Proceedings of the 1st Progress in Social Science, Humanities and Education Research Symposium (PSSHERS 2019)

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Evaluation of Women’s Football National Training Program in Asian 2018 Games

Alex Aldha Yudi
The program to improve football’s ability for women must be held as soon as possible. The program is expected to produce soccer players who have good competence in playing football. This periodic research program uses the CIPP model and the context that includes the context, inputs, processes and products...
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The Contribution of Arm Muscle Strength and Coordination of Hand Eye Towards Chest Pass Skills in Self Development Activities of Basketball

Andi Lesmana Putra
The problem of this study was the lack of basket ball chest pass ability in at SMA Pembangunan Laboratorium UNP. This study aims to determine the contribution of arm muscle strength and hand-eye coordination towards chest pass skills. This research was a correlational study. The population in this study...
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The Difference in the Effectiveness of the Service Over the Foot and Instep in Part Against the Capabilities of the Service Olobangau Sepak Takraw Athletes Padang Pariaman

Budi Ramadhon
This article was written to see the difference between the upper part of the foot in the service and the instep against the capabilities of the service Olobangau sepak takraw Athletes Padang Pariaman. The type of research that is Expost Facto. The population was all over Padang Pariaman Olobangau Athletes...
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Groundstroke Tennis Test

David Siahaan, Nurkadri, Pangondian Hotliber Purba
The study aims to examine groundstroke tennis test and evaluates groundstroke performance. Groundstroke is a forehand or backhand shot that is executed after the ball bounces once on the court, from the back of the tennis court to around the baseline. This study uses test-retest methods for relibilities...
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Validity of Guided Inquiry-Based Biology Practicum Guidance for Senior High School Grade XI

Dewi Fitrianti, Lufri
Practicum is one of learning method. One of the facilities needed in practicum is a practical guidance. One of learning approach that can support practicum activities is guided inquiry. The purpose of this study was to develop an inquiry-oriented biology practicum guide for high school grade XI semester...
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Development Analysis of Badminton Specific Agility Test

Eval Edmizal, Vega Soniawan
The form of the test has no new discoveries or innovations, researchers designed or modified the specific test of badminton using the badminton court and its movements led to the game of badminton such as going forward, step right side, left side and backward. This study aims to determine the validity...
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The Running Speed Relation and the Power of Leg Muscle With Result of Conventional Style on Students

D. Fadel Muhammad, M Madri, Damrah, Lusi Angelia
This study aims to determine the relationship between running speed and explosive strength of leg muscles with the results of long jumps of students in class V and VI of SD Negeri 1 Sungai Salak, Indragiri Hilir Regency. The population of this study was 36 people. The sampling technique was purposive...
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The Development of Volleyball Skill Test for Advanced Levels Student at Coaching Department of Sport Science Faculty in Padang State University

Zonifa Garri, Alnedral, Yendrizal
The problem of this study was there is no valid and reliable test for measuring volleyball learning outcomes in the advanced level class at Coaching Department of Sport Science Faculty in Padang State University. This study aimed to determine the validity and reliability of the development of volleyball...
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Validity of Vertebrate Taxonomic Practicum Guide Based on Science Process Skills Equipped by Identification Key for Students

Holyza Handika, Abdul Razak, Dwi Hilda Putri
The development of a practicum guide based on science process skills that is equipped with the identification key is expected to increase the students’ reasoning power and the ability to identify. Science process skill is learning strategies that can improve students’ skills which is not only focused...
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Implementation of Swimming Training Practices

Raja Bani Pilitan
The lack of achievement of the objectives of carrying out swimming intraculicular activities is the background of the problem of this research. The aim of this study; describe the practice of training swimming from planning to evaluation. In this study the approach taken is through a qualitative approach....
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Reliability and Validity of Passing and Control Test of Students Football Skill at FIK UNP

Roma Irawan, John Arwandi, Atradinal
In this study, we examined the reliability and validity of new football skills tests. Fifty advanced football students repeated trials of passing, and control skills on different days. Passing and control skills required players to rebound a moving ball and moving clockwise against the four specified...
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Validity of Animal Ecology Practical Guide Based on Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) for Student

Asti, Trisna Putri, Ratnawulan, Putri, Dwo Hilda
Every university must have learning outcomes. The learning outcome is a formulation of learning purposes that need to be achieved and be owned by all graduates. Learning outcomes in universities are regulated by Indonesian National Qualification Framework (INQF). Every university tries to realize the...
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The Review of Endurance of Junior Tennis Athletes in Pekanbaru

Wawan Rafiko
The problem in this study was to get tired too quickly during a match due to a lack of physical training in endurance. The purpose of this study was to find out how the level of endurance in the Pekanbaru junior men’s tennis athletes. The population in this study werePekanbaru tennis court athletes,...
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Evaluation of Gymnastics Program Implementation in a Gymnastic Club

