Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering

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Dynamic AGC Units’ Dispatching Based On Loss Sensitivity Identification with the Consideration of Wind Energy

Shuang Zhang, Jingyi Zhang, Xuehong Yang, Hongqiang Li, Feng Gao, Chao Lu
the emergence of high penetration of sustainable energy in the power system has increased the demand for faster-ramping units participating in the frequency regulation service. To fulfill the automatic generation control (AGC) and compensate the influence of sustainable energy fluctuations simultaneously,...
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The Competitive Advantage of Developing Offshore Wind Energy in China

Ru Liu, Yanjun Liu, Rong Li
Compared to onshore wind power, offshore wind power has a relatively short history. The offshore wind potential in China is about 3 times larger than onshore, yet China had not dedicated into offshore wind research and development until recent years. China has the incentive to construct offshore wind...
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Wind Speed Forecasting Using LSSVM Model Based On a Novel Optimization Algorithm

Yang Bai, Jianyan Tian, Fang Wang, Wei Gao, Shengqiang Yang, Xiaoyang Liu
Wind speed forecasting has significant influence on wind energy development. In the paper, a least square support vector machine with a novel optimization algorithm was used to improve the performances of wind speed forecasting model. Coupled simulated annealing (CSA) and simplex algorithm were combined...
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Thermoelectric Generation Using Industrial Grade Low-Cost Materials

K. P. V. B. Kobbekaduwa, N.D. Subasinghe
Thermoelectric effect or Seebeck effect provides a means by which thermal energy can be converted into electricity directly. Voltage appears between two different types of materials (Conductor or Semiconductor) that are joined together and its junction is heated. While most efficient materials are semiconductors,...
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Determination of the Critical Wind Speed and Stability of the Bundled Phase at Galloping Overhead Lines

Muratkali Dzhamanbayev, Nurmakhan Tokenov
This article, based on linearized equation of movement, considers an aerodynamical stability of bundled phase of overhead lines, covered with ice in wind flow. The Hurwitz criterion is used for determining critical speed of wind flow, when appears loss of stability of bundled phase. It is analyzed relationship...
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Impacts of Integration of Wind and Solar PV in a Typical Power Network

Swarna KSV, Arangarajan Vinayagam, Sui yang Khoo, Alex Stojcevski
Integration of solar PV and wind in to the distribution network is one of the most promising challenges of the modern power system networks to meet the growing demand of energy. Analysis of the effects of solar and wind intermittencies in the network are vital to maintain the power quality. Keeping this...
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Genetic Algorithm Based Modeling of Doubly-Fed Wind Farms

Yujia Gu, Yinfeng Wang, Xutao Li, Bei Tian, Feng Gao, Chao Lu
Faced with the drawback of conventional doubly-fed wind farm models, which cannot reliably reflect the actual control law and dynamic characteristics, a method of complex characteristics modeling based on simulation is developed in this paper. The software MATLAB/Simulink platform is utilized to create...
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Tidal Field Numerical Simulation of Hulushan Bay

Yuchi Niu, Jianguo Lin, Lei Liu
With the development of marine economy in China in recent years, The industrial zone of Dalian Changxing island has been upgraded to a national economic and technological development zone in 2010, not only take on a new mission and task, but also the tidal field characteristics study of Changxing island...
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The Solution for Variation of Renewable Energy Generation

Weizheng Kong, Yunqi Zhao, Lin Liu, Lu Xing, Dong Zhang
The renewable energy generators have the feature that varies as weather changes. The fluctuation of the power output will break the balance of supply and demand among the electric power grid, bringing risk to the whole power system. In March 20, 2015, total solar eclipse caused a sudden drop and then...
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Study on the Effect of Belt Velocity on the Dust Emission for Coal Transit Spot in Fossil Power Plants

