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Exploring Detriments of China IPO Underpricing: An Empirical Evidence from A-share IPO

Yixin Chen
As an important method for the financing purpose of listed companies, an initial public offering (IPO) is a vital connection between companies and investors and is also the necessary foundation for the development of financial markets. However, since the 1970s, IPOs are observed consistently being underpriced...
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Control Strategy and Algorithm Study on Light Vehicle Electronic Mechanical Braking System

Xinyu Wu
When the vehicle is braking, its gravity center will move forward, and the rear wheel traction is reduced, so is the braking force, resulting in the braking distance longer. If it’s more serious, it will also result in tail wagging phenomenon. If the rear wheel braking force can be increased at this...
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Study on the Spatial Pattern of Zheng-Luo Dual-core Metropolitan Circle to Construct the Provincial Urban System

Yizhen Huang
In the face of the new situation of economic globalization, the unique pattern of the urban system began to appear. Instead of the competition among cities in the region, it gradually showed the continuous development of multiple cities, thus deriving the concept of the metropolitan area as an important...
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A Study on the Mobile Media Transmission Mode and the Corresponding Marketing Strategies

Zhifang Qian
With the development of China's mobile communication technology and the popularity of 4G network, mobile phone begins to shift from a single communication tool to the mass media, and its media functions and spread advantages continue to appear. It has become the product of the combination of communication...
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Correlation of the Image of the World and Individual-Psychological Features of Adolescents

E I Shuleva
The author presents the results of an empirical study of individual psychological characteristics and image of the world of adolescents. The study used the following methods: multi-Factor personality questionnaire 14PF (Sixteen Personaflity Factor Questionnaire, 14pf) Cattell (teen version), projective...
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Analysis and Research on Synergistic Effect of Regional Financial Financing Tolerance and Regional Economic Development from the Perspective of Coupling

Siyuan Dong, Xiaoxuan Wang, Yashuo Yuan
Many studies have shown that regional financial development has a promoting effect on the regional economy, but the literature describing the specific correlation between the two and whether there is a synergistic effect is relatively vague. The innovation of this paper is based on the weighted analysis...
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The Research of Tesco’s Current Investment Portfolio and Some Recommendations

Jiaying Ren
The aim of this research is to make some recommendation to the investment portfolio identifying the return and risk of Tesco. The methods used are financial statement analysis, comparison of return models, risk assessment criteria and ways to plan portfolio adjustments. This paper studies Tesco’s current...
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Analyzing Textile Industry by Linear Programming

Zhaoxiang Feng, Ruokai Wang, Xijun Huang, Xiao Jiang, Yanru Liu
In this paper, we are trying to optimize the production in the Textile industry with linear programming. To achieve this goal, we need to have a detailed understanding of the various demand factors in the production process, including the capital, production consumption, and quantity of raw materials....
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Empirical Study on the Influence of RCEP Countries’ Trade Facilitation Level on China's OFDI

Wanting Sun, Lixin Ye
The study builds a trade facilitation measurement system by selecting 4 primary indicators and 15 secondary indicators to measure RCEP countries’ trade facilitation level. Then, establishing a panel fixed effect model to study the influence of RCEP countries’ trade facilitation level on China's...
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Research on Platform Economic Trust Crisis Management and Governance Mechanism under Blockchain Technology

Liao Qian
The platform economy has injected infinite vitality and vigor into the economic development after COVID-19, which has developed rapidly and solved the problem of flexible employment at present. This paper discusses the platform economic operation mechanism under blockchain technology, especially the...
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Research on Airworthiness Management of Changes to the Type Design with DAS

Jiaqi Dong, Jichun Lu, Ye Yuan
Civil aviation certification is a rigorous process that ensures the safety and reliability of aircraft. However, even if an aircraft has been certified, design changes may still be required. Airworthiness management of changes to the type design is applicable to the entire process of change proposal,...
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Study of Damage of Passenger with Short Stature during a Frontal Collision

Shen Yi
Many scholars have found that just taking 50% mix type III of male dummies as the basis to optimize passenger restraint system parameters limits the performance of the passenger restraint system to some extent, and if 5% of mix type III of female dummies is add to 50% mix type III of male dummies to...
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ERM for an Insurer: Challenges and Prospects

