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Valuation of Express Delivery Enterprises based on DCF Model - Taking S.F. Holding Co., Ltd. as an Example

Cong Fang
In recent years, the rapid development of the socialist economy has promoted the rise of the express delivery industry, which occupies an indispensable position in the modern service industry. However, there is a relative lack of theoretical and applied research on the valuation of express delivery enterprises....
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BMW Addresses Business and Financial Implications for Long-Term Sustainable Growth Based on a Competitive Value Approach

Zhiyuan Liu
This paper discusses the business and financial analysis of BMW, a German automotive multinational that has made a name for itself in the elite luxury vehicle and motorbike segments. The research focuses on approaches employed by the firm for competitive value in order to establish lengthy sustainable...
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A Probe into the Ways of Improving Teaching Efficiency in Higher Vocational Schools

Na Cao
Innovation is the source of social progress and it is a concentrated expression of the spirit at the knowledge economy times. The ever-increasing economic construction and social development speed make our higher vocational colleges face enormous challenges and golden opportunity. Facing the new education...
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Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept and Cases

A Focus on Hotel and Lodging Industry

Yurui Xie
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a widely discussed topic in 21st-century management. The idea that companies have a responsibility to act for social good – not just a greater profit – has become increasingly relevant for businesses to succeed and contribute to sustainability. This paper reviews...
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Implementation of Performance Appraisal System in Public Sector: New Line Managers’ Perspective

Indah Fitriana Astuti, Riani Rachmawati
Performance appraisal in an organization is a way to measure the actual achievement of performance compared to targets or goals that are determined regularly. Performance appraisal affects employment prospects, educational possibilities, compensation, and interpersonal interactions. This study employed...
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The Role of Creativity in Entrepreneurship

Chuyue Zhang
This paper evaluates to what extent creativity contributes to entrepreneurship both in theory and in practice. Entrepreneurship is a crucial business conduct in contemporary society, and it is obvious that there is a forceful interaction between creativity and entrepreneurship. The discussion is started...
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Research on Future Business Strategy Reform of Gaming Console Brands

Ziyuan Cui, Jinghua Jiang, Yusen Zhu
The global games industry has undergone many important and far-reaching changes in the past few decades. In 1979, Atari’s first home gaming console came out, and now consoles, personal computers, mobile smartphones or virtual reality, and other gaming platforms have achieved vigorous development in the...
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The Research of Vehicle’s Ride Comfort in the Nonlinear Suspension System

Zhengke Chen
Vehicle’s suspension is an important component to ensure ride comfort, which is called the soul of chassis design. The performance of suspension directly affects the vehicle’s ride comfort and handling stability. The design of the vehicle’s suspension system must fulfill the demand of ride comfort and...
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Analysis of the Causes of Large-Scale Power Outage Accidents Abroad and Suggestions on Measures to Improve the Safety of China’s Power Grid

Haifeng Bian, Jun Zhang, Guanglong Xie, Chen Zhang
Large-scale blackout accidents are catastrophic events in the power system, causing serious impacts on national economic and social operations. Large-scale power outage accidents are often the result of a combination of many unfavorable factors. In this study, foreign large-scale power outage accidents...
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Foundations of Designing the System of Strategic Management for Digital Education at the Macro Level

J Gnezdova, T Lomachenko, T Kokodey, M Mikhailov, K Mitus
The article describes the design of the system of strategic management of the development of digital education on the basis of the three-level pyramidal concept of formation of the optimal network structure of digital education development strategies. The key questions of creation of conditions for introduction...
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Effective Strategies of Professional English Teachers Development in Higher Vocational Colleges

Liailun Chen
Teachers 'professionalization has become the main trend and trend of teachers' career development. By discussing the professionalization of teachers and higher vocational education, this paper discusses the professional connotation of public English teachers in higher vocational colleges and the ways...
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Solutions from BITS, RTAs and MIAs for the Current Issues Involving in the International Investment Law

Junyi Hu, Jing Hu, Ziyang Peng, Zixin Pu, Haozhi Xu, Linhui Zhu
With the advancement of globalization, the current international investment legal system has gradually encountered problems such as lack of transparency, lack of consistency, excessive protection of investors, difficulty for policy makers in transforming into domestic legislation, unfairness to developing...
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Under Armour’s Marketing Strategy of New Audience

