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Performance Analysis of Homemade Recorder

Lin Chen
The recording technology is widely used in today's society, People has higher requirement for recording quality. At the same time, Professional tape recorder is becoming more and more expensive. How to use limited conditions for high quality audio recording file became the most people of a kind of expectations....
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Non-Standard Means of Staff Development

O V Mamatelashvily, A I Pudovina, G A Akhtamova, E F Mukhamadieva
The investigated problem is important today due to the fact that the level and rate of modern business development has fundamentally changed the attitude to the “corporate culture” as a system of training and an integral part of the staff development process. The article is aimed at finding the ways...
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Digital Platform Business Systems Reshaping the Business World

Anna Cui
In a traditional market, having multiple prices on the same good or service is common because of geographical barriers, information asymmetry, transportation costs, and other limitations. However, platform-type companies have the potential to break these barriers by connecting numerous consumers and...
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Research on Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Universities under the Background of Public Entrepreneurship

Junzheng Wu
The reform of entrepreneurship education is the necessary choice under the background of public entrepreneurship. As the talent training bases, universities should undertake the entrepreneurship education reform mission to train the complex talents in the new era. However, there are many problems in...
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Conceptual Problem-Oriented Model of Organization and Management of Machine-Building Enterprises' Production Activity

E. A. Matveeva, S. G. Simagina
In this article, the necessity to build a problem-oriented model of the organization and management of industrial activity of a small-scale machine-building enterprise is examined. It is shown that management of enterprises' production activities is a decision support system that governs planning, organization...
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Research on Education Problems of Left-Behind Children in Rural Areas from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Strategy*

Yanli Fu
The problem of left-behind children in rural areas is an “institutional product” in the economic and social transformation. The education problem of left-behind children in rural areas is a complication of various social problems at the educational level. The implementation of the Rural Revitalization...
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Exerting Behavioral Economics to Household Energy Use

Huisheng Liu
It is a critical, lasting for years between scholars to research the ways to effectively enforce energy conservation plans. Even though individuals have received environmental protection education to some extent, they were still unable to effectively implement the knowledge or awareness into pro-environmental...
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Research on the Acquisition of Pico by Byte Dance

Yingcong Liu, Xinran Ma, Sihan Yan
Internet companies have been scrambling to grab the market since the craze of the metaverse began. To compete for the lead, Byte Dance invested heavily in VR in the past years and acquired Pico on August 29, 2021. This paper investigated the effect of the conglomerate acquisition on the acquirer. The...
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The Influence of Employee Discipline and Competency on Employee Performance at PT. Prima Indonesia Logistik in Belawan City

Maulana Hanif, Meilita Tryana Sembiring, Beby Karina Fawzeea Sembiring
This research focused on determining and analyzing the influence of Employee Discipline, Competency on Employee’s Performance at PT. Prima Indonesia Logistik in Belawan City. As one of the subsidiaries of PT Pelindo (persero), a Stated-owned Company (BUMN), which is engaged in logistics services operating...
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A Research of the Styles of Purchasing Behaviour in the Process of Choosing Loan Products

O. V. Golub, T. S. Timofeeva, O. F. Serova
Russian banks are detecting the increased interest of their clients in loan products. In this, the attention of customers is focused on instalment cards. Nevertheless, for most people are not still used to that product. In this regard, there is a challenge before banks to influence the consumer behaviour...
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Differentiation of Complicity in the Commission of Crimes in the Field of Non-Cash Payments

R.F. Shahbazov, G.I. Plohih, V.K. Tarykin
This article analyzes the legal regulation of non-cash payments in the Russian Federation in the context of considering the imperfection of legal regulation of the relevant area as a factor that has a negative impact on the criminal situation in the Russian state. Within the framework of this article,...
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Development of Shanghai Hotel Industry after the Epidemic and Suggestions

Guanrui Li
In the first half of 2020, almost every industry in China suffered from the epidemic. As a result of the epidemic, real economy industries worldwide have been seriously affected. Among these industries, the hotel industry has been the first to be appointed. As Shanghai is the economic center of China,...
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Research on the Marketing Strategy of Beauty Brands in the Background of Social Media

