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Enlightenment from the Education Mode of Rong-Tai Academies of Qing Dynasty on the Moral Education of Contemporary Universities*

Liqin Fan
Ancient Chinese academies contain rich moral education resources. The educational tenets of “sages” and educational thought of “cultivating one’s character and being good” and the schooling idea of “respecting the classics and valuing history for practical use” passed down by Rong-Tai Academies of Qing...
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Digital Technologies in Bank Retail Lending

V.P. Ivanitsky, T.V. Reshetnikova, A.I. Reshetnikov
The subject of this study is bank retail lending and its digital transformation in the context of the information society and financial market formation and development. Obtaining, keeping, protecting, disseminating, converting reliable information into digital form and more active use of digital technologies...
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On the Development Trend of English Teaching in Private Colleges and Universities

Cailan Xiong, Xizhen Ai
With the continuous development of private colleges, the development trend of the basic discipline college English has become one of the hot issues of concern. Different from the college English teaching in colleges and universities, the private colleges should find the orientation, actively explore...
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Research on Recommended and Comparative Strategy of Electronic Commerce

Hongtao Jiang
The popularity of e-commerce and the rapid development of the Internet has changed people's traditional way of doing business. More and more people are willing to buy goods online, but also because of the convenience of e-commerce companies and a lot of profit. But e-commerce also contributed to the...
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Peculiarities of Efficiency Assessment Methods Application for International Investment Projects

V. M. Vlasova, E. I. Krylov, I. A. Ustjuzhanina
The article considers financial and economic factors affecting efficiency for international investment projects. The correlation between the factors affecting foreign economic activity and economic efficiency of international investment projects is established. The methodology of assessment of international...
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The Level of the Country’s Health Care as an Indicator of its Economic Development

A V Sigal, M A Bakumenko
The research paper deals with numerical evaluation of the impact of an economy’s health care development on the economy’s competitiveness globally. The research has been conducted with the help of econometrics and on the basis of data provided by credible organizations, such as the World Health Organization,...
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The Development of Tourism Management System Design

Dongying Zheng
The design and development of tourism information management system provide a platform operation, can divide the tourism information module and classified management. The article main content includes: the requirements analysis of the system the concept of database structure design; The database logical...
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Research on Promotion of the Practice and Education Level of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on Red Culture*

Pei Liu
It is necessary to rely on the red culture to combine the new era conditions, focus on the regional politics, industry, culture and other advantageous resources, and inherit the red genes in the innovation and entrepreneurship education and practice. The university should carry forward the political...
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Shaanxi Higher Education Foundation status and characteristics analysis

Shuaihong Wang, Kangmei Wang
Private College Education Foundation develops slowly, has restricted the development of universities in shackles. This paper analyzes the characteristics of China's Higher Education Development Foundation to start, the basic situation of the specific research and operational quality of college and Education...
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Investment Aspects of Overcoming the Digital Inequality of Constituent Entities of the Macro-Region

G.M. Kvon, O.G. Pozdeeva, A.Yu. Titovets
The relevance of the problem studied in the article is due to the fact that modern economic conditions are characterized by the active influence of the processes of Informatization and digitalization, which affect investment processes, but the issues of existing differentiation and inequality of regions...
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On the Combination of Sports Spirit and Socialist Core Values

Xiaobo Yang, Qing Li
This paper focuses on study the association "win glory for the motherland, selfless dedication, scientific truth-seeking, law-abiding, solidarity, hard struggle" sports spirit and prosperity democracy civility harmony freedom equality justice the rule of law patriotism dedication integrity friendship...
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Strategic Prospects for the Development of the Coastal Regions of the Far East

N. Y. Sorokina, R. V. Gubarev
The basic tendencies of the Far Eastern coastal regions’ social-economic dynamics are determined using an index method, and strategic priorities for their sustainable development are justified. It is shown that the coastal regions are characteristic of port activities in the sectoral structure of the...
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Inheritance and Reconstruction of the Chinese Wushu Spirit in Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area

Jicheng Zhou
The spirit of Chinese Wushu in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is an important part of the Chinese Wushu family, and it is the crystallization of wisdom accumulated by the working people of South of the Five Ridges in long-term social practice. This article explores the development of...
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Modern Aspects of Managing the Institutional Environment of Higher Education