Damrah, Pitnawati
The purpose of this study is to determine the implementation of gymnastics training program. The research method used is an evaluation approach using Context, Input, Process, Product (CIPP) model developed by Stufflebeam. The results of training program evaluation using the CIPP model is that the training...
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Validity and Reliability Testing on Eye Hand Coordination Basketball Players “Overhead and Under Arms Throw”

Roma Irawan, Heru Syarli Lesmana
The aim of this study is to determine the validity and reliability test of eyes and hand coordination of basketball players, namely Overhead and Under Arm Throw. The samples of this study comprised of 58 basketball players from Universitas Negeri Padang and using purposive sampling techniques.The data...
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Analysis of the Implementation of the Prenatal Class in Padang Health Center

Asmita Dahlan, Sri Marlia, Yelly Herien
Prenatal Class have been implemented in all provinces with variations of 27.5 percent to 150 percent. Several of studies have shown that the implementation of prenatal class has not gone well. Prenatal class in Padang health centers also vary and are not maximal. This prenatal class is carried out twice...
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Is the Participation of Indonesian People in Exercise and Their Level of Physical Fitness Quite Sufficient?

Febriani Fajar Ekawati, Sapta Kunta Purnama, Islahuzzaman Nuryadin
The level of physical fitness and participation in exercise is a part of an indicator of successes in sports development. Therefore, the measurement of those aspects is salient to support the government program. This study investigated intangible assets of Indonesian people using Sport Development Index...
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A Study of Problems on Applied Science Learning of First Grade Students at Vocational High School Pekanbaru

Jenny Ambiani, Lufri
Based on the results of observations and interviews to the teachers and students at Pekanbaru State Vocational High School, the researcher achieved data that low accomplishment of Applied Science is giving impact to the quality of learning objectives, several KD are assessed quite difficult to the students,lack...
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Determinants Stunting of School Children in Developing Countries

Wardani Putri Sari, Pujonarti Siti Arifah
Introduction: Stunting is one of the main nutritional problems caused by malnutrition in children include schoolchildren. Adequate nutrition consumption of children can influence intelligence, motor and psycomotoric developments. Defines determinant is needed to identified of effective interventions....
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Study of Learning Style and its Relation to the Biology Learning Competence of Student in Rumbai District in Academic Year 2017/2018

Saharuddin, Ramadhan Sumarmin
Learning style is one of the students’ characteristics that must be considered by the teacher. Learning style is ability of a person to absorb and manage knowledge or information in order to achieve learning achievement and improve the competence of students. One of the causes of low competency students...
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Validity of Instruments on Knowledge, Attitude and Skills Competencies at SMAN 1 Luhak Nan Duo

Suhelpi, Lufri
Learning is activities of teaching, comprehensively refers to the effort of how to make an individual to learn, how to create the learning phenomenon within the individual. Teacher has substantial capabilities to gain success in learning proces, one of them by using proper model of learning with the...
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Validity of Biochemical Teaching Material Equipped by Research Result of Biology Students

Yuliza, Wilny Okta, Putri, Dwi Hilda, Advinda, Linda
Introduction- the biochemical course is related to biology because biochemical discusses chemical processes that occur in the body of human being. Based on the results of the questionnaire, it was known that students did not have preparations before the lecture. Therefore, it was necessary to have biochemical...
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Approach to the Prevention Counseling in the Habit of Smoking on Athletes

Cigarettes is one of the problems that dilemma. On one side of existence is the livelihood and source of foreign exchange of the country, on the other hand smoking is one cause of health problems. Among young people, especially athletes, smoking is problematic for parents and coaches, and most coaches...
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Needs Assessment of Guidance Counseling in Inclusion School

Asep Sunandar, Henny Indreswari, Mohd Hanafi bin Mohd Yasin, Mohd. Mokhtar Bin Tahar, Ahsan Romdhon Junaedi, Diniy Hidayatul Rahman, Wahyudi Siswanto
Inclusive schools are regular schools designated by the Indonesian government to accept ABK as students, Children with special needs (ABK) have a variety of learning and social problems. Obstacles in learning very much depend on the type of disability they carry. The research aims to design a counseling...
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Indigenus Inclusive Education Concept Based on Ki Hadjar Dewantara Values and Dysontogenesis Vygotsky Theory

Asri Wijiastuti, Siti Masitoh, Ima Kurrotun Aini, Febrita Ardianingsih
The conceptualization of inclusive education more practical level than its basic concept. The purpose of this study is to dissect and trace Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s values and Vygotsky’s dysontogenesis theory in the implementation of inclusive education. The research design used was ethnographic qualitative...
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What, When and How to Learn About Sex: The Narratives of Students With

Nurazzura Mohamad Diah, Suhaiza Samsudin
Sex education program among youth with disabilities is pertinent to their overall physical, emotional, health and well-being. However, due to its sensitivity and taboo, the topic is rarely addressed in the Malaysian context. The aim of this study is to explore the understanding about sex among disabled...
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Developing a Positive School Climate to Reduce Aggression and Cyber Aggression of Student in Social Media

