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Research on the Design and Implementation of Web Pages with Integrated Information

Yanmei Dai, Yongsheng Xie
Currently, numerous industries exhibit close interconnections. Nevertheless, the information asymmetry prevailing among various industries leads to the operational inefficiency of related industries. To tackle this issue, web pages with integrated information are designed by utilizing Linux, Apache,...
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On Making a Decision to Correct the Learner Behavior Based on the Signals of their Electroencephalograms When Organizing Interaction with an Anthropomorphic Teacher-Assistant Robot

Mikhail Stepanov, Vyacheslav Musatov, Igor Egorov, Svetlana Pchelintzeva, Andrey Stepanov
The work discusses the method of recognizing the state of a learner using artificial neural networks based on the analysis of electroencephalogram signals during the assimilation of educational material using a hardware–software complex of a robot – an assistant teacher of anthropomorphic type.
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Improving the Efficiency of Object Grasp Detection on Embedded Platforms Using the AOGNet Neural Network Architecture

Clive A. A. Simpson, Paul Gaynor
Robot grasp detection, commonly performed using Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), has proven to be a memory and power-intensive task that is required in resource-constrained environments. This paper proposes the use of And-Or-Grammar Networks (AOGNets) to reduce the constraints on embedded platforms. The...
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Performance Evaluation of Rural Inclusive Financial Poverty Alleviation in Hebei from the Perspective of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Based on Experimental and Mathematical Statistics Analysis

Lin Xu, Yiyun Zhang
Performance evaluation is an important means to test the effectiveness of rural financial precision poverty alleviation. This paper uses the panel data of 21 provinces and cities in the central and eastern economic zone of China from 2010 to 2020 to evaluate the impact of inclusive financial development...
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Application of Virtual Simulation Technology in Biotechnology Experiment Teaching

Wei Chen, Zhikai Gan
Experiment is the key link of biology and an important means to cultivate students’ practical ability and innovation ability. In order to stimulate students’ interest in learning and reduce the risk and cost of experiments, virtual simulation technology can be used in the teaching of biotechnology experiments....
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Artificial Intelligence Methods in Assessing the Severity and Differential Diagnosis of Bronchoobstructive Syndrome

Karina Shakhgeldyan, Boris Geltser, Ilya Kurpatov, Alexandra Kriger
Respiratory muscles strength is the main indicator of their functional state. The study of respiratory muscles strength is becoming increasingly prevalent in clinical pulmonology, especially in case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. However, respiratory muscles strength is used...
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Does patent litigation promote patent quality?

An empirical study on interprovincial panel data of China mainland

Wei Guo
In recent years, patent litigation has evolved from a traditional means of intellectual property protection to a new tool of competition, which has a profound impact on the pattern of technological innovation and industrial competition. The process of submission, trial and judgment of patent litigation...
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Establishment of an Evaluation Index System on Versatile Talent Cultivation Modes of Universities for Childhood Autism Rehabilitation Based on Delphi Method

Qian Wang, Yuran Yang, Xiaofeng Xu, Xiu Zhang
A comprehensive method, including literature review, demand survey and group discussion, was employed to form the correspondence questionnaire for experts, and 20 experts were performed with two rounds of correspondences by Delphi method. Finally, the corresponding evaluation index system was established...
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Automatic Correction Method of ERP Data Entry Errors Based on Big Data

Qinlan Wu, Xijian Chao
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) refers to the use of advanced management ideas and methods and standardized processes and data on the basis of information technology to integrate the resources owned by the enterprise, and finally achieve the purpose of optimal allocation of enterprise resources and...
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Happiness Index Prediction Using Hybrid Regression Model

Yuning Han, Yichen Shao, Yazhuo Zhang
In the field of social science, research on happiness combines multiple subjects like philosophy, psychology, sociology and economics, and plays an essential role in national health. In this report, with the publicly available questionnaire results, we select multiple sets of variables, including individual...
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A Hybrid Hierarchical Sparse Kernel Classification Model for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval

S K Sudha, S Aji
In remote sensing applications, finding matching images across huge datasets is difficult due to the scarcity of annotated images. The high spatio-spectral resolution and high-dimensional sparse nature make the remote sensing images difficult to utilize in particular applications. Hence, competent retrieval...
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Research on Guilin Tourism Image Based on LDA