E P Morgunova, G I Bolkina
The paper presents analytical and practical study of implementing ERM at an insurance provider; such providers are institutional investors and constitute a major force in the global investment market. The paper dwells upon the key challengers and prospects of this aspect of management. It identifies...
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Comparative Study of Green Logistics Development at Home and Abroad

Jing Hao
Green logistics based on the maintenance of ecological environment and sustainable development, based on the general logistics to change the one-way relationship. As a new logistics model, green logistics in line with the requirements of sustainable development and human survival and development interests,...
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The Impact of Corporate Cash Holding on Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China

Yundi Gao, Zihan Li
We develop the panel regression model to examine the effect of corporate cash holding on stock price crash risk with data of Chinese listed firms during 2007 to 2018. Based on our results, the corporate cash holding is positively associated with future stock price crash risk. This robustness of results...
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Volatility in Chinese and European Stock Markets under the “Black swan” of the Russia-Ukraine War - An Empirical Test based on the GARCH Family Models and Investor Sentiment

Qingchuan Du
The financial markets in Central Europe were shaken violently in February and March 2022 by the Russian war in Ukraine. In the background, the paper uses GARCH to model and research, figuring out how volatility characteristic shocks to financial markets from war. The paper specifically estimates the...
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Health Communication in the Digital Age in Disease Prevention Efforts Dengue Fever (DB) in Tasikmalya City

Asep Hendra Hendriana, Syamsul Hadi Senen, Rofi Rofaida
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a mosquito-borne disease that occurs in tropical and subtropical areas. This disease is an acute febrile disease caused by the dengue virus, which causes headaches, pain in the eyes, muscles, and joints to spontaneous bleeding. The Indonesian Ministry of Health recorded...
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The Status Quo of Sports Training in Colleges and Universities and its Changing Strategies in China

ShiMing Tan
College sports training is one of the important components of sports industry in China, and its overall quality is related to the overall quality of China’s sports industry. However, under the constraints of human factors, institutional factors, and students themselves, a series of problems in physical...
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Analysis on the Development Direction of Internet Finance in Rural China

Hecheng Zhao
With the rapid development of Internet technology in China, the state further proposes that the promotion of rural financial results should be closely combined with the Internet to promote the development of the rural economy. Therefore, by analyzing the connotation of rural Internet finance, this paper...
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A Stock Price Foresting Using LSTM Based on Attention Mechanism

Xiaofei Wu
Stock price prediction has been a hit subject in recent decades. Many researchers find different methods to predict stock price. LSTM is an excellent variant model of RNN, but single LSTM can only process a single form of data and lacks the ability to process multiple mixed forms of data. Considering...
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ESP Algorithms Study Cornering Light Vehicle Lateral Deviation and Yaw Joint Control

Hongtao Liu
The electronic stability program can conduct real-time monitoring of driver's steering intention and vehicle status, identification of electronic control unit and determine the vehicle's steering characteristics and trends in the loss of steering stability through vehicle-mounted online sensor system....
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Research on the Convergence of Tourism Industry and Cultural Industry in Shaanxi Province

Qihong Tan
Cultural tourism has become a fashion, it leads people to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, visit the precious historical and cultural treasures. It not only makes people get a rich and lively natural and cultural knowledge, but also to enable people to obtain a wealth of human knowledge. Because...
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Behavioral Economics under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wei Du
Behavioral economics can provide information about human behavior preferences and ways of thinking. The development of behavioral economics is mature enough, and various theories are based on experimental data. This paper mainly discusses the changing process of human behavior preferences and thinking...
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Research on Evaluation Index System of Shipping High-Quality Development

Xiangyu Yin, Minghui Qu
Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China’s economic and social development has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development. The new era requires all departments of the social economy to grasp the trend of high-quality development. As...
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Ukraine's Diplomatic Choices

Analyze the influence of Ukraine's WTO Accession and the Diplomatic policy Transformation of the Ukraine Crisis

Jinghan Yao
Ukraine's complex history has led to the emergence of different interest groups and political parties in the eastern and western regions of the state. Meanwhile, although Ukraine has been attempting to complete its social transformation since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has been under the...
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The Introduction of NPV and IRR

