Proceedings of the “New Silk Road: Business Cooperation and Prospective of Economic Development” (NSRBCPED 2019)

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Features of Transformation Processes in the Consumer Market in the Digital Economy

Petruchenya Irina Vladimirovna, Batraev Marseille Dimekhametovich, Batraeva Elina Alexandrovna, Sartene Olga Tuktarovna
Digitalization of priority sectors of the economy and the social sphere, including the consumer market, requires a qualitative review of the mechanism of interaction between market entities and the use of new tools for regulating their relationships. Globalization of the consumer market in the digital...
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Does a Difference Between Volunteers and Other People’s Focus an Self-Development Targeting Exist?

Lucie Zarubova, Lenka Svecova
The paper deals with the topic of volunteering in the Czech Republic. The motivation of volunteers consists of several motivators that are individually different. The volunteer is not financially rewarded for their work, so it is important to know their volunteering initiative. Is volunteering linked...
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Methodological Aspects of Evaluation of Digitalization of Lean Production Tools

Natalya Soldatova, Svetlana Ilyashenko, Ilya Soloviev
Until recently, it was enough for industrial enterprises to buy the best available technology and use it more efficiently than competitors. Lean manufacturing was the most reliable tool to achieve the goal of forming a strategic economic portfolio. This paradigm ends today. Lean manufacturing by its...
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Event Marketing as an Effective Tool for Building Long-Term Customer Relationships

N.S. Sharafutdinova, N.G. Xametova, E.N. Novikova, Zh.P. Shnorr, E.S. Rolbina
The article discusses the main trends in the development of event marketing in Russia. Based on a comprehensive analysis of event marketing effectiveness assessment approaches, the authors proposed a methodology for event marketing performance assessment that takes into account several indicators: the...
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Improving Client-Oriented Approach in the Provision of Public Services in the Context of Digitalization

Anna Zvereva, Svetlana Ilyashenko, Ekaterina Golubtsova
The Quality of public services is a very significant and urgent problem of modern reality. Training of employees of Executive authorities in modern conditions is a socially important issue due to the fact that the client-oriented approach is extremely important. At the same time, the set of organizations...
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Spatial Operation of a Regional Food Supply System Based on Adapted Development of Competitive Agroclusters

Elena Dorzhieva, Evdokia Dugina
The article examines some aspects of the functioning of a regional food supply system, identifies the level of self-sufficiency of subjects of the Russian Federation located in the Baikal region, the main foodstuffs, and the need for the development of interregional food ties. We have made an analysis...
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Changes in the Regional Legal Space in the Context of International Cooperation

Tatyana Yuzhakova, Alexander Ryabikov, Yuri Emelyanov
The development of the modern world community demonstrates changes in the regional structure of the world and the state. Under the influence of political, economic and other factors, there is a variable mobility of interstate and intra-state regional legal spaces. Of particular interest are the processes...
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Quality of Investment Processes in the Regions

Victor Belomestnov, Irina Belomestnova, Evdokia Dugina, Elena Dorzhieva
The article examines the theoretical and practical aspects of ensuring the quality of investment processes in the regions. The main areas of investment in the regions are identified, which include modernization, diversification, innovative development and intensive growth of socio-economic systems. The...
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On the Issues of Using Factor Analysis of the Financial Results of the Organization in the Agricultural Sector of the Economy

Nadezhda Klimovskikh, Andrei Fediashkin
The article focuses on the importance of applying factor analysis of financial results in the activities of organizations worked in the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector of the economy is a complex multisectoral productive-economic system. The level of its development largely determines the...
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Markers of Modern University Education in the Transition to an Innovative Economy

M. Ivanova, O. Shabalina, K. Kazakova
The article actualizes the problems associated with the transformation of university education under the influence of modern socio-economic factors. It was revealed that at present university education is based on a combination of scientific, innovative and educational activities, the balance of which...
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Innovative Potential: The Main Drivers of Digital Transformation

Irina Davydenko, Olga Kolomytseva, Elena Kolesnikova, Viktoriia Grigorieva, Elena Reznikova
Digitalization is currently a topic of great interest and is a source of transformation in various fields of activity. Numerous new technologies in the field of the Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, big data and many others offer great opportunities for a radical update of the business...
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Improvement of the Efficiency of the Recruitment Policy of the Medical Care as a Factor in the Reduction of the Staff Shortage of the Industry