Changli Huang, Yanling Huang
The image of a tourist destination is the core factor in the formation of a city’s tourist image, and is also a key factor in the decision-making of tourist attractions managers. This research takes Guilin tourist city as the research object, takes travel notes crawled by Ctrip travel website as the...
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Knowledge map construction of multi-source heterogeneous contaminated site data

Xingchen Li, Jianqin Zhang, Lina Fan, Xinzhi Li, Huizhong Jiang, Nan Lu
The retirement and relocation of urban industrial enterprises has led to the retirement of a large number of contaminated sites. Aiming at the problem that the data related to the contaminated site comes from many different sources and has different structures, and it is difficult to explore the potential...
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Research on the Development Technology of B-learning System Based on Web3.0

Rui Ge
With the continuous promotion of educational informatization, blended learning, which combines the advantages of traditional teaching and learning methods with the advantages of online learning, has become the core issue of education reform in the era of Web3.0. Based on the theory of constructivism...
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Software and Hardware Complex of Anthropomorphic Type Robot as an Assistant for a Teacher. Decision-Making Subsystem Using Multiscale Entropy Analysis of EEG Signals

Tatyana V. Yakovleva, Ilya E. Kutepov, Anton V. Krysko, Mikhail Stepanov, Tatyana Yu. Yaroshenko, Nikolay P. Erofeev, Olga A. Saltykova, Maxim V. Zhigalov, Irina V. Papkova, Vadim A. Krysko, Nikolay M. Yakovlev, Antonina Yu. Karas
The paper presents research on the use of the results of the analysis of signals of brain activity of students for decision-making in educational robotics. Signals of brain activity were obtained using electroencephalograms (EEG). Assessment of the state of the student was carried out on the basis of...
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A Case Study Using Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of House Prices in WP, Malaysia

Yoon-Teck Bau, Syed Muiz Syed Badrul Hisham
The research for this study is to find out performance scores from machine learning techniques in predicting house prices as compared to its actual prices. One of the limitations of existing techniques is predictive models generated do not cover the situation within Malaysia. Therefore, a data collection...
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Cloud Infrastructure for Creation of Interpretable Diagnostic Knowledge Bases of Diseases Regardless their Etiology

Valeriya Gribova, Elena Shalfeeva, Margaret Petryaeva
The paper presents a cloud infrastructure for creation of interpretable diagnostic knowledge bases for intelligent decision support systems in medicine. An ontology of medical diagnostics allows us to form diseases regardless their etiology as a multivariate developing internal process. The relations...
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Methodological Aspects of Strategic Controlling of Digital Transformation of Transport and Logistics System

Elena Balashova, Elena Palkina, Elena Schislyaeva
The present technological mode featuring the use of end-to-end digital platforms and technologies has caused transition of the transport branch to the qualitatively new development level - intellectualisation of transportation organization. An important condition for provision of competitiveness of the...
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Research on the Construction and Information System Framework of Geological Data Standardization

Xiaohong Wu, Hanrui Sun
In order to promote the transformation and development of geological work, realize the efficient collection of geological survey data and improve the management and service capabilities, it is necessary to carry out the standardization of geological data. The purpose and significance of the standard...
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Design of Power System Simulation Software Based on Cloud Platform

Guanbiao Huang, Yinsheng Su, Chao Hong, Ligang Zhao, Xiaoshan Wu, Tinghui Zhou
Aiming at the problem that DSP simulation software only supports C/S architecture simulation, three types of application service images are designed to deploy DSP simulation Software on the cloud platform. Based on Docker virtualization and containerization technology, cloud resources required for simulation...
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A Study on the Application of a Corpus-Based Data-Driven Learning Method Utilizing an Online and Offline Blended Teaching Model in a College English Reading Course

A Case Study of “A Very Big Bang” in Liberal Education Advanced English

Ling Liang, Kai-ying Chen, Shu-yi Huang, Zhong-zheng Guo
Data-driven learning, DDL, is a method of learning a foreign language based on corpus data which provides new ideas for the reform of foreign language teaching methods. This paper applies DDL corpus technologies when teaching a college English reading course. In this paper an online and offline blended...
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Study on The Double Environmental Effects of Trade in Services: Mathematical Analysis of Cross-National Panel Data From 129 Countries

