Proceedings of the 6th Biennial Conference of Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World Nigeria (OWSD 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Eucharia Oluchi Nwaichi, Florence Onyemachi Nduka
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the [OWSD Garden City 2023] during [2-6 July 2023] in [Port Harcourt Nigeria]. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committee and identified relevant experts] and approved by the Editor-in-Chief,...
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A community-based innovative approach of deriving a functional compost for remediation of crude oil contaminated soil

Ismail Baba Ahmed, Eucharia Oluchi Nwaichi, Ejike Ugwoha
Compost is a local product that has proven effective in soil remediation. Its performance is attributed to the diversity of microbes and nutrients that augment indigenous soil microbes and stimulate biodegradation processes respectively. Improving its performance is imperative to reduce the influx of...
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Test Taker Characteristics and ICT Variable as Predictors of Academic Achievement in Computer Based Test

Eteng-Uket Stella, Ezeoguine Ebere Pearl
The study investigated test taker characteristics and ICT variables as predictors of academic achievement in computer-based test. To direct the study, five research questions and five null hypotheses were developed. The study used a multiple prediction design within a correlational research design. All...
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Diversity in Research: a catalyst to innovation in science education

Gertie H. P. Arts, Chioma Blaise Chikere, Okafor Chidinma Peace, Eka B. Essien, Udeme Georgewill, Laura Nwogu-Chigozie, Elizabeth Amadi Ihuoma
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form the basis for this agenda. This agenda clearly shows that global partnerships are needed to solve world-wide problems. Besides, solving these problems should...
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Genetic Diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates circulating in North Central Nigeria

Stella S. Makpu, Kome Otokunefor, Tosanwumi Vincent Otokunefor
With the higher risk of tuberculosis associated with developing countries, it has increasingly become imperative to determine the genetic diversity of strains of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC). This is essential for establishing control programs as it provides information on possible sources...
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Isolation and Identification of Trichoderma species From South-South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria

O. N. Akomah-Abadaike, M. C. Goddey
Yam rot caused by fungal pathogens has been of great concern to farmers in Nigeria and farmers of South-South Geopolitical zone of Nigeria are not exempted of this yam spoilage plight. This study was carried out on yam cultivated and harvested in the South-South of Nigeria to isolate and identify eco-friendly...
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Triclisia Subcordata Oliv Aqueous Leaf Extract can influence Reproductive Hormones and Haematological Profiles of Mifepristone Threatened Pregnancy in Wistar Rats

F. N. Okpara, E. O. Nwaichi, D. C. Belonwu
Effect of Triclisia subcordata oliv aqueous leaf extract on reproductive hormones and haematological profiles of mifepristone threatened pregnancy in Wistar rats was investigated. Sexually matured rats comprising of 80 male and 80 female rats (150-220g) were purchased and paired up for reproduction after...
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Comparison of Discharge Performance of 12V/100Ah Sun test Gel and AGM Sealed Lead acid Batteries in Stand-alone Photovoltaic Systems in Nigeria

C. M. Ugbaja, C. U. Ikeh, P. C. Iwuji
The purpose of this research is to look at how two important lead-acid batteries, the 12V/100Ah Sun Test Gel and the 12V/100Ah AGM sealed lead-acid batteries, perform during discharge in photovoltaic (PV)-based systems in Nigeria. In harsh climatic conditions, such as in Nigeria, where temperatures can...
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Comparative Morphological diversity of cultivated and wild species of Vigna Savi

Queen Elizabeth Ile, Agbagwa Ikechukwu Ozoemena
One of the challenges faced in the study of this genus is the ability to identify them when encountered in the field. This study was carried out to Compare morphological characteristics of a panel of twenty-two (22) Vigna savi of some cultivated(5) and wild(17) species obtained from the International...
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Innovative agriculture through information and communication technology (ICT) for optimized food production among root and tuber crop farmers in Abia State, Nigeria

P. E. Amadi, P. C. Odor, C. Kalu
The need to facilitate access to required information and knowledge through deployment of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to empower root and tuber crop farmers especially in the rural areas of Abia state, Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. As a result, structured questionnaire was used...
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Bacterial resistance and virulence markers in urine of HIV patients and pregnant women in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

K. Onwubuche, O. E. Agbagwa, N. Frank-Peterside
The present study was carried out to ascertain resistance pattern in Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in urine samples of HIV patients and pregnant women attending the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. A total of one hundred and thirty (130) urine samples...
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Women in Scientific Research

E. E. Okodudu
Achieving each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda depends on gender equality in scientific research and STEM fields. A considerable increase in the number of girls and women entering and continuing in STEM jobs is possible because sustainable development also demands more...
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Critical Assessment of Factors Negatively Impacting on Effective Participation of Women in Key Leadership Roles in Nigeria: A Study of Abia State

