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The Management System of Remote Equipment Base on SMS

Wei Yan
With the unceasing development of national economy and science and technology, wireless data transmission is extensive used in many areas, basing on its characteristic of flexible and so on. Based on the SMS of GSM net, this article introduce an intelligentized surveillance system which is used for controlling...
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Parameters optimization for aluminum alloy magnet cover with stamping based on FEM simulation

Huajun Yan, Shuangjie Zhang, Yuzhong Liu
In view of the phenomenon that defects such as fracture, wrinkling and springback may generate when box shaped parts are stamped, however better surface quality on parts have been required. The process of drawing, cutting and springback for magnet covers with arc top and straight sidewall are simulated...
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The Present Situation and Suggestions on the Implementation of Energy Management in Construction Contract in Guangzhou

Xiangyang Jiang, Xiangfei Ji
This paper summarizes the relevant policy documents of Guangzhou contract energy management, analyzes the status of energy-saving service companies and the implementation of contract energy projects in Guangzhou in recent years. According to the current situation of the implementation of contract energy...
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Research on Rapid Analysis for Purity of SF6 via Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Liping Zhu, Bin Tang, Chenyao Liu, Yunguang Huang
The detection of partial discharge and analysis of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) purity in gas-insulated switchgears (GIS) is important for diagnosis and operating state assessment of the electric device. This paper introduced a method for rapid purity detection of SF6 based on one-way ion mobility spectrometry....
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The Influence of Characteristics of Thermodynamic Effect and Bulk Viscosity Effect on the Bubble Dynamics

Wenjun Kong, Ce Guo, Jinming Liao, Xijing Zhu
The important influence of thermodynamic effect inside bubble and viscous liquid volume outside the bubble on the dynamics of bubble can be found. However, the combined effect of those two factors has currently little research and the thermodynamic effect of the bubble can be seen from the Flynn model....
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Complex Projective Synchronization of Complex System With Disturbance

Zhizhong Chen
In this paper, we propose complex projective synchronization method to realize synchronization of two chaotic complex systems with disturbance. Base on the theory of the Lyapunov stability, we design adaptive feedback controller to realize complex projective synchronization of master-slave chaotic complex...
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The Study For Anti-Rollover Performance Based On Fishhook and J Turn Simulation

Fei Xiong, Fengchong Lan, Jiqing Chen, Yunjiao Zhou
SUV (Sport UtilityVehicle, SUV) HCG (Height of Center Gravity) is higher, relatively low rollover stability, higher rollover accident rate has become an important issue for cars safety. In this paper, Firstly, four-DOF kinematics theoretical vehicle model was established then combined with a SUV development...
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Adsorption and Separation of Chromium from Electroplating wastewater with Banana Stem Adsorbent

Shaohong Peng, Liwang Jiang
The preparation process of waste banana stem adsorbent and the conditions of removing Cr were studied. The experiment results showed that the saturated adsorption capacity of banana stem adsorbent with phosphoric acid reached 5.84mg/g, over 95% of Cr(VI) and 70% of total Cr can be removed from water...
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Analysis and optimization of CVC backup roll contour of a 1800mm continuous hot rolling mill

Fei Shang, Hongbo Li, Jie Zhang, Chao Hu, Chao Zhang, Jianfei Chen
The backup rolls are used with work rolls and their service period is much longer than work rolls. The backup roll affects the control ability of the mill for profile and flatness of products and roll contact pressure. If the backup roll contour is not appropriate, there will be a non-uniform roll contact...
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Solving Multi-Sensor Multi-Target Assignment Problem Based on Compositive Combat Efficiency and QPSO Algorithm

Gongguo Xu, Xiusheng Duan, Wenhua Hu, Hailong Zhang
Aiming at the multi-sensor multi-target assignment (MSMTA) problem under complex air defense combat environment, a new MSMTA model is proposed with the compositive combat efficiency of the identification, tracking and positioning stage. And then, the quantum particle swarm optimization (QPSQ) algorithm...
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Simulation Optimization Design on Vehicle Disk Brake

Pengfei Duan
The braking performance is one of the most important active safety performances of vehicle, which plays a key role in the traffic safety. It is necessary to research on braking efficiency and it becomes a hotspot to express the braking performance scientifically and rationally. To improve braking capability...
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The Fractal Characteristics of the River Network in the Landslides Area

Zhi-Wang Wang, Hao Cao, Fang-Fang Zhou
This paper applies box-counting model to study the fractal characteristics of 17 sub-watersheds in the study area from Badong county to Zigui county in TGP reservoir region. The results indicate that the small watersheds have obvious fractal characteristics and that fractal dimension values of sub-watersheds...
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Research on improved strategy of ant colony optimization algorithm

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Haichun Ma
This paper summarizes three kinds of improved strategies for ant colony optimization algorithm: the improved strategy based on the structure of solution, the improved strategy based on the pheromone updating, and the improved method based on the solution processing. Taking the ant colony system as an...
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Research on Doctor-patient communication and care mechanism from the perspective of narrative medicine