Take “Colorkey” as an Example

Jiaxin Tian
With the improvement of people’s living standards and the gradual increase in purchasing power, women’ s demand for color cosmetics products has gradually increased, which has brought development opportunities for establishing and developing domestic color cosmetics brands. Domestic make-up brands are...
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The Reform Probe into the "Project Type" Teaching in the Commercial Exhibition Design Course

Shen Ye
As a new type and edge comprehensive subject, the commercial exhibition design course has the characteristics of application and practice. In the course of commercial exhibition design, the project reform of project-oriented mode is put forward, and summarizes the experience of the implementation of...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Securities Investment Course: Based on the Perspective of “1 Plus x” Certificate System

Jun Li
This paper mainly sorts out the teaching research of securities investment course for the past few years, which keeps a watchful eye on the students ability in recent years, analyzes the problems existing in the current teaching of securities investment course, and puts forward the reform thoughts of...
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Analysis on the Benefits and Reasons Why Short Sale Should Not Be Prohibited

Yingqing Xiong
Many enterprises, especially those in China, lack systematic knowledge and understanding of the shorting mechanism. In China's A-share market, due to the long-term lack of short-selling mechanism and the habit of traditional ways of thinking which is largely limited to long-selling, most of these...
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The Application Of Auspicious Patterns In Decoration Of Traditional Ancient Houses In Sichuan

Jing Zeng
This paper takes field research on decoration of traditional folk residence with different stage and style in Sichuan as point of penetration, attempts to make a induction and summarization on the formation and development vein of auspicious patterns in Bashu area, and deduces symbols embodying the development...
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Exploring and Practicing of Bilingual Teaching in Optional Geoscience Courses

Xiaohu Zhou, Dong Zhao
In this paper, the concept in bilingual classes evaluation system of earth science, features, functions, the theoretical basis for resolution are discussed on the basis of the necessity and feasibility of professional geoscience establishment and development of undergraduate bilingual teaching evaluation...
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Development of the Emerging Shoe Market and Its Problems

Hongyu Liu
Now, with the development of economy, people’s living standards and yearning for a better life to promote the development of various emerging cultures, these developments with the current trend of vigorous development as a hotbed of rapid development. Among them, trend culture is one of the most worshipped...
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Looking for a Food Processing Business Model Based on E-commerce to Solve Food Waste and Loss in China

Mingxue Zou
One of the main sources of food waste is consumers and sellers wasting imperfect food which is still fresh and edible. I conceived a business plan and interacted with 160 surveyed consumers. In my survey, when the imperfect food was less than a percentage of its original price, the participants filled...
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The Introduction of CALS-Technologies in Russia

E Shangina
The article presents an analysis of the development of CALS-technology. CALS technology allows to reduce costs during the entire product life cycle and improve its quality and competitiveness. As a result of the introduction of these technologies, there is an increase in the efficiency and competitiveness...
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The Impact of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Development on the Companies Involved

Wanzhen Fu, Yanyin Chen
The COVID-19 pandemic has varying degrees of negative impact on economies and stock markets around the world. However, vaccine development and rising demand for drugs may have a different impact on the pharmaceutical industry. This paper aims to examine the impact of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine...
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The Volatility Analysis of the CSI 300 Index Based on the GARCH Model

Yuntian Bai
Volatility can measure the quality of stocks and can be used in asset allocation and asset pricing to control the risks of stocks to a certain extent, so as to formulate reasonable investment strategies. Through the ARCH model, the GARCH model and the EGARCH model, this paper studies the volatility of...
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Theoretical Bases of the Russian Federation Constituent Entity Reserve Fund Volume Estimation

M. Sh. Irizepova
Reserve funds of the Russian Federation constituent entities can be created in order to ensure financial stability of the regional financial system, starting from 2009. However, practice has shown that these reserves were not created and are not created in any of the constituent entity of Russia. This...
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Educational Route of Students of Top-Rated Schools Adapted from Family E-Mail Interview

Z.V. Proshkova, G.I. Saganenko
The article provides family implementations of educational routes for children studying in high-rated Russian schools. The difficulties and advantages of the educational path are analyzed in detail. The sociological study used e-mail interviews of parents of students of top-rated schools. Answers to...
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Science and Technology Application in the Field of Rolling Paper Art