Yantai Tang
To acquire new customer groups while applying and expanding the brand’s strategy, Under Armour researched the brand’s customer engagement. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used to support the data in this research report. The difference between these two research methods is also obvious....
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The Development Path of Rural Industry Integration Driven by Fintech

Liping Zhu, Zhizhong Li
Rural industry integration is a complex and systematic project, which needs strong financial support. Fintech has broken the business model of traditional finance, increased the selectivity of financial services, and played an increasingly important role in the integration of rural industries. The paper...
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Research on the Relationship between Internet Celebrities and Internet Celebrity Economy

Jikun Luo
In the Internet era, technological innovation and smooth information exchange channels have ushered in an unprecedented development of mass media. Compared with traditional marketing strategies, mass media dominates the consumption behaviour of the masses and shapes and influences social consumption...
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The Research of Safe Computer Simulation Test System

Zhang Yan, Chen Wei
In recent years, with the development of China’s economy, progress of society and improvement of people’s life, cars have been bought by thousands of families, bringing great convenience as well as traffic load. Heavy traffic becomes the issue people have to face when going out. It also constrains the...
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The Research on the Impact of Covid-19 on U.S. Resource Stock Market

Jiatong Sun, Bijia Yang, Dongping Yu, Lingfeng Zhang
2020 is a challenging year for humans because the whole world was under attack of COVID-19, which is considered the most transmissible virus throughout human history. This pandemic has caused an unprecedented negative impact on people’s lives and the world’s economy. In addition, the impact of the pandemic...
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Characteristics of Social Networking Sites Users: LinkedIn in Obtaining Career Benefits

Lazuardyna Ulfa Ramadhanty, Elok Savitri Pusparini
This study further explores networking behavior using LinkedIn Social Networking Sites (SNS) related to personal characteristics, specifically Extraversion and Protean Career Orientation traits, in obtaining career benefits. Using a sample that focuses on LinkedIn users in Indonesia aged 25–34 years...
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Aesthetic Characteristics and Development of Chinese National Vocal Music

Lei Wang
Chinese national vocal music art also absorbs the Western vocal music art, the essence of Western vocal art for our use. In the 21st century, our national vocal music has made great progress in vocal theory, singing technique, singing form, vocal music teaching and vocal music creation. But also faced...
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Cryptocurrencies’ Past, Present and Future

Jiongyi Song, Yanqiu Chen, Yuxuan Li, Qizhi Sun
The growth of Cryptocurrency has been considered as a future legitimate tender of currency with great possibilities, and it has contributed to lots of different fronts like investments and forms of trading, on the contrary, has caused several troubles. As virtual currencies are developing rapidly, people...
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Cooperation in the System of Spatial Development Management

S Zhevora, N Sidorova, V Osipov, A Zeldner
In the article, taking into account the current socio-economic situation in the country, the problems of spatial development are considered due to the extensive development of agricultural cooperation. Particular attention is paid in the article to potatoes, “second bread”, the increase in production...
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Research on the Impact of Pandemic on U.S. Wholesale and Retail Industries Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Mengqi Qiao
The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on the global economy and people’s lives, especially in the wholesale and retail sectors, which are closely related to people’s basic needs. This paper will discuss the impact and changes of COVID-19 on wholesale and retail industry based on the Fama-French five-factor...
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The Research and Design of User Interface in Parallel Computer System

Xiang Liu, Liyuan Shang, Zhenting Lu
The user interface is a broad concept, which exists in various fields of science and technology, measuring instrument dial, TV remote controller, and the radio knob, etc, all belonging to the category of user interface. With the emergence and development of the computer, it is used in every field of...
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The Influence of the Maxim of Manner in Second Language Acquisition

Siyan She
Conversational communication is an effective approach for developing the Second Language Acquisition (SLA) process, in which effectiveness is affected by the cooperative principle. One principle, the Maxim of Manner, relates to how this conversation is carried out. The clarity, proximity, absurdity,...
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Research on the Development of Chinese Small and Micro Enterprises under COVID-19

Ce Ji
In 2020, COVID-19 spread throughout China and even the whole world. It threatened people’s lives and health and affected the resumption of production and development in all walks of life, especially small and micro businesses. China’s small and micro enterprises account for the vast majority of all enterprises....
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The Impact of Cross-Border E-Commerce on the Problems of Chinese Economy New Norms