Xiaohui Zhu, Binglin Li
Under the background of the rapid development of trade in services, the double effects of trade in services on environmental quality are studied. This paper constructs the fixed effect panel models of the environmental equation and the economic growth equation, collects the cross-national panel data...
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Retro-Projected Virtual Agent: A Simple yet Advanced Social Robot

Ahmed Salem, Kaoru Sumi
A robotic head is one of the most crucial components of a robot in HRI experiments as it provides the potential for interaction using facial expressions and dialogue. Retro-projected robots can be used in the field of affective computing due to their interaction abilities. Unfortunately, most robots...
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Design and Application of "Vocational Skills+Mandarin" Remote Training Service Platform Based on Web Technology

Tao Zhang, Zhenhong Li
With the in-depth development of language and writing work in the new era, the reform of Mandarin teaching has become a key link in the development of higher education, and the proposal of "vocational skills+Mandarin" plan has pointed out the direction for the development of college students'...
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Visual Analysis of Emergency Plan Research Based on Citespace

Mengxin Zhang, Bihao Yu, Hui Huang, Yating Sun, Shiying Tao
With the establishment of the emergency management department, the state pays more and more attention to emergency management. Many scholars have carried out various studies on the important content of emergency management - emergency plan. This paper clarifies the development context of the emergency...
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The Random Forest Model for analyzing and Forecasting the US Stock Market under the background of smart finance

Jiajian Zheng, Duan Xin, Qishuo Cheng, Miao Tian, Le Yang
As an important part of the financial market, The stock market plays a crucial role in wealth accumulation for investors, financing costs for listed companies, and the stable development of the national macroeconomy. Consequently, significant fluctuations in the stock market will not only damage the...
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Wavelet Analysis of EEG Signals in Epilepsy Patients

Tatyana V. Yakovleva, Ilya E. Kutepov, Anton V. Krysko, Nikolay P. Erofeev, Tatyana Yu. Yaroshenko, Olga A. Saltykova, Anastasiya V. Kirichenko, Maxim V. Zhigalov, Irina V. Papkova, Vadim A. Krysko, Nikolay M. Yakovlev, Antonina Yu. Karas
The paper presents studies of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals of epilepsy patients based on wavelet transform and calculation of the total signal energy. The object of the study was a patient aged 17–22 years diagnosed with focal (structural) epilepsy, mesial sclerosis on the left and focal cortical...
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Constructive Ontologies

Anatolii Beltiukov
An approach to the description of subject areas is proposed to solve constructive tasks in the form of constructive ontologies at the abstraction level of Cartesian closed categories. Constructiveness of ontology makes it possible correct automatic or automated (man-machine) construction of problem solving....
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The Research Hotspot and Frontier Evolution of Computational Thinking of Information Technology Discipline in Chinese Primary and Secondary Schools

Visualization Analysis Based on CNKI and CiteSpace Software

Linxing Ye, Degang Yang
In order to explore the research hotspot and frontier evolution of computational thinking of information technology discipline in Chinese primary and secondary schools, this paper uses bibliometric analysis method and CiteSpace software to analyze the related papers in this field collected by CNKI, and...
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Happiness Index Prediction of Students Using Machine Learning

N. Venkata Sailaja, Kallam Lalithendar Reddy, Gottipati Aditya, Boppana Shashank, Vattikuti Hareen Sai
The National Education Policy emphasizes the importance of providing joyful, holistic, and engaging education in schools. According to research, it is possible to teach children how to develop positive emotions, wellbeing, and engagement in their school experience. The goal is to promote happiness among...
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The Evolutionary Game Analysis and Simulation Research on E-Commerce Live Broadcast Counterfeit Sales with the Participation of a Third-Party Supervisor

Xiaohui Zhao, Yunfu Huo
In order to explore the impact of the participation of third-party supervision entities on the supervision of counterfeit goods in the e-commerce live broadcast market, an evolutionary game model between the live broadcast merchants and the e-commerce live broadcast platform was constructed, and the...
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Research on a Hybrid Teaching Method Based on Big Data Analysis and Informatization 2.0