Mardianto, Fattah Hanurawan, Tutut Chusniyah, Hetti Rahmawati
School as a formal educational institution always seen as the key to ensure the development of behavior and personality of students, so it must in accordance to the norms and order of the community where the students are being raised. Meanwhile it has been functioning an anti-social behavior reducer...
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Online Learning of Children’s Education Subject With Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for Undergraduate Students of Special Education

Sri Joeda Andajani, Pamuji
This study aims to examine the effectiveness of online learning products of children’s education subject with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder for undergraduate students majoring in special education, faculty of Education at Surabaya State University. This study uses the ADDEM design model (Analyze,...
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The Development of the Management of Inclusive Schools Curriculum and Learning Model

Endang Pudjiastuti Sartinah, Murtadlo, Muhammad Nurul Ashar
The government’s policy in providing services for all citizens in education was encouraged by the 1945 Constitution and the International Call for Education (“EFA”) echoed by UNESCO as a global agreement resulting from the World Education Forum in Dakar, Senegal in 2000. The purpose of this study is...
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Development of E-Learning Based E-Front Applications on Computer Skills and Information Management Subject

Menrisal, Rini Sefriani, Indra Wijaya, Popi Radyuli, Linda Fitria, Yuliawati Yunus, Rahmatul Husna Arsyah, Lika Jafnihirda, Karen Sucia Rahmadani
The effectiveness of e-learning is assessed with research and development methods that test validation, practicality and effectiveness so that applications are suitable for use in Vocational Schools. This study was carried out in X grade students at Nusatama Vocational School Padang. The development...
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The Development of Guidance in Language Development Field: Listening and Speaking for Deaf Child (Hard of Hearing) in Special Kindergarten Schools for Deaf

Eryana Fatimasari Retno Budiati, Sri Joeda Andajani, Yuliati, Endang Pudjiastuti Sartinah, Muhammad Nurul Ashar
The aim of this research development was to produce the product of guidance in language development field for deaf child (hard of hearing) in TKLB-B (Special Kindergarten School for Deaf) which is fulfilled the criteria of valid, practical, and effective. The guidance development in this research was...
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Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy Among College Students

Ruseno Arjanggi, Hartono, Made Dwi Adnjani, Hidayatus Sholihah
Career decision making is considered an important skill in the life of an individual. It is a learnable skill which involves the ability to collect and analyze individual information. Self-efficacy in career decision making is someone’s belief in the career decision he/she takes. The objective of this...
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The Design and Development of Android-Based “Puzzle Games” Mathematics Learning Media

Za’imatun Niswati, Ari Irawan, Syamsiah, Chatarina Febriyanti, Gita Kencanawaty, Itsar Bolo Rangka
Games that improve the ability of elementary school students to learn abstract things is needed more now than ever before. Learning media is important in presenting the subject of learning. The purpose of this study was to develop a mathematical learning media design on plane subject using the Android...
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Optimism, Coping skills, and Life Satisfaction: The Implication for Web-Based Intervention

Eka Wahyuni, Karsih, Wening Cahyawulan
Optimism is reflected in the extent to which people hold positive expectation for their future. It is related to the capacity to cope with life hardship and satisfaction. Optimism, coping skills, and life satisfaction are believed to be predictors of future success. This study examined the relationship...
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The Effect Of Adlerian Group Counseling on Improving Counselor Trainees’ Awareness of the Family of Origin

Hilma Fitriyani, Gantina Komalasari, Susi Fitri
Possessing self-awareness of family of origin is important for counselor trainees because of usefulness in assisting counselees. This paper discussed the influence of Adlerian group counseling in increasing self-awareness on origin family for counselor trainees. The between-groups models pretest-posttest...
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Design And Trial Selective Attention Computer-Based “Letvis” Program For Children With Attention Deficit Disorder

Naeila Rifatil Muna, Laila Qodariah, Ratna Jatnika, Urip Purwono, Juke R Siregar
Generally, children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are easily distracted and display lower selective attention abilities by numerous activities not related to the task at hand. This can cause various problems in their academic and social lifestyle. These attracted researchers into conducting a...
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Using Adlerian Group Counseling as a Treatment to Increase Orphanage Child’s Self-Esteem: Is Effective or Not?

