Proceedings of the International Conference for Phoenixes on Emerging Current Trends in Engineering and Management (PECTEAM 2018)

Session: Modeling and simulation in manufacturing systems

2 articles

Dissimilar Steel Welding of Super Heater Coils for Power Boiler Applications

T S Senthil, J Murugesan, D Rajesh, N Balaji
This paper deals mainly with two types of new materials namely SA213T23, SA213T92 with specialemphasis on dissimilar combinations due to its advantages in production welding of super heater tubes mainly in tube to tube joints and tube to header joints. Welding was carried out under manual TIG process...

Effect of Fiber Orientation on Effective Stacking Sequence of Glass/Carbon Hybrid Composite Laminates for Structural Applications

R Murugan, R Lakshmi Narasimhan, A Harish
Recent times woven fabric Glass/Carbon hybrid composite laminates find extensive applications in automobile, aircraft and machine tool structures. Many researchers have contributed towards achieving the best layering arrangement of the hybrid laminates with improved static and dynamic stability. In the...