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Peer-Review Statements

Muhammad Kristiawan, Neta Dian Lestari, Dian Samitra, Zico Fakhrur Rozi, Muhammad Nikman Naser, Reva Maria Valianti, Muthmainnah, Badeni, Fitri April Yanti, Dina Apryani, Okky Leo Agusta, Jumiati Siska, Elsa Viona, Elce Purwandari, Reny Dwi Riastuti
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Teacher Communication and Interaction with Students in Online Learning Amid Covid- 19 Pandemic

Adiyono, Khairul Anwar, Enkin Asrawijaya, Nukman, Hisnawati
Humans are social creatures who frequently interact in groups and cannot avoid interaction or communication. Communication is the process of conveying messages from communicators to communicants or audiences through symbols or other visual cues. This is done to help students understand the message, whether...
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Utilizing Speechnotes on Smartphone to Improve Student’s Creative Writing Skills

Agita Misriani, Shesilia Cintari, Rio Kurniawan, Nuriza Zulyani
In the digital era like today, the benefit of various applications on a smart phone can improve student skills, especially creative writing. One of the applications is Speechnotes, a natural language modeling system that can convert audio into text. The method used in this study is a qualitative research...
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Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning in Increasing Understanding of Health Data Processing Management Subject

Agus Riyanto, Sudarwan Danim, Muhammad Kristiawan
The aim of this research was to investigate the difference in comprehension of health information processing subject between students taught by problem-based learning and those who were not. The study employed a quasi-experimental design with a control group to compare the effectiveness of the two teaching...
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Perception of Physics Education Student on Mechanical Learning Based on Local Potential

Ahmad Amin, Fitri April Yanti, Armi Yuneti
Mechanics learning based on local potential has been applied in physics education study program, but perception is needed for further improvement of local potential based mechanics learning. This research is included in qualitative descriptive research. The research data was obtained from a questionnaire/questionnaire...
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Learning Based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Remote Regions Study of SMAN 3 Tungkal Jaya

Ahmad Wahyu Hidayat, Andrianto, Khikmatul Istiqomah, Dwi Noviatul Zahra, Rendy Saputra, Ulfa Kesuma
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-Based Learning in Remote Areas Study of SMAN 3 Tungkal Jaya, Musi Banyuasin district. The writing of this paper aims to explain the benefits of Information and Communication Technology-Based Learning in explaining the concept of learning, so that the delivery...
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The Principal’s Perception of Independent Learning Curriculum and Teachers’ Readiness for Compiling Learning

Ahmad Zulinto, Neta Dian Lestari, Badeni, Muhammad Kristiawan, Fitri April Yanti, Sudarwan Danim
The study’s goal was to evaluate the principal’s remarks regarding the independent learning curriculum and teachers’ capacity for lesson preparation. The principal’s perception of the independent learning curriculum and teacher readiness in developing learning is examined in this study using a qualitative...
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Ecological Components of School-Based Positive Behavior Support for Responding to Students Problem Behavior in Inclusive Schools: A Literature Review

Aini Mahabbati, Edi Purwanta, Budi Astuti
Students with behavior problems experience personal, social, and learning problems. Their behavior problem can cause disruptions in learning and other activities at school. Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a framework for responding systematically and procedurally to students’ behavior problems in...
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A Study of Student’s Learning Outcomes from an Entrepreneurship E-Pocket Book

Akbariansyah, Sri Setyaningsih, Suhendra, Sovia Aisyah Putri, Neta Dian Lestari, Depi Pramika
The purpose of this study is to determine the use of entrepreneurship e-pocket books to improve learning outcomes. This study uses a quantitative descriptive method. The data collection technique used was a test, the research sample was 29 students. The results showed that student learning outcomes had...
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Development of Data Management Information System Model for Basic Training of Civil Servant Candidates

Alamsyahril, Rambat Nur Sasongko, Sumarsih
This study aims at developing a Management Information System Model that is in accordance with the implementation of Basic Training for Civil Servant Candidates at the Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development Lubuklinggau. The method used is Research and Development with the Gall and Borg...
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Analysis of Discourse Markers Used by Students of English Department of UKI Toraja in Oral English

