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Determination of copper content in copper oxide used for fireworks and firecrackers based on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (EDXRF)

Jun-yi Wu
Methods used for the determination of copper content in copper oxide are mostly based on traditional chemical method, which is lengthy and cumbersome. If inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry or atomic absorption spectrometry are used to determine the copper with high content, the sample solution...
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Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Preferred Wavelet Packet and ELM

Haitao Shi, Qide Tan, Chenggang Li, Xiangyu Lv
In order to improve the effectiveness of fault feature extraction and achieve the accurate classification of fault patterns in analog circuit, the paper proposed a new analog circuit fault diagnosis method based on preferred wavelet packet and extreme learning machine (ELM). The concept of feature departure...
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Analysis on the Structure of Inbound Tourist Source Market in Anhui

Tong Yu
Based on the related data of inbound tourism in Anhui from 2006 to 2015, by aid of the Excel software, analyze the structure of inbound tourist source market in Anhui. The result shows that: the numerical value of geographic concentration index of inbound tourism in Anhui is high and the stability is...
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Effect of Single Sio2 Layer Incorporation on Electrical Performances of Metal-insulator-metal Capacitors with Al2O3-Hfo2-Al2O3 Dielectrics

Li-Feng Zhang, Sai-Sheng Xu
The metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors with Al2O3/HfO2/Al2O3 (AHA) and Al2O3/HfO2/SiO2/HfO2/Al2O3 (AHSHA) dielectric structure using atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique have been fabricated. It is demonstrated that the dielectric loss at higher applied frequency and quadratic VCC in high- MIM...
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Determination of the Scenarios for the Future of Materials Technology

Astelio Silvera Sarmiento, Luis Fernando Garcés Giraldo, Jovany Sepúlveda-Aguirre
Introduction. In the world the prospective studies have been taking great acceptance, especially in developing countries, as they allow the prioritization and targeting of efforts in research on a specific topic. Objective. Contrast the positions of the key members of 2 Colombian universities about the...
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Study on Effects of NHERF-1 on Proliferation and Migration of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

Dan Li, Xianming Chu, Zhihui Feng, Xia Li, Peng Chen, Yi An
Object To explore the effects of Na+/H+ exchanger regulatory factor 1 (NHERF1) on the phosphorylation levels of Akt1, activity of gelatinase secreted by HUVECs, and expression and distribution of cytoskeleton inside Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVECs), and to expound the molecular mechanism...
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Preparation of Graphene Nanopore based on AFM

Siyuan Wei, Zhongxin Qi, Tongyu Ji
With the development of science and technology, graphene as a material has arrested increasing attention from scientists, and there are more experiments and researches on its application. The project is focused on the imaging technology of atomic force microscopy, which manages to conduct the image analysis...
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Feature-Filtering Data-Mining Algorithm for Urban Waterlogging Path Optimization in Extreme Weather

Wei Zhong, Youdong Zhang
Good personnel hedge scheme which can reduce the negative effects of urban waterlogging disaster is one of the effective ways and scientific means to improve the level of urban municipal management. Strong randomicity is the characteristics of stormwater runoff route under city extreme weather , this...
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A Pore Water Model of Dynamic Compaction

Yao Xu, Ping Hu
The pore pressure test is designed in a dynamic compaction engineering, and the data on dissipation and increase of the pore pressure are gotten. The function of pore water pressure is fitted by regression analysis. The design parameters of time interval between two dynamic compaction can be determined...
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Parametric design and mechanical performance analysis of hyperbolic flat reticulated shells

Xiaoyang Lu, Tao Li, Shaobo Lu, Haoxin Fu, Xiong Jiang, Lulu Wang
A parametric design macro program of five kinds of hyperbolic flat lattice shells was developed by using APDL (Ansys Parametric Design Language) parametric design language.On this basis, hundreds kinds of working conditions of three kinds of hyperbolic flat lattice shells were selected for the change...
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Development and self-calibration of a robotic visual inspecting system

Chengyi Yu, Xiaobo Chen, Juntong Xi
The paper proposes a high-accuracy, large-scale robotic visual inspecting system which consists of an industrial robot and an optical scanning sensor fixed on the robot hand. Traditionally, calibration of a robotic visual inspecting system is separated into three parts: Hand-eye calibration, robot calibration...
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Research On Windage Yaw Of V-Type Composite Insulators In Ultra-High Voltage

Li Li, Chenglong Lin, Xiong Wu
To ensure safe operation and reduce construction costs, it is necessary to study the mechanical characteristics of V-type composite insulators under windage loads, with theirs wide applications in ultra-high voltage (UHV). User-defined material (UMAT) subroutines are programmed to consider composite...
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Study on Huge Type of Invasive Pituitary Adenoma through Frontotemporal Orbital Zygomatic into The Applied Anatomy Study of the Road