R T Timakova, A V Maiseyenko, R V Iliukhin
Modernization of higher education as the next stage of its reform, taking place in changed social conditions when it is necessary to ensure the quality of education based on preserving its fundamentality and compliance with modern trends in the development of society and the national economy in the transition...
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Effects of Oil Absorption of Mineral on Masterbatch Flowability and Processability of Filled-polymer

Xueyong Zhou, Chongmei She, Huifen Liu
Effects of oil absorption of mineral and masterbatch flowability on the processability of filled-polymer were studied. Two kinds of cheap minerals (bentonite and calcium phosphate) were chosen as the experimental materials. The results showed that the oil absorption of bentonite was higher than that...
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Segregation as a Mechanism of Gender Stereotypes in the Labour Market of the Ural Region

N. V. Sharapova, V. M. Sharapova, I. A. Borisov
The article deals with the problem of segregation as a mechanism of manifestation of gender stereotypes. On the Ural labor market region data the factors and indicators of gender segregation are investigated, signs of the influence of gender stereotypes on the behavior of labor market participants are...
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Discussion on the innovation of enterprise investment management

Pengwu Wang
With the gradual increase of social competition, the enterprise's financial investment management has become an important way to obtain economic benefits and achieve sustainable development. Based on the author's work practice, this paper first analyzes the enterprise investment decision makers' cognitive...
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Scaffolding Theory Study Based on Multimodality*

Jing Ji, Chen Luo
Based on the research of multimodal discourse theory and scaffolding theory, this thesis summarizes and analyzes the modes of combining two theories in the second language acquisition process, and summarizes the application method design of multimodal auxiliary scaffolding theory. This thesis will break...
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On the Integration Development of Sports Industry and Cultural Industry

Xuanjie Zhou, Yuntian Huang
The core industries have similar product form and value orientation, sports industry and cultural industry are mutually dependent and complement each other. This shows a convergence mechanism for the two. It proposes the strategies for the convergence that each give full play to his strong point as well...
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Research on Modelica Based Modeling and Simulation of PCB AOI Imaging System

Jian Zhang, Xiaobo Peng
The imaging system of PCB AOI is a complex electromechanical system which is coupled with mechanical, electronic, optical and control fields. The methods of modeling and simulation based on the unified modeling language Modelica can directly take the impact caused by multi-field coupling into consideration,...
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«Digitalization» is a Modern Tendency in the Management of Economic Systems in the Russian Economy

O.V. Kotova, N.I Popova, O.A. Vorotilova
The article focuses on the consideration of the modern management trend of economic systems in the Russian economy – digitalization. «Digitalization» is defined as the reforming process of the socio-economic sphere by introducing digital technologies in all areas of human life and society. Digitalization...
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Methodical Problems of Classification of Regions on the Level of Social and Economic Development

P. G. Gorbunova, E. F. Perfilova, A. A. Babaeva
This article considers the set of methods of forecasting the socio-economic development of the region. The article also outlines two approaches of forecasting: research and targeted, and also discerns the link between these approaches in the models building of the regional development. The problems affecting...
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Research of Logistics Engineering Training Mode based on School-Enterprise Cooperation

Wen Chen, Guanghua Li
School-enterprise training mode is the basic way of vocational education reform and development. Depending on industry, vocational colleges and enterprises to establish how beneficial school-enterprise cooperation mechanisms and adapt teaching mode of this mechanism, is currently the key to a breakthrough...
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Application of the Concept of “Integration of Three Links and Connection of One Line” in the Practice Teaching of Music Major: Taking the Practice Teaching Reform of Musicology Major in Local Comprehensive Universities as an Example*

Yanli Mu
“Integration of three links and connection of one line” is the teaching management concept formed by the College of Music and Dance of Liaocheng University in the process of practical teaching. On the one hand, “integration of three links” forms the integration from the inside and outside of the class...
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Integration of Education and Science Through the Organization of Basic Departments and Scientific and Educational Centers