Ruoxin Yan, Yijie Zhang
This paper aims to present the initial concept of NPV and IRR by an example of a question to calculate and answer the question for extending contexts of NPV and IRR from the example. Besides, the paper uses the formula to build each question’s process, which makes a systematic solution for leading to...
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Coordination of Innovative Infrastructure in Territories of Advanced Development: Models and Mechanisms

A Byankin, G Burdakova
The development of technological entrepreneurship in the regions of advanced social and economic development is closely connected to the creation of innovative and supporting infrastructure in the territory. Every educational, scientific, production infrastructure element has a certain function and operates...
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Research on the Impact of Sustainable Logistics Service Quality on Consumers’ Cross Buying

Xiao-Hui Li, Zhi-Tao Chen
Through the literature, it is found that contemporary enterprises pay more attention to the sustainable, green and environmental protection logistics service quality provided by logistics service providers, and consumers gradually pay attention to this when making cross purchase. When improving the quality...
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A Systematic Teaching Method of NX sketch

Xianghui Zhan, Xiaoda Li
The sketch is a fundamental expression means of product design, in the current mainstream 3D design software; it is a common feature which can implement the translation of the two-dimensional contour to three-dimensional solid. For the current lack of sketch knowledge points in teaching, in the paper,...
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Consumer Satisfaction for Starbucks

Analysis and Possible Strategy

Xingyue Liu, Yanyu Tang, Yidan Wang
Starbucks has recorded one of the biggest success stories of the coffee brand since its entrance into the China market. However, many customers feel that Starbucks did not pay much attention to its customer satisfaction, especially in China market. The purpose of this study was to explore possible strategies...
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Analysis on the Application of Micro - lesson Resources in Logistics Management Major Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Teng Han
The goal of higher vocational education is to cultivate high-quality talents with professional knowledge and professional skills so that students can better adapt to the needs of social employers when they leave the campus. With the national education departments in recent years the concern of higher...
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Strategies for Hotels During Crises: Covid-19

Marlene Meiling Liu, Xiaoyang Zhao, Steven Jiahua Ye, Xingyu Zhang, Jingyi Zhu
In an economic crisis, most industries suffer from tremendous losses. While many companies hardly make it through the crisis, others take the opportunity to develop their brands and lay a solid foundation for their future. Unlike other economic crises, the recent crisis that started in 2020 was caused...
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An Analysis of the Mental Workload on Procurement and General Affairs Department Employees at PTPN IV Directors Office Medan

Master of Management Universitas Sumatera Utara

Yoga Wahyu Priambudi Harahap, Harmein Nasution, Linda Trimurni Maas
Perkebunan Nusantara IV (Persero) is a state-owned enterprise that is engaged in the agro-industry business field. The purpose of this research is to analyze the mental workload of employees and determine the cause of the mental workload with the fishbone diagram method. The population of this study...
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Climate Change’s Effect on Sea-Level Rise on Tourism from an Economic and Environmental Perspective

Yan Zhang
Under the globally rising temperature circumstance, the dramatic change in the weather caused a different level of rising in the world’s sea level. This study examines the different impacts of climate change on the domestic country’s weather, geomorphic features, population, economic behavior, and damage...
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Analysis of Management Strategy of MXBC

Jiayue Tang
Milk tea is a kind of tea beverage which originated in Taiwan Province and has been popular since 1990s. It combines the fragrance of tea and the sweetness of milk, and has become one of the choices of people’s daily drinks. Nowadays, with the increase of milk tea shops, the competitive of milk tea market...
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Research on the Relationship Between Recommenda-Tion Mechanism of Short Video Platform and Users’ Purchase Intention Under the Background of Interest E-Commerce

Wei Jia Liu
With the development of Internet technology, the development of traditional e-commerce platforms has reached a bottleneck period. Although new forms of e-commerce are emerging, such as cross-border e-commerce, social e-commerce, live broadcast e-commerce, etc. However, products are becoming more and...
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Teaching Method of Base Body Creation in Engineering Graphics Course combination with UG NX

Xiaoda Li, Xianghui Zhan
It discusses the basic knowledge and generating method of Base Body in the course of traditional Engineering Graphics, and produces the teaching methods about the creating of Basic body in the course combined with NX software in the paper. Solid model can be divided into base body and assembly. The simple...
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Feasibility Analysis of International Financial Centers in the Priority Development Areas of Russia’s Far East

