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Challenges of Training Personnel for the Tourism Industry in Russia’s Far East

L Kovyneva, M Kulyan-Kozionova, E Shchekina
The real state of the tourist business in Russia has shown that as virtual reality technologies develop, they have become an important factor for clients, but travel agencies are not able to incorporate them due to the lack of workers with the necessary competencies. In this regard there is a need to...
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The Effectiveness Factor on Brand Strategy

A Case Study on Taobao’s Brand Perception for Generation Z

Junqi Han, Xin Wang, Zihan Zhu
Taobao is a promise of platform, a representative of e-commerce, a famous brand that offers a place for merchants and customers to sell and buy. It is Taobao that has opened up a new era of e-commerce and brought it into people’s vision. Therefore, it is important to learn about how Taobao opened up...
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Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Entertainment Industry: Take the Walt Disney Company as an Example

Boya Dong
Starting in 2020, the COVID-19 began to spread globally, leading to a severe global economic recession. Many countries have imposed lockdown measures and travel restrictions because of the spread and harm of COVID-19. So, the balance between demand and supply has been broken, and many industries have...
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Impacts of Change in Capital Structure on the Profitability of Pharmaceutical Firms: A Study of Pharmaceutical Industry in Singapore

Chenxin Zhang
An optimal capital structure can reduce the cost of capital and then contribute to corporate profitability. Debt financing usually plays a critical role since the proper use of debt is expected to increase revenues and profits. Some academicians find some positive effects of operating or financial leverage...
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Mobile network traffic prediction based on machine learning

Huike Shi
In order to better cope with the overall network efficiency and energy consumption caused by the tide phenomenon of the network traffic of the base station and the physical capacity expansion caused by the increasing network traffic demand, we need to predict the network traffic of the base station in...
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Project Cost Management Under Contingency: An Effective Path Analysis of Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Rujin Liao, Jing Zhang, Ruwen Tan, Yilin Wu, Minjiu Yu
Construction projects under contingency are characterized by high uncertainty and difficulty in cost control. This study aims to analyze the impact of uncertainty on project cost management under contingency. By reviewing related literature, the influencing factors of construction cost management are...
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Research on the Development Trend of Arts Education and the Countermeasure of Art Course Construction

Weimin Zhang
Art education has the imbalance phenomenon. That is to say, our art education has been biased towards scientific rationality in the past. The purpose of this paper is to understand and grasp some tendency of art education, so as to take corresponding measures in some more specific aspects to adapt and...
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How Much Effect Does Sino-US Trade War Had on the Greater Bay Area’s (GBA) Import -Export? Was it Inevitable?

Qiannan Zhang, Jiangqiang Huang, Xiaowen Huang, Xianqing Tu, Miraj Ahmed Bhuiyan
At this open market economy, both China and US have suffered economically due to their trade war. Even though some development plans and actions were taken to mitigate the loss, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) has suffered a lot; and its consequences are still prevailing. This paper...
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A Method of Assessing Cooperation Between Insurance Organizations and Commercial Banks in Insuring Banking Risks

I V Kalacheva, O N Kozlova, E A Kalacheva
The article presents a method of assessing cooperation between banks and insurance organizations in insuring banking risks. Cooperation between these institutions has resulted in an increase in credit insurance premiums and investment life insurance, which are developed with the active participation...
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Evidences and Explanations for the Momentum Effect in the World: A Literature Review

Yueqing Li, Xianzi Wang, Zhensheng Zeng
Momentum effect is a common phenomenon in stock markets. This study reviews a few literatures to investigate the evidences of momentum effect and its rational explanations in the stock markets worldwide. Based on our analysis, evidences for momentum effect are summarized and categorized. It is concluded...
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Research on the Development Status of China’s Mobile Payment

Anqi Pan
In recent years, China’s B2C payment methods have undergone some significant changes, which have impacted the biggest beneficiaries of traditional payment methods-banks. In the past, banks monopolized people’s payments. For example, cash was issued by the bank, and transfers needed to go through the...
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Strategy for Strengthening Digital Transformation and Implementation of Telemedicine in Accelerating Health Center Performance

Arif Prianto, Agus Rahayu, Vanessa Gaffar, Lili Adiwibowo
The problems studied by the author are related to digital transformation by transforming the organization of the Puskesmas in the era of the covid 19 pandemic. This study aims to find out how to optimize the digital transformation strategy by implementing telemedicine in puskesmas services in the Covid-19...
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Risk Management in the Electricity Market