Eleanor Chernenko, Inna Lebedeva, Nadezhda Klimovskikh, Elena Gorlova
A staff shortage has a negative impact on the functioning of both an individual service or enterprise (organization, institution) in general, and the entire industry in which it arises. This problem is observed most acutely today in the social sphere, in particular, for education and health care, which...
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Application of Green Finance Tools in the System of Sustainable Interaction Between the Real and Financial Economy: Opportunities and Prospects

Joanna Koczar, Venera Vagizova, Madina Agliullina, Zarina Agliullina
The article represents the algorithm of using green finance tools in financial design which allows to recognize the interaction between financial and real sectors of the economy in the system of sustainable development. Nowadays green finance is an important part of global financial system. This is due...
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Risk-Based Approaches to Food Safety Management International and Russian Experience

E.L. Bortsova, N.A. Nikolaeva, L.Yu. Lavrova, S.M. Bortsov
International cooperation in the food market is currently characterized by the harmonization of international, supranational and national requirements for quality and safety of food products. Therefore, it is appropriate to talk about consistent requirements for ensuring food security at various levels...
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The Use of Neural Network Technologies in the Electronic Information and Educational Environment in the Formation of Digital Skills

Julia V. Torkunova, Diana M. Korosteleva, Ilya P. Alekseev, Olga I. Bogomolova, Natalia K. Petrova
The development and growth of the digital economy necessitates the acquisition and development of digital skills in the majority of the population. During the study, digital skills were divided into 4 levels: “digital literacy”, “digital culture”, “digital competence” and “digital professionalism”. Considering...
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Correlation of MOOC Students’ Behavior Patterns and Their Satisfaction with the Quality of the Course

Galina Mozhaeva, Daria Maslova, Kristina Yakovleva
The article presents the results of the study on the patterns of behavior of massive open online courses (MOOCs) learners in the context of motives to the learning, set criteria of quality, and also the engagement rate. Within the research the data collected on learners enrolled in online courses of...
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Digital Trends and New Payment Models in B2C E-Commerce Context

Petra Jílková, Petra Králová
Digitalization and the development of e-commerce in recent years have led to revolutionary changes in customer behavior. Online marketing is based on effective communication, and the communication specialist provides online products and services efficiently. E-commerce is a dynamic, rapidly changing...
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Statistical Evaluation of Social and Economic Factors of Development of State Models (The Case of Developed and Developing Countries)

Larisa Demidova, Nadezda Goreeva, Georgy Popov, Olga Savchina
The paper presents the study of models for social and economic development of states, based on their indicators of sector efficiency and social development, incorporated in a factor model. The object of the study is a sample of developed and developing countries. The subject of the study is the selection...
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The Arctic of the Future: Retrospective And Perspective of Research and Development

Rocheva Olga, Khadiullina luliia, Zaripova Rimma, Hamatgaleeva Gulia, Kosulin Valery
The efficiency of foreign investments, which is directly related to the specifics of intra-industry specialization and economic opportunities of national States, is considered. In natural and climatic terms, the Arctic is a unique region of The globe. Glaciers and permafrost are common in this area....
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Practice-Oriented Forms of Scientific and Technical Creativity of Gifted Youth

Yazglem Davletshina, Radmila Khizbullina
This article explicates the specifics of the scientific and technical creativity of gifted youth as creative activities to create material and technical products and means in order to optimize the social and economic development of society. The methodological approaches to the study of the phenomenon...
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Information and Measuring System for Ensuring and Monitoring Environmental Safety

Tyurina Marina, Porunov Alexander, Zaripova Rimma, Gaynetdinova Alsu, Kosulin Valery
Monitoring of environmental dynamics parameters is largely necessary for monitoring and ensuring environmental safety in regions and industrial zones of high risk of man-made disasters, this is especially important for the territories adjacent to the Silk Road. The paper presents the results of the development...
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International Transport Corridors: Impact on Territorial Development

Irina Makarova, Ksenia Shubenkova, Polina Buyvol, Vadim Mavrin, Larisa Gabsalikhova, Eduard Mukhametdinov
The fact that Russian Federation is situated between Western Europe and the rapidly developing countries of Southeast Asia determines the relevance of the international transport corridors development in order to create an international connection between the mentioned countries. The transit potential...
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The Role of Practice-Oriented Education in the Development of the Country’s Economy

