Proceedings of the “New Silk Road: Business Cooperation and Prospective of Economic Development” (NSRBCPED 2019)

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Prospects of Investment Activity of Industrial Corporations in the Conditions of the Transformational Stage of Economic Development and Cooperation

Petr A. Levchaev, Khezazna Badar, H.K. Al-Shaeli Mohammed
The study of the problems of investment activity of corporations in the conditions of the transformational stage of economic development and cooperation is currently quite relevant. This is due to the ongoing processes of globalization and the formation of the digital economic system in developed countries....
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The Importance of Investments in Human Capital in the Process of Innovation in Production

Fedor Mikhailov, Dmitrii Miasnikov
Modern researches of dynamic processes in the sphere of economy show that in the conditions of globalization noticeable acceleration of diffusion of innovation is observed. This is due to the fact that ensuring the economic sustainability of organizations is largely associated with the effective introduction...
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Technological Development of Teacher-Training System Under the Conditions of the Transformation of Higher Education

Valeryan F. Gabdulchakov, Ildar T. Khairullin, Azat A. Zaripov
The problem of the research is determined by the conditions of the transformation of higher education in the first decades of the XXI (in many post-Soviet countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) century when following the transformation of the economy, society, culture, etc. in many countries, the...
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Inno-Diversification Approach to Regulating the Dairy Industry Transformation Into the Digital Economy

Michael K Chernyakov, Maria M. Chernyakova, Irina A. Chernyakova
The necessity of developing and forming a system of state regulation of the agro-industrial complex on the basis of the Inno-diversification approach is methodically substantiated. The term Inno-diversification has been introduced into scientific circulation, which characterizes the penetration of novelties...
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Cluster Approach to Modeling the Content of Professional Training of Choreographers

L.A Kasimanova, S.V. Krivykh
The article presents the authors’ vision of modeling the content of modern professional training of choreographers in modern sociocultural space using the cluster approach. The multilevel educational cluster considered in the article unites in its structure systems of educational, sociocultural, creative...
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Enhancing Healthy Lifestyle in Professional Teachers’ Training Programs in Universities of Russia

Viktoriya Levchenko, Alexander Levchenko
This article investigates a specific pedagogical approach to curricula design that encourages individuals to pursue a healthy lifestyle (HL). In the article the problem of HL focuses on education as a means of conveying knowledge about potential health threats or about certain forms of risky behavior....
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Modeling the Strategic Choice of the Agro-Industrial Enterprises Under the Current State Agricultural Policy

Elena Rodionova, Anna Glebova, Tatiana Baibakova
Modern science has a significant potential of theoretical and applied research concerning the problems of strategic management of socioeconomic systems at different levels. At the same time, sectoral aspects of strategic management in the agricultural sector at the business level require further development,...
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Cooperation Development Prospects of the Primorsky Krai and China in the Humanitarian Sphere

Natalya Stepanovna Martyshenko
Humanitarian cooperation is an essential element of “soft power”. Nowadays “soft power” tools acquire new content, improve cross-country cooperation in the economic sphere, form unifying political institutions and communications. Unlike Russia, China uses “soft power” tools more efficient. Recently China...
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Leasing of Hardware and Software Solutions in Health Care Systems: Potential Benefits and Perspectives

Ekaterina Gamova, Olga Zakirova, Elena Rodionova
The issue of leasing of hardware and software solutions in health care systems is considered in the context of the project RFMEFI577170254 “Intraoperative navigation system with support of augmented reality technology on the basis of virtual 3D models of organs obtained from CT diagnostics for minimally...
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The Impact of Participation in the Belt and Road Initiative on the Tourist Flows

Artur Kuchumov, Yana Testina
The article discusses the changes taking place in the geo-economics of Eurasia associated with the creation of the People’s Republic of China One Belt One Road initiative in 2013. These changes are linked with globalization, increased export-import dependence and with the forecast of an increase in mutual...
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HR Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities in Russian Companies

Svetlana G. Akhmetova, Larisa V. Nevskaya
The paper aims to study the problems and opportunities of using big data analytics in human resources management (HR analytics). The digital transformation of business urges employees to develop new skills and competencies, to change their behavior in interaction with other people. HR analytics enables...
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Level of Infrastructure Development as a Determining Factor of Quality of Life

Galina Pivovarova, Tatyana Tretyachenko, Vera Vanyushkina, Svetlana Sagomonyan
In this article, the authors consider the role of one of the subsystems of infrastructure - the residential real estate sector. The relevance of this topic lies in the plane of the fact that the state and prospects for the development of residential real estate must be viewed through the prism of the...
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Tasks and Prospects of Master’s Degree Program’s Development in Oil and Gas Trading in Russian Federation

Larisa A. Mierin, Tatiana G. Tumarova, Nina S. Slavetskaya
Recently, the professional community has showed interest in professional education in the area of oil and gas trading. The absence of such master’s degree program in Russia offers the opportunity to launch master’s program with economics and oil and gas specificity according to professional and federal...
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Humanitarian Cooperation Within the Framework of the “One Belt, One Road” PRC Initiative