Xuanhan Zhang
As electricity products have the properties of significant volatility, no easy storage, and high elasticity of demand, the spot prices can be highly volatile over a certain period. To reduce the possibility of such uncertainty, electricity products need better risk management. One effective method is...
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Network Video Platform Analysis Report

Bilibili's Company Research

Shuhua Lin
The development of the Internet era has provided conditions for the rise of online video platforms. The public is concerned about the future development trend and focus of these enterprises. Analyzing the enterprise's industry environment and the enterprise's current stage of development can...
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Renovationism (Obnovlenchestvo) as a Theological Instrument for the Adaptation of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Socialistic Revolution

A A Radugin, O A Radugina, K A Rashkovskaya
In the article shows that the October Revolution brought about profound transformations in Russian society, which posed a serious challenge to the Russian Orthodox Church. The answer to this challenge was the ideological and theoretical activity of theologians, aimed at adapting the Russian Orthodox...
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The Application of Business Analytics in the Era of Big Data

Tianhuiqi Chen, Bowen Gu, Zhenxin Jin
With the advent of the big data era, data-based business analytics is more and more widely used in all industries, in which banking with the loan business is one of the most important businesses. In order to conduct more intelligent risk control, banks often build prediction models based on loan records...
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Does Drinking Bring a Wage Bonus?

Zixuan Li, Yiran Ma, Jiping Shi
In this paper, we use data from 1989 and 1994 to examine the effects of recent drinking, long-term drinking, long-term abstinence, daily drinking frequency, and drinking frequency within 30 days on the income of men and women. The results show that recent drinking has a positive effect on both men and...
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Research on Humanistic Care Strategy of Ideological and Political Education in Mining Enterprises

Xiaoyi Lu
Ideological and political education is the lifeline of all work, and humanistic care is the core of Ideological and political education. Miners are the main force of China’s coal enterprises. The particularity of their work determines that they must give humanistic care in the process of Ideological...
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Agency Problem or Trade-off Hypothesis: The Implication of Corporation Cash Holding——Test Based on Crash Risk

Shujun Sheng
Based on the data of Shanghai-Shenzhen A-share listed companies in China from 2007 to 2019, the relationship between cash holding level and the risk of stock price collapse was verified. The study found that the increase in cash holdings of enterprises, increased management opportunistic behavior, leading...
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Research on Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method of Unbalanced Type-2 Fuzzy Linguistic TODIM

Ruyue Xia
This article proposes the concept of unbalanced type-2 fuzzy linguistic term set. The membership function is studied, then TODIM model based on unbalanced type-2 fuzzy linguistic is constructed, the model takes into account human mental behavior. Considering the case that the attributes have a priority...
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Strategic Partnership Ecosystem for Sustainable Superior Performance for MSMEs

Irvan Husein Kusumah, Agus Rahayu, Vanessa Gaffar, Lili Adiwibowo
This paper extends the strategic partnership ecosystem theory by testing how aspects of the local business environment affect micro, small medium enterprises into superior sustainable performance. The background of the research begins with changes in the global, domestic and regional strategic environment...
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The Role of Human Capital in the Development of Industry in Russia

G V Gavlovskaya, P A Smirnov
The article reveals the role of human capital in the development of the modern industry of the Russian Federation. The analysis of the basic concepts is given; the place of human capital is determined as a factor in the country’s competitiveness in the global economic space. It is shown that human capital...
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Research on the User-Generated Content in Brand Marketing

Xiangyi Li
The high degree of connectedness of consumers to the Internet and social media provides for their better interaction with owners of numerous brands, which may result in the emergence of brand-related content visible to the general public. Its presence can influence brands in a variety of ways that remain...
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Multi-Objective Optimization of Construction Worker Unsafe Behavior Inducement Prediction Model

Xiaolong Wang, Guangtai Zhang, Erhu Li, Yan Wang, Kai Zhang
The predictive model for the causative factors of unsafe behaviors among construction workers is optimized with a multi-objective approach, based on the analysis of 27 factors and the use of four machine learning algorithms (CART, RF, AdaBoost, and GBDT) and genetic algorithms. Through a three-dimensional...
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Market Analysis of Alibaba’s Marketing Strategies in Different Perspectives

