Proceedings of the 1st Paris Van Java International Seminar on Health, Economics, Social Science and Humanities (PVJ-ISHESSH 2020)

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Usability, User Experience and Self-Determination Theory Motivation Analysis of Pregnancy Application for Antenatal Care Support Information System Requirements

Dianti Eka Aprilia, Albarda
One of the information technology uses in the health sector is to improve antenatal care, which can reduce early pregnancy complications the risk of stillbirths. Antenatal care (ANC) information system should be personal because pregnancy is unique for every woman. This research proposed a non-technical...
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Green Supply Chain Management Performance Framework (Case Study in Defense Company in Indonesia)

Irayanti Adriant, Afferdhy Ariffien, Regita Ayu Pratiwi
Green supply chain management practices are now increasingly being applied in companies in Indonesia. Corporate responsibility for environmental issues is part of achieving the company’s sustainability. PT. X is a defense company, which one of its products is special vehicle. In each production process,...
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Internal Control Based on Pamali in Indigenous Peoples

Abin Suarsa, Yeni Andriyani, Ia Kurnia
This research seeks to explore the Pamali culture (taboo) in indigenous peoples in Kampung Pulo, Garut, West Java as an internal control practice. Phenomenomology is used as a research method with traditional leaders (Pakuncen) and members of indigenous peoples as informants. This research found that...
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An Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and Its Effect on Customer Relationship Management

Yogi Sugiarto Maulana, Dian Hadiani, Dara Siti Nurjanah, Asep Endri Mulyana, Agam Nurul Fajar
The purpose of this study is to determine and analyze: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) influence of customer satisfaction toward PT Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) Banjar City Branch Office. The study was conducted with the quantitative approach under the frame of explanatory design. 100 customers...
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The Influence of Financial Knowledge, Financial Attitude, and Financial Behavior on Professional Millennial’s Financial Investment Choice

Reza F Pradana, Ferdinand D Saragih, Bernadus Y Nugroho
This research aims to examine the influence of financial knowledge, financial attitude, and financial behavior of professional Millennials on the choice of financial investment instruments (especially in deposits, stocks, mutual funds, golds, and bonds). This research uses questionnaires as a research...
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Model of Micro Business Development Through Management of Street Vendors Association in Sidoarjo District, East Java

Renny Oktafia, Nihlatul Qudus, Devy Anggraeni
One of the developing countries in the world, whose economic growth has not been too stable is Indonesia. This is due to the fact that large industries still dominate in determining the economic growth of developing countries, even though when an economic crisis occurs, these large industries are the...
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Analysis of Fiscal Decentralization Effect, Economic Growth, Regional Tax and Labor on Income Inequality in Central Sulawesi Province in 2011-2017 Period

Mohamad Ahlis Djirimu, Haerul Anam, Zainal Arifin, Andi Darmawati Tombolututu
Fiscal decentralization provides many advantages for the regions to set their own fiscal capacity. The local government has an opportunity to improve its economy efficiently because the government has provided useful knowledge in the allocation of resources. The Government may well provide public goods...
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The Nexus Between Dynamic Capability and Islamic Financial Literacy Towards Innovation of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia

Popon Srisusilawati, Muhammad Iqbal Fasa, Sri Nurhayat, R. Berkah Anugrahwanto, Ahmad Wahyu Hidayat, Deddy Sulaimawan, Anggi Fitri, Siti Rahmayuni, Dwi Noviatul Zahra
This research focuses on exploring the determinants of business model innovations and contributing to research related to business model innovations. The novelty of the research model in the innovation business research model is to include the Islamic financial literacy variable. This research emphasizes...
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Good Corporate Governance (Gcg) Integration and Credit Restructuring and Its Impact on Conventional BPR Business Performance in Sidoarjo

Sumartik, Misti hariasih, Lilik Indayani
Conventional banks are banking financial institutions that function as intermediary institutions in the economic field that bring various impacts in the smooth implementation of the development of the city of Sidoarjo. Good governance and lending are one of BPR’s main activities as an intermediary institution....
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Analitycal Review on Logo Redesign GO-JEK Group in Creating Brand Company Image

Intan Primasari, Agung Tirta Wibawa
The highly competitive environment forced their brands to develop strategy to maintain their brand positioning. In order for a brand to competitive advantage in the market, one of the elements that need to be achieved is not only product quality and marketing strategy but also positive brand image from...
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Turn Based Strategy Games to Hone Your Knowledge of Indonesian Culture Based on Android

F S Sulaeman, D P Aji
Games is a kind of entertainment that is liked by all people in all ages, both children and adults. Besides being used for entertainment, a game can also serve to train the mindset of someone in search of a solution to solve the existing problems on a game. The function of the game was created for the...
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An Analysis of the Welfare Program in Improving the Work Spirit

Angga Gumilar, Dara Siti Nurjanah, Dindin Herdiansah, Yogi Sugiarto Maulana, Khoerul Umam
The preliminary observation conducted at the Savings and Loan Cooperative and Syariah Financing Al Uswah Indonesia Banjarsari Branch indicated that employees were aggrieved by one of the welfare programs implemented. They did not get the pension fund, and the public transportation cost received by the...
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The Governance of Muhammadiyah Business Charitable Based on Information Systems Management