Ping Qu, Jiguang Li, Jinhui Wu
The report of the 17th National Congress of CPC will take the "people first" as the core of scientific development concept. With the upgrading of science and technology and the progress of medical science, the "people first" shall be more required by medical science. As future medical workers, we shall...
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All-lightweight Aggregate Concrete Frame Structure System of Material Mechanics Performance Test and Research

Yanmin Yang, Runtao Zhang, Bo Qu
According to the test results of the composition material of the all-lightweight aggregate concrete,design the mix proportion of the all-lightweight aggregate concrete of LC30 and LC35 levels,and make the compressive strength test, the splitting tensile test and the elasticity modulus test,analyze the...
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The study on the optimal amount of raw materials produced by the oxidation of Chitosan on the synergy HAc-H2O2

Yue-Ting Lang, Li-Na Zheng, Chen-Xi Li, Qiu-Shi Wang, He-Nan Chen
In this paper,industrial grade chitosan as the raw materials,HAc-H2O2 synergistic oxidative degradation method was used for degradation of raw materials,the influences in the reaction process with different chitosan dosage on the yield,the viscosity and the degree of deacetylation had been studied systematically.The...
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Application of improved ant colony algorithm in vehicle scheduling problem

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Haichun Ma
In this paper, the ant colony algorithms is studied, and improve the shortcomings of the algorithm, And the improved algorithm is introduced into the field of logistics transportation. Aiming at the complexity and uncertainty of logistics transportation vehicle scheduling problem, a new algorithm is...
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An Equipment Condition Warning Method Based on MEP in Smart Substation

Jiansheng Li, Zhicheng Zhou, Yiming Wu, Yuncai Lu, Chao Wei, Peng Wu
To monitor the equipment condition changes, a warning method based on MEP (Maximum Entropy Principle) is proposed. First, the data is normalized and the data objects are divided into K clusters by K-means clustering algorithm. Second, the parameters are calculated and its probability density function...
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Wireless Mesh network routing protocol based on multi - routing metric

Xin Huang, Junhui Bai, Zhihong An
Node positioning system can quickly determine the position of the multiple nodes. On how to improve the performance of multiple nodes localization, multiple nodes localization algorithm based on integration of subframe estimation and cluster analysis is proposed. First, a signal is divided into 8 subframes....
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The structural design of the wind-wave complementary device and the numerical simulation of aerodynamic characteristics of the blade

Zi Yue Wu, Jia Sun
This paper designs a new type of wind-wave complementary device, and introduces the detailed design about a few key part of the device. The principle of the device adopts the wind-wave complementary system ,which collect the wave energy and wind energy respectively. Moreover, to increase the generating...
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Robot global path planning based on improved ant colony algorithm

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Huiyu Jiang
In this paper, we present a path planning for mobile robot based on improved ant colony optimization algorithm. In order to increasing the algorithm’s convergence speed and avoiding to fall into local optimum, we proposed updating the pheromone residues. Experiments show that this method is effective...
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Effect of different solid medium on blueberry soilless culture

Xun Wang, Yanan Wang, Jun Wang
Six solid media, including rice hull, sawdust, wood chips, plastic pellet, coir and perlite, mixed with peat were used for blueberry 'Sharpblue' soilless culture. We determined the plant growth and development to estimate the optimal solid medium for blueberry soilless culture.
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Sufficient and Comprehensive Measurement of Automobile Manufacturing Industry Performance Applying Bi-objective Super-efficiency DEA

Xiaodong Sun, Xuliang Lv, Ling Li
In this paper, we measure performance of automobile manufacturing industry by a new hybrid model based on bi-objective super-efficiency DEA. We propose super-efficiency DEA theory to improve conventional DEA with non-Archimedean infinitesimal, and then we take bi-objective issue into consideration to...
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Network security analysis of weighted neural network with association rules mining

Ziqiao Wang, Weinan Fu
This article applies Co-S3OM semi-supervised learning algorithm to intrusion detection field and proposes specific semi-supervised network intrusion classification scheme. In accordance with different type of attack, different mark samples are selected as training set to complete initialization of three...
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Control Mechanism Analysis of Bone Remodelling under Mechanical Stimuli

Yanan Wang, Huaiwen Wang
In this paper the control mechanism of bone remodelling under mechanical stimuli at cellular level is investigated by means of an extensive parametric study on a theoretical model developed previously. From a perspective of control mechanism, it is found that there are several control mechanisms working...
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Effects of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Tensile Strength of A356 Alloy Wheels

Zhenbang Liu, Li Zhou, Guowei Li
In this work, the effects of cooling rate on the microstructure and tensile strength of A356 wheels during solidification were studied. Four cooling methods, including air cooling, wind cooling and two different water coolings, were a used to control the cooling rate of spoke. Comparing with the air...
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Study on the electronic structures and optical properties of -FeSi2 using the pseudopotential method

