Proceedings of the Research Technologies of Pandemic Coronavirus Impact (RTCOV 2020)

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The Efficiency Assessment of State Environmental Safety in Russian Industrial Regions

D.V. Rodnyansky, V.V. Kovrigin, I.N. Makarov, S.M. Manasyan, O.V. Shirokova
The rapid development of society has not only positive effects. Anthropogenic impact on the ecosystems of the planet often leads to destructive and irreversible consequences. The COVID-19 pandemic, which swept the whole world in 2020, once again demonstrates the need to find a balance between humans...
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Educational Technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

D.V. Rodnyansky, R.A. Abramov, V.N. Bulgakova
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed more than just tourism, air travel and related industries. All industries have felt the change, leading to the term new normality. Significant changes have also taken place in the field of higher education. First of all, in connection with the transition to distance...
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New Developments in the Labor Market Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

O.B. Digilina, I.B. Teslenko, N.V. Abdullaev
In the article, the authors aim to analyze the prospects and problems of the labor market caused by the epidemic. The authors emphasize that the pandemic has a great impact not only on production processes and on human economic life, but also significantly changes the structure of the labor market and...
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How Covid-19 Impact on Technological Equipment

N.K. Kerimova
In the article, the author focused on the global technology forum: The Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine will cost the world dearly: the corona crisis has already begun and is predicted to be the most devastating crisis of the century. The 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is devastating and has enormous...
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Economic Impact of COVID-19: A Historical Trail

J. H. Vagif, K. N. Akif, M. K. Vagif
In the article, the author focused on the global technology forum: The Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine will cost the world dearly: the corona crisis has already begun and is predicted to be the most devastating crisis of the century. The economic downturn will inevitably affect all countries in the...
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COVID-19 Has Changed the Course of Education Around the World

J.V. Hasanova, K.A. Najafova, M.V. Kerimova
The authors of the article focused on the World Economic Forum: COVID-19 has become a catalyst for educational institutions around the world. The World Economic Forum notes that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the course of education around the world in a matter of weeks. These changes give us...
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Influence of the Crisis on the Cost Management Process in the Airline in the Conditions of Uncertainty of the Financial Result

L.I. Yuzvovich, V.A. Mironenko, G.A. Solodyankina
The relevance of the study topic is determined by the high importance of rational cost management for the successful functioning of airlines in the event of a crisis and uncertainty of financial results. Today, one of the important factors, that determine the ability of firms, their seeking to supply...
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“Corona-Trigger”: Optimization Possibilities of the Teaching Algorithm in Higher Education Institutions

A.V. Zinkovskaya, V.V. Katermina, V.A. Plaksin
The epidemiological situation in the world in the spring of 2020 made the educational environment change overnight. Due to the lack of an adaptation period and time for the development of methodological recommendations, the abrupt transition to online education once again indicated the need to optimize...
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Reflection on the Social and Psychological Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the New Vocabulary of the Non-professional English Language Medical Discourse

V.V. Katermina, S.Ch. Lipiridi
The article is concerned with neologisms of non-professional English language medical discourse, devoted to the social and psychological consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. It analyzes the reflection in the new medical vocabulary of such social realities created by the pandemic as observance, violation...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Consumer Behavior and Companies’ Internet Communication Strategies

K.A. Arzhanova, T.A. Beregovskaya, S.A. Silina
In the modern world, social networks have become one of the main means of communication with consumers. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become distanced and the role of the Internet has increased more than ever. This channel has become a key means of communication for people. Social networks...
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The Pedagogical Technique for Teachers to Ensure Information Security of the Learning Process in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

O.N. Utkina, N.L. Yugova
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected all areas of public life, including the education system. The introduction of restrictive measures (social self-isolation) to contain COVID-19 has led to changes in the work of educational organizations. All subjects of education: teachers, students, and...
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Mathematical Model of the COVID-19 Epidemic

A.E. Martianova, V.Yu. Kuznetsova, I.M. Azhmukhamedov
The article deals with the construction of a mathematical model of the epidemic of COVID-19 using data from Hubei Province (China) using the SEIRD-model. SEIRD-model allows you to take into account the ability of infected individuals to contagion others in the latent period of the disease progression,...
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Psychological Consequences of Professional Activity of Oncologists in Coronavirus Pandemic Conditions