Rizki Novirson, Herman Nirwana, Netrawati
The purpose of this study was to examine the use of Adlerian Group Counseling as a treatment to enhance orphanage child’s self-esteem. This research using the quasi-experiment method with the time series design. Orphanage childs on Aisyiah Nanggalo as subject research. Data was collected with the Culture-Free...
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Learning for Students With Hearing Impairment in Inclusive Class on Sensorimotor Development Course

Febrita Ardianingsih, Khofidotur Rofiah, Ima Kurrotun Ainin
Hearing impairment has implications in learning due to the difficulty to hear and understand conversations. The purpose of this study was to describe learning for students with hearing impairments in inclusive class on Sensorimotor Development Course. This research was a qualitative research with a single...
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Parent Differentiation of Self: The Mother of Adolescent Sexual Offenders

Nila Anggreiny, Septi Mayang Sarry, Mafaza, Agung Rachmadi
The number of sexually abusive cases has over the years increased tremendously, with adults as well as adolescents being the perpetrators of this inhumane act. Several factors are known to influence the emergence of weird and kinky behaviors in people, one of which is family. One essential concept of...
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Contribution of Self-Efficacy and Parental Support to Career Planning of Vocational Students

Febri Wandha Putra, A. Muri Yusuf, Solfema
This research is based on some problems is still found in vocational education, related to career planning. Self-efficacy and parents support are factor in career planning. This research aims to describe: (1) the contribution of self-efficacy to career planning, (2) the contribution of parental support...
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Development of Guidance and Counseling Services to Improve Student Questioning Skill in Classical Format Learning

Nurfarida Deliani, Prayitno, A. Muri Yusuf, Jamaris Jamna
Students poor educational questioning skills can have adverse negative effects on the learning process and must be handled by the Counsellor appropriately. This study aims to develop guidance and counselling service that would assist in enhancing students questioning skills in classical format learning....
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Family Communication Patterns, Agreeableness Personality Trait and Homosexual Behavior Tendency

Taufik, Nanik Prihartanti, Daliman Daliman
The objective of this research was to investigate the relationship between family communication patterns, agreeableness personality trait and the tendency of homosexual behaviour. The Quantitative method was used to examine the relationships between family communication patterns and agreeableness personality...
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The Differences of Group Counseling Competencies Between Pre-Service Counselors and School Counselors

Herdi, Dewi Justitia
This research is aimed at investigating the distinction between group counselor competencies of the pre-service counselors at the Department of Guidance and Counseling, Universitas Negeri Jakarta and school counselors in DKI Jakarta. The ex-post-facto research method was employed in carrying out this...
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Gestalt Therapy: The Use of Language to Increase Self-Openness in Ex-Prostitute’s Children at Dolly Surabaya

Yany Ludia Natasian, Nanda Setya Permadi, Hamidah
Children of ex-prostitutes at ex-localizationDolly tend to be closed-off because of the shame they hold over the past of their parent. The purpose of this research is to identify the effectiveness of Gestalt counseling based on word choices to improve self-disclosure with said children. This research...
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Involvement of Malay Customary Institution in Organizing Development at Tabir Sub-District Merangin Regency

Riri Maria Fatriani, Faizah Bafadhal
This research analysed the involvement of the Malay Customary Institution as a neutral body integrated element of government and custom. It is expected to realize cooperation in the success of development. To see the level of involvement, this research will tried to examine the decision making process...
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Psychological Empowerment and Commitments of Changes on the Civitas Academica of Universitas Negeri Padang

Rindang Ayu, Rahayu Hardianti Utami, Nurmina
In this globalization era, the workplace should change and develop continuously. BLU (Badan Layanan Umum) as a new regulation makes a change in the organization entirely, including work standard, financial procedures, organizational structural, and many more. If the changes are not made, then this will...
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School Management in the Implementation of Character Values in the Teaching-Learning Process

Hasnadi, Nur Asiah, Fatimahwati
Globalization progress and after the earthquake and Tsunami of Aceh make it more easier for new cultures to come into which lead to the social and character changing of students and society. School education is one of most effective ways to build individual characters so they can grow up better in society....
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Experiential Learning Design of E-Learning Website

Sasmoko, Yogi Udjaja, Yasinta Indrianti, Xiao Xiang Zhong, Abu Yazid Abu Bakar
The 4.0 industry revolution needed to change the revolution in higher education which is characterized by increased literacy and self-transformation so that there is an effort to maximize blended learning. This effort will give a positive result because it can provide a pleasant learning experience through...
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Real Time System for Indonesian Teacher Engagement Index Application

Sasmoko, Yasinta Indriati, Desi Maya Kristin, Brilly Andro Makalew, Yogi Udjaja, Abu Yazid Abu Bakar
Technological developments in education must have a positive impact on improving teacher quality and competence in Indonesia so that teachers are able to run their profession optimally. When teachers are able to play an optimal role then the teacher will provide a significant added value for improving...
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Testing Strengths-Based Interventions: A Preliminary Study on the Effectiveness of a Program Targeting Wisdom and Knowledge Virtues for Online Learning Readiness Among Students

Sitti Hutari Mulyani, Ramdani Bayu Putra, Agung Ramadhanu, Khaidzir Ismail, Yazid Abu Bakar
The aim of this study was to analyze the influence of character strength on online learning readiness for students with different majors at Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang. It was conducted using a VIA-IS questionnaire developed by Peterson and Seligman, while students’ readiness for online learning...
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Sandtray Therapy for Young Girls in A Shelter Home