Jingchao Liu, Xiaohui Li, Hongzhuan Cai, Yanyan Cao
Rolling paper is a form of paper art. The charm of it comes from the characteristic of the paper. The paper is rich in color. The hardness of the paper can make it be made three-dimensional shape. Rolling paper art have been paid more attention in recent years in china. It seems new and shows the beautiful...
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Application of Peer Psychological Counseling in Psychological Crisis Intervention of Primary and Middle School Bullying

Zhao Kang, Mengqi Sun, Shangming Wang
In recent years, because the psychological crisis caused by school bullying hasn’t been solved in time, many events that primary and middle school students go to extremes emerge. This problem has become a hot topic to people from all walks of life. Peer psychological counseling has the characteristics...
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Stock Price Prediction based on CNN-LSTM Model in the PyTorch Environment

Weidong Xu
The stock market, as the main financing channel for listed companies and the most accessible wealth creation opportunity for investors, has always attracted attention from all walks of life. With the evolution of the technology, deep learning has started to play a very important role in forecasting stock...
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Analysis of the Risk and Control of the Micro-credit Companies

Taking Ant Finance as an Example

Yating Li
Nowadays, many microfinance companies are booming, but they not only bring convenience to people, but also bring many risks. Taking ant financial as an example, this paper analyzes the credit risk and points out the improvement suggestions of the supervisor, which is conducive to the supervisor to better...
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Research on Teenagers' Tourism and Quality Education

Yue Li
In recent years, tourism has been more and more popular, educational tourism has become a new tourist highlights in the booming tourism industry and it began to cause for concern. In addition to the function of physical and mental entertainment, open field of vision, tourism also can cultivate sentiments,...
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Research on the Influence of Industrial Structure Change of Urban Agglomeration on Ecological Efficiency: An Empirical Analysis Based on Bidirectional Fixed Effect Model

Jingjing Deng
Previous studies have shown that the change of industrial structure is an important factor affecting economic growth and ecological efficiency, and the impact on resource consumption and environment in the process of economic growth depends on industrial structure. In this paper, firstly, the theoretical...
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Research on Cross-Cultural Elements in Japanese-Chinese Interpreting Practices

Shuwei Wang
With an increasing number of Japanese companies stationed in China, business interpreting activities between Chinese and Japanese are becoming more and more frequent. At present, the cultural gaps between the two countries have somehow hindered the smooth proceeding of business activities. In view of...
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Revising Monopolization of the Russian Banking System

I. K. Bitkina, T. A. Korenkova
The paper presents the outcomes of research that reveals the monopolization level of the Russian Banking Sector. The objective of the conducted research is to evaluate the current level of monopolization of the Russian Banking Sector in terms of developed methodological approach and revealing its effect...
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The Influence of Spring Festival on Chinese Gasoline Price

Zhaoyu Li
The highly uncertain nature of the globalised and diversified oil market has resulted in complex and volatile oil prices, which have attracted widespread international attention. In the author’s previous research, the changes in petrol prices before and after Chinese New Year in the Chinese community...
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Wages Level and Labor Productivity Relationship in Different Russian Economy Segments in 2004–2018

A V Vinogradova, J A Grinevich
The relationship between labor productivity, differentiation of wages of the population and a number of interdependent factors is an integral part of the development of long-term economic growth. Currently, the Russian economy does not have a direct relationship between wages and labor productivity in...
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The Current Use of Data Analysis and Future Anticipations of the Big Box Industry

Linlin Chi, Yuxuan Song, Jingyi Guo, Yu Feng, Yue Wang, Xin Huang
This study explores the possibilities of data analytics in the retail industry by examining it from different aspects and therefore leading to some hypothesis of possible future applications of data analytics. This work starts with exploring the industry’s history, providing background information. It...
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Research on the Innovation of Party Building Informatization in Private Universities under the Background of Big Data

Yan Wang
The application of big data technology has improved the efficiency of party building work in colleges and universities, making the work of party building in universities more humane and democratized. Through the analysis of the advantages of the party building informatization construction in private...
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Digital Transformation of Management of Russian Energy Companies

N.F. Soldatova, S.B. Ilyashenko, N.V. Rebrikova
It is quite obvious that qualitative changes are being formed in all areas of the fuel and energy complex, which are the core of the new technological order and the basis for the innovative renewal of the Russian economy. Energy companies are in the process of creating a higher quality of economic and...
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The Success of Luxury Goods Branding in China: A Case Study of Gucci