E.A. Evstifeeva, S.I. Filippchenkova, L.A. Murashova
Medical and psychological studies conducted by the authors in the midst of the first wave of coronavirus pandemic (June 2020) to identify psychological consequences in the professional activities of oncologists in the context of coronavirus pandemic showed the following. In a situation of professional...
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Transformation of Public-Private Partnership Ecosystem

M.V. Tsurkan, N.N. Orlova
The paper discusses key ways of modifying public-private partnership ecosystem. The necessity of making changes is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The article systematizes the concept of interaction between participants of public-private partnership projects within the ecosystem. The project participants...
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System Analysis of Strategic Enterprise Management in the Post-Pandemic Period

V.I. Medennikov
The article considers the role of strategic management in the era of the digital economy in the post-pandemic period, which together exacerbated the unpredictability of social development and competition between enterprises in all industries of the world. The analysis of the transformation of approaches...
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Strategies of Application of Digital Tools of Small Business Management During the Coronavirus Pandemic

R.I. Akmaeva, I.V. Maksimov, E.I. Glinchevskiy
This paper concerns new technological trends of digitalization processes related to small and middle-size businesses; it proves that the current crisis and its consequences will undoubtedly speed up digitalization of Russian companies. The article also gives grounds for the statement that owing to broken...
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Regional Decision-Making in the Context of a Pandemic: Speed vs Cost Assessment

N.Yu. Vlasova, I.I. Rakhmeeva
The paper deals with Russian experience of regional decision-making in the context of a pandemic. The research aims to investigate approaches to decision-making in Russian regions. Research tasks are to systematize the types of regional pandemic policy and to identify approaches to a regulatory impact...
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Digital Manufacturing Enterprises as a Factor of Overcoming the Consequences of the Spread of COVID-19 in the Regions

O.A. Donichev, S.A. Grachev, M.L. Bykova
The coronavirus pandemic caused serious damage to most of the world’s economies, and Russia is no exception. This means, that an effective mechanism, that will not only make up emersed losses but also achieve economic growth. The hypothesis of the study is the assumption, that the production orientation...
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The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Community

I.V. Andronova, O.B. Digilina, K.A. Andronov
The Covid-19 pandemic consequences remain to be estimated, as the world awaits a second wave. However, today we can sum up some preliminary results. The article presents the study of pandemic impact on the global economy as a whole and on the economies of the world’s leading countries: the United States...
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Criminal Responsibility for Violation of Sanitary and Epidemiological Legislation in the Aspect of the Introduced Changes on the Background of New Coronavirus Infection (2019-nCoV)

I.V. Soshnikova, V.A. Rukoleev
This study criticizes the amendments made against the background of a new coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) to part 1 of Article 236 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which cause the initiation of criminal prosecution for violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules in the process of...
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Impact and Consequences of COVID-19 on Criminal Proceedings in the Russian Federation

M.A. Dneprovskaya, Kh.A. Kalandarishvili, L.A. Nepomnyashchikh
In the present study, the authors draw attention to the impact and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on criminal proceedings. The authors consider what consequences the pandemic had on the work of the courts, the investigation officers, as well as the authorities executing the court decision on the...
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“Collision of Lives” in the Conditions of the Coronavirus Pandemic

G.S. Shkabin
Attention is drawn to the fact that today there are many situations when one has to sacrifice one person for the sake of saving others, which is called “collisions of lives”. The current state of medicine in the context of the spread of COVID-19 infection has given rise to another of these options. The...
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Influence of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Issue of Compensation for Damages Caused by Breaches of International Commercial Contracts

Ly Luc Thi
The covid19 pandemic not only affects the global economy but also causes damage to human health and life. Learning and understanding about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic always been the subject of many scientific publications. This article will analyze the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the...
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On the Transition to the Distant Learning as a Result of a Sudden External Shock: The Case of COVID 19 and HSE UrFU

V.I. Yeremenko, N.E. Reprintseva, R.M. Shishkin
The impact of COVID 19 pandemic, even in the first sight, seems to be enormous. Our paper describes the third-level or tertiary reaction to the COVID 19 by the educational system of the Russian Federation. Following the government orders, as well as the university decrees, the transition process of the...
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Personal Space of Family Members During the Covid–19 Pandemic: The Influence of Noise Factors (Airborne, Impact, and Anthropogenic)