Aris Kaban Sendana, Matius Tandi Kombong
The types of discourse marker used by students of English Department of UKI Toraja in speaking English. The objective of this research is to analyze the discourse markers used by students of English of UKI Toraja in oral English and the dominant of discourse markers used by students. In analyzing the...
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Readiness of Elementary School Teachers in Facing the Implementation of Independent Learning Curriculum

Azizatul Khairi, Badeni, Ulfa Kurniasih, Shella Monica, Samsilayurni, Akrim Teguh Suseno
This article describes the readiness of elementary school teachers in implementing the Independent Curriculum, which is the current curriculum in the education system in Indonesia. The author’s aim is to present a factual picture of the correlation between the readiness of teachers who have attended...
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The Effect of Achievement Motivation on Lecturer’s Performance

Bambang Suhardi Waluyo, Encep Syafrudin, Nurul Anriani
Lecturer performance is the result of the function of a particular job or activity over a period of time. Based on this concept, lecturer performance is a product produced by a lecturer related to his work. The performance of the lecturer will be seen from the extent to which a lecturer shows the results...
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Designing the Worksheet Book to Support the Implementation of Flipped Classroom in Introduction to Accounting Course

Benedecta Indah Nugraheni, Sukirno, L. Hendrowibowo, Gregorius Punto Aji
This worksheet was designed as a part of the development of flipped classroom (FC) model to enhance students’ critical thinking skills in Introduction to Accounting course. The worksheet book was designed as an appropriate media for learning accounting cycle for students in Introduction to Accounting...
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Development of Electronic Student Worksheets Based on Live-Worksheets with Problem Based Learning Models on Three-Dimensional Shape Materials

Celsy Yulia Sari, Nurul Astuty Yensy, Ringki Agustinsa, Jaka Satri
Rapid technological developments can cause a great influence on life in society, one of which is in the education sector. Educators are required to be able to find the right learning strategy in order to achieve good learning outcomes. One way is to innovate learning tools in order to achieve optimal...
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Analysis of Competency Requirements for Secondary School’s Principal in Developing E-Training

Connie, Eko Risdianto
This study aims to analyze the competency needs of principals at the SMP/MTs level in the context of developing E-Training at the MAP FKIP Study Program, Bengkulu University. This research is evaluation research using the Discrepancy Evaluation Model (DEM). The sample in this study were 25 principals...
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Development of Biotechnology E-Module Based on Integrated Project Based Learning with STEM Approach

Dewi Jumiarni, Yennita, Sri Irawati, Endang Widi Winarni, Fitri April Yanti
This study purpose to develop an electronic module (e-module) based on project-based learning integrated with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) approach. This study is a research and development research, by adopting steps according to the ADDIE model, namely Analyze, Design, Develop,...
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Learning Materials Model for Listening Skills Based on a Scientific Approach

Dian Ramadan Lazuardi, Syukri Hamzah
This research generally aims to develop teaching materials for Listening Skills based on a scientific approach. Specifically, the purpose of this study was to determine the design of listening skills teaching materials based on a scientific approach and to determine the validity, practicality, and effectiveness...
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River Ecosystem as a STEM-Based Science Learning Resource

Dian Samitra, Fitri April Yanti, Yunita Wardianti
This research aimed to explore the experience of science teachers in using rivers as learning resources and integrating rivers as science learning resources in STEM-based learning tools. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. Subjects consisted of 33 teachers. The research instrument was...
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The Influence of e-PowerPoint with Peer Tutor Learning Methods to Increase Student’s Activity and Learning Outcomes

Diana Widhi Rachmawati, Hendri Gunawan, Depi Pramika, Koja Iswanto, Aan Suryadi, Wandiyo, Erma Yulaini
The purpose of this study was to determine “The effect of e-PowerPoint learning media with peer tutor learning methods to increase the activeness and learning outcomes of students in SMA N. 1 Palembang”. The research method used is the experimental method with a quantitative approach. The problem in...
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Application of Website-Based School Management Information System to Improve Information Quality at SMA Negeri 1 Belitang

