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Study on Performance Evaluation on Supply Chain System of Manufacturing Enterprises Based on AHP-DEA Model

Qian Ming, Zhijun Feng
A typical manufacturing enterprise supply chain system is a complex system, which is composed of interconnected subsystems. The efficiency of resource allocation, operation characteristics and coordination degree of between subsystems in different subsystems has a great impact on the overall performance...
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Barriers to Knowledge Sharing Among Academics in Tertiary Institutions

Dewan Niamul Karim, Abdul Halim Abdul Majid
There has been a rising concern with regard to an inadequate level of knowledge sharing among the academicians in tertiary institutions across the globe. Scholars argue that improving academic research and quality of education at these institutions greatly depends on the level of knowledge sharing practices...
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Enhancing The Performance of Regional Development Banks

Ferry Novindra Idroes, Ernie Tisnawati Sule, Popy Rufaidah, Diana Sari
The roles of Regional Development Banks (BPD) in Indonesia are as financial intermediaries and as drivers of the respective regional economy. These roles can be performed optimally if there are synergies undertaken by all stakeholders. This study is expected to contribute to BPD stakeholders in optimizing...
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A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurial Risk between Chinese and American College Students and Countermeasures

Gu Yi, Tenpao Li, Shengguang Chen
Chinese and American college students have different entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial risk awareness, and culture between the two countries. There are some differences in the behavior and risk controlled among Chinese and American college students in entrepreneurial practice. This paper will...
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Study on Development Capability of Small Farmer Cooperative Organization in Rural Revitalization

Guosheng Ma, Juan Chen
As one of the most common small-scale farmer cooperative organization, farmers' professional cooperatives play an important role in rural revitalization. On the basis of field investigation, this paper objectively analyzes the development status of farmers' professional cooperatives in Taicang City,...
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Quantitative Survey on Innovation in the Czech Republic

Hana Urbancová, Pavla Vrabcová
One of the most important characteristics of innovation is that it is a continuous process in every organisation. The financial performance of organisations is strongly dependent on successful innovation. Innovation rate resp. the pace of technological change is mainly influenced by investment in research...
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The Innovative Activity of Russian Business in the Conditions of Macroeconomic Instability

A.M. Koroleva, M.M. Makhmudova
The article identifies the role of innovations in the economic development of a state and a region during innovative development transformation. Regional and industry differentiation by companies' innovative activity level is analysed. Priority areas of innovative activity development in pioneer businesses...
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The Study on Deleveraging of State-Owned Enterprises

Based on the Perspective of Regional Financial Risk

Xi Chang, Yiteng Hu
The rise of China’s macro leverage has become one of the main factors inducing financial risks. How to reduce the leverage level of the soft budget constraint sector, especially the leverage level of the state-owned enterprise (SOE) sector, is the key link to prevent systemic risks. Based on the panel...
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Innovation of Public Service Based on E-Government:

A Study on SMS Gateway Website Application of Pulosari Village, Bareng Sub-District, Jombang District

Aizzatun Nabilah
Indonesia’s development has now been centered on rural communities. It is proven by the Village Law, which was passed by the government on January 15, 2014. One of the articles in the Village Law, Article 86 No. 6, 2014, discussed that the village information system is managed by the Village Government...
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Flexible Working Arrangement and Job Satisfaction in Mitigating Burnout: A Literature Review

Dian Fitria Handayani, Dewi Pebriyani
Burnout is a chronic syndrome resulting from stress in the workplace that has not been successfully managed. Burnout has three dimensions like feeling of exhausted, low personal accomplishment, and depersonalization which reduce professional efficacy. In accounting, burnout is often experienced by auditors...
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The Game and Risk Control of Three Parties in Logistics Finance

Naizhang Zhai, Eric McDermott
Small and medium enterprises are an important part that forcing China’s economic and social development. It is true that giving promotion to the development for small and medium enterprises is a crucial basis for China to keep the economy and politics stable, offering them a rapid development and strategic...
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Modeling Space – Creating a Community

L.N. Nugumanova, G.A. Shaykhutdinova, T.V. Yakovenko
The authors describe the educational space of Tatarstan Institute of education development and opportunities of its modeling in the context of digitalization of education for the purpose of continuous teachers’ pedagogical education as a part of professional development. The article focuses on the design...
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Evaluation of Urban Sustainable Development and the Influencing Factors: Considering the Citizen Perception

Wenhua Yuan, Li Meng, Jianchun Li
This paper constructed the evaluating indicator system for urban sustainable development (USD) based on People Oriented and carried out the case study. Based on citizens’ cognition of urban green growth, this paper selects network analysis method to establish evaluation model, combines subjective demand...
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The Effect of Company Size and Capital Structure on Company Value

