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The Analysis of the Selection Criteria of the Optimal Model of the Dynamics in the Case of Extrapolative Forecasting for Short Time Series

E A Polishchuk
Selection of the optimal dynamics model in the case of extrapolation forecasting by short time series. Article describes the technology of choosing the optimal model of the dynamics of key indicators of the youth labour market of the Russian Federation using extrapolation forecasting by short time series....
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The Study of Multi-modal Teaching on the Development of L2 Learning

Xiaodong Zhu
Based on the multi-modal teaching theories, this study conducted an experiment and a survey to explore the efficacy of this mode in the video-aural-oral course, through questionnaires and interviews of the students, the results indicate that: 1) As a teaching style, multimodal teaching has been widely...
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The Peculiarities of Training Bachelors of Engineering in the Classical University

A. Popova, E. Chyornaya
Polytechnic education is becoming very significant for the Russian educational system nowadays. It provides training of the engineers capable of using knowledge from various areas, both technical and humanitarian. In this regard, classical universities actively enroll students in engineering specialties....
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Study on Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Mongolian Students Studying in Japan*

Limei Jia, Tuge Tao
Mongolian students are not only Chinese minority students, but also an important part of Chinese students studying in Japan. Their cross-cultural adaptation is more severe. In this study, Mongolian students with bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree were selected as the objects. Through...
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A Literature Review on Stock Price Crash Risk

Tingyu Wang
The sharp ascent and descent of prices in the stock market will disrupt the healthy trading order of the market, reduce the efficiency of resource allocation, and may lead to social and economic unrest. By investigating a large number of literature, this paper aims at identifying and analyzing the factors...
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The Effect of Work Overload on Job Embeddedness with Quality of Work Life as an Intervening Variable at PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, Medan Imam Bonjol

Putri Julianti Girsang, Yenny Absah, Ruliandra Purnomo
This study aims to determine whether work overload affects the quality of work life. Does work overload affect job embeddedness? Does the quality of work life affect job embeddedness? Does work overload affect job embeddedness with quality of work life as an intervening variable? The data analysis technique...
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Value Orientation Analysis on the Educational Philosophy of Tao Xingzhi

ChunLi Wang
There are many factors influencing the development of education in the education work, among which the educational idea determines the overall direction and the teaching method of the education work. Thus, advanced educational philosophy is the indispensable spirit of contemporary education and teaching...
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Development of the Management and Incentive System for Innovation Activity of Enterprises in the Digital Economy

C.M. Isakov
The article explores innovative business strategies using a sample of enterprises. The author’s method consists in comparing research expenditures and the dynamics of the indicators of financial reporting by companies. The author shows the results of applying the approach by identifying the 10 groups...
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Strategy from the Perspective of Supply Chain

Fanchen Meng, Yanqiao Jin, Xinyu Miao, Ruhua Pan
Promotion is more common in the fashion product sales. In this paper, the authors built a customer supply chain model of both myopic and strategic consumers with the two period of sales, and then seek to deduce a centralized decision-making and decentralized decision-making model consisting of two kinds...
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Customer Preferences on Delivery based on Data Analysis

Haotian Zheng
Currently, there are many delivery formats rising. Food delivery company needs to find out which factors of delivery values the most. In this paper, the relationship between customers’ background depending on four background factors: age, gender, educational qualifications and their delivery order preferences....
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Disneyland Paris: A Case Study of Glocalization Operational Strategies

Ruiting Chen
Cross-cultural management has always been a popular topic in the business world, and even the cultural giant Disney has to include glocalization in its strategies to remain competitive when it comes to international markets. Glocalization is a combination of the universal and the specific, and it is...
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Research on Risk Analysis and Management in the Software Development Process

Quanzhou Huang
Software risks are uncertain events in the process of software project management and development, and may bring harm or loss to the project plans and system quality. Project managers must identify the risk, analyze them and take action to manage the risks. This paper introduces the concepts of software...
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Analysis and Countermeasures of Market Economy under the Background of “Information Asymmetry”

Muye Li
In a market economy, the balance between demand and supply will be realized through the spontaneous adjustment of the “invisible hand” of price, thus realizing the optimal allocation of resources. But sometimes, due to “market failure”, relying on the market alone cannot achieve the optimal allocation...
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Sectoral Systems of Professional Development in Implementation of Regional Strategies for Human Capital Development