Didi Franzhardi, Badeni, Sudarwan Danim
Management information systems have a very important role to assist schools in improving the smoothness of communication both internally and externally to establish good cooperation with other parties to improve the school’s image. This study aims to describe the application of a website-based school...
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Achievement of Mathematics Self-Concept: A Comparison of Learning Effectiveness with the Approaches of Scientific and Reciprocal Teaching

Dina Apryani, Saleh Haji, Nurul Astuty Yensy, Muhammad Nikman Naser, Hidayatulloh
The self-concept of mathematics must be developed. On Circle material, experimental research with a scientific methodology and a reciprocal teaching style have been conducted. The purpose of this study was to compare how students who learned mathematics using a scientific method and students who learned...
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Sociolinguistics as a Method to Interpret the Physical Existence of Heaven and Hell in the Qur’an

Eka Yulianti, Bastian Zulyeno, Muhammad Nikman Naser
The chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Megawati Soekarnoputri, was reported to the Criminal Investigation Agency because her speech at the PDIP birthday celebration on January 10th, 2017, was considered as a blasphemy. Contextually, her speech was against the pillars of faith...
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Analysis of Independent Character Building in Elementary School Tana Toraja Regency

Eky Setiawan Salo
The purpose of this study was to describe the formation of independent character at SDN 239 Inpres Rembon. The formulation of the problem contained in this study is how to build independent character in accordance with the vision and mission and independent character education in schools. The research...
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A Literature Review: Application of Differentiated Instruction to Improve Mathematics Learning

Erika Aulia Zahra, Jasmine Febriansyah, Annisa Nanda Liyani, Muhammad Nanang Suprayogi
Every student has differences in terms of abilities, learning styles, interests, and cultural backgrounds. For some students who have good ability in understanding Mathematics, Mathematics is a fun learning and very easy to learn. On the other hand, for some students who do not have good mathematical...
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Study of Independent Learning, Independent Campus in Constructivism Philosophy and the Challenges of Implementation

Feby Elra Perdima, Suwarni, Sudarwan Danim, Connie
The purpose of this research is to find out the substance of an independent campus in the perspective of the philosophy of constructivism education. This research was carried out through a qualitative approach with library research methods. The process of data analysis in this study includes: data reduction,...
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The Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning Model on Geometry Theory

Hidayatulloh, Saleh Haji, Nurul Astuty Yensy, Dina Apryani
This study aims to find out whether the Problem-Based Learning Model is effective on the geometry theory. To obtain the data done in three ways, namely description test, observation and questionnaire. Then the data is analyzed by calculating the percentage of teachers’ ability, the number of active students,...
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Student’s Perceptions About Implementation of Differentiated Instruction: A Literature Review

Hilya Tunisa Asyidiqi, Fajriatul Apriliana, Andrea Prita Purnama Ratri, Muhamad Nanang Suprayogi
Each student has different characteristics and abilities; therefore, different specific learning strategies are needed to support the diversity. The hierarchical relationship and teacher authority make it a challenge for teachers and students to have a democratic relationship. Differentiated Instruction...
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Developing Teaching Materials of Writing Text Description

Inda Puspita Sari, Sarwit Sarwono, Didik Sulistiyono, Agung Nugroho
The purpose of this study was to develop teaching material products for the text description of class VII students of Mts Mazro’illah Lubuklinggau. Based on the results of the validation team there are several improvements. The results of all the validation components of the expert team are included...
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Students’ Learning Styles Toward Their Achievement in Learning LSGC (Listening and Speaking for General Communication)

Judith Ratu Tandi Arrang, Linerda Tulaktondok, Roni La’biran, Yizrel Nani Sallata, Matius Tandikombong, Selvi Panggua
The aim of this study is to find out learning styles are owned by the students in learning listening and speaking for general communication toward their speaking and listening skills achievement at English Department of UKI Toraja. This study used quantitative descriptive research. It used 35 students...
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The Effectiveness of Demonstrative Learning Methods in Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes

Jumiati Siska, Meydia Afrina, Sudarwan Danim, Agus Susanta
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the demonstration learning method on improving student learning outcomes. The method used in this research is the method of observation, interviews, documentation and questionnaires with data collection techniques using observation sheets, with the type...
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Developing Interactive E-Modules Through Canva App