Muhammad Razif Ismail, Salleh Amat, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Zuria Mahmud
Sandtray therapy involves the use of verbal, audio-visual and touch sensory that will make counselling sessions more comprehensive. Researches executed the interview and observation method in this qualitative study which involved four teenage girls at a shelter home. The data was obtained through verbal...
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Relationship Between Multiple Intelligence and Career Interest Among Secondary School Students

Azriah Mohd Azmir, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Izwan Mahmud
Intelligence is one ability to respond successfully to a new situation and the capacity to learn from one’s past experiences. While interest is a strong motivation that drives actionsanddetermined by personality factors. This study aims to observethe relationship between multiple intelligence and career...
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An Exploration of the Worldview of Addiction and the Therapeutic Experience Using Play Therapy Sessions Among Recovering Adolescents

Mohd Hatta Othman, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Mohamad Isa Amat, Zuraidah Ayob
Substance abuse among adolescents at increasingly younger ages is alarming. The use and abuse of drugs and other substances for other than medical purposes may contribute to many negative consequences, including academic drop out and health problems. This study discusses the worldview of substance abuse...
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Family Support System Among Recovering Adolescent Drug Addicts: A Case Study

Mohd Fitri Amir Shoodi, Abu Yazid Abu Bakar, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Dharatun Nissa Puad Mohd Kari, Norhafizatulhusna Ismail
The family support system gives an impact among recovering adolescent. The aim of this study is to explore the element of support system among recovering adolescent drug addicts using sandtray therapy approach. This is a case study involving four recovering adolescent at the Clinic Cure & Care Clinic,...
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Counselors’ Experiences Using Sandtray Therapy for Recovery Adolescents

Anas Zulhifzi Buang, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Zuria Mahmud, Dharatun Nissa Puad Mohd Kari, Salleh Amat
Sandtray therapy is an approach in counseling field. This approach uses play as a method for client to express their emotion, thought, behavior and experience related to the issue of their problems. The objective of this study is to explore the counselor’s experience using sandtray therapy approach in...
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Measuring the Spirituality in Group Addiction Counseling Using Sandtray Therapy

Muhammad Farhan Mahmud, Salleh Amat, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Mohamad Isa Amat
The element of spirituality plays an important role in addiction counseling and recovery of an addict. The purpose of this study was to examine the differences on spirituality level before and after intervention using sandtray therapy. This study was a quasi-experimental repeated-measure design utilizing...
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The Effects of Career Activity Using Sandtray on Career Self-Efficacy Among Substance Abuse Clients

Ku Kautsar Ku Sulong, Mohd Izwan Mahmud, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Mohamad Isa Amat
Drug abuse is becoming an increasingly widespread phenomenon nationally and globally. This grave social issue is not only affecting the adult population but also adolescents. Of late, substance abuse among adolescents is on a rising trend and is a cause for concern. The aim of this study is to measure...
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Screening Process on Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Well-being Using the Play Therapy Approach

Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Mohamad Isa Amat, Zuria Mahmud, Salleh Amat
Play therapy is a counseling approach to children and involves a dynamic and therapeutic relationship between children and counsellors through the natural communication of ‘playing’, which helps children express their emotions and experiences more effectively. This study is to explore the use of the...
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Descriptive Analysis of Multiple Intelligence and Career Interest

Muzarina Juhari, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Mohd Izwan Mahmud, Mohd Fahridzakki Abd Rahman
Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand, reason and solve problems effectively and the ability to contribute positively to the societies. This study was conducted to identify the multiple intelligence stage and career interest patterns among 77 secondary school students. This study is a quantitative...
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The Application of Maqasid Shariah Elements in Family and Marriage Counseling

Mohd Suhadi Mohamed Sidik, Md Noor Saper, Nurul’Ain Mohd Daud
This paper will present the application of Maqasid Shariah elements in family Counseling and marriage during the decision making process. The qualitative method was employed using the case study approach. The data was collected based on three observations of Counseling sessions and analysed using Model...
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ADDIE Model In Teaching Module Design Process Using Modular Method: Applied Topics in Design And Technology Subjects

Zamri Sahaat, Nurfaradilla Mohamad Nasri, Abu Yazid Abu Bakar
Modular teaching modules are one of the practical pedagogical methods that can be used in the process of delivering knowledge and skills. Hence, the design of this modular teaching module should be carefully and systematically developed. This paper which examines the process of designing teaching modules...
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Competency of Pre-Service Elementary School Teacher Based on Multiple Intelligences Theory in Riau Province