Gede Putu Agus Jana Susila, Komang Krisna Heryanda, Komang Endrawan Sumadi Putra
This study aimed to examine the effect of company size and capital structure on company value. The research design used quantitative causal. The subject of this research was the transportation sub-sector company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and the objects of this research were company size,...
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Internal Control System in Credit Organizations

Majd Alnakoula
Credit institutions should very carefully manage risks, constantly adapt to the competitive environment, and develop their activities daily. At the same time, they have to comply with certain rules of conduct, which are controlled by both external and internal control bodies. In order to more identify...
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No Such Thing As A Free App

A Taxonomy of Freemium Business Models and User Archetypes

Imam Salehudin, Frank Alpert
The Freemium business model is becoming increasingly prominent in the current digital economy. In the mobile game market, total revenue from free to download apps is overtaking those from paid apps. The purpose of this article is to propose a taxonomy that examines and categorizes the various types of...
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Investigation on Buyers’ Purchase Intention of High-Rise Properties in Malaysia in the Era of 4.0

Darren Khoo, Yen-Nee Goh, Mao-Seng Ting
Customer in the era of 4.0 may be influenced by social media when it comes to their purchase intention. Nonetheless, when the product involvement for the purchase is high such as buying a property, buyers’ intention is greatly determined by psychological factors. Hence, the aim of this study is to determine...
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Can Input Tax of That Discovered on The Audit Process Be Treated as Value Added Tax (VAT) Credit? A Legal Perspective Analysis

Abdul Basir, Adi Barata
Conceptually, Value Added Tax (VAT) Input Tax on purchase of taxable goods or services that have been paid and collected by VAT Enterpreuner is considered as VAT credit and can be credited with Output Tax in computing the VAT payable on the respective VAT Return period.It is worth noting that Article...
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The Mediating Role of Management Accounting Systems that Influence Management Style on Managerial Performance

Luk Luk Fuadah, Yuliani, Rika Henda Safitri
The purpose of this study is to examine the mediating role of management accounting systems that influence management style on managerial performance in hospitals. The theory use in this study is the contingency theory. The population of the study is all managers or leaders in hospitals in Palembang...
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The Analysis of Leadership Style and Motivation Toward Performance of Employees

Andre Suandi Simbolon, Anton Robiansyah, Kadek Masakazu, Nining Suryani
The aim of this study to determine the effect of leadership style and motivation on employee performance in PT. Propan Raya Samarinda (PT. RCS). The population and sample in this study consisted of 42 employees. Methods of data collection using questionnaires, observations, and interviews. Data analysis...
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The Effectiveness of Distributors and Small Medium Enterprises Relation on Sustaining the Economic Activities in Outer Island

Willy Setyadi, Andriati Fitriningrum
The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of distributors in assisting Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in rural or outer island area to ensure business sustainability. The study is motivated by the crucial economic roles of SMEs in outer island, despite their proneness to numerous adversities in attaining...
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Factors Influencing Career Choice in Islamic Multilevel Marketing: The Mediating Role of Company Credibility

Jhanghiz Syahrivar, Hetty Karunia Tunjungsari, Frangky Selamat, Chairy Chairy
Research in Islamic Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is relatively underrepresented, partly because such business model combined with Islamic appeal is a relatively new phenomenon and the novelty of MLM business is disputable in Islamic point of view. This research aimed to explore factors influencing the...
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The Structure Evolution of China’s Urban Networks from the Perspective of Flows–Take 2007–2014 as an Example

Youyang You
China’s massive high-speed rail construction in a short time has exerted a huge impact on accessibility and connectivity of cities. As the rise of “Flow space” theory, the impact of high-speed rail construction on urban network is more noteworthy. According to 2007-2014 HSR time schedule data, this paper...
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Assessment Issues of Sustainability of Rural Area Development Under Digitalization Conditions

A.V. Agibalov, L.A. Zaporozhtseva, Yu.V. Tkacheva, T.V. Sabetova, R.O. Tolstolutckii
Sustainable development of rural areas in the current economic conditions is attracting close attention not only in Russia but throughout the world. At the same time, the problem of choosing indicators and the mechanism for assessing the dynamics of sustainable development of rural territories at each...
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An Overview of the Social-Economic Development of the Constituent Territories of the North Caucasus Federal District