M Sorokin, A Sorokin
The article focuses on the reasons for a growing interest in the issue of human capital in the modern Russian conditions. The need to develop regional strategies is determined by specifics of jobs in regional economies, sector-based characteristics of work organization at the regional enterprises, targeted...
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Comparative Study of Cultural Industry Development between China and Japan

XiangZhou Wang
Cultural industry is an economic activity that produces creative cultural products by means of industrialization. As early as the early 20th century, Japan’s cultural industry began to take shape, while China began to transform from cultural undertakings to cultural industries at the end of the 20th...
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Methodology of Assessment and Analysis of Regional Competitiveness Based on the Evolutionary Theory

E.D. Schetinina, M.S. Starikova, E.A. Schetinina, D. B. Solovev
The article deals with issues related to the analysis and assessment of factors and the level of regional competitiveness. Approaches are offered for the development of the existing methodical apparatus in this field. The approach to analysis and assessment proposed by the authors is aimed at researching...
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Methods to Strengthen the Construction of Academic Atmosphere in Colleges and Universities in the New Media Era

Ning Zhang
In the new media era, colleges and universities face many difficulties and challenges in the construction of academic atmosphere. This paper probes into the problems existing in the construction of the academic atmosphere in colleges and universities, finds out the new ideas of constructing the fine...
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Thoughts on Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Grass-roots Financial Management Under the New Situation

Zhengze Lu, Jianghua Huang, Feng Tian
Grass roots financial management is the terminal of fund implementation and the top priority of grass-roots security work. The quality and efficiency of its management is directly related to the use efficiency of grass-roots funds, and is bound to affect the quality of grass-roots construction. Starting...
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Analysis of the Impact of Optimizing Business Environment on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Taking Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone as an Example

Yuqing Xu, Can Zhao, Shuyu Zhao
Since its establishment, Shanghai pilot free trade zone has formulated and implemented a series of effective policies for the business environment of small and medium-sized enterprises, and continuously launched institutional innovation to form a series of construction experience with reference significance....
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The Research on Color Words Teaching in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Kunhu Wu
Color words and culture are closely related. People with different cultural backgrounds will have different understanding of the meaning of color words. This paper firstly analyzes the important significance of color words in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and gives some suggestions on teaching...
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Strategic Analysis of Chinese Internet Enterprises in Developing Southeast Asian Market——Comparison of Acquisition Strategies of Alibaba and Tencent

Heqi Fan
By comparing the M & A cases of Tencent and Alibaba, this paper analyzes the event from the perspective of the acquirer and the acquiree, discusses the motives of M & A and different strategic choices of M & A, studies the performance after M & A through empirical analysis and financial...
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The Inquiry of the Development and Utilization of the Ideological and Political Lesson

Hongxiang Zhao
The development and utilization of curriculum resources is driving China's education reform levels in all schools have produced results. In this paper, we tend to find the problems of the development and utilization of ideological and political lesson curriculum resources on the basis of theoretical...
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Analysis on the Human Resource Management of Private Colleges and Universities from the Strategic Point of View

Jiaqing Wang
With the progress of educational reform, the allocation of university teachers has gradually changed, and private university human resources management as an important part of educational development, shouldering the dual protection role of teaching and management. With the popularization of higher education,...
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Research on Strategic Development of Live Broadcast Industry in the Context of Internet

A Case Study of Douyin

Bing Lu
Douyin is already in the leading position in the short video industry, and its reason for further introducing the live broadcast function is a problem worth pondering. Based on the live broadcast field, this paper uses the SWOT analysis method to study the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities,...
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Challenges and Development of Green Finance in China Under the “DOuble Carbon Target”

Liping Zhu, Cheng Li
Green finance is an important focus of financial services to the real economy. It will help China achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutral as soon as possible, and promote the overall green transformation of China's economic and social development. This paper analyzes the development status...
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An Empirical Study on the Modeling of an Optimal Investment Portfolio Using Multivariate Model of Conditional Heteroscedasticity: Evidence from the Chinese Stock Exchanges