Zaripova Rimma, Porunov Alexander, Zinurova Rushania, Galyamov Roman, Stepanova Galina
Current economic conditions require training of highly qualified specialists. Improving the quality of higher professional education is currently one of the urgent problems not only for Russia, but also for the entire world community. The solution to this problem is connected with the modernization of...
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Visualizing Excursion Tours as a Way to Increase the Public Image Attractiveness of the Region (By the Example of Smolensk Region)

Aleksandr Volodchenkov, Lyudmila Zhebrunova, Svetlana Shcherbakova, Valery Mel’nikov, Konstantin Kupchenko, Olesya Kirsanova
The article presents the results of the research aimed at revealing theoretical and methodological backgrounds of how to improve the brand image of Smolensk region. The investigated issue is all the more acute as Smolensk region is a strategically important Russian region adjacent both to the border...
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Experience of Environmental Education Products Designing

Irina Akhmedova, Elena Pinigina, Olga Prituzhalova, Liliia Sulkarnaeva, Natalia Zherebyateva
As education advances in digital epoch, the education process becomes adaptive and more and more individual to meet the demands of individual learners. Sustainable development, environmental protection, environmental management and environmental safety are now among the most popular areas of education...
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On the Way to High Level of Social Welfare: The Role of Motherhood in the Development of Productive and Entrepreneurial Activities

Diana Rakhmatullina, Natalyia Larionova, Julia Varlamova
This article provides a detailed analysis of how motherhood changes the behavior of economic agents-women and as a result increases the limits of opportunities and potentials of the whole society. Psychologists note that women with the birth of a child have significant transformations in their consciousness...
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Formation of Innovative Potential of Students

Tatyana Chernyshova, Aleksandr Prokopev, Dmitry Bobin, Ekaterina Babeshkova
This article deals with the problem of formation of innovative potential of a student’s personality. Modern conditions of economic development require a new approach to the formation of employee competencies. Innovation has become not only the main criterion for increasing competitiveness, but also a...
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Educational Potential as a Basis for Increasing the Country’s Competitiveness

Alfiya Kuznetsova
The transformational processes taking place in the educational system of the Russian Federation should favor a positive formation of professional competencies and competitive advantages of young people. Increasing the level of education of the population hypothetically should contribute to the growth...
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Systematization of the Activity Digitalization Risks: Economic, Cultural, Political, and International Aspects

Rodina Larisa, Nazarov Sergey
The article includes the study results of the negative activity digitalization consequences at all levels of public life. Moreover, the emphasis is made on prevention of risks that are possible due to the negative impact of digitalization. However, it is fair to note that the traditional consideration...
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Training Specialists in Finances and Economics Using Virtual Educational Space

Liudmila Kutepova, Ilyas Salakhov, Nuraniya Harisova, Margarita Ignatyeva, Ilsiya Timerbulatova, Roman Smirnov
In this article we defined major opportunities of virtual educational space in training of specialists in financial and economic area, we also analyzed information technology facilities that are used in the process of training. The objective of this article is to analyze the opportunities of virtual...
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Application of Elasticity Theory for Assessment of Social and Economic System Sustainability

Galina P. Litvintseva, Alexey I. Karpovich
The source of emergence of sustainability problems related to social and economic systems lies in factors of complexity and uncertainty. The presence of sufficient sustainability in the performance of social and economic objects characterizes effectiveness of adaptation mechanisms and their abilities...
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Organizational and Legal Foundations of the Creation and Functioning of Collaborations

Larisa Yu. Aisner, Elena N. Sochneva, Mikhail Chervyakov
In the modern world, a new socio-economic phenomenon has appeared - a collaboration, which is understood as the association of two or more persons for the joint implementation of innovative directed activities in the form of a project. And although this phenomenon appeared relatively recently, however,...
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Mechanism of Cooperation of Private Subsidiary Plots of the Republic of Tuva in the Production of Livestock Products

Regina Taibyl, Vyacheslav Sevek, Ruslana Sevek, Chayana Darzhaa
The aim of this work is to develop a mechanism for integrating private subsidiary plots as an individual form of entrepreneurship activity with agricultural business entities for livestock production in the Republic of Tuva. The problem of studying private subsidiary plots occupies an important place...
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Features of Strategic Management of Business Processes of Telecommunication Enterprises in the Digital Economy

M.A. Plakhotnikova, A. Yu Kashirtseva, A. Yu. Anisimov
Currently, the Russian economy is in a transition period, preparing it for a change in the technological order. Such a dynamic transition has a significant impact on the development of the domestic economy as a whole and its individual sectors, in particular the telecommunications industry. The increasing...
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Position of Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia in the Competition for Attracting FDI