Huatong Lai, Zijun Xian
The luxury products businesses have been flourishing in China in the past few decades. Gucci, one of the most prominent leaders of luxury brands, is taken as the focal case of this study. Specifically, in this paper, some core branding strategies implemented by Gucci are reviewed and discussed. Aside...
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Analysis of the Organization’s Climate and Rewards, as well as Effects on Achieving Motivation for Educational Staff at University of Sumatera Utara

Yani Arifiani Lubis, Yeni Absah, Isfenti Sadalia
Education staff are an important factor in assisting with implementing educational activities. Education staff with dedication and high achievements are required to enhance educational services. Based on these considerations, this study intends to analyze the impact of organizational climate and rewards...
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Maximum Power Point Tracking Strategy of Disturbance Solar Panels Output Current

Xiaohui Li, Jingchao Liu, Hongzhuan Cai, Yanyan Cao
Because the output of solar panels is influenced by external environment easily, and in order to ensure the energy generated by solar panel can be used as much as possible, so the maximum power point tracking technology is particularly important. In this paper, to achieve the maximum power point tracking...
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Probe into the Main Contents and Cultivation Path of Russian National Spirit*

Junsheng Zhang, Yanying Fei
The Russian national spirit is formed by Russia in the process of long-term survival and development, and it is a psychological state accepted and adhered to by members of the Russian nation. The Russian national spirit includes the patriotic sentiments dedicated to the country, the value orientation...
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Stock Price Prediction Based on Machine Learning

Lixing Liu, Bingxi Peng, Jieming Yu
The stock market is riddled with uncertainty and risks, taking one fallacious decision could lead to huge loss. Therefore, stock market prediction is of great interest to many stock investors. The paper adopts four machine learning models including Decision Tree Regression, Linear Regression, Random...
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Application of Marginal Analysis Tool in Enterprise Production and Operation Decision

Yaohua Liu, Yun Fan
Modern enterprises how to introduce and use marginal analysis management accounting tools, from the perspective of professional centralized management business, in the production of loss products, product parts are homemade or outsourcing, from product design, process technology, staffing, auxiliary...
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The Practice of Designing an Adaptation Policy for Employees of a Multinational Company

I. B. Adova, S. E. Artyushina
Based on the theoretical interpretation of the essence of the processes of adaptation of human resources in modern company which operating in global markets and the conceptual framework of the theory of knowledge managemen the management talent as a paradigm of human resource management and strategic...
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Research on Reforms of Ideological and Political Education under the Background of Administering a Country by Law

Genlin Liu
The subject of the Fourth Plenum of the 18th CPC Central Committee is fully advancing the law-based governance of the country. Universities should seize the opportunity to promote the comprehensive integration of the concept of administering a country by law into the ideological and political education...
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Analysis on the Current Situation of Tourism English Major in Universities and the Application of ETP Training Mode

Hong Liu
With the acceleration of the process of economic globalization, English has become one of the hottest majors in colleges and universities. Tourism English, as the most practical value of English major, is a combination of tourism and English professional characteristics of the two professional, with...
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Analysis on the US Housing Market During the Fed’s 2022-2023 Rate Hike Cycle

Yuxiao Chen
As a result of the stimulating monetary and fiscal policies during the Covid-19 pandemic, the interest rate in the US has reached close to zero and the inflation rate has reached an unprecedentedly high level–seven percent in the year 2021–due to problems of the supply chain. The Fed has announced its...
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The Impact of Double Reduction Policy on K12 Education and Training Enterprises: Case Studies of New Oriental and Tomorrow Advancing Life

Luhui Lin
After the introduction of the double reduction policy, China’s K12 education and training enterprises have been seriously affected. This essay takes New Oriental Company (hereinafter referred to as: XDF) and Tomorrow Advancing Life Company (hereinafter referred to as: TAL) as the objects of study, and...
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A Business Analysis for the Taier Company Based on STP Model and Market Forecasting

Yihan Ma, Luran Pu, Gaorui Wang
Taier pickled cabbage fish is one of its main brands, and the market size and volume is large. The number of pickled cabbage fish stores in China is as high as 35,000. The industry profits are high, and the competition among enterprises in the track is fierce. We choose one of the top enterprises “Taier...
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Understanding the Role of Environmental Concern in Green-Product Purchase Intention