S. Yarusova, N. Ivanenko, V. Makarova
The results of the scientific activity of the Interdepartmental Research and Education Center “Perspective Technologies and Materials” and the basic Department of ecology and ecological problems of chemical technology of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service in 2015-2017 have been analyzed....
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Impact of Opportunistic Behavior in Contractual Relations on Risk Management in the Modern Russian Economy

A Deev, S Chernomorchenko, L Shabatura
One of the key problems in risk management planning in Russian business is the widely practiced opportunism in contractual relations. Within the last 10-15 years the opportunistic contract has become one of the stable business patterns in the Russian economy. The article dedicated to the study of the...
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Research on the Present Situation of Agricultural Machinery Automation and Its Propulsion Model

Jinhong Zou, Zhimin Qiu
Agriculture is the key to rural development, while agricultural machinery automation controls the development of agriculture and the direction of development. In this paper, the status of development of agricultural machinery automation in China is briefly introduced. Although the level of agricultural...
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Study on the Application of Modern Information Technology on College English Writing Teaching

Yingchun Peng
With the rapid development of the information age, information technology has been widely applied to various industries and fields, educators have begun to explore the use and practice in the field of education. Given the traditional college English writing teaching efficiency is not high, and the bad...
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Analysis on the External Causes of Learning Burnout in Normal University Students*

Jie Zhang, Zhu Zhu
Normal college students shoulder the historical mission of promoting the basic education of the country, and the quality of their training is directly related to the reform and development of basic education. At present, the learning situation of normal university students is not optimistic, and the...
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On the Contemporary Patriotism Education of Russia

Lieming Fang, Weiran Zhang
Patriotism education refers to the ideological education that nourishes the love for one’s own country and devotion to her, which can inspire citizen’s patriotic enthusiasm, strengthen the cohesion and cultivate the national spirit. Russia carries on patriotism education mainly in the following ways:...
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Universities are Waiting for Restructuring: Peculiarities of the Open Education

R.T. Timakova, E.V. Radkovskaya
The digital transformation of higher education through the quantitative accumulation of the attributes of innovative technologies leads to a qualitative change of the content of educational resources by adapting modern online resources that are widely used in foreign practice and are actively promoted...
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Opportunism as a Characteristic of the Stakeholders’ Coordination in the Russian Higher Educational System

N. Vlasova, E. Molokova
The relevance of the research is determined by the demand of finding a framework for coordination of different stakeholders groups; to harmonize multidirectional interests and eliminate the conditions for the reproduction of the opportunistic behavior model. The interests of the educational system participants...
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Family Education Thoughts in Zhang Ling’s Novels

Ting Ye
The famous new immigrant writer Zhang Ling showed her rich family education thoughts in her novels. The female protagonists in Zhang Ling’s novels are mostly intellectuals, many of whom have received a good education and can mange on their own. Their achievements are inseparable from good family education....
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Research on the Growth Rules and Development Paths of Innovative Talents

Qian Cheng
With the development of economic globalization and the increasingly fierce international competition, science and technology have become the decisive force in economic and social development. The competition between countries and regions is essentially the competition of science and technology innovation...
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Historical Aspects of Church Singing in the Field of Cultural Traditions of Russia

A Panicheva, B Ershov, V Fursov
The article discusses the historical aspects of church singing, as well as church singing practice related to the activities of the Orthodox Church in Russia. It is shown that this practice has become a part of the global musical culture and a solid foundation of the national performing choir school....
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Financial Difficulties and Solutions for Industrial Transfer under the Integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Jianping Dong
The integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has become a national strategy, and the industrial transfer is imperative. It requires coordinated development of these three regions. However, the big difference of financial service level among these regions makes the industrial transfer slow down. In...
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Improvement of Regional Economic Management Mechanisms in the Conditions of Digitization: Foreign and Domestic Experience

S.G. Pyankova
In the article, the author presents the proposals of Russian and foreign scientists and researchers regarding the improvement of mechanisms for managing the regional economies in the context of digitalization. The characteristic of the concepts “digital economy”, “management”, “mechanism of managing...
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Problems and Countermeasures of the Inheritance and Development of Ethnic Minorities Traditional Sports Culture