I P Bezotetskaya, V S Stepanova, A S Mylnikov
This paper presents the authors’ feasibility analysis of international financial centers in the Priority Development Areas of Russia’s Far East. It analyzes the international experience of creating, and the types of, International Financial Centers in the geographical, legal, and national contexts with...
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Generation mechanism and countermeasures of overseas online public opinions related to China from the perspective of discourse power

Shuo Chen, Jingyi Xu
In recent years, with the progress of Internet technology and the rapid rise of new media, the ecology of public opinion and the pattern of media have undergone significant changes. The occurrence and development of major China-related events are rapidly fermenting under the influence of various public...
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Research on the Correlation Between COVID-19 and Bitcoin Price Volatility Based on Time-series Model

Peilin Du
From 2020 to 2021, COVID-19 spread across the globe, which has a significant impact on the global economy and people’s lives. With the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s pessimism about the economy has increased, leading to a significant increase in demand for safe-haven currencies and a...
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Research of University Librarian's Job Burnout and Its Adjustment

Beidi Zhang
University librarians engaged in university teachers and students as the main service object of service work, occupational characteristics and professional behavior makes it easy to produce job burnout. This paper from the university librarian job burnout performance, analysis of the causes of job burnout...
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Adolescent Obesity: Case Study of McDonald’s Happy Meal

Yuxuan Guo, Xiang Lan, Haoyu Shi, Yizhen Song
Adolescent obesity has been deemed a prominent public health problem in the 21st century, and the over-consumption of fast food is considered one of the essential causes. In this situation, the Happy Meal strategy put forward by McDonald’s has also been accused of luring children to consume those unhealthy...
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Report on the Analysis of Business Risk Issues

Shunqin Zhao
Risk management in the business sector has recently become a major trend. This paper compares and analyzes the crisis management of The Japanese and Chinese governments in the Fukushima nuclear leakage accident by using Augustine’s six-stage theory of crisis management. Conclusion The relatively effective...
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Research on the Evaluation of High Quality Development of Shipping Based on Entropy Weighted Matter Element Extension Model

Xiangyu Yin, Minghui Qu
With the needs of social development and strong support from the country, China's shipping industry is bound to move steadily towards high-quality development. In this context, studying the evaluation of high-quality shipping development provides theoretical reference for high-quality shipping development,...
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The Impact of Private Equity Financing in Chinese Market

Zhiyao Lin
This paper uses A-share listed companies' private equity financing events in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges from January 2010 to December 2019 as a research sample. It calculates the cumulative excess return of the corresponding stocks. Combined with the method of event research, this paper...
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A Literature Review of Corporate Innovation: Influencing Factors

Mai Zhang
In recent years, academic scholars in financial economics have paid close attention to corporate innovation, which has become an increasingly relevant topic. The goal of this study is to provide a synthesized and evaluated monograph of scholarly publications that look at the elements that drive business...
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Research on Product Development of China’s Telecommunication Market Based on Pricing Strategy

Taking China Unicom as an Example

Ruoheng Hu
The growing maturity of 5G technology provides development space for China’s mobile communication market, but it also brings more challenges. Taking China Unicom as an example, this paper analyzes the pricing of three major telecom products: voice package, product fixed fee and data package, as well...
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Analysis of the Effect of Transformational Leadership on Job Performance, Trust in Leadership, and Innovative Work Behavior with Work Engagement as a Mediating Variable

Yoga Perdana Hidayat, Yasmine Nasution
This study discusses the role of leaders in controlling the pace of the organization towards the future with the aim of understanding awareness of environmental needs and preparing organizational change strategies. Leaders with a transformational leadership style can strengthen understanding and fairness...
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A Study on the Drama Communication in the Post Stage Period

QiaoWei Li, Tianhui Zhang
With the development of Internet and multimedia technology, the spread of traditional opera has undergone tremendous changes. The Internet and multimedia communication of Chinese opera is a new trend in the development of modern opera, and it is also an inevitable requirement for the opera to adapt to...
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Digitalization of Labor Relations

E Gurova, N Laas, I Romanova
This paper presents the results of polling employees of Russian state-run and private enterprises and companies on such topic as digitalization of labor relations. Respondents were asked about the pros and cons of a paperless office, digital workplaces and remote work, which, being the attributes of...
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The Forecast to World Energy Industry and an Outlook to World Energy Industry Investment