Inna Andronova, Nikolay Gusakov, Olga Digilina, Nataliya Dyuzheva, Nadezhda Kuchma
Features of modern world development are associated with a changing role of developing countries in the competition for foreign direct investment. This article shows that the transformation of China’s domestic policy and its transformation into a new regional leader in Asia has led to a change in the...
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Creation of the Strategic Personnel Development Program

Tatiana Gileva, Dinara Peskova
Competence and motivation of staff are the most important factors that ensure the competitiveness of modern organizations and require continuous development. The key rules and tools for developing a program for strategic development of personnel are analyzed, its structure is determined. The structure...
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Cognitive Modeling of the Development of Tourist Recreational Cluster in the Imperatives of Innovative Development of the Territory

Elena Zhertovskaja, Marianna Yakimenko
The relevance of this study is due to the growing need for transformation of the approaches to managing the development of promising local tourist recreational clusters using the innovative technological solutions, digitalization, and platforming on the way to achieving sustainable development of the...
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IT Infrastructure Support for the Implementation of the Balanced-Empirical Mechanism of the Strategic Analysis and Forecasting System for Copper Industry Enterprises

Oleg Bazhenov, Oxana Sukhova
The article presents the authors’ vision of IT support for the implementation of the balanced-empirical mechanism of the strategic analysis and forecasting system for copper industry enterprises. For this purpose, the authors consistently address the following issues: 1) we introduce and briefly...
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Inverted Classroom as Innovative International Educational Technology in Teaching Doctors in Global Challenges Era

Krasilnikova Natalja Valerjevna, Vaucher Paul, Vanchakova Nina Pavlovna, Bogatyrev Andrei Anatoljevich, Vatskel Elizaveta Aleksandrovna, Baraboshina Anna Aleksandrovna
The research is based on the accomplishment experience of The international Swiss-Russian TICOM project – Transcultural Inverted Classrooms in Osteopathy and Medicine, focused on testing modern technologies for inverted classes. The investigation is dedicated to the topical issue of upgrading doctors’...
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Institutional Structure of Sevastopol’s Social Capital: Perception of Real Actors

Nataliia Simchenko, Elena Piskun, Vladimir Khokhlov
The article is devoted to the study of the institutional structure of the social capital of the city of Sevastopol on the basis of assessing the perception by real actors of the level of satisfaction with life in the city. The relevance of the topic is due to the importance of forming an effective institutional...
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Modern Tendencies and Perspective Directions of Agro-Industrial Complex Development in Russia

M Arkhipova, V Sirotin, V Afonina
The recent changes in the conditions of Russian agro-industrial complex operation have both positive and negative sides. The positive changes include the creation of more favorable conditions for domestic producers because of the introduced counter-sanctions aimed at restricting the import of agricultural...
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The Implementation of the Profiled Pedagogical Class Model in the Framework of Continuous Teacher Education

Anna O. Budarina, Alexandra S. Zelko, Tatiana P. Mishurovskaya
The study presents the results of the model implementation of the profiled pedagogical class in high school as a part of the experiment of professional pedagogical education enhancement within the framework of continuous teacher education in the Kaliningrad region. The curriculum for profiled classes,...
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Enterprise Performance and Specific Financial Sources

Dagmar Čámská, Jiří Klečka
This paper is focused on specific capital sources used for financing of entrepreneurial activities. Classical sources contain equity in various forms and liabilities in a form of issued bonds, loans mainly provided by banks. In recent years there have been appearing more and more non-standard sources....
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Corporate Sustainability Planning Tools for Knowledge-Intensive Enterprises

Alexander Tsvettsykh, Natalia Shevtsova, Tatiana Afanasyeva
Currently, there is a need to reform the Russian rocket and space complex (RSC) in order to strengthen its role in ensuring the scientific and technological development of the Russian economy. Reorientation of scientific, technical and personnel potential enterprises for the needs of the market is associated...
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Study of the Level of Employers’ Satisfaction with the Quality of Training in Universities

Pleshkov Konstantin, Leonteva Irina, Trukova Alena
The study of employers’ attitudes and public opinion shows a serious problem in the relationship between employers and universities. The problem is that the professional qualification of university graduates is more likely to be insufficient to satisfy growing employers’ demands. The key aspects of the...
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Marketing in Banking Sector and Digital Ecosystems