Lucy Asri Purwasi, Nur Fitriyana, Ria Dwi Jayati, Linna Fitriani, Bayu Putra Irawan
One of the challenges of education today is building 21st century skills. The purpose of this research is to find out the development of interactive e-modules using the Canva application for second semester students at PGRI Silampari University which was developed from valid and practical aspects. The...
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The Effect of Parenting Patterns on Pancasila and Civic Education Learning Achievement

Lutma Ranta Allolinggi, Weryanti Laen Langi, Jesica Lestari
This study aims to determine the effect of parenting on the learning achievement of fifth-grade civic education at SDN 131 Balombong. This study uses a quantitative approach with the type of ex post facto research. The variables in this study were parenting styles and student achievement with a sample...
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Data Management Information System for Accreditation at PGRI Silampari University Lubuklinggau South Sumatra

M. Rusni Eka Putra, Rambat Nur Sasongko, Connie, Manap Somantri
The purpose of this study, in general, was to find out SIM Data Accreditation of Study Programs (SIMBAK) at PGRI Silampari University, Lubuklinggau. This research used a systems approach with a spiral model from Boehm. Research results, the development of study program accreditation data systems, included;...
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English as a Medium of Instruction: A Survey on Lecturers’ Attitudes

Markus Deli Girik Allo, Kristanto, Rachel
This study aims to investigate the lecturers’ attitudes towards English as a medium of instruction in UKI Toraja. This research is a quantitative method with a survey design. In order to achieve the aim of this study, the researchers constructed a closed-ended questionnaire, which was distributed as...
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The Correlation of Students’ Reading Behavior with Their Vocabulary Mastery

Matius Tandikombong, Rachel, Judith Ratu Tandi Arrang, Viktor Siumarlata, Normalia Sirande, Yizrel Nani Sallata
The objective of this research was to find out the correlation between students’ reading behavior toward their English vocabulary mastery. This research was conducted at English Department UKI Toraja. This research is the quantitative method. The participant of the research was the third semester students...
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The Effectiveness of Differentiated Instruction, Implementation in Indonesia Higher Education: A Literature Review

Muhamad Nanang Suprayogi, Tasya Stephania Siregar, Melly Preston
When discussing upon the instructions available to be utilized in the education setting, there are different variations available. Fundamentally we understand instruction as the process of teaching and of the engagement by utilizing the learning content. This connects upon curriculum that are organized...
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Education Sector Public Service Management

Study of Acceptance of New Student Services

Acceptance of New Students at the Ministry of Education and Culture is currently using the Online system, the Online System is provided for the selection of New Student Admissions at the Public Middle School level by utilizing the development of information and communication technology, so that prospective...
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Principal’s Leadership and Managerial Analysis of Vocational Teachers’ Work Achievement

Mutia Liana, Sudarwan Danim, Fitri April Yanti, Badeni, Reny Dwi Riastuti
The leadership of the principal as the person in charge, as a leader in the organization is needed to bring the goals of the organization that have been set. Teacher achievement becomes an important thing in determining the success of an educational institution, because it can be an indicator of the...
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A Comprehensive Scientific Literacy Analysis of Biology Textbooks Used by Indonesian Senior High Schools

Neni Murniati, Herawati Susilo, Dwi Listyorini
As the primary teaching material for the learning process carried out in school, textbooks contribute to the development of students’ scientific literacy. This study examines the literacy element of scientific literacy in Biology textbooks commonly used in Indonesian high schools. This analysis process...
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Accounting Teacher’s Perception of Project-Based Learning

Neta Dian Lestari, Reina Damayanti, Sudarwan Danim, Badeni, Fitri April Yanti
The ability to think creatively is one of the essential abilities that any learner must have. Creativity can help students develop their problem-solving abilities. According to the 2013 curriculum, teachers must foster and improve their students’ capacity for creative thought. One choice is to develop...
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Digitizing Schools, Successful Interventions and Accelerating Expansion of Access to Driving School Education

Nining Fawely Pasju
This study aims to describe the strengthening of digitalization as a process of accelerating education while still paying attention to the Pancasila student profile project implemented in the prototype curriculum in junior high school driving schools in Kepahiang district. The type of research used is...
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Evaluation of Online Learning (Research in the Era of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Junior High Schools in Gorontalo Regency)