Zhifang Zhang, Shuang Zhao, Xiaojie Pan, Y.Y. Zhu
Electronic structures and optical properties of bulk -FeSi2 are investigated in detail by first principles pseudo-potential methods based on the density function theory. The calculated results show that -FeSi2 is a quasidirect band gap material with gap value of 0.74eV. The density of states is mainly...
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Research on Home Appliance Control System based on Brain-Computer Interface

Xiaolong Jia, Liqing Geng, Huiya Liu
This system provides steady-state visual evoked frequency by using different-frequency LED, constructs the human-computer interface with LabVIEW platform and outputs related control command through serial port, thus realizing home appliance control. All 8 experimental subjects could accomplish home appliance...
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Road Network Traffic Congestion Evaluation Simulation Model based on Complex Network

Chao Luo
To deeply analyze the dynamic evolution process of traffic congestion on road network and provide policy analysis tools for traffic congestion governance, the article proposed a traffic congestion evaluation simulation model on based on complex road network. By introducing section impedance concept into...
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The Relationship between Milling Surface Morphology and Corrosion Rate of Nickel Base Superalloy

Jinping Shi, Yang Qiao, Peiquan Guo
Through the milling of nickel base superalloy, this paper studies the effect regularity of surface morphology on corrosion resistance of nickel base superalloy under the condition of different milling parameters. In order to be more intuitive to characterize the surface morphology, this paper defines...
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A Simulation System of Surface Texture on Face Milling

Yimin Ma
Based on the surface milling tools, this paper establishes the corresponding mathematical model, constructs milling simulation algorithm, and further discusses the influence of the feed and interval feed. Through the thorough and deep analysis, the novel milling surface simulation system is finally developed,...
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Using different solid medium for blueberry soilless growth

Yanan Wang, Bowen Wang, Zhaofang Chen, Yuxin Wang, Xun Wang
In a pot experiment, we investigated the effect of different solid medium on blueberry 'Bluebelle' soilless culture. Solid medium included rice hull, wood chips, pine needle, plastic ball, perlite, slag, sawdust and coir. The results show that different treatments have different effect on different blueberry...
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Dynamic characteristics of vibrated droplets on the one-tier and two-tier surface

Gang Wang, Zhi-Hai Jia, Zhen Teng
Dynamic characteristics of droplets on the one-tier surface, which was a micropillared hydrophobic surface fabricated by lithography and two-tier surface, which was a micro-nano hydrophobic surface replaced by dry lotus leaf were studied under vertically vibration. Our experiments shown that the two-tier...
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Distributed Fusion Filter for Networked Multi-sensor Systems with Unknown Measurement Interferences and Packet Dropouts

Bo Qi, Shuli Sun
This paper is concerned with the design of distributed fusion filter for networked systems with unknown measurement interferences and packet dropouts. A Bernoulli distributed random variable is used to depict the phenomenon of packet dropouts. Without any prior information about the interference, a recursive...
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The Application of PID Controller in Missile Longitudinal Loop System and Its Simulation

Bo Zhang, Qixing Lv, Yuqing Lei
In the traditional missile longitudinal loop design, the additional pitch angle feedback, trajectory inclination angle and attack angle outputs may cause the missile control system become unstable and cannot provide the fast and accurate control. In this paper, the author build up a longitudinal loop...
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Influence of Parameters on vibrations for Centrifugal Pump Based on the Modal Dynamics Method

Guofang Nan, Yuanlu Zhang
The influence of the parameters on the vibrations for a centrifugal pump is investigated under the consideration of the fluid excitation force in this paper. The responses of the centrifugal pump during the operation were mostly generated by the fluid excitation force. It is difficult to simulate accurately...
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Blueberry thinning improved fruit quality and put forward maturation

Ruohan Ou, Yanping Fan, Yanan Wang, Jing Yang, Xun Wang
Using the three-year-old 'Britewell' blueberry as experiment material, this research studied the mature period of blueberry on different fruit thinning treatments (20%, 40% and 60% thinning ratio per panicle). The fruit weight, size, firmness, soluble solids content, moisture content, anthocyanin content,...
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Evaluation on Influential Factors of Hydraulic Gear Pumps Wear Life Using FAHP

Yongjun Cao, Yaochu Deng, Yanrong Wang
Considering that there are plenty of risk factors affecting hydraulic gear pumps wear life, multiple-factors assessment approach based on FAHP is proposed. Fuzzy consistent matrix is constructed by applying fuzzy theory into conventional AHP to improve the precision of judgments of decision-makers. The...
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Effect of Astaxanthin on the Growth and Resistance of Strawberry Seedling under Cadmium Stress

