Proceedings of the 1st Progress in Social Science, Humanities and Education Research Symposium (PSSHERS 2019)

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The Development of Transition Training Model Based on Fundamental Football Skills at PPLP Sumatera Barat

A A Yudi
The aim of the study is to develop transition training model of football skills at PPLP Sumatera Barat. The method of this research based from research and development program adapted fromBorg and Gall.The students ranged from aged 16 to 18 were selected as research samples and data were analyzed from...
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Dynamic Balance Contribution to the Ability of Dollyo Chagi Kick Male Athlete of Tae Kwon Do in BTTC Rokan Hulu

Y Setiawan, S Syahara
The purpose of this study is intended to reveal the contribution of the dynamic balance of the ability of dollyo kick chagi by using the correlation method and sampling was done by cluster sampling. This stage begins with the selection of clubs, coaches and athletes actively practice the last two years....
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Effect of Circuit and Interval Training Method on the Improvement of Physical Fitness

S Hardiansyah, A Zalindro, F Maifitri
This study aimed to improve the student physical fitness of the Department of Sport Education, Faculty of Sports Science, State Universitas Negeri Padang, and to compare impact given by the circuit training method and the interval training method. This type of research was quasi-experiment given to student...
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Development of Footwork Exercise Tool Based on Android for Badminton

E Sepdanius, N Novselia, Syafrizar
The research purpose was to test the acceptance and the effectiveness of footwork exercise tool based on android that was developed in badminton. The kind of this research was Research and Development. The steps of this research were (1) potential problems, (2) collecting information/data, (3) product...
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The Effect of High Protein Supplement Towards Arm and Thigh Muscle Hypertrophy of Fitness Center Members

A Fardi, W Welis
The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of high protein supplement (natural and artificial) towards maximal strength and muscle hypertrophy (arm muscle and leg muscle) of fitness members. This research is a quasi-experimental research design involving 39 new male members who have never...
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The Effect of Mechanical Massage on Lower Extremities as Passive Recovery to the Leg Muscle Strength After Plyometrics Training

Atradinal, R Sepriani
The aim of the studyis to observe the influence ofmechanical massage on lower extremities muscles to speed up the recovery after physical training. A quasi-experimental design was conducted by giving treatment to the samples of 20 football athletes of UNP using purposive sampling technique. Selected...
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The Effect of Weight Training Using Fast and Slow Repetition Movement Towards Thigh Muscle Hypertrophy

The purpose of the research is to find out the effect of weight training using fast and slow repetition movement towards thigh muscle hypertrophy. This is an experimental research design involving 24 students of FIK UNP who took basketball class as their extra-curricular activities. The instrument used...
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The Effect of Limb Length on Speed of Mawashi Geri Kick in Karate Kumite for Adult

N Ihsan
The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is a significant difference in limb length with the speed of mawashigeriin karatekumite. This is a comparative study with twenty purposively selected 17 years old female karate participants. The instrument used to measure the limb length was anthropometer...
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The Effect of Backswing, Forewardswing, Contact, and Follow Through on Forehand Drive in Tennis

Masrun, H Irawadi
The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of backswing, foreward swing, contact, and follow through toward forehand drive skill. The sample of this research were purposively selected 31 tennis athletes of UNP. The data for backswing, foreward swing, and contact were collected by judge observation....
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Development of Training Model Under Passing Skill of Volleyball Athletes

Syafrizar, Hermanzoni
The aim of this research is to develop a training model for under passing technique. The design of the model will be developed through the following steps: 1) to conduct a preliminary research consisting of potential problems, data collection and needs analysis study, (2) to develop the learning model...
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Effects of Isotonic Drinks Towards Students’ Aerobic Endurance

R Sepriani, Sepriadi
The purpose of this research is to prove the benefits of isotonic drinks promised by the manufacturers. This is a quasi-experimental research design involving 20 non-athlete male students. The data were analyzed using t-test. From the data analysis, it was found that there was a significant difference...
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The Effect of Calcitonin With Physical Training to Increase Bone Density