Nur Gamar
The objectives of this study are to: a) evaluate policy support for the implementation of online learning in the era of the covid 19 pandemic in junior high schools in Gorontalo Regency, b) evaluate available resources for the implementation of online learning in the era of the covid 19 pandemic in junior...
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Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Learning Fractions Using Assistants Media on Student’s Motivation and Concepts Understanding

Nurul Astuty Yensy, Saleh Haji, Dina Apryani, Hidayatulloh
The purpose of this study was to ascertain the impact of teaching fractions to students utilizing assistive media or teaching aids on their motivation and conceptual understanding. The impact is assessed using data from earlier studies. Meta-analysis is the method used in this investigation. A meta-analysis...
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Understanding Regional Budget Reality in the Framework of Ethno-Semiotics

Oktavianus Pasoloran, Ade Lisa Matasik
The aim of this research is to understand how regional budget actors and communities interpret the community aspiration fund in regional budgeting. The discourse on the “community aspiration fund” has become one of the realities of regional budgeting that has caused contradictions. This study uses an...
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Storytelling on Toraja Carving in Geometry Learning

Perdy Karuru, Yulianti Para’pak, Theresyam Kabanga’
Toraja engraving is rich in mathematical concepts, especially geometric concepts such as points, angles, lines, flat buildings (squares, rectangles, triangles, and so on). Each carving has its own history that can be told to children, in addition to attracting their attention, it also introduces Toraja...
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Optimizing the Implementation of TeFa 6M Through the Role of School Supervisors as Teacher Facilitators and Application of the Block System

Rahmad Ramelan Setia Budi, Sudarwan Danim, Muhammad Kristiawan, Manap Somantri, Fitri April Yanti
The aims of this study was to describe: (1) the pattern of teacher development and academic supervision strategies in the form of the role of school supervisors as teacher facilitators and the application of the block system in optimizing Teaching Factory or TeFa 6M at SMK Negeri 5 Kota Bengkulu; (2)...
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The Industrial Classes Management of Fashion Design at SMK Negeri 3 Kota Bengkulu

Rahmadan, Sudarwan Danim, Rambat Nur Sasongko
The purpose of this study is to describe: (1) Planning industrial class in Fashion Design at SMK Negeri 3 Kota Bengkulu, (2) Organizing industrial class by applying organizational functions to industrial class at SMK Negeri 3 Kota Bengkulu according to their respective duties, authorities and responsibilities,...
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Difficulties in Implementing Teaching for Educators of Government Officers with Work Agreements

Ramanata Disurya, Badeni, Sudarwan Danim, Neta Dian Lestari
This study set out to uncover the issues and challenges that working educator with work agreements faced. Quantitative research techniques gathering data on Palembang City’s Educators United with Government Employees with Employment Agreements. The research sample in Palembang City consisted of 38 educators...
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Integrating Intercultural Communication on Social Media and Learning Materials Encourages Speaking EFL Motivation

Ranta Butarbutar, Sukardi Weda, Sahril Nur, Seli Marlina Radja Leba
Various tactics may be used to increase students’ motivation to speak English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in the Indonesian context. The goal of this research is to increase Indonesian learners’ motivation to speak EFL by promoting intercultural communication (IC) on social media and in learning materials....
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Design of Integrated Natural Science E-LKPD Based on Integrated Local Potential Project of Rejang Lebong Regency

Reny Dwi Riastuti, Fitri April Yanti, Mareta Widiya, Yuli Febrianti, Hendri Wijaya
The Student Worksheet (LKPD) is a means to assist students and teachers as well as facilitate the process of teaching and learning activities so as to form an effective interaction. Every teaching and learning process requires active students and teachers. Teachers are required to think more critically,...
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Disclosure of Sociocultural Status Through Hyperbolic Metaphors in Indigenous Toraja Funeral Ceremonies

Resnita Dewi, Roni La’biran
This study aims to uncover how hyperbole is used to express social status in the Rambu Solo’ or Funeral Ceremony. The study adopts a qualitative descriptive research design using stylistic analysis with a socio-cultural approach. The data for this study consists of ritual speeches from the Rambu Solo’...
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Agrotourism Malang City Local Wisdom