Cailian Ruan, Tao Xue, Yuanyuan Xie
To explore the type giant invasive pituitary adenomas by frontotemporal orbital zygomatic into the applied anatomy study of the road.Methods: 15 cases of pituitary adenomas in frontotemporal orbital zygomatic into the anatomy of the application of the road.Put the 15 cases of skull in it for fixed and...
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Study of Debris Flow Mechanism in Tunnel Faults in Aqueous Environment

Suchao Xu, Shenshen Yu
In this paper, according to the debris flow problem in the region of karst through fault fracture zone, a test concerning the evolution of permeability for mud rock were carried out. Such conclusions were gained: initial deposition deformation and micro crack closing play a greater influence on the evolution...
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Research On Prosody Conversion of Affective Speech Based on LIBSVM and PAD Three Dimensional Emotion Model

Xiaoyong Lu, Tao Pan
This paper proposes a framework for prosody conversion of emotional speech based on LIBSVM support vector regression model and PAD three dimensional emotion model. We design an emotional speech corpus including 11 kinds of emotional utterances. Each utterance is labeled the emotional information with...
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Spectrum Analysis of Anode Rod Current in 300kA Aluminum Reduction Cells Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform

Shuiping Zeng, RuiQiang Li
There are dozens of anodes work in aluminum electrolysis at the same time. Because of the particularity of anode work and the waving ability of the melt, different current flow through different anode. Spectral characteristics of the current signal are important parameters of internal status changes...
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The effect and application of "false extreme" in electromagnetic frequency measurement

Guoqiang Xue, Shu Yan, Kang Chen, Weiying Chen
In frequency-domain sounding, "false extreme" phenomenon often appears in the apparent resistivity curve. Previous investigations focused on the subject without considering strata information containing in false Extreme. The use of false extreme effect is a new attempt to explain data. This paper analyzes...
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Experimental Study on Wave Overtopping Force before a Vertical Breakwater

Han Li, Jinsong Gui, Dongxu Wang
On the breast wall of a vertical breakwater, the measured wave forces have large deviations from the calculated values according to the current standard as a result of overtopping. In order to explore the reason of this deviation, the wave forces on vertical breast wall with overtopping have been measured...
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Plasma-graft anhydride on Carbon Fiber and its Effect on Composite Properties

Ya-Nan Yi, Cai-Qiong Zhang, Jing Long, Lin Zhong, Huan-Xia Zhang
The deposition of coatings on the surface of carbon fiber will be helpful to their applications. However, they are unsuitable to be deposited because of their low surface free energies, poor wettability and poor adhesions. The objective of this work is to modify carbon fibers by different methods of...
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Cast Aluminum Energy Consumption Model Based on Fuzzy Petri Net

Yong Sun, Peng Jiang, Guangyu Li
An aluminum alloy casting process energy consumption model is created, the model to energy activities as the basic activity unit, description of energy consumption by energy conversion device behavior, to fully reflect the constituent elements of the energy system coordinated through the process energy...
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Crystal structure and band gap studies of hydrogarnet calculated results by density functional theory

Lijun Pan, Wanchao Chao, Yan Kun
Herein, we investigate the hydrogarnet sample by X-ray diffraction and calculated the related garnets included grossular, katoite and hydrogrossular by density functional theory to investigate the effect of silicon composition. The results of X-ray diffraction suggests that the chemical formula should...
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Analysis of Primary and Secondary Schools Information Literacy ResearchSituation in China

Jiasha Zhang, Jing Liu, Min Hou, Jun Han
Today, information literacy has become one of the essential qualities of every citizen. However, the college entrance examination system in China determines the information technology curriculum in primary and secondary schools in the lower position, which makes the information literacy training of students...
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Design and Implement of a Persian-Chinese Online Dictionary Based on WAMP

Wei Li, Liming Zhang
According to the actual demand, there are more and more Persian learners in China. However, there doesn't exist a Persian-Chinese online dictionary of comprehensive and rich explanations so far. This paper designs and implements an online dictionary based on WAMP, which can look up words, phrases and...
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Application of MM40 Invert in Direct Torque Control of PHEV

Zhixue Tong, Baozhen Zhang
In order to meet the problem of motor torque control for plug in hybrid electric vehicle, direct torque control system is designed with Profibus-DP bus and Ethernet communication by using Siemens S7-300 series PLC and MM 440. Structure and control scheme of the system is described. Hardware design of...
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The Study of Running Behavior of Pedestrian at Urban Signalized Intersection

Zhiyin Li, Ziyang Wang, Boran Wan, Mingtao Wu, Haiyue Zhao
Pedestrian is the main traffic participants in the signalized intersection. And its running behavior, on the one hand, will increase hidden danger because of reducing driver's reaction time; on the other hand, it will decrease the time of exposure to the road and reduce the security risk. The study found...
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On energy-saving control during the power plant production process and its application

