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The Effect of Addiction, Playfulness and Good Price on Purchase Intention of In-App Features

Role of Perceived Values and Loyalty to PUBG Mobile

Nabila Giovanna Widodo, Tengku Ezni Balqiah
The games industry is rapidly developing both globally and in Indonesia which results in a big revenue, in which one of the most popular is PUBG Mobile. There are various sources of income for a game, one of them is through selling in-app features that is also being done by PUBG Mobile. The purpose of...
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The Influences of Business Strategy to Earnings Management: Moderated by Market Competition

Anton Robiansyah, Eddy Suranta, Pratana Puspa Midiastuty, Repan Saputra
This study aims to examine the effect of cost leadership strategies on earnings management, differentiation strategies on earnings management, market competition negatively moderate the effect of cost leadership strategies on earnings management and market competition to positively moderate the effect...
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Empirical Analysis of Impacts on China’s Transport Service Trade of International Competitiveness

Nina Zhu, Zhen Cao
This paper aims to make an empirical analysis of impacts on China’s transport service trade of international competitiveness. At first it makes comparative analysis between China and some relevant countries by calculating the competitiveness index of RCA, then this paper makes an empirical analysis of...
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The new trends in the Chinese Hi-Tech industry: the evidence from Huawei

Natalia A. Chernysheva, Anna A. Bakulina, Michail G. Bich
The development of innovations is the key trend in the sustainable economic development of the countries and corporations all over the world. Huawei has proved to be one of the most efficient innovators on the market and conquered a significant niche on the global high-tech market. The authors put forward...
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Efficiency and effectiveness evaluation of project-oriented activities in the Ministry of industry and trade Russia

Vasili Osmakov, Vladimir Pastukhov, Aleksandr Tovb, Grigory Tsipes
The Ministry’s area of responsibility annually includes more than a thousand industrial projects of various sizes that receive are funded by the state. The Ministry’s approach to managing these projects is to balance the distribution of responsibilities among key stakeholders. This means that the operational...
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Research on Capital Structure Optimization and Capital Operation

Xiaoyao Liu
Capital structure refers to the proportion of total liabilities and owner's equity of all capital sources of enterprises and their proportion. Capital structure is the core problem of enterprise financing decision-making and it is an important part of corporate finance. Irrational capital structure directly...
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Research on Beijing Industrial Energy Efficiency under Industry Updating and Transfer

Jingmin Wang, Yufang Shi
Industry upgrading and transfer is an important way of the industry collaborative optimization in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and the research on energy efficiency has important practical significance in the process of industrial transfer and upgrading. Based on the capital, labor and energy consumption as...
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The Research on Theme Landscape Design for the Atrium of University Libraries

Wei Chen
This paper analyzes that the theme landscape in the atrium of university library retains cultural continuity, education, cohesion and incentive effects. On the basis of the analysis, the practice of designing the landscape in the atrium of the Qinghai University library shows that the landscape is a...
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An Empirical Analysis of M & A Performance of Chinese Listed Companies

Chongqian Li, Mengnong Zhou
This paper chooses the listed companies of M & A events in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets in 2012 as research samples, using factor analysis to analyze the performance of the two years before the M & A and the three years after the M & A. The results show that: M & A short-term is effective, long-term...
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Local Community Empowerment Through Vocational Training in Tourism on Karimunjawa Islands : Poor- Poor Tourism Approach

Budi Setiawan, R. Rijanta, M. Baiquni
This research analyzes the characteristics of the local community on Karimunjawa Island with a poverty rate of 32% of the total population. It is a qualitative research supported by a quantitative approach. The data are collected through in-depth interview and survey. The results of research show that...
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Research on the Confirmation of Rural Land Rights from the Perspective of Urbanization

Genli Tang, Pengcheng Zhao
This paper tries to put forward pertinence suggestions and feasibility countermeasures for the problems of the confirmation of rural land rights in the process of urbanization. Through field research, literature review and case analysis, the paper found some issues, such as: the confirmation of rural...
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Technological Development of Teacher-Training System Under the Conditions of the Transformation of Higher Education

Valeryan F. Gabdulchakov, Ildar T. Khairullin, Azat A. Zaripov
The problem of the research is determined by the conditions of the transformation of higher education in the first decades of the XXI (in many post-Soviet countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) century when following the transformation of the economy, society, culture, etc. in many countries, the...
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Blockchain technology as the basis for digital transformation of the supply chain management system: benefits and implementation challenges