Yichun Wang
This research investigates the marketing strategies used by Alibaba Group from different perspectives in the domestic market, with the introduction of the recent situation of the company now, it includes a complete business ecosystem that integrates e-commerce platforms, supporting local life services,...
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Sports Companies’ and Leagues’ Data Utilization to Alleviate the Negative Influences Caused by the Pandemic

Tianqin Xia
The sports industry has been severely hit by the pandemic. Games are postponed, and fans are not allowed to enter the stadium or arena. In such a serious situation, sports companies’ and sports leagues’ revenues shrink a lot, and they are keen on restoring and sustaining their business. In order to help...
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Dynamic Governance Model: An Approach to Sustainable Poverty Alleviation in Indonesia

Arvian Triantoro, Agus Rahayu, Lili Adi Wibowo, Iqbal Lhutfi
This study aims to analyze dynamic governance utilized to alleviate poverty in many governments in various nations. This study is expected to fill a research gap and contribute to the literature on the use of dynamic governance for poverty alleviation. This study uses a qualitative research design. A...
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Influencing Factors of Investment for Companies

Yushan Kang, Jian Xing, Shanhui Zhao
Companies always try to make the best investment decision to maximize profits. This article summarized the latest research progress in corporate investment. External and internal factors that influence enterprise investment decisions were analyzed. External factors include government policy and environmental...
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Modeling Analysis of Vanke Enterprise Daily Profitability

Yifan Chen
In this paper, the stock price and return rate of Vanke Group are modeled by GARCH model, and the fitting effects of GARCH model, EGARCH model and ARMA-EGARCH model are used and compared respectively. Through the comparison of AIC criteria, ARMA-EGARCH model is selected, and serves as the final model...
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Analysis on the Impact of the Gold Standard on the Great Depression

Zunyu Wang
The great depression that happened during the 1920s had a huge impact on the whole social and economic process. It is also one of the most well-known crises in the world. This paper, through a method of literature review, will focus on the impact of the gold standard on the Great Depression. Besides,...
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Analysis of the Contribution of the Development of Learning and Effectiveness Paradigm” to Multinational Corporations

Linyue Zhang
This paper aims to fully epitomize the development of the learning-and-effectiveness paradigm, from two other diversity management ways: the discrimination-and-fairness paradigm and the access-and-legitimacy paradigm. The Learning-and-effectiveness paradigm embraces the assimilation and differentiation...
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Studying Wuhan Lockdown’s Impact on Airline, Vaccine and Mask Industry in The Chinese Stock Market Through Empirical Models

Tianhao Hu, Yongyi Lin, Zian Wang
In this paper, our group shows the effect of Covid-19 on the Chinese stock market as well as stock prices of the airline, mask, and pharmaceutical industries. We targeted three companies from each industry. For airlines: Air China (601111), China Eastern airline (600115), China Southern Airlines (600029)....
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Banking Management in Russia: Its Shortcomings and Stages of Transformations

T A Alabina, I G Grentikova, R M Kotov
In the current time period in front of commercial banks in Russia arises a need to improve the quality of banking management as a special sphere of credit institution management. The main drawbacks of banking management in Russia formulated by the authors are justified by logically built factors. In...
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How to Improve the Brand Value of Domestic Sports Brands after the Xinjiang Cotton Incident

Meiying Yu
The Xinjiang Cotton Incident that happened in March 2021, and was caused by the conflict between certain overseas enterprises and the use of Chinese Xinjiang cotton. In order to support traditional brand development, Chinese consumers started to pay more attention to Chinese traditional sports brands,...
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Applying K-Means Clustering for User Profiling in Retail: A Department Store Case Study

Jiahao Huang, Pao-Min Tu, Zhicheng Liu, Weisen Song, Lijie Li
In the face of intensifying market competition, department stores are increasingly focused on understanding consumer characteristics and behaviors, as well as evaluating their value. User profiling emerges as a crucial method for comprehending customer needs and preferences, enabling the development...
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How to Promote the Environmental Education Among Young People in China

Gefei Hou
In recent few decades, due to China’s booming development, China’s overall national strength has increased significantly, each field becomes better—economy, education, people’s life quality and so on. Environment-related to all of these. Country’s development needs sources, both natural sources and talents,...
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How Cognitive Biases Make Innovation Difficult in Markets for Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Luxin Zhang
Biases affects our judgments and decisions everywhere, because in our daily life, no matter where you are, what kind of occupation you are doing, every decision we make is more or less interfered by cognitive biases, which even determines the outcome of things. In addition, with the development of the...
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The Influence of Sustainable Entrepreneur Competencies on Soybean-Based MSEs Business Sustainability