Veronika Lizovskaya, Iana Salikhova, Ekaterina Khalina
Currently, the banking sector is undergoing significant changes due to the development of digital technologies and changes in consumer behavior. In the context of increased competition, banks are looking for new ways to attract and retain customers, focusing on omnichannel service strategies and the...
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Realization of the Concept of the Belt and Road Initiative Based on the Development of Digitalization Processes in the Field of International Trade

Olga Nikulina
The article is dedicated to the study of digitalization processes in the field of international trade from the point of view of implementation of the concept of the Belt and Road Initiative. The role and importance of digital technologies in the development of international trade, deepening foreign trade...
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Insurance of Financial Risks of Industrial Enterprises

Donetskova Olga, Sadykova Lucia, Korobeynikova Elena
The article discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of the development of the market for insurance of financial risks of industrial enterprises. Theoretical studies have revealed that the total insurance protection of industrial enterprises is represented by property insurance, business risk...
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Tools of Labor Productivity Management at Agricultural Enterprises

Anastasia Sharopatova, Julia Olentsova
The article is devoted to the consideration of labor productivity tools. At the current stage of economic development, the problem of increasing labor productivity and efficiency of labor resources use at agricultural enterprises is of great importance. The factors determining the level and dynamics...
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Reasonability of Using LMS Moodle Tests as a Form of Control in Teaching a Foreign Language for Students of Secondary Vocational Education

Svetlana Kapsargina, Julia Olentsova
One of the most important places in determining the strategic goal of teaching in the system of secondary vocational education is the social order of state with regard to the younger generation. Discipline “Foreign language” is a mandatory part of the general humanitarian and socio-economic educational...
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Regional Support of Small Business in the Agriculture Sphere of the Krasnoyarsk region

Alena Rozhkova, Julia Olentsova
Small and medium businesses play a special role in the development of the agro-industrial complex of the country and individual regions. Small business is an important part of the market economic system; small businesses operate in almost all sectors of the economy. Thanks to flexibility and adaptability,...
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Forecasting the Population Life Quality as a Tool of Human Capital Management

Olga Antamoshkina, Olga Zinina, Julia Olentsova
In modern conditions, the competitive advantages of the economy and the possibility of its modernization are largely determined by the accumulated and realized human capital. People with their education, qualifications and experience determine the boundaries and opportunities of technological, economic...
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Methodical Aspects of a Region’s Economic Policy Diagnosis

Alyona Barinova, Anna Bezdudnaya, Mikhail Barinov, Aleksej Vasil’Chikov, Oksana Chechina
The article presents approaches to the interpretation of the “regional economic policy” concept in a theoretical form. A fairly extensive debate regarding this category and assessment methods, confirms the interest of researchers in this study. The relevance of the article is determined by the objective...
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An Innovative Approach to Selection and Improving the Effectiveness of the Personnel During the Implementation and Nuclear Operation of Power Industry

Subbotin Artem Sergeevich, Melkumyan Andrey Olegovich, Koprikov Artem Dmitrievich, Polushina Viktorya Vadimovna, Fitkulin Radmir Faridovich, Bazhunaishvili David Guramovich
Selection and professional retraining methods like design, building, operation in the field of implementation nuclear power industry are considered in the article. Necessary conditions for high work efficiency at the appropriate stages for specialists, motivation methods like incentives, career development...
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Dependence of the Capital Structure of Russian Transport Companies on the Type of Transport Used

Skorokhod Aleksandrina, Kharchenko Larisa, Khramova Valeriya, Chernenko Vladimir
the purpose of the study is to assess the impact of sales profitability level on the formation of the structure and the weighted average cost of capital of companies in the transport industry of Russia, depending on the type of transport used. The research methodology is based on financial analysis,...
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Entrepreneurial Competence of the Teacher as the Basis of Economic Development of the Country

Zhurakovskaya Vera Mikhailovna, Morozova Anna Leonidovna, Godina Dzhamilya Khasanovna, Irina Igorevna Yaroslavskaya
The article raises the problem of formation of students’ entrepreneurial competencies, teachers and heads of educational organizations of General education. Relevance of the entrepreneurial competencies formation is based on: the Federal State Education Standard of higher education, direction - 38.03.02...
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The Impact of Economic Activity on Global Warming