A Shchankina, Zou Ping
For any subject of economic relations, the main purpose of investments is to maximize income and minimize risks, as well as to save money from inflation. The best way to achieve this goal is a portfolio approach to investment. Nowadays, there are plenty of strategies and techniques for the construction...
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The Investable Value Analysis and Industry Prospect of SVOLT Energy Technology Co., LTD

Ketong Chen, Meilin Chen, Xianjiang Fan, Dan J. R. Yao
In this ever-changing business battlefield, thousands of start-ups face huge risks and opportunities at the same time. Therefore, how to objectively evaluate the development status and investment value of start-up companies is a required process for every investor, which will help them earn more profits...
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Catholic Sponsorship of Art in Baroque Period and Its Enlightenment to Modern Art Investors

Take Pope Urban VIII and His Family and Close Friends

Fengwu Lin
Art sponsorship plays an essential role in the development of art. Based on the research on the field of religious art sponsorship in the Baroque period, and referring to the art sponsorship of Pope Urban VIII and his family and friends, this paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of this form...
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Implementation Assessment of Government Support Measures for Small and Medium- Sized Entities in the Russian Federation (tax aspect)

N. V. Gorshkova, V. M. Ksenda, A. A. Turgayeva
The issue of government support for small and medium- sized entities is not new, however it does not lose its urgency and importance as small business is an integral part of modern economy. Its role as an institutional economic unit is growing year by year due to the triviality and availability of setting...
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Application of Weibo in the Ideological and Political Education of Postgraduates in the New Media Age*

Shuang Wu, Guodong Wang
The advent of the new media age is a double-edged sword, which brings postgraduates convenient accesses to all kinds of information, and also plays an important role in their learning style and life attitude. In addition, various information and communication technology (ICT) platforms are influencing...
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The Relationship Between Certification, Motivation, and Teacher’s Performance at SMK Swasta Harapan Stabat

Bayu Pancarani Kesuma Negara Dayli, Meilita Tryana Sembiring, Iskandarini
The teacher certification program has been implemented since 2007 after issuing National Education Regulations Nomor 18 Tahun 2007 concerning Teacher Certification. This certification program is implemented to increase teacher competence as professional educators. A certification is a form of recognition...
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An Empirical Study on the Cultivation of Cross-cultural Communicative Competence of English Major Students in Zhejiang Ocean University Based on “One Belt and One Road” Initiative

Deng Siqi, Jingjing Lu
In recent years, the cultivation of cross-cultural communicative competence is believed to be very important in English teaching. The purpose of this paper is to explore the cultivation of cross-cultural communicative competence in college English teaching. To achieve this purpose, English major students...
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Study on Early Enteral Nutrition after Gastrectomy and Its Nursing

Dayong Ding, Dan Wang, Zhenbo Shu
This paper summarized 42 cases of total gastrectomy for patients with early enteral nutrition care. Care focuses attention to psychological care, good care and nasal gastric tube and fixed bowel, strictly controlled input of nutrient solution, speed, temperature, diarrhea and bloating and other complications...
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Aids and Reflections on Artificial Intelligence for Public Space Design

Peng Xiao
This paper aims to investigate the intricate relationship between intelligence and public art by exploring the evolution of public art within the context of emerging technologies and the multifaceted discussions they generate. Specifically, it delves into the transformative potential of superimposed...
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Analysis of the Influence of EsOP on Innovation of Listed Enterprises

Youchen Li
The report to the 19th CPC National Congress put "innovation" as the key word, and the congress agreed on that innovation is the most significant driving In 2014, the government issued relevant opinions on ESOP with positive response of listed enterprises. Based on difference-in-difference...

RETRACTION: Is the Health Code Policy the Best Choice for Prevention and Control in China’s Epidemic Prevention Context? —— Based on the Tripartite Static Game Model

Based on the Tripartite Static Game Model

Wenbo Qin
This article ( The author has retracted this article because of an overlap with a previous published paper [1] by different authors. The author Agrees to this retraction. [1] N. Liu, & M. Zhou (2021). Is the health code the best decision for the government’s...
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The Analysis of How to Improve the Teaching Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Lessons

Hongxiang Zhao
To make the ideological and political teaching have an important position in the education system in our country, with the development of era, we need to update our teaching content and method constantly. The effectiveness of the ideological and political lessons teaching is an important subject. The...
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Reflections on the Development of Electric Business in Counties