Yu'Ting Jiang, Ya Luo, Fan Mo, Ya'Jie Ling, Qin Mo, Shu Luo, Hao'Ru Tang
In this experiment, we studied the effects of astaxanthin on the growth and resistance of strawberry tissue culture seedlings under the stress of heavy metal cadmium. Strawberry seedlings were planted in MS medium supplemented with different concentrations of astaxanthin and with 25 mg/L GdCl2. The results...
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Accelerated sonic fatigue testing methodology for reliability assessments of aircraft structure based on linear load intensification

Chao Qu, Wenchao Huang, Dingwen Gao
In term of sonic fatigue, initiation tests are commonly stopped at 108 cycles assuming that a fatigue limit exists, whereas feedback experience from in service aircraft has shown that structural elements can fail even after 1011 cycles. Thus, it is important to explore the gigacycle fatigue domain and...
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PUSH-OVER method for earthquake damage prediction of Bridge Engineering

Jingjing Qi, Zhiqing Yin, Kongbing Wu
The bridge is an important transportation hub, especially the bridges on the main traffic arteries. Once the bridges are subjected to earthquake damage, there will have a great impact. Therefore, it is necessary to study the earthquake damage prediction of bridge engineering. The prediction will ensure...
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A novel acoustic imaging system based on digital MEMS sensors

Linsong Chen, Yueyun Cao, Wenyong Guo
Developed an acoustic imaging system applied in acoustic test. The acoustic array is made up of 260 MEMS microphones and control by a FPGA, which also in charge of transferring data by optical fiber. The mainframe is control by a FPGA. A DSP is in charge of processing the data from acoustic array. Two...
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Experimental Study of Magnetic Fluid and Magnetic grease combination rotary Sealing

Feifei Xing, Jun Ji
The magnetic fluid and magnetic grease combination rotary Sealing structure device have been designed, and the experimental station and process of this structure was discussed. The results shows that,when the sealing gap were 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.6mm respectively, the pressure capacity was mainly...
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Web robot detection with semi-supervised learning method

Dong Wang, Lei Xi, Hui Zhang, Hebing Liu, Hao Zhang, Ting Song
Web robot is an automated information gathering program that has brought a lot of problems such as information leakage, resource occupation and network security threaten. It is necessary to effectively detect and control the web access comes from web robots. Summarizes the existing categories of web...
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Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in the Plate-Fin Reactor

Xian Zhang
On the basic of the PIV flows field measurement, mature commercial software to fit and test heat plate reactor momentum transfer mathematical model are used, and the flow field in various operation conditions of heat plate bioreactor is simulated. The transfer process of two-phase flow is complicated,...
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Optimization of the nozzles' structure in gas well

Zuwen Wang, Shasha Wang, Yihua Dou, Zhiguo Wang
High-speed gas in wellhead throttling nozzle carry condensate water and sand, which cause serious erosion to nozzle. Erosion rate with the velocity generally show an exponential growth, the higher the gas velocity inside the nozzle, the more serious erosion. This paper mainly analyze gas fluid flow in...
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Petri Net Verification of Service Composition Mechanism based on Hierarchical Service Overlay Network

Yu Qiao, Yanmei Zhang, Hengyue Jia
This paper proposed a hierarchical service overlay network framework (HSON) based on the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the present service composition network framework and the characteristics of service composition applications, and studied service composition mechanism based on HSON.....
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Study on formation mechanism of YSZ thermal barrier coatings with segmented structure

Yi Wang, Shuo Sun, Min Liu, Hongli Suo
Compared with traditional structures, YSZ TBCs with high segmentation crack density sprayed have exhibited a promising potential in improving TBC thermal shock resistance because the segmentation cracks increase its strain tolerance. A study is presented of formation mechanism of segmented TBC. The segmentation...
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Numerical simulation and optimization of the dual circulation flow cleaning device for underground crude oil storage caverns

The underground oil storage cavern has the advantages of safety, large storage capacity and economical. It is widely used in the national strategic petroleum reserve and various commercial storage. In order to solve the problem of crude oil sludge deposition, this paper based on the principle of jet...
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A Secure Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Grids and A bilinear Map

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A WSNs(wireless sensor networks) secure strategy is presented by dividing sensing square into grids and utilizing a bilinear map methodology in this paper. Both ordinary sensor nodes and heterogeneous sensor nodes are dispersed in whole sensing area. All those sensor nodes establish their communication...
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Study on the optical properties of selective emission materials by Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method

Shuang Zhao, Zhifang Zhang, Xiaojie Pan, Yanyan Zhu
The optical properties of one-dimensional photonic crystals with Er2O3/Si structure are designed and calculated by Finite-Difference Time-Domain method. The influence of different thickness and reflectivity on the radiation properties were studied. It was found that the radiation spectral intensity at...
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A Mix Block Compressive Sensing Algorithm for Image Processing

Ruipeng Luan
In order to solve the problem of high cost and high time consuming in the traditional algorithm of compressed sensing technology, a mix block compressive sensing algorithm for image processing is proposed in this paper. Image is divided into sub images by mixed block strategy in the process of scanning,...
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Approach Research on the Techniques for Network Intrusion Detection Based on Data Mining