Alexandru Gribincea, Corina Gribincea, Alexandru A. Gribincea
Global problems are the problems that affect the entire population of the Earth and represent advantages and perils to the whole human society. The topicality of the research resides in solving the global problems of humanity in different fields, but all of them test the maturity of the society by changing...
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Aging Population as a Factor of Reduction of the Working-Age Population of the Country

Privalov Nikolai Gennadievich, Zhuravleva Natalya Alexandrovna, Privalova Svetlana Gennadievna
The relevance of the article is that population ageing is one of the most important demographic problems that has a global character and affects all socio-economic processes of society. The article deals with the issues of demography, namely mortality and fertility, the change in total population, changes...
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Client Orientation of Consumers as a Factor of Value-Based Development of Retail Chains Services

Valeeva Julia Sergeevna, Jaromir Veber, Galina Ostapenko
The article presents methodology of research of client orientation of consumers within the framework of ensuring consumer value of retail chains services. Four main evolutionary stages of development of the theory of client orientation of consumers, which began in the eighteenth century, are identified...
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Assessment of Personnel and Consumer Orientation in the Realization of Value Development of Services

Valeeva Julya Sergeevna, Ilikova Liliya Ernstovna, Nurtdinov Ilgiz Irekovich, Ignatev Vladimir Georgievich, Shargu Lilia Stepanovna, Chkalova Olga Vladimirovna
Assessment of personnel and consumer orientation in the realization of value development of services In the context of realization of value service development for network-based enterprises, which include retail chains, corporate standards are necessary. The article justifies that a clear regulation...
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Substantiation of Efficiency of Local Areas of Placement of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products in the Region

Kundius Valentina, Kovaleva Irina
Stimulating the development of local territories is the possibility of forming their effective system, which, in turn, implies the emergence of organizations in target market segments with steady demand. The article assesses the distribution of raw material zones of agricultural production and processing...
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Retraining Citizens of Age Groups as a Tool of Social and Labour Adaptation

S. Nikolaeva
The article discusses some aspects of the Russian government’s program to retrain or train so-called pre-retirees. It is emphasized that the trend of population ageing is observed almost everywhere, especially in European countries, so the issue of retraining able-bodied age citizens is quite relevant...
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Tourism as a Factor of City Development in the Post-Industrial Economy

Svetlana R. Khusnutdinova, Daniiar F. Sadretdinov, Rustem R. Khusnutdinov
The article is devoted to the study of city tourism. City tourism is now practiced across the whole world; however, it is undervalued in city management as well as in academic research. City tourism is not a new form of tourism as such; as a matter of fact, people have always visited cities with a variety...
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Marking of Building Materials at the Core of a Contract Price Transparency System

Dmitriy Silka
One of the specifics of investment and construction projects is the difficulty of their planning and preparation stage. In order to make a contract it is necessary to have data on the costs of resources, work, equipment, etc. Transparency in these matters is necessary for both Russian and foreign companies...
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Identifying and Interpreting Club Convergence Across the South of Russia

At the present stage, the development of tourism is impossible without taking into account the territorial characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the functioning of tourist and recreational complexes, favorable and negative trends in the development of the tourism industry. This article considers...
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Meaning of Life Orientations of TB-Infected Male Convicts: Analysis of the Pilot Research

Irina Ganishina, Emilia Komarova, Natalia Ilyinykh, Svetlana Korysheva, Ekaterina Kholopova, Alexander Fetisov
Today in Russia proportion of TB-infected male convicts serving sentences in prisons has significantly increased. According to the data of domestic and foreign scientists (R. May, V. Frankl, A. Adler, D.A. Leontiev, A.I. Ushatikov, V.G. Deev, D.V. Sochivko, etc.), the formation of meaning of life orientations...
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Performance Analysis of Development Institutions for Investment and Innovation Activities in Rostov Region

N.G. Kuznetsov, S.G. Tyaglov, M.A. Ponomareva, N.D. Rodionova
The article deals with the issue of working out approaches to improving performance of regional institutions for stimulation of investment and innovation activities development in the Russian Federation. Regional innovative systems are the suppliers of innovative techniques for all economy sectors,...
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Psychological and Pedagogical Features of E-Learning in Higher Educational System: Analysis of Experience and Prospects of Development