A.A. Akbasheva, I.Sh. Dzakhmisheva, L.A. Shevkhuzheva, J.V. Masalova
Qualitative changes in the social-economic development of the constituent territories of the North Caucasus Federal District served as the basis for solving the problems of managing the economy of the agro-industrial complex. The solution to this problem is seen in the research of the current social-economic...
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(T, RN,α,p) Inventory Policy for a FMCG Retail Supply Chain

Prasun Kumar Das, Susanta Kumar Gauri
The scope of this study is limited to the supply chain of a FMCG retail business spreading through retail outlets and connected with the central warehouse. Manual intervention of requisitioning quantity of footwear on daily basis, from the retail outlets to the warehouse, was creating frequent problems...
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Deposit Insurance Systems: Evolution, Risks, Development Trends

Nataliya A. Amosova, Mikhail Yu. Sanakoev
Economic recovery after crises and economic growth are the relevant objectives for many countries worldwide amid the pandemic. A special contribution to fulfilling these objectives can be a research on the essence, institutional framework, characteristics and efficiency of deposit insurance systems....
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Predicting Turnover Intention Among Pharmaceutical Employee Through Psychological Contract Fulfillment For Work Engagement

Daniel Kisahwan, Andreas Wahyu Gunawan
The aim of this study is to analyze the implication of psychological contract fulfillment on employee’s turnover intention through work engagement. Data sample were collected from 240 employees foreign pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia. Data analysis using the Structural Equation Model. The data collection...
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Measuring Efficiency of Fuel Oil Usage in PT PLN: A Short-Run Analysis

Tongam Sihol Nababan
This study aims to measure and to analyze the efficiency level of fuel oil usage in units of PT. PLN generation. The study result shows that until now the PLN is still operating in inefficiency condition, because of foil oil usage. The energy consumption level of fuel oil is less efficient compared with...
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Studies on Culture and Creative economics in Belgium (Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia)

Elisabetta Lazzaro
In recent decades, new forces, such as China, Russia and Brazil, have emerged in the international contemporary art market as part of the creative economy. At the same time the art market is becoming more visible globally, with the same art galleries and the same artists can be exhibited in different...
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The Impact of Economic Turbulence on Local Bank Efficiency: Does Common Wisdom Hold?

Felisitas Defung, Rizky Yudaruddin, Syarifah Hudayah
Common theory suggests that banking performance is positively related to economic growth. This common wisdom is further tested by investigating whether economic turmoil has a meaningful impact on local bank technical efficiency. This study uses Regional Development Banks (RDB) data in Indonesia as a...
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Reformation and Exploration in Physics Experiment Teaching

Maoyong Tang, Yaxiang Bai
In order to improve the quality of physics experiment and cultivate the innovative person with ability of independent scientific research, traditional physics experiment teaching method and content must be reformed, In this paper, the reformation and exploratory researches of physics experiment teaching,...
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Earning Management or Tax Avoidance? Company Decision on Accounting and Tax Reporting Cost

Elisa Tjondro, Agnes Ayu Permata
The significant differences between the company tax rate and the loan interest rate create incentives for companies in Indonesia to conduct trade-offs between accounting and tax reporting costs. Management always wants to give a good signal for investors regarding company financial performance. On the...
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Digital model of the dairy industry of Siberia

M.K. Chernyakov, M.M. Chernyakova
The studies are devoted to the currently incompletely solved both in theoretical and practical aspects problem of managing the development of the dairy industry. One of the tasks aimed at solving it is the need to develop a non-standard approach to the theoretical foundations of regulation of this industry...
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New trends in financial inclusion policies: role of digital technologies and digital inclusion

Victor Dostov, Pavel Shust, Anna Khorkova
By comparing the situation with financial inclusion in developing and developed countries we look at the notion of ‘new financially excluded’. There seems to be a growing evidence that the implementation of new technologies that was seen as a universal cure for financial exclusion backfires for some...
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A Bi-level Programming Model on the Pricing Method for the Air-Rail Intermodal Transport

Jin Zeng, Shaoyuan Guo, Fangrong Qi, Hongqin Pan
In recent years, China's society has developed rapidly, the high-speed railway network has become more and more perfect, and the competition between high-speed rail and civil aviation has become increasingly fierce. In the country's newly introduced national transportation development plan, the development...
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BRI and the Countries of Southern Europe: The Risks for the European Markets and the Prospects for Southern Europe Development

Natalya L. Krasyukova, Olga V. Panina, Elizaveta S. Sokolova, Anna A. Bakulina
The Belt and Road Initiative today is one of the biggest integrational projects in the world. It connects Asia, Africa and Europe, so it is no surprise that the European countries tend to assess their benefits and losses from taking part in it. The Southern European economies are willing to participate...
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Project management competences as a driver of growing economies