Lina Gong, Tao Xu, Wei Zhang, XuHong Li, Xia Wang, Wenwen Pan
Along with computer technology's popularization and application and popularization, the network technology has been widely used, the resulting network security issues have become increasingly prominent, the network itself and network information system which is based on the potential security risks....
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Research on the Reuse of Exhaust Energy Based on the Planetary Gears

Aimin Du, Changhui Shao, Yun Liu
Use of turbocharger can make the energy taken by the exhaust gas be recycled again. A new further innovation of electronic aids turbocharger is made: The turbine and compressor in exhaust gas turbocharger are connected on a planetary gear mechanism with a motor. It is a new solution that the turbine,...
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Comprehensive Improvement Technology Research on Marine Shot Blasting Machine

Junlai Li, Yonghe Xie
The number of impeller head is short in the original shot blasting machine, and the distance between the pretreatment of steel plate is too far to have enough rust removal ability. Based on these problems, researchers respectively added one impeller head both on the top and bottom of the machine, shortened...
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Effect of astaxanthin on Strawberry Seedlings under low temperature stress on active oxygen metabolism

Meng Che, Ya Luo, Cong Ge, Ya'Jie Ling, Qin Mo, Shu Luo, Hao'Ru Tang
In order to solve the problem of low temperature damage in strawberry production, 'Benihoppe' strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch) was used as a material, so the effects of astaxanthin treatment on strawberry seedlings under low temperature stress was studies. The results showed that compared with the...
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An Anomaly Recognition Algorithm for Financial Data based on Self-Organizing Fuzzy Rule

Xuebing Feng
Financial data has the characteristic of nonstationary, nonlinear and low SNR. Due to the lack of financial data anomalies training set, which results in greater difficulties in the intelligent algorithm on financial data anomaly recognition. Therefore, an anomaly recognition algorithm for financial...
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Research and Analysis Approach on Wireless Sensor Network System Based on Internet of Things: A Review

Tao Xu, Lina Gong, Wei Zhang, XuHong Li, Xia Wang, Wenwen Pan
With the development of computer and related technology, makes the computing, communications, network and sensor, and other functions are integrated in wireless sensor network technologies. This article is precisely based on this research background, we have analyzed the overall design of wireless sensor...
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Effect of Astaxanthin on the Growth and Resistance of Strawberry Seedling under Salt Stress

Yue Zhong, Ya Luo, Cong Ge, Qin Mo, Ya'Jie Lin, Shu Luo, Hao'Ru Tang
In this experiment, we studied the effects of astaxanthin on the growth and resistance of strawberry tissue culture seedlings under salt stress. The samples were treated with astaxanthin concentrations of 0, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 mol/L. The results show that there is a rise in content of chlorophyll, ascorbic...
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Research on aircraft components assembly tolerance design and simulation technology

Wei Wang, Hongjun Yu, Ahmed Shafeeu, Tianhui Gu
With the rapid development of aircraft industry, manufacturing department needs to put forward higher requirements for the accuracy of aircraft assembly. It not only affects the overall quality of the aircraft but it also affects the cost of aircraft manufacturing. This paper introduces the ways about...
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An IDEA-BCC Model for Performance Management of Scientific Research

Nuonuo Shang
Aiming at the practical problems in the performance management of scientific research, an IDEA-BCC model based on the combination of kernel function mapping and the BCC model in the traditional DEA method is proposed in this paper. Taking the annual research input and output data of the scientific research...
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One pot synthesis , characterization and mechanism of zinc glycinate monohydrate

Hui Feng, Zhiwei Xu, Qianfeng Li, Xiuru Wang, Qiuyue Song
A facile method to control the synthesis of zinc glycinate is described. Zn(Ac)2 and ZnO are used as zinc source, and H+ is used as catalyst. The composition and structure of the chelate compounds are characterized by infrared spectroscopy(IR), thermogravimetric analysis(TGA) and x-ray powder diffraction(XRD)....
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Upgrading of textile manufacturing based on Industry 4.0

Zhen Chen, Mingjie Xing
China textile competitive edge fades as the increase of production factors cost. "Industry 4.0" solution would boost industrial upgrading to realize intelligent and flexible manufacturing for mass customization. Cyber-physic system (CPS) and Internet of things (IoT) are essential for the future manufacturing....
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Effects of Grape Seedlings Intercropping with Hyperaccumulators on Soil Enzyme Activity under Cadmium Stress

Xinxin Li, Lijin Lin, Dan Xia, Ming'An Liao
The effects of intercropping with four hyperaccululator plants Galinsoga parviflora, Sigesbeckia orientalis, Solanum nigrum and Crassocephalum crepidioide on soil enzyme activity and soil organic matter of grape seedlings under cadmium (Cd) stress were studied by a pot experiment. The results showed...
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An Underwater Imaging System Layout Method based on Minimum Illumination and Contrast Calculation