S.T. Gubina, E.P. Kirillova
The article presents a study of the problem of the sovereignty of the psychological personal space of family members whose social activity is reduced and who have to live long–term in a confined space during the COVID-19 pandemic. Family members’ post-traumatic stress adaptation to environmental influences...
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COVID-19 as Factor of Influence on the Legislation, Law-Enforcement and Contractual Practice and Change of the Institutional Environment of Economy

A.V. Shkalenko, Yu.A. Tymchuk
The article provides an overview of the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on domestic legislation, contractual and law enforcement practices. The increase in the demand for digital technologies has been substantiated in the context of measures taken by the state to prevent the spread of coronavirus...
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Transformation of Forms of Corruption Prevention in the Conditions of Covid-19 Pandemic in the Customs Sphere

N.A. Safonova
The spread of coronavirus infection in the territories of states in 2020 posed serious questions for governments, primarily concerning the life and health of citizens and ensuring the smooth functioning of medical organizations and state bodies. At the same time, the new conditions dictate specific forms...
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Book Trailer as an Innovative Technology for the Formation of Students’ Educational Independence During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

L.I. Ponomareva, I. Yu. Blyasova, K.A. Novikov, T.M. Dubskich, K. S. Achmetova
The article analyzes the relevance of using one of the most interesting innovative technologies - the book trailer in the educational process of the university. The analysis of research in the field of booktrailer application shows that its correct application contributes to the formation of educational...
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Online Education: Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Key Competencies of the 21st Century During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A.V. Pesha, T.A. Kamarova
This paper presents the results of the study of the difficulties and opportunities of online education. COVID19 has accelerated technological advances in higher education and has opened up a number of challenges. The solution of these problems is necessary for the effective development of key competencies...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic on the National Digital Services Market Development (Exemplified by the Digital Commerce Segment)

M.P. Loginov, N.V. Usova, E.E. Nedorostkova
In 2020, the world has faced a new global challenge in the form of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has become a defining check-test for the Russian economy. The Russian Federation government’ response was a number of measures to reduce the fast spread of coronavirus in the country, including...
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Psychological Status of Medical Students in Conditions of Exit from Self-Isolation

A.A. Dudalova, N.M. Suleimanova, A.S. Kubekova, V.P. Mamina
The article is devoted to the analysis of the psychological status of medical students in conditions of exit from self-isolation, as well as the development of practical recommendations for psychologists of educational institutions. The research used the following techniques: technique for diagnosing...
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Analysis of the Diamond and Polished Diamonds Market in Russia: Consequences Under COVID-19

E.E. Grigoryeva, G.D. Evstafeva, N.R. Sentizova
Research on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is relevant to the economies and societies of the world. From a scientific point of view, this experience is unique and has not yet been applied in the modern economy. Within the framework of this article, the object of research is the industrial production...
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Digitalization as the Basis for the Automation of the Treatment Process

V.S. Borovik, V.V. Borovik
The public health crisis and the pandemic threat have shown the urgent need to improve the management and implementation of medical care. Digitalization is seen as an effective tool for managing the disease treatment process. The problem is solved on the basis of the influence of factors x on the target...
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The Impact of Lockdown 2020 on Developing Activities with Children in Families

O.S. Osipova
For about five months, children spent time mainly in the family. The closure of childcare facilities made it necessary for parents to deal with the children at home throughout the day. During the lockdown, caregivers were responsible not only for psychological comfort but also for performing educational...
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COVID-19: Implications for the Residential Real Estate Market in Russian Federation

T. Tretyachenko, G. Pivovarova, S. Sogomonyan
The article is devoted to the problem of development of the construction market of residential real estate in Russia in the conditions of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global coronavirus outbreak provoked one of the deepest crises since the Great Depression. Sanitary force majeure caused...
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Features and Proposals for the Organization of Public Administration in the Context of the Spread of COVID-2019

I.V. Balynin, Yu. V. Atanasovska, A.M. Gubernatorov
The article presents a set of author’s proposals for organizing public administration in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection. The formulated recommendations are grouped into 3 blocks: organizational (administrative and organizational), social and economic. It is important to note the special...
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Public Finance Management in the Russian Federation in the Context of Digitalization