Minquan Wang, Qiyue Huang
“Internet + vocational education” under the background of informatization 2.0 has become the mainstream path of professional curriculum construction in higher vocational colleges. From the perspective of specialty system construction in higher vocational education, the core courses of specialty series...
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An Analysis of College Students' Satisfaction with Online Courses-Data Processing Based on SPSS

Yuying Cheng, Xiaoguang Wang
The development of Internet technology has changed the way college students learn, making more and more college students choose online courses. This research is based on domestic and foreign scholars' research on college students' satisfaction with online courses, with reference to several...
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Evaluation of rural landscape of Yanbian Korean Ethnic Group based on AHP method

Shu Yang, Yan Zhou, Lei Fan
In the context of the country's vigorous development of ecological civilization, people began to pay more and more attention to the protection and construction of rural landscapes. Rural culture contains the local spirit and beliefs, which is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. Only...
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IoT in Smart Cities’ Utility Systems: from prototype to production

Daniil Bolobonov, Igor Ilin, Igor Korolev, Alexander Frolov
Smart Cities, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Grids and etc. are products of Industry 4.0 that are on verge on becoming mass-implemented after 1years in development by different companies and startups. While these technologies are nowhere from being completely novel, they have significant...
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A Study of Prototyping in Information Retrieval Process Utilizing Context Requirements and Feature Sample Sizes

K N Sridevi, S Prakasha
Information retrieval can provide organizations with immediate value, Information retrieval has become a core of the current information managing systems, this has given profound importance on how we gather effective information in a huge pile of data. Information retrieval is a highly debated issue...
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Investigating Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Intentions in the Online Retail Sector: An Analysis of Customer Data

Maiqi Huang, Qing Lian, Siying Wu
This work delves into the various factors influencing online shopping behavior and the impact on customer purchase outcomes. With the ever-expanding e-commerce landscape, understanding the dynamics of consumer behavior is of paramount importance for online retailers seeking to enhance their revenue and...
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Storage and Modeling Research of Yoga Injury Cases by Using Computer Information Technology

Hong Zhang, Yanling Sun
This paper analyzes the main factors causing the acute injury in yoga practice using the least squares SVM. Special statistics were made for parts and categories prone to damage in yoga practice. Athlete injury factor of least squares supporting vector machine was used to provide special statistics on...
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Real estate transaction scheme based on blockchain

Xueliang Xia, Chao Liu, Congjun Liu
As one of the emerging technologies, blockchain technology has become one of the most discussed applications at present. Its main characteristics are decentralization, distributed storage and imtamperability. In view of the fact that multiple third-party trust centers are involved in the traditional...
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Motivating factors for university students to use digital technologies in educational process

Aleksandr Kozlov, Alina Kankovskaya, Anna Teslya, Zarema Khasheva
The study considers the formation of human capital in the transition to a digital economy that places new demands on the competences of future specialists working in new conditions. Educational programs of universities need to be modernized; in particular, this means adopting a broad range of information...
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Random Graph Models and Their Application to Twitter Network Analysis

Kirill Shaposnikov, Irina Sagaeva, Alexey Grigoriev, Alexey Faizliev, Andrey Vlasov
In this paper, we conducted an experiment for comparison of the graphs generated by Erdős-Rényi, Barabási-Albert, Bollobás-Riordan, Buckley–Osthus, Chung-Lu models and a web graph constructed using real data. Twitter data have been employed to construct social network, and C++ has been used for network...
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The Method for Linear Regression Models Constructing Based on the Sharing of Measured Data and Expert Assessments

Vladimir Gvozdev, Oxana Bezhaeva, Dinara Akhmetova, Alexander Levkov
The paper discusses the classical approaches to the construction of regression models on the basis of independent and dependent random variables distribution laws. Regression dependencies are one of the main tools for constructing empirical descriptive models, at present moment the theoretical apparatus...
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An Analysis of Sports News in the Era of Big Data - Visual Data News with NBA Coverage as an Example