Zhengyang Shi, Yiwei Sun, Runze Wang
This paper focuses on the expectations for the energy industry in 2023 when the market recovers from COVID-19. It provides a reference for a general overview of the trend of the energy sector and the outlook to world energy industry investment, which also extracts information from the current state of...
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The Progress of Digital Currency Electronic Payment

Xinyu Liu, Fan Lu, Wanlu Shan, Jiayuan Zhang
Developed and issued by the People’s Bank of China, the Digital Currency Electronic Payment has the same legal status as the physical RMB. This essay will describe the basic information, development, and advantages of the DCEP and the challenges and risks that may be encountered in the development, distribution,...
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US-China Trade Conflict and the Dynamics of Chinese Semiconductor Companies’ Stock Prices

Yihan Wang
Beginning in the spring of 2018, the U.S.-China trade conflict officially began. This paper focuses on the impact of several U.S. tariff increases on China on Chinese exports in this context. As the U.S. stopped supplying chips to China and clamped down on Chinese semiconductor industry sales in the...
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Marketing Strategies of Luxury Brands in Chinese Market

Jiao Hong
Under the dual pressure of the poor macro consumption situation and the "flight" of domestic consumption capacity to overseas, major luxury brands also have a sense of crisis. In order to consolidate the existing consumer groups and attract more new consumers in Chinese market. These valuable...
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Planned Impulse Consumption in Live Streaming E-commerce——Evidence from Tiktok

Abigail Xi Chen
Due to the epidemic, many brands began to sell goods live on platforms such as Tiktok, Kwai and Taobao. Based on the sales data of Tiktok in the second quarter of 2022 collected by Huitun network, this paper made regression analysis to exam the relationship between consumers' behaviors, their plans...
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SWOT Analysis and Strategic Choice of Alibaba Group’s Acquisition of Lazada

Joey Zhu
Globalization has fueled the development of the Internet, thus enabling the rapid development of e-commerce industry. As an emerging industry, its development has greatly changed the way people consume and brought convenience to trade. At the beginning of the 21st century, transnational mergers and acquisitions...
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Inheritance and Teaching Research of Folk Music in Contemporary Education

QiaoWei Li, Tianhui Zhang
National music is the treasure of national culture in China, which also is one of the spiritual motive forces of Chinese nation's continual development. As an important field of national music culture, school education must seek a new orientation in the music education of current multicultural world....
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Spatial Distribution Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Logistics Distribution Centers

Xue Mu, Zhiyong Mao
Urban logistics transfer centers mainly provide the basic logistics space needs of people's livelihood such as express delivery, e-commerce delivery and fresh cold chain, which are important for promoting the high-quality development of logistics industry and improving the happiness index of residents....
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Analysis of Innovation Opportunities for AirTag

Qibing Li
Innovation not only refers to the innovation of products and technologies, it can also be various types of innovations such as new strategies and new services. Although Apple products have already occupied some of their competitive advantages, if there are no innovative products, it will still lead to...
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Managing Intangible Resources

Shunqin Zhao
This paper outlines the Coca-Cola’s core operations, including its history, leadership and strategic objectives. First, it analyzed Coca-Cola’ s management and utilization of its tangible and intangible assets according to its financial statements and list of intangible resources in recent years, and...
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The Influence of Strategic Human Resource Management and External Environment Configuration on Innovation in Science and Technology Enterprises

Teng Zhang, Lihong Du, Kang Xu
The rapid development of my country's science and technology enterprises has gradually become an important growth point for the country's economic innovation and development. Compared with traditional enterprises, a technology enterprise is a knowledge-, technology- and talent-intensive enterprise...
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The Effects of Workplace Spirituality Toward Public Service Motivation with Employee Well-Being, Organizational Identification, and Workforce Agility as Mediating Variable

Muhammad Hafiz Sidik Pulungan, Fanny Martdianty
Public Sector Organizations played a major role in a country’s policy towards the handling and the recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic impact, making maintaining Public Service Motivation (PSM) would be vital to delivering effective policy. This article examines Public Service Motivation (PSM) and Employee...
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The Impact of Exchange Rate Changes on China’s Imports and Exports Under the Epidemic