I.V. Balynin, Yu.V. Atanasovska, A.V. Fedotov
The article presents some evaluation results of public finance management in the Russian Federation in modern socio-economic conditions. Particular attention is paid to the problems of providing clarity of public finance management at the regional level. Based on the results of the study, the authors...
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Peculiarities of Training Future Teachers in Conditions of Restrictive Measures

I. V. Slikishina, L. A. Osipova, W. P. Gustyakhina
The article describes training future teachers under restrictive measures in the Novokuznetsk Branch of the Kemerovo State University. The main task at this stage of training was the vocational training of future teachers in the conditions of exclusively distance learning. Unsupervised activities and...
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Distance Learning in Schools of the Republic of Karelia: the Complexity of Organization and Prospects of Development

M.V. Kuzmenko, O.V. Potasheva
The article is devoted to organizational and technological issues of implementing distance learning for schoolchildren of the Republic of Karelia in the context of curbing the spread of coronavirus infections. The results of an initiative study in the form of online survey of teachers of the Republic...
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Legal Aspects of Information Threats in the Form of “Fakes” in the Conditions of Spread of COVID-19

N.N. Kovaleva, S.A. Anichkin, A.S. Anisimova
The article discusses issues related to the spread of fake information during a pandemic. It is noted that the situation with coronavirus infection COVID-19 has led to significant changes in the habitual way of life of citizens - there has been a massive digitalization of most spheres of life, which...
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“Fake” as an Information Security Threat in the Conditions of Distribution of COVID-19

N.N. Kovaleva, Yu.M. Tugusheva, A.S. Anisimova
The article is devoted to the analysis of the current state of the spread of fake information in the context of the spread of the coronavirus. The analysis of the definition of “fake” is carried out, its characteristic features are revealed, including: complete or partial deliberate falsity of information;...
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Coronavirus and its Impact on Global Economy: Speeding up Structural Changes

O.V. Gributskaya
Our world is currently undergoing the tremendous influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus has interfered all spheres of people’s lives and, of course, has not ignored the socio-economic field. Not only the number of COVID-19 victims is growing, but also the economic damage from measures taken...
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COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Franchise Industry and Franchise Dispute Resolution

Tran Thi Thuy Dung
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread worldwide, businesses, especially franchises, are facing significant levels of uncertainty and instability due to financial weakening, disruption of operations at workplaces, the number of consumers plummeted. For a cross-border business system that frequently...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Relationship Between the Asian Development Bank and Vietnam

Duyen Trinh Minh
Vietnam has been controlling the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically. However, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has brought unprecedented challenges that are expected to impact Vietnam’s socio-economic development in 2020 significantly and in the next year. Facing difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,...
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Consequences of Overall Transition to Distance Learning: First Results

T.N. Shurukhina, G.V. Dovgal, E.V. Glukhikh
The article presents an analytical review of the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the education system subjects. The results of analytical reviews, surveys and research of leading universities, sociological agencies and research foundations of Russia and other countries of the world are summarized. Both positive...
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Development of the Additional Professional Education Under Pandemic Conditions

M.V. Moroshkina, L.V. Murashkina
In this article the current issues concerning functioning and development of the additional professional education system as an element of continuing professional education in provision of the country’s breakthrough social and economic development under the contemporary conditions are considered. On...
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Impact of Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection Pandemic on Financial Stability of Russian Black Metals Companies

Yu.A. Dolgikh, E. Smorodina, Yu.E. Slepukhina
The relevance of this study is due, on the one hand, to the high level of significance of the ferrous metallurgy sector for the Russian economy and, on the other hand, to the presence of serious threats to the sustainable functioning of the investigated industry in the medium term due to the impact of...
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Digital Models of Metrics for Distance Assessment of Foreign Language Proficiency

I. L. Kaftannikov, M. V. Tsytovich
The rapid development of global civilization processes determines new requirements for the education. At the same time, the widespread introduction of distance learning during the Covid 19 pandemic revealed many problems: problems with direct distance interaction between students and teachers and organizational...
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Socio-Psychological Aspects of Transformation to Tax Liability among Citizens of Different Ages in a Pandemic