Rian Vebrianto, Tuan Mastura Tuan Soh, Nelly Yusra, Z Zarkasih, Abu Yazid Abu Bakar, Alaniyah Syafaren
The general vision of higher education is to develop educated people with noble character, who are intelligent and competent to develop a dignified and highly competitive nation. Thus, an educator should consider multiple intelligences to cater the differing abilities of the students. This study aimed...
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Strengthening Islamic Moral (Akhlak) of Orphanage Adolescents Through Group Guidance Activities With Religious Spiritual Cinematherapy Techniques

Arjoni, Gusril Basir, Cece Rakhmat
This study aims to describe the strengthening of adolescent Islamic morals (akhlak) through group counseling activities with religiously charged Cinematherapy techniques at the Kamang Hilir Orphanage in Kab. Agam. This research uses quantitative with pretest and posttest control group design experimental...
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The Influence of Running Speed, Leg Muscle Explosion Power in Long Jump Ability

D Lestari, Bafirman, M S Rifki
The aim of the study was to determine the direct effect between exogenous and endogenous variables, namely finding the direct effect of running speed, explosive leg muscle strength, and long jump ability. The type of this research is Path analysis with causal associative correlation approach. The purpose...
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The Effect of Agility, Speed, and Self Confidence Towards Dribbling Ability in Football Game

E P Dinata, Umar, Argantos
The purpose of this research was to determine how much the influence of each independent variable (agility, speed and self-confidence) toward dribbling ability. This research used quantitative correlational methods with descriptive approaches through path analysis. The sample in this research were students...
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Development of Motor Teaching Learning Models Based on Audio Visual Media for Elementary School Students in Kuranji Padang

F Haris, F Mukhtarsyaf, Liza
The problem when the author made observations and interviews with the Teachers in Elementary School in Kuranji Subdistrict, Padang was the rarely conducted evaluation of Learning Physical education and motor skills of students, especially motor skills of Elementary School Students in Kuranji District,...
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Validating Interactive Flash-Based Multimedia Equipped Game of Guessing Images on Human Circulatory System in Material and Human Respiratory System for Grade VII Middle School Students

I F Arli, Zulyusri
The learning by using technology is called multimedia learning. The multimedia learning is able to create interaction between teacher and the learning media, student to the learning media, and teacher to the student. The teacher’s effort to develop and using learning media that follows the technology...
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Walking on the Board for Dynamic Balance

J Hendra, E Sepdanius, W J Daya
This study aims to see the ability of dynamic balance elementary school students when walking on the board. Instruments were given to 156 elementary school students from various schools. There are four factors described in dynamic balance instruments that are classified namely; 1) walk forward across...
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The Effect of Agility, Foot-Eye Coordination, and Balance on Dribbling Ability: An Ex Post Facto Research at Balai Baru Football Academy Padang

Oktarifaldi, F Amra, V Soniawan
The lack of dribbling ability is the focus in this study since it becomes one of factors of the achievement at Balai Baru Football Academy (SSB Balai Baru) in Padang. This ability is influenced by several factors such as agility, foot-eye coordination and balance. This research aimed to reveal the effect...
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The Effect of Intensive Interval Method Training With Active Recovery and Extensive Intervals and Passive Recovery on 100 Meter Freestyle Swimming Speed

R Hutapea
The purpose of this study was to determine: 1) Effect of Intensive Interval training with Active recovery and Intervals Extensivewith Passive Recovery to the results of the swimming speed of 100 meter freestyle. The type this study is quasi-experimental. The population in this study are all Tirta swimming...
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The Correlation of Leg Muscle Power and Speed Towards Shooting Ability in Football Game at U15 SSB Riau University

W D Saputra, Ramadi, A Juita
This research was conducted to know and determine any correlation between leg muscle strength and speed to the shooting capability in football players SSB U15 university of riau. Kinds of this research is a correlation with involving 20 people’s while the sampling technique used was total sampling. From...
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The Development of Medicine Voiced Ball (MVB) in Learning Big Ball Games for Special Needs Students

Big ball games are one of the most popular sports and every human likes to do. The purpose of this research is to produce ball that will be named “Medicine Voiced Ball (MVB)”; how to manufacture MVB on visual abilities in children who include blind people. MVB will be able to represent ball characteristics...
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The Effect of Implementing Rhythmic Gymnastics to Improve Motor Skills of Primary School Students

S G Handayani
The aim of this study is to determine the effect of rhythmic gymnastics training towards improvement of motor skills among elementary school students of Laboratorium Pembangunan Universitas Negeri Padang. A quasi-experimental research using pretest-posttest group design with one independent variable...
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The Effect of Basic Techniques Training of Volleyball Towards Students’ Physical Fitness

Q Amra, F Amra
The purpose of this study is to improve students’ physical fitness through basic techniques training of volleyball. This is a quasi-experimental research design involving 30 students. The data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics with t-test. Based on the results of data analysis,...
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Contribution of Balance and Explosive Power of Leg Muscles Towards Ability of Jump Shoot of the Athletes at Sport Science Faculty of Padang State University