Wandy Zulkarnaen, Yayan Sofyan, Indra Sasangka
The purpose of this study is to conduct an ongoing study of governance of Muhammadiyah’s Business Charities, essentially, qualitatively, which can provide an overview of business problems that can be managed more effectively and efficiently using Management Information Systems. In this study based on...
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Demographic Analysis of the China Mobile Apps Market for the Importance of Digital Economic Development in Indonesia

Y Ying, T N Mursitama, Shidarta, Lohannes
Service business companies have also begun to shift their businesses to the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Physical books began to shift their form into electronic books (e-books) and conventional children’s games began to shift to online games and mobile games. App Annie (a platform that analyzes...
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Analyze the Effect of Aconex System on Project Administration Process

Andri D Prasetyo, Bernardus Y Nugroho, Ferdinand D Saragih
The purpose of this research is to examine the effects of aconex system and investigating the key determinants of the administration process. We proposed a conceptual framework based on the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) aims to explain user intentions to use an information...
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General Review on Crimes in the Capital Market Sector

Farah Gitty Devianty, Widjajani, E Dwipriyoko
In the economic development in Indonesia, interesting activities have emerged, one of which is the capital market. The capital market has a strategic role in national development as a source of financing in the business world and a place for community investment, where entrepreneurs and the community...
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Historical Awareness as Social Capital for the Sustainability of Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia

This study discusses the importance of historical awareness for the generations of a nation. The history of the national movement is a collective event of a nation, which can improve nation’s awareness of an independent nationality. This study aims to analyze moral values in history as Social Capital...
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From Zero to Hero: Leading with Muhammadiyah Educational Philosophy

Abin Suarsa, Yuniati Yuniati, Toto Sugihyanto
This study aims to explore the success of Yogyakartas Muhammadiyah Boarding School (MBS) in managing human resources so that it becomes a leading school in a relatively short time with the support of small financial resources. Phenomenology is used as a research method with founders, top management and...
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Effect of Self Esteem and Self Efficacy on Work Satisfaction and Its Implication on Teacher Performance (Study at SDN 1 Legokpego, Desa Drawati, Kecamatan Paseh, Bandung District)

Wandy Zulkarnaen, Yayan Sofyan, Iis Dewi Fitriani
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of self esteem and self efficacy on Work Satisfaction and Its Implications on Teacher Performance at SDN 1 Legokpego Drawati Village, Paseh District, Bandung Regency. This research was carried out by taking samples of Teacher of SDN 1 Legokpego Drawati...
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Early Childhood Sex Education in Coastal Areas

Pahlita Ratri Ramadhani, Amir Syamsyudin
Today, child sexual abuse was increasingly prevalent. In fact, these actions of sexual abuse are carried out by those closest people, including family. The most of people community considers that sexual education is a taboo thing to be taught to young children. The effect of the lack of public awareness...
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Comparative Study Between Slide Show Based-Tests and Paper Based-Tests on HIV / AIDS Vocabulary Learning at STIKes ‘ Aisyiyah Bandung

P Yualita
Some institutions conduct various efforts to encounter HIV/ AIDS by increasing the competency of its graduates. They improve their learning achievement tests. One of the tests is a slide show based-test designed in presenting questions suitable for the institutions pioneering into the industrial era...
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The Utilization of Natural Materials in Improving Children’s Intelligence

Eneng Sri Susilawati, Eka Setiawati, Elih Solihatulmilah, Ayu Fajarwati, Yusdiana, Yadi Heryadi
The objective of this study is to improve the Naturalist intelligence of students. The research technique used was Classroom Action Research conducted with the aim to improve the quality of learning practice in the classroom. The source of data of this study is children aged 5-6 years in group B, the...
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The Correlation Between Students’ Vocabulary Mastery and Students’ Speaking Skill

Obay Jambari, Rina Khaerina, Puji Siswanto, Arief Styo Nugroho, Berita Mamabarasi Nehe, Nunung Nurhayati, Habib Cahyono
Vocabulary is an important element of any language since its roles affect on language performance of the users. The present study investigates the correlation between students’ vocabulary and their speaking skills at the second-grade students of MTs Mursyidatul Jannah Pandeglang. A descriptive quantitative...
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Improvement of Public Speaking Skill Through Ice Breaking Method Ira Arini

Ira Arini, Dede Kurnia Adiputra, Ade Eka Anggraini, Iman Sampurna, Putri Yuniar Fatmawati, Ajeng Ginanjar, Yuyun Yuningsih, Habib Cahyono
The purpose of this study is to improve public speaking skills through ice breaking methods for students of Penjaskes at STKIP Setiabudhi Rangkasbitung. This research method uses two cycles of action research methods. The population in this study amounted to 300 students and the sample in this study...
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EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices About Learner Autonomy