Ardika Sulaeman, Susanti Kurniawati
This research is triggered by the low business sustainability of soybean-based MSEs in West Java. There is a decreasing number of MSEs in the soybean-based food industry, high cases of environmental pollution, and labor and industrial conflicts within the community. The COVID-19 pandemic with the policy...
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Small Firm Effect in Stock Markets: An Assessment of the Chinese Listed Firm

Tianxin Zhang
The small firm effect has been a topic of debate amongst the investors and behavioral finance theorists alike, whereby it is hypothesized that the firms with smaller market capitalization rates tend to outperform their larger counterparts. This paper will empirically investigate the relationship between...
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Evaluation of Credit Risks Existing in Chinese Commercial Bank

Zheng Ge
The research is to introduce to the readers what is credit risk and how serious the credit risk is in current years. The loan can be defined as five levels in credit risk, and they are “normal loan” “concern loan” “subprime loan” “suspicious loan” and “loss loan”. Each level of the loan has a different...
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Conceptual Variety of Terms, Characterizing State in Social Sciences

V Kuznetsov, S Kuznetsova, A Plotskaya
The presented article contains a brief comparative analysis of the terminology used in the social sciences that study public policy to describe the characteristics of the “strength” / “weakness” of the state, using North American, Latin American, and Russian sources as examples. The article states that...
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Analysis of Community Organizations’ Participation in Responding to the Outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic

Xu Kang, Du Lihong, Zhang Hong
The COVID-19 is one of the most serious public health events in China in recent years. The sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus not only threatens people's physical and mental health, but also has a huge impact on the country's economic development and social stability and has even changed...
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Duration Strategy for Bond Investment Based on an Empirical Study

Junming Nie, Zhihao Wu, Shiyao Wang, Ye Chen
The duration is also known as the Macaulay duration. It takes the cash flow occurring in the future time to fold the present value according to the current rate of return, and then multiplies each present value by the number of years from the time when the cash flow occurs, and then sums it up. The duration...
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Modeling and Analysis of Carbon Emission in Life Cycle of Wave Beam Steel Guardrail

Huimin Liu, Dan Li, Hanwu Lin, Muyu Qi, Xuejian Tian
To refine the calculation of carbon emissions from the entire life cycle dimension of highways and provide theoretical support for the emission reduction of traffic safety facilities, life cycle assessment and carbon emission calculation methods are used to explore the carbon emission characteristics...
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Restore Customer Trust and Public Reputation: Case Study of Didi

Yixi Li, Meiyu Wang
The sharing economy has been undergoing dramatic development in the past years. Didi, the leading sharing transportation provider in China, is deemed as one of the most successful cases. However, despite the great economic growth in the market, numerous issues regarding customer safety and data security...
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The Promotion Strategy of MANNER COFFEE in China

Congzhi Zhou
Nowadays, China has gradually moved from a large traditional tea culture to a country with a very high level of coffee consumption. MANNER COFFEE is an emerging coffee brand. After being created, it has been growing at an astonishing speed, even once compared to today’s society’s hottest coffee giants...
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Voluntary Information Disclosure in Meta Verse Industry——Taking IMS Group Information Disclosure Violation as Case Analysis

Yuxin Wang
In terms of the matter that Meta verse information disclosure should not be too virtual pointed by Securities Daily, the case of IMS Group is taken as a sample and use event study method to analyze the influence of voluntary information disclosure and receiving supervision letter after information disclosure...
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A Comprehensive Indicator of Customer Loyalty of Organizations Providing Transport Services Under High Competition Conditions

S A Khaletskaya, N V Yakovleva
The article analyzes the state of competition in the transport sector in Russia, in particular in the field of freight transport in rail transport. In order to improve the efficiency of management of organizations providing transportation services in the field of freight transportation, in a highly competitive...
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Party Organization Governance and Targeted Poverty Alleviation

——Based on Empirical Evidence of State-Owned Listed Companies

Lei Li, LiMei Cao
This article examines whether the participation of party organizations in governance affects the effectiveness of precise poverty alleviation in state-owned enterprises, based on the specific system of “two-way entry and cross-appointment”, using state-owned listed companies from 2016 to 2020 as the...
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Research on the Impact of RMB Internationalization on China’s Trade Competitiveness