Xun Liu
As Chinese economic development into the "New Norms", in the new situation will be the next innovation for a long period of time to promote Chinese economic development of the new impetus. E-commerce itself has the advantage of innovation, is bound to be highlighted. Therefore, under the "New Norms",...
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Potential Arbitrage Analysis

Based on the Fed’s Reduction on the SMCCF and the Future Monetary Policy

Zihui Chen, Keyang Li, Minlan Tang
This article represents an analysis of the Fed’s recent reduction on Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility(SMCCF) and the future monetary policies on The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). And we try to explore potential arbitrage opportunities according to the impact of these policies. Based...
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A Critical Comparison: Differences Between China and Germany's Pandemic Recovery

Xiaodi Sun
The COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant negative impact on the world economy of which export-oriented countries are particularly affected. Yet, the recovery speed of China’s economy is significantly faster compared to Germany. This paper aims to compare and analyze the tendency of economic recovery...
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Analysis and Implementation of TV-command Computer System

Wuyong Chong, Zhouyan Hua
TV-command is to control the object to get close to the specified target by TV signal technology. The early TV-command system used artificial recognition and target tracking, whose working process is that when a controlled object is sent out, the TV camera on its head will film the target and its surrounding...
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A Methodology for Assessing Automotive Supply Chain Security Based on Operational Mechanisms

Guiyou Liang, Changsheng Gao, Taojie Du, Yuting Liu
As the automobile gradually moves towards intelligent and connected development, cooperation between companies in the automotive supply chain is getting closer and closer. Main automakers choosing different suppliers will have different impacts on the security and stability of the supply chains. Therefore,...
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The Role of Publishing Activity of Polytechnic University Students in the Development of Polytechnic Education

A V Borisov, M K Belyaev, A A Ilova
Increasing publication activity is an important task in ensuring the effectiveness of students’ learning and independent work, it contributes to the achievement of a high level in mastering basic, general professional and professional competencies in mastering “smart” technologies of the “Industry 4.0”...
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The Study of Toys R Us’ LBO Failure

Shenzhan Li, Xinran Liu, William W Tan
Toys “R” Us used to be one of the biggest international juvenile production firms. However, it continually lost its dominant role in the juvenile market and finally declared bankruptcy in 2018. Through studying Toys “R” Us’ financial statement and navigating the strategies it used for improving selling...
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The Effect of Psychological Capital, Work Stress, and Exchange of Leaders on Work Productivity Mediated by Health Protocol Compliance

Kurniawan Eka Prayudha, Budi W. Soetjipto
The Covid-19 pandemic situation requires employees to implement health protocols in the work environment as a way to reduce the potential for transmission. This study aims to analyze the influence of psychological capital, work stress, and leader-member exchange on employee productivity in the PT KAI...
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Development and Model Construction of Home Long-Term Care Insurance

Ying Xi
In today’s society, with the background of aging problem, while the old-age dependency ratio has been growing constantly, the demand for LTC is accordingly increasing gradually. This paper discusses the development of family joint LTC (Long-term care) insurance and constructs a state transition matrix...
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship “Regenerate” A Fashion Entrepreneur Has a Flair for Fighting Poverty

Zuer Wang, Ziou Dong
This Work, titled ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship -- Regenerate’, describes the start-up of an eco-friendly clothing brand, ‘Regenerate’, its future direction and suggestions. Paper identifies the suitable business partners for the brand by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses and different business...
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The Research of Ideological and Political Education of Vocational College Students

Qinglin Liu
Vocational colleges have been an important type among China’s colleges and universities. Up till February, 2005, there have been over 1,500 independent vocational colleges in our country, making up over 70% of the total institutions of higher education and providing more than 50% of the students studying...
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Integration of Mathematical Modeling Thought in Probability Statistics Teaching

Lang Liu
The thought and method of mathematical modeling provides a brand-new idea for the reform of college mathematics teaching. By virtue of mathematical modeling, students not only can learn some important mathematical concepts, methods and conclusions, but also can understand the idea and thought of mathematics....
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The Gap between the Degree of Internationalization of RMB and Other International Currencies