Jingping Wang
With the development of information technology, e-commerce has gradually become an important part of economic development, and the county economy as the basic unit of Chinese economic development, how to use the hot electric business as a breakthrough in the county economic development is essential for...
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Research on the Reform of Applied College Teaching Based on the Mixed Teaching Mode of “MOOC Plus Flipped Class”*

Lili Qi, Hui Xie
MOOC teaching mode is an important trend in the development of higher education. In the teaching process of many colleges and universities, it is also gradually applied in the classroom teaching process. This teaching mode belongs to the new teaching mode, and there are big problems in the teaching practice....
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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Luxury Market and the Prediction of the Pattern in the Epidemic and the Luxury Market

Yifan Yu
Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, the general environment is depressed, resulting in an overall weak market and weakened consumer purchasing power due to the epidemic. Luxury goods, on the other hand, is a relatively blank area, but very representative. Luxury goods are typically non-essential...
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Evaluating the Accuracy of Net Present Value and Initial Rate of Return Investment Rules

Zhen Wang
The purpose of this paper is to compare the accuracy of two investment decision-making methods, Net present value (NPV) and Internal rate of return (IRR), using four different hypothetical investigations, and to briefly assess the limitations of the NPV method. The use of the IRR rule results in incorrect...
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The Threshold Effect of Clean Energy Development on Carbon Dioxide Emission

From the Perspective of Financial Scale

Guangzheng Wu, Chencong Zhang
Based on the panel data of 30 provinces in China from 2014 to 2019, this paper tests the impact of the development of clean energy industry on carbon dioxide emission from the perspective of financial scale, and uses the threshold model to analyze the threshold effect of clean energy development on carbon...
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Analysis of Germany’s Relative Economic Advantages From The Perspective of Global Value Chain

Jingran Lin, Zhifei Yang
Germany’s economic success was established in the Euro zone in Europe around 2000 and around 2010, it entered a new stage with a new circulation of production and with the influence of the European crisis, Germany’s economic performance was relatively stable. Considering the relatively stable performance...
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Analysis on Approaches of Narrative Discourse in William Faulkner's Fictions

Jingjing Guan
William Faulkner is one of the most important and influential novelists in the twentieth century. The unique narrative techniques of his novel give readers a deep impression and provide references for other writers. After a brief introduction of Faulkner's novels, this paper classifies the narrative...
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Tax Factor of Developing and Intensive Growth of the Shadow Economy

E. A. Shkarupa, L. A. Mytareva, R. A. Yalmaev
The importance of the problems of formation and expansion of the shadow economy is currently increasing, as this segment prevents the full and timely receipt of tax payments, thereby having a negative impact on the state of the country's budget, and therefore on the economic development of the state...
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Design and Implementation of Aviation Dangerous Goods Science Popularization Platform

Baoyu Ye, Lianying Xiao, Xiaojing Lv
The safety of dangerous goods transportation is one of the important components of aviation safety. However, the transportation process of dangerous goods is complex, involving a large number of people, and the physical and chemical properties of dangerous goods are greatly different, which can easily...
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Research on Sustainable Green Supply Chain’s Systematic Management Model

Lizhong Tong, Xiaodong Li
Nowadays more and more enterprises start to carry out the Green Supply Chain Management practices, due to the increasing attention paid to environmental problems. However, in the research of Green Supply Chain Management there still exist deficiency of sustainability and worry of systematic. This article...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum Reform in Media Universities in the Era of Information Globalization

Mingjun Li
Information age of globalization, the media industry affects the transformation and industrial development of China’s cultural industry depends on the supply of talent, media talents of creative ability of fast and slow media relations directly related to industry transformation class innovation entrepreneurship...
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Comparison of the Applicability of Markowitz Model and Index Model Under 5 Real-World Constraints for Diverse Investors

Ke Qu, Yi Tian, Jingying Xu, Jiefu Zhang
A notable trend observed within our research is that, despite the variations in actual values, both models have agreed on the stocks that are given the most extreme weights, either positive or negative. While the rest of the stocks, whose weights are closer than 0 and are used for nuanced balancing to...
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Study on the Imbalance and Reconstruction of College English Classroom under Information Ecology