Nunung Nurhayati, Obay Jambari, Berita Mambarasi Nehe, Habib Cahyono, Puji Siswanto, Arief Styo Nugroho
This paper aims to find out the certified and non-certified teachers’ beliefs and practices about learner autonomy in the EFL classroom. The findings revealed that there is not a huge differences between the certified and non-certified teachers’ beliefs and practices of learner autonomy. It was also...
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Educating with Paying Attention to Individual Differences: Case Study of Slow Learner Students in Inclusion School

Sutipyo Ru’iya, Hanif Cahyo Adi Kistoro, Sutarman
Each student has a uniqueness that must be considered by the teacher in the learning process, unusually slow learner children with various peculiarities. This study aims to reveal the attention of Islamic Religious Education teachers to slow learner children. This study is qualitative research with a...
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Implementing Circumlocution to Improve the Speech Performance in Public Speaking

D R Santoso, W Taufiq
This study aims to investigate how students can improve their speech performance by using circumlocution, one of communication strategies. The design used is classroom action research (CAR) implemented into two cycles. At the first cycle, the theme given is informative speech. While the second one, the...
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Primary School Teachers Perceptions Towards Preschool Education

D Hendriawan, Susilawati, N Sundari, I R Ridwan, Tiurlina, Fatihaturosyidah
This study discusses the perceptions and opinions of the primary school teachers about whether or not for primary students go to the kindergarten first. Respondents of this study are the primary school teacher who have immeasurable teaching experience. The data were collected by interviewing 40 primary...
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Wordless Picture Books: A Media to Facilitate Students in Writing Descriptive Text

N Rochania, Y Astutik, V Mandarani
As a productive skill, writing is not easy especially writing in English. However, there are many ways that can be used to train students to write like using various media. One of those media is wordless picture books. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of wordless picture books on...
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Child-Friendly Through Hizbul Wathan in Indonesia Muhammadiyah School

Eni Fariyatul Fahyuni, Moch. Bahak Udin By Arifin
This article aims of child-friendly schools through Hizbul Wathan to learners are healthy, knowledgeable, noble character, and be a cadre of leaders. This is qualitative research used data on interviews, observation, and documentation of sources and methods triangulation. Concept of Hizbul Wathan based...
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Professional Competency Gap Analysis Teacher in Professional Development Teacher

Wawan Karsiwan, Naufal Ramadian, Jasra Putra, Ana Ratnasari
This research aims to excavate the professional competency gap of teachers, where the result of the competency gap analysis is the basis for development of the teacher’s professional program. Analysis of professional competency gaps of important teachers is done in improving the effectiveness and efficiency...
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The Harmonization of Spiritual and Intellectual Intelligence in Education for Gifted Children Based on Islamic Theological Perspective

Kemil Wachidah, Udin Syaefudin Sa’ud, Dian Novita, Niko Fediyanto, Joko Susilo
The cultural-specific characteristics of western societies create obstacles to the inclusion of spirituality in gifted individual conceptions. One of the greatest cultural ideas in Western society is the relationship between religion and science, which is parallel to the relationship between talent and...
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The Effect of Social Media on Introverted Behavior and the Quality of Interpersonal Communication of Students in Primary Schools

Kharisma Reza Adrianto, Freddy Widya Ariesta
This study aims to determine the effect of social media on introverted behavior and the quality of interpersonal communication in students in primary schools. The population in this study were 143 respondents from 5 different schools in West Jakarta and East Jakarta. This research uses the Retrospective...
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Scientific Reasoning Abilities in Religion Major on Biology Course to Utilize the Project-Based Learning

L Luzyawati, I Hamidah, A Ratnasari
The Curriculum 2013 facilitates students to learn across subjects of interest, such as students in the religious department at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (State Islamic Senior High School) 1 in Indramayu to take biology matter. Biology is closely related to scientific phenomena to develop student abilities,...
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The Correlation Between Student Motivation in Choosing Study Program of Arabic Language Education and Their Perception About Teacher Profession

Nelly Mujahidah, Dinn Wahyudin, Rusman
This paper is based on the results of research that aims to quantitatively analyze the correlation of student motivation in choosing study programs and their perceptions of the teaching profession. Every student who chooses a major when going to college in teacher training certainly has a variety of...
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Picture Book: Its Effect on EFL Reading Comprehension

O Wardini, F Megawati, Y Astutik
Selecting instructional media is a prominent aspect in classroom activities. Combining pictures and text is considered effective for teaching and learning foreign language. Accordingly, picture books are meaningful media that use integration of words, illustration, and design. In the context of language...
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Wayang: How is it Used to Improve Children’s Language Skills?

Santi Alfiyah, Choirun Nisak Aulina, Agus Salim
Language skills are the ability to express something in mind through communication. The development of language skills in early childhood is significant because it is a provision for children to communicate with people around them. This study aims to determine the improvement of children’s language skills...
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Lesson of Drama in Language Education: Why do We Have to Learn English Through Drama Performance?