A.B. Shagidaeva
The publication examines the socio-psychological aspects of the attitude of citizens of different ages to tax obligations in the context of their transformation due COVID-19 pandemic. Materials of a study of the psychological attitude to taxes, conducted in 2019 with three groups of young, middle-aged...
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Transformation of Chinese Tourist Consumer Behavior as a consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yu.A. Maltseva, Henan. Li
The paper examines changes in consumer preferences and psychology of Chinese travelers, determined by the COVID-19 pandemic and driven by both “COVID stress syndrome” and adaptation to changes and an attempt to establish a lost sense of rational control, and provides expert assessments of consumer behavior...
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Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of the Lockdown in Russia During the Spread of Covid-19 and the Ways to Overcome Them

I.E. Lukyanova, A.V. Lukyanov, F.A. Yunusov
The consequences of the lockdown and quarantine measures introduced to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 coronavirus infection in identity psychology and the pedagogical field are varied and subject to a long-term study. During the study conducted in April-September 2020, numerous violations were...
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The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Consequences on Phonetic Aspect of a Foreign Language Teaching in Specialized Linguistic Specialties at Universities

M.V. Popova, E.I. Rozhdestvenskaya
This article presents an overview of the psychological and pedagogical consequences of switching to a remote learning format for linguistic specialties at the specialized university due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The article presents the sociological survey results conducted among the linguistic...
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Covid-19 Pandemic Risks and Opportunities For Business at the Regional Level

A.I. Beksultanova, K.H. Ilyasova, J.M. Alieva
Small and medium businesses play a significant role in social and economic development. There are several mechanisms of such influence. Modern economic growth is impossible without the renewal of corporate forms, technologies, business practices, and the elimination of inflexible and obsolete ones. The...
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Development of the Qualification Institute as the Strategy Element of the National Employment Policy: Impact Factors in the Conditions of Coronavirus Infection (Covid-19) and Innovative Economy

I.A. Glotova, T.Yu. Lushnikova, N.A. Kokanov
Large-scale changes in employment patterns caused by the digitalization of labor and the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) have seriously affected the pattern of labor demand. The key skills that the new generation of workers possessed were gradually shaped during the fourth industrial revolution...
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Administrative and Legal Consequences of the Spread of Coronavirus Covid-19: The Russian and Foreign Aspects

A.A. Savostin, I.A. Admiralova, Ye.V. Kashkina
The manuscript analyzes the administrative and legal consequences of the spread of a new coronavirus infection, both in the Russian Federation and abroad. After the detection of coronavirus infection, the leaders of the legislative bodies of many countries began to actively draft and adopt regulations...
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Attitude of Trans-Baikal State University Students to Conditions of Education in Electronic Environment during Coronavirus Period

S.T. Kokhan, Ya.I. Grabovskaya, L.V. Nadeina
This article covers a number of problems and the effectiveness of the implementation of distance education at Trans-Baikal State University. The advantages and disadvantages of distance education at the university, indicated by the respondents who took part in the anonymous survey, are revealed. The...
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Social and Economic Aspects of Development of Medical Tourism in the Conditions of a Pandemic

A.A. Oshkordina, E.I. Ohrimenko
The article reflects the main problems and features of the development of medical tourism in Russia in the conditions of a pandemic. An attempt to assess the capacity of the medical tourism market in the world practice and to assess the share of Russia’s participation in it is shown. The high level of...
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Organization of Accommodation Facilities During the Pandemic: How to Stay Hospitable While Complying With Sanitary Requirements

E.G. Radygina, A.A. Oshkordina
In conditions of forced isolation, restrictions on the movement of citizens and the provision of services, there is a decrease in business and investment activity, the purchasing power of the population, which directly affects the hospitality sector, making it one of the most vulnerable areas of activity...
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Problems and Prospects of Tourism Development in the Conditions of a Pandemic

A.A. Oshkordina, T.Yu. Chikurova
The relevance of this study is to identify the vital problems and features of the development of the tourism industry in the conditions of a pandemic. In addition, in connection with the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection in many countries of the world, it is the tourism industry, that...
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COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the Russian Stock Market