L.I. Malyavkina, A.G. Savina, I.G. Parshutina
In the context of globalization, the problem of creating an integrated ecosystem of national and international supply chains becomes actual. Currently, the organization and supply chain management (SCM) are characterized by the inefficient use of existing assets, lack of flexibility and transparency...
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EAEU Cross-border Capital Flow Spatial Analysis

Dmitry E. Morkovkin, Pavel V. Stroev, Rafael V. Fattakhov
The paper deals with topical issues of capital cross-border movement within the common economic space of the Eurasian Economic Union. The key development factors of interregional financial and economic cooperation in the EAEU are identified. In the course of the study, the role of the widespread introduction...
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Preservation of the ‘Maedeng Godel’ Tradition Before ‘Tawur Kasanga’ in Pakraman Village Susut-Buahan Payangan Gianyar-Bali

A. A. Kade Sri Yudari, I. B. Gde Yudha Triguna, I. A. Komang Arniati
The legacy of various local traditions in Bali is diverse in shape and continues to be preserved for generations by the community according to the interests of each region. One of the local traditions in the village of Pakraman Susut-Buahan Payangan which is classified as unique is 'Maedeng Godel'. This...
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Research of Tourism Destination Image Based on Web Text: a Case Study of Yellow Crane Tower

Xiaoyan Liu, Qianqian Gu
This paper takes the Yellow Crane Tower as the research object, uses the network crawler program, collects the scenic spot official propaganda image and the domestic traveling website community to publish the tourist comment content, unifies the SPSS/EXCEL statistical analysis method and the text analysis...
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Modeling The Efficiency Of Implementation Of Energy Saving Policy At Enterprises Under Uncertainty Conditions

Mykhaylo Voynarenko, Viacheslav Dzhedzhula, Iryna Yepifanova
In the article a mathematical model of the intellectual support of decision making for the evaluation of the efficiency of implementation and operation of energy saving policy of the enterprise under uncertainty conditions with the help of Mat Lab’s mathematical package has been developed. The main factors...
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Dividend Policy and Compliance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Strengthening Financial Performance of Consumer Goods Industry Companies in Indonesia

Widya Sari, Namira Ufrida Rahmi, Dwita Sakuntala
The study aimed to analyze the financial performance of companies in the consumer goods industry sector in Indonesia which might affect the stock price using Return on Assets (ROA) variable and moderated by compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and dividend policy. The sample...
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The Analysis of the Coherence of the Change in the Financial Situation

Jana Kliestikova, Maria Kovacova, Pavol Kubala, Andrea Drugau Constantin
Nowadays, businesses face many challenges. Changes in the economy are not one-off; change of state of the company from going bankrupt to financially healthy and vice versa is a gradual process. This process is dynamic and influenced by many macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. Therefore, the knowledge...
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The Problem of Professional Burnout of Railway Personnel

A.S. Danilova, А.V. Kutuzova, L.V. Bogdanova
Professional burnout is a burnout syndrome associated with a person's professional activity. This article addresses issues of professional burnout. The concept of the "professional burnout" term is revealed, its assessment tools are described, the reasons for the professional burnout of conductors are...
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Research on Establishment of Construction Engineering Related Specialty Group in Higher Vocational College Based on Construction Industry Upgrading

Zhen Liu
At present, China has come into a period of modernization and new economy. The industrial transformation and upgrading and the coordinated economic development pattern have undergone significant changes, the output of high-quality technical and skilled personnel has become the first step to deepen the...
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Makotek as a Tourist Attraction in Munggu Village, Bali

Gede Yoga Kharisma Pradana, I Wayan Pantiyasa
The purpose of this study is to comprehend the Makotek as a tourist attraction in village Munggu, Bali. In general, the tourism destination will be developed in sustainable way if it has many touristic potentials. Meanwhile, the phenomena in Munggu village is different. Although this village doesn’t...
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Innovative development of regions of Russia: opportunities and barriers

Vladimir Tikhiy, Olga Koreva
This article proves that one of the main conditions of overcoming technological inferiority and modernization of the Russian economy is vigorous innovative activity since many branches of production have considerably exhausted both intensive and extensive possibilities of development. To reinforce innovative...
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Research on the Business Legal Environment of China-India Transportation Infrastructure Investment

Da Li, Yufang Qiao, Hong Yi, Wei Wang
The rapid development of the Indian economy has attracted worldwide attention. With the continuous deepening of the Indian government’s opening up policy, China’s investment cooperation with India has continued to deepen. Cooperation in transportation infrastructure investment has been particularly prominent....
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Can International Crude Oil Futures Stabilize the Crude Oil Spot Price Fluctuations in China?