Song Zhao
Faced with the threat of environmental pollution and energy consumption, China has put forward the sustainable development policy, and encouraged all sectors and industries to realize energy-saving production. As important energy supply units, power plants should also actively explore an energy-saving...
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The Establishment of Blouse'S Parameter Constraint Database Based on Pattern Automatic Generation

Lina Cui
This study takes fast pattern generating as the goal and takes blouse pattern as the research ob-ject, then raises up the parametric design method based on numerical geometric constraint, and take constraint solving for each part of the blouse pattern, furthermore, this paper uses numerical method of...
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Research on Quick Sizing System

Jinming Lu
Quick sizing system composed by creel mechanism sizing mechanism drying mechanism winding mechanism and temperature-controlling mechanism. the four notes are put forward. Using this quick sizing system for JC20S, the yarns are tested before and after sizing. The results show that: after sizing, breaking...
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Enrichment and Cultivation of Denitrifying Phosphorus Removing Bacteria

Jinlan Lian, Xing Jin
The denitrifying phosphorus removal bacteria (DPB) were enrichment using SBR reactor and two stages of training method under the low carbon source with nitrate as electron acceptor. The system was operated under the condition of anaerobic-aerobic-precipitation-discharge for 10 cycles in the first stage,...
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Dynamic AGC Units’ Dispatching Based On Loss Sensitivity Identification with the Consideration of Wind Energy

Shuang Zhang, Jingyi Zhang, Xuehong Yang, Hongqiang Li, Feng Gao, Chao Lu
the emergence of high penetration of sustainable energy in the power system has increased the demand for faster-ramping units participating in the frequency regulation service. To fulfill the automatic generation control (AGC) and compensate the influence of sustainable energy fluctuations simultaneously,...
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Temperature Control System of Cold Storage

Ting Lu, Zeliang Liu
This design is a temperature detection and automatic control system based on STC89S52 micro controller for the cold storage. Mainly consists of a power supply, a temperature detection circuit, a system control circuit , actuator, the temperature display circuit, alarm circuit and other parts, using DS18B20...
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Thermal Management of The Die Bonding Architecture in 3D-Ics

Kangjia Wang, Zhongliang Pan
This paper presents the thermal impact of different bonding architectures in the 3D stacked chip.ANSYS® Workbench™14.0 was used to model the architecture and meshed analysis was conducted. Bonding architectures that evaluated were face-to-face, face-to-back and back-to-back while all the parameters and...
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Singularity Analysis of a three translational degrees of freedom Parallel Mechanism

Binjiu Yang, Xiu Qin
The singularity of a new 3-DOF parallel mechanism was analyzed. The position equation of the mechanism was gotten by the inverse kinematics solution. The velocity equation of the machine was gotten by the derivation of the position equation, and then got the Jacobian matrix, and the singularity conditions...
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A small UAV deviation control roll research

Tianxiang Hu
This paper according to the small UAV structure characteristics, the taxiing control structure and control law design are studied and proposed front wheel and rudder deviation control scheme and control structure, analysis, including the front landing gear, pavement condition, brake system, wind and...
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Study on Quality of Hot Mix Plant Recycling Mixture under Influence of RAP Performance

Ping Wu
To explore the variation of hot mix plant recycling mixture design parameters and quality under the influence of RAP performance, represent index and factor level of RAP performance were determined, the variation of mix proportion design parameters was comprehensively analysised under different indexes...
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Comparison of the Influence of Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid and Sodium Gluconate on the Performance of Concrete

Xingdong Lv, Beixing Li, Yan Shi, Huaquan Yang
Comparison of the influence of amino trimethylene phosphonic acid (ATMP) and sodium gluconate (SG) on the performance of concrete are investigated in this paper. The comparison of the effects of ATMP and SG on concrete setting time at 20°C or 35°C, concrete slump loss, concrete compressive strength and...
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The Preliminary Research of Guojuanyan Debris Flow Characteristics and Prevention Measures Post-Earthquake

Shun Yang, Hai Huang, Huali Pan, Jiankang Liu
Sichuan Basin come into rainy season entirely in the early July, 2013, Dujiangyan city of Wenchuan strong earthquake district encountered a hundred-year rainstorm process, which raised numerous Secondary Mountain hazards as collapse, landslide and debris flow etc. Generally, high frequency of debris...
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Research Advance in the Use of Catalysts for Sludge Pyrolysis

Yang Xu, Guori Dong, Fang Chen, Hongyong Li, Jibin Wang
In recent years, the discharge amount of all kinds of sewage is increasingly increased, and therefore the handling problem of sewage sludge, an inevitable product of sewage treatment, has drawn more and more attention. As a new type of sludge treatment technology, the production technology of bio-oil...
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Design and Application of Strain Brushless Torque Sensor