Guixin Sun
Underwater imaging is an effective method to measure the moving objects in water. Based on the attenuation characteristics of light in water, the underwater imaging system layout method based on the calculation of minimum illumination and minimum contrast is proposed in this paper. This method as underwater...
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Changes ofATP and ATP-related compounds contents and K value in Sebaste sthompsoni in different storage temperatures

Yimeng Wu, Konno Kunihiko, Shunsheng Chen
The changesofAdenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and its related compounds were investigated inSebastes thompsoni muscle stored at 0 , 10 and alternate temperatures. The investigation was performed by HPLC system. Different extents of ATP-related compounds were found in different temperatures but the tendency...
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Study of Polyacrylic Acid Dispersing Pb-Sn-CNTs Composite Plating Solution

Zhengxi Hu, Xiaohua Jie
Polyacrylic acid (PA) was used as dispersant to disperse carbon nanotubes(CNTs) composite plating solution. Dispersion effect was characterized by measuring the absorbance value of the suspension. The relationship between the volume percentage of PA and the suspension of absorbance value was remarked;...
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Dislocation multiplication behavior of AZ61 magnesium alloy during cyclic bending

Tie Tian, Zhao-Cheng Yuan, Lin Mi, Xing-Zi Mao
The dislocation multiplication behavior of AZ61 magnesium alloy during cyclic bending vibration was investigated. The results show that with the increase of stain amplitude and shear stress, the process of dislocation multiplication behavior contains dislocation slipping, dislocation multiplication and...
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Effects of Grape Seedlings Intercropping with Bidens Species on Soil Organic Matter and Soil Enzyme Activity under Cadmium Stress

Dan Xia, Lijin Lin, Xinxin Li, Ming'An Liao
The effects of intercropping with four Bidens species (Bidens bipinnata, Bidens pilosa, Bidens parviflora and Bidens biternata) with grape seedlings on soil organic matter and soil enzyme activity under cadmium (Cd) stress were examined in order to provide the reference for grape production in cadmium...
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Design and Implementation of Alcohol Concentration Monitoring System Based on MCU

Qingru Lu, Hui Huang, Debin Chen, Haiyan Xin
With the development of science and technology, intelligent products becomes more and more popular. Alcohol concentration monitoring system based on the MCU STC89C52 and gas sensor has many functions such as alarm by sound and light LCD display function and so on. The system can set different thresholds...
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Synthesis of 7-(benzyloxy)-4-chloro-6-methoxyquinazoline

Min Wang, Ping Wang, Yiqiang OuYang, Linxiao Wang, Qingjun Li, Si Gao, Shan Xu
7-(Benzyloxy)-4-chloro-6-methoxyquinazoline(1) was synthesized from methyl 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoate(2) through five steps including substitution,nitration,reduction,cyclization and chlorination.Its structure was confirmed by 1 H NMR and MS spectrum.The total yield of the five steps was 29.2%.
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Abundance and distribution of trace elements in Mengjiawan coal from Shaanxi, China

Hua Wang, Meili Du, Guotao Zhang
The abundance of one major and eight trace elements in 215 coal samples from the Mengjiawan exploration area, northern Shaanxi, China, were determined. As compared with Chinese coal, American coal and coal Clarke value, only Th content in the Mengjiawan coal is high. The abundance of the element is different...
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Research on transmittance / reflectance test system of optical lens based on differential measurement

Lixia Shi, Lixin Yang, Ming Liu
We designed an optical lens transmittance/ reflectance test system, which can measure both the transmittance and the reflectance of the sample under different incident angles at the same time, based on differential measurement. This paper elaborates the system composition and working principle, and demonstrates...
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Effects of Intercropping with Bidens Species on Photosynthesis of Grape Seedlings under Cadmium Stress

Lisha Zhong, Lijin Lin, Dan Xia, Ming'An Liao
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of intercropping with four Bidens species (Bidens bipinnata, Bidens pilosa, Bidens parviflora and Bidens biternata) on photosynthesis and soluble sugar content of grape seedlings under cadmium (Cd) stress. The result showed that net photosynthetic rate...
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Wireless Multipoint Temperature Detection System Design

Hui Huang, Debin Chen, Qingru Lu, Haiyan Xin
In the industrial, agricultural production and daily life, the measurement and control of temperature occupy a very important position. In this paper, it mainly introduces a kind of temperature measurement system which can be collected at multiple points, and the collected data can be transmitted to...
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Synthesis of 2-(4-((6-bromo-3-nitroquinolin-4-yl)amino) phenyl)-2-methylpropanenitrile

