Proceedings of the Russian Conference on Digital Economy and Knowledge Management (RuDEcK 2020)

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Digitalization of Restaurant Business as a Factor of Competitiveness Increase

E.A. Pyanikova, A.E. Kovaleva, S.I. Galchenko, S.N. Kobchenko, E.V. Ovchinnikova, M.B. Pikalova
Since the emergence and spread of digital technologies, humanity has entered the era of digitalization. The impact of these technologies on socio-economic phenomena and processes in modern economic systems was so strong that it led to the transformation of the basic model of organization and development...
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Analysis of Expert Assessments of Opportunities and Threats To Innovative Development of Regional Economies

I.E. Risin, Yu.I. Treshchevsky, E.F. Sysoyeva, L.M. Nikitina, A.Yu. Kosobutskaya
Focusing the resources and actions of public authorities on the achievement of strategic goals of regional economy development is associated with the formation of substantiated ideas about opportunities and threats of its innovative renewal, predicted in the internal and external environment. Identification...
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On Possible Problems of Labor Market in Digital Era

D.V. Romanov, T.V. Filatov
The article discusses the impact of economy digitalization on the labor market. The applicability of an interdisciplinary approach for resolving the stated problem, which is considered in the work from the philosophical and pedagogical perspectives, is substantiated. An analysis of the trends in the...
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Implementation of Comprehensiveness Principle in Evaluation of the Public Procurement System Efficiency

A.G. Volkova, M.V. Pyl’tsyna, T.V. Sabetova, A.A. Iureva, E.A. Sivolapova, E.V. Altukhova
The subject of the study is the evaluation of the effectiveness of the public procurement system. The aim of the work was the formation of a procedure for assessing the effectiveness of the public procurement system. The article systematizes the problems of public procurement management for the needs...
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Assessing the Investment Attractiveness of Renovation

I.S. Zharikov
The widespread use of mathematical methods is the most important area of improving economic analysis, increasing the effectiveness of the analysis of the organizational activities of investment in the renovation of real estate. One of the most effective tools for implementing the mathematical problem...
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Assessment Transformation of Labor Relations and their Regulation in Insurance

M.A. Selivanova, Yu.M. Ilinykh, T.V. Pirogova, N.I. Kolyada
The article is devoted to the transformation of labor relations in insurance activity in the conditions of digital economy. The growth of electronic commerce is going to continue in the nearest future and certain changes in labor legislation will become a necessity. The information about an employee’s...
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Innovative Activity Assessment of Industrial Enterprise: Methodological Approach

N.A. Serebryakova, E.A. Titova, G.V. Beliaeva, N.I. Ponomareva, O.O. Lukina, E.A. Savvina
The subject of research is the enterprise innovative activity. The purpose of the work is the formation of a methodological approach to assess the innovation activity development. The article systematizes the problem of assessing the effectiveness of industrial enterprise innovative activities. As a...
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Inseparable Assets as a Special Category of Assets Allocated During Considerable Transformations of a Company

A.V. Shchepot’ev, T.A. Fedorova
The subject of the study is assets inseparable from the organization. The aim of the work is a scientific justification for the allocation of a separate category of assets—inseparable assets that are such for legal and economic reasons. The article discusses in detail the main reasons for the need to...
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The Development of Agriculture as a Mechanism for the Development of Food Security of a Country

A.V. Shchepot’ev, T.A. Safonova
This article is devoted to the relevance of the development of the agro-industrial complex of Russia as one of the most important sectors of the country’s national economy, the functioning of which is a decisive condition for ensuring the food security of the Russian Federation. The relevance of food...
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Correlation Between Income Level and Processes of Digitalization in Russian Federation

A.S. Shevyakin
The article studies the indicators of income, in particular, the value of the subsistence minimum and the proportion of the population with incomes below this value. Attention is paid to the analysis of the population with incomes below average regional income. The regions with the largest share of the...
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Digital Ecosystem Development Based on Open Innovation Model

E.V. Shkarupeta, D.Yu. Savon, A.E. Safronov, L.M. Avlasenko, G.V. Kruzhkova
The article is devoted to the development of theoretical principles and practical recommendations for the formation and development of digital ecosystem based on corporate model of open innovation, which allows adapting an innovative ecosystem to the conditions of global competitive market and integrating...
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Digital Transformation Methodology of Industrial Enterprises