Meita Lesmiaty Khasyar, Rudi haryono, Ana Ratnasari
The primary goal of this research is intended to report how the implementation of Drama Performance as a project based in learning English foreign language and whether the lessons, the learning activity can motivate students interest also encouraging students to use their English language skills. Further,...
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The Ability of Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Completing Basic Mathematics Operations (BMO)

N Fauziyah, I K Budayasa, D Juniati
This study is aimed to describe the ability of ASD students in completing basic mathematics operations (BMO), especially operations of addition and subtraction. The research subjects are 21 elementary school students with ASD. The instruments used are divided into five levels of skill areas. It is found...
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Nature Study as a Learning Method of Character Education for Homeschooling Learners

Rebecca Evelyn Laiya
Homeschooling is one of the learning ways recognized by the Indonesian state, namely informal education. Based on Act of the Republic of Indonesia on National Education System No. 20, year 2003 it is explained that there are three kinds of learning ways in Indonesia, namely formal education, non-formal...
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Certification and Competence of Professionalism Teachers 21st Century

Wita Kurnia, Mohammad Ali, Dinn Wahyudin
The 21st century education transformation era is a flow of change where teachers and students will both play an important role in learning activities. The role of the teacher is not only as a transfer of knowledge or the teacher is the only source of learning that can do anything (teacher centered),...
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Character Education of Muhammadiyah

Nana Sutarna, Edo Dwi Cahyo, Boby Agustan, Nanang Mulyana
This study aims to examine the relevance of character education from the of perspective the teachings of the founder of Muhammadiyah (KH. Ahmad Dahlan) with character values developed by the government (Ministry of Education and Culture). The research approach used is a descriptive qualitative approach...
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Evaluation of the Children Friendly School Policy Implementation in the Depok City

Jasra Putra, Eliana Sari, Ma’ruf Akbar
The purpose of the study is first, evaluating the congruency between expectations with the implementation of the Child Friendly School program in the Depok city since the stages of antecedent, the transaction implementation and the outcomes of the Child Friendly School program at the school level. Second,...
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The Model of Teaching Material for Poetry Study Based on Character Education

R. Nuryani, S. Muhammad, Sofiatin
The implementation of learning literary studies courses can be directed at efforts to implement education and student character development. Development of teaching materials is essentially part of overall curriculum development. If you expect graduates of a certain level of education to have the desired...
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Learning Difficulties for Retarded Students: Case Studies on Biology Subjects in High School

Lissa, I B Minarti, N Subkhi, Nerih
In this paper, we analyse the internal and external factors that cause learning difficulties for students with mental retardation. The research subjects were 7 mentally retarded students, to carry out this study the observation sheet was designed to observe students while at school, questionnaire for...
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Factors Affecting Students’ Critical Thinking Development in EFL Classroom

Rosanita Tritias Utami, Mursid Saleh, Warsono, Rudi Hartono
The Revolution of Industry 4.0 (IR 4.0) creates a new atmosphere in Indonesia educational system and as a result it brings education transformation. Being considered as playing important roles in learning process, students’ critical thinking becomes a crucial domain to be well-developed as part of learning...
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Is Effective Think Pair Share (TPS) Used for Slow Learner Students (SLS)? Case Studies in Economic Development

Nur Anita Yunikawati, Nimatul Istiqomah, Prih Hardinto, Yohanes Hadi Susilo, Putra Hilmi Prayitno, Yogi Dwi Satrio
Students with special needs in this case are slow learner students (SLS) are students who have limitations. So SLS has difficulty accepting lessons well. This becomes the basis for lecturers to accommodate the characteristics and needs of students with special needs. Think pair share (TPS) is one of...
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Legal Education Model for Measuring and Increasing Public Legal Awareness to Islamic Law

Mustofa Haffas, Eman Suparman, Renny Supriyatni, Ratna Jatnika
This study aims to create a model of legal education for measuring and increasing public legal awareness of Islamic Law. This model refers to the model of knowledge management of law. Preparation of Islamic legal education material is done by classifying the fields of Islamic law, selecting reference...
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Disaster Awareness Insights in Early Children Age Education Based on Gender

Nandhini Hudha Anggarasari, Fajar Nugraha, Muhammad Taufiq, Setya Wahyuningsih, Cucu Arumsari
Disasters that often occur in Indonesia have a serious impact on all communities. Disaster awareness, from mitigation to rehabilitation, is one of the important aspects to reduce the impact of disasters. This awareness needs to be instilled early on in early childhood, but the most important thing that...
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The Semio-Pragmatics of Disruption in the Eye Of Youngsters

Jumanto, Sarif Syamsu Rizal, Haryati Sulistyorini, Rahmanti Asmarani
This research paper has explored the semio-pragmatics of disruption in the eye of youngsters, on how the form, the meaning, and the effect are seen by youngsters. The forms and the meanings are obtained from the URLs or web-sites (web-data) and the effects are obtained from the responses by 100 Indonesian...
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Exploring Factors Related to First Year College Students’ Academic Achievement in Indonesia

Airin Triwahyuni, Tiara R. Widiastuti, Whisnu Yudiana, Hery Susanto
Grade Point Average (GPA) was commonly used as a measure of college students’ academic achievement. There was no analysis yet regarding factors related to academic achievement for college students in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to predict factors related to first year academic achievement....
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Digital Teaching Materials Based on Local Wisdom in the Model of Jigsaw Techniques Learning Towards Descriptive Writing Skills