V.I. Fokin, N.M. Bogoliubova, J.V. Nikolaeva, E.E. Elts, V.D. Danilov
The relevance of the problem being studied is due to the need for a scientific analysis of the role of humanitarian cooperation in the “One Belt, One Road” project with regard to the increasing attention of its participants to cultural and humanitarian initiatives. The “One Belt, One Road” project is...
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Creating of a Personal Labor Motivation System

Irina Vaslavskaya, Albina Bilyalova, Chulpan Ziganshina, Inna Murtazina
The article analyzes several theories of staff motivation. It was concluded that various theories of motivation basically do not contradict each other, but complement each other, reflecting the versatility and originality of the motivation process itself. The relevance of the work is associated with...
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Language and Intercultural Communicative Competence in the Professional Training of Business Specialists

Albina Bilyalova, Dinara Khairullina, Aigul Nurullina, Nadezhda Ziganshina, Elena Mochelevskaya
The modern development of the world economy in the context of globalization involves the expansion of company activity from the regional to the international level. Such expansion definitely contributes to a number of economic advantages. However, this inevitably causes a number of problems, the main...
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Main Methods of Formation and Development of Intercultural Competence Value Aspects in the Process of Entrepreneurs Education

T.V. Lyubova
The article is devoted to the definition of the goal of multicultural education: the formation of personality, capable to carry out its vital functions in a multinational and multicultural environment in an active, productive and appropriate way; having a strong sense of understanding and respect for...
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WebQuest Technology as a Tool for the Formation of IT-Competence of Future Specialists

Emma N. Gilyazeva, Ilnara F. Khakimova, Leysan N. Bulanova, Liliya R. Zakirova
The article is devoted to one of the topical issues of the modern system of higher education associated with the introduction of innovative forms of education – the formation of IT-competence of future specialists. The basis of this competence is the knowledge about the functioning, structure of the...
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Peculiarities of Russia’s Geopolitical Status in the Middle East

Ruslan Shangaraev, Olga Timakova
When realizing its interests, Moscow acts in the Middle East quite flexibly. Giving priority to its own strategic goals on the international arena and pursuing a pragmatic foreign policy Russia tries to earn a reputation among the countries of the Middle East region as a strong, non-ideological and reliable...
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Prospects of Attaining Competitive Advantages and Removing Infrastructure Restrictions in the Republic of Tyva: Challenges of the Time

Anatoly Asaul, Maksim Asaul, Yuri Levin, Vyacheslav Sevek
Accounting for paper considers the potential of structural transformations of the Republic of Tyva with account of the specific features of its territory in the context of the new spatial development strategy of Russia and the long-term interests of the state in the Angara-Yenisei macroregion. Its objective...
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Eurasian Cooperation in the Relationship Between Economic Security and Inter-Ethnic Relations

Natalia L. Kurepina, Maria V. Shovaeva
In Russia, China’s initiatives for the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” (一带一路) project are met with great interest, the resumption of discussions was facilitated by a joint statement on cooperation on the construction of the Eurasian Economic Union and The Silk Road Economic Belt (丝绸之路经济带),...
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Methods for Controlling the Cost of Construction Projects Based on Aggregated Groups of Indicators

Anna Mostovaya, Varvara Dikareva
In modern construction new materials, technologies, types of works are actively introduced. A major role in this is played by international cooperation in business. Planning of construction projects is carried out on the basis of a large number of reference information, standards, regulations and they...
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The Role of Universities in Regional Development: Case of Russia

Dmitry Rodnyansky, Ivan Makarov, Victor Kolesnikov, Ilya Lvov, Anna Avtsinova, Elena Khryuchkina
Universities are not only centers of education and science, but also new participants in the country’s socio-economic development. With a wide range of opportunities and resources, universities are effectively carrying out their activities, the results of which are reflected in region’s indicators. The...
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The Public Administration Effectiveness in the Field of Environmental Safety on the Example of Industrial Regions of the Russian Federation

Dmitry Rodnyansky, Ivan Makarov, Svetlana Shahvatova, Anastasia Ovodova, Andrei Grafov, Elena Ryazantseva
In the article we considered the effectiveness of public administration in the field of environmental safety on the example of industrial regions of the Russian Federation: Chelyabinsk region, Sverdlovsk region and Krasnoyarsk region. The analysis showed that in these regions there is an unfavorable...
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Experience in Implementing Lean Technologies in the Field of Transport

Yu.V. Ustinova, Yu.I. Dymova, E.O. Ermolaeva
In June 2018, the Kuzbass Production and Management System was launched, which is applicable to various fields of activity: from industry to state and municipal administration. The methodology of the state corporation Rosatom has already allowed to achieve tangible results. The program “START” allows...
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Conceptual Model of Entrepreneurship Support