Qiang Chen
Minority traditional sports culture is an important component of minority culture. It is assumed as a kind of cultural symbol or cultural activity, it contains the national spirit, the value identity, the psychological mode and the mode of production and life. The minority traditional sports culture...
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Forecasting the Development of the Subsidized Region

P. G. Gorbunova, E. F. Perfilova, G. N. Denisov
The results of research on forecasting problems of the main indicators of socio-economic regional development are proposed in this article. Keen interest in these issues in modern conditions is determined first of all by the increased need for forecast solutions. The factual information for reliable...
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Research on Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of Entrepreneurial University

Xiansheng Liu
2008 global economic crisis brought huge economic impact but also somehow become a driving force to promote the entrepreneurial economy, further increasing social demand for entrepreneurial talent, entrepreneurial talent cultivation of university goals is imperative. In fostering entrepreneurial talent,...
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Role-Playing Design of the Model of Competences for a Competitive Manager

I B Adova, O V Milekhina
The results of the design and analysis of the role model of the competencies of the manager are reflected to ensure his relevance in the labor market. The theoretical review of the competency models was made on the basis of the consideration of external factors by scientists (globalization, technology...
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The Management and Development of Museums Under the Perspective of the ICOM’s New Spirit “Museum as a Cultural Center”: Based on the Case of Yaowangshan Museum

Xi Chen, Wanli Ran
In September 2019, the International Council of Museums held its 25th conference in Kyoto, Japan. The theme of the conference is “Museum as a Cultural Center: traditional future”. It explored as a cultural base, museums should assume social responsibility, play their new functions, and create a prosperous...
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The Application of the Value Engineering Theory in the Optimization of the Foundation Pit Supporting Scheme

Jingning Yan
The foundation pit engineering is a complicated system engineering.The reasonable foundation pit supporting scheme is the key to ensure the construction quality of foundation pit engineering.The trait of the foundation pit engineering includes the strong regional trait,relatively large risk,strong personality,high...
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The Tools for Choosing the Optimal Business Legal Structure of a PPP Project in Industry

I. A. Babkin
The article presents peculiarities of projects implementation and opportunities of the Public Private Partnership in industry. The tools for choosing the optimal business legal structure of the PPP project implementation is offered.
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Study of Practical Personnel Training based on the Integration of Professional Education and Innovation Education

Ping Wang
Entrepreneurship education is a new concept of the new era of higher education, higher education has become the object of new values, the present era is the need of training college students' creativity and creative ability, talent demand is changing the social and economic structure adjustment period...
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Digital Platform Antitrust Approaches

A. Mokronosov, M. Anisimova
This research focuses on approaches to competition regulation of digital platforms, which are presented as systems with market structure and transaction network. The characteristic features of digital platforms are marked, the main instruments of obtaining and holding market power, forms of abuse of...
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Exploration and Innovation of Talent Training Mode Based on International Vision

Xin Yang
Setting foot on teaching practice, Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture promotes the talent training mode based on the international vision in cooperative education projects, proposes the education idea of “students-oriented”, creates a curriculum system with “professionalization and internationalization”,...
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Research on the construction of teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges-- A case study of 2004-2013 in Shaanxi Province

Yingjie Zhang
The development of teachers is the key to promote the development of education, is the core element of occupation education development, is one of the key factors ensuring the quality of education and teaching, and also the main contents of the connotation construction of occupation colleges. This paper...
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The Research on the Application of the Construction Technology of the Post Pouring Belt in the Basement

Jingning Yan
During the construction, the surrounding environment, engineering geology, hydrogeology will seriously affect the construction quality of the basement project. In order to ensure the construction quality of the basement,the post pouring belt will be set during the construction of the basement. The main...
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Formation of New Segments of the Market Through Quality Function Deployment of Innovative Production

A. V. Zhebo, A. V. Akeshkov, D. B. Solovev
Last time consumers even more often choose the products balanced on structure or exempted from components which can cause food allergies. But products also need to taste good, and consumers want to know they are eating good food. Transparent, recognizable ingredients are important too. In this regard...
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Application Path Analysis of Social Work Idea on College Students Management

