Proceedings of the 2nd Padang International Conference on Educational Management and Administration 2021 (PICEMA 2021)

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Peer-Review Statements

Sulastri Sulastri, Havid Ardi
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2nd Padang International Conference on Educational Management and Administration (PICEMA) during 30–31 October, 2021 in Padang. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Board and approved by the Editor-in-Chief,...
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Elementary School Principal Participative Leadership: Coordination in Character Education Implementation

Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Zuraidah Abdullah, Cucun Sunaengsih
Coordination is one among the key measurements of participative leadership in character education. Coordination applied by heads in character education operation is realized during a number of forms, like delegating authorities, empowering all school parties, building cooperation with teachers and staff...
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Headmaster Instructional Leadership Practices and Its Relationship with Primary School Teacher Motivations

Rashidah Othman, Mohd Izham Mohd Hamzah
This concept paper was conducted aimed at identifying the instructional leadership practices of headmaster and their relationship with primary school teacher motivation. Hallinger and Murphy’s (1985) instructional leadership models and Herzbeg’s (1959) Two Factor Theory were used to discuss the relationships...
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An Analysis of Competence of the Principal in Managing Curriculum Development

Indra Jaya
This study aims to describe the results of the analysis of the principal’s competence variable in managing the curriculum. This research was conducted in Sungai Limau District, Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The sampling technique in this study used Simple Random Sampling with a total...
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Behavior Changes Affect the Success of School Organizational Change

Kartini Mohd Yusoff, Aida Hanim A. Hamid
This concept paper aims to identify the relationship between the change in teacher behavior to the change of organization in the school. Theory Planned Behavior (TPB) and Star Models are wont to discuss the relationship between those variables. The findings of past studies have shown that changes in...
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Development of Training Models for Increasing Managerial Competence of Administrative Leaders in Higher Education Based on Action Based Learning

Lusi Susanti, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Yasri, Hadiyanto
This study aims to reveal: how is that the process of developing a training model for improving the managerial competence of administrative leaders in Universities based on Action Based Learning is valid, practical, effective, the info source of this research is the academic community of Padang State...
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Internalization of Minangkabau Cultural Harmony Values in Visionary Leadership Practice

Merika Setiawati, Ali Imron, Bambang Budi Wiyono, Burhanuddin
This study aims to reveal the Minangkabau cultural harmony values in visionary leadership practice, which is believed to extend the visionary leadership role in encouraging change in schools. A qualitative approach and a multi-site design were wont to describe the visionary leadership implementation...
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Principals’ Instructional Leadership Practices and Its Relationship with Teacher Work Performance

Mohd Roslan bin Abdul Rahman, Mohd Izham Mohd Hamzah
The purpose of this concept paper is to identify the level of instructional leadership practice of principals and its relationship with teacher work performance. Principals are the most influential individuals in an educational organization. Apart from performing administrative duties and external assignments,...
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An Analysis of the Needs of Learning Leadership Model Based on Action Learning

Nelfia Adi, Sulastri Sulastri, Syahril Syahril
The purpose of this research is to examine the requirements for the creation of a learning leadership model based on action learning. This study was done using a survey approach at primary schools in West Sumatra Province, with as many as 117 school principals scattered over 12 districts and 7 cities....
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The Role and Challenges of Education Leaders Facing Change

Noor Syahida Abdullah, Muhammad Hussin
This concept paper aims to discuss the role and challenges of education leaders facing change. The findings of previous studies indicate that effective change management for educational institutions can change with appropriate change implementation characteristics. However, its effectiveness will be...
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Level of Instructional Leadership Practice of Preschool Supervisors and Its Relationship with the Commitment of Community Educators TABIKA and TASKA KEMAS

Nor Maizatul Akmal Mohd Zubir, Mohd Izham Mohd Hamzah
This concept paper to identify the level of practice of Preschool Supervisors and its relationship with the commitment of Community Educators in Kindergartens and KEMAS Nurseries. The purpose of this concept paper is also to identify issues in national education related to instructional leadership that...
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The Role of Instructional Leadership by Heads of Subjects in Relationship to Effective Teaching Practices