A Yanto, A Rosidah, D A Yonanda, B Febriyanto, Y Erdiyanti
This research is backed by low levels of students’ descriptive writing skills. Aims to prove the influence of digital teaching materials based on local wisdom in the model of jigsaw techniques learning towards descriptive writing skills. The study used a quantitative approach with one group pretest-posttest...
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The Impact of Digital Literacy Ability of Islamic Religious Education Students on FIQH Learning Achievements

N Araniri, S Nahriyah, Nurhidayat, G M Jamaludin, M G Jatisunda
The spread of the COVID 19 pandemic forced the learning process to take place online. Online-based learning has been proven successful and effective in the educational process. Good digital literacy skills can make it easy for students when the learning process is carried out online. However, not all...
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‘This is My Fault, but Now I Know Online Game Addiction Is Not Good for Me’: School Dropped Out Students’ Narrative

S Aisyah, Misdi, Y Mumpuni, F Munifatullah
School dropped-out students have attracted educators and policy makers. A number of studies have investigated factors and number of the dropped out students. However, albeit of these studies, dropped out students’ voice was reported. Thus, this paper is aimed at portraying dropped out student’ voice....
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Accounting Students’ Perception Towards Virtual Money as Mobile-Payment During Covid-19 Pandemics: Evidence from Indonesia

R Destiana, R Wiradina
Virtual money as payment method plays crucial roles during the covid-19 pandemics. A plenty of research revealed the use of virtual money as the dynamic development of payment methods last ten years. Yet, little has been known from the accounting students’ perception about the virtual money during the...
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Improvement of Lecturer Competency in Order to Reach Superior Human Resources (Study of Lecturer Competency in Universitas Muhammadiyah Bandung)

Setiadin, Rohida
Competence is essentially a product of thinking activities, meaning competencies that are realized in the human mind as a result of thinking activities. Lecturers as educators are required to have several competencies, which include pedagogical, professional, social and personality competencies. Lecturers...
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Local Wisdom of Rice Harvest in Citorek Indigenouscommunities

Tjut Afrida, Rian Fauzi, Weny Widyawati Bastaman, Gita Rizkiyah, Usmaedi, Habib Cahyono, Dine Trio Ratnasari, Anggi Rahmani
Farming in Citorek still use local wisdom which has a tradition or regulation that must be followed by communities. The custom kept by the Citorek villagers is planting the rice use traditional tools and all the communities agree not use modern tools at all. The periode of planting is annual event and...
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Factors That Motivate Street Children in Making Decision to Get Out of Street Life in Jakarta

Claudia F Sugianto, F Nugroho
Marginal, vulnerable, and exploitative are the right terms to describe the living conditions of street children. In their childhood, they have had to deal with harsh and unfriendly urban environment. Children who are supposed to obtain an education, playing time, and love are forced to work to make money....
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Social Well-Being in Elderly Who Follow “Posyandu Lansia”

N. Dwiningsih, E.W. Maryam, Widyastuti
Well-being is not only coveted by someone younger, but also coveted by the elderly. Social Well-being is one form of well-being desired by the elderly because of social limitations caused by age. This study aims to describe social wellbeing and the factors that influence social well-being in the elderly...
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Unpleasant Emotions in Linking Cognitive Appraisals and Academic Procrastination in Doing Thesis Article: A Perspective of Control-Value Theory

R D Agustiningsih
The objective the present study was to investigate the relationships among cognitive appraisals (self-efficacy, value, and causal attribution), unpleasant emotions (anxiety, anger, boredom, and hopeless), and academic procrastination (intention-behavior discrepancy, lack of promptness, and preferences...
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Chinese and Indigenous Ethnic Cultural Communication in Palembang City

Nora Meilinda Hardi, Ulfa Yuniati
Purpose of intercultural communication research to determine the influence of worldviews and indigenous ethnic Chinese in the city of Palembang. Three elements of the worldview that includes the study of religion or beliefs, values and behavior, which is part of the theory of cultural perception by Larry...
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Manuscripts as Learning Resources Innovation in Local Content Subjects

Nurhata, W Iryana, E N Arovah, G E Gemini, R Tabroni, S Ma’mun, A A Junaidi
Manuscripts are one important source that can be used as a source of learning in the subject matter (mulok) Indramayu local language (mulok) in elementary and secondary schools in Indramayu. Manuscripts as a mulok learning source can be reached in two ways. First, use the manuscript directly, starting...
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Teacher-Student Relationship is Enhanced by the Gratitude of Teacher Perspective in Religious Based Elementary School

E. H. Ansyah, C. Hadi, N. A. F. Nawangsari
The teacher student relationship problem is more increasing. Therefore it is necessary to find evidence about how gratitude correlates with teacher student relationship. This study aimed to find out whether there is a relationship between teacher gratitude and the teacher-student relationship at religion...
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I Paint the Town Red: An Overview of English Idioms Through the Lens of Computational Corpus