Gulnaz Sibaeva, Nailya Shevko, Vladimir Belyaev
Entrepreneurship is an innovative risky business during the phases of the life cycle of origin and growth - to conquer the market by better satisfying consumer needs for entrepreneurial income. Innovative risk business is in organic relationship with the routine type of business in the phases of maturity...
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Environmental Damage in the Criminal Trial of Russia

Alexey Gerasimenko
At the present stage of development of Russia, the principle of protection of rights and freedoms of men and citizens is proclaimed as one of the main points that determine the activities of law enforcement agencies. The issue of compensation for harm caused by criminal act is directly related to the...
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Development Potential Assessment of Chuvash Republic Electrical Engineering Industry

Artem Sergeevich Evseev, Nataliya Vitalevna Morozova, Alevtina Grigorevna Kulagina
The relevance of the research is due to the fact that there is a lack of scientific knowledge in determining the development potential of the Chuvash Republic electrical engineering industry, which will help to form a clearer view of the performance of electrical engineering industry enterprises as participants...
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Digital Educational Technology in a Higher Education Institution

V.B. Dzobelova, S.L. Yablochnikov, O.V. Cherkasova, S.V. Gerasimov
Digitization is becoming a global trend in the development of society. It’s a process that is based on the conversion of information into digital form and leads to an increase in the efficiency of the economy and an improvement in the quality of life. Due to digitization, new conditions for the development...
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Digital Technologies in Education and Their Influence on Modern Society

V.B. Dzobelova, L.A. Aguzarova, A.V. Olisaeva, E.E. Kornilova
Nowadays much attention is paid to assessing the results of students’ educational activities. International surveys compile the ranking and compare not only universities but also countries. Transparent results, social reports, the desire for improving the existing standards indicate the current trend...
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Cooperation of Science and Business in Order to Organize High-Tech Production in the Regions of the Russian Federation

Marina V. Shinkevich, Tatyana V. Malysheva, Igor A. Raiskii, Alsu A. Lubnina, Farida F. Galimulina, Madina A. Agisheva
The article discusses the regional aspects of the formation of cooperative ties between science and business. The level of cooperation of enterprises with scientific and educational organizations is presented as an important criterion for the organization of high-tech production. The relevance of the...
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Stimulation of Teacher’s Pedagogical Activity Quality

I.R. Khuzin, S.O. Magfurova, E.T. Akhmetova, O.M. Burenkova
According to the conception of Russian Federal purpose-oriented programme of education development for 2013–2020 assurance of high quality of professional education in accordance with demands of labour market and development of Russian society and economy is determined. In this article the current situation...
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Econometric Analysis of Informal Employment in the Russian Labor Market

Galina Gadelshina, Anna Aksyanova, Julia Aleksandrovskaya, Svetlana Soloveva
Informal employment is a problem for many countries. On the one hand, the state receives lower-than-usual tax refunds, and on the other hand, it leads to social insecurity of workers. The paper investigates the problem of informal employment in the regions of the Russian Federation on the basis of the...
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Economic Development of Orenburg Region Innovative Potential: An Analysis of Prospective Areas

Olga Mikhailova
In the article, the author substantiates the urgency of the need to develop the innovative potential of the Orenburg region as a territory through which the New Silk Road will pass. The problems of implementing innovations in the Orenburg region and factors contributing to and hindering radical transformations...
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Electronic (Digital) Educational Resource as a Tool of Teaching a Foreign Language in the System of Higher Education

D.A. Salimzanova, G.T. Gilfanova
The article discusses the possibilities of using electronic content, as well as the structure of an electronic educational resource in teaching a foreign language in the universities. The ability to speak foreign languages fluently and apply them in professional activities is undoubtedly the quality...
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Features of Manifestation of Social Risks in the Conditions of Digital Economy

S.A. Strizhov, T.G. Bogatyreva
The article takes a systematic approach to the analysis of social risks in the digital economy. The attention is focused on changes, which in digital economy happen faster than in the real economy, and both positive effects and negative social risks and their consequences sooner become obvious. The authors...
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Industry 4.0: Theoretical Foundations and the Strategic Priorities of Russian Regions

Marina Kurnikova, Elena Bolgova, Sergey Bolgov, Valeriy Khaitbaev, Irina Dodorina
The Industry 4.0 concept acts as a theoretical foundation for introducing digital technologies into production and management processes which leads to the digital transformation of economy including the one at the level of territories. The efficiency of digital transformation in developed and developing...
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Project Training as the Basis for the Formation of Entrepreneurial Competencies

Kutsenko Svetlana Munavirovna, Malacion Svetlana Fialovna, Saltanaeva Elena Andreevna, Titov Andrey Nikolaevich
For the effective training of highly qualified specialists in any field of professional activity, it is necessary to develop entrepreneurial competencies. The article discusses the formation of entrepreneurial competencies among students of Kazan State Power Engineering University (KSEU) and presents...
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Condos in Russia: Socio-Economic Aspect