Investigating Perceived Policy Effectiveness in the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Sheng Yang Ye
Environmental problems have gradually become a hot-button issue that cannot be ignored. Green products are receiving widespread attention due to their environmental benefits and contributions to a green economy. However, earlier studies have not thoroughly considered the role of environmental concern...
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Laboratory Management Model Based on the Soft System Analysis Method

Xin Yang, Yuting Dai, Chuanwu Zhang
Laboratory system is an open, complex, gigantic system which includes laboratory space, equipments, structure parts, models, function devices, elements, experimental projects, teachers and students. From the viewpoints of credit-based cultivation mode of colleges and universities, the information technology...
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Socio-Pedagogical Conditions of Forming Intellectual Needs of Students of Secondary Vocational Education

N A Nozdrina, J A Vorontsova, N V Kutsobina
Significant changes that have taken place in recent decades in the Russian society, in its value-oriented benchmarks, have certainly been reflected in the nature of the social order to the education system. In this situation, the importance of popular scientific information increases dramatically, and...
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Discussion on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Colleges and Universities Against the Background of “Dual Innovation”

Jiancui Ma, Jing Zhong
College students are one of the groups with the most potential for innovation and entrepreneurship. Colleges and universities’ cultivating the ability of college students to innovate and start business, and carrying out education on innovation and entrepreneurship is a major strategic measure for the...
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Information Technologies as a Means of Acmeological Influence in the Context of Personal Self Realization

I.V. Balynin, N.N. Nizhneva, A.G. Mikhaylova
The problem investigated in this article is important for the professional education system, since changes in the higher education system have made some corrective in to the process of professional training of future specialists during the transition to distance learning in order to prevent the threat...
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Deficiency of Loot Box Games in Chinese Video Game Market-A Review

Angxuan Li
Loot box games are video games that contain sealed mystery boxes that carry random rewards after the player purchases them. What players would get, rare or common, is solely based on their luck. A lucky draw from the box could significantly improve the player’s gaming experience or in-game “social status”....
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Information Disclosure of Enterprises Based on Triple Bottom Line

Qun Wang
According to the principle of the Triple Bottom Line, the enterprises not only need to fulfill the economic responsibility, but also need to fulfill the environmental responsibility and social responsibility. At the same time, the enterprises should disclose the economic responsibility information, the...
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Influences After Disney Acquired Fox

Yumu Deng, Xingyuan Shao, Yitian Zhang
The Walt Disney Company holds a significant commercial position around the globe. It is well-known not just in the amusement park sector, but also for its accomplishments in film and television production. This paper was mainly focused on the impact of the acquisition of Disney Company and 21st Century...
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Research on the Mechanism of Employee Customer Orientation on Return Behavior Based on E-commerce Platforms: The Mediation Role of Logistics Service Quality

Yang Li, Ya-Ping Chiu
With the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping has gradually become mainstream, making people’s lives more convenient and efficient, but it is also accompanied by the emergence of new problems. For example, merchants may send the wrong goods, delivery may not arrive on time, and consumers...
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Complex Technique for Evaluation of Planning System Quality of Organizations

A. A. Kushner, M. V. Shendo, V. G. Shendo
Planning is important function of management, assuming anticipatory foresight and consideration of factors, which influence on organization, and proposing elaboration of definite program for mission’s implementation of organization. In this article the subject of evaluation of organization planning system...
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The Comparative Research on the Implementation Effect of Cultural Industrial Policy between China and Japan

Dong Tong
China and Japan are in Northeast Asia and have similar cultural traditions. By comparing the similarities and differences between the two countries in the construction of cultural industry policy system, it is not difficult to find that China’s cultural industry policy system and Japan’s cultural industry...
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Research of An Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program

Zhihong Xiao, Zuo Wei
The undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program is set up by educational authorities for undergraduates. This paper introduces the research situation of undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program " design of automatic control system of temperature and humidity for...
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Comments and Deliberation on "the Fit and Departure between NBA Culture and the Mainstream American Culture"

Xiaofeng Xu
In the 6th issue of Journal of Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education in 2013, Mr. Zhang Feng published the article " the Fit and Departure between NBA Culture and the Mainstream American Culture ", where there is a question, Mr. Zhang Feng said that: 1) NBA culture is far from politics; 2) "hippie"...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of NFT on the Cultural Industry