Yan Ge, Haixia Wu
Based on the international crude oil futures price and the spot price of crude oil in China from January 4, 2006 to August 20, 2014, the VEC-BEKK-GARCH (1, 1) model was used to analyze the international crude oil futures prices and the crude oil Fluctuation relationship between spot prices. (1) There...
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Problems and Trends in Innovative Transformation of Russian Economy and Infrastructure Development

Dmitry Morkovkin, Sergey Shmanev, Lyudmila Shmaneva
The article is devoted to the innovation, transformation, and infrastructural development of the Russian economy in the current state of macroeconomic and geopolitical instability. It analyzes the current situation and identifies problems of the infrastructural complex development in Russia. The main...
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Influence of Information Technology, Training and Participation of Users towards the Effectiveness of Accounting Information Systems in the Supply Chain Management

Erna Lovita, Anis Andriyani
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of information technology, training, user participation on the effectiveness of accounting information systems in the implementation of Supply Chain Management. The results of this research will improve the effectiveness of Supply Chain Management,...
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Marketing of CSR

Jiří Boháček, Zdeněk Linhart, Peter Matisko
The responsibility of employees and the public towards corporations and vice versa (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) is preventing such scandals as Dieselgate, Huawei, Boeing or burned rain forests for growing oil palms for biofuels in media and court procedures. Surprisingly, no article about...
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Criminal Law Politics in the Management of Natural Resources: Efforts to Confront the Positivistic Thinking Absolutism

M. Adystia Sunggara, Endra Wijaya
The concept of the Right to Control by the State is the core teachings of the political activities of law in designing, formulating and enacting legislation in the field of Natural Resource management, which is based on Article 33 of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. This concept gives...
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Trust Vs Satisfaction: Which One is More Important in Mediating the Impact of Website Quality Towards Customer Loyalty in The Indonesian E-Commerce Industry?

Nicholas Wilson
This research was conducted in order to assess which mediating variables had a greater role in mediating the impact of website quality on Customer Loyalty. This research implemented survey method, in which questionnaires were distributed to a total of 300 respondents. Out of 300 respondents, a total...
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Recontextualization Audio Visual in Film Warkop DKI 70s Chips Into Warkop DKI Reborn 2016

Kurniawan Akhmad Muzaki, Anggar Erdhina Adi
This research discusses audio video recontextualization of 1970s Warkop DKI movies into 2016's Warkop DKI Reborn. Both movies have contextual similarity in which the latter repeat the context of the former. The purpose of the research is to find out the characteristics and contextualization in terms...
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Women and Its Job Opportunity in Hotel Industry in Bali

Ni Made Ary Widiastini, Made Aristia Prayudi, Nyoman Dini Andiani
This study aimed to find out the opportunities of women graduating from vocational high schools and collage to work in hotels. The respondents of the study were hotel human resources department staff whose duty was recruiting workers. The data collection was conducted by distributing questionnaires by...
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Educational digital complex for the specialists training in the operation of information and communications equipment for space purposes

E.A. Novikov, K.Yu. Tsvetkov, D.A. Sevastyanov
The concept of creating an educational digital complex for the specialists training in the operation of information and communications equipment for space purposes is outlined. The goals and objectives of the digital educational complex development are formulated. As a result, a single digital educational...
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Human Capital Investment and the Middle-income Trap International Experience and Facts of China

Jun Feng
As the "Lewis turning point" occurred and the demographic dividend disappeared, China is facing the risk of falling into the middle-income trap. Both theory and international experience show that human capital investment is the key to avoiding the middle income trap. However, human capital accumulation...
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Literature Review on Corporate Social Responsibility

Rong-Jia Su, Xiao-Wen Jie
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has aroused increasing interests from academic field and corporations. While pursuing profits, corporations should also fulfill social responsibilities to advance social well-being, which can in turn contribute to the success of business. The purpose of this study...
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The Operational Water Audit on Distribution Function PDAM Tirta Bhagasasi Tambun Branch

Muhammad Hasbi Saleh, Viki Faradila
This research aims to study whether the water distribution function of PDAM Tirta Bhagasasi Bekasi Branch has been effective based on service claims and complaints from the customers. The research also aims to determine whether the PDAM has implemented a water audits and comply with the level of water...
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Meso-Level as the Essential Agent in the Formation of Inter-Subjective Relations in the Economy*

M Yu Kussy, O L Korolyov
The meso-level’ meaning and place in the hierarchy of levels in the economy from the standpoint of a systematic interdisciplinary approach is shown in the paper: The meso-level exactly “smoothes out” the randomness in the situational-socio-economic processes taking place at the micro-level, where the...
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The Measurement of Member Satisfaction Level Toward Koperasi Ships Jawa Timur Service

