Proceedings of the 5th IPMA SENET Project Management Conference (SENET 2019)

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Project management competences as a driver of growing economies

Vladimir Obradović
Economic growth cannot be achieved without adequate strategy implemented through projects. Consequently, growth depends on the success of selected and executed projects. On the other hand, project managers, project team members, and other key personnel involved in project substantially influence overall...
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Team leading challenges in software development projects

Filip Jovanović
Scrum and agile approach in software development eases the way teams are handled and managed. With the right application of this approach into software development projects, Scrum can influence team cohesion, improved efficiency and better control of the final product. Thus, team management in the phase...
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Efficiency and effectiveness evaluation of project-oriented activities in the Ministry of industry and trade Russia

Vasili Osmakov, Vladimir Pastukhov, Aleksandr Tovb, Grigory Tsipes
The Ministry’s area of responsibility annually includes more than a thousand industrial projects of various sizes that receive are funded by the state. The Ministry’s approach to managing these projects is to balance the distribution of responsibilities among key stakeholders. This means that the operational...
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Determining the quality of municipal services using SERVQUAL model

Nedeljko Živković, Maja Glogovac, Bojan Kovačević
This study deals with determining service quality of municipalities of Srebrenica, Bratunac, and Milici in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The research is conducted using a questionnaire based on SERVQUAL model which comprises two subscales, one referes to customers’ expectations and another for their perception...
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Environmental projects as a pillar economic growth

Marija Todorović
The paper presents the significance of environmental projects for economic growth and society. The paper deals with the basic characteristics of environmental projects and project management based on systematic literature review, and presents the current state of project management for environment...
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Developing the objective and the scope of the ecological footprint assessment project

Ivan Mihajlović, Isidora Milošević, Nada Štrbac
Besides technological and economic aspects, environmental segments are gaining equal importance in planning, realization and control of contemporary project ventures. This manuscript is presenting the frame and the scope of the project for the ecological footprint assessment. The realization of some...
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The project of insourcing before the project of outsourcing: extension of the De Boer’s algorithm

Andrija Ražnatović, Mladen Čudanov, Ondrej Jaško
Traditional approaches to outsourcing are commonly biased towards the outsourcing decision and consequently become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Departments destined for outsourcing are picked by management with prejudice as the least valuable with little or no regard to their features and place in the...
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Comparison of traditional and agile approach to manage product development projects

Mila Milenković, Bojan Lalić, Katarina Pavlović, Ivana Berić, Vesna Šobajić
Telecommunications have become highly important for the successful business operations of almost every organization in the world, in the public and private sector, and is the core of most multinational companies’ businesses. Telecommunications are an integral part of the global communications network;...
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Project management in emergency situations at the level of local self-governments in case of floods

Goran Radovanović, Samed Karović, Miroslav Bjegović
The paper explains the theoretical concept of emergencies, the importance and role of local self-governments in such situations. The current state of affairs in local self-governments in the domain of organization of local self-government for possible reaction to emergencies is analyzed, and the significance...
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Research and perspectives of distance learning

Vesna Buha, Aca Jovanović, Ljiljana Miletić, Rada Lečić, Svetlana Mitrović
Growth and development of companies and economy in global business may be expected through innovation, new technologies, creativity, knowledge-based economy, investing in knowledge management and projects whose objectives are an ongoing development of learners, learning organizations and distance learning. Distance...
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Management of Humanitarian Projects in Conflict Zones Based on Complementary Neural Networks

Sergey Bushuyev, Igbal Babayev, Jahid Babayev, Boris Kozyr
The model of complementary neural networks for managing project portfolios of Humanitarian Projects in Conflict Zones under uncertainty (observability, unverified information and imperfection of loss estimation methods) is considered. The principles and methods of forming a portfolio of projects of loss...
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Infrastructure projects classification – Sustainable development perspective