Vladimir Obradović
Economic growth cannot be achieved without adequate strategy implemented through projects. Consequently, growth depends on the success of selected and executed projects. On the other hand, project managers, project team members, and other key personnel involved in project substantially influence overall...
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Establish “Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things” Create “Industry 4.0”

LV Zhongtao
In the development of human society, the Industrial Revolution has become an important turning point in history, a key factor to stimulate economic development, but also changed the world pattern and human life style. Now the age of Information Revolution based on intelligence has arrived. In this critical...
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Potential of Denpasar City “Zero Point” for Denpasar City Tour Package Development

Tanggap Sasmita
This study aims to explore the tourism potential of Denpasar City, especially historical tourism by using the “Zero Point” of Denpasar City. The research method is descriptive qualitative by conducting interviews at Denpasar City Tourism Office and observations directly to the site. The results of the...
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Financial Technology 3.0 Adoption in Financial and Non-Financial Institutions from Modified UTAUT Perspective

Valentina Tohang, Erika Lo, Adilla Anggraeni
In the financial industry, the innovations of financial technology (FinTech) is vital to provide convenience to the public to access financial products and transaction facilities. Nevertheless, FinTech is recently growing in the non-financial industry and has been able to improve financial inclusion...
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Role of Independent Commissioner in Moderating Factors That Affect Earnings Response Coefficient

Siti Azizah, Linda Agustina, Kuat Waluyo Jati
This research aims to examine the influence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), accounting conservatism, growth opportunities, and default risk on Earnings Response Coefficient (ERC) with independent commissioners as moderating variables. The population of this research is the manufacturing companies...
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E-government as an Effective Way of Interaction Between Government Authorities and the Population

Aleksey Ruchkin, Tatiana Kruzhkova, Olga Rushitskaya, Gulnara Dyuzelbayeva
The issue of interaction between citizens and businesses with authorities during the pandemic has become particularly relevant in the context of self-isolation. E-government has become the only window of opportunity to receive state aid, appeals, and benefits. In this regard, it is necessary to constantly...
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The Effect of Services Quality on Tourist Satisfaction and Tourist Loyalty

Neffi Sulkaisi, Idris, Felia Siska, Irwan
This study explores the influence of service quality variables, tourist satisfaction and tourist loyalty. This study involved 156 tourists who visited the Aditywarman Museum, then analyzed using the SEM method. The results showed that there is a direct influence between the variable service quality on...
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Configurations of Capitals of an Innovative Ecosystem in the Economy of Knowledge

Daria Lanskaya, Boris Ryakhovsky, Anastasiya Yakovlenko
The paper examines the problem of configuring tangible and intangible capitals in the internal space of the innovation ecosystem of the knowledge economy, adequate to the strategy being implemented. The purpose of the paper is to study the relationship between tangible and intangible capitals and a fractal...
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Analysis of the Industry Specialization of Russian Monotowns (On the Example of the Arkhangelsk and Vologda Regions)

E.V. Akinfeeva, O.P. Ivanova, M.A. Nikonova
The article is a continuation of a series of publications devoted to the analysis of the industry specialization of Russian monotowns. The purpose of the paper is to analyze the sectoral structure of the industry of a monotown and assess its importance for the economic development of a monotown. The...
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Social Media in the Constituent Interaction and Mobility: Case Study in the 2017 Jakarta-Indonesia Governor General Election Campaign

Yunila Laras Ismawani, La Mani, Muhamad Aras
The use of social media in general election campaign in the third world countries, especially in Indonesia, becomes more common but the relationship between social media existence in political campaign and the final vote result still need to be scrutinized. Therefore, this study aimed to analyse with...
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The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Work Stress of Employees

Hardani Widhiastuti, Gusti Yuliasih, Yudi Kurniawan
This study aims to determine the extent to which employees experience Work Stress, coupled with the Covid-19 Pandemic that is hitting Indonesia. To find out and control the employee’s Work Stress, use an online workshop on Stress Management caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The research method used in...
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An Introduction: Legal Regulation of the Digital Economy and Digital Relations in the 21st Century

Aida Guliyeva, Elena Korneeva, Wadim Strielkowski
This paper constitutes a short introduction to the Proceedings of the 1st International Scientific Conference “Legal Regulation of the Digital Economy and Digital Relations: Problems and Prospects of Development” (LARDER 2020) that was organized by the Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement in...
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Financial Model Innovation of Agricultural Product Supply Chain Based on Integrated Operation