Jiedong Zhang
From 2009, Chinese authorities have pledged to promote the globalization of the Renminbi (RMB). As such the nation has taken a number of concrete efforts to encourage RMB globalization, including the opening of the capital market in Hugangtong, the expansion of the international RMB, and the creation...
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A Review on Monetary Measurements Taken Under the Circumstance of COVID-19 Compared Between China and the United States

Jiahe Guo
The global spread of COVID-19 has triggered turbulence in international financial markets and severe economic recession. China and the US have adopted large-scale rescue and stimulus policies in light of their respective epidemic prevention and control situations and the economic and financial environment....
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Booster or Burden: The Technostress on English Teachers in China

Shiwu Bi
This study discusses the English teachers’ technostress in China. The traditional Chinese teaching belief, the ill-fitting design of educational techonology, and the lack of administrative support are the three main reasons which lead to English teachers’ technostress. In the widespread of information...
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Organizational Approaches to Forming Regional Ecosystems of Entrepreneurship Education

R I Malikov, K E Grishin, G F Shaikhutdinova, R R Zainashev
This article describes the organizational approaches to the formation of regional ecosystems of entrepreneurial education. The model of the organization of interaction between the actors of the regional ecosystem of entrepreneurial education is considered. The presence of a logically structured ecosystem...
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Analysis on Environmental Pollution and Control in China Based on Game Theory

Jiatian Li
This paper analyzes the problem of environmental pollution control in China based on game theory. The two main participants in the game are the pollutant discharge enterprises and the government, of which government is divided into central government and local government. In this passage, three different...
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Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Financing Efficiency of SMEs

Based on the Empirical Study of 60 Shandong SMEs Listed on the SME Board

Yafei Zhang
Small and medium-sized enterprises are important parts of the national economy, but the problem of “financing difficulties” greatly restricts their. This article summarizes the financing status of SMEs and influencing factors, combined with the 2017-2020 data of 60 small and medium-sized enterprises...
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Research on Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location Based on Multiple Objective Snake Optimizer

Liying Li, Haipan Song
In view of the characteristics that the performance of electric vehicle power battery is easily affected by low temperature environment, by taking the influence of low temperature environment on the energy consumption of electric vehicle into account, a bi-objective location model was constructed to...
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The Impact of Technology Expenditure on the Commercial Banks’ Profitability in Canada

Zijun Lin, Yunan Wang
The growing cyber threat has created an uncontrollable financial mess for the global banking industry. This paper presents a case study that reviews Canada's largest financial data breach and investigates the spillover effects of cyber attack. To test the cyber investment efficiency of banks in...
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The Research of Evaluation Method of ATM Shifting Quality Based on Neural Network

Wenming Cheng
With the development of the modern automobile industry and the continuous improvement of overall performance of the vehicle, the contents of shifting quality grow increasingly richer. The research and solution of the improvement of shifting quality just from the perspective of ride comfort can not adapt...
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Application of PBL Teaching Method in the Teaching of Medical Advanced Mathematics

Lang Liu
PBL is short for Problem-Based Learning and it is a typical teaching method which takes students as the main body, and it is a hot issue that educators have been paying close attention to and studying in recent years. For medical students, the content of higher mathematics is often abstract and difficult...
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Challenges for Huawei to Go Global Under the Trade Disputes

Ziyang Peng, Sihan Zhang
For the development history of Huawei, there are many reasons why it has developed from a small enterprise to its current scale, why Huawei can become the world’s leading communications company in a short period. In recent years, facing the targeting problems and challenges from the United States, why...
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The Current Situation of China’s Used Car Market and Development Suggestions

Huize Ren
With the development of the economy, Chinese residents’ car ownership has been increasing, and the used car market has also ushered in a new development opportunity. However, researches and articles have revealed that the used car industry in China has arrived at a bottleneck period. This indicates that...
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Marketing Approaches in Solving Medical and Social Problems on the Example of Diabetes Mellitus

E D Polyakova, T N Ivanova, O V Evdokimova, E A Pyanikova, T M Blinkova
The article provides data on the incidence of diabetes mellitus (DM) in the Oryol region. A marketing approach is proposed that includes several components followed by making decisions on the problem under study: 1. analysis of the development of diabetes morbidity in the world and in the Oryol region;...
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COVID-19 and the Dynamics of Disney’s Stock Price