L. Septianasari, Triyanto
Idiomatic expressions are commonly used by the native speakers to express their idea. Aside from that, this linguistic term also brings the philosophical value of the speakers. The aims of this research are to investigate the philosophical value of the word red in English idioms and to examine the use...
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Islam and Innovation: Food Defence and Safety Movement of Ma’had Al-Zaytun Indramayu

R Tabroni, Nurhata, E N Arovah, W Iryana, G E Gemini, S Ma’mun, A A Junaedi
This article discusses the movement of Ma’had Al-ZaytunIndramayu in fostering food defence and safety for santri, pesantren and surrounding communities. Ma’had Al-Zaytun is one of the modern pesantren which in its development has received pro and contra reactions from various circles. The main controversy...
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Sunni and Shi’ah in Cultural Acculturation (Inter-Cultural and Religious Communication of Sunni and Shia Groups in Shelters)

Didik Hariyanto, Djarot Meidi Budi Utomo, Ricka Astari
This study aims to describe and explain the cultural acculturation between the Shiite group (refugees from Sampang) with the Sunni group (local residents in Puspa Agro Sidoarjo flats). This research is based on the fact that interaction and cultural acculturation between Shiites and Sunni groups are...
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Impact of Curriculum Integration Related to Spiritual Care on Nurse Competence in Providing Spiritual Nursing Care

PS Aisyah, Rosyanti, N Rohmah
The impact of the ongoing integration of spiritual nursing care in the curriculum on nurses’ competencies in providing spiritual care while in the workforce has not been studied. STIKes Aisyiyah Bandung as one of the health colleges in West Java that has integrated spiritual nursing care into the curriculum...
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Relationship Between Spiritual Well-Being Towards Children’s Temperament and Pain Scale During Invasive Action

Y Sofiyah, L Nurhidayah
This study is motivated by children who experience health problems such as illness and require them to undergo treatment at the hospital, so it will affect the physical and psychological conditions such as feeling scared and anxious. Fear or anxiety occurred in children is caused by invasive measures...
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The Influence of Husband Support and Psychosocial Conditions of Adolescent Pregnancy on Antepartum Depression

A Fatmawati, N Gartika, A Alifah
Pregnancy in adolescent mothers could trigger mental disorders. One mental disorder that could be occurred in pregnant women is antepartum depression. This is caused by changes both physically and psychologically. The purpose of this study was to analyze further the relationship between husband support,...
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The Correlation Between the Knowledge Improvement on Early Identification of Speech Disorder in Children Under 3 Years and the Motivation of the Posyandu Cadres Through the Dissemination of Degabbi Poster

S H Sheba, D Nuramdiani, E R Arum, W Winarti, M H Arifin
The purpose of this study was to find out the knowledge level of posyandu cadres on the detection of speech disorders in toddlers and the relationship between the knowledge and their motivation to redisseminate it through a poster of speech disorders detection in toddlers (DeGaBBi). The research method...
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The Correlation Between Spiritual Health With the Coping Ability of the Clients Towards the Pain in the Labour Process Within the Work Area of Ibrahim Adjie’s Community Center in Bandung 2019

Maya Sukmayati
This study is aimed to find out a correlation between spiritual health with the ability of pain coping strategy among women in intrapartum. According to the theory, spirituality is known as one of the health dimensions and has a connection with the ability of pain coping strategy.There were 30 women...
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Analysis of the Language Delay Development in Early Children (Case Study in Bojongsoang Village, Bandung District)

Language development is significant language and speech skills are indicators of all children’s development. Speech delay (speech delay) in early childhood is when the level of speech development is below the level of quality of speech development of children of the same age that can knowing from the...
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The Effectiveness of Sicenting Application Towards Knowledge and Attitude of Responding Stunting Regency in Singaparna District, Tasikmalaya District in 2019

Sinta Fitriani, Hariyani Sulistyoningsih
Background: To increase the capacity of cadres in early detection and prevention of stunting through the provision of health information, health promotion media are needed that can assist cadres in carrying out these activities. The Centing Application (Detection and Prevent Stunting) is a software for...
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Parental Support and Practises of Personal Hygiene Reproductive Organs for Girls Student Ummul Quro

Hariyani Sulistyoningsih, Sinta Fitriani
Personal hygiene of reproductive organs is an important effort to prevent reproductive organ infections that can affect reproductive health. The study was conducted to determine the support of parents in providing information on reproductive organ health and practices personal hygiene of reproductive...
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Analysis of Knowledge of Senior High School (SMA N) 2 Singaparna Students About Epidemiology of Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) in 2019

Wuri Ratna Hidayani, Haidir Syafrullah, Elly Satiyasih Rosali
In 2012 there were 357 million cases of sexually transmitted infections in the world. In Indonesia in 2016 as many as 61 thousand cases, West Java was the highest rank of STI in 2012 In 2016 the highest prevalence of STIs was gonorrhea 3430 cases1. Preliminary Study in December 2018 counseling guidance...
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The Effect of Speech Therapy with Hijaiyyah Letters on the Capability of Verbal Communication at Stroke Patients