Wen Tang, Zhi He
The core of this study was to analyze the feasibility of school social work student involved in our work on traditional colleges and universities. The author summarizes the development of the school of social work at home and abroad to improve the experience of countries that, school social work student...
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Formation of the Financial Mechanism for Transfer Pricing of Industrial Corporations in the Context of Risk Management and Business Process Automation

G.Y. Sheina, A.A. Pausov, A.V. Kurdumov
The article discusses the system of the impact of entrepreneurial risks and the financial result of the activities of industrial corporations / companies when they apply the transfer pricing mechanism in the context of digitalization of business processes, transparency and mobility of financial information,...
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Challenges to EFL Teachers in a Changing Time

Yuyan Jia, Ping Zhao
In this changing time, EFL teachers are confronted with different challenges. The competence and roles of them should appropriately respond to these challenges. EFL teachers are suggested to improve their self-growth, knowledge structure, teaching abilities. Meanwhile, governments, society and schools...
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How to Support Monotown Industries with Advanced Professionals: Information Model as a Tool for Individual Education Route Design

A A Zakharova, M V Morozova, V G Lizunkov
For many years company towns, or monotowns (i.e. their Russian designation), have been crucial issues for federal and local governments from the point of view of monotowns’ economies diversification, and social and enterprise restructuring. One of the most significant changes may come from industry-university...
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Development of the Audit Theory Based on Identification of Its Institutional Paradigm

G. Chekavinskaya
The article deals with the development of the theory of audit based on the proof of the hypothesis that the institutional paradigm of audit exists. The process of changing the paradigm of audit science is substantiated. Institutional theory of audit based on the works of foreign authors from the United...
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Promotion of the Opportunity Entrepreneurship to Improve Employment Effect

Xiuli Chen, Shenglong Zhang
Entrepreneurship has become one of the important ways to create more employment opportunities. From the point of view of the subjective motivation of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial activities can be divided into two categories—necessity entrepreneurship and opportunity entrepreneurship. Looked from the...
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Influence of International Trade on China Economic Growth

Wenhu Zhang
Since the reform and opening up, China's agricultural trade has made a good development. Which occupies an important position in the world. However, the gradual emergence of China's agricultural products in international trade "deficit normalization" phenomenon, and this phenomenon can not be reversed...
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Construction and Application of Online Open Courses in Independent Colleges Against the Background of “Internet Plus Education”

Songchun Wang, Ting Qin
The advent of the Internet era has brought us tremendous changes in people’s life and learning, subverted the deep-rooted teaching mode of traditional education in China, and become the future development direction of education in China. Independent Colleges as higher institutions of Education in China,...
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Oriented by Communication Skill Cultivation—Research on Application of Standardized Family Members to Pediatrics Practical Teaching

Cui Liu, Jintang Wang, Yu Fu, Shuxia Bai, Na Deng
To solve the unique communication difficulty in pediatrics, enhance medical students' skills and introduce SFM for the teaching and assessment of medical students' communication skills. Methods: 120 students from two classes were selected as research object; applied SFM to pediatrics skill teaching and...
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Influence of Digital Economy on Personnel Training for Hotel and Tourism Business

T.Y. Chikurova
Based on a study of foreign and domestic hotel enterprises and travel companies, it can be stated that the hotel and tourism industries are rapidly developing activities and have significant potential in international tourism. This determines the fact that the ongoing development of the digital economy...
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TATA-binding Protein (TBP) Involved in the Ecdysone Signal Pathway of Drosophila

Gang Wang
The Drosophila TATA-box binding protein (TBP) is a general transcription factor required by all three eukaryotic nuclear RNA polymerases, it can recognize the TATA-box sequence to initiate gene transcription. TBP and other TATA binding factors are spatio-temporal control of gene expression in different...
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Study on College English Teaching Model based on Autonomous Learning

Yani Zong
The rapid development of science and technology in the new century gave birth to the widespread use of the Internet multimedia, from the beginning of the 1990s, network-assisted Teaching has gradually been more and more accepted by college educators, with the standard requirements of the College English...
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Justification of the Institutional Approach to Audit

