliance is the key point of the improvement of the operational efficiency for the alliance. In this paper the cooperation relationship between the members in the alliance is studied by using the network analysis method because the...
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Research of Opportunistic Behavior in School-enterprise Cooperation

Xiao-Ying Lai, Zheng-Ming Yuan
There are many problems in the school-enterprise cooperation, caused by its self-protection of universities or enterprises which based on its own interests in the cooperation. In this paper, the game theory is adopted as the basic theory for the author who tries to apply the modeling method to construct...
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Motivating Employees in China: Theories and Applications

Xiao-Ying Lai, Jing Zeng
Based on the western classic views and models concerning with motivation, this paper focuses on the goal-directed drive within an employee in multinational corporations (MNCs) with the background of the Chinese cultural traditions and era characteristics. Four suggestions on how to motivate Chinese employees...
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Governance on Academic Research Frauds in Universities

He-Xiang Zhao
Currently, the types of the academic research frauds by students and teachers in universities are various and rampant, seriously eroding our country’s scientific and technological innovation, which brings serious negative impact to science and education, damaging academic image of teachers and students...