Svetlana Korysheva, Irina Ganishina, Sergey Pashukov, Marina Aipova, Nikolaj Tkachenko, Ella Podnebesnaya
The article discusses some psychological and pedagogical features of e-learning in educational institutions of higher education of the Russian Federation: law enforcement, humanitarian, technical universities. It has been established that e-learning is represented mainly by the Moodle system, distance...
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Type of Employment as the Most Important Factor of Economic Growth

Svetlana Pshenichnikova, Elena Kolesnik, Roman Pshenichnikov
The labor force has a number of essential characteristics that can be classified, on the one hand, into quantitative and qualitative, and on the other, in accordance with the phases of reproduction. Based on the set of characteristics, it is possible to classify the labor force into basic, producing...
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New Methods of Customer Segmentation and Individual Credit Evaluation Based on Machine Learning

Zhou Yuping, Petra Jílková, Chen Guanyu, David Weisl
The internet has enabled a fundamental change in consumer behaviour and their understanding of e-commerce business. The main objective of the following article is to present the latest trends in the way of client segmentation associated with individual credit evaluation based on machine learning. The...
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Analysis of Areas of Financial and Economic Cooperation Between China and Russia

V.V. Smirnov, V.L. Semenov, A.N. Zakharova, E.N. Kadyshev, M.P. Efremova, O.O. Kolosova
The article reveals the relevance of the problem of studying the possible areas of financial and economic cooperation of such large countries as China and Russia, as well as the role of developed and developing countries, in the face of a decline in world trade growth and increased global competition. The...
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Priority Business Partner of Russia: China, Germany or USA

V.V. Smirnov, V.L. Semenov, E.N. Kadyshev, A.N. Zakharova, A.G. Suchkova, N.A. Efremov
The article reveals the relevance of the problems of maintaining the rate of economic growth of individual countries, creating favorable conditions for doing business in a period of decline of the dynamics of growth of world trade and strengthening of global competition. As a result of comparative analysis...
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Development of an Algorithm for Evaluating Ways of Efficient Enhancement of Competitiveness for Auto Repair Companies

Remzi Ablaev, Tatiana Kokodey, Alim Ablaev, Tatiana Lomachenko, Mikhail Mikhailov
This article considers the issues of improving the process of evaluating ways of efficient enhancement of competitiveness for auto repair companies in the region, using Sevastopol City as an example. An algorithm, created by the authors, is proposed, which makes it possible to identify the best way for...
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Ice Silk Road: Assessment of the Current State and Development Prospects

Lyubov Vasilievna Larchenko
The Ice Silk Road, one of the routes of the New Silk Road project, is being actively developed by Russia and China. The most important part of the Ice Silk Road is the Northern Sea Route. The article considers the interests of Russia and China and shows that in creating the Ice Silk Road, the interests...
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Obstacles to Mass Electromobility

Ing.Vojtěch Štěch
The general approach to mobility is constantly changing and the expression ‘‘driving an internal combustion engine’’ will become rather unusual in the future. When buying a car, as before, there will be a variety of powertrain technologies available, but there will be more than there is now. However,...
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Formation of Professional Intentions of Young People in the Conditions of Personality-Oriented Education in SPbPU

Dmitrii Tikhonov, Yulia Bazarnova, Ilona Pankina, Elena Belokurova
The article describes the need to train highly qualified specialists sought after on the global labor market. Scientific and technical progress in a market economy places high demands on young professionals. In order to meet the requirements of the time, young people need to constantly update their knowledge,...
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Raising a New Generation of Professionals: Revising the Principles of Teaching Foreign Languages to Non-Linguistic University Students

Anastasia Ananyina, Irina Abramova, Elena Makarova, Elena Shishmolina
Current global economic processes bring into focus strengthening international cooperation, developing transparent partnerships, and establishing professional exchange. This leads to the necessity to narrow the gap between higher professional education and the requirements of business and economic environment....
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Risk Management at the Enterprises of Subsoil Use

M.M. Khaykin, L.A. Makhova, O.A. Kochergina
Industrial safety at the enterprises of the mineral resources complex is ensured by the methods of the theory of reliability of the “man-machine”system. This forms a risk-based approach to industrial safety. The risk-based approach is based on preventive measures aimed at ensuring the reliability of...
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The Significance of Bank Financial Security in Capital Management

E.A. Posnaya, S.V. Tarasenko, B.A Bukach, A.V. Shokhnekh
The article focuses on the role of bank capital and the importance of its sustainable management, which is significant due to the fact that the bank’s capital level is taken into account when determining the institution’s reliability rating
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A Cognitive Approach to the Development of Human Resources for New Entrepreneurship Types of Market Foresight Demand