E.A. Rasumovskaya, E. Rybina
This study reflects the authors’ assessment of the degree of impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Russian economy and the stock market. The practical significance of the study is due to the identification of possible scenarios of events based on the analysis results within the framework of the “Elliott...
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Launching Effect of COVID-19 Macroeconomic Destruction as a Catalyst for Localization of Types of Financial Behavior of the Population

D.Y. Razumovsky, L.I. Yuzvovich
In this article, the authors have made an attempt to offer a model typology that allows you to rank households according to the propensity to make financial decisions and consumer preferences. The use of the proposed typology makes it possible to predict the financial behavior of the population in the...
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The Role of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Development of Remote Education in Universities in Russia

M. B. Vydrevich, I. V. Pervukhina
This paper discusses the development of remote education in higher education institutions in Russia in the context of its modernization and digitalization. It is shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the entire higher education system to switch to online education in the shortest time possible....
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Pedagogical Risks as Consequences of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Spread

N.S. Gromova
This article examines the specifics of the educational process transformation in the context of the pandemic, analyzes formal and substantive changes in educational activities. The innovations significance in the educational process that have entered the educational space as a consequence of the coronavirus...
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To the Topic of the Possibilities of Developing the Vocational Education System During a Pandemic

E.G. Efimova
The situation with the emergence of COVID-19 has made significant changes in the globalization process. The pandemic has caused problems of social and economic nature in most countries of the world, where the introduction of restrictive measures leads to more negative consequences in various sectors...
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Impact of Covid-19 Coronavirus Spreading on Working Time Efficiency

E.A. Kipervar, A.V. Pobiyanskaya
The article discusses the impact of the coronovirus proliferation on the efficiency of working time use at modern enterprises. The urgency of article is defined by importance of increase of efficiency of use of working time at the enterprise. Effective activity of the enterprises is connected with digital...
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Regional Aspects of Forecasting the Economic Consequences of the Spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Sverdlovsk Oblast

A.E. Avdyukova, E.V. Bocharnikova
The article actualizes the problem of socio-economic consequences of the spread of the new coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) for the regional economy. The authors emphasize the importance of foreign economic relations and foreign trade activities for the economy of Sverdlovsk Oblast. Analysis of scientific...
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Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance to Students During the Coronavirus Pandemic

N.I. Mazurchuk, E.O. Mazurchuk
The article highlights the main reasons that actualize the need to organize remote psychological and pedagogical assistance to students during the coronavirus pandemic. Among them, the authors consider those ones that lead to changes in the lifestyle of all segments of the population, and those that...
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Experience of the Russian Higher Education System’s Operating During the Pandemic

I.A. Filatova, O.G. Prikhodko, A.S. Pavlova
The article presents the experience of the higher education system of the Russian Federation during the global spread of the SARSCOV-2 virus and the related coronavirus disease (Covid-19). Radical changes are described and difficulties of transition to distance learning in the education system are updated....
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Teaching and Learning Skills in the Organization of Distance Learning in Higher Education Institutions

O.P. Kazakova, A.N. Murzich
During distance learning, the roles of teachers and students inevitably change in comparison with the usual format of classes. Students are forced to carry out more work independently, without direct instructions from the teacher, which requires the formation of not only learning, but also self-learning...
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Systemic Stress in the EU under the COVID-19 Pandemic: the Impact of ECB Monetary Policy Decisions

O.R. Mukhametov
After the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic the volatility in financial markets has increased significantly, which has caused the intensification of the systemic financial stress in the EU countries. European central bank (ECB) has taken several measures, including expanding asset purchase programs...
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Estimated Exchange Rate Opportunities Generated by the COVID-19 Pandemic in Romania in 2020

S. Ţălu, A.D. Nazarov
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Romania in 2020 over the estimated exchange rate and also identifies the magnitude of the depreciation of the national currency at the end of 2020. Appreciating the economic impact of this epidemic, as well as a worsening of...
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Challenges of Biopolitics Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic

A.S. Deyev, A.A. Khvoshchin, S.I. Chernomorchenko
The complex of social, political and economic challenges generated by the coronavirus pandemic is a reference example of the practical realization of the concept of biopolitics proposed by M. Foucault. The actual type of biopolitical paradigm dictated by the pandemic is understood as the implementation...
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Health-Oriented Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic

N.I. Speranskaya, O.E. Iatsevich
The relevance of this article is determined by the necessity to increase attention to health issues during the teaching process in higher education in the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors emphasize the importance of not only joint activities of medical social institutions to prevent different epidemics,...
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Labor Market During the Post-pandemic Period: State and Perspectives of Development

L.V. Sankova, E.V. Yanchenko, N.A. Ivanova
The relevance of the study is determined by the need to assess the state and development prospects of the labor market in Russia in the post-pandemic period at the federal and regional levels. The authors consider the key indicators of the labor market before the start of the pandemic, during its first...
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Economic Consciousness as a Predictor of Subjective Economic Well-being in Educational Process Participants

E.V. Zabelina, N.A. Kokanov, A.A. Kartashova, S.A. Kurnosova, T.Yu. Lushnikova
A comparative analysis of the categories under consideration: economic consciousness, behaviour and well-being is presented in the article. Determined a hierarchy of economic attitudes among teachers and students, carried out a comparative analysis of them, and correlated the determinants and levels...
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Pandemic as Moment of Truth: Pluses and Minuses of Digital Educational Technologies

S.V. Korolev, I.S. Lyalina
COVID-19 and related quarantine measures have become a test of the strength of many social systems: first of all, the political, the economic, as well as the educational. Comparing the concepts of teaching and education of authoritative American (Veblen, Dewey) and German scientists (V. Von Humboldt,...
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The Coronavirus Pandemic as a Sustainability Indicator of the Modern World Order

S. Barmatova, M. Rezunova, O. Ovchinnikova
The article is devoted to assessing the effects of the coronavirus pandemic for three social subjects representing different levels of the social system: economy, health care and individual. On the basis of the secondary analysis of the data taken from sociological and statistical studies of recent months,...
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Children and the Pandemic: Anxiety, Hopes and Everyday Life

A. Filipova, O. Zubova, L. Tolvaišis
The pandemic, quarantine and other consequences of COVID-19 affecting the world have inevitably impacted upon the lives of adults and children, causing lifestyle changes and, in some instances, negative psychical states. The article presents the results of an empirical study of children’s everyday life...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Socio-Economic Development: a Case Study of Tourism Services, Textile and Garment industry in Vietnam

Thanh Binh Dao, G.A. Barysheva, Bich Ngoc Tran Thi
The article provides an overview and analysis of the unprecedented impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak on Vietnam’s economy at the current time; examines the need to reshape supply chains (SCs) and markets in the context of the unpredictable fluctuations of a changing world and the long-lasting...
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Features of Child-Parent Relations in Dysfunctional Families During the Introduction of Restrictive Measures Due to The Coronavirus Pandemic

V.Y. Sayakin, N. E. Matveeva, E. V. Zhukovskaya
The article reveals the problems of child-parent relations during the introduction of restrictive measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. The analysis of intra-family situations of child-parent relations in dysfunctional families assigned to support the children’s services and the social assistance...
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Public-Private Partnership in Resolving the COVID-19 Societal Crisis

Y. Vaslavskiy, I. Vaslavskaya
COVID-19 triggered several crises, one of which arose in the social sphere. Societal crisis manifested itself in the growing distrust of ordinary citizens to the state, in the negative consequences for them of the forced restriction of social communication due to the lockdown, and in the understanding...
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COVID-19 Pandemic: Expanding the Public-private Partnerships Practice in the “Epinomic” Policy

Y. Vaslavskiy
The emergency conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 made the national governments the last resort, which was forced to bear all the financial costs associated with the lockdown in the national economy, with social support of the population and fiscal and monetary help to private firms...
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Electronic Passports of Citizens as a Personal Essential Attribute During the Pandemic

A. A. Chebotareva, E. I. Danilina, V. E. Chebotarev
The problem of digitization of personal identity documents, documents relating to a person’s health status and other important information and personal data is very relevant. This issue is among the priority items of the agenda during the pandemic. Currently, in Russia and in the world, some approaches...
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System Analysis and Forecasting of the Relationship Between Economic Factors and the Epidemic Process COVID-19 to Optimize International Transport Communications in the Context of a Pandemic

A. Davidovsky
Has been presents the results of system analysis and short-term forecasting of the impact of economic factors on the development of the epidemic process COVID-19 and assessment of opportunities of optimization of transport communications and logistics cooperation between countries with different socio-economic...
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Social Inequality as Trauma During the Covid-19 Pandemic