G. Chekavinskaya
The article deals with the analysis of the possibility and necessity of using new approaches in accounting and auditing in Russia, one of which is the institutional approach, which should be used as a form and method of audit research. Within the framework of the development of the theory of the research...
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Research on the Innovation Path of University Network Education Platform: Taking the Construction of Network Ideological and Political Workshop of SICE, UESTC as an Example*

Xiaoling Yang, Yang Gui, Wei Xu
In the new situation, effective and in-depth college moral education requires the innovation and construction of college network platform to make the Internet an effective tool for moral education. The paper starts with the notions of online college moral education platform, using the example of online...
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Success and Failures of the Russian Pension Reform

M V Bogatyreva, A E Kolmakov
According to the world experience, it is impossible to balance the federal budget and provide Russians with pensions that would allow them to live with dignity after the end of their working period. Examples are failures that Ukraine and Greece suffered while trying to carry out ambitious retirement...
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The Influencing Factors of Consumer Online Shopping and Improvement of Quality of Service of Network Group Shopping Website

Daizhong He, DingLi Gao
The rise of network group shopping in 2010 has made a vigorous development trend, which not only achieved good marketing performance, but also changed people's consumption patterns. This paper studies the influencing factors of consumers' network group shopping and the effective strategies to improve...
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Electronic Registries of Registration Authorities as a Factor in the Formation of the Proposals in the Primary Residential Real Estate Market

T.R. Lukashenok, S.V. Rosenko
The purpose of the article is to study and justify the necessity of using electronic registries of registration authorities in the process of generating proposals on the primary residential real estate market. The article analyzes the possibilities of using electronic registers of registration authorities...
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Undergraduate Thesis Reform of Accounting Major under the Transition Period of Shaanxi Private University

Wengang Xie
Thesis to some extent reflects the strength of a professional school and undergraduate college teaching level. New Era, to achieve economies in transition into the new normal developments. Thus, senior personnel accounting classes increasingly needed by society. Accounting majors become hot, but also...
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Overview on Inequality Aversion and Credit Fulfillment

Xinke Ju
A lot of economy experiments indicate that human beings have the social preferences in addition to maximize their material benefits. The preferences are common. Among them, the inequality aversion is one of the important components of social preferences. From the inequality aversion point of view, many...
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Transformation of Labour and Labour Values: a System of Social-Labour Relations and its System Features

U. A. Nazarova, A. S. Galimova, A. E. Galina
The relevance of the problem under study is due to high importance of social and labor sphere for society and economics. In conditions of transformation of basic public life concepts, emergence of new paradigms and values, increasing instability of social environment there is a need for a more profound...
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The Threat to Higher Education: Diplomas Trading

M V Bogatyreva, A E Kolmakov, M I Leskinen
Russia seeks to bridge the gap in the level of education, knowledge and skills of Russian workers and workers from developed countries. The training level of Russian workers is lower. Russia relies on the higher education system which has already created prerequisites for the «catching-up» development....
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Application of Augmented Reality Technology in Chemistry Experiment Teaching

Yan Wang, Nan Chen
Chemistry experiment is an important part of chemistry teaching. Using augmented reality technology to design virtual chemistry experiment is a new way to effectively solve the problem of traditional chemistry experiment teaching. The system takes mobile terminal as its platform, takes mobility and openness,...
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Study of Cultural Infiltration Methods on Primary Stage of Chinese for Foreigners Teaching

Qian Liang
As China is accelerating the process of integration into the international and Chinese for its unique beauty and extraordinary expressive glow with new life in the light of the world civilization in the river. The rise of Chinese hot to China's TCFL challenges. Culture teaching foreign language teaching...
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Effects of Business Knowledge on Competences of Business English Teachers in Local Universities and Colleges ——Taking Yunnan Province as an Example

Peng Li, Yuehui Wu
Higher level of requests have been put on business English (BE) teachers who are playing critical roles in the process of cultivating talents of BE as wide range of establishment of the major of BE around China. This paper has investigated the situation of BE teachers' mastering business knowledge based...
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The Practice of Project-driven Teaching Mode of the Flipped Classroom: In the Design and Application of Database as an Example