An Empirical Analysis Based on the VAR Model

Fangxu Dong
With the continuous development of China’s foreign trade level and the improvement of the RMB’s international status, the use of RMB in international transactions and settlements has become more frequent, and the level of RMB internationalization has achieved a historic breakthrough. The Chinese government...
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Dynamic Impacts of RMB Exchange Rate on Chinese Real Estate Sector Index

Haoze Zhu, Hongge Yu, Ruixi Yang, Ruize Yuan, Yun Yu
As China’s international influence increases, the influence of the renminbi in the international currency market is increasing. Some scholars have confirmed that to a certain extent there is a linkage between exchange rates and stock prices, but the relationship between exchange rates and the real estate...
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Exploration of Material Mechanics Teaching in Vocational Colleges Based on Engineering Case Introduction

Shang Wang, Zhixin Feng, Meiqin Liang
Material Mechanics is an important course for students of science and engineering in higher vocational colleges. However, the unfavourable teaching quality of the course has been a problem for a long time. One key factor affecting the teaching effect is the students’ lack of interest in learning. To...
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Cooperative Stability Analysis of Industry Clusters Considering the Risk of Information Sharing Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

Xiangyuan Shu, Ruian Mei, Mengdi Sui, Cheng Chen
Information sharing has an important impact on the stability of cooperation in industrial clusters. Considering the risk of information sharing, this paper constructs an evolutionary game model for the synergy relationship between “ordinary enterprises and core enterprises”. The stability conditions...
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Productization of Services as a Growth Strategy for Aircraft MRO Company

Jemsly Hutabarat, B. Yuliarto Nugroho, Martani Huseini
This paper is intended to contribute directly to recent business aviation undergoing enormous changes, especially with the pandemic-19 and war, as well as rapid technological changes. The purpose of this paper’s preliminary survey and review is to analyze and look for alternative strategies for aircraft...
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Research on the American Market Entry and Development Strategy of Gua Gua Long

Lujia Sheng
This paper mainly describes the history and development of American education. Furthermore, it demonstrates the principle of combining mainstream American education methods with children’s online education products to achieve high-quality education. Next, it analyzes the pros and cons of Gua Gua Long,...
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The Evaluation of Hellobike

Jiaqi Hou
In recent years, bike-sharing has developed extremely rapidly in China because it is a convenient way for people to travel around the city, but it has caused many problems in the process of development. In order to solve their problems and improve the bike-sharing industry in the future, this paper takes...
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The Spillover Effects of U.S. Monetary Policy on Global Economy

Siyuan Geng, Chenxiao Lu, Qianyi Zhang
This paper uses VAR model and select total assets of Federal Reserve, CPI, total manufacturing/industrial production, REER (real broad effective exchange rate adjusted by relative consumer prices), net exports and 3-month interbank rate as indicators to measure the impact of the US monetary policy on...
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Pension Provision in the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation

P Volodkin, A Ryzhova, O Shirokorad
Improving the provision of pensions is one of the priorities of the state policy of the Russian Federation. The pension system is in the process of reform, one of the last steps is to increase the retirement age. Pension in the mandatory pension system (MPS) is appointed by the insurance when the insured...
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Research on the America-China Market Economy

Linhan Liao
The relationship between the American and Chinese economies facilitates the creation of over 25 million employment opportunities in the United States. This relationship is not limited to specific sectors, but certain sectors thrive compared to others. It is crucial to understand how the relationship...
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Analysis on the development direction of international economy and trade driven by cultural industry

Yongchao E
In view of the current development situation driven by the cultural industry, this paper analyzes the development direction of international economic and trade, mainly by analyzing the influencing factors driven by the cultural industry, to provide a scientific guidance path for the development direction...
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The Exploration of Staycation Innovation Based on the Local Culture: An Analysis of Digital Promotion

Anang Sutono, Hari Ristanto, Kennan Pramudia Cipta, Dear Illiyin Pratiwi, Mann Manda, Yehezkiel Antonius, M. Rizky Faturrahman
This study aims to present a tourist profile related to ideas, perceptions, and opinions to build and develop innovative staycation activities and digital marketing at Kawah Putih Ciwidey based on the local culture. This study uses a descriptive research method with a qualitative approach. The data collection...
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Luxury During the Epidemic: The Rise of the Chinese Market