Reva Maria Valianti, Dea Husnul Khotimah, Neta Dian Lestari, Januardi, Badeni
The problem that often arises is the lack of student knowledge of agrotourism in Indonesia, especially related to local wisdom, one of which is in the city of Malang. From various opinion they could concluded that culinary is related activities with cooking, food and ingredients processed food with various...
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The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Comic Picture to Enhance Individual Learning Outcomes

Rini Riris Setyowati, Saefur Rochmat, Aman
This study aims to determine the effect of learning media using virtual reality technology on comic images on student history learning outcomes. The focus of this research on the development of learning media is to test and compare the differences in student learning outcomes on the material for the...
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Utilizing Google Classroom Applications in Learning Speaking Skills During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rio Kurniawan, Agita Misriani
The purpose of this research in general is to describe the learning of speaking skills of students of the Indonesian Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Bengkulu. The specific purpose of this research is to become the basis for policy making on the use of...
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Create Creative and Fun Learning Through Optimizing the Development of Art Learning Media

Riswan Aradea, Treny Hera, Efita Elvandari
In the Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program, University of PGRI Palembang, complex problems that often develop in art learning include low motivation to learn art and a lack of originality in work, getting bored quickly, frequent, and lack of confidence when taking lessons. In an effort...
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Mixcode Usage Analysis in a Conversation on Social Media Facebook UKI Toraja Group

Rita Tanduk, Fitri Arniati, Daud Rodi Palimbong, Elisabet Mangera, Fatriani Kalua
This article describes the use of mixed codes in social media conversations Facebook group UKI Toraja. Qualitative research used is a method in analyzing data descriptively. Data collection is carried out by reading, recording and documentation techniques. The source of the data was obtained from the...
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The Role of the Principal in the Implementation of the Independent Curriculum

Romlan, Sudarwan Danim
This study aims to obtain an overview of the role of the principal in implementing the independent learning curriculum. This research is qualitative research using library research method. Data analysis using the Sugiyono model. Research data were obtained from documentation. The findings of the study...
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Effective English Speaking Teaching Model for English Department Students at State University of Makassar - Indonesia

Roni La’biran, Rigel Sampelolo, Theresyam Kabanga, Resnita Dewi
This study aimed to develop an effective English speaking teaching model for English department students at State University of Makassar, Indonesia, and evaluate its implementation through observation, interviews, students’ perception, interaction, and impact. The research used a qualitative approach,...
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The Perceived Impact of Comprehensible Input on EFL Students’ Listening and Speaking Skills

Selvi Panggua, Nur Aeni, Rachel, Sushy Teko Patanduk, Judith Ratu Tandi Arrang, Linerda Tulaktondok, Normalia Sirande
When someone is speaking, he speaks based on all the inputs he received through listening and reading that will become output and that is what is called speaking. In learning English speaking skills then students should get a lot of input in order to be able to communicate in English. This input is called...
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Nusantara Creative Product Literacy Analysis

Surmana, Neta Dian Lestari, Nuryanti, Tira Patma Sari, Retno Anggrayni, Reva Maria Valianti
The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of packaging and recycling locally produced products. The benefit of the research is how a student can innovate with local products asnd know firsthand the products of the brand ambassadors of an area, in this case products from the cities of...
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Challenge in Teaching English for Young Learners: A Pre-service Teachers Perspective

Sushy Teko Patanduk, Normalia Sirande, Rigel Sampelolo, Selvi Panggua, Viktor Siumarlata
This research aims to find out pre-service teachers challenges in teaching English for young learners as part of their community service learning in Tana Toraja and Toraja Utara. It is descriptive qualitative research with 12 pre-service teachers as the participants. To obtain the data, the researcher...
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Studying Evaluation: Study of Review Literature

Susilawaty, Sudarwan Danim
This research is conducted to know the result of evaluation of the methods or the application of the studying towards the students. The result of these research is proven by the classification of empirical fact based on the journals and another research’s result. The education simplifies to give the...
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Implementation of School Culture Based on Character Development at SDN 5 Tikala

