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A Study of Final Vowels in Xiahe Dialect Based on Acoustics and Airflow

Jing Wang, Yonghong Li
This paper mainly uses the methods of acoustics and speech aerodynamics to study the vowels and vowels of Xiahe dialect, and establishes the vowel pronunciation model of Xiahe dialect. Some praat script programs are used to extract the formants of vowels and draw the vowel ellipses of Xiahe dialect....
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Prediction and Analysis of Higher Vocational Physical Education Achievements Based on Support Vector Machine

Xiaoyan Hu
In recent years, people’s material life has been greatly improved. However, the physical quality of college students has declined to varying degrees. The results of physical education curriculum reflect the physical fitness of students, and accurately predict the results of physical education curriculum,...
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Prediction of Students’ Sports Performance Based on Genetic Neural Network

Xiaoyan Hu
Achievement prediction is an important content of educational data mining, and accurate achievement prediction is of great benefit to teaching management. In this paper, we propose a performance prediction method based on genetic neural network. This method first uses correlation analysis to screen the...
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Exploration on Online Resources Construction of Health Information Management System Curriculum Under the Background of Integration of Production and Education

Bing-jin Liang
Purposes In recent years, the medical information industry has developed rapidly, and health information technology talents are scarce. Health information management system course is set up as the core course of health information management specialty, aiming to cultivate students’ core skills of health...
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Empirical Instances Knowledge Mining Method for Ship Design Domain

Tao Xie
Knowledge mining based on ship instances information has an important support role for ship design. In order to obtain easy to use knowledge from ship design instances composed of natural language text, this paper proposes an empirical case knowledge mining method for ship design domain. The method uses...
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A Study of Engineering Doctoral Students’ Research Experience and Degrees of Satisfaction in China

Xiaoqing Xu
Engineering and technical talents are the key factors in the development of algorithms and computer technology. Engineering doctoral students (EDS), being engineering and technical talents to be, play a significant role in the sustainable development of information technology society. This study explored...
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Research on the Impact of Information Industry Agglomeration on Technological Innovation

Xiaohong Li, Tianming Zhang
In order to better promote the development of China’s information industry and technological innovation, this paper takes 29 provinces in China as the research area, and uses stata16.0 software as the research tool to study the impact of information industry agglomeration on technological innovation....
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A Study of Intergenerational Parent-Child Relationships Based on an Interactive Installation

Qiao Li
Today, parents’ time spent in families is constantly compressed and parent-child communication time is decreasing. Besides, inappropriate communication patterns commonly exist in intergenerational relationships. Consequently, parent-child relationship problems occur frequently. The creation “Hear Your...
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Research on the Construction of College Wisdom Party Building Platform Based on “Internet+”

Guolan Liu, Siyu Cai, Yawen Meng
With the development of the “Internet+” era, information technology and digital technology are also increasingly developed and will be applied to all fields of society. The development of network information technology needs opportunities, and at the same time, it also encounters many challenge. In order...
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90Validation of School-Based College English Listening Test: Evaluating Construct Validity Using the 3PL Item Response Theory Model

Meng Lyu
More and more universities are implementing school-based English exams designed and administered by their professors, yet there is limited research on the quality and reliability of school-based exams. This study aims to evaluate the validity of the school-based college English listening test items according...
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Human Resource Management Effectiveness Evaluation Based on AHP-Entropy Weight Method

Zhi Qu
To improve the accuracy of the overall performance evaluation of the human resource management department, this study proposes a human resource management effectiveness evaluation method based on AHP-entropy weight method. This paper first analyzes the human resource management mode, and selects the...
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Policy Selection and Evaluation for Higher Education of China, Based on Entropy Weight Method

Shuyu Shang, Runzhi Tian, Zhen Tian
The construction of higher education is the focus of China’s future development. This paper is intended to provide advice on higher education policy in China. Along with this general objective, this study methodology use entropy weight model. We divided education policy making into 4 stages and 18 subdivision...
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Research on the Teaching Practice of Art Based on Virtual Reality Technology and Analysis of the Effect of Teaching Practice

Jiaqi Yang
With the development and popularity of virtual reality technology, today’s teaching methods and learning styles are changing. Many teaching activities today are exploring the integration of virtual technology, yet the specific effects are difficult to test. The author uses “VR teaching” and “traditional...
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Research on Virtual Simulation Technology in Environmental Design Major Course

Yue Yuan
The discipline structure of environmental design is relatively complex, with comprehensive, practical, artistic, scientific and technological characteristics. In the major of environmental design, various technologies such as immersion, interaction and experience can be applied in the practice of environmental...
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An Experimental Study on Online and Offline Blended Teaching Model Based on Factor Analysis

Zhenyu Liu
As a new, effective and multi-dimensional teaching model, blended teaching model combines offline teaching of traditional classroom with online teaching of the Internet, which is the mainstream of information-based blended teaching. This paper is intended to conduct an experimental study on task-based...