Li Chunhua, Wang Peng
There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the agricultural product supply chain. These enterprises are faced with financing difficulties and high financing costs for a long time, and there are widespread trust crises and poor information transmission in the supply chain. Based on the integrated...
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Methodical Approach to Assessing Food Safety of Ukraine

Iryna Mihus, Mykola Denisenko
The article discusses the views of scientists on the assessment of Food safety of Ukraine and the threats that affect it. The main indicators on the basis of which the state of food safety of the state is assessed have been systematized. The proposed factors that determine the degree of food safety are...
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Determinants Intellectual Capital of Banking Companies in Indonesia

Prasetyono, Elvia Anggraeni, Ardi Hamzah, Frida Fanani Rohma, Erfan Muhammad
This research examines the effect of ownership concentration, audit committee, and company performance on intellectual capital disclosures in banks on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. This research is descriptive quantitative research, and research data uses the financial statements of the IDX on banking...
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Behind the Pattern: Maintaining the Sustainability of Local Cultural Wisdom in Batik Entrepreneurial Sector

Kartika Nuringsih, Cokki Cokki, M. N. Nuryasman, Heni Mularsih
In line with sustainable development, the goal of this research is to identify the people involved toward the meaning of Batik pattern and the action of regional government in arranging the regulation of “Geblek Renteng” innovation at Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta Special Province. The analysis method used...
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Perception of Millennials Towards the Implementation of Automation Staying in Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya

Lexi Pranata Budidharmanto, Ikhsan Budi Riharjo, Jessica Grace Susanto
The implementation of automation is very much needed for millennials generation because in the middle of year 200, the hotel industry, especially in the city of Surabaya has entered the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, which is shown by the developing digital technology rapidly. This affects a person...
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The Determinants of Halal Labeling and Brand Image Towards Purchase Intention and Purchasing Decision

Sutrisno Wibowo, Audya el Juhara
This study aims to analyze the influence of halal labeling and brand image on purchase intention and purchasing decisions. This study’s object was Wardah’s cosmetics. Meanwhile, this study’s subject was Wardah cosmetics consumers in Yogyakarta. In this study, a sample of 155 respondents was selected...
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An Internet of Intelligences with Geospatial Information Diffusion Model for Inferring Disasters in Information Isolated Islands

Chongfu Huang
An internet of intelligences constructed with “model-view-controller” frameworkis composed of six functional modules: data declaration, data review, data query, disaster assessment, user management, and system management. There are four user role permissions: data declarer, daily administrator, disaster...
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An Experimental Study of Retailer-Brand Collaboration: Duration and Perceived Fit Towards Consumer Behavior

Anindhitya Andriani, Tengku Ezni Balqiah
Indonesian retailers such as department stores tend to use sales promotions by discounting items, which has caused the consumer to be less likely to pay at fu ll price and learn to postpone their purchase. Therefore, this study investigates the effects of limited-edition strategy in a retailer-brand...
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Different Marketing Strategies Between Starbucks and Luckin Coffee and the Impact of the Epidemic

Siyu Wang
COVID-19 spreads and causes a significant negative impact on the global beverage industry. The global coffee market is estimated to be worth $102.02 billion in 2020 with a projected compound annual growth rate of 4.28% for the 2021-2026 forecast period. This paper studies the different marketing strategies...
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Inputs Acquisition Process in Spiritual-Based MCS

A Study in a Chinese Indonesian Company in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Charoline Cheisviyanny, Sany Dwita, Herlina Helmy
This research aims to explore the inputs acquisition process in spiritual-based MCS. It was an interpretive case study in a Chinese Indonesia company in Padang which produces cassava chips and pure coconut milk. The data collection methods were interviews, observations, and documentations. We interviewed...
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The Application of TAM on Utilization of Financial Information Technology in South Sulawesi

Ibrahim, Sri Rahayu Syah
In the industrial revolution era and information technology advancement, TAM must align with development and progress. TAM is believed able to fulfill the needs of relevant technology users. This study aims to analyze the factors that influence the utilization of regional financial information systems...
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Regional Wealth as a Universal Criterion for Spatial Development of Territories

Vladislav Anichin, Yury Kitaev, Natalia Smurova, Alina Dobrunova
The spatial development of the territory is subject to the management of the responsible public authority. Voters expect positive changes in the economic, social and environmental spheres of the territories in which they live, work and spend their leisure time. The activities of the regional authorities...
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A Stepwise Regression Analysis of the Risk of Corporate Debt Default