Yishun Feng, Junkang Li, Xuehe Qiao, Peichen Xiao, Bohao Yao
Affected by the COVID-19, the Federal Reserve System adopt monetary policies to ease the economic crisis. The resulting changes in exchange rates will have an impact on China’s import and export trade. In this paper, data on exchange rate movements and imports and exports after the outbreak are selected...
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Cultural Vacancy in Cultural Tourism English Translation and Its Countermeasures

Hong Liu
With the economic globalization and the progress of science and technology, people's living standards have been greatly improved and cultural tourism has gradually been an indispensable part of people at all ages. Because of customs, geography, values, religious beliefs and other different reasons, there...
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The Effectiveness of RMB Internationalization

Shengting Hou, Lu Huang, Xiaoduo Zhang
Due to the 2008 economic crisis, the global economic and monetary system requires new blood. Hence the emergence of alternative currencies is inevitable. Based on this situation, this paper will analyze how Macroeconomic policy would influence Renminbi (RMB) being internationalization. In order to explore...
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Career Opportunities Policy in Russia

T V Suvalova, V I Panin, O O Chamberlain
The paper analyzes the state of the art of career opportunities policy in Russia, which is based on polling almost 1,500 respondents. The goal is to identify the career opportunities with breakdown by gender, age, presence or absence of disabilities, ethnicity, and religion. The paper proposes ways to...
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Low Carbon Logistics Location Problem Under Multi-Vehicle Route

Kaiwei Jia, Jue Wang
In order to solve the decision-making problem of distribution center location and multi-vehicle routing optimization combination under the background of low carbon emission, a planning model aiming at the minimum logistics comprehensive cost considering carbon emission was proposed, and a two-stage heuristic...
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Exploration of the Problems of Virtual Currency and Potential Solutions

Rui Tang, Rui Wang, Rongjie Zou
In recent years, virtual currency has become an international hot topic. At the same time, virtual currency also ushered in unprecedented development. How to effectively regulate virtual currency becomes a problem worth discussing. This paper first analyses the development of virtual currency with Bitcoin...
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Investigating How Transformational Leaders Use Goal Setting Approach to Promote ERP Implementation within Chinese SMEs

Ruiying Li
This paper investigates how transformational leaders facilitate ERP implementation within the company by setting reasonable goals. Specifically, this paper proceeded with an extreme case study within a Chines small and medium-sized company. From the outcome, this paper found that transformational leaders...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System of Regional Green Innovation Policy Source Ability under the New Development Pattern of “Double-cycle”

Ruo-qing HU
Enhancing the ability of green innovation policy source is the core requirement of high-quality development of the regional economy under the “double-cycle” development pattern, and it is the inevitable choice to cope with the changes of the global market environment and overcome difficulties. Accelerate...
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Aesthetic Art Value Analysis of Dancing Cheerleading

Sheng Shi
Dance cheerleading is an emerging movement with unique artistic charm and a large stage show space. The development of Chinese dance cheerleading is still in its infancy, the overall level is much lower than Europe and the United States. Therefore, this article from the perspective of artistic value...
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Research on MSCI Barra CNE5 Model and Stock Selection

Bingjie Cai
With the rapid development of the country’s economy, people’s disposable income is accumulating and the demand for financial management is growing. At the same time, the number of listed companies in China has exceeded 4,400 and the total market capitalization of the stock market. With a total market...
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An Introduction to the Research on Profit Models

HaiYan Song, YiPing Jiang
The purpose of a company is to make a profit, and the way a company makes a profit in different periods is different. This article starts from what value the profit model can create, that is, to achieve sustainable development, increase sales revenue, maintain normal cash flow, improve the time value...
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The Effects of the Paris Agreement on Stock Markets: Evidence from Clean Energy Stocks

Jianing Kuang, Ruochen Zhou, Diandian Shi, Zhengyang Cai
The threats presented by climate change have led to an increasing number of international environmental treaties. In this paper, the effects of the 2016 Paris Agreement on investment behaviors are specifically investigated. By applying the event study methodology, a market model based on S&P Broad...
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Relationship Between Employee Discipline and Working Environment in Improving Employee Performance at CV. Rahmad Syariah Swalayan