Musong Lin, Yuchun Li, Zhaojin Xu, Lei Ma, Mengxin Mi
By dynamic simulating bench for coal transit spot in fossil power plants, dust emission was studied and characterized with different levels of belt velocity in this article. There is a very strong negative correlation between upper concentration and lower concentration of coal dust with different belt...
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Conversion of Solid Waste-to-Energy (WtE) in Thailand

Siriporn Boonpa, Alice Sharp
In order to increase the efficiency in municipal solid waste management (MSWM), waste-to-energy (WtE) technologies are provided as a solution towards the successful policy in Thailand. WtE is perceived as a means to dispose MSW, produce energy, recover materials, and free up scarce land that would otherwise...
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The Design and Implementation of Family Energy Management System

Luhua Zhang, Wei Song, Hengchun Ding, Zhonglin Yi, Ruiming Yuan
Based on the construction of intelligent electrical pilot in the state grid corporation of China, fully grasp the requirements of intelligent power demand management, intelligent network based on the research of smart grid-oriented Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), we design and realize the family...
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The Heat Loss Test and Calculation of 240t/h Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers

Songsong Zhang, Guoli Qi, Jian Guan, Chao Liu, Zhao Liu
Two 240 t/h circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers are choosed as the research object, through test CFB boiler parts surface temperature, surface conditions and the parts surface area, according to the standard ASME boiler body heat loss. The results showed that special separator inlet section of CFB...
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Transesterification of Waste Cooking Oil to Biodiesel over Calcined Hydroxy Sodalite (HS) Catalyst: A preliminary investigation

Chabisha P. Makgaba, Michael O. Daramola
In this article, preliminary investigation on the use of hydroxy sodalite (HS) as a solid catalyst for the transesterification of waste cooking oil (WCO) to biodiesel is presented. Hydroxy sodalite was synthesized in our laboratory via the conventional hydrothermal synthesis technique and the crystals...
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Valuation of Environmental Externalities in China’s Coal-fired Power Generation: A Latent Class Approach

Qiong Cai, Xiaoli Zhao, Yanan Hu, Kaiyan Luo
This paper applies the Latent Class (LC) approach to investigate households’ preferences on air quality and study environmental externalities in China’s coal-based power sector. We conduct a choice experiment where people are asked to choose among three hypothetical air quality improvement options and...
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Pressure Regulator Optimization in LPG Fuel Injection Systems

M. Akif Ceviz, Aliriza Kaleli
LPG pressure regulator is a device which is used to change the phase of LPG from liquid to gas by decreasing the pressure. During the phase change, it is necessary to supply the latent heat of LPG to prevent excessive low temperature. Engine coolant is circulated in the pressure regulator for this purpose....
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Simulation and Research of Driving Motor Speed Control System for Electric Vehicle

Jiandong Guo, Longlong Song, Pei Zheng
In this paper, a mathematical modeling is set up based on the trigger equipment of light electric vehicle speed control system, and the unit step response curve of dual closed-loop speed control system is given by using the simulation software simulink. A conclusion can be drew that the unit step response...
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Research on the Effects of the Structure of Air Inlets and Outlets of Porcelainous PTC Heater

Kan Wang, Ming Li, Kexin Zhang, Zhuoxian Gao, Quan Li, Jiapeng Zhang, Boyuan Zhang
The porcelainous PTC heater is used in electric locomotive cab to improve thermal comfort. In this paper, experiments were taken to test the heat transfer performance of the porcelainous PTC heater in the aspects of heat propagation distance and the interference between air inlets and outlets. The structure...
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Performance Monitoring of the Gas-Steam Combined Cycle Unit in Multi-Energy Power Grid

Xiang Wan, Niansu Hu, Pengfei Han, Shiqi Li
In power grid which contains a variety of power recourses (wind, solar and thermal power), the gas-steam combined cycle unit need to undertake the main peak load regulation task so that they have to work at the low load or variable load for a long time, and the operation method will have a significant...
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Power Quality Impacts in a Typical Microgrid