R Yenes
The problem of this research is the low ability of jump shoot, owned by basketball athletes of Sport Science Faculty of Padang State University. Therefore, some factors that affect the ability of jump shoot of basketball athletes were investigated. In this research, the researcher found the factor of...
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The Contribution of Legs Muscle Power and Dynamic Balance Towards Jump Shot Ability on Senior High School Basketball Players in Padang

F Mukhtarsyaf
The purpose of this study is to find out the contribution magnitude of legs muscle power and dynamic balance to the ability of jump shot Senior High School Basketball players in Padang. Based on the problem, this research method using correlational approach and followed by analyzing the magnitude of...
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The Effect of Playing Activities, Eye Coordination and Confidence on Football Players at SSB UIR Pekanbaru

A N Sandra, Gusril, S Bakhtiar
The aim of the research was to determine the effect of the direct and indirect influence of simultaneous playing activities (X1), eye-foot coordination (X2), Confidence (X3) against Football Skills (Y). The population was the football players of SSB Pekanbaru UIR consisted of 40 players. The sampling...
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The Contribution of Limb Muscle Strength and Height Towards the Speed of 40 Meter Freestyle Swimming

A Erianto, E Marheni, Maidarman
The low speed of freestyle swimming of SMK N 5 Padang students was the matter of research. This study aims at determining of contribution of leg muscle strength (X1) and height (X2) towards the speed of 40 meter freestyle swimming(Y). This quantitative research used ex post facto type. The population...
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The Effect of Give and Go Passing Training and Overlap Passing on Passing Accuracy of Football Player at SSB Putra Bumi Serambi Padang Panjang

A P Pratama
The research problem was the inadequate and limited passing accuracy of SSB Putra Bumi Serambi football player in Padang Panjang. This study aims to determine the effect of giving and go passing training with passing overlap on passing accuracy of SSB Putra Bumi Serambi football player in Padang Panjang....
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The Effect of Multiball Training Method Against Backhand Drive Stroke Accuracy in Table Tennis

A H Jumarsa, Sukendro, S Murniat, Syafruddin
This research was initiated by the low accuracy of the backhand drive table tennis of extracurricular participants. This research aims to determine the effect of multiball training method to the accuracy of table tennis backhand drive. The method used in this study was quantitative approach as the type...
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The Effect of Mixed Impact Aerobic Training on Vo2max and the Students’ Vital Capacity in the Faculty of Sports Science Universitas Negeri Padang

Atradinal, Jonni
This study aims to see: (1) Whether mixed impact aerobic can increase VO2Max of students; (2) Whether mixed impact aerobic can increase the vital capacity of students; and (3) Whether mixed impact aerobic can increase VO2Max along with vital capacity of students. This study involved 33 students of the...
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The Effect of Training Muscle Strength Model Towards Athlete Jumping Ability at Solok City

D Antoni, F Maifitri, F Fernando
Leg muscle strength is a component of physical condition needed in long jump numbers. Based on preliminary observations, Solok City Athletic Athletes’ long jump achievement is still low. One of the alleged low ability of long jump is from the given training model. The aim of the study was to determine...
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The Contribution of Vo2 Max and Agility to Dribbling Ability of Football Extracurricular at SMK Forestry Pekanbaru

D Ariyanto
Based on the observations of the author when the team conducted official trials and matches ina championship between Pekanbaru secondary schools, and LPI (Indonesian Education League), it was seen that students’ dribbling were troublesome. The purpose of this study was to determine the contribution of...
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The Effect of Circuit Training Method on Improving Physical Condition

Edwarsyah, S Hardiansyah
The issue of this study is that many students of Sports Science Faculty do not maximized their capability of physical condition. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of circuit training methods on improving physical conditions. This quasi-experimental research involved 9 students. The data...
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The Effect of Playing Training Method and Circuit Training Method Towards VO2 Max Capacity on Badminton Male Athlete at G-Sport Center Padang

F Asbupel, Y Kiram, H Neldi
This research method is a quasi-experimental (quasi experimental). The population of this study were all male athletes from the G-Sport Center Padang badminton, while the samples were determined by passive sampling so that a sample of 24 athletes was obtained. The test used was a bleep test which aims...
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The Effect of Footwork Exercise on Agility in Badminton

F Gusliandi, Ramadi, A Juita, W Welis
This study aims to determine how much influence of footwork exercises on agility in badminton games. The method of this study was an experiment. Experiments were carried out 16 times with 1 pre-test and 1 post test. Population of this study was10 athletes of PB Bina Tangkas. All populations were used...
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The Effect of Low Impact Aerobic Exercise, Mixed Impact and Training Motivation on Weight Loss Percentage of Army Wives at Batalyon Infantry 133 YS Padang

H Saputri, T H Sin
Based on observation, it can be seen that there were several army wives of 133 Infantry Battalion YS Padang who were overweight (obesity) due to excessive body fat. This study aims to reveal differences in the types of aerobic exercise impact, mixed impact, and motivation to practice on body fat percentage....
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The Contribution of Lower Limbs Explosive Power on Snatch Lift Techniques at HBT Sasana