Damir Butković, Mariela Sjekavica Klepo, Tomislav Rastovski
Infrastructure is an indivisible part of our modern life experience. Infrastructure projects are the cornerstone of states’ economic growth, development and wellbeing. Nevertheless, it is often unclear what is considered under the term “infrastructure” when thought through. Few scientists explored the...
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Project Management of Strategic Communication in Digital Era

Miroslav Mitrović, Ana Vulić
Strategic communication is one of the expressions of state power and represents an instrument in the political and security achievement of national interests. Contemporary conflicts have a form of hybrid acts in the area of usage of information based on the media and Internet. The main goal of strategic...
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Financial Performance Indicators: The Impact of Company’s Lifetime and Industry Type

Tijana Obradović, Veljko Dmitrović, Marija Kuzmanović
The formula for high financial performance is a never-ending story. A significant chapter of that story is the one dealing with causality and interactions between specific financial performance indicators and the organisation’s characteristics. This paper investigates the financial performance indicators...
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Work-life-health challenges of women in project management in nongovernmental organisations in Serbia

Radmila Miković, Sofija Cerović, Danijela Toljaga-Nikolić
This research aimed to explore the profile of women who work in project management in nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) in Serbia, their working conditions and their satisfaction with the job. The results show that women who work as project managers or project team members in NGOs in Serbia are highly...
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Projects in Industry 4.0 framework and its effects on occupational safety

Nenad Milijić, Dejan Bogdanović, Ivica Nikolić
The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, introduced a new level of production and transformed the use of digital integration and intelligent engineering. The essence of such initiatives is that manufacturers are able to satisfy a constantly changing demand by using flexible "smart" machines....
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Project finance capability of homebuilding in the Republic of Serbia

Željko Spasenić, Slađana Benković, Veljko Dmitrović
Project finance is characterised by a range of specific features in comparison with standard financing sources such as corporative or credit financing. In most cases, the difference arises from the characteristics of the borrower and way of generating cash for loan repayment. Accordingly, if the project...
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National projects as a way to solve the problems of economic and digital disparities in different areas and regions

Ekaterina Khalimon, Irina Brikoshina, Mariya Guseva, Irina Kogotkova, Sergej Nikitin
This article is devoted to the study of trends in the development of project management in Russia and substantiation of the importance and needs for its application at the level of public authorities in the form of priority national projects and programs aimed at ensuring the breakthrough scientific,...
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Influence of corporate social responsibility on intangible benefits in the project-based companies

Ivan Jovanović, Anđelka Stojanović, Nenad Milijić
In this study, the influence of three factors of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Ecological aspect, Voluntarism, and Social aspect on soft results, that is, on Intangible project benefits in project-based companies in Serbia has been examined. For this purpose, the conceptual model with three...
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Developing students' competences in project management in Poland – a case study of IPMA-Student Certification

Joanna Rzempala
This article presents experiences and early conclusions from the Polish certification dedicated to students in the field of project management. First of all, it describes the IPMA - Student Competence Model. Secondly, it presents the results of student certification, the level of competence in particular...
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Development opportunities for growing economies on the routes of New China's Silk Road: case study of Serbia

Jovanka Šaranović, Nataša Stanojević, Dejan Vuletić
This paper examines the impact of Chinese investments in infrastructure facilities within the New Silk Road on the growing economies of the host countries. Using Multivariate Analysis method, the impact of Chinese and total FDI on several key economic indicators of Serbia are measured separately and...
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Contemporary challenges for project managers in Serbia

Katarina Pavlović, Vesna Šobajić, Mila Milenković, Ivana Berić, Ljiljana Berežljev
Project management profession encounters numerous challenges in today’s global environment. It is a known fact for every project management professional that most common challenges are the completion of project on time, scope changes, goals, unplanned risks, engagement on several different projects,...
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Contemporary lighting solutions in the historic urban landscape: Project-oriented approach

Ivana Rakonjac, Ivan Rakonjac, Vladan Đokić, Miloš Gašić, Bojana Jerković-Babović
Integration of sustainable project management into small business practices is seldom examined in architectural lighting design. One of the major elements of the sustainability of urban ambience entities and preservation of social, architectural and urban values is lighting phenomenon. Its significance...
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Determinants of equity crowdfunding success