Jingjing Guan
Educational information is the inevitable development of the times, but also one of the strategic focuses of Chinese information technology development and the modernization of education. The rapid development of information technology is changing the way of people living, working and thinking, but also...
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Infrastructure Projects Implementation in the Region by Virtue of Public-Private Partnership

V. Y. Ivanov
The specificity of the infrastructure projects implementation is predetermined by their priority direction and the possibility of execution in a certain territory. The trend of reduction of budget expenditures on infrastructure sectors over the last five years highlighted the need for the search of extra-budgetary...
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Light Pollution: Economic Valuation Methods and a Market Solution

Jun Su
Light pollution has not been a significant problem until the 1980s. This paper reviews literature focused on light pollution both from economic and technological perspectives. Prior studies mainly investigated the diverse impacts of light pollution on human health, ecosystem, energy loss and night sky...
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Research on Business Performance Management of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Huang Huiliang, Jasmin Niguidula, Ronaldo Juanatas, Huang Xingqiang
Performance management is an important aspect of modern enterprise management, and effective implementation can improve the comprehensive ability of enterprises. It is the top priority of business development, and imperfect performance management framework will affect performance. This paper focus on...
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Research on Japanese Teaching in the Perspective of Contrastive Linguistic

Rui Zhang
With the deepening of economic globalization and the ties between countries around the world are closer, many Chinese universities have set up a Japanese professional to cultivate the Japanese top students. In the process of teaching Japanese, the first thing to do is to innovate and reform the traditional...
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Discuss The Restructuring of International Business Industry Under the New Economic Situation

Jiawei Feng
As the reform process of globalization in the international economy continues to advance in depth and the entire global industrial structure model continues to be optimized and upgraded, the industrial restructuring of international business is developing rapidly, presenting a new normal and becoming...
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Actual Issues of the Fight Against Violations of Antitrust Legislation, Committed by Using of Digital Intelligence

A Yu Sokolov, I N Dekhtyar, V N Batova, I V Akifyev, E N Konina
The article is dedicated to the research of the problems in practice of authorized agencies, existing during the consideration of cases of the antitrust violations by using of specialized software. The task of legal regulation in contemporary conditions is to determine instruments, which could be used...
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The Application of Multi-Factor Model in Analyzing Corporate Payout Ratio

Take Apple as an Example

Yiyu Xia
By taking Apple as an example, herein, multiple linear regression analysis of sample data was carried out to obtain the conclusions of the influencing factors of cash dividend policy of listed companies. The results show that the company’s short-term solvency has significant impact on the payout ratio....
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Effects of Digital Ecosystem and Partial Knowledge on Brand Loyalty in the Smartphone Industry

Jinshuo Zhang
Smartphones have become an essential tool and a common product since the 2010s. Despite being a type of electronics, its rather shorter life-cycle and more frequent upgrades makes its marketing a valuable topic to research on. This study provides two particular angle, which are digital ecosystem and...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of China’s Economic Development

Yuqiao Shao
The sustained and healthy development of China’s economy is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of the economic structure and modernization. In order to explore the influencing factors of China’s economic growth and provide suggestions for promoting China’s economic growth, this...
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Research on the Construction of Internal Quality Assurance System in Higher Vocational Colleges and Its Practice

Ming Zeng
The diagnosis and improvement of internal quality assurance system is a necessary means to improve the comprehensive strength of higher vocational colleges. Since the Ministry of Education put forward the requirement of carrying out the construction of internal quality assurance system in higher vocational...
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The Influence of Organizational Climate and Employee Training on Employee Performance with Innovative Work Behavior as an Intervening Variable in North Sumatera Provincial Manpower Office

Nurul Huda, Iskandarini, Syafrizal Helmi Situmorang
The problem faced by the Nation, especially in North Sumatera, is the difference between the small number of workers and the availability of employment opportunities. Likewise, the welfare of workers and the placement of workers in North Sumatra which has decreased. Therefore, to overcome the challenges...
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Organizations Management and Strategy of College Students' Sports Associations

Xin Li, Jingjing Guan
College Student Association of University Students is self-organized mass organizations, the majority of school students in the ideological and political education and the construction of campus culture and achieves an important carrier and effective way to school training objectives. Student Sports...
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Symbiotic System for Community Economic Development and Capitalistic System