Wang Zeyang
Nearly three years, the number of defaulting corporate on the Chinese bond market has risen sharply, and some bonds issued by state-controlled companies that are generally considered to be creditworthy have also defaulted, which all shows that the domestic bond market is changing. This paper selects...
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User Resistance in the Implementing E-Budgeting

Atik Andhayani, Sutrisno, Rosidi, Djamhuri
Local government has an essential role to play in delivering services to the city. Several local governments still have relatively low performance, particularly on the budget. There have been several barriers to the duty to introduce e-government in local governments. Researchers see if there is a connection...
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Developing Information System Strategic Planning for Smarter Regional Development in Ternate Smart Island

AR Minhajuddin Kasman, Farisya Setiadi
Regional development is a foundation of successful national development. In order achieve better regional development process, Ternate has been preparing their capability for smart city transformation with the title of Ternate Smart Island. However, the challenges faced by the government regarding ICT...
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Analysis of Corporate Competition Strategies and Marketing Strategies in English Training Market in China

Taking New Oriental Education and Wall Street English as Examples

Peng Wei
Due to thirty years of reform and opening up, the market dividends have promoted the rapid rise of English education industry in China. Nowadays, with the global economic integration and the accelerated development of the knowledge economy, the industry will face new market challenges and opportunities....
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Research on the Influence of University Science and Technology Innovation on Enterprise Performance

Taking Universities and Enterprises in the Yangtze River Basin as an Example

Yanan Ren, Qingmei Tan
This paper establishes a two-stage DEA model for the output and transformation of scientific and technological(S&T) achievements, selects 19 provinces and cities in the Yangtze River Basin as the research objects and analyzes the impact of S&T innovation efficiency of Universities on enterprise...
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Revising the Prospects of Digitalization in the Context of Improving the Information Base for Mid-Term Budget Expenditures on Research and Development in Ukraine

Igor Yehorov, Yaroslav Kotlyarevskyy
The course towards digital transformation proclaimed by the Government of Ukraine encourages greater use of relevant indicators in management practice, in the formation and implementation of sectoral policies. In the context of digitalization, a number of documents have been adopted, including the updated...
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Strengthening Social Capital Through Social Economic Mitigation Based on Local Wisdom

Tetep Maskur, Asep Supriatna
The Covid 19 pandemic has weakened communal power and the world economy. Various countries have taken various ways to save the current socio-economic situation. Using a qualitative approach, this research was carried out to analyze a model for strengthening social capital in Garut, Indonesia, through...
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Analysis on Expansion of Goodlife Fitness into China

Yuan Zhai
For the past few decades, China, with its huge population base and fast-growing economy, has attracted many international investors and businesses from different industries. As the new generation’s consumption ideology progresses, the Chinese people are becoming more aware of personal health, quality...
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Important role of student cadres in talent development of institutions of higher learning

Hailong Shao, Dongju Du
Student cadres in institutions of higher learning have dual identities. Apart from being students, they are the backbone among students [1], who can immediately and accurately master and reflect other students' demands and wishes, lay a solid foundation for counsellors'learning of students' ideas and...
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The Influence of Local Own-Source Revenue towards Regional Financial Independence

Leni Yuliyanti, Nugraha Nugraha, Yanyan Kurnia Fadilah
This study aims at determining the influence of local own-source revenue towards regional financial independence. This study based on regional government regencies and municipalities of Indonesia. The research employed descriptive verification and documentation method as data collection technique. This...
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Human Resources Transformation: Research Approaches

Аnna А. Fedchenko, Ekaterina S. Dashkova, Galina A. Shkirenko, Lidia P. Arzamastseva
The article focuses on the research of human resources transformation within the context of economy digitalization. The authors identify the factors and analyze their influence on the process of human resources transformation at different management levels. The article presents the algorithm of how economy...
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Business Strategy of Fisherman’s Equipment in Wakatobi District

La Hasimu, Dedi Sulistiyo Soegoto
The purpose of this study is to create a Business Strategy Of Fishermans Equipment in Wakatobi District. SWOT identification is carried out to identify internal and external factors. TOWS Matrix was used to design strategies based on internal and external factors. The result of the research is a focused...
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A Study on the Schooling and Cultural Identity of Cross-border Ethnics in Yunnan

Gu He
There are several key problems for the schooling and cultural identity of cross-border ethnics in Yunnan: school, family and community; schooling settings; social-economic development. It should establish a social mechanism to develop schooling and culture; plan schooling and cultural development; strengthening...
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The Application of Instructional Management Based Lesson Study and its Impact with Student Learning Achievement