Fei Lei, Yuanbiao Tu, Min Wang, WenHui Wang, Qidong Tang, Shan Xu
2-(4-((6-bromo-3-nitroquinolin-4-yl)amino)phenyl)-2-methylpropanenitril(7) is an important intermediate in many PI3K/mTOR inhibitors. The compound 5 was synthesized from 6-bromoquinolin-4-ol (1) and 2-(4-nitrophenyl)acetonitrile(4) through five steps including nitration, chlorination, alkylation, reduction...
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A novel design of intelligent tracking maze car

Fuban Qin, Yixian Chen, Haiyang Wang
This paper discusses a control system for intelligent tracking. It takes STC89C52 as control core, the infrared tube ST118 for road information acquisition sensor, and will collect back the information analysis and processing, output the corresponding duty cycle of the PWM wave as a motor drive signal,...
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Effects of Intercropping with Hyperaccumulator Plants on Photosynthesis of Grape Seedlings under Cadmium Stress

Jiajing Huang, Lijin Lin, Keqiang Li, Ming'An Liao
The effects of intercropping with four hyperaccululator plant species (Galinsoga parviflora, Sigesbeckia orientalis, Solanum nigrum and Crassocephalum crepidioide) on photosynthesis and soluble sugar content of grape seedlings under cadmium (Cd) stress were studied by a pot experiment. The results showed...
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Research on Typical Working Conditions of Calcining Zone Temperature

Fen Wang, Xiaohong Wang, Hongliang Yu
Cement rotary kiln calcining process is a complex nonlinear dynamic systems, but most of the time appears in the system of continuous dynamic characteristics and fluctuates around working conditions. So in this article, we established the recognizer of working conditions that fits the cement calcining...
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Synthesis of 6-bromo-4-iodoquinoline

Wenhui Wang, Yuping Guo, Linxiao Wang, Yiqiang OuYang, Qinqin Wang, Wufu Zhu
6-Bromo-4-iodoquinoline is an important intermediate for the synthesis of many biologically active compounds, such as GSK2126458. It was synthesized from 2,2-dimethyl-1,3- dioxane-4,6-dione and 4-bromoaniline through five steps including cyclization reaction and substitution reaction. And the structures...
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Research of DOA Estimation Based on MUSIC Algorithm

Liwei Huang, Huiqin Chen, Yulin Chen, Haiyan Xin
This paper studies MUSIC algorithm in direction of arrival(DOA) estimation of signals, expounds the principle of this algorithm, conducts simulation for uniform linear array with Matlab, concludes that MUSIC algorithm has different performances in estimating direction of arrival with different number...
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Model Establishment and Loss Analysis of Transmission Line

Hongzheng Liu, Haiyan Yuan, Linyan Wu, Shougang Sui, Tao Wang, Zhen Shi
The paper discusses the influence of different transmission line models on lightning protection performance of transmission line under different circumstances by studying the mathematical model and calculation method of transmission lines. And the paper uses EMTP method to compare the actual calculation...
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A Comparative Study of Fish-scaling Resistance of Low Carbon Non-microalloyed and Boron-microalloyed Steels for Enameling

Zaiwang Liu, Zhimin Zhang, Lele Dai, Xiaojing Shao, Hao Zhang, Yongqiang Xue
TH values of low carbon non-microalloyed and boron-microalloyed steels before and after baking were measured and microstructures of low carbon non-microalloyed and boron-microalloyed steels before and after baking were observed by scanning electron microscope as well as transmission electron microscope...
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In Vivo Antitumor Activity of Meretrix meretrix Glycopeptide

Jielian Wu, Shan Xu
MGP0501, one low-molecular-weight glycopeptide extracted from the sea mollusk Meretrix meretri, was investigated in this study for its effects on the growth of the tumor tissue and immune organs in xenografted sarcoma 180(S180), Ehrlich's ascitic carcinoma (EAC) and Hepatocellular carcinoma (Heps). Cyclophosphamide...
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Research of e-Learning Platform based on Open Source Framework

Na Zhang, Jia Wang
The gradual development of Java EE architecture promotes the research and development of e-Learning platform. The research status and future development trend of e-Learning platform are analyzed, and the NEO Framework is proposed. NEO Framework based on Java EE architecture, many open source frameworks...
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Methods to Measure the Rotational Inertia of Rocket Projectiles of Ultra Large Diameter

Yu Yang, Bing Wang
There are lots of methods used to measure the rotational inertia; however, very limited measures can be adopted to measure in a high precision manner the rotational inertia of rocket projectiles of ultra large diameter. Based on this situation, the paper has put forward a method called Torsion Method...
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Surface Roughness Intelligent Prediction on Grinding

Dingtong Zhang, Ning Ding
Grinding is generally the final process, and it is closely related with the surface quality of the component. Now, it’s difficult to measure the surface roughness until the grinding process is finished. The purpose of this research was to study the roughness prediction and avoid the defect happening...
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Design of High Precision Digital AC Constant Current Source