Tadius, Malvera Luther, Hakpantria, Hendrik
The purpose of this study was to determine the school culture in terms of character-based education at SDN 5 Tikala. This study uses a descriptive type of research with a qualitative approach. The subjects of this study were school principals, facilitators and students who were identified using a targeted...
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Classroom Teacher Strategies in Overcoming Early Reading Difficulties in Second Grade Students

Theresyam Kabanga, Perdy Karuru, Enjel Lestaria Sobon, Roni La’biran, Priska Wanda Sari
This study aims to describe the classroom teacher strategies in overcoming early reading difficulties in second grade students at SDN 4 Rindingallo, North Toraja Regency. This research adopts a qualitative approach. The data collection techniques employed in this study include observation, interviews,...
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Application of Meaningful Learning Model to Improve Student’s Learning Outcomes

Topanus Tulak, Sefrin Siang Tangkearung, Harmelia Tulak, Erlin Wersetya Paseno
Creating effective teaching and learning activities is the duty and obligation of the teacher. One of the factors that is often used as a benchmark for the success of education is to see the success of the teaching-learning process in achieving its goals. Choosing the right learning model will have a...
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Pedagogical Knowledge of Internship Students in Teaching Elementary School Science Materials

Trivena, Yohanis Padallingan, Sarah Maramba
The purpose of this study was to analyse the Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) of interns in teaching science materials in elementary schools. The study utilized a descriptive research design with a quantitative approach. The population of the study comprised students from the Elementary School Teacher Education...
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Holistic Rubric Validity and Reliability in Essay Assessment Using Rasch Model in Blended Learning Program

Yenni Arif Rahman, Nurhayati S., Fiza Asri Fauziah Habibah, Fadilah Fadilah
The covid-19 pandemic has forced teachers to adapt with learning method suitable with distance learning, and blended learning program is one of the best options around. Then the necessary assessment of output of this method should be available, valid, and reliable. This study aims to determine the validity...
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Implementing Local Content Materials in EFT Class at UKI Toraja

Yizrel Nani Sallata, Viktor Siumarlata, Matius Tandikombong, Sushy Teko Patanduk, Linerda Tulaktondok
This research was to find out; how the English for tourism materials implemented by lecturers at UKI Toraja. The method used in this research is qualitative method. The subjects of this research are the two lecturers of English for tourism at English Department UKI Toraja The instrument used in this...
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Work Wellbeing and Technology Orientation Influence on Job Performance of Millennial Workers in Indonesia

Yosef Dedy Pradipto, Harfiantama Widyadana Wibisono, Yusuf Ratu Agung, Lisa Ratriana Chairiyati, Muhamad Nanang Suprayogi
The workplace begins to advance and has a wide field, and employees are an important part of that progress. Work wellbeing is part of the progress of employees themselves, as well as the availability of work facilities such as technology. Both of these are believed to help improve the world of work or...
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Experiences, Perceptions, and Challenges of Indonesian EFL University Students with Online Assessment in the Digital Age

Yupika Maryansyah, Sudarwan Danim
Following the global outbreak of COVID-19, educational institutions worldwide have rapidly switched to online learning. As a result, online evaluation and assessment have become the norm during this period. The main aim of this research is to investigate the experiences of Indonesian English as a foreign...
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Local Potential as Sources of Science Learning and Integration in Sets-Based Learning (Science, Environment, Technology, Society)

Zico Fakhrur Rozi, Fitri April Yanti, Yuni Krisnawati, Siti Komariyah
This study aims to identify the local potential of Kepahiang Regency as a science learning resource based on the perceptions of teachers in junior high schools and their integration into SETS-based learning. The method used in this research is a literature study and a survey using a questionnaire given...
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Tutorial Learning Outcomes in Basic Lessons in Computer Network Engineering and Telecommunications

Zulkifli, Sudarwan Danim
The aims of this study were to: (1) determine student learning outcomes in Basic Computer Network Engineering and Telecommunications at X TKJ SMK Negeri 3 Oku, (2) determine the effect of using video media on student learning outcomes in Basic Computer Network Engineering subjects and Telecommunications...