Imam Imam Gunawan
The purpose of this study is: (1) to describe the process of instructional management based lesson study; and (2) improving of student achievement by applying instructional management based lesson study. The research method used is a classroom action research, which is implemented with two cycles, namely...
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Research on Efficient Operation Mode of the Material Intensive of Power Grid Based on S&OP

Yong-Huan Hu, Wei Zhou, Jun-Song Wang, Feng-Na Dong
This paper focuses on the issues of material intensive plan control and operation implementation under the mode of group purchasing. Starting with the analysis of the characteristics of demand differentiation, this paper also makes analysis of the characteristics of the efficient operation mode, the...
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Current Situation and Development Prospect of French Economic Reform

Lu Chen
Since the debt crisis in Europe, the French economy remains in the doldrums, and it has not yet appeared any hopeful sign of recovery. France is considered as the second-largest economy in Europe, with the label "European sick man", even "French recession" is rampant. For the French government, the introduction...
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Actual Issues of Information and Digital Regulation of Migration Processes

Elena Erokhina, Elena Maksimenko
The study of information and digital regulation of migration processes is a developing interdisciplinary area focused on the study of the spheres of influence of legal regulation of the use of digital technologies in the management of migration processes. In the work, special attention is paid to the...
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Service Quality Towards Community Satisfaction in the KRL Access Apliccation

Case Study of Jakarta-Bogor Travel Route Users

Ratnawaty Marginingsih, Isnurrini Hidayat Susilowati, Wiwik Widiyanti
The development of technology and information in the digital era has changed the lifestyle of people in various sectors, including in transportation service, which is a significant and strategic means of improving the economy. Along with the increasing need for public transportation by urban communities,...
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On Pedagogical Strategies to Develop Undergraduates' Chinese-English Pragmatic Translation Competence

Jun Chen, Yuhong Huang
Based on PACTE's translation competence model, this paper presents the five components of C-E pragmatic translation competence. It argues that bilingual communication sub-competence is the kernel of Chinese-English pragmatic translation, while translation knowledge sub-competence, strategic sub-competence,...
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The Vietnamese Labour on the Border of China and Vietnam—The Situation Investigation of Vietnamese Labour Entry Work through Maguan County; of Yunnan Province

Hongbo Ma, Fei Wang
This paper uses Maguan County, which is located at the border of China and Vietnam in Yunnan province as the case to do the research about the local people work oversea and Vietnam illegal labour entry to China. It will analyze the characters, reasons and effect of this situation, try to give some suggestions...
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Cultural Transmission in the ELT Classroom

Ming-Ming Che
Although an integral part of language, culture, a necessary dimension of teaching, has been largely ignored in the ELT profession in China. This paper firstly expounds the omnipresent cultural elements involved in the ELT classrooms, and then it points to the assertion that cultural transmission should...
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Research on Influencing of New Generation Employee's Future Work Self Salience on Work Engagement

Zilong Cui, Lixin Chen
Drawing upon self-determination perspective, the current study examined the relations of future work self salience, work engagement, occupational self-efficiency and person -vocation fit. Result from 475 new generation employee's valid data showed that future work self salience positively correlated...
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Meassuring of Teacher Asset Value

Asep Sunandar, Djum-Djum Noor Benti, R. Bambang Sumarsono
School asset management is effort to maximizing function of schools asset based effective and efficient principle. Teacher is one of the school's assets, whose value is likely to increase or even decrease. This study aims to describe assets management pro
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Theoretical Analysis on the Relationship between Corporate Public Welfare and Financial Capacity

Yiwei Li, Zhongke Wang
Enterprise charity is to show the enterprise is not only responsible to the shareholders' interests but also pay more attention to ecological environment, charity and more of the social public welfare of stakeholders, which has become the inevitable trend of enterprise development and the effective ways...
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Exploring the Research Fronts of Fintech: A Scientometric Analysis

Zhichao Xu, Han-Teng Liao, Chung-Lien Pan, Wenjun Mo
Financial technology (fintech), or digital innovations in the financial sector, is expected to enhance access to financial services and promote innovations for more inclusive and sustainable futures. To provide an up-to-date discussion on FinTech, the paper aims to map out the main countries, publications,...
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The Effect of Independence, Integrity, Professionalism, and Professional Skepticism on the Accuracy of Giving Audit Opinion (The Case of Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia)

Krishna Kamil, Nadya Fathonah
The purpose of the research was to explore the influence of Independence, Integrity, Professionalism and Professional Scepticism on the Accuracy of Giving Audit Opinion by Government auditors, in this case the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK-RI). The research seeks to broaden empirical...
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Influence of Organizational Culture Organization of Commitment Impact on Performance and Service Department of Education District Cirebon