Zongyu Li
The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has caused a huge economic blow to the world, as various industries have stalled without any preparation. The same goes for the luxury industry, which has suffered a significant loss from stagnant tourism, retails, and marketing activities. Hence, by analyzing the...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Eastern China—Based on the PVAR Model

Xuejing Yu
Over the years, the research on foreign direct investment, economic growth, and financial development has attracted a lot of attention in business studies at home and abroad. Foreign direct investment is widely considered to have an important impact on economic development. The introduction of foreign...
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The Latest Research Progress of Regional Economic Resilience in China

Liping Li, Xinzao Huang
The world is currently experiencing the greatest change in a century, economies are facing an increasing number of shocks from different dimensions, how to resist shocks and recover quickly from them has become a focus of attention around the world, and the need to enhance economic resilience has been...
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The Myth and Reality of the Russian Far East as an Economic System

A Demyanenko, V Ukrainsky
The Russian Far East was considered throughout Soviet and post-Soviet history both by the scientific community and authorities as a spatial (territorial) economic (socio-economic) system, i.e. as an economic and territorial integrity that should have been developed, moreover, in a complex, maximally...
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Green Information Technology in the Perspective of Green Principles of the Civil Code Exploration of Development

Wenhu Jin, Jianli Qian, Junshun Su, Xiaojian Deng, Jin Deng
Since the 18th National Congress, the Party and the State have incorporated the construction of ecological civilization into the overall layout of the socialist cause.However, with the rapid development of my information technology business, information technology caused by energy consumption is rising...
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Analysis on the Impact of the COVID-19 Epidemic on the Plastics Industry

Hangxiao Li
The Covid-19 pandemic started at the beginning of 2020 has negatively affected the world for various aspects, ranging from health, economic and social issues. This paper examines the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the plastics industry in China based on the developments in the plastics market and...
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How Far is from Making Profits under the Financial Analysis Business Model of Self-support and Heavy Property Business?

With the rapid development of the Internet, China has become the world’s largest Internet country. More and more people have accepted online shopping as a new way of lifestyle. China also has the most online customers. By March 2020, the number of daily active Internet users had reached 700 million,...
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The Role of MOOC Courses in the Development of Polytechnic Education

N M Galimullina, O N Korshunova, I R Feoktistova
The research objective is to analyze the contemporary Russian platforms for massive online education, which provide the opportunity to master skills and obtain knowledge in compliance with the conception of polytechnic education: Open Education, Universarium, Lektorium, and Intuit. The research method...
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Strategies for Halal Industry Development Through Strengthening Global Competitive Halal MSMEs of Tasikmalaya Municipality

Agus Wahyudin, Syarip Hidayat
MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) play an important strategic role in developing a nation’s economy. The national government highly considers this strategic role in developing the national sharia economy. Tasikmalaya Municipality, as part of West Java province, which has a great opportunity...
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Equalization of Basic Public Services and Social Trust

Analysis of Multiple Intermediary Effects

Lina Wang, Xuanyu Hu, Hengyuan Zhao
Promoting the equalization of basic public services is an important way to increase social security and improve people’s livelihood for China. Based of measuring the level of equalization of basic public services in China, this paper conducts the empirical validation to test the impact of equalization...
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The Influence of Interest Rates to the Financial Market

Kaiwen Mo
After the 2008 financial crisis, many financial institutions were bankrupt. It is imperative for them and the country to consider new strategies to prevent the next destructive financial crisis. The changes in interest rates in banks or bonds would bring changes in consumer behavior as well. Therefore,...
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Research Review on Mechanical Properties of Segmental Assembled Bridge Joints

Feng Guo, Pengfei Li
The use of segmental assembled bridges offers significant benefits in terms of construction efficiency and convenience. Nonetheless, it is crucial to address the issue of lower mechanical properties such as the stiffness, strength, and ductility in the joints when compared to the adjacent sections. This...
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Research on the Application of MBTI in Organization

Yue Yang
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a test of personality is becoming more widely used and accepted in lots of areas as a methods to recognize the personality, and some companies are starting to introduce it into many workplaces to help company to improve the work efficiency. This article aims to summarize...
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The concept of brand image building for athletes and the impact on consumers

Jianxian Lu
With the worldwide popularity of various sports, the commercial value of many athletes is widely recognized. Athletes expand their influence beyond sports by participating in various social and business activities. Unlike traditional stars, athletes carry more cultural significance and ideological value....
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How Does the Decoy Effect Affect Decision-making and How We Can Prevent It?