H Syampurma
The purpose of this study was to observe the contribution of lower limbs explosive power to on snatch lift technique in Sasana HBT Padang. The type of research was correlational research design. The sample of this research comprised of 15 athletes of weight lifting at Sasana HBT Padang. The instruments...
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Explosive Power Exercises Models on Shooting Ability on Football Extracurricular Students at SMAN 2 Lubuk Basuk Agam

M Y Almizan, M A Desman, M Ilham
The problem of this study is still lacking and the low capacity of shooting the ball at SMA Negeri 2 Lubuk Basung Kabupaten Agam. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of exercise form of explosive power to increase the ability of shooting at SMA Negeri 2 Lubuk Basung Kabupaten Agam. This...
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Increasing Underhand Service Skills in Volley Ball Game Through Audio Visual Media

Nopianto, W Agustian, Muslimin, W Wellis
Averagely, most student did not know the basic technique of doing under service correctly. The purpose of this study was to determine the increase in the results of lower service skills of volleyball through audio-visual learning media in class VIII.5 in Palembang State Middle School 46. The method used...
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The Effect of Polymeric Exercises for Front Speed Kick

N Ihsan, Zulman, S F Utami
The purpose of this research was to know the effect of squat jump and split jump modification exercise toward front kick speed of male athletes. The type of this research was quasi experimaletal. The population in this research was male athletes of Tangan Mas Martial Arts Training Centre Lubuk Basung....
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The Contribution of Eye-Hand Coordination to Basketball Lay Up Shoot Skills

O Candra
The purpose of this study was to determine the extent of the contribution of hand eye coordination (X) to the skills of lay up shoot in basketball (Y) to extracurricular students in junior high school 9 Pekanbaru. The study was held at junior high school 9 Pekanbaru. The research method used in this...
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The Contribution of Leg Muscle Power to the Accuracy of Wide Kick Direction of Football Athlete at Universitas Islam Riau

R T Alpyan
The purpose of this study was to determine the contribution of leg muscle power to the accuracy of kick toward the goal in Riau Islamic University Football Association’s athletic feed. The sample in this study were 24 athletes. The data obtained were then searched for the relationship of the contribution...
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The Effect of Calf Raise to Leg Muscle Power for Beginner of Athletic Athlete in Pekanbaru

R S Nugroho, Khairuddin, W Welis
This research was aimed to find out whether there is the effect of calf raise to the power of leg muscle for beginner athletes in athletic Pekanbaru. Type of this research is experimental, the population of this research was the athletic club Pekanbaru, and the sample was the total of population, which...
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Heavy Bet Exercises Effect to Forehand skill on Table Tennis of Male Athlete at Pekanbaru Sports High School

Roiyatul, Khairuddin, A Fardi
Based on research observations in the field in coaching Male Table Tennis athlete at Pekanbaru Sports High School, it shows a lack of techniques and tactics in table tennis, as well as training programs that are less systematic and planned. The problem raised in this study is “is there any effect of...
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Effects of the Use of Placebo on the Endurance

S Hardiansyah
This study aims to assess the effect of the Placebo on the endurance. This research is a comparison study with the sample of 18 students. This study uses the cooper test as the instrument and conducts the t-test of the dependent sample. The result of this study concluded that the use of Placebo has the...
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The Effects of Leg Muscle Strength Exercises on Students’ Front Kick Abilities in Pencak Silat Extracurricular Activities at KH. Ahmad Dahlan Islamic Boarding School Teluk Kuantan

T Rodica, E Nurmai
The research problem was the lack of Students’ Front Kick Abilities in Pencak Silat Extracurricular Activities at KH.Ahmad Dahlan Islamic Boarding School in Teluk Kuantan. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Leg Muscle Strength Training on Students’ Front Kick Abilities in Pencak...
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The Effect of Split Squat Jump and Jump to Box Exercises Towards Athlete Front Kick Ability at Perguruan Silaturahmi Pencak Silat Padang

Z Johor
The problem of this research is the low ability of the front kickers of Perguruan Silaturahmi Pencak Silat athletes in Padang. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Split Squat Jump and Jump To Box on enhancement the ability of the front kick of Pencak Silat athlete in Padang.This...
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The Impact of Jogging on the Improvement of Physical Fitness

A Agus, M P Sari
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of jogging to enhance the physical fitness of students in Sport Science Department, Universitas Negeri Padang. Quasi-experiment study was used in this research. The sample of this research was 20 students taken through purposive sampling technique. Data...
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The Development of Pencak Silat Physical Training Model for Competitive Athlete

The purpose of this research is to develop the models of competitive physical training for pencak silat athletes. The development research (research and developmental / R &D) was used to obtain the training physical condition of pencak silat athletes. The respondent of the research were from Pencak...