Ade Solahudin, Rohyan Abdul Azis
This study aims to determine the organizational culture on organizational commitment and its impact on the performance of services in Cirebon District Education Office. The population in this study were employees of Education Office of Cirebon. The sampling technique in this study is simple random sampling...
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Smart Technologies in Housing and Communal Services

Irina G. Sergeeva, Olga E. Medvedeva, Victor L. Vasilenok
This article considers the main aspects of the application of innovative information technologies in the field of housing and communal services. The current state is considered and the main problems of informatization of housing and communal services are highlighted. Forecasted values and efficiency...
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Mathematical Models for Evaluating the Effectiveness of State Support for the Dairy Industry

Mikhail K. Chernyakov, Maria M. Chernyakova, Irina A. Chernyakova, Saidmukhtor S. Mokhtarzada
The digitalization of agro-industrial complex in Russia is at an extremely low level due to the insufficient level of their state support. The aim of this research is to offer an original concept for the effective regulation of the agricultural sector. The methodological basis of the research is a systematic...
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Practice and Thinking on Interactive Communication of “Mobile Radio” in New Media

Yuan Zhou
In recent years, the popularization of 4G, the reduction of network fees, the upgrading of hardware technology of intelligent devices, the popularization of mobile Internet and the development of vehicle networking have created complete conditions for the rise of network radio. Starting with the background...
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Unfair rivalry between traditional and corporate insurers in the Russian insurance market

A. Panteleeva, S. Petrov
In the time of globalization of the World community, one of the most important directions of development of the modern state is humanism, the main idea of which is the exceptional value of human life. Due to this, the primary task of the functioning of any civilized country is to take care of its citizens,...
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Research on Tourist’s Propagation Effect of Online Word of Mouth Communication Under Tourism Destination Context

Xiaoyan Liu
The potency, intensity and quality of information on the online word-of-mouth communication of tourism destinations will positively affect the willingness of word-of-mouth recipients to re-transmit. However, in terms of purchase intention, the potency of information will adversely affect the willingness...
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The Impact of Equity Pledge on Investment from the Perspective of Financing Constraints

Jing Zhang
Taking the GEM listed companies in 2014-2018 as the research object; the investment of such enterprises is generally limited by internal cash flow. Then analyzing equity pledge of controlling shareholders in enterprises with financing constraints, there is a positive relationship between the degree of...
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Strategies of Receivables Management in Multi-entity Organizations

Grzegorz Zimon
Receivables management is the most important area of ​​financial management. Their level and a management policy have a decisive impact on the financial safety of enterprises. Receivables are the basic component of current assets. In general, short-term receivables (current receivables), i.e. receivables...
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Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Eurasian Economic Union

Rudakova Elena, Dmitrieva Olga, Morkovkin Dmitry, Kuleshova Lidiya, Kosolapov Yury
The article deals with various aspects of the enforcement of intellectual property in the territory of the member States of the Eurasian economic Union. The systematization of areas of cooperation in which the member States implement law enforcement measures to ensure effective protection and protection...
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Correlation of "Emotional Burnout" and Various Forms of Empathy Manifestations for Teachers of Technical Higher Education Institutions

I.A. Sergeeva, V.V. Kustova, K.V. Varykhanova
The article describes the results of a study of emotional burnout among teachers of technical universities. It is proved that the empathy values of the teacher towards students impede the de-velopment of burnout syndrome.
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Spatial Organization of the University Network: a European Case-Study

E.V. Bolgova, S.A. Bolgov, M.V. Kurnikova
The spatial strategy of the Russian Federation implies the university network development in compliance with the new conditions of economic development, geographic concentration of labour, scientific and technological, innovative activities. For a long time, a geographic aspect has not been addressed...
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Customer’s Emotional Bond Effects of Customer Loyalty on Cross Industry

Agus, Rahayu, A.K.H Jaelani, M. Arief
Nowadays, the rapid development of business world makes the competitions more increasing and challenging for each competitive company in running the business activities. Emotional bonds strategy which is done by PT. Bank Negara Indonesia, Tbk is development strategy by combining two or more goods or...
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Research Hotspots Analysis of Electronic Health

Wen-Tao WANG, Kun ZHANG, Jing LI, Yun-Zhi WANG, Shuai ZHANG, Xiao XIE, Yang-Qun XIE
[Purpose/significance] Aims to summarize the current hotspots of international electronic health research and provide some reference for the future development of electronic health. [Method/process] By using the methods of co-word analysis, cluster analysis and content analysis, to summarize the research...