J. U. Philips, N. E. Okoronkwo, V. Benson-Eluwa
Issues relating to gender and leadership, especially the female gender, in key leadership roles has remained a crucial subject matter in contemporary politics and leadership discourse. The study critically assessed the factors that tend to negatively impact on effective participation of women in key...
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Plastic Wastes in the Aquatic Environment: Ecotoxicological Impacts and Mitigation Strategies

Ebele Geraldine Okeke, Oluseun Motunrayo Osineye, Chidalu Irene Okeke
Plastic products are in high demand due to their broad applications, resulting to a corresponding rise in the production of plastics. As a result of poor waste management practices such as uncontrolled open dumping, coastal littering, fishing, shipping and other industrial activities, plastics end up...
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Teaching Chemistry in a Local Vessel: An Innovation during The Covid-19 Era

Ihesinachi A. Kalagbor, Henry S. Amadi
During the pandemic, restrictions to the use of science teaching laboratories and the number of students allowed for each practical class had an impact on teaching, education and research. The quality of laboratory practicals and supervision of experiments was effected. COVID - 19 led to a negative impact...
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Morphological Characterization and Evaluation of Hevea brasiliensis for Genetic Diversity and Latex Quality Attributes

J. N. Korieocha, O. N. Nwabueze, S. N. Anokwuru
Experiment on morphological characterization of natural rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) genotypes was carried out during the 2021 cropping season. The experiment was set up at clonal garden of Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria (RRIN) Iyanomo, Benin City. The objective of the study was to characterize...
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Comparative Evaluation of Different Storage Methods of Sweet Potato (Ipomea batatas {L}) and Their Management

Juliet Nwaneri, Chinyere Opara, Thankgod Nwaneri
In vivo and in vitro study were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of five storage methods (wood shaving, use of basket, wood ash, bamboo poles and storage on the floor) of sweet potato and their management. Diseased tubers of sweet potato were collected from the field trial. The fungus was isolated...
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Potential Role of Women Librarians in Actualizing the Global Climate Change Agenda for Sustainable Development

Juliet C. Alex-Nmecha, Adaora Chigozie Obuezie
It has been projected that the effects of climate change will hit Africa more than any other continent. For the avoidance of the casualties that may come with these changes, different sectors, units, and governments have been working tirelessly to prepare for sudden occurrences. However, it is imperative...
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Assessment of Women’s Participation in Leadership Roles in Rural Community-Based Organisations in Gokana Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria

C. C. Ifeanyi-obi, B. F. Ndee
This study assessed the participation of women in leadership roles in rural community-based organisations in Gokana local government area of Rivers state. Simple random sampling was used to select 126 respondents for the study while questionnaire complemented with interview schedule was used to collect...
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Determinants of Post-harvest Losses among Nsukka-Yellow Pepper Farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria

A. Henri-Ukoha, V. C. Ugwuja, L. C. Familusi, J. Ebuka
Post-harvest loss posed a challenge for Nigeria’s agricultural sector. Post-harvest losses in the production of Nsukka-yellow pepper may result from inadequate handling, poor harvesting methods, pests, and microbial infestation, among other things. As a result, the study determined the post-harvest losses...
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Oxidative stress biomarkers in Trichiurus lepturus and Sardinella maderensis and the effects of heavy metal pollution in Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria

G. E. Ajani, S. Akindele, S. O. Popoola, O. O. Oyatola
Contaminants like heavy metals are discharged into aquatic ecosystems from anthropogenic activities. The responses of Trichiurus lepturus and Sardinella maderensis to heavy metals in three sampling stations from Lagos Lagoon, in the vicinity of wood, textile and power plant industry, as well as control...
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Comparative Analysis of Classification Algorithms for Crop Yield Prediction

U. A. Okengwu, L. N. Onyejegbu, L. U. Oghenekaro, M. O. Musa, A. O. Ugbari
A machine learning model is an essential tool for deciding which crops to produce and what to do during those crops’ growing seasons. The employment of various machine learning algorithms in research to forecast higher crop output has considerably benefited the agriculture sector. In this study, an appropriate...
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Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Escherichia coli Isolates from Urine and Stool of Apparently Healthy Individuals in Port Harcourt Nigeria

S. Adewuyi-Oseni, E. O. Agbagwa, K. Otokunefor, N. Frank-Peterside
Antibiotic-resistant strains of once-controllable pathogens are emerging and spreading beyond the healthcare system. It places an immense economic strain on the healthcare system and raises serious concerns about infection management and prevention. This research aims to identify any trends in antibiotic...
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Revitalizing Science Research for Sustainable Development: Fostering Inclusive Practices

Michael O. Faborode
This paper explores the necessity and potential for revitalizing science research for sustainable development through the implementation of innovative strategies which embrace inclusive practices. Sustainable development is a key component of modern development, which requires the integration of economic...