Proceedings of the 2016 International Seminar on Education Innovation and Economic Management (SEIEM 2016)

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The Current Situation and Countermeasure Research of "School Football" in Nanchong City Elementary Schools

Qin Wang, Chi Zhang
In order to know how the "School football" activity organically combine with school physical education teaching, football reserve personnel cultivation and quality education and its important role in comprehensive education, the paper selects eight elementary schools of different levels in Nanchong city...
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Research on the Innovation of University Service Regional Economy in the Mode of Government, Industry, University and Research Institute

Xu Zhao, Qi Hu, Chunlei Huang, Xuesong Li
The university depends on the professional level which personnel training and scientific research also depends on the level of professional level. The advantage of professional is the basis of the development of the university, improve the scientific research and technology transfer capacity. Formation...
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Reform and Practice of Innovation Ability in the Cultivation of Students

Mei Lin, Wei Wu, Changwei Wang, Yongqiang Liu
For the needs of training the talents' ability of serving maintenance personnel position, new ideas of cultivating the students' innovation ability are put forward in this paper. A set of construction guidelines consists of 'Teaching staff construction as the guide, Systemic teaching design as the traction,...
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The Influence of the New Generation of Information Technology on Management Accounting Reform

Fengzhou Wang, Yongqi Song
The rapid development of cloud computing, big data, internet of things, mobile Internet and other new generation of information technology has a profound influence on the development of management accounting. Based on the review of the domestic related research literature, the paper puts forward the...
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A Comparative Study on Teaching Effects of Different Innovative Methods for Curriculum System: An Students' self-evaluation Study

Lingling Luo, Na Wang, Ping Zhang, Chunfang Zhou
In order to test the feasibility of the curriculum system of TRIZ used in humanities and social science majors, compared with the traditional creativity developing, this study will test whether it is effective to cultivate students' creativity and to train their ability to solve problems. This study...
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Thoughts on the Organization and Implementation of the Curriculum Content of the Professional Introduction in Universities and Colleges

Wei Fu, Jing Bai
Establishing the professional introduction course in colleges and universities is to make students understand the professional characteristics and the direction of development. However many colleges and universities have already deviated from the purpose of the establishment of the professional introduction...
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Research on the Cooperation of Emergency Response Based on the Exponential Random Graph Models

Zhouzhi Li, Wei Kang
Recently, the domestic and foreign research results and management practice have shown the traditional government single management mode is transforming into the multi-subject cooperative governance mode, in the event of emergency response, the multi-subject organization and coordination is conducive...
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Comprehensive Case Study Approach in Major-specific Courses of Real Estate Development and Management-Based on the Application in the Course of Real Estate Investment Analysis

Lin Chen, Xue-tong Wang
Case study approach in teaching major-specific courses of real estate development and management is a whole set of teaching methods and skills that is based on actual cases of real estate projects, aimed to help learners of such courses to achieve particular learning objectives. In order to avoid such...
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Research on Aesthetic Training of Martial Arts Routines in College Physical Education

Long Huang
As a traditional Chinese culture with enduring charm, different cultural functions of martial arts have developed aesthetic feeling with traditional Chinese characteristics in the perspective of aesthetics research through the implementation of college teaching methods. Using the methods of literature...
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Study on College English Teaching from the Perspective of Communication

Ling-ling Zuo
College English teaching is an important part of English education, which is the critical stage to learn English and then apply the knowledge and skills to the real life. English classroom teaching is the transmission of information or the operation of information systems. It is a complete process of...
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Probe into the Training Mode of Industrial Design Talents under the Background of Innovation and Pioneering

Zhi-xue Sun, Dong-sheng Zhang, Chun-rong Liu, Xiao-jun Wang, Jia Liu
Under the background of public entrepreneurship and innovation, to promote the development of industrial design in our school, the talent training mode of which was explored. Firstly, this paper reviewed the course of running a major of industrial design briefly; secondly, explained the methods and ways...
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Research on the Relationship between Physical Exercise, Body Image and Social Self-efficacy of College Students