Milica Latinović, Vesna Bogojević Arsić
Equity crowdfunding represents an alternative online financing source. Small, non-accredited investors can back different ventures and earn financial, strategic, and social returns. We find that equity crowdfunding success is dependent on team size, financing target, and the number of backers.
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Project management in the development of a command-information system for the needs of defence systems of small states

Zoran Karavidić, Goran Radovanović, Vladimir Ristić
This paper discusses the development of a command-information system for the needs of the small-country defence system forces as their key component. Project management has a great challenge that is reflected in a complex project for the needs of small countries in the 21st century. Command-information...
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Project manager's competences game: How does it work?

Inese Sluka
The project manager's competences play a crucial role in the success of different projects. Based on the Individual Competence Baseline 4th Version ICB4, established by the International Project Management Association, a board game “Sea wolf” Version 4 has been created as a tool for project manager’s...
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Why Nonfinancial Reporting Matters?

Ljiljana Maravić, Veljko Dmitrović, Tijana Obradović
Governments, consumers, and investors are increasingly pressuring companies to be truly open on the economic, environmental and social impact of their business. Many companies publish nonfinancial reports, also known as corporate social responsibility (CSR) or environmental, social, and governance (ESG)...
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Work motivation and temporary organizing – an overview of the state and perspectives of reward practices in project-based organizations

Maja Klindžić, Rebeka D. Vlahov
Projects, project-oriented or project-driven companies have emerged as the most popular forms of temporary organizing in the last couple of decades. While marginalized in the past, people factor has appeared as one of the crucial factors of project success, and human resource management issues are consequently...
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Strategic digital transformation of organisations

Antonina Lazić, Marija Jović
The contemporary business setting, as well as the era of a more and more intensive digital development of society, are creating greater challenges for organisations when it comes to introducing digital processes into almost every domain of business, that is, conducting a digital transformation of the...
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Multi-criteria analysis of risks and phases in mining project

Dejan Bogdanović, Ivan Jovanović, Anđelka Stojanović
The paper analyzes the most important groups of risks in the mining project. Risks have been identified and quantified by relevance and impact using the AHP method. After that, the ranking of the most important phases of the mining project from the aspect of risk was performed. Ranking is done by PROMETHEE...
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Knowledge Management and Innovation in the Digital Era: Providing a Sustainable Solution

Biljana Tošić, Nedeljko Živković
Aiming to provide a theoretical background and empirical insight regarding knowledge management and innovation in the digital era, this study offers a comprehensive literature review on how contemporary organizations develop strategies for knowledge creation, sharing, and exploitation. Since innovativeness...
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Gender equality in strategic management of the projects in R&D organisations in Serbia

Vladimir Obradović, Marija Mosurović Ružičić, Marina Dobrota
The interest in gender equality issue within the concept of project management is growing in the literature. Bearing in mind that R&D activities are mostly project-oriented, this paper aims to contribute to a better understanding of gender equality issues in the context of an integrated approach to strategic...
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From Modeling to Automated Discovery of Project Processes: Tools for Improving the Project Processes Performance in Digital Era

Constanta-Nicoleta Bodea, Radu Ioan Mogos, Mihail Cazacu
Business process management (BPM) tools allow the analysis and improvement of the actual business processes in the organization, for making them more efficient and effective. The paper presents how the discipline of BPM can be applied to the project processes, by adopting the automation in different...
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An Example of a Methodology for Developing the Security of a Distributed Business System

Ivan Vulić, Radomir Prodanović, Ivan Tot
Traditional business today increasingly moves to electronic business. The new business environment creates new challenges. One such challenge is the security of business in an unsafe environment such as the Internet. Therefore, the security of electronic business should be approached in a systematic...
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Education process of a project manager: trends in Croatia and Slovenia

Sandra Matuhina, Milena Sokolić, Mladen Radujković
Although global professional association give strong effort in creating and developing standards of quality for a project management profession to maintain the level of the profession, project management as a professional field is still a destination reached by accident. But, in contrary, Project Management...
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Project manager`s competences in financial industry