From a Cooperative-Funding Perspective

Junyang Wang, Xiaojuan Zhou
Both Neoliberalism and Community Economic Development (CED) system have unique advantages and practicality. However, due to the lack of understanding between the two systems, the synergy effect is almost impossible to be created. Both systems act in the form of being against each other, resulting in...
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The Concept of Educational Process of Smart-Economists Training for Industry 4.0

T.N. Myznikova, М.I. Gvozdev, Е.А. Sheveleva
The article deals with the current transition of enterprises to Industry 4.0, and new requirements which specialists should meet in a rapidly changing environment. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, modeling are determined as instruments for providing effective activity of the enterprise. Under...
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Equity of Health Resource in Guangxi County: Evidence from an Ethnic Minority Region in Western China

Jianying Liu, Jiang Tao, Shangyu-hui Huang
Background: Equity and efficiency in the distribution of health resources are the fundamental principles defended by the World Health Organization. This study aims to evaluate the fairness of health resources in Guangxi County, an undeveloped ethnic minority region in Western China. Methods: The Lorenz...
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MOOC and the Organizational Reform of Chinese Higher Education

Siyuan Ma, Yin Wang, Weijun Yang, Manman Jiang
The Massive Open Online Course( MOOC), which refers to the rise of MOOC, has triggered the international research enthusiasm in the field of higher education. Due to the growing practical influence of MOOC, but keep away from its theoretical doctrine of Unicom, scholars not only focused on the change...
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Research on the Exploitation Strategy of Tourism and Cultural Resources in Southwest Minority Regions

Jie Yang, Wenjun He
The first part of this article is a detailed introduction of the characteristics of tourism cultural resources in the southwest minority areas. The second part mainly analyzes the significance of the development of tourism cultural resources in the southwest minority areas, and it can better promote...
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The Impact of Human Capital on Innovation Activity in the Region

B V Bakeev, M F Safargaliev, N N Uraev
One of the most important factors for increasing innovation activity in the region is human capital, which contributes to the formation and realization of the innovation potential of business structures and the economy as a whole. The need to improve human capital is realized at the upper levels of government...
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Financial Risks and Impacts of the Whole Industry Chain Business Model of Film and Television Industry

A Case Study of Huayi Brothers

Letong Ren
With the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2019 and its trend of turning increasingly serious, nearly all the movie theaters nationwide have been shut down, and the loss has reached over 100 billion. Since people are living in a generation where the Internet is booming, many of them still prefer to...
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Evaluation of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd.'s Operating Capabltes from 2018 to 2020

Shuying Feng
This paper evaluates the operating capacity of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. From 2018 to 2020. Primary and secondary data will be used to analyze the company's operational capabilities. Secondary data mainly come from the company's annual report and official website information, while the original...
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Controlling SHAreholder's Equity Pledge and Share Repurchase Preview

JiaNi Xie, LiMei Cao
With the growth of equity pledge scale, enterprises are constantly exploring risk resolution methods. After the revision of the company law in 2018, the conditions for share repurchase were gradually relaxed, and the number of listed companies announcing the implementation of share repurchase increased...
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An Analysis of the Effect of Population Structure on Fiscal Revenue and Expenditure

Xiao Wu
Finance is the foundation and important pillar of national governance. This paper uses a linear regression model to conduct research based on the total dependency ratio and fiscal revenue and expenditure data in China’s inter-provincial panel data from 2002 to 2019, explore the impact of changes in the...
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Research on the English Teaching Theory and Practice from the Communicative Approach

Dan Wu
This paper focuses on the challenges after joining the WTO brought about the concept of how to guide the reform of our communicative teaching foreign language teaching. The article reviews the development and current situation of foreign language teaching in Western countries, discuss the language acquisition...
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Analysis on the Present Situation of the Teaching of Military Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities and Countermeasures

Honglin Liu
Military theory education is an important part of college students’ education and an important part of patriotism education for students. However, the problems in the teaching process indicate that people must establish and improve the mechanism of military theoretical education in colleges and universities,...
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Forecast on S&P 500 Index Based on HAR-RV Model