Yuehui Li, Yan Yuan, Zhijie Wang
Self-efficacy theory is one of the most influential and persuasive motivational theories. Psychology researchers are glad about studying this theory, and social self-efficacy is a concept in Bandera's self-efficacy theory. Until now, there does not have a unified definition standard for the concept of...
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On the Enterprise Management Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges

Libing Wang, Yuehong Liu, Qiang Dan, Chengguang Cao
To solve the problem of "de-administration", higher vocational colleges must establish the enterprise management mode. First, change the idea, set up service-oriented administration, and regard itself as "enterprise", and the student as the "product". Second, implement the enterprise management, carry...
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The Education Concept and Practice Innovation Based on "Three Creativity" Education

Qiliang Shu, Wenjun Hu, Liping Zhao
Three Creativity refers to the Originality, innovation and entrepreneurship were integrated with each other harmoniously, and take originality as the soul, innovation as the core, and entrepreneurship as the goal, to build the talents training system of innovation and entrepreneurship. Pointed out that...
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Analysis on the Mechanism of Financial Support for the Development of Cultural Industry

Miao Tian, Mu Zhang
In order to analyze the mechanism of financial support for the development of cultural industry and develop cultural industry better, this article firstly analyzes the characteristics of cultural industry and cultural industry financing; then analyzes the mechanism of financial support for the development...
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Research on the Model of College Students' Knowledge Development Based on Knowledge Organization Model

Jie He
This paper mainly discusses the influence of the knowledge transmission efficiency, the acceptance of organizational knowledge and the proportion of the target group of college students on the organization of individual knowledge of college students. In this paper, a model of college students' knowledge...
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The Doctor-Patient Relationship Management in the Modern Hospital Management

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
To strengthen the management of the doctor-patient relationship and maximize attraction to patients to promote the development of the hospital. Customer relationship management is a modern management with which the enterprise copes with the market competition and establishes a set of management pattern...
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The Protection Measures of Patient Privacy

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
To investigate how much medical personnel and patients know about the patients' privacy protection and to explore protective measures. To analyze the present status of privacy protection and the hospitals questionnaire surveys which were conducted on patients and medical workers in several hospitals....
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Exploration and Practice of Robot Innovative and Practical Teaching Reform in University

Qixin Zhu, Bangfu Wang, Siming Wang
The robot innovative engineering practice teaching is aimed at cultivating students' innovative consciousness and engineering practice ability. This paper expounds the present situation of robot practice teaching and its existing problems, training objectives and teaching reform. It aims to explore the...
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Thinking of the Comprehensive Experimental Curriculum Construction based on the pattern of OBE

Guanqiang Ruan, Jinrun Cheng
The content of comprehensive experimental curriculum is complex, meanwhile there is lack of effective method to evaluate student learning outcomes in the teaching process, and it has certain difficulty to realize the teaching goal of comprehensive experiment. This paper has introduced the OBE's education...
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Extracurricular Sci-tech Research Activities' Effect in Cultivating Undergraduate Innovative Quality-In case of a Project in "Fengru Cup" Competition of Beihang University

Yudong Guo, Rui Wang, Xiaoyang Tang, Zheng Qian
Aiming at promoting the sustainable development of extracurricular innovative activity for undergraduate students, we summarize and discuss the experience and effect of extracurricular sci-tech research activities by taking a project "3-D Measurement Drone based on Computer Vision" in "Fengru Cup" competition...
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The Class of Information Crime and Computer Forensics

Ling Tang
The world is connected with Internet. However, information crime is threatening the security of Internet.Thus, it is very important for a university to set up a new course to solve the problem and to train the students to deal with information crime and computer forensics. East China University of Political...
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Feasibility of Applying Mobile Micro-learning to College English Learning