H S Lesmana, S Syahara, E P Broto
The aim of this study is to determine the influence of a combination of calcitonin with physical training to increase bone density. The method used is randomize posttest only control group design. The group consists of the control group, physical training group and the combination group. The samples...
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The Relation of Togok Flexibility and Limb Muscle Power to Perform Power Jump Heading on Football Extracurricular of Smk Negeri 2 Muara Enim Students

A Prabowo, Waluyo, Marsiyem, N Ihsan
This research was conducted over three days using a test instrument to determine whether there is a relationship and effective contribution of togok flexibility and the ability of leg muscle towards Power Jump headings. This study used correlation method.The results shows that flexibility of togok (Km...
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The Relationship of Leg Muscle Explosive Power and Students Straddle Style Results at Universitas Riau

D H Wijaya, Arsil
The form of this study is a correlational study with population of 2011 university students in the health education team in Riau University which was taken using total sampling technique which involved 30 people. The instruments used in this study were vertical jump test and high jump result. Then the...
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Hemoglobin Content and Maximum Aerobic Capacity

Umar, Y Kiram, A A Yudi
This study aims to analyze the extent to which physical exercise with iron and no iron intake affects the hemoglobin level and maximum aerobic capacity. Whether the hemoglobin level and maximum aerobic capacity will actually be affected by iron intake or are affected by physical exercise. The population...
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Effect of Interval Training Method On Improving Physical Conditions

Zarwan, H Sefri, Z Ade
The issue of this study is that students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences possess poor physical condition. This study aims is to improve the ability of physical conditions through interval training. This quasi-experimental, by giving treatment for 16 meetings, involved 9 students. The data were collected...
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The Effectiveness of Swimming Towards Asthma Complaint Reduction and Improvement of Ability on Peak Expiratory Flow to Children

H B Bafirman, Khairuddin, Syahrastani, Y Elsa
Children with asthma symptoms have limitation on conducting physical activity. For instance, they are easily to get tired and they are less excited. Furthermore, they are socially and emotionally unacceptable for the peer group due to their low ability in various physical activities. If this conditions...
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Contribution of Training Variations to Improving Basic Skills in Playing Futsal

Nopi Hariadi, Abdul Haris Jaelani
This study aimed to determine whether there was contribute variations in training on improving basic skills in playing Futsal in MAN 1 Lotim Futsal team in 2019. This research used an experimental method of observation and action tests as data collection techniques. The subjects in this study were Futsal...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of Transparency of Information and Online Transactions as Triggers for Early Marriage for Millennial Women

Khirjan Nahdi, Doni Septu Marsa Ibrahim, Hamzani Wathoni, Muh. Fahrurrozi
This article describes the direct relationship between the phenomenon of early marriage of women with information disclosure and online transactions among millennial. Study data were obtained through ethnographic surveys and in-depth interviews with 54 respondents. Kind the relationship between early...
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Improve Learning With Moving Images

Muh. Yazid, Lale Aprihatin Diana Safitri, Rifa’atul Mahmudah
This study aims to determine how many students learning increases in Primary Education. This research is classified as experimental research because in this study the researcher wanted to see the use of moving images in improving student learning. The study population was all students of Primary Education....
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Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Instructions in Order to Enhance Post Migration Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Entrepreneurial Independence

Muh. Fahrurrozi, Muhamad Zamroni Uska, Mohzana
Indonesian migrant worker is someone who had worked in abroad and had already back to their country. In this research, then use the term TKI. This research aimed to; (1) arrange the component of entrepreneurship instructional to improve post-migration Indonesian migrant workers’ (TKI) knowledge, and...
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Policy on Internal Quality Assurance System

Padlurrahman, Sadali
Hamzanwadi University as one of the private universities in West Nusa Tenggara is always committed to building a cultural view of quality based on quality improvement through the implementation of an internal quality assurance system in all aspects, including the field of learning. To embody this, all...
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Variation Rate of the Value Sense of English Language the Sasak People in the Village Gereneng Subdistrict East Sakra