N.V. Sirotkina, E.V. Shkarupeta, O.G. Shalnev, N.V. Kolosova, I.I. Pereslavtseva, O.A. Popova
The digital transformation of production processes and business models, going hand in hand with the selection of appropriate technologies, can provide long-term solutions to the alarming economic problems of our time. The article raises theoretical and empirical issues related to the current and future...
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Information Ethics as a Factor in the Development of Digital Economy

O.I. Shmyreva, I.V. Chernigovskikh, E.Y. Ponomareva
The subject of the study is information ethics as a necessary condition and the driving force of social transformation in the transition to a digital economy. The aim of the work is to find ways to solve this problem by affirming ethical norms and principles in the information space. The article shows...
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Assessment of Effectiveness of Institutional Forms of Regional Innovative Infrastructure

S.V. Zenchenko, A.A. Maltsev, A.G. Zaitsev, P.N. Mashegov, Ya.Yu. Radyukova
The article considers the problem of the system formation for assessing the effectiveness of the operation of innovation infrastructure facilities, in particular, and various institutional forms of regional innovation infrastructure, in general. The research includes a comparative analysis of various...
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National Innovation Infrastructure in the Context of Digital Transformation

N.V. Sirotkina, A.Yu. Goncharov, S.S. Kiselev, M.O. Gladkih, V.E. Panchenko, A.V. Batova
The tasks of energy management of the subjects of the national economy of Russia are associated with the state economy and the natural ecosystem of the world. It is necessary to develop an interest in innovations, otherwise the process of introducing innovations is accompanied by resistance. Public figures...
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Information and Analytical Support of Cost Control in Animal Feed Production

Iu.I. Zdorovets, O.V. Kitaeva, Yu.A. Kitaev, V.F. Uzhik
The subject of the study is the current approaches to the organization of cost management in agricultural enterprises. The purpose of the study is the formation of an integrated approach to building a cost management system in feed production taking into account the specifics of the enterprise. The article...
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Possibilities of Russian Economy Monetization

V.V. Smirnov, O.N. Kadysheva, V.L. Semenov, O.M. Anufrieva, N.V. Voskresenskaya
The research is devoted to the issues of the monetization of economy. The topic of the study is the possibility of monetization of the Russian economy. The purpose of the research is to identify the possibilities of changing the monetization coefficient of economy, by analyzing the impact of changes...
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Designing an Innovative Business Model of the Regional Services Sector

V.V. Smirnov, V.L. Semenov, A.N. Zakharova, T.A. Lavina, G.S. Dulina
The subject of the study is an innovative business model of the regional service sector (IBMRSS). The aim of the work is the formation of methodological provisions for the design of IBMRSS. The article systematizes the IBMRSS management problem. As a result of the research, the following tasks were solved:...
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Virtual Furniture Design Bureau: Distributed Design in Multi-Agent Environment Using Cloud Technologies

A.V. Starikov, P.Yu. Bunakov, A.A. Starikova, A.K. Lopatin, D.A. Meshkov, A.A. Pletnev
One of the most important tasks of creating a digital furniture company is to ensure the conditions for the implementation of design and technological preparation of production (DTPP) using effective methods and automation tools. At present, custom-made industrial production of cabinet furniture has...
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Differences in Thinking Styles on the Perception of Business Analytics

S.A. Suslov, A.D. Cheremuhin, A.N. Igoshin, A.S. Sibiryaev, G.Y. Bashashkina
The research subject is business analytics or business intelligence (BI). The purpose of the research was to study the influence of the respondents’ thinking styles on their perception of the impact of business analytics on other characteristics of the organization. On the basis of the questions developed...
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Modelling of Competitive Space of A Product in Order to Improve Cost Management Efficiency

I.A. Synkov, S.V. Amelin, V.N. Rodionova, N.N. Golub, N.N. Makarov, E.A. Ilyina
In this article, the authors substantiate the prerequisites for increasing of the interest of the industrial companies’ management in improving the cost management system in the context of digitalization. The key aspect in the development of theoretical and methodological principles of cost management...
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Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Digital Modernization of Organizations

V.A. Romanchuk, S.A. Kartashov, L.N. Tokhtieva, I.G. Komlev, A.K. Kadyrov
Currently, people in different media sources is actively discussing the negative effects of computers and robotic systems that can affect various aspects of people’s lives, significantly limiting it. This article describes the terms: “machine learning”, “artificial intelligence”, “neural networks”; some...
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Principles of Industrial Ecosystem Design: Life Cycle Analysis