Renanda Nia Rachmadita, Putri Rahmatul Isti’anah, Nur Fitriana Arumita, Nurvita Arumsari, Imam Mahfudzi
The purpose of this study are to determine the extent of the gap between expectations and perceptions of Koperasi SHIPS Jawa Timur (KSJ) members, in this case KSJ is a Cooperative that both established and run using the Islamic Sharia. Besides, it aims to identify the service quality attributes that...
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Diversification of Currency Control Methods in the Digital Economy

Marina Yakovleva
In the article, the author outlined the need to supplement the methods of currency control in the digital economy. The main idea is to introduce a new method – electronic screening. The sequence of actions for implementing this method is shown in the diagrams. The author provides information sources...
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Ethical Knowledge, Ethical Decision: A Gap Of Ethical Behavior Development

Eka Fauzihardani, Eddy R. Rasyid, Efa Yonedi, Hefrizal Handra
The central standing-point of accounting professional in most ethical violation scandals of corporate collapse has led public to question about standard of ethical behavior in this profession. Although accountant has been introduced ethical standard –code of conduct - along their study in university,...
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Impacts of Fully Implementing "Business Change to Increase" on Economic Development of Qinghai Province

Liping Xu
Since May 1, 2016, China has fully implemented the policy of "Business Increase" and the market economy has developed rapidly. Qinghai Province was once one of the pilot areas of "Ying Chang Zeng", and its economy has undergone tremendous changes. At present, China has fully implemented the "business...
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The Possibility of Indonesia and United Kingdom to Form Free Trade Agreement After Brexit

Endah Ayu Ningsih, Fithra Faisal Hastiadi, Risna Triandhari, Leo Mualdy Christoffel, Fitri Tri Budiarti
On June 23, 2016 held a referendum which resulted decision that United Kingdom or Britain determined to exit the European Union membership that we call Brexit. The exit of UK will absolutely impact UK’s trade with its trading partner including Indonesia. In connection with this issue we conducted a study...
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Modelling of Socially Responsible Pareto-Effective Stakeholders Interaction Formation under the Mass Media Influence

Ghandir Hatem, Mark Liuty, Sviatoslav Kis, Oleh Yatsiuk
The purpose, role and functions of modern mass media influence on all socially significant components of society by forming in the last public opinion, aimed at a joint search for pareto-efficient solutions of sustainable development, are yet to be subjected to further thorough scientific and theoretical...
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Assessment of Economic Efficiency in the State Support of Economic Innovation in Agriculture

S.P. Filippova, M.S. Abrosimova, O.V. Litvinova
Agriculture is a priority sector of the Russian economy. Focusing on the task of improving the living standards of the population and ensuring the country’s food security, the State is constantly improving the tools of the state backing for agricultural goods producers, increasing budget funds for implementing...
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When the Ecofeminists Decide Product to Use: A Simple Analysis on Cloth Diapers Users

M.A. Sultan, R. Hurriyati, V. Aprianti
Ecofeminist generation is closely related to ecology crisis which is caused by modernization and industrial civ-ilization. Women who concern towards environment are striving in their daily life to keep earth save and a comfort place to be lived. It will be very interesting to analyze how their behavior...
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Theoretical Study on Enterprise Composite Relationship and Its Inspiration to Management Practice

Meng-Wei SHI, Chun-Mei SONG, Fan-Hua MENG
This paper introduces the concept of composite relationship among enterprises, that is, the relationship between two parties in a business is composed of many simple relationships. The article defines the essential characteristics of the composite relationship, revealing the importance of enterprises...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Performance Management Operation in National Procurement Programs

Shan-Nv Song, Gen-Zhe Huang
This research is focused on the several problems that have presently existed in national procurement programs such as high price compared to market price, complicated purchasing procedures, and long period of purchasing. The problem-solving countermeasures is to introduce the performance appraisal system...
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The Opportunities and Challenges for Running-abroad Schools of Chinese Universities under the One Belt And One Road Initiative

Wang Zhihui, Cui Yuan
With the continuous expansion of education internationalization, China's higher education has also quickened the pace of "going out" . The One Belt and One Road Initiative has brought unprecedented opportunities to the running-abroad schools of Chinese universities. However, there are still great challenges...
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Labor Competitiveness in Digital Economy: A Systematic Review of College Graduates

Efni Cerya, Jusmanila Mustika Sari
The aims of this paper are to identify and to analyze some key references on labor competitiveness in digital economy. This study is a systematic review which employs four phases: (1) the identification of relevant studies with the use of several keywords such as labor competitiveness; (2) the description...
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Research review on definition and support of small and medium-sized enterprises