Mingdao Cui
Scientists have been interested in the psychological aspects of economic life since the 18th and 19th centuries. As a result, behavior economics is used to better understand human behavior using economic methods. It began in the twentieth century, thanks to George Katona, who proposed a link between...
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Investigation for Smartfood’s Market Ability Based on Regression Analysis

Runshi Li, Tzuying Shen, Tzuyun Ting
Product Development at Smartfood is considering adding a new low-carbohydrate food product labeled K-Pack to their product line. Hence, the company needs to estimate the product’s profit potential and choose the best marketing strategy. In order to investigate the different factors’ impact on sales,...
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Research on the Digital Transformation Path of Commercial Banks from the Perspective of “Gyroscope Model”

Taking China Merchants Bank as an example

Jieping Cai, Aijia Wang
With the accelerated development of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies, China has taken the digital economy as an important force to promote economic transformation. At the same time, the favorable policy environment has also injected new momentum into...
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Should Luxury Cosmetic Brands Turn to Focus on Influencer Marketing or Keep Their Traditional Marketing Strategy?

Yijia He, Mingyue Pi, Jiayue Che, Junyi Che
Social media has become increasingly available and popular, enlarging the effect of product endorsements from influencers in recent years. Is it possible for luxury cosmetic brands to adapt the influencer marketing strategy or keep their traditional marketing strategy? In order to answer this question,...
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The Effect of Business Capital on the Development of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Garut Regency

Nizar Alam Hamdani, Fitri Widianingsih, Sukma Nugraha, Anggun Oktavia Herlianti
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises is a general terminology that refers to enterprises possessed by people or business entities that met the criteria set by the law. Meanwhile, income is one factor that can measure a business’s success rate. However, based on a survey conducted by researchers on MSE...
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Research on Online and Offline Integration after COVID-19: A Case Study from a Chinese Grocery Store

Shuqi Wan
In this post-COVID era, the online and offline integration of the consumer product market conforms to the climax of consumer social interaction and covers more segments. This is a growing trend. A case study through an identical China smart grocery called Freshippo (HEMA) was conducted relating digital...
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Problems and Prospects of Modernization of Higher Education Based on the Implementation of Professional Standards in the Field of Information Technology

A Chelovechkova, E Polyakova, S Tetyusheva, O Sidorova, D Dick
One of the important factors in the implementation of professional standards is the creation of an educational information environment in an educational institution. In modern conditions of development, higher education is given tasks that are determined by the needs of personnel specialists in the field...
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Quantification of Knowledge Work Productivity-Conceptual Model and Variables Measure

Min Xiao
This paper constructs the conceptual model and variable measure of the quantitative research of knowledge work productivity based on the perspective of information technology, knowledge element and relational network. In the new economic era with information, knowledge, technology and capital as the...
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Validity of Fraud Detection Models on Fraudulent US-listed Chinese Companies

Wuyou Shu, Tianxi He, Xinghan Li, Yuhao Gong
This paper examines the effectiveness of Beneish M-Score and Dechow F-Score models in detecting financial frauds of US-listed Chinese companies. In conclusion, based on the data we collected, the validity for M-Score on US-listed Chinese companies is 85.71%, way higher than what Aghghaleh measured for...
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Research on Consumer Behavior Characteristics and Competitive Strategy of Haidilao in Post-epidemic Era

Danning Wang
The COVID-19 outbreak from 2020 to now has dealt a huge blow to the hot pot industry and caused some changes in consumer behavior characteristics. By using the case study method and literature analysis method, this paper found that consumers in the post-epidemic era are characterized by high social sensitivity...
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Alibaba, Facilitating Engagement without being Exploitative

Chuyi Wang
As Science and technology develop at a remarkable speed that humans’ ancestors might have never foreseen, it is sorrowful but true that people are excessively reliant on social media in the modern world. Admittedly, technology is useful and convenient, but sometimes it is also dangerous. It seems that...
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Strategies for the Service Industry to Effectively Overcome the Crisis: Meituan’s Specific Practices During COVID-19

Yuhan Gong, Haoying Li, Jianfeng Liu, Dang Weng
Here we describe that all companies are experiencing a crisis during COVID-19. The four authors found that five strategies are feasible by investigating the measures of other companies. Using the analysis of research companies, four of these strategies can help the food delivery industry to tide over...
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Assessment and Development of Human Resources Capacity in the Agricultural Sector of the National Economy

