Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Seminar on Education Innovation and Economic Management (SEIEM 2017)

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Research on the Relationship between Job Embeddedness and Voluntary Turnover of Internet R&D Personnel

Siyu Zhang
With the development of economy and the adjustment of industrial structure, the position of staff in the enterprise is becoming increasingly important, especially for Internet companies, where R&D personnel are core resources. Therefore, in the increasingly fierce competition for talents, how to control...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Strategic Leadership Based on Lorentz Force

Linwei Yang
In the knowledge economy, the globalization develops unceasingly today. Strategic leadership, the embodiment of the strategic control ability of the enterprise, is closely related to the steady and rapid development of enterprises. Lacking of strategic leadership at the top of the enterprise has become...
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Analysis on Different Levels of Sharing Finance

Liping Wei
Finance sharing is a finance model of the new era which is characterized by resource sharing, factor sharing and benefit sharing, representing the concept of shared development among the five major development concepts-innovation, coordination, ecology, openness and sharing. The most basic and primary...
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Research on the Tripartite Cooperation of the Venture Capital Institutions, Business Incubators and Start-Ups and Ethical Risk from the Perspective of Game Theory

Lin Liu
From the perspective of the game theory, this paper analyzes the relationship among the venture capital institutions, business incubators and start-ups. The author establishes a tripartite game model, obtains the game equilibrium solution and puts forward optimal choice behavior for three parties. Due...
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Research on Teaching Reform in Public Foundation Courses--Take teaching reform of outline of modern Chinese history as example

Zhimei Yang
In order to arouse students' enthusiasm and increase pragmatically of teaching the "Outline of modern Chinese history", it is inevitable to take diversified teaching methods. By exploring a new path suitable for students in transformation of teaching idea, integration of teaching contents, innovation...
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On the Development and Tendency of Chinese Internet Finance

Yanli Sun
Over the past 20 years, the Internet has started from scratch, from slow to rapid development in China, and not it has gradually extended from the daily application sector to the financial sector. As commanding height of the entire financial innovation, Internet finance (ITFIN) has worked as the innovative...
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Correlation between Competition Trait Anxiety Structure and Paroxysmal Athletic Injuries

Yan Song, Jiege Jiao, Xinyi Long
In athletic training and competition terrains, sportsmen will inevitably suffer paroxysmal athletic injuries. And anxiety is a major cause for the injuries. This article studies the correlation between competition trait anxiety structure and paroxysmal athletic injuries, assists the athletes to grasp...
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Impact Factors Affecting the Flights of China Southern Airline: Based on "Belt and Road" Perspective

Yanan Song
This paper analyzes the impact factors of flights of China Southern Airline in 36 Belt and Road countries from 2004 to 2017 by using the Gravity model. The results show that population, GDP of destination countries, trade, geographic distance and culture integration between China and destination countries...
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Study on the Marketing Strategy of Vipshop Sale

Suqing Gao
In order to analyze the marketing condition of special selling websites, this paper sets Vipshop Company as the research object, locating its market development status and environment, using PEST model, five forces model and other analysis methods to study the marketing strategy of Vipshop from the aspects...
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Research on Cooperative Game and Dynamic Mechanism of Industry-University-Research Synergistic Innovation

Liu Yang, Renyan Mu
Innovation is the main engine of economic development. Building the industry-university-research synergistic innovation mechanism is an important measure to promote the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy. Based on the game theory, this thesis studies the cooperation strategies of...
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Research on the Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Behavior of Green Agricultural Products

Fengmei Yi
The Green agricultural product is not only conducive to the safety of people's lives, but also to achieve sustainable development of China's agriculture. It is necessary and urgent to study factors influencing consumer purchase behavior on green agricultural products. This paper invited 110 respondents...
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Research on the Performance of FDI Policies in Real Estate Industry

Siyu Tong
In order to improve the effectiveness of the real estate policy and promote the healthy development of the industry, this paper takes the real estate FDI industry policy from 2006 to 2015 as the research object and builds the real estate FDI policy measurement system. And based on this, the quantitative...
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Fashion Designer Brand Operation Strategy Analysis Based on Internet

Mingyuan Zhang, Shui Jin
With the advent of consumer upgrading, consumer shopping ability is increasing, and more and more consumers have a growing demand for clothing. In this paper, we explore the management of clothing designer's brand under the Internet environment, combined with the current situation of Internet environment,...
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The Application and Prospect of 3D Printing and VR in Educational Innovation

Yu-Jie Dai, Qing-Yuan Hua
With the rapid development of 3D printing and virtual reality (VR) technology, they have been used in many fields, but they have just started in the field of education. Aimed at this problem, this paper introduces the principles and characteristics of 3D printing and VR technology, and illustrates related...
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Talent Training Model Construction of MTCSOL Program Based on Outcome-Based Education

Wu Cai
With the rapid development of the MTCSOL (Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) program, how to improve its quality has become a major theme. The paper first introduces the theory and applications of outcome-based education, and then demonstrates the current situation and important...
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Weather Impacts on Trading Volume-Evidence from Hang Seng Index

Shaosong Wang, Weihua Liu
Weather impacts on stock returns have been explored by previous studies. However, trading volume has not been noticed too much. We believe it is important to test the relationship between weather phenomena and trading volume, since stock return and volatility do not fully reflect the trading activities....
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Manager's Rent and Corporate Investment

Junhe Zhang
This paper wants to figure out how will the pandering between the manager and shareholder groups affect corporate investment and how will regulations work on it. Using the pork model, By using a model of porkwe can find that the pleasing behavior of the manager will surely lead to overinvestment and...
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Stock Evaluation Based on Factor Analysis and Clustering

Wei Wang
The purpose of this paper is to assess the value of listed companies. We used R software for factor analysis and K-means clustering to analyze the eight financial indicators of these companies. Our innovation was to use the most simplified and the most condensed indexes for decision making. The comprehensive...
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Analysis of the Status Quo and Development Trend of Financial Reform in Laos

Liujie Tang, Tong Zhu
This paper selected the economic indicators through 1997-2016 of Laos, carried out ADF test, co-integration test and Granger test, deleted the variables that did not have causality, and then selected the economic variables related to economic growth in Laos and analyzed the trend of development of Laos...
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The Time-Lag Analysis of R&D Investment and Corporate Performance-Based on the Sample Data of Natural Person Holding Companies

Lina Qin, Xuejiao Jiang
The time-lag phenomenon between R&D investment and corporate performance has been researched by scholars recently. This study selects sample data from 228 natural person holding companies of GEM. It uses EXCEL, SPSS20.0 statistical software for data statistics and analysis to explore the time lag of...
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The Impact of the Interaction between Executive Compensation Stickiness and the Large Stockholder Control on the Performance-Based on Sample Data of 210 Natural Person Holding Companies

Lina Qin, Shangshu Liu
The phenomenon of "Executive Compensation Stickiness" has been studied for scholars in recent years. This study is based on sample data of 210 natural person holding companies. It uses SPSS20.0 statistical software for data statistics and analysis to explore the impact of interaction between executive...