Adri Yani Lifia, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Meilita Tryana Sembiring
Optimal performance is required to achieve organizational goals because all current corporate activities and policies fully support it. Researchers conducted this study in a supermarket in Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra. This study was conducted to see whether employee discipline and work environment...
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Study on Mandatory Norms of Company Law

Haibo Yao
With the development of the society and economy, the company has become the most important market main body in modern social economic activities, and the Company Law is becoming more and more important. There is no uniform standard on how to distinguish between mandatory and arbitrary norms. How to divide,...
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Improving Machine LEarning’s Performance in Predicting Stock Price in Unexpected Situations

Dingjun Wang
Machine learning, known as deep learning, enables computers to learn from data sets, and more importantly, to think and make decisions like humans. In latest years, this idea has become rather significant in the field of finance for being capable of handling complex tasks, such as predicting stock price....
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Best Foreign Practices in Modernization of State Regulation for Labor Migration in Russia: The Case Study of Thailand

D Ushakov, K Khairiree, T Podolskaya
In the last 30 years Thailand has seriously repositioned itself at the international labor market - from being a long-term donor to becoming an active recipient of the labor force. Contemporary problems of migration dynamics in Thailand are directly related to low efficiency of state regulation in the...
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COVID-19 and Volatility of China Concept Stocks

Yumeng Chen
COVID-19 is now spreading all over the world, and the severity of the epidemic varies from region to region. In this case, people’s investor sentiment is unstable, and the price of the stock market fluctuates accordingly, including China Concept Stocks. This paper aims at exploring the correlation between...
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A Study on the Reasons for the Rise of Right-Wing Forces in East Part of Germany After the Reunification of Germany Since 1989

Xiang Ji, Sihan Niu, Peiwei Yan
After the end of the Cold War, the growth of right-wing forces is dramatic, especially in Europe countries. The extreme right-wing political groups’ view tend to support the nationalism, populism, and other political ideas with right tendencies. These right-wing supporters think that their superior identity...
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The Influence of Digital Technology in the Digital Marketing

Ziqi Zhu
Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, digital technology has been widely used. Many people use kinds of digital platforms, like Amazon, YouTube and Zoom. These digital platforms provide different functions, like online shopping, watching videos, and online meeting. At the same...
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The Influence of Pedagogic Competence and Self-Efficacy of Knowledge Donating in Sinar Sentosa Education Foundation

Boy Raja Sianturi, Iskandarini, Vivi Rahmadhani Pohan
This study aimed at investigating the effect of pedagogic competence and self-efficacy on knowledge donating. The method used in this research is a survey by distributing questionnaires to 58 teachers who work at the Sinar Sentosa Education Foundation. The result shows that pedagogic competence and self-efficacy...
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Asset Allocation and the Optimization Portfolio Choice for the Retired Firefighter

Anbo Wang
Asset allocation and portfolio management have become quite important as the fast development of the global finance and the tremendous improvement of people’s life. This paper aims at helping the retired firefighter employ his pension to allocate the assets and find the optimization of the portfolio....
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A Study on the Impact of Bond Market Development on RMB Internationalization

Chunka Tai
This paper uses the method of constructing a currency internationalization index to measure the degree of a country's currency internationalization, and selects the ratio of the stock of national debt denominated in currency to the country's GDP to measure the development of a country's...
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Study on the Impact of Cross-border E-commerce on the Development of Airport Economy in West China

Dan Wang
With the rapid spread of the Internet, e-commerce as a new way of trade, with unique advantages in the global context of vigorous development of international trade had a profound impact. E-commerce in China after 10 years of development, more and more foreign trade enterprises through e-commerce platform...
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Target Analysis of Dredging Ship and Process Schemes of Inland River Main Channels in Jiangsu Province

Beibei Qu, Deyu Wu, Feng Jin, Qingfeng Wang
For the dredging projects of inland river main channels in Jiangsu Province, the demand research of suitable dredging ship and dredging process schemes was carried out. Firstly, the development situation and trend of dredging vessels and processes were analysed. Secondly, combined with the current dredging...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Determinants of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions of Chinese Enterprises

Tingting Zhang
On the basis of sorting out and analyzing the background of China’s cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and combing relevant literature and theoretical knowledge, this paper selects 47 cross-border M&A data of listed companies on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges from January...
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The Optical Portfolio of the Markowitz Model and the Index Model