Sukarmin, Muhammad Abdur Rozaq, Toni Ardi Rafsanjani
The purpose of research to know the influence of speech therapy with hijaiyyah letters toward verbal communication ability at stroke patients. This research used experiment research method with one group pre test-post test design. Hypothesis that there is not difference was evidenced verbal communication...
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Nurses’ Attitudes and Motivation in Compliance With Standard Operating Procedures of Blood Transfusion at Yogyakarta Islamic Hospital PDHI

Arlina Dhian Sulistyowati, Sri Handayani, Astri Wahyuningsih, Dwi Kurniawati
The implementation of correct patient identification is a fundamental aspect of the prevention of patient safety incidents. There is a high risk of unexpected events and even death when the patient identification is not carried out. Some factors may affect the nurses’ compliance in the implementation...
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Relationship Between Knowledge and Nurse Characteristics with the Completeness of Nursing Documentation in Inpatient Room of Bandung Muhammadiyah Hospital

Rahmat, Dewi Mustikaningsih, Tamara Oktaviani Rusmawan
Nurses are obliged to document the nursing care. Documenting that is not done completely can reduce the quality of nursing service because it can not identify the extent of success level of nursing care that has been given and also a legal aspect because it can not be accountable to the client. This...
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Sports in Indonesian Islamic Community Culture

D Sofyan, Y M Saputra, A J Nurihsan, N Kusmaedi
History records that sport has become an important part of Muslim civilization, but it is covered by the notion that the development of sports only originates from the civilization of the Western world. The danger that may arise from this assumption is that it creates superiority in the character and...
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Communication Strategy of Banjar City General Elections Commission in Increasing Political Participation of People with Disabilities (A Study on Mayor and Deputy Mayor Election in 2018)

Teguh Anggoro, Sidik Firmadi, Arif Budiman, Riza Purnama, Risa Pajriani
The purpose of the study is to analyze the communication strategy of Banjar City General Election Commission in increasing political participation of person with disabilities. Moreover, the study also investigates the obstacles found and the efforts made to solve the obstacles. To achieve the objectives,...
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Organizational Performance in Sme’s Industry Jepara

Dasmadi, Ratih Pratiwi, Yulekhah Ariyanti
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is one of the Central Java 7% revenue supporting factor in 2021. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is a high potential sector to be developed. Activities of SMEs in the Jepara Residency will affect in many PAD supporting sectors such as raw material providers, craftsmen,...
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Knowledge Management, Information Technology, and Acceptance Students ‘Readiness for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Sigit Hermawan, Fityan Izza Noor Abidin, Sarwenda Biduri, Sriyono, Dwi Andi Kurniawan
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of knowledge management, information technology and soft skills, information sources, and personal problems on students’ readiness to face accounting issues in industrial revolution 4.0. The research sample was 150 accounting students at Universitas...
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Strategy for Strengthening of Music Industry in Indonesia: How is Rule Organization Commitment as a Variable Intervening

Sriyono, Wisnu Panggah Setiyono, Sigit Hermawan, Dewi Komala, Maulidha Kurnia
Research on strengthening Industry Music in Indonesia has not been done much, even though the music industry has contributed a lot to the strengthening of creative industry organizations. For example, there has never been any strengthening through the role of organizational commitment as an intervening...
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Production Aspect as the Most Important Factor in the Development of Halal Small and Medium Industries (SMIs)

Syaeful Bakhri, Layaman, Toto Suharto, Cucu Herawati, Moh Yudi Mahadianto
The development of the number of SMIs has not been able to encourage the increase of halal SMIs, as indicated that of 14,282 business units in 2018, only 426 (3%) of the SMIs products in Cirebon District had halal certificates. This study aims to determine the policy priorities that can be taken by the...
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Protection of Construction Workers with Personal Protective Equipment

Muntiyono, Samun Haris, Budi Nuryono, Andrew Ghea Mahardika, Hetty Fadriani, Iman Hidayat
Construction accidents, such as the fall of cranes in Palembang, and others from 2017 to 2019 have increased, Statistics of work accidents in the field of instruction reached 32%. Construction work accidents have an impact on their work so they need to protect workers with Personal Protective Equipment...
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Strategic Agility on SME: A Case Study of Small Doll Industry in Bandung

Widjajani, R Nurjaman, E Dwipriyoko
The rapidly changing business environment requires every company to be adaptive in order to survive. Likewise, it is experienced by small industrial companies in Indonesia. With limited capital, it is not easy for them to be agile in facing environmental changes that threaten business continuity. The...
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Website Development on Advertising

E S Soegoto, E Nugraha, R U Mega
This study aims to build a website as an effective modern promotion media for a cafe, which based on consumer preference so the consumers are able to recognize products more deeply. In this study the researchers used a qualitative research method by collecting survey data conducted directly on the consumers....
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Application Design on Islamic Online Learning

A M Bachtiar, M A Matin, R U Mega
This study aims to design a learning system based on Islamic religious education. The method used in this study is a survey method using a questionnaire and observation method as a technique of collecting data about the Islamic learning system. The questionnaire was distributed to 20 respondents. The...
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Tourism Industry Development Strategy: A Concept and Case Study of a Tourism Village