D. B. Litvintsev, L. A. Osmuk, G. P. Litvintseva
The paper addresses the problem of refusal of owners of residential property in Russian condominiums from taking part in general meetings on issues relating to maintenance and use of shared property. The situation of organizations providing management of condominiums under conditions when the consumer...
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Human Resources and Entrepreneurship in Modern Models of Sustainable Social and Economic Development of the Satellite Territory of an Active Metropolis (On the Example of the Leningrad Region and the City of St. Petersburg)

Nadezhda Kosmacheva, Galina Cherkasskaya
In the article we consider specifics of development, in labor and entrepreneurship in particular, of the Leningrad Region of the Russian Federation, the territory of which is considered external for the second metropolis of Russia—St. Petersburg. The comparative analysis of the basic social and economic...
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Trust as a Social Basis for International Cooperation Within the Framework of the New Silk Road Concept

Maksim Baranovskiy, Alexey Borisov, Alexander Romanov
This paper describes the prospects for cross-national research of trust in the societies of some countries-participants of the New Silk Road concept. Trust is considered as an important social aspect in the process of hammering out optimal conditions for effective regional and global political and economic...
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Labor Potential Reproduction Transformation in Digital Economy Conditions

Berg Tatiana Igorevna, Belonogova Ekaterina Vasilevna, Demchenko Svetlana Kapitonovna, Zlotnikov Maxim Sergeevich, Saraskina Lyubov Evgenevna
The article considers the digital economy as a qualitatively new form of labor relations organization, built on a combination of the principles of dynamism and adaptability to economic processes transformation. The authors’ characteristic of labor potential is presented as a set of interconnected and...
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The Possibility of Applying Regional Specificity in the Development of Tourist Routes of Excursions (On the Example of the Theme “A. Dumas (Senior) About the Caucasus”)

Fatimet Khuako, Anzhelika Kumpilova
This article is devoted to the consideration of the possibilities of using the literary theme in the formation of the excursion material. Ideas of regional and economic tourism come up today in scientific discussions often, which is illustrated by the facts cited in this article. However, the possibility...
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Linking Eurasian Integration with the Silk Road Economic Belt in the Context of Water Transport

Maxim Asaul, Alexey Mokhov, Igor Malygin, Komashinskiy Vladimir, Asaul Anatoly, Yaroslav Seliverstov
In the present study we discusses the concept of the project for laying and organizing the Volga-Pechora Way as one of the options for effectively linking Eurasian integration with the Silk Road Economic Belt. Its essence lies in the organization of through ship traffic along the route: Caspian - Volga...
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Factor Analysis of Regional Productive Forces

Anna Glebova, Konstantin Kotelnikov, Alexey Lebedev, Vera Nikolskaya
The social and economic development of the territory depends on that of productive forces, the activity and rationality of their location and distribution, i.e. the stimulation of all productive forces of the region makes it possible to regulate reasonably and consciously production processes and, consequently,...
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Prospects for the Implementation of Industry 4.0 Trends in Russian Industry

Olga B. Digilina, Irina B. Teslenko, Daria V. Lebedeva
In this article the authors aim to assess the state and prospects of Russia’s Industry 4.0, as well as to identify the main problems hindering its development. According to the authors, the main changes in the organization of industrial production caused by the introduction of Industry 4.0 includes the...
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Impact of National Economic Conditions on the Level of Non-Performing Loans in the Commercial Banks of Cyprus

Tatjana Ptasica
The purpose of this paper is to assess and analyse the impact of the national economic conditions on the Level of Non-performing loans (NPLs) in the Commercial banks of Cyprus, as well as determine the nature and magnitude of relationship between them. The object of this study is the existing scientifically...
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Theoretical Bases and Methodical Matters of Innovation-Active Organizations Cooperation Management Under the Condition of Uneven Technological Development

Elza Alekseeva, Dmitrii Kotov
The article gives the results of the research of cooperation management in the innovative environment. The necessity of introducing to scientific use the term “technological field” that defines logic and mechanics of innovative activity concentration in the most supportive environment (innovative environment),...
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Comparative Diagnostics of the Development of the Service Sector of the Russian Federation, Siberian Federal District and Krasnoyarsk Territory

Grass Tatyana Petrovna, Esina Olga Nikolaevna, Esina Anna Sergeevna, Kazantseva Elena Evgenevna, Tereshchenko Natalia Nikolaevna, Trusova Svetlana Vasilevna
Based on the study and generalization of the works of foreign and domestic scientists, as well as their own research, the authors propose an author’s method for comparative diagnostics of the main indicators of the development of the service sector and the factors that determine them and tested it on...
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Major Trends in the Digital Transformation of Agriculture