Mudarman, Lalu Mas’ud, Muh. Jaelani Al-Pansori
This Research is a sociolinguistic study aimed to describe the form of variations in the level of language on the value of a sense of language in society Gereneng Sasak village District of East Sakra. Collecting data used observation, interview, and documentation. Analysis of the data used a unified...
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Developing Skills of Early Childhood Teachers Through Tales Writing Training and Presentation Techniques in East Lombok

Sandy Ramdhani, Eva Nurmayani
One of several problems of early childhood teachers in the district of East Lombok is difficult to find content that is both contemporary fairy tales or contemporary. The situation is certainly cause confusion when the teacher would tell a story or fable yng contextual, in accordance with the demands...
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Vocal Technique of the Keroncong Song Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Hary Murcahyanto, Yuspianal Imtihan, Yuli Khaironi
Keroncong vocal technique on the song Ahlan Wa Sahlan created by TGKH. Muhammad Zainuddin Abdul Majid has an important role to play. This paper is the result of research focusing on the keroncong vocal technique and the keroncong vocal carrying technique. This type of research uses descriptive qualitative...
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Impact of Zonation Policy in Receiving New Students

Muzakki, Huldiya Syamsiyar, H. Zulkarnain Hadi
A zone is an area or area that has specific environmental functions and characteristics. The zoning system is applied so that students can be accepted in schools close to their domicile. The zoning system will also protect people who cannot, in addition to residents who have learning achievement by choosing...
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Tuan Guru; A Leader of Rural Education Development

Aswasulasikin, Sri Pujiani, Doni Septu Marsa Ibrahim
Tuan Guru as religious leaders and community leaders on the Lombok Island had a great influence in the middle of the community, because community leaders had advantages, both in science, positions, and directly from the offspring. Tuan Guru was as the central orientation of moral values and took responsibility...
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Development of the Japanese Inclusive Education System: From Special Schools to Curriculum Modification for Special-Needs Education in Regular Schools

Hiroki Yoneda
This literature review examines the development of the inclusive educational system in Japan. It traces the history of accommodation for children with disabilities from 1947 to 2017, using reports, notices, and statistics on special needs education from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,...
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Current Status of Hearing-Impaired Children in Reading Picture Books With Their Parents in China: Comparison With Normal Hearing Children

Wenqing Mao, Satoe Saigusa, Inho Chung
So far, a lot of research on how hearing children read picture books with parents at home has been done. However, there is no detailed information concerning how children with hearing impairment read picture books with their parents at home and why parents read picture books to their hearing- impaired...
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System Quality in Web-Based Application of Children With Special Needs Service Management

Mochamad Nursalim, Wagino, Najlatun Naqiyah, Heryanto Susilo, Febrita Ardianingsih, Mohammad Syahidul Haq
This study aims to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of system quality in web-based aplication of children with special needs service management. System quality indicators include: (1) the application has never experienced interference when used, (2) the application provides complete features,...
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Significance of the Disabled-Friendly Architecture at Community College

Nur Farhana Mustahidin, Zaharilah Abdul Kadir, Muhammad Aznor Bin Abdul Aziz
This study was conducted to study the important aspects and factors of designing Community College architecture which offers Special Skills program for Students with Disabilities and this study can be used to Community College as well as all educational institutions in Malaysia to become disabled-friendly....
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To Work or Not to Work: The Struggle for Employment Among Youth With Disabilities in Brunei

Nurul Nabilah Roslan, Nurazzura Mohamad Diah
Today, employment seems to be the key to almost everything. However, youth with disabilities (YWDs) face harder time finding employment compared to those able-bodied. YWDs are frequently not considered potential members of the workforce. Stigma, fear and prejudice continue to limit understanding and...
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The Actualization of Ki Hajar Dewantara’s Character Values at the Center for Local Wisdom: Developing Educational Sciences at Unesa’s Faculty of Education

Siti Masitoh, Febrita Ardianingsih, Erny Roesminingsih
Universitas Negeri Surabaya’s (Unesa) Faculty of Education hopes that its graduates will have superior character values and try to do their best for their God, themselves and their environment. The Optimization of students’ self potential should refer to the character values by Ki Hajar Dewantara. The...
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Special Education Teachers’ Perception Towards the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Classroom