Yixin Chen
The Covid-19 epidemic has caused severe damage to the global economy, including Disney, one of the giants in the entertainment industry. This paper studies the impact of COVID-19 on Disney’s stock price and stock returns in different periods and concludes that the epidemic has a negative impact on Disney...
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Influence Factors and Motivation of Women Entrepreneurs in Greater Bay Area

Xiaozhen Huang
This paper sorted out the influence factors from three-level environment (macro-level, meso-level, and micro-level) that have impact on women entrepreneurs’ motivation to go into entrepreneurship. Questionnaire survey was used to study women entrepreneurs in the Greater Bay Area about their motivations...
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Workload Analysis of Employee Needs at PT. Jamkrindo Medan Branch Office

Dina Harinanda, Meilita Tryana Sembiring, Rulianda Purnomo Wibowo
This study aims to find out how many employees need in each section of PT. Jamkrindo Medan Branch Office. The method used in this study is the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) method which aims to determine the level of workload on employees and the number of employees needed. Based on the results of measuring...
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Research on the Influence of Financial Asset Allocation Ratio on Performance of High-Tech Listed Companies

Zhuang Yujin, Li Yuju, Zhao Hengfang, Chen Jingbo
Taking A-share high-tech listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets from 2011 to 2020 as samples, this paper uses factor analysis method to build a comprehensive evaluation model of high-tech enterprise performance from three dimensions: innovation performance, financial performance and...
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Application of Ecological Constructivism Situation Design in VB Program Course

Jin Ling
Professor He Kekang thinks that scenario creation is the most important contents in constructivism teaching design. Based on this, this article is dedicated to creating ecological constructivism teaching situations. After many years of teaching practice and summary, several typical teaching situations...
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Socialization of Students’ Personality in the Process of Polytechnic Education

N Y Saigushev, O A Vedeneeva, Yu B Melekhova
Identification and evaluation of the level of socialization of the students necessary link of the pedagogical process, giving information about the implementation of educational goals that are essential for further programming and regulation of education, to manage the development of students’ personality....
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Technical Progress and Development Trend of Electric Vehicles

HongWei Zhang
In recent years, China has achieved initial results in electric vehicle research and development, but there are also some problems in the development of electric vehicles with zero emissions and energy-saving. This paper analyzes the latest development of electric vehicles in China to find out the problems...
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Under the Regulation of Equity Pledge, Research on the Influence of Audit Firm’s Tenure on Audit Quality

Guiqiu Lan, Bing Han, Guitao Qiao
Taking the A-share listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen from 2010 to 2020 as samples, this paper studies the relationship between term of office of accounting firm, equity pledge and audit quality. It is found that although the relationship between tenure and audit quality is non-linear, it is not...
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The Effect of Operating Risk (Cash Flow Volatility) on Capital Structure: A Survey of the Literature

Kangjin Huang, Leyi Zhang, Yiyi Shan
Capital structure, a critical indicator of a company's operations, is often considered to be influenced to some extent by operational risk. Prior researchers have been divided on the subject of the latter's impact on the former. This survey encompasses theoretical and empirical papers in this...
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Explore the Reasons for Coca-Cola’s High-profit Margins

Qianhao Gao, Shihui Geng, Yuke Shi, Shuya Zhao
This paper explores the reasons for Coca-Cola’s high profitability, which have essential enlightenment and reference significance to other companies in the beverage industry. The industry analysis illustrates the current condition of the beverage industry, especially under the adverse impact of the COVID-19....
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A Study on the Differentiation of Purchasing Demand between China and Japan

A Case Study of Suzuki’s Withdrawal from Chinese Market

Boyu Gao, Xiaolin Sun, Yiming Wei, Shiqi Zheng
At the end of the 20th century, China has been the world’s largest auto market. Many foreign auto giants entered the Chinese market and set up joint ventures with local Chinese companies. Suzuki is one of these companies. But Suzuki’s sales have been declining since 2016. In the end, Suzuki sold all...
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Research and Analysis of Weichat Public Platform — Based on Sujiatun Hepan Community

Yali Li, Donglian Zhu
Weichat is a mobile communication software launched by Tencent in 2011. Weichat is more and more popular because of its simple usage, convenient chat communication, rich and colorful service function, unique users’ experience and commercial potential with high stunt. Applying Weichat public platform...
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Analysis on the Influence of Inflation on Financial Markets and Institutions in China