Zaripova Rimma, Tyurina Marina, Rocheva Olga, Chupaev Andrey, Sharifullina Albina
The digitalization of the agro-industrial complex is a global process, during which the traditional way of agricultural production is replaced by a new one. Information resources are being formed, the collection, synthesis and adaptation of databases, applied software products and recommendations for...
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Internship Platforms for Work-Based Learning

Natalia Molodchik, Galina Ostapenko, Natalia Nagibina
The enterprise internship and the acquisition of practical skills while studying at the university are the realities of a modern student around the world. The quality of internship is beneficial for all the stakeholders involved into this process: for students it is a transition from school to professional...
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Cooperation of Science and Business in Order to Organize High-Tech Production in the Regions of the Russian Federation

Antamoshkina Olga Igorevna, Stupina Alena Aleksandrovna, Karaseva Margarita Vladimirovna, Kamenskaya Natalia Vasilevna, Stupin Artem Olegovich, Zinina Olga Vyacheslavna
The paper considers the selection of priority innovative programs as a plan for technical development and production organization. Various financing alternatives are reviewed in the form of mathematical models for the coordination of interests between players of relationships. The pseudo-Boolean optimization...
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Practice-Oriented Technologies in the Educational Process as the Basis for the Economic Development of Society

Irina Kolchurina, Yulia Klimashina, Vera Shipunova, Lyudmila Sabanova, Kristina Basite, Maria Kolchurina
At present, the world economy is moving to a new level of development. New technologies are developing at an accelerated pace and most production processes are being automated. These variations lead to a rapid change of economic and social order in society. Modern society and economics are on the path...
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The Sustainability Potential of the Humanitarian Professional Today

Fatimet Khuako, Svetlana Kirzhinova, Larisa Bzegezheva, Marietta Bolokova
The purpose of the work is to look, the comparison and the partly generalization of the conditions, which need for staying live of humanitarian professionalism in the modern world. To starting from the problem of humanitarian acknowledge’ deficit, and also it’s neglect on the science and social fields...
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Organization of Foreign Trade in the Krasnoyarsk Territory: Assessing Possibilities for IT Application

Ruban Olga Viktorovna, Voloshin Andrey Vladimirovich, Saraskina Lyubov Evgenievna, Baguzova Larisa Valentinovna, Suslova Julia Yurievna, Kravtsov Dmitry Ivanovich
Regional climatic factors determine the socio-economic conditions for the external relations organization of economic entities, whose activities play the key role in the Krasnoyarsk Territory economy. Foreign trade organization analysis allowed establishing trends in its development, identifying main...
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Training of Modern Personnel: Anthropological Foundations of Education

Tamara V. Agapova, Larisa Y. Aisner, Oleg D. Naumov
The article deals with the activities of the classical University carried out in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution, actualizing the question of training demanded and competitive staff of the future. In addition to the analysis of economic efficiency indicators of considered institution,...
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Formation of Optimal Directions and Instruments for Optimization of the Development and Training System of the Organization Personnel

Sofia Khalitova, Elena Postnikova, Ludmila Afanasieva, Olga Pronskaya, Andrew Rumshin, Alexander Afanasiev
Personnel training for the majority of Russian organizations is currently gaining special importance due to the fact that employers in the market conditions make high demands on the level of staff qualification, their knowledge and skills. Companies are aware that the training and development of personnel...
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Innovations in the Global Process of Capital Reproduction

Olga Panfilova, Vladimir Chernenko
One of the main factors for globalization is innovation. The research of the globalization and innovation impact on the capital reproduction process is one of the most relevant. Each country tries to influence the global process through its domestic labor force, means of production, import-export tariffs...
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Employment and Learning in the Context of the Quality of Working Life

Zuzana Dvorakova, Ilona A. Polents, Iveta Nemeckova
The society and labor markets are preparing for the global competition with robots, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things. By addressing the bibliometric research deficit from an international literature perspective, this study explores the thematic evolution and the state of employability,...
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Sustainable Forest Management as the Basis of Economic Growth of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

L.V. Brezinskaya, E.A. Khartanovich
”Sustainable development” means the harmonious development of society with its natural environment and aims both meeting the needs of the present and ensuring future generations meeting their needs. The article reveals the aspects of sustainable forest management: environmental, economic, social and...
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Managing Human Resources Involved in Solving Atypical Situations: A Motivational Model

Research actuality resumes from the fundamental role of the human factor in solving management issues, including contingency plans for unforeseen situations. The current management practices show just how human behavior can be unpredictable in settling the issue on time. The efficiency of the team member...
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The Influence of Industry State Support on the Development of the Region

Anna Glebova, Natalia Malysheva
The modern world is characterized by the strengthening of the economic and political expansion of Russia into the world community, expansion of world economic relations, and intensification of international economic relations. At the same time, the Russian Federation runs an active protectionist policy...
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Development of Transport Customer Service in Russia to Attract Tourist Flows