T.O. Tolstykh, N.V. Shmeleva, S.N. Chernysheva, I.I. Ulvacheva, A.A. Stepanov
The subject of research is industrial ecosystems. The purpose of the work is to formulate the principles for ecosystem projects functioning at different stages of their lifecycle. The article systematizes the problem of applying the ecosystem approach in cross-sectoral interaction. The following tasks...
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Impact of Integration Processes and Preventive Development of Infrastructure on Local Food Markets Performance

L.T. Trineeva, E.Yu. Kolesova, I.E. Ustyugova, E.A. Belyaeva, S.A. Loskutov, T.Yu. Chigirina
Local food markets are the interaction of local producers and consumers of food products. Over a long period, scientists have identified demand, supply, prices and competition as the main elements of market conditions, and producers and consumers of goods which are specific to a particular market as...
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Model of Formation of Innovative Culture as a Key Factor of Innovative Development of the Region

I.A. Tronina, G.I. Tatenko, S.S. Bakhtina, V.A. Knyazeva, I.V. Musatova
In the knowledge economy, the concept of “culture” is becoming an increasingly necessary attribute of the region. Culture is gradually filled with innovative content in accordance with the formation of a new system of interconnected spatial and technological chains. For any region, the process of interaction...
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Strategic Integration of Business Structures Based on the Principles of Single Institutional-Economic Space

I.A. Tronina, A.V. Semenikhina, O.I. Morozova, I.V. Musatova, V.A. Knyazeva, E.E. Kononova
Strategic integration of business structures in the conditions of transfer of innovative knowledge is focused on the development and creation of stable positions of the regional sector of the economy. However, today, the effectiveness of institutional interaction processes remains not high. This is primarily...
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Analysis of Key Performance Indicators of Economic Development of Russian Regions

V.V. Smirnov, V.L. Semenov, E.N. Kadyshev, A.N. Zakharova, V.N. Chaynikov
The subject of study is the economy of the regions of Russia. The topic of the study is the analysis of key performance indicators (KPI) of the development of the economy of the Russian regions. The aim of the work was to determine the KPI of the development of the economy of the regions of Russia, changes...
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Digital Transformation in Compound Animal Feed of Russian Federation: Situation Analysis and Promising Solutions

V.N. Vasilenkо, L.N. Frolova, A.P. Popov, N.A. Mikhailova, I.V. Dragan
Russia has a significant reserve to improve the efficiency of agricultural production (by 3-5 times) and the potential to grow the turnover of the industry through the introduction of digital technologies and modern digital platforms for management at various levels agricultural production. Through digital...
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Digitalization of Market of Compulsory Third Party Car Insurance as a Factor in Overcoming the Crisis in Third Party Only Insurance and Ensuring Economic Security

V.A. Verzilin, Ju.V. Narolina
Significant moral and material damage to road users and the transportation process resulting from road accidents objectively implies the need for insurance protection of both individuals and legal entities that are direct participants in the conflict, as well as third parties accidentally injured in...
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Methodological Assessment Aspects of Region Economic Security

T.A. Volkova, S.A. Volkova, A.M. Sysoev, N.A. Serebryakova, I.Yu. Knyazeva, N.V. Grishchenko
In this study we examine methodological approaches to assessing the economic security of regions developed by both individual authors and public authorities. An author’s the region economic security assessment methodology is proposed based on a refined system of indicators of economic security and comparison...
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State Economic Entities in Modern Russian Airport Industry

A.Y. Yakovlev, A.A. Titov
The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. It has a significant number of hard-to-reach areas and territories to which a year-round access is possible only by aircraft. Despite the importance of the theme of Russian transport there aren’t many scientific articles on this topic. State...
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Issues of Development of Human Capital in the Conditions of Digitalization of Economy

N.V. Yakovenko, I.V. Komov, O.V. Didenko, M.V. Derevyagina, Ya.A. Gosteeva, I.V. Safonova
The development of digital economy led to qualitative changes in the management of human capital. These changes in the last decade are in the focus of theoretical and practical research, which led to the formation of a new socio-economic paradigm. The subject of the study is human capital in a digitalized...