Rajasree Karunamoorthy, Farah binti Mukhtar, Ranjanie Karunamoorthy, Viknesvaran Sukumaran
The use of ICT among students with special needs is influenced by the perception of special education teachers towards ICT. This study was conducted to identify the perceptions of Special Education teachers on the use of Information and Communication Technology in the classroom. This is a survey study...
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Sports Massage Therapy Towards Pre-Competition Anxiety Among Malaysian High Performance Tennis Players

Wan Ahmad Munsif Wan Pa, Norlena Salamuddin, Noraziah Mohamad Zin, Denise Koh Choon Lian
The purpose of this study is to discussed about the initial idea of the research regarding pre-competition anxiety, factors of anxiety, scientific impact of SM towards pre-competition anxiety, findings of previous literature, theory and model related to pre-competition anxiety. The idea of coping with...
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Four-Page Fabric Books Help Students Telling Stories

Zaharilah Abdul Kadir, Nur Farhana Mustahidin, Nur Farahin Mustahidin
Educators and parents often look for teaching and learning materials for students based on a number of features, namely, materials that are easy to find, affordable and teacher-parent-friendly. Researchers have created a four-page fabric book as a resource to help teachers and parents engage in story-telling...
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Growing the Entrepreneurship Spirit of Women Through the Optimization of the Use of Information Technology in Family Members

Solfema, Tasril Bartin, Vivi Sunarti
This study aims to look at the personal characteristics of research subjects, a picture of the entrepreneurial spirit, utilization of digital information technology in entrepreneurship, policy interventions in the adoption of digital information technology. This study uses a qualitative description approach...
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Analysis of Personal Characters and Business Behavior of Women in Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Case In Sungai Buluh Timur Village, Remote Village In Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra Province)

Tasril Bartin, Rismawati, Indra Junaidi, Fadli Musbar
This study aims to look at the distribution of respondents based on personal characteristics and the level of business behavior in the era of digital information technology for women entrepreneurs in running a household scale business in Sungai Buluh Timur Village, Padang Pariaman Regency. The research...
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The Function of the Indonesia Sea and Coast Guard in Maritime Patrol for Maritime Law Enforcement in Port Authority of Tanjung Mas Semarang

Winarno, Miftakhun Ni’am
The Indonesian Sea and Coast Guard is an institution which has function as a regulations protector and enforcer based on the Constitution of Republic of Indonesia no 17 year 2008 about Shipping. This institution is needed because there is a rapidly increasing number of ships entering Port of Tanjung...
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Optimizing an Attitude, Discipline and Knowledge of Crew to Prevent Work Accidents on MV. Pulau Layang

Mashudi Rofik, Rezaldi Alam Cahyadi Fajar
The application of safety procedures is influenced by the level of knowledge, attitude, and discipline of crew towards the application of safety equipment. The importance of knowledge and discipline of crew on using safety equipment properly and correctly prevent the occurrence of injuries on MV. Pulau...
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Zoning System of Education in Indonesia Challenges and Their Future

Erni Dewi Riyanti, Haerini Ayatina, Fakhriyah Tri Astuti, Putri Jannatur Rahmah
The zoning system in Indonesia is issued through the Minister of Education Regulation No. 14 of 2018 regarding the acceptance of new students (PPDB) at the elementary school level, and middle school causes different effects in the implementation that occur in the community in accordance with the conditions...
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The Role of Pancasila Education in Shaping Youth’s Character Towards Golden Indonesia 2045

Erni Dewi Riyanti, Fakhriyah Tri Astuti, Putri Jannatur Rahmah, Haerini Ayatina
Indonesia, with its potentials and resources, is predicted to become one of the most influential countries with the strongest economic growth in 2045. In the same year, Indonesia will celebrate its first centennial anniversary. It is predicted that Indonesia will reach a demography bonus of 100 million-productive...
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Impacts of Sports Facilities Development on Environmental in Semarang City: Case Study in Tri Lomba Juang Sports Arena