Roziah Derasit, Mohd Izham Hj Mohd Hamzah
This conceptual paper is meant to be a discussion on the role of Instructional Leadership for Heads of Subjects as middle management in the planning, organizing, controlling and implementing quality educational programs in Schools. An effective teaching occurs when students do enjoy their lessons which...
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The Effect of Job Involvement and Organization Commitment on Decision Making of Echelon II, III, and IV Employees in the Government of Bekasi District

Son Haji, R. Madhakomala, Suparno Eko Widodo
The advantage of the investigation was knowing an impact of expert participation and organizational involvement in the Bekasi government’s tier II, III, and staff decision-making. The hypothesis test was used in the investigation along with the pathway analysis methodology. 984 workers at echelon II,...
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An Analysis of Needs: Role of Principal in Learning Leadership to Improve Teacher Pedagogic Competencies

Sulastri Sulastri, Nelfia Adi, Syahril Syahril
This study aims to analyze the needs of the principal’s role in learning leadership to improve teacher pedagogical competence. The conditions in the field of teacher pedagogic competence need to be improved, one of which is by optimizing the role of the principal as the leader of learning. This research...
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The Relationship Between Headmaster’s Instructional Leadership Practices and Teacher’s Job Satisfaction

Nurul Aishah Binti Asmuri, Mohd Izham Mohd Hamzah
The headmaster’s role as an instructional leader contributes to the teacher’s job satisfaction. The practice of headmaster leadership improves not only the school’s performance and excellence but also the degree of job satisfaction among teachers. The aim of this concept paper is to analyse instructional...
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Learning Design with STEM Approach at SDN 002 Kuok Kampar Regency, Riau

Arsilawita, Neviyarni Suhaili, Yalvema Miaz, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Megaiswari, Hadiyanto, Solfema
Elementary education requires educator competency as well as student inventiveness. This is due to the fact that each primary school employs a traditional learning technique. STEM learning is a learning technique that blends instructor expertise with student innovation. STEM Learning is created by combining...
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Learning Activities in Higher Education Institutions: Overview of Learning Campus Facilities During the Covid 19 Period

Numerous instructive organizations were obliged to move from up close and personal learning (FTF) to online distance picking up during the COVID-19 pandemic, which started in mid 2020. (PJJ). Numerous colleges utilize Zoom as a conveyance stage. The reason for this study is to investigate the opportunities...
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Undergraduate EFL Learners’ Perception Toward ICT Use in English Language Learning

Fitrawati, Hermawati Syarif, M. Zaim
Due to the integration of technology, learners have more possibilities to practice English in their own contexts than they do now. However, there is currently a limitation of study on students attitudes toward use of ICT in English language learning. The goal of this study is to look into how EFL students...
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Freshmen Strategy in Managing Their English Learning

Nina Suzanne, Mukhaiyar, Yenni Rozimela, Refnaldi
System makes English learning turns out to be more successful both simultaneously and target accomplishment also. Understudies are supposed to think up their own procedure that could function admirably for them. This study plans to portray first year recruits’ backhanded systems to be great at English....
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The Effect of Teacher Performance on Online Learning in Facing the COVID 19 Pandemic and the New Normal Era

Ulya Amelia, Widiawati, Fenny Ayu Monia, Imam Hanafi, Mellati Mandasari
Instructor execution is a technique that utilization to further develop the learning quality. Instructors’ exhibitions ought to change in accordance with the alumni’s necessities. The motivation behind this study is to figure out the impact of educator’s presentation during Covid-19 Pandemics and the...
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Readiness Analysis of Equality Education Tutors Implementing Blended Learning

Vevi Sunarti, Jamaris, Solfema, Hadiyanto, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Mega Iswari
A fair and equitable education with equal quality is the dream of every human being, that is why in our country the law guarantees the acquisition of the community to get a decent and equitable and quality education for the entire community. The large number of dropouts and not attending school has become...
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EFL Teachers’ Oral Questions at Junior High Schools: A Conversational Analysis and Stimulated Recall Interview