Akhmad Sutoni, Mohamad Kany Legiawan, Alfiana Renaldi
The problem under study is the factors that are driving and inhibiting the development of a Tourism Village. The case study was carried out in the village of Cidadap, Cianjur regency, Indonesia. Cidadap village already has a tourism potential including waterfalls, lakes, and beautiful nature. In addition,...
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Relationship Obesity in Pregnancy with Preeclampsia in Sidoarjo General Hospital

Evi Rinata, Zahro Rosyidah Mustikaningrum
Obesity is one of the factors causing preeclampsia. Based on observational survey data at the Afifa Primary Clinic and Maternity Clinic in Prambon conducted during the month of August 2017, out of 10 pregnant women 1 had severe pre-eclampsia, 1 person had mild preeclampsia, and 1 person with gestational...
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Analysis of Reach Indicators of Mother and Children’s Health Through PIS-PK Programs in the Working Areas of Tinewati Community Health Center, Tasikmalaya District, in 2019

Fenty Agustini, Tupriliany Danefi, Hapi Apriasih
Tinewati community health centers is one of the health center in the Tasikmalaya which in 2019 contributed 1 maternal death, 4 neonatal deaths, 1 infant mortality, 1 toddler mortality and 5 stillbirths cases. There are still cases of death in the working area of the community health center underpinning...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing Childbirth Preparation in Margamulya Cikunir Village Singaparna Area Public Health Center Tasikmalaya

S Susanti, A Rahmidini, CY Hartini
The maternal mortality rate provides an overview of the nutritional status and health of the mother, socioeconomic conditions, environmental health and the level of health services, especially maternal health services. The birth planning program or preparation for labor is an important component considering...
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Factors Related to Family Planning Acceptor Participation in the Sumulagung Village Community, Cikunir Village, Tasikmalaya Regency in 2019

Annisa Rahmidini, Chanty Yunie Hartiningrum
Strategies to increase the degree kesehat late mother in order to achieve an Indicator Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a way to reduce maternal mortality up to 70 / 100,000 live births, one efforts to be made by expanding family planning is participation. To know the factors associated with participation...
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Herbal Medicines in Treating Typhoid Fever: Correlation of Information in Indonesia News Portals and Research Results

A P Rahayu, T D A Tugon
Typhoid fever is a disease with a high prevalence in Indonesia. This disease is caused by a species of pathogenic bacteria called Salmonella typhi. The case of handling typhoid fever becomes more complicated when many cases of Salmonella typhi’s resistance to antibiotics are found as the first line of...
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Risk Factors and the Incidence of Low Birth Weight in Dr Slamet Garut Hospital 2019

Evi Kusumahati, Santy Sanusi
Background: Low Brith Weight (LBW) is still a significant public health problem. The high incidence of LBW may affect the quality of human resources in the future, since babies born with LBW may also cause an increased risk of permanent disability, cognitive impairment and other chronic health problems...
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Effectiveness of Discharge Planning Programs to Increase Maternal Self-Efficacy in the Prevention of Diarrhea: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Nurlaila, Wuri Utami, Lili Nurnaningsih
Background: Diarrhea is a problem of health that often occurs in children. Untreated diarrhea can lead to death due to dehydration. Children experiencing diarrhea should be properly cared for to overcome dehydration and prevent its recurrence. Such abilities should be demonstrated by mothers who have...
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The Effect of Therapy Music of Natural Sound to Anxiety in the Last Batch Students

Yulisetyaningrum, Nurlaily Prasetyawati, Eka Pratiwi
The Anxiety is something that is often felt by students in preparing their thesis or final project. Based on the results of the preliminary survey at the Muhammadiyah Health college Kudus on November 1, 2017 using Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale questionnaire and the result shows that 4 respondents from...
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Implementation Path Analysis to Determine the Influence of Bureaucratic Reform and Empowerment of Civil State Apparatus on Quality of Work

Umar, Maman Sulaeman, Meiyanti Widiyaningrum, Wala Erpurini
The quality of low-employee work can be caused by the uninitialized factors of bureaucracy reform and the optimum empowerment of human resources in Regency of Sinjai. The research method used is a survey of explanatory to explain social phenomena. This research uses Path analysis. The population in this...
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Stigmas and Discrimination by Nurse Towards Patient with HIV/AIDS: A Qualitative Study

Hilda Eka Dewi, Angga Wilandika, Sajodin
The high numbers of HIV / AIDS cases in Bandung cause the necessity to optimize the quality of health services as a form of HIV / AIDS treatment and prevention. It is assumed that stigma and discrimination toward patients with HIV / AIDS among nurses affect the health care process to patients with HIV...
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Relationship Breakfast Habits with Anemia Based on Hemoglobin Test Using Sianmethemoglobin Method on Adolescent Girls

Nasriyah, Tyas Putri
Background Anemia is a condition that shows hemoglobin levels less than normal. At present anemia is still a health problem in Indonesia. The prevalence of anemia in Indonesia on adolescent girls is relatively high (23.90%) compared to adolescent men (18.4%). One of the cases of anemia in Indonesia is...