Jiaming Zhang, Gong Chen, Wenrui Wang, Hao Sun
The torque monitoring of high-speed rotary shaft is often unsuccessful because of sensor installation, reliability, accuracy and other practical issues, so high-speed rotary shaft torque monitoring has become an urgent need. The brushless torque sensor is developed based on strain measurement, which...
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Influence of Grounding Material’s Property on the Impulse Grounding Resistance of Grounding Grids

Leishi Xiao, Qian Li, Huizhong Xue
The conductor material properties such as resistivity and relative permeability have great influence on impulse grounding resistance of grounding grids in regular dimensions. The intensity of the influence is also different under different soil conditions. By building a 1:1 grounding model and using...
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Design Research of Machine Frame on Three Dimensional Models

Zhanjun Liu
The present paper takes some machine frames as the object of study, three dimensional model is based on the CATIA software, the model and the hypothesized assembly are carried by the CATIA software. It is firstly introduced the aviation manufacture project development by proposed new request, the CATIA...
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Self-cycling modularized smart grid application integration

Y.P. Li, S. Liang, W. Xu, J.B. Xin
The essence of the construction of smart grid demonstration project is an integration process of various types of technology, system and device. With the integration of various kinds of adjustable resources including distributed power supply, reactive power compensation devices, and energy storage devices...
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Error Correction of Temperature Measurement System Based on the Seepage Test

Siling Liang, Jiawei Mi, Yutong Cao
This study is based on the application of temperature in seepage experiment. The output temperature is compared with the actual temperature to fit the curve of the relationship through the measured data of the 107 groups. The error correction model is established to achieve accurate measurement of sensor....
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Preparation of ZnS Modified PHBV Film by Chemical Bath Deposition Method

Haifeng Chen, Lingmei Guo
Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, ethylene glycol, thiourea and triethanolamine were purchased to be starting materials. Nano zinc sulfide solution has been successfully prepared by Chemical bath deposition method, and then the prepared zinc sulfide modified polyhydroxybutyrate valerate (PHBV) to form the thin...
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Video moving target binary image processing method based on OTSU

Xiaowei Han, Yuan Gao, Yong Cao, Zheng Lu, Dun Niu
Because of some pixels of foreground image which is binarized by fixed threshold, the Gaussian mixture model can not get accurate result. So we introduce OTSU to look for the threshold which satisfy maximum-between-clusters-variance,and it will get best divisional effect.It achieve adaptive threshold...
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Injection mold design for the bottle cap of facial cleanser

Peiyun Ao
According to the structural characteristics of the bottle cap, this paper analyzes the structure and the key technology of the die design Respectively, using Moldwizard module and Pro/E mold design facial cleanser injection molding mold design, local mosaic of concave die design is proposed.
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Simulation of AIDS Spread Model Based on Cellular Automata

Jiatai Gang, Sisi Liu, Jian Lu, Zhiwei Zhao, Xinxin Tan
Abstract. This paper establishes an AIDS model based on the spread characteristics in China, spread from high-risk to general population, through bridge population based on cellular automata. Matlab is used to simulate the dynamic performance of the model, the simulated results are consistent with statistics...
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Research on electromagnetic wave propagation in fractional space

Hongbo Zhang, Zhongshu Yang
In this paper, a generalization of differential electromagnetic equations in fractional space is provided. These equations can describe the behavior of electric and magnetic fields in any fractal media. The time evolution of the fractional electromagnetic waves by using the time fractional Maxwell’s...
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The Research of Lane Marker Detection Algorithm Based on Inverse Perspective Mapping

Jinghong Xu, Changsheng Cheng, Yan Wan
This paper presents a robust and fast algorithm for lane marker detection. It is based on generating an inverse perspective mapping image of the road, computing line abstracted regions and the class points from IPM image, which is followed by a post processing step using rectangular approximation to...
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The PID Parameter Setting for the Hydraulic Servo System Based on Genetic Algorithms

Yao Yao, Pengfei Wang, Wenyu Zhang, Hualiang Wu
This paper is based on the magnesium alloy in our school laboratory rolling machine as the research object and the servo system model of valve controlling hydraulic cylinder is established, by using genetic algorithms to optimize PID controller design and to control its model. The simulation and experiment...
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Computer Simulation of Adaptive Control Algorithms for AC Wind Turbine with DFIG

Andrey A. Mazalov
Nowadays actual scientific problem of renewable energy is the problem of developing control systems, that ensure the generation of stable voltage in a changing environment. This paper presents a structure and methods of synthesis of control system development, which allow to decide the indicated problem....
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Effect of Side Error on the Static Displacement of Micro-resonator