With VIX and Day-of-the-Week Effect

Qiannan Xiong
The S&P 500 is an essential indicator for the U.S. and even the global stock markets. Meanwhile, the HAR-RV model is a new testing model, so predicting the realized volatility of S&P is significant to analyze using the HAR-RV model. This article will use the HAR-RV model to predict the S&P...
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Labour Market and Socio-Economic Policy: Features of Mutual Influence

I. V. Zadorozhneva
The concept of labour market and its features are described in the article. The employee life cycle in this article is considered in the context, that an employee is a subject of the labor market and includes three main stages: reproduction, distribution and using. The structural scheme of labour market...
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An Analysis of the Role of the North Sumatera Province Communication and Information Office in Handling Hoax Information

Christian Alesi Tamado Pasaribu, Harmein Nasution, Linda Trimurni Maas
Technological developments in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 have had a significant impact on people’s lives. The positive impact is increasing public knowledge of mass media technology and social media via the internet so that information can be easily obtained and accessed quickly. In addition...
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Research on the Latest Development of Investment Security Review System and Investor Relief

Yiping Wang
With the development of the international situation, new changes have taken place in the foreign investment security review system in many countries and economies in recent years. This paper first analyzes the concept and characteristics of the "National Foreign Investment Security Review System",...
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Overview and Prospect of Marketing Strategies Categories

Junru Xin
With the development of the commodity economy, behavioral economy becomes more and more important. In this condition, using marketing strategies well is really significant because it can increase customer demand and purchasing power effectively. To get more profits, sellers use many kinds of marketing...
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Business Model Analysis

RunQi He, Yuxin Ma
Business models play a vital role in the formation of sustainable competitive advantages of enterprises, as well as the survival and development of enterprises. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the business model of iFlytek, a leading company in this field, has important reference...
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Design of Intelligent Logistics Information Platform Based on Wireless Sensor RFID Technology

Hai Ye
The core technology of RFID is the label of EPC (electronic product code), because EPC provides unique identification of physical objects, the use of EPC can achieve the tracking and monitoring of goods in intelligent logistics information. This paper deeply analyzes the wireless sensor network and RFID...
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Research on MOOC’s Teaching Method About the Category of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses

Ling Huang, Longyao Lan
With the overall disposition in informationized education and the national “Internet plus” strategy, “Widespread Entrepreneurship and Innovation” is supported by more solid technology. The MOOC’s teaching method of innovation and entrepreneurship courses is just adapted for the current visual teaching...
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The Essence of the Development of Public Audit in Modern Conditions

M Uspambaeva, L Moldashbayeva, B Zhumatayeva, G Mussirov, B Suleimenova
The research shows the studies of the Kazakhstan state audit system on the example of the experience of the Republic of Latvia. The quality of the state audit plays an important role for the effectiveness of the states bodies. The state audit includes the policy check in compliance with the international...
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Comparative Analysis on Female Images and Discourse Power of Feminism between Woolf and Beauvoir

Zhen Chen
As one of the most prominent ideological schools of women's liberation movement, feminism plays an important role in the movement of women's liberation. Through the analysis of women's image, women's fate, women's situation, the feminism put forward a number of feminist practice ideas combined with the...
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How Import Substitution is Related to Economic Competitiveness: Russia's Case

L. V. Larchenko, Y. N. Gladkiy, I. Y. Gladkiy
This paper argues that the concepts of import substitution and competitiveness do not contradict each other. Import substitution can manifest itself as a result of domestic businesses successfully competing against their foreign counterparts. We herein suggest it is only logical to view the interrelation...
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Integration Development Analysis of Cross - border Electric Merchants and Logistics Industry Chain in the Background of Industrial Convergence

Yibo Hu
In recent years, with the rise and development of Internet, the domestic logistics industry becomes flourish. The integration of the logistics industry with the cross-border business development is in line with the future development of domestic economic trends and requirements and it can promote cross-border...
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Research on the Factors Influencing the Purchasing Behavior of Young Luxury Consumers Case

A Case Study of Gucci Brand Digital Marketing Exploration

Yinghan Wu
This study analyzes the changes and development of Gucci’s digital marketing methods for young consumers in the new media environment, and explains the exploration of social platforms to spread brand emotion and value in the process of new media brand marketing, and to seize the psychological marketing...
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Digital Transformation: Opportunities or Threats for Civil Servant Career Path