Xin Tang
Impacts of inflation on financial markets and institutions in China will be discussed in this article, focusing on the stock markets and commercial banks. Since many scholars have studied how financial development affects inflation, the author chose to carry out reverse research. After comparing the...
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Research on Innovation of Market Adaptability of Small and Micro Enterprises

Xiansheng Liu
This article discusses the concept and characteristics of small and micro enterprises, and based on the statistical data on Chinese small and micro enterprises in-depth analysis of the status quo to identify the current development of small and micro enterprises in Chinese existing problems. Small and...
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Integral Assessment of Innovation Activity in the Municipalities of the Region

Z R Gabitova, E V Karavaeva, R A Nigmatullina, O V Ivanova, A I Lebedev
At present, the problem of finding business niches and opportunities within a specific territory, taking into account the current location of the productive forces, natural-geographic, resource, production and other potentials for the development of the region becomes urgent. In this regard, it is necessary...
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The Effect of Job Insecurity as an Impact of Restructuring of a Merger of Four-Port State-Own Enterprises on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention with Organizational Commitment as an Intervening Variable

Fina Belia Bestari, Iskandarini, Abdillah Arif Nasution
Organizational changes (mergers, downsizing, reorganization, and new technology) will be a source of threat to employees and raises the perception of job insecurity. Extensive restructuring can encourage career plateaus, resulting in decreased performance, commitment, motivation, job satisfaction, and...
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Research on the Financing of Small and Micro Enterprises——Take Guangdong Province as an Example

Linya Zhang
Small and micro enterprises are at a competitive disadvantage in the market. The outbreak of the financial crisis has seriously affected the operation of small and micro enterprises. The main reason is the problem of financing. This paper takes some small and micro enterprises in Guangdong Province as...
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A Comparative Study of the Impact of SARS and COVID 19 on China’s Economy

Shaoyu Chai
In the 20th century, two of the most significant pathogenic pandemic, COVID-19 and SARS emerged. The aftermath of both virus have brought a huge impact on the Chinese economy. As the movement of people and relevant logistics are limited to some extent due to the epidemic, the price of commodities, food...
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The Research of Bad Review on the Evaluation of the Network’s Influence on Consumer Choice

Donglian Zhu, Yali Li
Ever since the 21st century, with the rapid development and popularization of the Internet in China, which has changed people’s way of life, new business mode and economic behavior also arise at the historic moment. In the traditional way of shopping, people share about consumption experience of commodities...
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Study on Optimization of Governance Mechanism of Overhead Line Entry Project in Shanghai from the Perspective of Holistic Governance

Liangmei Guo, Yong Xie
Since the development of Shanghai overhead line entry project in the 1990s.It consists of four phases including the starting stage, the accelerating stage, the basic stagnation stage and the accelerating restart stage.In the process of project implementation, the lack of sufficient coordination and cooperation...
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Luxury Brands Culture and Marketing: How Does Chanel Stay popular

Sun Peishan, Wang Yufei
With the rapid development of the world economy, people’s living standard has gotten a general improvement, which is reflected in the increase of personal disposable income. Therefore, people will consume more that lead to the growth of average consumption power. More people are willing and able to buy...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Team Cohesion of Chinese High School Students

Junjie Tai, Junjia Zhang
Chinese high school students learning research team at present in our country’s colleges and universities occupy an essential part of, and cohesion is the team and team to double their creative spark by competition between foundation. In any team, team cohesion is the hinge connecting all members, making...
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Research on the Public Behaviour Under the Impact of Enterprises Pollution Based on the Game Theory

Yutong Liu
With the rapid progress of science and technology, environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent of human. Environmental issues have become a common challenge facing the international community. It is also one of key topics of current research. The author establishes a game model to analyse...
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A Comparative Analysis between Chain Coffee Shops and Independent Coffee Shops from Consumer Satisfaction Perspective

Zhuoying Huang
Although China has been embedded with tea culture, coffee culture imported from western countries has appealed to the Chinese gradually, both chain coffee shops and independent coffee shops have become growing markets in China. However, this paper aims to explore some differences and similarities between...
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Study on the Tax Burden of Small and Micro-Enterprises