T.N. Sakulyeva, K.A. Zalikhina
The regularity of the tourist flow directly depends on the level of transport services provided. Properly distributed in time, high-quality transportation passenger services are the basis not only for the daily routes, but also for touristic flows. The relevance of this work is to create competitive...
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Prospects of Competitiveness of Production of Regions Participating in the Project “New Silk Road” Taking Into Account Concepts “Lean Production” and “Economy of Sustainable Development”

Anna Starodubova, Nailya Gareeva
The authors propose an improved method of assessing the competitiveness of production of regions. The novelty of this method lies in the principles of selection of competitiveness factors based on the concepts: “Lean production”, “Economy of sustainable development”, “Change Management” (previously these...
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Development of a Fuzzy Dynamic Model for the Formation of the Optimal Allocation of Financial Resources for the Maximum Development of Regional Human Capital

Lev Mazelis, Kirill Lavrenyuk, Andrei Krasko, Elena Krasova
Currently, human capital is one of the crucial factors in the sustainable development of the region; an increase in the level of human capital is an essential priority that allows to timely achieve the strategic goals of social and economic development. In this study, the issue of the optimal allocation...
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Digital Economy Role in Modern Social and Economic Relations Management

Natalia Ershova, Ruslan Shangaraev, Tatiana Kosareva
The article is devoted to the actual problem of analysis of the digital economy impact on the current state of world economy, the problem of transition to a qualitatively new level to meet the requirements of digital civilization. The authors suggest a number of specific constructive proposals to adapt...
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Actual Aspects of Ensuring Strategic Competitiveness in Commerce

Larisa Nyurenberger, Ivan Sewruikov, Olesya Sevostyanova, Natalia Shchetinina, Olga Leushina, Tatyana Varyuha
the article summarizes strategic directions of activity to ensure competitiveness of trading enterprises. A distinctive characteristic of presented generalized model is detailing the process of analyzing prerequisites and the process of unifying competitive advantages of retail enterprises, starting...
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Development Potential of Retail Chain of Consumer Cooperation Based on the Reverse Franchising Technology

E.E. Tarasova, E.I. Makrinova, I.V. Rozdolskaya, E.V. Matuzenko, O.A. Glazunova
In accordance with the “Road map for the Consumer Cooperation System Development for 2017–2021,” the main task of its effective functioning is creation of comfortable conditions for the retail trade improvement. The solution to the problem is in the implementation of effective forms of interaction with...
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Problems of Institutional Structures Formation to Support Talented Youth at the Regional Level

Asya Arutyunova
The article attempts to justify the need to create institutional systems to identify and support creatively gifted children. The paper analyzes the institutional problems of the modern system of support for talented youth, both at the Federal and regional levels in the Russian Federation. An analysis...
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On the Influence of Population Income and Foreign Exchange Rate on the Development of a Tourism-Recreational Country’s and Region’s Facilities

Irina F. Zhuckovskaya, Marina V. Krasnova, Olga B. Yares
The article considers the interdependence of the level and real content of the population’s income, the exchange rate and the demand for services of the tourist and recreational complex, as well as the influence of the above factors on the level of demand for external or internal tourism. We determine...
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Modern Approaches to the Regional Innovation Potential Study

Sergey Bolgov, Julia Veselova, Oxana Zurina, Alexandra Klimova, Valentina Klimova, Svetlana Chekuldova
In this article, the development of the innovative potential of the region as a factor in the sustainability of the national economy is described. The regional component of this problem is particularly important because the resources and potential opportunities for innovative development are concentrated...
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The Analysis of UK and US Migration Policies in Relation to the Middle East Countries

Aleksander Eremin, Irina Kuprieva
Of course, the influx of migrants to the countries mentioned above comes not only from the Middle East and not only to the UK and the US, but as part of this study, we are interested particularly in the problem of the interaction of the Arabic-speaking and English-speaking peoples. The article analyzes...
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Managing Innovative Trends in Economic Development

Gusev Yuri Vasilyevich, Polovova Tatyana Alexandrovna, Karnaukh Inessa Stanislavovna, Taratina Anastasia Leonidovna
Technological leaps that occur periodically and replace dominant technologies with more advanced ones lead not only to the reduction of individual production costs below the socially necessary ones, but also provide higher consumer results. In world practice, one of the important instruments of state...
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Correlation of Financial Markets and It Significance for the New Silk Road: The Case of Russia

Inna Kolesnik, Yuliya Evlakhova, Elena Alifanova
The integration of countries and regions into global economic processes, among which we can mention The Belt and Road Initiative, is significantly affected by the existing interconnections of national financial markets. The paper gives a detailed analysis of the relation between the dynamics of the Russian...
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Training in the Digitalization of Education: Advanced Learning Technologies and Design Thinking Methodology

Guzaliia Fazylzianova, Vitalii Balalov
This study analyzes world practices in the formation of creative thinking in the education system: from the development of educational programs to the education management system as a whole. It also provides examples of the implementation of this methodology in well-known business companies that implement...
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Active Civil Position of Youth as a Factor in the Development of a Modern High-Tech State

