Proceedings of the Fifth Prasasti International Seminar on Linguistics (PRASASTI 2019)

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Language Skills in Bahasa Indonesia Learning Textbook Class X Curriculum of 2013 Revised Edition

Tri Santosa, Duwi Saputro, Atiqa Sabardila, Markhamah Markhamah, Abdul Ngalim
Diversity of language skills in Bahasa Indonesia learning is an important part. The more diverse language skills mastered by the students, the more complete the language skills the students have. This research aims to describe the language skills contained in the Bahasa Indonesia Textbook for Class X...
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Local Wisdom in Javanese Language and Culture expressed by the Javanese Coastal Community of Banjar Kemuning Village of Sidoarjo (An Ethnolinguistic Study)

Umar Chafidhi, Wakit Abdullah, Dwi Purnanto
This study aims to explore the local wisdom in Javanese language and culture related to verbal expression and expression of nonverbal coastal communities in the village of Banjar Kemuning Regency. Sedati district of Sidoarjo. This was designed with the ethnographic method as the analytical model, namely...
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Political Discourse Analysis in Translation of Speech Texts on "One Belt One Road (OBOR)"

Adinda Natassa Valentine Hutabarat
A Political Discourse Analysis (PDA) is an approach used in this study to analyze China’s political speech on “One Belt One Road (OBOR)”. The speech texts on OBOR as a case study is analyzed through a written interview with the Chinese scholars and mainly is aimed to analyze the translators’ works as...
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University Image Building through Online News Reports

Agus Dwi Priyanto, Diah Kristina, Susilorini Susilorini
Currently, Indonesia is managing more than 4,397 higher education institutions (HEIs), eleven of which are pushed to meet the international standards. One of the standards is the presence of international students and international faculty staffs. These two indicators are also used by the ministry to...
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Do Teenage Writers Figure Their Stories?

Agus Hari Wibowo, Djatmika Djatmika
This article discusses types of figures of speech used by teenage writers in their story texts. Eighteen writers as students of Junior High Schools were selected to get a training of how to effectively exploit Indonesian language to compose a story text. Data in the forms of figures of speech were collected,...
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Directive Speech Acts on Ulaon Unjuk in Batak Toba Custom: Gender Perspective

Christina Natalina Saragi, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Agus Hari Wibowo, Sri Marmanto
In Batak Toba culture, women are not permitted to speak in any cultural ceremonies, except in traditional marriage ceremonies, namely manuppaki (giving donations) and mangulosi (giving ulos-a traditional Batak Toba cloth) where they are equal to man in term of giving advices. This research aims to find...
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Direct-Indirect Directive Illocutionary Act in Makkiyyah Verses

Hanifullah Syukri
This research is motivated by the point of view where the research using scriptures as the object of the study has an important role, especially in Linguistics. Utterances written in the scriptures are able to lead their followers to have their lifestyle based on the scriptures. Therefore, it can be...
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Intensity and Politeness in the Interrogative Sentences of Javanese Language

Hesti Widyastuti, F.X. Sawardi, Henry Yustanto
Intensity is the highest distance between the neutral lines and the curve of a wave. This magnitude is often called amplitude. A sound or speech that has a high intensity or large-amplitude, then the sound or speech utterance will be increasingly loud (Rogers, 2013). In certain societies, especially...
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The Analysis of Booster Expression in Complaining Speech Act

Ilham Ilham, M.R. Nababan, Diah Kristina, Tri Wiratno
Complaint speech act is part of expressive speech acts. However, these potentially threaten the face of the hearer. The speaker will use boosters expression in complaining strategy to express their emotion. Boosters expression as a linguistic marker is not only appeared in real life communication but...
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Criticism Strategy: Pragmatic Competence English Department Students Need to Acquire

Indrawati Indrawati
Departing from Leech’s definition of criticism as an expression of Speaker’s psychological act toward Hearer’s inappropriate conduct (Leech, 1983) in a communication as a risk to face (Scollon R and Suzanne Wong Scollon, 2001) … strategy of criticism as pragmatic competence could be realized (Nguyen,...
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Bataknese’ Politeness Strategy in Marhata Sinamot (Dowry Bargaining)

Lastri Wahyuni Manurung, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Dwi Purnanto, Sri Marmanto
A bargaining usually happened in a market, but in this research it happened in marhata sinamot. It was one of the step from Bataknese wedding ceremony that discussed about dowry as one from other topic in marhata sinamot. The imposition is higher when the object to bargain was women with different educational...
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Discourse Structure of Dialogic Da’wah in the City of Surakarta