Fen Gao, ShuYing Hao, Chengkun Qi, JingJing Feng, Huijie Li
In view of the practical situation, sometimes there is side error of the comb capacitor through superposition of the deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process, and these manufacturing tolerances can lead to the movable comb fingers offset. Using the software of ANSYS to explore the electrostatic-structural...
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A Review of Challenge and Prospect of No-Tillage Practice to Sustain Spices Cropping Systems in North Maluku

Lily Ishak, Sarni, Erwin Ladjinga, Ramli Hadun
No-tillage or zero-tillage has been adopted for years by local farmers to sustain islands-based tropical spices cropping systems across the North Maluku region. Various studies in other parts of the world have proven a remarkable effect of this practice on soil health indicated by the enhancement of...
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Spatio-temporal Variation of Nitrogen in River Water and Groundwater Recharged by Recycled Water at Qingyang River

Weiyan Pan, Zhenghe Xu, Feng Wang
Municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse has been an effective way to solve problems of shrinkage and drying up of rivers and lakes. The residual pollutants in recycled water may pose a risk to groundwater. A field study on the spatial and temporal variations concentrations of nitrate, ammonia and...
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Analysis on Trade Patterns in Electronic and Electrical Products: An Empirical Study of the U.S from 2008 to 2017

Fei Wang, Yang Yu, Hui-long Li
The development and protection of electronic and electrical industries are essential parts to America’s national strategy. Using data from UNCOMTRADE database, This paper analyzed trade patterns in electronic and electrical products (HT1 category in Rev.2 classification) in the US from 2008 to 2017....
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Community Structure Of Seagrass In Ketawai Island, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Indonesia

Wahyu Adi, M. Rizza Muftiadi, Okto Supratman, Dwi Rosalina, Fika Dwi Pratiwi, Sudirman Adibrata
The seagrass ecosystem of Ketawai Island has the potential as a shelter, feeding, spawning ground from various aquatic organisms and it has an important role for the coastal and marine environment. The utilization of coastal and Ketawai island as a tourist area becomes a threat to the growth of seagrass...
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Physical and Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Concrete Contain Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement from National Road in East Java Province Indonesia

Ari Widayanti, Ria Soemitro, Januarti Ekaputri, Hitapriya Suprayitno
Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) is a paving stripping material with Cold Milling Machine. The RAP accumulation in East Java Province is estimated 50,000 m3 per-year. The RAP usage can decrease RAP accumulation, natural material, damage rate by mining or excavation. RAP mixture produced an optimum performances...
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Mechanical Analysis of Environmentally Friendly Concrete Rubber

M. Rizki, Sri Sumarni, Ernawati
Tire production Indonesia has been increased by numbers from year to year along with a great amount causes the availability of abundant rubber tire waste, this waste has not been widely used and has unravel able properties leading into environmental pollution. In this research, we developed an environmentally...
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Evaluation of Land Carrying Capacity in Tsunami Affected Areas of Aceh Besar Regency

Widodo Widodo, Aris Slamet Widodo, Nanda Chintia Melrhoza
Aceh tsunami disaster in 2004 caused damage to agricultural land in Aceh Besar Regency. Meanwhile the post-disaster development has caused migration of people to the regency, causing a greater pressure on agricultural land. The study aimed to evaluate the land carrying capacity in tsunami-affected areas...
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Innovative Technologies of Cultivation of Crops in the Era of the Digital Economy

N.V. Abramov, S.A. Semizorov
Based on long-term stationary and field experiments (1977-2017), the optimal parameters of soil fertility (gray forest, dark gray forest, leached chernozem) were established. The highest economically and ecologically justified productivity of agrocenoses is obtained when the density of addition for cereals...
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Ecotoxicants in the System Water-Soil-Plant and Possible Risks to Public Health

Tamila Nasirovna Ashurbekova, Zaira Gadzhievna Natalia Gadzhibutaevna, Natalia Gadzhibutaevna Isaeva, Elmira Mugutdinovna Musinova
The article presents the results of a study on the content of arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury in water, soil and in plant products that are directly used by humans for nutrition. During four years of observation, water analysis demonstrates high arsenic concentrations. The arsenic content ranges from...
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Recent twin revolutions in structural biology

M.R.N. Murthy
The development of optical microscopes led to the discovery of cells as the fundamental units of life. It made us aware that microbes dominate the living world. However, optical microscopes have limitation as to the size of cell and cell organelles they can focus. This size limit is referred to as the...
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Developing Procedures to Assess Contractors at Various Stages of Cooperation

Turgaeva Aksana Albekovna, Azizova Esenia Anatolevna
State customer activities inevitably imply signing governmental contracts with companies of various types. Government contract making may result in certain risks and economic security threats for the state customer and it is of primary importance because its successful execution influences the budget...
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The Application of Digital Fabrication in Architecture, Case Study: Prototyping a Scale Model