Yetti Zainil, Zul Amri, Ratmanida Ratmanida
Educators’ inquiries during homeroom cooperation decide the degree of understudy thinking in view of many examinations uncovered. In any case, phases of inquiries have posed by the EFL educators inside their homeroom connection doesn’t as yet plainly characterize. The exploration expresses the matter...
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‘Wait Time’ in EFL Classrooms: Teachers Questioning Strategy

Yetti Zainil, Zul Amri, Ratmanida
A considerable research has been initiated into the nature of classroom interaction practices; however, it seems that not many on wait time that is the duration of silence time between questions of teacher and answers of student. This paper targets revealing how long the educator gave between the inquiry...
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Measurement Model for Determining the Effectiveness Military Capability Towards Society 5.0 on Seskoal

Daniel Setiawan, R. Madhakomala, Ucu Cahyana
The Community 5.0 worldview gives chances to cooperate in different angles towards better security and prosperity for individuals. Security and solace conditions have been upset since the Covid-19 flare-up [1]. As the Navy professional level school in connected with security and guard, the Naval Command...
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Total Quality Management to Improve the Quality of Higher Education in the 21st Century

Hanif Al Kadri, Widiawati, Lusi Susanti, Ermita
The 21st century is set apart by high difficulties and requests that make each college be prepared with this large number of difficulties and requests. The high difficulties requests make colleges actually need to focus on their quality. This is on the grounds that colleges are amidst worldwide rivalry...
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Internal Quality Assurance System Standards Learning Management in D3 Midwife Study Program

Nurhidayah, Suryadi, Matin
The Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) is one strategy to tackling the concerns and obstacles that higher education in Indonesia faces. Higher education is seen to be of high quality if it can strengthen and achieve its vision via mission execution while also meeting the demands of society, the...
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The Effect of Procedural Justice, Trust, and Organization Commitment on Organization Behavior Citizenship of Private Senior High School Teacher in Bekasi District

Melah Rusdiana, Neti Karnati, Thamrin Abdullah
Study aim analysing the procedural justice, trust, and organization commitment impact into teacher’s organization citizenship behavior in Bekasi. Survey method with path analysis applied is used in testing the hypothesis. This research’s population are consisted of 703 teachers and there were 255 teachers...
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The Impact of School Climate on School Quality During Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Siti Heri Hidayati
The study aims to see how a supportive school climate can survive to the school’s quality and how to solve all the problems that the teaching divisions faces in the middle of expansion of covid-19. A detailed previous studies examining the school climate effect, school quality, and education quality...
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Organizational Culture

This study aims to describe the Organizational Culture at the Department of Population and Civil Registration. This research is descriptive research with indicators, values ​​that apply in the organization, trust or confidence of employees to the values ​​that apply in the organization, and the suitability...
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Developing Parenting Cooperation Model on the Kindegarten

The aims of this study is to build a parenting cooperation model between PAUD teachers and parents. This research categorized as research and development design. Development procedure is using ADDIE model such as analyze, design, development implementation and evaluation. This article is a part of the...
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Design of SUTI (Student Projection) Application with PHP Program for Education Planning

Tia Ayu Ningrum, Alim Arun Pamungkas, Hade Afriansyah, Anisah, Nellitawati, Hadiyanto, Rusdinal
This research is set against a background by an undirected projection process that requires developing an app that can make it easier and less difficult. It will need to be designed an application that makes it easier for students to project their projections. Therefore, the purpose of this article is...
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Educators and Education Personnel Management at An Nur Husada Walisongo Midwifery Academy, North Lampung

Yocki Yuanti, Ivan Hanafi, Suryadi
The purpose of this study is to examine how educators and education personnel management are being implemented at the An Nur Husada Walisongo Midwifery Academy in North Lampung. The investigation took place between January 2020 and December 2020. A case study technique was employed in the descriptive...