Miftah Nugroho
This article describes the structure of discourse that is formed from speech events in the discourse of dialogic da’wah (preaching). Data is obtained by nonparticipatory observation methods and record methods. Data analysis is based on the Birmingham School of Discourse Analysis theory. The findings...
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The Use of Speech Acts in Indonesian Teenlit: A Teenager’s Restlessness bout the Issue of Unity and Diversity

Muhammad Al Hafizh, Desvalini Anwar
Literary works are not created in cultural emptiness, but they are created because they are needed by humans. Literature has a dual function to entertain and benefit humans. Literature entertains by presenting beauty and imagination, besides that literature also has social functions as means to convey...
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Compliment response strategy of Balinese women on social media: A Cyberpragmatic Study

Ni Wayan Sartini
This study is a cyberpragmatic study since it analyzes a pragmatic aspect in the cyberworld, that is social media. Social media has penetrated all people in the world, and Balinese community is no exception. This study aims at describing the strategy Balinese women utilize in responding compliment on...
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Refined Language Maintenance among Members of Nobel Sasak Family at Bertais

Nurlaela Hasanah
This paper is attempted at investigating whether or not speech level is still used and maintained in the communication among members of the noble Sasak family, what the linguistic features of the refined language are maintained, and what factors affecting the maintenance of the refined language. the...
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An Analysis of The Speech Acts in Anthology of Short Stories “9 dari Nadira” by Leila S. Chudori

Ratna Susanti, Nugraheni Eko Wardani
The study of meaning in context is the core of pragmatics. In fact, the context of the language of any literary work may be felt in the text but not all the time, since understanding literary works may be dependent on cultural contexts that are not found in the text. Hence the paralinguistic and extra...
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Politeness Strategy of FTA Receiver: Pragmatic Study of Speech Act of KBJ VI Participants

Suyami Suyami, Djatmika Djatmika, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Dwi Purnanto
This paper discusses about the strategy of politeness for FTA (face-threatening act) receiver in facing and responding ‘face-threatening act’ addressed to them. This article is resumed from research result to speech act of KBJ VI participants. It is known that the speech act of KBJ VI participants were...
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The Translation of Durative Aspect of French into Indonesian

Sajarwa Sajarwa
Translation is the process of transferring messages of the source language text into the target language text. The transfer of messages in the translation process is always characterized by differences in the culture of the source language and the target language. Language is part of culture, and culture...
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Translating Children’s Illustrated Story Books: Challenges in Translating Linguistic and Cultural Aspects by Students of English Diploma 3 Program UNS at Ganesa Library

Ardianna Nuraeni, Nur Saptaningsih, Muhammad Taufiq Al Makmun
Ganesa Library (GL) is a Non-Government Organization in Central Java that serves local people more than 3,000 books collection, 70% written in Bahasa Indonesia and 30% in English ( The latter, which consists of various types of books such as novels, comics, children’s story...
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The Communicative Dynamism in the Book of Iḥyā’ Ulūmid-dīn: Case Study in Arabic - Javanese Translation

Muhammad Yunus Anis
This research will elaborate the sentences in the book of Iḥyā’ Ulūmid-dīn (IU) written by Imam Al-Ghazali. The first problem will investigate the character of sentences in the IU based on the Arabic and Javanese Syntax elements. The second problem will elaborate the communicative dynamism in the IU...
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Figurative Languages Found in Folktales Written by Native and Non-Native Writers

Ribut Surjowati
This paper is aimed at investigating the use of figurative language in folktales translated by native and non native folktale writers and how these figurative language supports the coherence of the stories. Figurative language is used with the purpose to serve three elements of clarity, forth and beauty...
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Transitivity of Smile in Laskar Pelangi

Rini Yuliana, Riyadi Santosa, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Tri Wiratno
This study aims to look closely transitivity of simile in Laskar Pelangi. It applies SFL theory from Halliday. The data are taken from novel Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata. Research method is descriptive qualitative. The data analyses were configured into three phases as suggested by Spradley (2016)...
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Assertive Speech Acts as Strategy Revealing Impoliteness: A Case of Translation Quality in Translated Novels The Silkworm and The Cuckoo’s Calling

Yoyok Sabar Waluyo, M.R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, Djatmika Djatmika
This research is a translation study trying to explore how assertive speech acts could be used for revealing impoliteness. In many situation impoliteness as a strategy of speech act aims at disharmony interactions. The disharmony was indicated by their utterances used in interaction. The goals could...