Under Ten Stocks from S&P 500

Zhide Zhang
This paper compares the effectiveness of the Markowitz model with the Single Index model. Using ten stocks of the S&P 500 index from 2000 to 2020, we first calculate the portfolio of the two models and then find the optimal portfolio to help people know better about choosing a better model under...
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Influence of Social Media Communication on Employee Innovative Work Behavior: Mediating Role of Work Engagement

Hanisa Amalina, Elok Savitri Pusparini
This research aims to examine the influence of social media communication based on two kinds of communication, work-related and non-work-related, on employee innovative work behavior. A quantitative research method was used on 385 employees as samples to achieve the objective of this research. The data...
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Business Analysis in Modeling of Financial Risk

Dirun Zhang, Xiangyi Shan, Siqi Li
The bank’s main source of profit is loans, the money lent out by charging interest to make a profit, but with great risk of not being able to recover. In economic globalization, especially in the context of financial internationalization, loan risk control is always an important research topic for banks....
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Image of Russia in the Chinese Culture of the 21st Century

A S Breitman, Chen Qi
This paper dwells upon the image of Russia, its national mentality and culture both in the broader context of the Sino-Russian relations of the late decades, and in the views of today’s Chinese students studying the Russian language in China. Students have been surveyed at Shandong Jiaotong University,...
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Study on the Internal Control of Wahaha Group Co. under the Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Yujie Xue
Wahaha was founded in 1987 under the leadership of its founder Zong Qing Hou. The company started with three people and an investment of 140,000 yuan,then gradually developed into a mega-leading food and beverage enterprise group company, which is currently the largest beverage manufacturing company...
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An Applied Research on the Stratified Teaching Model in Basketball Teaching

Zhangzhu Li
In the practice of basketball teaching for many years, the author finds that it is difficult for poor students to accept the "one size fits all" teaching model and excellent students can not improve themselves, which causes that basketball teaching does not meet the actual physical needs of students....
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Analysis of the Recent Development of the Ready-made Tea Industry in China Based on the Innovation of HEYTEA

Zihui Zhang
With the rapid development of the modern economy and society, the ready-made tea industry has shown great development potential, but the competition in the industry is particularly fierce. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the external environment of the industry through the PEST model, and use...
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Operations and Supply Chain Analysis of the Smartphone Industry: Comparing Apple and Huawei

Peifeng Yan, Xinyuan Bai, Zehao Shen
The smartphone market is characterized by intense competition and is also one of the fastest-growing businesses, with many international players jostling for a share of the pie. However, establishing supply chains with efficient, end-to-end processes that ensure resource availability, production efficiency,...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Building Carbon Emissions in Extremely Cold Regions of China: A Case Study of Liaoning Province

Yanyan Li, Tong Gao, Yan Qiao
Effective control of carbon emissions from the construction industry in China’s extremely cold regions is of decisive significance for achieving the goal of “carbon peak”. This study uses STIRPAT and regression models to analyze carbon emissions in the construction industry in Liaoning Province from...
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Application Analysis of Blockchain in Business

Yimiao Li
Blockchain has aroused widespread interest in many fields. As a distributed digital ledger, blockchain has transparency, traceability, and irreversibility in recording transaction information, and has been welcomed by many industries and investors. This paper aims to discuss two main applications of...
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Research on the Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pharmaceutical Stock Markets in China —Based on Granger Causality Test

Yuhan Chen
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus disease, which broke out in early 2020, a “public health emergency,” triggering significant problems to the Chinese economy. The pandemic has had a massive effect on the majority of industries. This article will apply the Event Analysis Approach...
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Research on the Influence of Investor Experience and Investment Strategy on Investment Return

Jitao Hu, Longying Hu
With the public’s response to “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and the gradual regulation of the financial market, venture capital industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, which not only stimulates economic growth, but also promotes technological progress. However, there are still...
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Methods for Luckin Coffee to Develop its Core Competence

Haohui Zhang
Luckin Coffee, which is a new Chinese local coffee brand, opened its first store at the end of 2017, and then rapidly expanded. It only took one and a half years to break through 2000 stores and be listed on NASDAQ in the United States. Now, the number of offline stores exceeded 4500, overtaking Starbucks...