E.V. Polikarpova, O.V. Shipelik, I.V. Krylova
The article is devoted to the analysis of one of the global problems of humanity - the problem of social inequality. The COVID-19 pandemic, being an infectious trauma, destabilized economic development, exacerbated social inequality in the world, deepened the social trauma in post-Soviet Russia, formed...
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Assessment of Sustainable Development’s Factors of Small and Medium-Sized Business Institutions in the Context of Covid-19

N.A. Sadovnikova, L.N. Demidova, O.A. Zolotareva
The article investigates the problems of the market economy, which is characterized by the effectiveness of small and medium-sized businesses. The authors carried out an excursion into the history of the development’s problem of small and medium-sized businesses, identified their critical points; the...
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Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Educational Activity in Russia

N.M. Goreeva, L.N. Demidova, O.V. Savchina
The number of schoolchildren and students, as well as teachers and university professors who do not attend schools and universities due to the outbreak of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is growing significantly. Governments around the world, including Russia, were forced to decide to close their...
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The Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic for the Kazakhstani Economy and the Development of Business Strategies to Overcome Them

R.A. Zhanbayev, S. Sagintayeva, G.R. Temirbaeva, A. Sh. Abildina, M.S. Turovskaya
The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, occurring on a global scale, has quite serious negative consequences for the economies of all countries. Kazakhstan’s economy is also experiencing the negative consequences of forced quarantine measures, which has created an entirely new situation of characteristic...
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The spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Romania: Approaches and Consequences on the Economy

Maria Ciurea
The spread of COVID-19 coronavirus in Romania affects and will affect economic and social activities for a long time to come. The extremely rapid evolution of such a pandemic has posed serious challenges to both the health system and the economic and social systems of the Member States of the European...
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Digital Literacy as a Condition for Positive Experience of the COVID-19 Lockdown for Families With Preschool Children

G.V. Pavlenko, A.I. Pavlenko
Today the COVID-19 pandemic consequences for the preschool education system is one of the most popular research topics, as the lockdown led to serious disruptions to the usual way of family life that is a key condition for the normal development of a child. In Russia, a typical reaction of the authorities...
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Problems of Criminal Law Provisions in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

G.S. Shkabin, A.M. Pleshakov, A.D. Nazarov
The current situation with the new coronavirus disease that modern humanity is experiencing is unprecedented. It brought many changes to various spheres of life. First of all, this concerns the development of medicine, chemistry, information technology, management, and organization of social processes....
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Challenges and Competencies of Leadership in Covid-19 Pandemic

Talu Stefan, A.D. Nazarov
The objective of this article is to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the challenges and opportunities for leadership. In conclusion, organizations need to apply measures to demonstrate a positive attitude of protection and care towards their employees, to adapt to new work schedules, and...
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Circavigintan Rhythms as an Indicator the Cardiovascular System of Students in the Context of Distance Learning During COVID-19

A. Bashkireva, T. Bashkireva, N. Ermakova, A. Morozov, L. Novikova
The article presents the results of studying the circavigintan rhythms of students in distance learning conditions in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation showed. It revealed that the state of the cardiorespiratory system of the students corresponded to the average level. On the second...
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Health Indicators of Students in Weekly Dynamics in Conditions of Distance Learning and Self-Isolation During the Period of COVID-19

T. Bashkireva, A. Bashkireva, N. Ermakova, A. Morozov, G. Yulina
The article presents the results of a study of students’ health in terms of cardiovascular system indicators in conditions of distance learning and self-isolation during the period of COVID-19. The analysis of circus-septal (near-weekly) rhythms in students revealed the dominance of synchronization of...
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Leveraging Technology Platform for Timely Conducting Online University-Level Examinations Amid COVID-19 Pandemic: An Experiential Narrative by Engineering Faculty From Western India

Arvind R Yadav, Kandarp N Talati, Rajiv Kumar Gurjwar
India declared nationwide lock-down on March 24, 2020. The time was crucial for academic institutions usually bustling with semester-end examinations. This paper is an attempt by engineering faculty members to share their experience with the process of online examination amid the pandemic. The primary...