A Comparative Study Based on Opensea and Jingtan NFT Platform

Yang Bai, Guanzhong Shao, Zheng Zhang
2021, as the first year of the development of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT), has formed a wide impact on the development of the cultural industry in all aspects. This paper will compare and analyze the Jingtan and Opensea platforms through qualitative and quantitative methods, and at the same time analyze...
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Examining the Moderating Role of Workload: The Impact of Soft Skill and Transformational Leadership on Frontliner

Agung Khresna Waskito Hutabarat, Elisabet Siahaan, Prihatin Lumbanraja
Employee performance is a very important element in a company’s operational activities, high employee performance will encourage the achievement of company performance which can be assessed from financial or non-financial aspects. In the banking industry, the level of employee performance is assessed...
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Discussion on the Teaching Management of Apprentices with “Dual-Identity” Based on the School–Enterprise Co-Construction*

Jiancui Ma, Jing Zhong
At present, in the process of cultivating higher vocational students, in order to closely connect with the market and cultivate skilled talents that meet market demand, universities have made various attempts in the talent training model. School-enterprise co-construction is one of them. The current...
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Research and Analysis of Asset Pricing Model Based on the Empirical Test of Stock Price

Junyao Chen, Yupu Wu, Yuan Xu
The core of stock pricing is stock valuation. Although there are many assumptions of the stock pricing model in practical application, which require investors to have enough experience and more professional knowledge, the operation is difficult. Still, the pricing model provides the real intrinsic reference...
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Influence of the System of Additional Education on Sustainable Socio-Economic Development of the Region

T. V. Kotova, O. V. Molchanova, N. V. Gorislavskaya
Additional educational courses for children looked upon as “a navigator” in the field of general educational system have been recently considered to be a factor of influence on the sustainable socio-economic development of the region. These ones provide following the modern trends in science and technology,...
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State Debt Management in the Russian Federation in Modern Socio-Economic Conditions

Yu.V. Atanasovska, L.D. Sanginova, I.V. Balynin
The article is devoted to the problems of state debt control in the Russian Federation at the present stage of its development. Based on the conducted analysis, an estimation of the effectiveness of state debt control in the Russian Federation was made by means of calculating a number of indicators which...
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The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Competitiveness of Liquor Enterprises

A Case Study of Wuliangye Group

Xiaolong Bai, Xiuqin Li, Wenyan Wang
As society evolves, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly considered to be part of corporate competitiveness. The liquor industry is perceived as operating in conflict with fulfilling CSR. To investigate the impact of CSR on corporate competitiveness in China’s liquor industry, this paper...
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Research on Principles and Models of Internet Finance Regulation in China

Xi Zhou
In recent years, the rapid rise of internet finance has promoted the development of the finance in China. As a useful complement to the financial system and the exploration of financial innovation, internet finance has put forward new challenges to financial regulation. This paper firstly gives the concept...
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The Olympic Economy

Jing Qian
The Olympic Games have both positive and negative effects on economic development. The correct way to hold the Olympic Games is to reduce the adverse effects as far as possible and to exert a positive impact.
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Rural Complex Promotes High-quality Integrated Development of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Industries in Rural Areas

Hui-Min Shao, Sheng-Zhe Qin, Qing Jin
On March 11, 2021, the Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) voted to adopt the 14th Five-Year Plan, which defines the guiding ideology of China's economic and social development in the future, focuses on building a green and ecological economy, and puts forward a series of...
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Estimation of Unknown Function of a Class of Nonlinear Integral Inequality

Ouyang Yun, Wusheng Wang
In this paper, we establish a class of iterated integral inequality, which includes a noncons -tant term outside the integrals. The upper bound of the embedded unknown function in the inequality is estimated explicitly by adopting novel analytical techniques, such as: change of variable, amplification...
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Reflection on the Reform of Flipped Class Teaching Mode of Art and Design Courses Based on MOOC: Taking the Course “Advertising Creativity and Planning” as an Example

Minglei Jiang
It is an inevitable trend of education development in the Internet plus era to change classroom teaching mode based on MOOC, which will further lead to series of changes transformation undoubtedly. Under the development trend of this era, for art and design courses, how to cultivate application-oriented...
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Management of the Quality of Services in the Field of Domestic and Incoming Tourism in the Arctic