Maria Alessandra Montenegro, Vladimir Obradović, Nevenka Žarkić-Joksimović
In the last few years, organisations in the financial industry are increasingly applying project management and establishing Project Management Offices. Application of project management in organisations improves effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility, quality etc. Central figure of the project is project...
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Examining the impact of knowledge elements on the achievement of project benefits in project-oriented organizations

Nevena Mihajlović, Marina Apostolovska
The research presented in the paper aims to show how knowledge at work influences the achievement of project benefits in organizations in southern Serbia. The subject of this research paper is to examine the elements of knowledge management in a project in southern Serbia. The research aims to ensure...
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Sustainable project management: Results of research on Russian enterprises

Svetlana N. Apenko, Oksana A. Klimenko
More and more enterprises in Russia are turning to the strategy of sustainable development and introducing sustainable management practice of their projects. Under sustainable or green project management is meant such kind of management which achieves right balance of economic, environmental and social...
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Risk Management in Critical Information Infrastructures

Dejan Vuletić, Jovanka Šaranović, Ivan Vulić
We live in a time of great dependence on increasingly networked information and communication technologies, which besides numerous advantages, also have certain negative aspects. The paper gives a brief description and importance of critical information infrastructures and their vulnerabilities and protection....
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Clean energy projects in growing economies – external regulatory factors of path dependence

Ivan M. Sekulović
Increased need for energy and, at the same time, increased environmental concern lead to a growing number of clean energy projects. This is especially noticeable on the example of growing economies However, these projects as organizational forms, performed under international agreement and its mechanisms...
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The impact of digitalisation on the organisational capability changes – Evidence from Serbia

Teodora Slavinski, Marija Todorović
Business across all industries had been influenced by the rise of digitalisation trends. This had provided an imperative for organisations to change in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. Companies had to transform an organisation behaviour, process, or culture in the way which reflected...
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Comparison of Perceptions of Barriers to Innovation Projects in the Companies in Serbia

Željko Sarić, Ljiljana Miletić, Dragan Janjušić, Milan Bubulj, Jelena Matijašević
Investigation was conducted with the aim to get insight into the perception of different barriers for implementation of innovation projects by the employees in the companies in Serbia in dependence of employees’ educational level, their perception of companies’ innovativeness and the ownership structure...
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Designing cybersecurity management bodies in strategic planning: application of hybrid analysis

Dragan Bojanić, Ivan Vulić, Vladimir Ristić, Jan Marček
It is necessary for the design of the organisational structure of cybersecurity systems or information security systems to meet the basic goals of the organization. Thus, although cybersecurity is only an element of information security, it is its most important part. For that reason, it is essential...
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Analysis and comparison of ISO 21500 - Guidance on project management and PMBOK 6th Guide

Jovana Čabarkapa
In today’s fast-changing environment, changes are necessary if a company wants to survive on the market. The ability of organisations to make and implement changes can be the key factor of success. Projects and project management have a big role in this process. Many organisations have introduced different...
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Customers’ perception of information security in internet banking

Nikola Milosavljević, Sara Njagojević
Information Security is one of the key segments for every organization that gathers customers’ information. This paper reviews customers’ perception of information security in internet banking, their needs regarding security of information and their familiarity with some of the concepts related to Information...
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Analysis of project management regulation implementation in the transitional economies

Maja-Marija Nahod, Sandra Matuhina
Transitional economies are characterized by the increased need for planning and implementing measures that have a positive and fast contribution to their development. When it comes to results, PM owns recognized tools to support achievements, on the individual level of projects, as well as at the local...
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Redefining the Model of Theater Organization and Financing in Serbia on the Project Management Principles

Dragoljub Raduški
A specialised discipline of management whose major goal is efficient management and execution of a variety of projects, project management has so far failed to be recognised and adopted in the creative industry, especially in the theatre, regardless of an evident congruence between the scientific definitions...