Devi Nafiana, Eeng Ahman, Rofi Rofaida
Limited mobility due to health protocols regarding the Covid-19 pandemic forced every sector to carry out digital transformations within their organizations. Likewise, with the public administration service sector and government bureaucracy, the pandemic has also become a trigger and encouragement for...
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Research on the Internal Management Communication of Enterprises Based on Wanda Film

Bowen Sun
Since the reform and opening up, my country’s private enterprises have developed rapidly and their number has increased sharply. With the rise of private enterprises, the brain drain has become an urgent problem to be solved. Among the different causes of this problem, communication problems are one...
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Ethical Disputes of AI Surveillance: Case Study of Amazon

Yuanyu Bao, Wenlin Li, Yuxin Ye, Quanwei Zhang
Contemporarily, artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely adopted in business practices. Amazon, as one of the leaders in this field, has applied such technology into the camera surveillance to monitor its delivery drivers. Although it brings about numerous benefits including but not limited to transportation...
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Construction of “Quaternity” Student Training Platform with Project as the Core

Mingchun Zhang, Hui Wang
In the context of the construction of new engineering disciplines, this study establishes a student growth training platform for the growth path of students. The platform guarantees student growth from four aspects: training plan, training form, training content, and platform management. Remarkable results...
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Business Support Infrastructure at the Regional Level

I G Pavlenko, A A Ostovskaya
In order to ensure the recovery of the Russian economy, it is necessary to effectively use all the factors and resources of economic growth, including the resource of entrepreneurship. The state, its federal and regional authorities are responsible for creating favorable economic, political, social and...
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Feasibility Study on the Application of EAP in General English Teaching of Fujian-Taiwan Cooperation of Universities

Zhen Chen
EAP (English for Academic Purposes) is designed to help learners to develop their professional knowledge in English. It was applied in the general English teaching of Fujian-Taiwan cooperation of universities and has achieved good results. This paper analyses the concept and characteristics of EAP and...
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Development and Design of Management Information System Security Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Routing

Hai Ye
This paper firstly analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of various securities routing protocol of wireless sensor network. Secondly, this paper discusses construction of wireless sensor network on management system the security protocol. At last, this paper presents development and design of management...
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Definition of Effective Use of Financial Leasing for an Automobile Enterprises

P. Volodkin, A. Ryzhova, S. Arkhipov
The rolling stock of road transport enterprises in the Russian Federation is old, with about 80% of vehicles there is a need for replacement. Financial leasing can provide and provide such a replacement. At present, there is no valid methodology in the Russian Federation for evaluating the effectiveness...
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The Challenges and Development Opportunities for Chinese SMEs During the Pandemic

Xinyu Lu
Since the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic has taken a toll on all sectors globally, posing a difficult challenge to all industries in China, especially the catering and tourism industries, which have witnessed significant drops in customer numbers and tourist...
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Motivation and Influence of Female Tourists’ Tourism Photography

Yingying Chen, Zhaojuan Guo, Qiuyue Pan
It is of great theoretical and practical significance to study the tourism photography motivation of female groups and its impact on tourism behavior. Taking female tourists in Xiamen as the survey object, this paper studied their tourism photography motivation, and explored the impact of tourism photography...
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Research on College Students' Social Mentality and Debugging Mechanism based on Network Public Opinion

Jing Fan, Mingxia Zhang
First of all, this paper put forward the problem that the network public opinion will have an impact on the social mentality of college students, followed by the specific network of public opinion seriously interfere with the social cognition of college students, the network public opinion easily deviate...
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Risk Assessment of Funding for Projects in Power Research Institute

Yingcui Chen, Wangyuan Xie, Sijia Lao, Ye Yan
China’s electricity industry is a huge market and its market size is constantly increasing. Demand for technological development of power network companies is steadily increasing. In recent years, the average scientific research funds of the electric power enterprise has already reached hundred billions....
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A Genre-based Contrastive Analysis of Chinese and Australian Corporate Apologies

Yu Su
Employing genre-analytic technique, the paper intends to make a contrastive study, in order to figure out the similarities and differences between Australian and Chinese corporate apologies as well as explore the underlying cultural factors. Six moves have been found, in the order of “Expressing Explicit...