Hendro Trieddiantoro Putro, Wiliarto Wirasmoyo
Technological developments in architecture continued such as parametric design methods with computational optimization process and digital fabrication to make a scale model. Digital fabrication defined as the process of manipulating objects using CNC router machines, 3D printers, and laser cutters through...
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Development of a Priority Scale in Handling National Road Maintenance in Banten

Novel Ridwan, Leksmono Suryo Putranto
National road should be maintained periodically to keep its performance in a serviceable condition. Banten is a province next to the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Therefore, road maintenance in this area must be conducted properly. Banten is one of the areas in Indonesia, in which the national road...
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Correlation analysis of the population and energy--the coexistence of promotion and inhibition

Lingxiao Wang, Yufang Chen, Weifeng Zhu
The energy innovation has brought about an exponential increase of population each time, meanwhile, population growth brings greater energy demand. Hence how to maintain a balanced relation between energy production-consumption and population is of great importance. This paper highlights the relations...
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Torsional displacement ratio of frame-tube structure under expected rare earthquake

X.M. Chen, J. Duan, Y.G. Li
Columns in frame-tube structures may be damaged easily because of the torsional response, therefore, torsional displacement ratio was defined by national codes for spectrum analysis under frequent earthquake. For analysis of time-history under expected rare earthquakes, different from displacement angle,...
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Research on preparation and properties of isothermal solidification Cu-Sn high temperature solder paste

Manmen Liu, Jialin Chen, Hao Cui, Xudong Sun, Shaohong Liu, Ming Xie, Xiaoli Zhu
A novel environmental-friendly Cu-Sn high temperature solder paste was fabricated by mixing Cu powder, Sn powder and commercial purchased flux. Different type and content of the flux may significantly affect the thermal properties of the solder paste. The bonding layer was composed of compact Cu3Sn and...
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The construction of "smart campus" and the protection of students' privacy in the age of Internet of things

Hui Yan, Yuqi Zhang, Xinyan Fan, Qian Liu
Development momentum in recent years, the Internet of things technology, has become the important strategic development direction of information emerging industry in China. All walks of life increasingly widespread use of Internet of things technology, the Internet of things development prospect is bright....
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Lifetime Prediction for A Certain Missile Based on Field Data

Xuecheng Zhang, Xuning Sun, Qixun Liu
A statistical procedure of the lifetime prediction for a certain missile is established by the reliability analysis using the field data. First, the reliability at given time point is estimated by the Kaplan-Meier method according to samples undergoing long time storage. Second, the lifetime distribution...
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Patterned Photonic Nitrocellulose Membrane for Bio-detection Based on Coffee-Ring Effect

Litianyi Tang, Hong Liu
In this work, we report a method for the fabrication of nitrocellulose (NC) membrane with photonic crystal (PC) pattern for bio-detection. The membrane is prepared by imprinting the corresponding PC pattern into it through thermal Nano-imprint method. Aptamer beacon marked with fluorescein is used for...
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Principle of Indentation-flattening compound deformation technology and application in AZ31 Magnesium Alloy

Zhongtang Wang, Xunan Liu, Jihao Jiang
Indentation-flattening compound deformation technology (IFCDT) is defined, and the characteristics and stress-strain state of IFCDT are analyzed. The mechanism of grain refinement and texture weakened of AZ31 magnesium alloy sheet which deformed by IFCDT is analyzed. The influence law of parameters of...
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Rotor Speed and Rotor Position Estimation Based on MRAS

Xueliang Ren, Mingjiang Wang, Jun Chen
In the traditional mechanical equipment, the motor is generally equipped with sensors for measuring the speed and position information of the motor. However, installation of sensors increases the structure burden. In this paper, a sensorless method is proposed for measurement of rotor speed and position....
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Design and Implementation of Motorcycle Circuit Based on Flywheel Balance

Jiayong Yang, Huazhang Wang, Sixue Yang, Jiang Yan, Yanqing Dai
This paper designs and implements the hardware circuit of the self-balanced motorcycle with the MK60DN512ZVLQ10 as the control core, and has the capabilities of attitude acquisition, data processing, response and man-machine interface. First building a self-balancing motorcycle overall framework, each...
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Implicit Finite Difference Method for Fractional Wave Equation with Dirichlet and Fractional Boundary Conditions

Shaomei Fang, Wenjie Huang, Changping Xie, Yingshu Zhanga, Jinyan Li, Zhenfu Cai
In this paper, the implicit finite difference method is developed for the fractional wave equation with Dirichlet and fractional boundary conditions. The consistency and stability of the method are strictly provedbytheGerschgorintheoremandmathematicalinduction. Numericalexamplesshowtheaccuracy and efficiency...
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Concept of reducing cost of mining thin low-power uranium veins with using narrow web mining machine