Baozhen Hou, Ming Lei
Small and micro enterprises are an important part of Chinese economic lifeline, play a decisive role in promoting national economic development, solving employment and enhancing comprehensive national strength. In the deepening development of economic globalization today, small and micro enterprises...
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Features of Knowledge Economy Formation in Corporate Training

O V Mamatelashvili, A I Pudovina
The relevance of this problem is determined by the immaturity of the theory of forming knowledge economy at the setting of corporate training, as well as by the specific peculiarities of organizing corporate training in a market economy. The transfer of Russian economy to the innovative model based...
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Model Prediction of Factors Influencing NBA Players’ Salaries Based on Multiple Linear Regression

Yang Zhao
With the commercialization of sports, the main concern of the various leagues is how much to pay a player, especially a star player or superstar. This paper uses the NBA league as an example to investigate the main factors affecting players’ salary levels. 14 indicators such as height, weight and Win...
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10C Model for Cultivating Application-oriented Talents Based on Ability Oriented and Cooperative Education

Chenlei Mao
Based on the opportunities and challenges in application-oriented universities, this paper analyzes the problems of cultivating application-oriented talents in Chinese universities. 10C model of cultivating application-oriented talents is constructed. The model consists of unique Concept of development,...
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The Research of Online Shopping During the Pandemic

Yiwei Dou, Ziyi Li, Xuehan Zhang
By the end of 2019, the outbreak of COVID-19 had brought many challenges and impacts to the global economy and people’s lives. In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, some traditional entity supermarkets were severely restricted, online shopping became much more popular for consumption...
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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Online Educational Quality in USC’s School of Engineering and School of Cinematic Art

Jiling Zhang
This research paper demonstrates the results of a questionnaire containing a series of questions, conducted at the University of Southern California, on the educational quality via online forms during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research was conducted with students from the School of Engineering and the...
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Different Development Paths of County-level Cities and Counties under the Background of Administrative System Reform: Based on the Current Situation and Policy Analysis of Changsha County and Liuyang City

Liu Qi
Since the implementation of “Withdrawal of county and establishment of city” in 1983, the local governments have long been enthusiastic about the policy. Upgrading the county to the county-level city or the prefecture-level city symbolizes the expansion of the local government’s jurisdiction. Furthermore,...
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Workshop Layout Optimation and Simulation Analysis Based on SLP: A Case Study

Tongtong Wang, Yajuan Feng
In response to the phenomenon of long transportation distances and high transportation costs due to the current workshop layout, this paper proposes a layout optimization scheme based on the System Layout Planning (SLP) method, which is verified for feasibility through Flexsim simulation. In the optimization...
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Smart Vehicle Technology Based on ITS

Wenming Cheng
The rapid development and wide application of smart traffic system can not only effectively solve the congested traffic, but it can also improve traffic safety, accelerate the treatment and rescue of traffic accidents, promote transportation management and traffic capacity of passengers and freights,...
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Analysis of the Problems and Countermeasures of College Students' Crew Founding Model

Bin Wang
Financing is the main obstacle to restricting students to start a business, lack of funds called the university students business, "the first difficult." In recent years, with the threshold is low, flexible and other characteristics of the emergence of public financing model and the development of a...
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The application and development of CBDC in the “Belt and Road”: Take Singapore Ubin Project and m-CBDC Bridge as examples

Weihua Cai
With the development of digital finance, some countries have begun to develop their own central bank digital currency (CBDC), hoping to maintain the legal status of sovereign currency and further promote the upgrade of trade while improving the level of digital financial services. As a national strategy...
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COVID-19’s Impact on Catering Investment of Venture Capital in China

Jiaming Jin
This article aims to provide the public and practitioners of catering and venture capital an analysis of catering transformation under COVID-19 pandemic and capital intervention via statistics from catering and venture capital market, in combination with second-hand information from publications and...
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How Does COVID-19 Impact Chinese New Energy Vehicle Stock Market? - Research based on Fama-French Model

Handi Yang
While Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) industry is emerging with the support of policies, the plague made damages on the industry by influencing the material supply and technological process of it. During the pandemic, the crude oil price decreased, causing new energy automobiles less attractive. This...
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Workload Analysis in Determining the Number of Employees of the Engineer Division and Development Division at Belawan Container Service Company