Arangarajan Vinayagam, Asma Aziz, K.S.V. Swarna, Suiyang Khoo, Alex Stojcevski
Microgrid (MG) power system plays an important role to fulfill reliable and secure energy supply to critical loads of communities as well as for communities in remote area. Distributed Generation (DG) sources integrated in a MG provides numerous benefits, at the same time leads to power quality issues...
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Research on Anti-galloping Method for 6×1520 mm2 Large Cross Section Conductors

Bin Liu, Kuanjun Zhu, Caolan Liu, Xinmin Li, Jiajun Si
The anti-galloping method was proposed for the 6×1520 mm2 large cross section conductor. The galloping model was established by using nonlinear finite element method and considering geometric nonlinear, aerodynamic nonlinear and initial deformation. The galloping characteristics and the critical conditions...
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Reliability and Economic Comparison of Ultra-long-distance Transmission Mode

Huaxin Wang, Aiyou Chen, Jian Wang, Yongxi Zhao
Combining with the existing transmission technology which is feasible in engineering and theory, four types of ultra-long-distance transmission mode, in terms of UHV AC, UHV DC (±800 kV and ±1 000 kV) and Half-wavelength AC transmission system (HWACT), have been introduced. The reliability and the economy...
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Research on Power Short-term Prediction of the Photovoltaic System Based on Grey Relational Analysis and Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization

Qingwu Gong, Jiazhi Lei, Haining Zhang, Yang Lei, Si Tan
Output power of Photovoltaic generation system is influenced by temperature, humidity, solar radiation intensity and so on. The effects of three kinds of external climate conditions, including temperature, humidity, solar radiation intensity, on photovoltaic output power were anal sized in detail in...
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Research and Design on the on-line Monitoring for Rainwater Leakage of Floors on Substation Roofs

Xin Tang, Gang Chen, Bin Hu, Jinbo Zhang, Bin Chen, Shuai Lu
In order to reduce the safety loophole for substation caused by rainwater leakage of roof, this paper proposed an on-line monitoring for rainwater leakage of substation roof based on a parallel plate capacitor sensor. This method is based on the capacitance sensor in the composition of installed metal...
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Self Tuning Controller for Reducing Cycle to Cycle Variations in SI Engine

Alir za Kaleli, M. Akif Ceviz, Köksal Erentürk
The cyclic variations in spark ignition engines occurring especially under specific engine operating conditions make the maximum pressure variable for successive in-cylinder pressure cycles. Minimization of cyclic variations has a great importance in effectively operating near to lean limit, or at low...
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A Fuzzy Controlled Incremental Conductance Method for Z-Source PV Inverter MPPT

Jingwei Zhang, Honghua Wang, Chengliang Wang, Wei Han, Zhebei Wang, Rong Sun
Based on conventional incremental conductance (Inc-Cond) method, a fuzzy controlled incremental conductance controller is proposed for Z-source PV inverter to realize its maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The principle of Z-source PV inverter is illustrated. Then an improvement of SVPWM for Z-source...
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Experimental Study on Bearing Capacity of Straight Welded Pipe Used in Transmission Towers with Weld Defect

Jianjun Liu
A method for simulating welding defect of slags or incomplete fusion is raised in this research. Experiments on seven full-size members were conducted.The research shows that the length of the welding defect is related to the decrease of the ultimate bearing capacity of the members under the static axial...
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Human-centred Product Architecture from UPPA to SAPAD

Fei Hu, Xi Zhang, Keiichi Sato, S. Teeravarunyou, Hao Lin
The proposed of PA (product architecture) makes the product development varied and effective. However, in the current society, focusing on the product to develop new products isn’t satisfying the user’s needs that become abundant and uneasy to be found. PA provides a systematic research framework that...
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Three Dimensional Interface Finite Element Derivation and Application