Dongping Yu, Xiangxue Lu, Lifeng Wang, Guifeng Song
In the background of "One Belt and One Road" and "the setting up of the investment bank "will largely promote the development of small and medium-size enterprises in these areas. Small and medium-size enterprises support is a hot topic in the research field in recent years. Based on analysis of existing...
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Creating a Trusted Public Organization -- Organizational Trust Analysis in Implementation Network of the Education Quality Assurance Policy in Indonesia

Prof. Alwi, Mashuri H. Tahili
The main purpose of this research is to analyze the perspective of organizational trust in the implementation network of education quality assurance policy in Indonesia. The results showed that organizational trust has not been a key driver to achieve the effectiveness of the implementation of education...
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Empirical Analysis of Cash Dividend Capability of China's Listed Home Appliance Companies based on Free Cash Flow

Ruocan Yuan, Xin’e Zhao
Stock Price of GREE Electric Appliance, Inc. fell sharply without cash dividends distributed in GREE annual report on April 25, 2018. Based on fee cash flow and surplus free cash flow, this paper presents the evaluation criteria of dividend capability. Using the detailed data of sampled China’s listed...
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Development of KKNI-Based Enterpreneurship Learning Model

Dihin Septyanto, Erman Anom, I Joko Dewanto
Research Aims Learning System Development of Entrepreneurship for Higher Education. Problems of entrepreneurial learning, such as: low entrepreneurial motivation, difficult to develop business ideas, not running feasibility studies, weakness of grand design and low start up entrepreneurial business....
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Campus Loan Risk Prevention under the Context of "Internet +"

Yan Li
In the context of "Internet +", the application of campus loan is born, and the emergence of campus loan also accords with the law of market development. However, in real life, there are still many risk problems in campus loans, which gradually deviate from its original anticipated development direction...
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The Influence of Hedonic Shopping Value and Store Atmosphere and Promotion of Impulse Buying through Positive Emotion on the consumer of Sogo Department Store in Samarinda

Ahyar Muhammad Diah, Heldina Pristanti, Reni Aspianti, Syachrul
The purpose of this paper is to to analyze the influence of Hedonic Shopping Value and Store Atmosphere and Promotion of Impulse Buying through Positive Emotion on the consumer Sogo department store in Samarinda. This study uses a quantitative approach using path analysis processed with IBM SPSS Statistic...
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A Review on Writing Anxiety and Metacognitive Strategy in the Process of EFL Writing

Lisha Yan
EFL writing is an English learning skill which is a huge challenge for learners. It is influenced by cognitive and emotional factors. Cognitive factors cover language learning strategies and learning styles; emotional factors involve foreign language learning anxiety, learning motivation and attitudes....
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The Econometric Model of the Social and Economic Regional Development Impact on Demographic Processes

E.D. Emtseva, E.V. Krasova, L.S. Mazelis
The article proposes the econometric model of a social and economic regional development impact on demographic processes that largely determine the level of the regional human capital, which in turn is one of the most important factors for sustainable regional development. Using the created database...
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Evaluation of Usability on Dataverse in Repositori Ilmiah Nasional (RIN) at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Kamaludin, Abdurrakhman Prasetyadi
Repositori Ilmiah Nasional/RIN (The National Scientific Repository) is a means to share, preserve, explore and analyze research data, developed by the Center for Scientific Data and Documentation-Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PDDI-LIPI). This study aimed to evaluate RIN at LIPI by using Usability...
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Transformation of Industrial Enterprise Management to Support Its Sustainable Development

Evgeniya Eliseeva, Dmitriy Ryakhovsky
Modern management by the company oriented on principles and requirements standards The ISO 9000 series. In present time organization management industrial businesses represents a system of interconnected processes, the purpose of which is sustainable development and upgrade efficiency based on leadership...
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Key Directions and Problems of Efficiency Assessment for State Support of Agriculture

N.V. Shishkina, T.V. Sabetova, G.A. Apyrbaev
The paper substantiates the need for the formation of a set of measures of state support for agriculture. The concepts of “state regulation”, “state support”, “state assistance” and their goals are considered. The authors highlighted the main parameters of financial support in accordance with the State...
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Burnout and Job Satisfaction Impact on Employees Morale Case Study: The One-Stop Unit Administration (Samsat) In Surabaya

