Proceedings of the International Conference for Phoenixes on Emerging Current Trends in Engineering and Management (PECTEAM 2018)

Session: Wireless Networks

7 articles

The Welfare of Women Safety Based on IoT

B Narmadha, M Ramkumar, M Srinivasan, T Priyanga, K Vengatesan
Now Recent trends are opening up to the era of Internet of Things (IoT), which is the communication between Internet and the devices. This is one of the emerging technologies, from the perspective of smart technologies, which is always been expected by the forthcoming generation. This System focuses...

Cloud Secure Distributed Storage Deduplication Scheme for Encrypted Data

N Indira, S . Rukmani Devi
Deduplication portrays the end of copy or excess data and it expels the monotonous data previously putting away it. These strategies are generally utilized for information reinforcement, arrange minimization, and capacity overhead. Since a long time ago settled deduplication plans have limitations on...

An Approach to Reduce Authentication Delay In Inter MSC Handover

K Regin Bose, V Sankaranarayanan, Belwin J Brearley
In Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication based wireless networks, authentication delay is an important factor during handover. In present system, mobile nodes are authenticated by its home Authentication Centre (AuC). In this paper a Mobile Information Centre (MIC) is introduced within a Mobile...

On-Air Character Recognition System For Visually Impaired People

K Preethi, S Chithra
Character recognition is a process which allows computers to recognize written or printed characters such as numbers or letters and to change them into a form that the computer can use. The character recognition system used to develop cost effective assistive technologies to provide blind people with...

Hybrid Segmentation and 3D Modeling of Pleural Effusion on CT

K P Ashvitha, M ShilpaAarthi, M R Thamizhkkanal, M Rajendiran, S Malathi
Pleural effusion is the excess fluid within the pleural space. Pleural effusion detection helps in the diagnosis of diseases. If the effluent is not within the safe zone then it creates many problems including the death of human. The pleural level can be detected manually which is time consuming. The...

Agent Based Approaches For Intelligent Intercloud Resource Allocation

D Kamalakannan, K Gopinath, A Porselvi, S Raja
Though Associate in Nursing Intercloud is Associate in Nursing interconnected universal "billow of mists" that allows each cloud to spigot into assets of elective mists, communications among Intercloud partners ar convoluted because of Intercloud assets ar disseminated and controlled by totally unique...

Security of Image for Internet of Things Device (Camera)

R Ajith Krishna, N Sharath Kumar, K Priyanka, J Josepha Menandas
Nowadays, Internet of things plays a vital role in all engineering fields and it is a chain of physical devices consolidated with electronic components, software, sensors, actuators and structural connectivity which empowered to the objects to relate and switch the data. The intention is to give security...