Kai Gao, Li Tang, Jialin Lu
With the rapid development of information and communication technology, the sports industry's use of big data is not only manifested on the field of play, but also closely integrated with big data. The ever-expanding data information has made the process of data screening to data utilization more...
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Application for Breast Cancer Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Tianye Fan
Breast cancer starts in breast cells when they grow out of control. It is life-threatening and is common among women. Diagnosis of breast cancer is a challenging task as well as time consuming. In this paper, a new idea for breast cancer diagnosis is discussed. Namely, a convolutional neural network...
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Impacts of Land Finance on Green Land Use Efficiency - A Spatial Autoregressive Mode

Yi Qu, Jinghu Zhu, Yi Song
Improving urban green land use efficiency (GLUE) is an inevitable requirement to promote regional sustainable development. This paper uses the Global Malmquist-Luenberger (GML) index to measure the GLUE of 26 cities in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD), and analyzes the influence of land finance on the GLUE...
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Correlation analysis of publication volume in abnormal behavior detection: A knowledge network perspective

Shilong Wang, Jinghuan Zhu, Li Chao
His study employed CiteSpace software to analyze research outcomes related to abnormal behavior detection based on video surveillance. The primary focus was on the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) and “Web of Science” (WoS) databases. The objective was to identify research trends and provide...
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Identifying Demographic Factors Attributed to the Infection Rate of Covid-19 in Malaysia

Jun-Ting Chan, Keng-Hoong Ng, Gee-Kok Tong, Choo-Yee Ting, Kok-Chin Khor
Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has spread like wildfire across many countries, including Malaysia. The disease has caused disastrous impacts on the country’s economy, public health system, and the livelihoods of its citizens. Hence, there is an urgent need to investigate and determine the underlying...
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Construction of Resume Recommendation Model for College Students Based on Machine Learning

Yingjie Bu, Yaodong Jin, Xiaohua Zhang, Zhiyuan Zhan
With the rapid growth of graduates and by the negative impact from the COVID-19, graduates have encountered many difficulties in employment. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to analyze the resume data of college graduates. Based on this need, this paper establishes a resume data extraction model,...
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Research and Analysis on OBE Teaching Model of Software Engineering Specialty Under the Dual Background of “Emerging Engineering Education + Engineering Certification”

Chunmei Li, Yun Yu, Shuying Liu, Yiwen Zhang
Under the dual background of “new engineering + engineering certification”, the OBE mode is adopted to determine the new target of software engineering professional training and build a new system of professional courses. Optimize the course structure, adopt the “top-down” method to decompose the training...
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Data Mining and Enlightenment Analysis of the Overseas Dissemination of the English Translation of Mencius

Mingzhu Yang
As a classic of China, Mencius is also known as a treasure of Chinese culture with its splendid spiritual and humanistic contribution. It has a profound influence on the world. In the era of globalization, the dissemination of English-translated versions of Mencius is of practical significance. However,...
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Ball-Shrinking Genetic Search Algorithm for Finding Central Vertices in Graphs

Andrew Vlasov, Andrew Khomchenko, Alexey Faizliev, Sergei Mironov
The paper proposes a genetic algorithm (GA) for finding central vertices in a graph. The algorithm uses a different approach to the method presentation of the solution and describes a new look at the crossover process of GA. The algorithm was compared with existing exact and other genetic algorithms...
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Improving the Efficiency of "Jacketing" by Taking Into Account the Specifics of Applied Equipment and Prefabrications Based on Machine Learning Methods

Leonid Mylnikov, Artur Mikhailov, Anatoliy Pesterev, Dmitrii Vershinin
The article considers the task of choosing the optimal set of silica tubes for the operation of jacketing in the production of optical fiber, taking into account the available types of silica tubes, the features of the used equipment and the quality of products in previous cycles of production. The model,...
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Digital and organizational transformation of the educational process

Tatyana Leybert, Elvira Khalikov
The digital transformation of the Russian economy is becoming one of the areas of strategic development of companies. In this regard, approaches to assessing the knowledge and skills that a modern employee must meet are changing. In this regard, there is a need for the formation of a new model of human...
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Cooperative Game Analysis of Asian Handicap Big Data Based on Quantitative Difference Model

Lu Tang, Haiqi Lin
Purpose: Game theory is mainly divided into cooperative games and non-cooperative games. Most sports game is a non-cooperative game, but football games do not seem to be the case. In order to explore the relationship between football handicap and game rules, a cooperative game model of the interaction...
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Studies on the Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Image Recognition