Novi Indah Earlyanti, Inggal Widya Perdana
Work morale is a psychological state of a person that can cause feelings of pleasure and make someone work harder to achieve goals that have become determined. Things that can affect morale include burnout and job satisfaction. Burnout is a psychological condition experienced by a person due to stress...
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Analysis on the Development Model of Cross-Border E-Commerce in the Belt and Road Economic Zone

Hui Wang
In the context of modern international market trade, in order to further promote the implementation of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, some scholars have proposed the concept of a cross-border e-commerce development model in the economic zone, using e-commerce as an international trade channel, making...
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Research on the Allocation of China’s National Defense Patent System

Wenqiong Fang, Yangyang Yu
This article is a phased outcome of the National Social Science Fund Project “Research on the Innovation of National Defense Patent System Based on the Perspective of Military-Military Integration” (15CFX046). Objective: To provide reference for the allocation of national defense patent system. Methods:...
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Analysis of Content Type of Dye in Kembang Goyang Traditional Snack in Subagan Village

Anak Agung Ketut Alit Pujawan
Esteemed for its culture, Bali has developed as a cultural based tourism destination. Traditional food is part of the Balinese culture and is the one of some tourism attribute in Bali. Through the traditional snack or commonly called as "JajananPasar”, the local community of Subagan Village which is...
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Homestay Management Programmes in the Area of New Tourism Destination in Petak Village, Pacet

Amalia Mustika, Fachrul Husain Habibie
Many villages in Indonesia are visited by both local and foreign tourists, one of which is the village Petak, Pacet. This is a challenge for the local community, government officials and even the intellectuals. The use of the term "homestay" might be different in different countries. In attracting tourists,...
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Economy Development and Industry Structure in China

Chong-Mei Wang
The paper studied on the share of GDP by the data from 1994--2012 .It is possible to identify three main structural changes in China's economy: the primary (i.e. agriculture), secondary(i.e. industry) and tertiary (i.e. service). China is in the middle stage of industrialization and transforming from...
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Principles and approaches of building the campus culture in the new period

Hailong Shao, Dongju Du
As a form of culture, the campus came along with the emergence of the school. It is a comprehensive, multi-formed and multi-layered cultural phenomenon and a part of social culture. An increasing number of educators have realized that campus culture can become an important educational force and an important...
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Improved short term load forecasting of power system based on ARMA model

Weiheng Wang
In this paper, the time series analysis method and the improved recursive least square parameter estimation method are used to realize the short-term forecasting of daily load and monthly load of electric power sys-tem based on ARMA model. The method makes up for the shortage of weighted least square...
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Study on Development Trend of Maker Space

Gang Lu
This paper defines the concept of the two kinds of development paths of the maker space, which are the "Unipolar" mode and "Bipolar" mode. And then based on the comparison of the advantages and shortcomings between them, the conclusion is made that the maker space should take the "Bipolar" development...
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Task-Based Teaching Method and Its Application in the Research of Teaching of Reading Practice

Jia Liu, Bo Zhou
In the classroom teaching, the knowledge cramming teaching mode is boring. And the task-based teaching activities emphasize that the students should "learn by doing", and the teachers should design specific and actionable tasks based on the classroom activities. In this way, the students could complete...
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The Practice of the Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools of Engineering Disciplines

Zeng-Zhong Wang, Yu-Xin Zhang, I. Smith
Lying in a transformation period of economic development, economic prosperity, social progress and development in science and technology have to rely on strong competitiveness of a nation’s universities to a large degree. Internationalising education is seen as playing a role in the empowerment of students...
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Comparative Study on Social Demand-Oriented Talents Training Mode of Modern Accounting Major

Yu-Shen Fang, Yu-Xun Liu
The purpose of college accounting education is to train accounting professionals who have a combination of theoretical foundation and practice. It has always been a topic of common concern to the education and practice communities. Because the environment of education and practice is very different,...
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Determinants of Firm Value: Evidence in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Dian Surya Sampurna, Erni Romawati
This study seeks to examine the determinants of firm value of listed manufacturing companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) during a five-year period. The factors namely institutional ownership, firm size, profitability, leverage, and investment opportunity set. The sample was determined based on...
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The Concept of End-to-End Risk Management of Commercial Business Organizations Under Conditions of Digitalization of Russian Economy

Dmitry Mikhailovsky, Vladimir Kunin
In the light of the development of modern digital technologies, the development and integration of new business process management systems for commercial business organizations is a very serious problem. Methods for reducing the negative result by promptly localizing and absorbing the risk effect on...
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The use of material flow cost accounting for process losses reduction

