Proceedings of the International Conference for Phoenixes on Emerging Current Trends in Engineering and Management (PECTEAM 2018)

Session: VLSI & Signal Processing

3 articles

Integrated IOT based design and Android operated Multi-purpose Field Surveillance Robot for Military Use

M Ashokkumar, T Thirumurugan
This project describes about the design construction and fabrication of multi-purpose field surveillance robot that can be used for land mine detection, toxic gas sensing and temperature and humidity sensor monitoring in war fields without putting serious manual risks. The land mine detector can detect...

[WITHDRAWN] A Single Band E-Shaped Patch Antenna with Defective Ground Structures for ISM Band Applications

C Aruna, A Keerthanai Priya, A Ameelia Roseline
A single band E-Shaped Patch antenna with Defective Ground Structures (DGS) was proposed. The overall dimension of the antenna is (32*31.5*1.64) mm. This antenna produces bandwidth ranges from (2.3 to 2.5) GHz, which supports ISM band application. This provides reflection coefficient about -32dB respectively....

Design Of Compact 180 Degree Hybrid Coupler Using T-shape Structure.

B Pavithra, S Maheswari
The Hybrid couplers are the bidirectional couplers which can give equal power split and 180° phase shift between the two output ports. At lower frequencies the size of the rat race coupler becomes larger. Hence, the size of hybrid coupler should be reduced in order to agree with application requirements....