Wenshan Lin
In the present study, the special interface element has been derived. And that develop three-dimensional nonlinear finite element model depicting the global behavior for RC structure strengthened by steel plates up to failure. The interface element captures not only the shear and normal stress concentration,...
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Research of Evaluation System for the Investment and Operational Efficiency of Distribution Network

Fangpeng Zheng, Yongjun Wang, Chunxue Li, Ming Zeng
The investment for distribution network construction is an important part of power grid construction. The establishment of analysis model for the investment and operational efficiency of distribution network construction is able to ensure the economic operation and reliability of power system, and has...
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Linguistic Fuzzy Rough Sets for Multi Criteria Group Decision Making

Hai Wang, Zeshui Xu
Linguistic variables usually take the form of a base term modified by a hedge in qualitative evaluations of multi criteria decision making problems. In this paper, the linguistic fuzzy rough set is presented to objectively model non-inclusive hedges, such as more or less and roughly, with semantics....
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Research on Knowledge Modeling for Bonded Repair of Composite Aircraft Component

Qiang He, Wenfeng Yang, Qingru Tang
Advanced composite materials have gained popularity in aircraft industry. The widespread application leads to the requirement of high efficient and reliable maintenance technology for composite components. Bonded composite repairs are preferred as they provide enhanced stress transfer mechanisms, joint...
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Prediction of Groundwater Level for Sustainable Water Management in an Arid Basin Using Data-driven Models

Mutao Huang, Yong Tian
Arid and semi-arid regions face major challenges in the management of scarce freshwater resources under economic development and climate change. Groundwater is commonly the most important water resource in these areas. Accurate prediction of groundwater level is an essential component of suitable water...
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Research on the Application of Water Resources Rational Allocation of Water Resources in Guizhou Mountainous Area

Min Liu
In view of the characteristics of the mountain Irrigation District in Guizhou, we combine the characteristics of crop growth and the demand of environmental factors, and the application of the information management system of water resources in Guizhou mountainous areas is carried out. Through monitoring,...
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Sustainable Water Reallocation Planning for Semi-arid Parkland in Loess Plateau

Binyi Liu, Nan Wang
Rainwater catchment irrigation and municipal water supply are the current solutions for parkland water demand in townships of Loess Plateau. Rainwater catchment however, may lead to runoff imbalance or groundwater reduction, while the municipal water supply has priority for residential consumption and...
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Study on the Kinetics of Water Decomposition by ZrMnFe Micro Powder

Yong Yao, Zhiyong Huang, Jiangfeng Song
Aimed to recovery tritium from tritiated water, ZrMnFe micro powder synthesized by solvent combustion and calcium reduction was selected to decompose water vapor. The kinetics of reaction between ZrMnFe micro powder and water vapor was studied by isothermal thermogravimetric method in the temperature...
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The Effect of Initial pH on Pistachio Processing Industrial Wastewater Pre-treatment by Electrocoagulation Method

Serkan Bayar, Alper Erdem Yilmaz, Zuhal Köksal, Recep Boncukcuoglu, Baybars Ali Fil, Murat Tolga Yilmaz
In this study, removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total phenols (TP) from pistachio processing industry wastewater was investigated using electrocoagulation method. COD and TP removal ef ciencies were compared considering wastewater initial pH by using stainless steel cathodes and aluminum anodes....
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Risk Prediction Analysis of Oil Spill for the Channel of Changxing Island

Lei Liu, Jianguo Lin, Yuchi Niu
This paper adopted the model of the particles to predict oil film dynamic drift process. The prediction was supposed to happen in the channel of Changxing Island, and it carried through under four kinds of circumstances. The circumstances are no wind condition, NNE, WSW and SSW. Through simulating the...
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Experimentally Testing the Polyethylene Pipes upon Being Strained with the Squeeze – Off Tool