Anna Ivanovskaya, Lydia Kulikova, Elena Vetoshkina, Olga Bezvidnaya, Ilnur Valiullin
Material Flow Cost Accounting allows you to accurately monitor the physical and monetary value of waste, which increases the visibility of environmental costs and gives managers possibility to identify areas of cost savings. The article discusses the general aspects of Material Flow Cost Accounting and...
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Efficiency and Elasticity of Labor Use on Economic Sectors in Indonesia

Tongam Sihol Nababan
The research objectives are: (1) to analyze the level of efficiency and elasticity of the use of labor in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) based on economic sectors in Indonesia in the period of 2010-2016, (2) to find out the changes/ transformations in the use of labor among the economic sectors in Indonesia...
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Issues and Solutions Concerning Social Insurance in Shenzhen for Hong Kong and Macao Residents-from the Perspective of Talent Flow in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Bing Hu, Dan Yao
Whether Hong Kong and Macao residents employed in the Greater Bay Area can participate in social insurance and enjoy the social insurance treatment is a problem worthy of attention. However, previous studies on this topic remain largely outdated, fragmented, and theoretical. This study, taking Hong Kong...
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Testing of Fraud Diamond Theory Based on Local Wisdom on Fraud Behavior

Edy Sujana, I Nyoman Putra Yasa, Made Arie Wahyuni
This study aims to examine the elements of fraud diamond theory based on local wisdom on fraud behavior. This research was conducted in all universities in Buleleng Regency, Bali. This research uses a quantitative method by using 40 finance department employees in all universities in Buleleng Regency...
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Theoretical Research of the Concepts “Innovative Project” and “Competitiveness of an Innovative Project”

V. I. Bunkovskiy, I. Y. Ilichev
According to the authors, the main disadvantage of current theoretical approaches to the concept “innovative project” is that they ignore the fact that an innovative project is a complex system representing a combination of resources, deadlines and contractors for implementation of a complex of interrelated...
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Economic Efficiency Estimation of Region Industrial Complex Functioning in the Context of Subject Economic Interests’ Harmonization of Regional Industrial Policy

Dmitry E. Morkovkin
In this article is developed by the author of the method and algorithm of evaluation of efficiency of functioning of industrial complex of the region, tested on the official statistics data on the organizational-economic situation of the industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Proposed modified...
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Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention (Study on 2018 New Entrepreneur Program Participants in West Java Province)

Yudi Satriadi, Herman Surdiatno Soegoto
This study aims to investigate the factors influencing entrepreneurial intention on participants of the new entrepreneur program, which is a program from the Government of West Java Province to create new entrepreneurs. There were 105 participants in the New Entrepreneur Program involved as the research...
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Analysis on the Influence of Tencent’s Business Model Innovation on Business performance

Kailun Fu
This paper takes Internet enterprise Tencent as the research target, the purpose of which is to explore the relationship between business model innovation and business performance, and to provide concrete and feasible guidance and suggestions for enterprises in reality with specific cases. In this paper,...
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Features of the International Activities of Digital Companies

Victor S. Efremov, Irina G. Vladimirova
The article is devoted to the study of digital companies and the identifying the features of their international activities. The article gives a classification of companies, analyzes the scale of their activities and geographical distribution. The study revealed the features of transnationalization in...
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Implications of Regional Autonomy for National and Local Coal Mining Development Companies: Case Study of The closure of PT. BA-UPO in Sawah Lunto, West Sumatra

Ade Saptomo
This paper aims to analyze the relationship between the implementation of regional autonomy policy with the National Coal Mining Company and the emergence of the Local Coal Mining Company in Indonesia with a particular case study on the case of coal for mentioned Coal located in Sawah Lunto, West Sumatra....
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Monetary policy transmission mechanism: A survey

Wang Zuyi
The transmission problem of monetary policy plays an important role in the theory of monetary policy. Its conduction effect determines the performance of macroeconomic regulation and control, which influences the current and future policy decisions of the monetary authorities. The effective transmission...
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Optimizing the Value-at-Risk Measure in European Countries to Better Quantify Market Risk in Banking Industry in Sweden

F. Akhmedov, Mhd Shaker Zeitoun
Market conditions can change rapidly. Empirical evidences from Europe markets show that there can be several years between risk being taken, revenues being generated, and losses flowing through. This is the lesson that the recent financial crisis of 2008 taught us. Stress market conditions in Europe...
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The Effect of Decentralization, Task Uncertainty, and Environment Uncertainty on the Managerial Performance: Management Accounting System Dimensions as a Mediation Variables