Yinglong Ge
"Flipped classroom" have established a "student-centered" teaching mode. The teaching mode which would be applied to the "Design and Application of Database" course based on the existing "project-driven", merged with the "flipped classroom". The model is mainly with the syllabus and Project case, complemented...
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The Role of Digital Technologies in Increasing the Tourist Attractiveness of the Sverdlovsk Region

Ye.G. Radygina, E.I. Okhrimenko
The rapid development of the digital economy in the world provides increased competition in various areas, including tourism. The spread of digital technologies entails significant changes in the business organization. The strategy for the development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Sverdlovsk...
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Russia's Investment Cooperation with ASEAN Countries

L.V. Shkvarya, M.V. Melanina, Kh.V. Tyrkba
This article examines the current state, directions, problems and opportunities of Russia – The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) investment cooperation. Due to the significance for Russia and ASEAN countries to diversify foreign economic relations in terms of continuing global instability,...
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Research on the Practice Teaching of Production and Education Integration in Private Colleges and Universities in Fujian Province from the Perspective of the Construction of Industrial Colleges*

Hangzhou Zhong
With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology in Fujian, the standards and requirements for talent measurement in various industries are constantly changing. The demand for talents focuses on whether they have strong practical ability and high comprehensive quality. This...
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The Campus Culture Construction of University Celebration Archives

Liying Cui, Chunling Hu
In celebration of University Archives as the basis to explain the role Constitution and Campus Culture Construction Services University Archives celebration, celebration archives idea how to play a better role in the construction of campus culture.
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Consequences of Verbal Deviations in the Sociocultural Behavior of Modern Youth

O A Mogutova
This article presents the results of the author’s study of the consequences of sociocultural deviations in the verbal behavior of students. Modern society is undergoing major changes in all spheres of life: politics, economics, education, culture. All these changes affect the behavior of young people...
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Research and Exploration of New Media Operation Courses

Xiaofang Liu
As the society gradually develops, earthshaking changes have taken place in the way of communication in today’s world. All kinds of We-Media have sprung up in our daily life. The society needs an increasing number of art design talents, so it is necessary for higher vocational colleges to constantly...
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The Effect of Professional Skills Competition on Educational Reform of Professional Courses

Ling Yang
Skills competition has achieved more attention with the increase of skills competitions. The front-line teachers of higher vocational education found that skills competition has many effects on professional course teaching during the guidance of competitors. In this paper, it gives a detailed introduction...
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Study on Strategies of Technology to Penetrate Emotional Education into Modern Education

Haiyan Wang, Xiwu Shao
Modern educational technology in education, the traditional education ideas and concepts, teaching model had a strong impact. Students in a particular physiological and psychological developmental stages, are susceptible to outside influences, and therefore in the teaching process of education, emotional...
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Assessment of Efficiency Attracting Resources in Commercial Bank’s Deposit Operations

T. A. Alаbinа, I. G. Grentikova, J. D. Furman
The article presents the results of development of complex methodic of estimation of efficiency of attraction of resources in the deposit operations of commercial banks. The theoretical basis of deposit operations is presented. The methodological aspects of assessing the effectiveness of deposit operations...
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Research on the Civil Disputes Private Relief ——A Case Study of the Civil Dispute Resolution in the Tibetan Folk

Jing An
Anthropologists provide a lot of evidence to prove that the early civil society resolve disputes with private relief as the norm, while the Tibetan people resolve disputes with their own habits and wisdom, usually by the family of authority came forward to mediate, followed by the temple monk mediation,...
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Management of Innovation Processes of Russian Banks Based on Cluster Analysis

K Kurilov, D Bogatyrev, G Zabolotny
The global financial system is an essential component of the global economy. Its role can be compared with the circulatory system that ensures the delivery of funds to economic entities. The total number of components of the global financial system is about 50,000 credit institutions, including microcredit...
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Digital Currencies of the Central Bank as a Means of Strengthening the Monetization of the Russian Economy

N.I. Kiriakova
This article discusses various approaches to the study of the money market in Russia. The material of discussions about the creation and use of digital currency is analyzed. Statistical data on the dynamics of the main monetary indicators of the Russian economy are presented: M0, M1, M2, the monetary...
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The Application of Visual Teaching Resources in Chinese Teaching in Schools for the Deaf*