Bespalova Tatyana Mikhailovna
The article considers the problem of resource efficiency of the effective development of the state. It is shown that in a wide range of means of the prospective development of the state and society, the key factor is the personality factor. As one of the priority incentives for the formation of the productivity...
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Modern Information Technologies and Language Animation in Foreign Languages Teaching

Angelina Bagateeva, Alsu Aydarova, Elmira Vildanova, Natalya Koroleva, Irina Strahova, Tatyana Mazaeva
The article focuses on the study of cutting-edge mobile technologies and information and communicative technologies (ICT) and their application in teaching a wide range of subjects in higher education in general and a foreign language in particular. The study has shown the common teaching methods integrally...
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The Export Potential of Innovative Bioresources of the Arctic in the Economic Zone of the Polar Silk Road

Elena Bogdanova, Andrey Lobanov, Sergey Andronov, Ruslan Kochkin, Ildikó Asztalos Morell
Due to active exploration of the Arctic, employing shift workers from the southern regions, development of the Northern sea route and the Arctic shelf, there is a high need to increase resistance to cold, especially in extreme stress situations, maintain high efficiency and prevent diseases in the harsh...
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The Spectrum of Threats of Regional Economic Security

Alexander Khorev, Viktoriia Grigorieva, Galina Belyaeva
Indicators for assessing the level of economic security of the region provide an opportunity for a comprehensive assessment of the development and stability of the territory, its ability to withstand the influence of negative external and internal factors. Studies show that there is currently no generally...
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International Economic Integration of BRICS Countries–Driver of Regional and Global Economic Growth

Tamara Parfinenko
The article examines the state and effectiveness of the integration processes of the international BRICS association. Since its establishment, the BRICS member countries have continued to deepen and increase economic integration, what became the driver of economic dynamism, both within the group and...
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Lean Technologies Application as a Tool to Increase the Economic Efficiency of the Production System

V. B. Elagina, G. R. Tsareva, O.A. Vasilkova, N.A. Viktorova
The modern management system assumes that all enterprises striving to reach a positive economic trajectory must ensure high level of quality and product competitiveness, simultaneously losing their identification and reducing aspects that do not create any value for their customers. Using the example...
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Teaching the Main State Languages in the System of Inclusive Education (On the Example of the Republic of Tatarstan)

Vladimir Belyaev, Gulnaz Sibaeva, Olga Maksimova
With the growing number of people with disabilities and the need for their socialization, the role of their included education is growing. The article highlights the features of language teaching in the system of inclusive education of youth with disabilities. The specifics of learning the two main languages...
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Features of the Creative Abilities’ Formation of Undergraduates in the Context of the Requirements of Professional Standards in the Field of Physical Education and Sports

Mikhaylova Darya Alexandrovna
The article considers the scientific problem of the contradiction between the economically and socially determined need for the formation of creative abilities among professionals in the field of physical education and sports and the lack of developed technologies for the implementation of such a formation...
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Constitutional and Legal Foundations of Economic Development and the Role of International “Sanctions”

Elena A. Osavelyuk
On the example of Russia the article demonstrates the relationship between the functioning of constitutional institutions of economic development and state cooperation with the application of sanction measures to its senior officials and heads of state enterprises. It is shown that the unlawful use of...
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Problems of Application of Digital Technologies in International Trade

Tatyana Vorotyntseva, Gulzida Nemirova, Artyom Vinichenko
The experience of blockchain application in international trade on the example of Singapore and South Korea that use this mechanism to improve the efficiency of customs transactions and customs control was studied in the work. The use of this technology undoubtedly gives positive results, which allows...
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Industrial Cooperation in Mechanical Engineering as a Tool of Innovative Orientation of Economic Development

T.A. Kodolova, L.A. Suvorova
The article considers industrial cooperation as a tool for fast implementation of innovative developments in the engineering industry. Industrial cooperation has a significant impact on the formation of sustainable innovative development of the economy and contributes to expansion of science-intensive...
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Integration of Science, Education, Business, and Power in the Digital Environment

Larisa Drobyshevskaya, Svetlana Kovalenko, Ekaterina Popova
The article presents research results of the process of integration of science, education, business and government as the basis for the progressive development of the national economy. A methodological approach is proposed and the effectiveness of integration interactions of the participants of the innovation...
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Improvement of Service in the Supply Chains of Goods in the Transport Communication “Europe–Russia” Using the Transit Potential of the Kaliningrad Region

E.I. Pavlova, E.V. Cherpakova, I.A. Mamedova, N.V. Yakushina, E.V. Karlyavina
Implementation of the project of development of multimodal transportations from China to Europe through ports of the Kaliningrad region has begun. One of the reasons for changing the conventional route (through the Republic of Belarus) of Chinese goods to Europe were infrastructure restrictions at the...
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Main Directions of Improvement of Investment Processes in the Chechen Republic