Alfriadi Dwi Atmoko, Dody Hapsoro
This study aims to empirically examine the effect of decentralization, task uncertainty and environment uncertainty on managerial performance with Management Accounting System (MAS) dimensions that consist of broad scope, timeliness, aggregation and integration as mediating variables. This study was...
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Early Warning Index System and Method of Production and Operation Monitoring in Airlines

Nan Zhou, Weidong Zhang, Wei Li
In order to ensure the sustainable and stable development of the airline, according to the characteristics of the production and operation of the airline, an early warning index system for the production and operation monitoring of the airline is established. On this basis, a comprehensive evaluation...
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Mobile Apps, Websites and Programs as a HR Specialist’s Toolkit in the Digital Economy

E.V. Dongauzer, E.O. Gasparovich
The article reveals topical issues of using information technologies in the tools of a specialist in the field of personnel management in the digital economy. The trends of the labor market in the digital economy that affect the formation of tools for an HR specialist during the implementation of digital...
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Promoting Innovation in Food Industry Through Supply Chain Networks: Transactional or Collaborative?

Erni Ernawati, Setiadi Djohar, Machfud, Idqan Fahmi
Innovation is also a determinant of excellence in business competition. However, innovation is often perceived as an activity that costs money, time, energy, and mind. Yet by utilizing the supply chain network owned by the company, innovation can be done more cheaply, easily, quickly, and right on target....
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The Influence of Financial Performance and Types of Financing on the Stability of Indonesian Islamic Rural Bank

Ahmad Syathiri, Umar Hamdan, O.D.G Efva
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of financial performance and type of financing on the stability of Indonesian Islamic Rural Banks. Financial performance variables are measured using the return on equity ratio. Variable types of financing are measured using the proportion of Murabaha,...
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The Moderating Effect of Kaizen Culture on the Relationship Between Innovation and Operational Performance

Kong Siew Mui, Rajendran Muthuveloo
Kaizen culture and Innovation are key competitive factors deeply imbued into the organizational products and processes to achieve optimal operational performance sustainably. Literature suggested that manufacturing companies needing to differentiate themselves adopt a culture of continuous improvement...
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The Relationship Between Learning Effectiveness and Cultural Identity of Overseas Students in China–the Regulating Role of Active Personality

Yao Jiang, Ying Yang
This paper mainly takes the overseas students in Yunnan universities as the main subjects of the questionnaire. This paper studies the relationship between cultural identity and learning effectiveness of foreign students in China. Data were collected by questionnaire survey and analyzed by SPSS statistical...
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Economic Security as an Investment Factor of Companies Attractiveness

G.A. Alexandrov, A.L. Yablonev
In this work the highly controversial problem of economic security is investigated as one of the essential factors determining the attractiveness of investment objects in a new aspect. At the same time, the issues of the relationship between investment attractiveness and economic security of enterprises,...
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Research on Service Network Governance Structure

Guihong Xu, Jingfeng Zhao, Haizhen Wu
The article analyzed the attitude and role of stakeholders in the service industry, straighten out the logic relationship, construct both bottom-up and top-down sandwich type vertical structure, but also horizontally through the multi-agent coordination management to realize the subject interests and...
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Thoughts on the Teaching Mode Reform of Prepress Processing Principle and Technology

Bo Gao
The prepress processing principle and technology is the core course of printing engineering. In recent years, the objects of the prepress processing get more fields, and it turns from the traditional book binding to a broader field of packaging development, also the processing quality requirements gets...
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Learning Leadership Role in Funding Education in The Era of Regional Autonomy

Dedy Achmad Kurniady
In the era of regional autonomy, financing of education is not only the responsibility of the central government, but it is a shared responsibility between government, local government, and society. Particularly, schools' operational funding is highly dem
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The establishment and Improvement of Yunnan regional economic multilevel medical security system

Youyang You
The establishment and improvement of Yunnan regional economic multilevel medical security system, should base on the problems existed in the current Yunnan regional economics. The suggestions should be not only for the multiple needs to the people ,but also for an increase aging population. After all,...
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Green Banking Concept As A Positioning Strategy To Gain Brand Image

Mohamad Hadi Prasetyo
The awareness of environmental preservation is the duty of every human being. In the current business world, all speaks about the concept of green. This paper is aimed at describing the concept of green banking as a positioning strategy to improve the brand image of the company (bank) itself. The method...
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Study on the Construction of Evaluation System for College Graduates' Entrepreneurship

Xiaodong Chen, Li Zhou
Entrepreneurship means the ability to discover or create a new field and to work on the creation of innovations. With different methods to utilize and develop the ability, one can make some new results come into being.Based on the connotation and characteristics of entrepreneurship, 3 first-class indexes,...