Anna.V. Shokhnekh, Victoria S. Telyatnikova, Elena Yu. Marusinina
The development of human resources in order to be prepared for new types of entrepreneurship is based on understanding of social and personal significance. To conduct entrepreneurial activity, a combination of a number of personality qualities is necessary. It creates the basis for the successful achievement...
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Innovation and Investment Role in Interaction of Small Business in Criteria Analysis of University Complexes’ Efficiency

Victoria S. Telyatnikova, Anna.V. Shokhnekh, Natalia S. Mushketova
A study of the innovation and investment role in interaction of small businesses confirms that human resources are not ready for performing business. Solving problems in the process of building competencies in professional and entrepreneurial activities requires a new approach to higher education at...
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Economic Relations of Japan with the Developing Economies Within Asia Pacific

Gibadullin Marat Zufarovich, Nurieva Aygul Rustamovna, Mingazova Nailya Gabdelhamitovna, Nasretdinov Ildar Talifovich, Valeeva Julya Sergeevna, Gatina Farida Fargatovna
The paper highlights the international economic relations of Japan with the developing Asia Pacific economies. The analysis of the foreign turnover of Japan is based on the study of the empirical data of the Customs service of the country on foreign trade volume. The time frame for the study is restricted...
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Legal Regulation of the Quality and Safety of Food Products: Analysis of the Current State in the Context of Ensuring National Security of Russia

E.V. Vorontsova, A.L. Vorontsov
The article is devoted to the analysis of the current state of the organizational and legal mechanism for ensuring the quality and safety of food products. Ensuring the quality and safety of food products is an urgent task of the Russian state, the solution of which depends on ensuring the country’s...
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Is Modern Law Ready to Solve the Environmental Migration Problems? Assessment of International, Foreign and Russian Experience–Socially Dangerous Acts and Their Legal Effects: General Characteristic

Umnova-Koniukhova Irina Anatolievna, Semenovskiy Igor Dmitrievich, Vakula Marina Anatolyevna
The article deals with the modern theoretical and scientific-practical problems of environmental migration legal regulation. Raised topical issues of environmental migration as a new direction of legal regulation. Carried out the assessment of environmental migration solving problems at the level of...
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Development of International Cooperation of the Russian Federation in the Sphere of the Edition and Implementation of Acts of Amnesty

Kohman Dmitry Vadimovich, Kemova Natalia Nikolaevna, Panarin Dmitry Alexandrovich, Kazak Bronislav Bronislavovich, Abramova Natalya Gennadyevna
In article problematic issues of international cooperation in the sphere of the edition and implementation of acts of amnesty are investigated, it is noted that amnesty is an act not only legal, but also socio-political which entirely depends on will and the interests of authorities in power.
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Institution of Substitution of Punishment and Other Measures in Criminal Law of the Russian Federation and Foreign Countries

Svetlana Zakharova, Lyudmila Budanova, Sergey Rihanov, Ulyana Gromova, Andrei Shcherbakov
the article discusses the issues of regulating the replacement of criminal punishments and other measures of a criminal law nature under the laws of the Russian Federation and foreign countries to clarify the grounds and conditions for its application in relation to convicts of fines, compulsory labor,...
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Criminological Characteristic of Corruption Crimes in Russia

Polishchuk Nikolaj Ivanovich, Fedotova Evgenia Nikolaevna, Vassenkov Maxim Vladimirovich, Menshikov Alexander Andreevich, Smirnova Irina Nikolaevna
In article questions of anti-corruption policy of law of the Russian Federation are investigated, the reasons and conditions the generating corruption crimes are opened, the criminological portrait of the person making this socially dangerous act is proved.
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Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Restriction of Corruption

Shemarov Valentin Aleksandrovich, Zaborovskaya Julia Mikhailovna, Smirnov Sergey Nikolaevich, Pavlov Petr Aleksandrovich, Saddarova Ksenia Olegovna
in this article we analyze theoretical and applied aspects of restriction of corruption offenses in modern Russian society and prove their social danger and systemic nature.
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Human Rights and Freedoms in the Science and Technology Field: Systemic Relations And Implementation Aspects

Lenar Gumerov
The relevance of the legal regulation of human rights and freedoms in the science and technology field lies in their important role in the progress of society and the state. Of particular relevance are existing problems of the implementation of fundamental rights and freedoms in the science and technology...