V P Neganova, N V Tonkikh, T L Markova
The article considers the findings of the research aimed to specify the methodological approaches to evaluating the factors that impact the formation and development of human resources capacity of the territory agrarian sector. The authors conduct the review, critically analyze the methods traditionally...
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Research on Earnings Management of Chinese Listed Companies in Electrical Industry: Taking Wintime Energy as an Example

Kehan Zhou
China as one of the significant emerging markets is high attention to the reality of financial reports. While earnings management is likely to impact the accuracy of accounting information, disturb the market and influence the stakeholder’s judgement. It is essential to research the motivation and detailed...
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Investigation and Analysis of Young People Shopping in Live Webcast Room

Xuelian Liao, Xianjun Tan
With the rapid development of e-commerce, live webcast has become an important channel for commodity circulation. Especially the young generation use the live webcast room to exchange the commodity information, trade directly, Even emotional communicate in the live broadcast. The surging epidemic has...
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An Analysis of the Tsingtao Beer Merger

Bowei Zhang
Merger and acquisition are important ways for enterprises to achieve faster development and occupy a solid position in the market. Therefore, for their own effective operation, many enterprises adopt the development strategy of mergers and acquisitions. In the period of integration and development of...
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The Impact of Epidemic on Technology Companies

Hanyou Wang
The sudden epidemic in 2020 caused a rapid decline in the global economy, many famous companies declared bankruptcy due to the COVID-19. During the epidemic, many countries issued different rules in response to the epidemic. For example, the Chinese government announced at the beginning of 2020 that...
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Reform of Fertility Encouragement Policy System in Macao Based on Incentive Compatibility Theory

Ieong Fat Fai
Macao’s population policy and economic and social development plan always go hand in hand, and as a part of Macao’s economic and social development plan, it regulates the population quantity, quality and distribution, creating a suitable population environment for the realization of development goals....
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The Effect of Entrepreneurial Knowledge on Business Success in Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Nizar Alam Hamdani, Anita Fatimah
The impact of entrepreneurial knowledge on business success in micro, small, and medium enterprises is discussed in this study. This study uses entrepreneurial knowledge as an independent variable and business success as the dependent variable. The sample of this research was the owners of micro, small,...
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Research on Cross-border Cooperation of Insurance in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Based on Digital Currency

Dayong Liu, Xu He, Yan Xiao
Foreign exchange management in cross-border capital management is a ponderous and systematic process, especially the boom of buying insurance business from inland to Hong Kong-Macao is soaring year by year, which brings a lot of challenges for both regulation and practice. The future development of deep...
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The Review for the Development of IRR’s Implication

Linxue Zhang
In the past 70 years, IRR has been plucked from obscurity to turn into the optimum choice in evaluating the value of an investment for corporations. Although we cannot deny its popularity, it has many problems that cannot be ignored. Among them, the serious one is its reinvestment assumption. MIRR makes...
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Warehouse Club in China Retail Market Development Status Analysis and Improvement

Qiping Zhou
Warehouse Club is a form of retail where goods are sold and stored in one space. General merchandise retailers offer a limited range of goods and fewer services at lower prices to end consumers and small businesses. The Warehouse Club is not new. It has been in the United States for nearly 50 years....
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The Application of Big Data Analysis in the Hierarchical Management of Automobile Customers

Haoran Wang
In recent years, automobiles are becoming one of the mainstream people's travel modes. The automobile industry has benefited from big data analytics to improve their sales and marketing efficiency. With the increasing popularity of network applications, the Internet is changing the business models...
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The Use of Information and Communication Technology in Educational Management in the 21st Century for Higher Education Trend in China

Shuwu Li, Libao Luo
According to official figures, China’s GDP has increased every year since 2010. As China’s national strength grows, its influence in the world grows. The economic growth of developed countries cannot be separated from the improvement of information and communication technology (ICT). As a developing...
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An Analysis of the Current Situation of Chinese Learning by International Students Who Are Native English Speakers in the Context of the Epidemic

Yufei Tong
The COVID-19 has significantly impacted transnational language learners, affecting their learning environment, learning process, and learning outcomes. This paper investigates the current situation of international Chinese language learning among native English speakers in Hebei universities, analyses...