Hongzheng Liu, Haiyan Yuan, Zhen Shi, Shougang Sui, Kuan Wang
This paper introduces the design idea and realization method of AC constant current source, which is composed of direct digital synthesizer and digital potentiometer. The design has advantages of simple structure, strong practicability, high stability and high precision, and equipped with a standard...
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Oriented to cloud service environment Multi dimension query of English Network

Jing Liu, Zhenyu Ma
The arrival of the information age makes people more and more exposed to the multimedia information, and the multimedia teaching based on the visual audio and graphic images has been widely used. On English multimedia teaching information in text data content analysis and retrieval technology is relatively...
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Aeromagnetic and remote sensing interpretation and prospecting prediction of Xinjiang Pobei area

Yan Li, Chenyang Wang, Weilei Zou, Rihong Yang
Pobei area is one of the important copper-nickel mineralization prospect area of Xinjiang. In this paper, we process and analyse the 1:50,000 high-precision aeromagnetic data of the Pobei area, and extract alteration information of remote sensing, combining the metallogenic geological conditions of the...
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Design of the Electromagnetic - Piezoelectric Composite Vibration Energy Harvesting System

Yingjun Sang, Man Li, Shangguang Wu, Yang Cao, Fei Huang, Yuanyuan Fan, Yunrong Hao
In recent years, with the rapid development of micro electromechanical systems, low-power sensor networks and integrated circuit technology, the power supply problems are becoming the barrier of environment protection in practical and industrial. Vibration is a widely used energy in the environment,...
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Research on microwave mode and coupling energy in plasma reactor design for MPCVD diamond

Xiaojing Li, Shunqi Zheng, Hongwei Liu, Chunyu Gao, Xiumei Shi, Qingxiao Li, Yang Ni, Yong He
Systematic research on the performance of former designed plasma reactor was carried out in this paper. Numerical simulation method was performed, the distribution of electromagnetic field in microwave cavity by Finite Element Method (FEM). Microwave mode in waveguide, coaxial transformation part and...
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Integration Key Technology Of Smart Parts

Rongmao Zheng, Jinyan Yang, Yuehua Xu
The Smart parts are the trend of the development of IOT, which means the parts have the wisdom nodes, and use wisdom nodes to record all kinds of parts description information or run state. Smart parts can to solve the smart device access, control, and information conversion and transmission problems...
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Application of SPWM Technology in Ground Resistance Tester

Hongzheng Liu, Haiyan Yuan, Zhen Shi, Shougang Sui, Xianzhe Hu
In order to meet the requirement of sine excitation signal for the test system of the free-wire ground resistance, based on the discussion of SPWM(Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) technology, this paper summarizes the advantages of using SPWM to realize the transmission of energy signals, and the feasibility...
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Intelligent Control of Metal Filling by Welding Robots

Wei Fu, Jiajia Ni, Chengxian Zhou, Yan Chen
robot model of three-arm and five-degree freedom plus large scope of traversing welding was established, and decoupling of models of “large scope of traversing”, “triangle movement of two arms” and “spherical movement of one arm” was realized. The model of “triangle movement of two arms ”is able to use...
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Measuring the Oil Weight of Crude Oil Storage Tanks Based on the Density Method

Bo Chen, Xiaoqing Xue, Ting Liu
The measurement of crude oil production of crude oil storage tanks has been a hot issue in the petrochemical industry, while crude oil storage tanks usually contain oil, water, oil and water mixture, as well as sediment and other media. Domestic measurement methods generally have poor stability, low...
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Study on stiffness characteristic of hydro pneumatic suspension system

Peng Zhang, Yongchao Li, Pengzhen Li
The influence of different structural parameter on the stiffness characteristics of hydro-pneumatic suspension system has been simulated with MATLAB/Simulink software. The simulation results indicate that the hydro-pneumatic suspension system has the nonlinear stiffness characteristics. The dynamic stiffness...
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Study on the ultimate strength of river-to-sea transport container ship

Diyi Chen, Wei Wang, Hao Zhang
In this paper, the study takes 521TEU Open Container Ship for example to research ultimate strength of river-to-sea transport container ship, and uses MSC / PATRAN and ABAQUS finite element software to simulate the container ship, and then gets the ship's structure ultimate strength. Further study on...
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The optimal reaction time of HAc-H2O2 in synergistic oxidative degradation Chitosan

Chen-Xi Li, Li-Na Zheng, Yue-Ting Lang, Qiu-Shi Wang, He-Nan Chen
In this paper, taking industrial grade chitosan as raw materials, CO oxidation degradation method for degradation of raw materials by using HAc-H2O2, carried out in cooperation with oxidation degradation of raw material system of the reaction process is studied in different degree, viscosity, and reaction...
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Crude Oil Measurement Model Based on Artificial Neural Networks

Bo Chen, Xiaoqing Xue, Ting Liu
ANN technology is being widely used in many fields, Based on the analysis of artificial neural network, a method using multi-sensor in an improved artificial neural network is put forward for the error compensation and control of crude oil measurement model, experimental data are used to verify the result.