A. A. Mutalieva, E. E. Nadjarnykh, O. Y. Ilina
The article is devoted to the issues of management of the quality of services in the field of domestic and incoming tourism in the Arctic. The comprehensive use of the potential of the Arctic implies not only the extraction of mineral and raw materials resources, but also the tourist development of this...
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Research Report from Equity Group: Premium Selling

Siyun Li, Chengxuan Liu, Weicong Liang
This article illustrates the premium selling strategy and its performance in Chinese option market. Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of strategy application. This work will show the performance of traditional option strategy in Chinese market, whether it is effective or not. We choose options...
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Deep Learning in Effective English Teaching Strategy of Senior High

Yueying Ning, Xiaodong Zhu
Deep learning, a learning method which deals with higher-order thinking and emphasize learners' ability to understand the learning content and build relationships between new and old knowledge autonomously in order to solve practical problems. Framed by the deep learning theory, conducted literature...
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Research on the Salary System Design of the Technical Personnel in State-owned Enterprises—Take Changqing Oilfield Exploration and Development Research Institute as an example

Yongxiang Ma
Salary design is an important system for enterprise to solve the defects of single distribution system, and it is also an important tool to improve employee satisfaction and work enthusiasm, plan enterprise labour cost rationally, realize the basic goal of enterprise survival and the long-term development...
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Based on SWOT Analysis to Explore the Marketing Strategy of Sexy Tea’s Inconvenience

Yiwen Fu, Xinghao Li, Xusheng Liu
With the rapid growth of Chinese society, different Milk Tea brands started to emerge and join the competitive market. Among them, Sexy Tea, with its unique marketing strategy and the idea of hunger marketing, has gradually become a landmark for Changsha, China. Yet, it brings inconvenience to customers...
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The Effect Mechanism of Workplace Loneliness on Employee Turnover Intention

Dai-Yue JIANG, Hui JIN, Zhen WANG, Jia-Yun LU, Chuan YANG, Yao HU
Based on the social motivation theory, this paper explores the reasons for the high dimission rate of front-line employees. Through a questionnaire survey of 432 front-line employees of J Company, the research finds that: Workplace loneliness has a positive effect on turnover intention, and occupational...
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On the Relationship of the Concepts “Professionally Important Qualities and Professional Competence”

M. V. Zamaraeva, O. A. Mogutova, N. V. Bolshakova
The article is devoted to questions of professionally important qualities and professional competence. Much attention is given to traditional and innovative approach these conceptions. It is spoken in detail about professional potential.
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The Choice of the Competitive Strategy of the Company

M S Santalova, I V Soklakova, D K Balabanova
The article uses methods of assessing competitive advantages, identifies key success factors, and draws up a strategic map of competitors of the studied IT company in order to choose a strategy and develop measures for its subsequent implementation in an innovative environment. It is proposed to open...
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Digitalization of Environmental Monitoring as an Enabler of Circular Economy Transition

E.O. Wegner-Kozlova, O.M. Guman
The vital task of reconciling economic interests with the preservation of ecosystem’s natural balance brings about topical issues related to sustainable development. Global scientific community considers the transition from a linear to a circular economy (CE) to be one of the ways of overcoming this...
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Study on the Financial Integrationafter the Merger and Acquisition

Sheng Li
With the all-round development of social productive forces and technological progress, deepening of economic globalization, merger and acquisition continues to expand its scale. Changing merger forms has made the merger and acquisition become a common economic behavior.And it has become an important...
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Calculating and Classifying Agricultural Land Consolidation Based on Planning Guidance Rules and the Constraints of Arable Land Quality

Leihan Cui, Sibo Yang, Bo Xu
Against a background of heavy regulation, estimating and grading the potential benefits of agricultural land consolidation in terms of extent and quality is vital to promote the efficient use of land resources in China. Taking Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture (now referred to as Yanbian Prefecture)...
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Study of Factor Influencing Work Engagement During Covid-19 Pandemic (Empirical Study on Employees from Various Sectors in Indonesia)

Nisrina Priyandani, Elok Savitri Pusparini
The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way people live. Social restrictions caused significant changes to the communication and work methods for employees by implementing a hybrid system in the form of working from home and working from the office. Working online without work-life balance can have a negative...
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Research on the Reform of Basic Art Course of Industrial Design Major from the Perspective of Teaching and Learning