Eugen Avrigean, Adrian Marius Pascu, Valentin Stefan Oleksik
The present paper aims at monitoring the behavior of the high density polyethylene pipe when pressed by an external force in order to shut it off so that the natural gas can no longer pass through the distribution pipelines. The behavior of the polyethylene pipe will be observed by means of fast shutter...
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A Study on Aggressiveness of KCl to Steel Material in High Temperature in Biomass Boilers

Hongliang Zhang, Yuchun Li, Wei Wang, Lei Ma, Lin Chen
Aggressiveness of KCl in high temperature was studied in this article. Electrochemical experiments in hot molten KCl and corrosion experiments in high temperature were conducted for analysis of possible reaction. Comprehensive analysis indicated that aggressiveness mechanisms of KCl in high temperature...
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Insertion Loss Spectrums Behind Straight Noise Barriers: Scaled Experiments

P. Bhuripanyo, S.I. Voropayev, H.J.S. Fernando
the results of scaled acoustic laboratory experiments with noise barriers are reported. Short impulsive spherical sound wave with broad frequency spectrum is used as controllable sound source. Using spectral analysis the insertion loss spectral functions were calculated for experiments with different...
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Investigating the Standard Process of Conventional Gold Refining Process in Kelantan, Malaysia

Kaspin Saadiah, Nadiah Mohamad
The conventional method of gold refining process is widely used and it seems no further effort has been taken to improvise the system. Safety, productivity and reliability issue remains to be crucial barrier to local jewelers to refine their in-house gold scrap. The findings have brought the researcher...
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The Characteristics and the Dominant Factor of Fracture Development of the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation Black Shale in Sangzhi

Xiaolin Jin, Chenglong Zhang, Chengdong Mao, Xufeng Li
Based on the analysis of tectonic faults in Sangzhi area, black shales fracture characteristics and controlling factors of the Longmaxi formation of Lower Silurian are studied. That fracture distribution of the study area is mainly controlled by fault, where the NE-trending fault system plays the most...
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Soil Vapor Extraction Removal of Semi Volatile Organic Compounds in Soil: A Pilot-scale Study

Chi Zhang, Xiao Chen, Yingyu Tan, Yijian Feng, Zhong Zhong
Semi Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs) contamination in soil was a widespread problem in China due to industrial pollutants leak and discharge. A pilot study of SVE and related combination techniques was demonstrated for soil contaminated with SVOCs. A miniaturization SVE system was applied in research...
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Seismic Landslide Hazard Identification and Assessment Based on BP Neural Network

Jinsheng Fan, Weidong Li, Xinjian Shan
Based on geographic information systems and remote sensing technology, this article used BP neural network method and choose slope, aspect, intensity, faults, water, elevation, DEM, hardness 8 earthquake landslide factors as influencing factors in the study area (E103° ~ E105°, N30.8° ~ N32°) to identify...
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Research on the Mass Destruction in Landscape Environment

Yao Li, Yonggang An, Wenwu Chen, Chang Zhao
This paper start to mine the four root causes of vandalism generating in landscape environment from four angles including the designers, constructor, users and environment; and then through analyzing and sorting, collate the specific form of vandalism grouped into five areas; at last, based on the five...
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Transmission Electron Microscopic Analysis of Geopolymer Made of Fused Slags

Yootaek Kim, Kyongwoo Lee
The production of fused slag generated is continuously increasing and is expected to reach 50,000 tons per year as coal gasification facilities and waste treatment systems producing fused slag have been actively adopted recently in Korea. One of the prospective solutions is to make geopolymers with the...
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Improvement and Analysis of the Winter Thermal Environment of Rural Civilian Dwellings in Northwestern Area of China

Yiyun Zhu, Lu Bai, Guochen Sang, Qin Zhao, Qun Zhang
Two typical civilian dwellings, the earth dwelling and the brick and concrete dwelling, in northwestern areas of China were investigated, on-site measurement on winter outdoor meteorological parameters, indoor air temperature and relative humidity were conducted. The paper analyzed space arrangement,...