Oleg Nikolaevich Alekseev, Zuffar Firanusovich Akchurin
In the article, the experience of low-power uranium ore bodies working off is considered. The practical experience of low-power ore bodies working off with the use of load-haul-dumpers (LHD) of the middle class of PD-2E type or Toro150 at the mines of PJSC PPGHO is accumulated.
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Improving the design of poppet valve in piston mud pump

Rima Yavdatovna Abdyukova
Research conducted in the oil field development facilitate formation of a system of fundamental knowledge that allows future specialist to scientifically analyze problems in their professional field, apply in practice the knowledge, independently (with modern research methods) master the new information...
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Height Prediction of Water Flowing Fractured Zone and Thickness Effect of Long Wall Caving in Thick Loose Seam with Weak Cementation

Yao Lu, Changxiang Wang, Wenbo Wang, Chuanping Sun, Buchu Zhang
Based on the transfer rock beam theory and the mining overburden movement theory, the height prediction methods of collapse zone and fracture zone under different lithologic conditions are deduced according to the characteristics of rock mass dilatation and rock strata combined motion. Furthermore, the...
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Numerical Simulation of Predicting Wear Sites Distributions of Inlet Impingement Plate and Shell Wall of Feedwater Heater

Xiao-Xin CHEN, Jian-Qun XU, Wei-Li JIANG
Based on the three-dimensional physical model of shell and tube heat exchanger, by means of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, the RANS k-Epsilon turbulent model and the Mixture model were adopted to simulate the flow properties and heat transfer in the shell side. And the reliability of the...
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Review of Failure Mechanism and Modification Research of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Ying Liu, Peng Peng
In this paper, the failure mechanism and modification research of damage performance of recycled aggregate concrete were summarized systematically. The general failure rules of recycled aggregate concrete were summarized according to the failure mode and fracture characteristics of recycled aggregate...
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Organic Polymer Monolith: Synthesis and Applications For bioanalytical

Ahmad Sabarudin
High-speed separation, enrichment, digestion, as well as high-throughput analysis of biomolecules are very important in analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, biosciences, etc. for thesepurposes, currently a single piece of porous material so-called "monolith", Has been rapidly developed for Several...
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An Evaluation of Structural Model for Independent Learning Through Connectivism Theory and Web 2.0 Towards Students’ Achievement

Zulkifley Mohamed, Nor Ubaidullah, Siti Yusof
The purpose of the study was to evaluate an independent learning measurement model based on connectivism theory and Web 2.0 learning tool. The quantitative method was utilised in this study. The data were collected using connectivism and Web 2.0 learning tool instruments among students of Two Year Programme...
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Research and Design of Online Education Platform Based on Named Data Network

Linglin Li, Dening Jiang, Di Miao, Kaixin Li
This paper proposes a new method for data transmission using the Named Data Network (NDN) architecture, and introduces the new NDN network into online education innovatively. Based on the information center network (ICN), the special advantages of the NDN network are utilized to improve the real-time...
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Evaluation of Green Building Cost Based on Life Cycle Theory

Yanli Guo, Chengli Zhu
With the deteriorating climate and the ever-tightening of available resources, green, environmental and low-carbon buildings are more and more emphasized. On the basis of expounding the connotation and characteristics of green building, this paper uses the life cycle theory to analyze the influencing...
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Algorithm of Face Recognition Based on Chaotic theory

Yu-ping Yang
Face recognition belongs to the field of digital image, there are many applications. The classical algorithms of face recognition include algorithm of PCA, algorithm of LDA, algorithm of ICA, and algorithm of SIFT which is for robust feature extraction, etc. In this paper, the improved algorithm is proposed...
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Detecting Ocean Eddies Automatically from MODIS L1B Data

Jian Ding, Shuang-Shang Zhang
This study aims at the automatic detection of the ocean eddies from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) L1B data in the China Seas. First, the sea surface temperature (SST) is estimated from MODIS Aqua/Terra L1B data using the nonlinear IMAPP algorithm. Based on the distribution of SST,...
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Study on economic dispatching of wind power consumption considering dynamic game time-of-use price

Fang Xi, Yuan An, Qian Wei, Jiang Yao, Yuyao Wang
In the view of the anti-peaking characteristics of wind power, the electric power companies and the users were selected as the object to study and formulate reasonable demand side hourly price mechanism and the demand response model was established based on dynamic game time-of-use price. Proposed model...
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Experimental study on dynamic characteristics of foundation for large turbine-generator set