Liping Peng
Industrial design major belongs to engineering type, and the art foundation of students is insufficient, which affects the realization of professional training objectives. This paper starts from the current teaching situation of students majoring in industrial design with weak art foundation, takes students...
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Evaluating Digital Health Care Startups: Forecasts and Market Insights

Yiyun Wang
The digital health industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global economy. Significant changes are expected to occur shortly due to the increasing use of artificial intelligence, technology and other industries. The fluctuation of Covid-2019 disease and the economic recession in early 2020...
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Study on Cultivation of College Students' English Autonomous Learning Ability in the New Media Era

Jinghua Ding
Autonomous learning ability is of great significance in college students' English learning. Firstly, this paper elaborates the positive role of new media in English learning, in terms of learning resources and ability cultivation. Then construct and English autonomous learning mode under the new media...
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Institute of Money: the Problem of Evaluating the Level of Trust in Monetary Unit

I.R. Koshchegulova, A.I. Khusainova
The relevance of investigated problem is caused by underestimation of factor of trust in money in modern economic researches and insufficient studying of problem of evaluating the level of trust in monetary unit as the carrier of the institute of money. The article presents a mechanism for assessing...
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Difficulties and Paths of Migrant Workers Returning Home Businesses Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Liping Zhu, Jiani Zhao
Migrant workers returning home businesses has solved the livelihood problems of some migrant workers, and played a significant role in rural development, reducing the obstacles of the urban-rural dual system and mechanism, and realizing rural revitalization. However, migrant workers still face many difficulties...
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The Construction of Rituals in Chinese Humanities Documentaries from the Perspective of Ritual Communication:

The Documentary The Firsts in Life as an Example

Yun Chen
With the advent of the new media era, the constant innovation of media technology has transformed documentaries from theatrical distribution to the new media era, forming a new pattern of documentary production and distribution. The Firsts in Life is one of the best Chinese humanities documentaries in...
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Practice and Exploration of Science and Technology Innovative Activities and Innovation Education of Science and Engineering Students in Universities

XiaoChang Li
University students as the backbone of the country's future and hope, in addition to strengthening the professional skills training, it also needs to enhance their ability to innovate. The future development of the country needs innovation, and the cultivation of innovation depends on education. In order...
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Development of a Digital Decision-Making Algorithm to Increase Agricultural Productivity

I N Besaliev, I P Bolodurina, S S Akimov
The paper is devoted to the development of a digital decision-making algorithm in the field of agricultural productivity. The agro-industrial complex is currently one of the most promising areas of application of modern digital technologies. At the same time, the most important branch of agriculture...
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Optimal Metaverse Stock Portfolio Through Markowitz Model and Full Index Model

Yurou Chen
The main purpose of this paper is to understand the different results of using the Markowitz Model and Full Index Model to derive the return and risk level of the optimal metaverse portfolios at the side of traders, and how different constraints affect the return and risk portfolios. The method used...
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Empirical Analysis on the Applicability of Two Capital Asset Pricing Models to New Energy Vehicle Stocks

Yunfei Wu, Heng Xiao
For the policies of many countries aimed at controlling carbon dioxide emissions, the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly. However, after the impact of COVID-19, many industries have been cleared out of the national list and the new energy vehicle industry has been left behind, and a large...
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Study on the Engineering Knowledge in the Curriculum Instruction of Mechanical Manufacturing

Gang Zhao, Ping Tao, Xiang Zhang
Engineering knowledge is defined as the knowledge that involves the principles and rules as well as the skills and abilities applied in engineering project. Learning the engineering knowledge is crucial to elevating the undergraduate students’ professional capacity. Directed by the theory of constructivism,...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Higher Vocational Courses of Logistics System Planning and Design Based on P-PBL

Bo Wei
The course “Logistics System Planning and Design” has an extremely important position in the logistics engineering technology major of higher vocational education. This article analyzes the problems existing in the teaching of this course, and combines the two modes of “problem-based learning” and “project-based...
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Research on Investment Portfolio Mechanism in the Context of COVID-19

Linjing Yang
Portfolio theory provides an important conceptual foundation and a comprehensive set of analysis systems for portfolio creation and analysis, and it has a significant impact on modern investment management practice. The rationality of portfolio theory on decentralized investing is a critical theoretical...