Tandiyo Rahayu, A R Sulastrio, B Castyana
This descriptive study aims to know further about the impact of the sports facilities construction towards both for users and communities who live around the arena. 20 samples derived from people who live around the arena, and are within 50 meters, 50 samples derived accidently from ordinary people who...
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Indonesia Etnomathematics: Study on the Form of Buildings Worship and Traditional Housing as a Source of Learning Mathematics

Zaenuri, Nurkaromah Dwidayati
This descriptive study aims to know further about the impact of the sports facilities construction towards both for users and communities who live around the arena. 20 samples derived from people who live around the arena, and are within 50 meters, 50 samples derived accidently from ordinary people who...
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Local Wisdom Based Learning in Elementary School in Curriculum 2013

Dian Eka Indriani, M. Sahid, Bachtiar Syaiful Bachri, Umi Anugerah Izzati
This study aims to determine the existence of learning that uses the basis of local wisdom contained in the K-13 curriculum textbooks provided by the government. The method uses a qualitative approach with a snowball sampling technique using two primary schools in 18 sub-districts in the Bangkalan district,...
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Readiness Level of Collaborative Governance in Post-Earthquake Disaster Management: Case of Western Island of Java

Sri Wahananing Dyah, Eko Prasojo
Indonesia is the only country in the Asian that is surrounded by 40000 km pacific fire ring, which makes Indonesia vulnerable to the threat of an earthquake. Related to this geographical fact, the government should pay more attention to earthquake disaster management in order to minimize the risk of...
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Phonological and Lexical Shifts Javanese Dialect in Diachronic Studies

Ida Zulaeha, Lulu April Farida, Fathur Rokhman
The Javanese language in the Purwodadi District Grobogan Regency has changed over time. One of those changes leads to a shift or deteriorating development. The shift in dialect is phonological innovations and lexical. Phonological innovations that occur take the form of split (separation), absorption,...
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Optimization of Paraphrase Learning for Academic Writing in Student of Midwifery

Rati Purnama Sari, Zul Amri
Paraphrase is a way to prevent plagiarism. Many students did not understand academic writing, especially about paraphrasing, though they are required to make some field practice and final project reports. This study aims to analyze the changes in the understanding of the students about paraphrase. This...
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Industrial Revolution 4.0 Through the Tropical Forest: Empowering State Capability of Indonesia

Yunita Asmawati, Syamsuri, Puput Ratnasari
The immensity of the Industrial revolution 4.0 phenomena has been spreading the globe. The tropical forest of Indonesia becomes one crucial capability. Even though the forest degradation triggers a domestic and international conflict. Hence it is suing for a big impact on the domestic environment and...
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Facing Revolution Industrial 4.0 and Society 5.0 E-Learning be as Effective as Traditional Learning: Evidence From Indonesia

Diana Airawaty, Wahyu Widarjo
This study aims to examine the effectiveness of e-learning and its impact on the education in industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0. It used the survey method to explore the acceptance of 125 accounting students and analyse the learning result using structural equation modelling and Mann-Whitney...
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The Effect of Fraud Pentagon and Academic Procrastination Dimensions Towards Academic Dishonesty of Students of Social Science in Senior High School of Semarang

Agung Yulianto, Luthfi Fathan Dahriyanto, Rina Wijayanti, Putri Adininggar
Academic dishonesty is a dishonest behavior done by students to obtain good marks by violating the regulations so that it harms other people. The effect of students’ academic dishonesty is influenced by several factors such as academic pressure, opportunity, rationalization, individual’s ability in making...
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Analysis of the Effect of Quality of Work Life, Job Satisfaction, and Employee Performance in Network and Telecommunications Service Companies

Hady Siti Hadijah, Budi Santoso, Adman, Alit Sarino
The purpose of this study is to analyze how the quality of work life and job satisfaction can effectively improve employee performance. The research method used is descriptive and associative methods. Data were collected through questionnaires using a Likert scale model, then analyzed using multiple...