Jiaying Meng, Zhimin Li
To prove the feasibility of applying mobile micro-learning to college English learning, this thesis adopts the methods of investigation and data collecting and the FRAME analytical model. The questionnaires are designed to investigate learners' learning conditions from four aspects, namely, technical...
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On Home Education Concept in "The Kite Runner"

Qingjuan Nie
The objective of present study was to examine the role home education concept plays in children's personal transformation and how it can affect their growth in the long run. We developed a comparative study of two conflicting home education concepts presented in Afghanistan American writer Khaled Hosseini's...
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The Study and Practice on Teaching Reform of Signals and Systems Based on Comprehensive Talent Cultivation

Xiaojuan Wei
"Signals and Systems" is the main technological base for the electric information program. The concept and method have already been widely applied to various aspects. With the development of information technology, existing course system and teaching contents are relatively lagging, so it is hard to...
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Research on Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth Based on Variable Coefficient Panel Data Regression

Peng Lv, Jun-chao Wang
With the rapid economic development, China has become the largest power consumer,An accurate grasp of the relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth, the sustainable development of the economy and the development of electric energy policy will have a great help. This paper adopts...
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Cluster Analysis of Energy Diversification Patterns in Different Regions of China

Xiaodi Li, Shipeng Sun, Xincai Yang
Due to the diversity of fundamental situation among provinces in China, there are visibly regional differences in economic development level, resource endowments, and technological development level. For this reason, the energy diversification shows a big diversity on development model. This paper, based...
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The Analysis on Chinese Foreign Exchange Reserves Proper Scale and Measurement

Yexia Sun, Bing Han
It is an issue how to calculate the proper scale of foreign exchange reserves. The existing researches about this utilize many models and methods but there is a lack of integrity and theory. This paper will try to calculate the proper scale of foreign exchange reserves from the perspective of demand...
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Ideology in Translation: Theories and Reflections

Lei Dai
This study aims at examining a burgeoning approach in Translation Studies: ideology. By comparing the conventionally linguistic approach with the ideological approach and by reviewing some of the seminal theories from the ideological perspective, the paper critically reflects on the advantages and disadvantages...
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Evolution Analysis of Topics on Social Media Based on the Co-word Network

Zhuoqun Chen, Xu Sun
For the information in the social media, methods of topic feature selection in different time have been put forward to build the dynamic co-word network. The community discovery algorithm is applied to divide the co-word network on the basis of communities. And the co-word network community stands for...
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Enlightenments and Challenges: English Translation of Chinese Classics in College English Teaching and Learning for Non-English Major Students

Xiaoqing Chen
With further development of globalization and the increasingly close economic and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, there are new higher requirements for college English teaching and learning in China. One of those is an urgent need to cultivate college English learners' sufficient...
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Historical Development of the Federalism System in Malaysia: Post-Independence

Wan Kamal Mujani, Wan Hamdi Wan Sulaiman
This article discusses the development of the federalism system in Malaysia post-Independence. Before the idea of a constitution was conceived through the Reid Commission, the concept of federalism had already permeated Malaya's administration system through the Treaty of Federation of Malaya but it...
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Historical Development of the Federalism System in Malaysia: Prior to Independence

Wan Kamal Mujani, Wan Hamdi Wan Sulaiman
This article discusses the development of the federalism system in Malaysia prior to independence. During its administration in Malaya, the British introduced the residents system to facilitate administrative affairs there. Hence in 1895, the Treaty of Federation was made and the Federated Malay States...
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The Peringgit Mosque, Malacca: Analysis on the Design of the Pulpit

Anisah Bahyah Ahmad, Wan Kamal Mujani
The Peringgit Mosque, built in the 18th century during the Dutch colonial era, is one of the oldest mosques in Malacca. It is preserved as a historical legacy under the supervision of the Perbadanan Muzium Negeri Malacca (PERZIM). This article analyses the design of the pulpit that has its own advantages...