L. Sh. Yangulbaeva, M.Sh. Merzho, H.G. Chaplaev
The topic of attracting investment is especially relevant for our country, taking into account the diversity of regions, the different rates of their economic development, the state of production, financial, and business infrastructure. Timely and proper use of investments ensures the socio-economic...
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Organization of the Development of a Business Strategy and Interpretation of Approaches Used By the Management of Russian Manufacturing Companies: The State of the Information Component of the Strategic Process

Nikolay A. Dimitriadi, Vladimir M. Dzhukha, Ttiana Yu. Sinyuk, Olga B. Chernenko, Irina V. Mishurova, Svetlana Yu. Sharrbatsiuk
The article presents the results determine frequency of use leaders of modern Russian manufacturers pharmaceutical products basic approaches to organizing strategic planning (corporate planning, iteration planning, intuitive planning, chaotic planning). An assessment is made by the top management of...
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Models and Methods of Classification of Innovation Market Information

Berg Tatiana Igorevna, Stupina Alena Aleksandrovna, Erygin Yuri Vladimirovich, Yurdanova Vera Nikolaevna, Korpacheva Larisa Nikolaevna, Ruiga Irina Rudolfovna
The importance of innovation as a product on the market field in the conditions of transformation of means of promotion, digitalization, and expansion of sales channels on the Internet is discussed in the article. The authors’ vision of classifying innovations by the type based on a subjective approach...
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Opportunities and Conditions for Implementation of the Social Entrepreneurship Project in the Republic of Tatarstan: Experts’ Assessment

Mahiyanova Alina, Elmira Khuzieva, Ruzanna Valeeva, Tamara Filimonova
The article presents the theoretical and applied aspects of the analysis of possibilities and conditions for the implementation of the project of social entrepreneurship in the territory of a separate region of the Russian Federation. In the theoretical aspect, the essence of the term “social entrepreneurship”...
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Features of Students’ Interaction in Multicultural Educational Environment

Ekaterina Bessonova, Lyudmila Borovik, Elena Piskunova, Anastasiya Cherkasova
The article is devoted to the analysis of relationships within the children’s multicultural team. Due to the large migration flows, the contemporary research focuses on studying the features of the educational process when participants are representatives of different cultures. Particular attention is...
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Polotsk State University in the Educational Space of Polotsk Region

Barun Alena, Dauhiala Natallia, Dauhiala Dzmitry, Natallia Hryshanava, Andryewskaja Sviatlan
The article considers the role of university education in the regional space. It is proved that the regional university is faced with the task of working out a qualitatively new educational policy, as well as the fact that the mutual influence of the university and the region is one of the leading factors...
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Human Capacities for the Digital Economy in Russian Regions

L.V. Sankova, E.V. Yanchenko, L.A. Otstavnova, N.A. Ivanova
The importance and topicality of the research is determined by the necessity to estimate the processes related with creation and development of human capacities required for digitalization of the economy on the federal and regional levels. The aim of the article is to investigate the current status and...
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Digital Technologies Preconditions in Traffic Management and Passengers’ Fare Collection on Commuter Trains

Viktor Sankov, Sergey Morozov, Mikhail Bochkarev
The relevance ensuring collection of transportation fares from passengers in full by Suburban Passenger Companies (SPC) is an especially important aspect of their operation as it forms the companies’ income in its fullness from their main activity. It can be effective only on the assumption of comprehensive...
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International Experience in Managing Intellectual Capital of Territories for Innovative Development

Kuzminykh Natalia, Mashkina Dinara, Roze Nelly
Actuality. Today the role of intellectual capital, which integrates in its structure a significant part of intellectual assets and constitutes a basis of innovative development of the country, is consolidated at the legislative level and acquires formalized features of the priority direction of state...
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Small and Medium Businesses in the System of Stable Economic Development in the Conditions of Digital Economy

Yusupova Malika Dokkaevna, Bulguchev Murat Khamzatovich
Digitalization of the economy allows us to analyze the results of the activities of firms regarding the chosen form of ownership and the form of management. According to official figures in the North Caucasus republics, in recent years the production of material goods is more efficient in private small...
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Assessment of the Prospects for Regional Companies to Enter Global Markets for High-Tech Products

Zoya Vasileva, Tatiana Likhacheva, Anna Moskvina, Lusine Bagdasaryan
Global challenges affecting the economic and technological development of economic sectors are identified; conditions and key trends related to world trade dynamics and the formation of new configuration with the inclusion of national economies in global value chains are highlighted. Criteria for selection...
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Training of Engineering Professionals in Higher Education as Economic Development Factor

Vladimir Demidov, Dmitriy Mokhorov, Anna Mokhorova
In this day and age, economic growth challenges have proven the objective need to gradually improve the training system of technical and information professionals to provide states with labor forces in order to ensure progress in addressing social and economic aspects of raising living standards. Different...