Alvin, Nazaruddin, Meilita Tryana Sembiring
The purpose of this research is to analyze the working time of the employees using the Work Sampling method and balance the workload by analyzing the number of employee needs for the engineer division and development division with the Full-Time Equivalent method. The results of this research indicate...
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Possible Factors Affecting Companies’ Capital Structure

Kaiyi Bao
The capital structure shows the composition of a public corporation. The decision to change a company’s capital structure made by managers is not only a method of increasing the profitability of the firm but also the prediction of the future development of the market. Thus, some of the most common ways...
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Research and Practice of Personal Blog Management System Based on Django

Jing Gao, Yu Sun
With the maturing of network technique, people are relying more and more on network in life. Making friends, life record, material facts and story sharing can be carried out between people. The Personal blog management system Uses the Python Django framework and selects B/S mode to build. This paper...
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Analysis of Financial Risks in the Process of Enterprise M&A-Taking Alibaba M&A Process as an Example

Weizheng Fang, Boting Tao, Jixian Zhang, Linshan Zhao
With the rapid development of modern enterprises in Internet, more and more enterprises begun to buy other smaller businesses to help the development of their industries. Such action can bring benefit to these enterprises in some way. In this paper, we study the history of Alibaba and analyze Alibaba’s...
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Suspension Performance Analysis and Experiment Optimization Based on K&C Experiment

Fangli Li
The research of automobile suspension is mainly used to improve handling stability of the whole automobile and driving performance, so this research subject is basically consisted by two parts: one is suspension performance field that mainly affects driving performance; the other one is the suspension...
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Family Model Based on the System Approach

N V Nozikova
The paper presents the results of a theoretical system interdisciplinary research aiming to develop a family model on the basis of empirical data and practice of dealing with a family. The hypothesis suggests that the development of the system conceptual family model in the ontological, structural, functional,...
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The Tourism Development in China under the Influence of the COVID Pandemic

Lin Alexander Bao
In China, the epidemic's spread has a significant negative influence on all aspects of society, particularly the travel and tourism industry. As a result, this paper focuses on the performance of tourism under the COVID pandemic’s destructive impact as well as the appropriate solutions that can...
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A Related Research between the Piano Education Students' Emotional Development

Ying Qi
Any art is a true portrayal of human life and vividly manifests human emotions. Piano music is no exception, and it directly demonstrates inner feelings of mankind with specific art symbols and movement forms of sound structure. Therefore, piano teaching activities have a positive effect on the development...
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Impacts and Solutions of COVID-19 Pandemic on Logistics Industry

Hongjie Li, Ziyue Zhang, Yufei Zhao
The sudden COVID-19 epidemic has brought great impact to the global economy, and the transportation and delivery of medical resources and the basic living needs of the whole people all over the world are becoming urgent and centralized. This epidemic shows that there are still shortcomings in international...
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Research on Brand Building and Communication Strategy of New Media APP

Take NetEase Cloud Music as an Example

Ge Teng
Various industries have begun to merge in the era of new media, and many offline industries have started to carry out brand new marketing by combining online methods. This study takes the music app NetEase Cloud Music as an example, as a more detailed study of the reasons for the rapid development of...
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An Exploration of the Market Opportunity for a Produce E-Commerce Platform in China

Zihan Liu, Hongrui Song, Jingliang Wei, Xinyu Yuan
This paper focuses on identifying problems in consumers’ selection and purchase of fruit by way of online channels, while proposing a solution aimed at overcoming those challenges. Specifically we identify important buyer preferences related to the taste, origin and other characteristics of fruit, which...
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The Comparison and Contrast Between the Protectionism and Free Trade in England

Hanya Guan, Pengjun Qian
International trade is a set of actions that aim to exchange capital, goods, and services between foreign countries across their international borders. International trade policy is a policy related to trading across national boundaries aiming to protect the best interests of their citizens and companies....
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Green Credit Policy, Cash Holding Level and Enterprise Investment Efficiency

Guiqiu Lan, Yijing Liu, Guitao Qiao
By analyzing the data of Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies from 2008 to 2021, this paper discusses the impact of green credit on enterprise investment efficiency by using the differential model. The research shows that green credit policy can significantly improve the investment efficiency...