Qin Liu
Through the investigation, it is found that there are some problems in the application of Chinese visualization resources in schools for the deaf: less visual teaching resources; less understanding of visual teaching resources by teachers; and lack of pertinence in the selected visual teaching resources....
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Study and Practice on Carrying out Teach-Learn-Do Amalgamation in Specialized Course The Utomobile Engine Electronic Control Technology

DeMing Yang
There are still many shortcomings in the teaching of our higher vocational colleges. The author carries on the reform of traditional implementation of specialized course The automobile engine electronic control technology, and introduces the advanced teaching mode “Teach-Learn-Do amalgamation”. The paper...
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Study on New Media of College Students' Party Building Work

Zhixue Wang
With the development of digital technology, network technology, mobile communication technology, new media has changed the way of life of college students also bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the traditional building in college students. New Media on College Students Party values,...
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On the Issue of Directions for Improving Investment Life Insurance in the Russian Federation

E. Semenova, L. Borodavko, S. Golovan, O. Rusakova
The article is devoted to the study of aspects of investment life insurance in the Russian Federation. In the article the assumptions were formulated and received confirmation that at present the growth of investment life insurance is largely due to the active work of banks, rather than the voluntary...
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Development of Core Competencies in the Wellness & Spa Services in the Digital Economy

N. Simchenko, A. Yanovskaya
The development of a modern Wellness & Spa complex should be based on strategic planning, it should be susceptible to the external and internal challenges of global society and digital technological processes, as well as in identifying key competencies of Wellness & Spa organizations that will...
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Research on the “Gold Course” Model of English Film and Television Appreciation Course Based on the Production-Oriented Approach

Ying Huang
The purpose of this paper is to explore the gold course model of English film and television appreciation course, which aims at cultivating students’ comprehensive ability of using English, takes production oriented approach as teaching theory and English film as teaching content. The author takes the...
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Discussion on the Design Method of the Decorative Patterns of Yuan blue & white

Lei Shi
Yuan blue & white as the representative of Chinese porcelain, it is full of modeling design, dense decorative patterns, rigorous and orderly decoration layout, reflecting the perfect degree of Yuan porcelain craft from the production, decoration, painting to firing, won the favour of the world. Yuan...
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Job Satisfaction as an Indicator of Effective Motivational Climate in the Organization

M Kashirina, E Podolyan, A Kurilova
The article is devoted to the issues of studying of motivational climate in the organization and satisfaction with job of personnel as one of indicators of motivational climate. Considerable attention is paid to representation of results of the research of level of job satisfaction and structure of labor...
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Study on Ideological Education of College Students under the New Media Environment

Qiuting Lu
Under the new media environment of ideological and political work is facing a double reality, on the one hand, the extensive use of new media to make objective environment ideological and political work is more complex and diverse body of work, objects, methods, and so are subject to different degrees...
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Analysis of the Science Development of the PST - CCE in Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Dandan Liu, Liande Li
The PST-CCE English full name is "Professional Situational Teaching - Competency Centered Education ",it is "the formation post ability as the core of professional contextualized training mode". this pattern breaks the teacher's teaching way of past , Then forms "as the carrier, take the student as the...
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Strategies on Improvement of Random Experiment Validity in Statistical Teaching

Shunqi Hu
It has become an important means of empirical research for obtaining research data through random experiments. Due to the human interference factors and the complex and changeable social psychological phenomena, it is significant to improve experimental validity. In statistics teaching, randomization...
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Implicit Representations About the Reputation Capital in the Company

S. Gurieva, M. Svystun
This research work covers issues related to social representations of trust, image, reputation, and direction and the main principals of foundation the reputation. The study involved 479 people from the consultants, leaders and employees (staff) of the Company, of which 14.2% were men and 85.8%, were...
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Interactive Visualization Tool as an Element for Planning Educational Solutions on the Digital Footprint of Companies

O.V. Milekhina, I.B. Adova, V.A. Fomin
The results of designing a tool for supporting interactive planning of the formation of hard, soft, and digital competencies (HSDS) in the educational community have been provided. The main characteristics of the position (HSDS, length of service, salary, etc.) that the graduate will apply for have been...