Bing Lu, Tiejun Qu
Based on a large turbine-generator foundation in the actual project, dynamic characteristics of 1:10 model of this foundation are obtained from modal analysis of the random excitation method. Natural frequency,mode shapes and damping ratio of the structure are acquired. The results of basic vibrating...
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Study on Control System of Continuous Wave Mud Pulser

Xianfeng Gong, Kai Chen
In order to transmit the parameters of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) to the ground rapidly and effectively , a high speed continuous wave mud pulser has been developed.In this paper,the author introduces the overall scheme of the control system,including the position servo control of the Permanent...
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Research and Implementation of Data Synchronization for Wireless Data Acquisition System

Tao Huang
A wireless data acquisition system will continue to carry out data collection, which will face the problem of data redundancy. Therefore, how to manage the database is particularly important. This paper mainly studies and designs the database synchronization module of the wireless data acquisition system....
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The Design and Realization of a Rotary Inverted Pendulum Based on Efficient Control

Zhi-Yu ZHAO, Gang DU, Yun-Tao GOU, Jun LI
Abstract: In this paper, a single-stage rotary inverted pendulum system is set up by using rotary encoder, servo motor and some mechanical structures. Lagrange equation is used to build up the mathematic model of single-stage rotary inverted pendulum. Linear quadratic regulator (LQR) and fuzzy control...
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Traction network currents distribution under different power supply voltage

Valentin Ivanovich Sopov, Evgeniy Yrievich Abramov, Nikolay Ivanovich Schurov, Evelina Garrievna Langeman
Factors that generate power supply voltage and current distribution in traction networks are considered. Determination methods of the current distribution in the substation area for double power supply sections of a traction network for transport route are provided. A calculation method of currents in...
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Determination of barium content in pyrotechnics used for fireworks and firecrackers based on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (EDXRF)

Junyi Wu
Methods used for the determination of barium content in pyrotechnics are mostly based on traditional chemical method, which is lengthy and cumbersome. If inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry or atomic absorption spectrometry are used to determine the barium with high content, the sample solution...
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The Effect of Low Ventilation to Thermal Condition in Cathedral Church

Augi Sekatia, Erni Setyowati, Gagoek Hardiman, Bangun Harsritanto
Building designs that are being prioritized today are sustainable architecture and green architecture. The designs can reduce the energy consumption that has a positive impact on climate. Actually, the design of such buildings has started since the Dutch colonial era. Buildings from that era are very...
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Ergonomic Seating Design On Machine Combine Harvester

Ahmad Hanafie, Andi Haslindah, M. Saripuddin, Awaluddin Yunus
Ergonomics is usable in work with the human function of balancing the body dimension with a talking device or machine. Its efforts and others are used for exhausting, regulating temperature, light, and humidity to suit the needs of the human body. The design of the seats on the combine harverter machine...
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Parameter Identification for the Impulse Response Signal of Transmission Tower Containing Double Frequencies

Qingshui Gao, Yi Yang, Chu Zhang
Tuned mass damperis designed on transmission towers to reduce vibration. Two new frequencies appear nearby the original natural frequency if the tuned mass damperis installed. The impulse response signal containing double frequencies is complex. It is difficult to identify signal characteristics parameters....
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Development of Environmental Tension in Zones of Extraction of Solid Minerals on Eastern Caucasus Slopes

I.D. Alborov, O.G. Burdzieva, F.G. Tedeeva, I.G. Arkhireeva, S.A. Bekuzarova, M.V. Maysuradze, L.V. Dzobelova, N.G. Dzhusoeva
The article contains a retrospective of the development of extraction of mineral resources in the mountain ecosystem of the Eastern Caucasus; the stages of environmental tension growth in various components of the biosphere of the region are also shown. It has been proved that in the areas of dislocation...
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Design and Implementation of Different Types of Smart Dustbins System in Smart Campus Environments

Arifin N. Asyikin, Aulia A. Syahidi, Subandi
In Indonesia, waste is still a very serious problem. Garbage causes bad odors, air pollution, disease, and even flooding. Whenever and wherever each individual produces waste, waste can come from households and industries which have various types and forms. Public awareness to dispose of trash in the...
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Research on Tectonic Coal Structure Based on NMR Technology

Wei Qiao, Linchao Dai
The understanding of coal body structure has important research significance for the prevention of coal and gas outburst and the development of coalbed methane. In order to further determine the difference between the primary structure coal and the structural microstructure of coal mines, and analyze...
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Energy Management Control Based on Standalone Photovoltaic Battery and Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System Using PI Controller

Soedibyo, Avian Lukman Setya Budi, Sjamsjul Anam, Mochamad Ashari, Adi Soeprijanto
Standalone photovoltaic system is a system that does not connect with main grid. So, it is necessary to have a backup supply, considering day and night cycle, where there are no solar radiation at night. Backup supply is often be the grid in the on-grid system, but in an off-grid system, backup supply...