Zongjian Wu
In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet and mobile technology, the image data in the network has shown explosive growth. It has been widely used in social security, military security, information security, identity authentication, and traffic supervision. Image data is simple and...
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Research on the Mechanism of Entrepreneurs’ Age in Enterprises’ Innovation Ecosystem: A Grouping Regression Verification Based on Gender

Ruizhi Liu, Xiangzeng Kou, Yixian Qiu
The construction of the innovation ecosystem plays an important role in the technology research and development activities of innovation-oriented enterprises. How to effectively promote the perfection of enterprise innovation ecology determines the quality of engineering technology activities of innovation-oriented...
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A Bootstrap-Based Analysis of the Relationship between

Father Involvement and the Subjective Well-being of Junior High-School Students

Rui Xia, Yuqing Zhang
The aim of this paper is to explore the relationship between father involvement in parenting and the subjective well-being of junior high-school students, investigating the mediating effects of self-esteem of junior high-school students. A total of 384 junior high-school students from two middle schools...
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Integrative Information Retrieval with a Consumer Strategy Approach

K N Sridevi, S Prakasha
In this study, Information Retrieval has become an integral part of our life. We require these technologies to make our digital life comfortable in this fast running technology era. We have tried to describe a consumer methodology to coordinating information retrieval, wherein the emphasis is placed...
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Enhancing AI Model for Fault Detection in Rail Through the Evaluation of AE Parameters with Proper Weighting Approach: A Comprehensive Study

Rajdeep Majumder, Apurba Pal, Tamal Kundu, Aloke Kumar Datta
The reliable detection of faults in rail systems plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient transportation. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, particularly neural networks, have shown promising results in fault detection applications. However, the selection of input parameters...
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Design of Helicopter Avionics Maintenance Training System Based on Intelligent Teaching System

Xingguo Weng, Guojun Lai, Shicheng Wang, Bo Liu
In view of the shortcomings of the traditional avionics maintenance training method for helicopters, the importance of designing a intelligence teaching system (ITS) for helicopter avionics maintenance training is proposed. The functional requirements of the ITS are analyzed, and the ITS for helicopter...
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Current Status and Trends of Research in the Field of Visual Thinking - A Visual Analysis of Literature Based on Citespace

Yuhan Wang, Muhamad Abdul Aziz Ab Gani
As an important component of intelligent design, visual thinking is the main ability and quality of our creative design, the logical training of visual thinking is the means to make design communication more efficient, and the accuracy of visual language is the necessary quality to accurately convey...
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Seasonal Adjustment Algorithm

Kirill Spiridonov
The paper presents an algorithm for smoothing time series with seasonality. The proposed method is based on median smoothing and the Hodrick–Prescott decomposition. Using a software implementation in the R language, the correctness of the developed algorithm is checked; it is also compared with other...
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Research on the Motif of Chinese Science Fiction Literature Based on Big Data Mining

Sixin Zhu
Data mining is an important technology in the field of big data. In addition to being applied to artificial intelligence, finance and other fields, data mining can also be applied to the research of humanities and social sciences, and has high application value. China has entered the era of big data....
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Research on the Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Cost of Debt Financing—Based on Experimental and Mathematical Statistics Analysis

Li Guo, Chenghui Peng
Capital is the lifeblood of a company’s survival and development. Companies with lower financing costs are generally more competitive. However, the global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia has increased the uncertainty of economic policies and brought challenges to the financing activities of enterprises....
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Analysis and Design of Preventive Protection System for Ancient Buildings from the Metaverse Perspective

Jiqing Cao
The article analyses the damage characteristics and causes of traditional Chinese ancient architecture, and identifies corresponding risk monitoring indicators. Introduce a Process Performance Model to establish quantitative relationships between or among multiple monitoring indicators, and propose improvements...
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The Approach to Basic Abstraction Construction for the Architectural Schemes Design

Yury Rogozov, Alexander Belikov, Oksana Shevchenko
According to statistical studies, a large number of IT projects end in failure. This problem arises due to the inconsistency of the forms used by persons to represent the image (meaning) of the system. Existing decisions on the development of the system image or meaning relate to the field of architectural...
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Developing a Browser Extension for the Automated Detection of Deceptive Patterns in Cookie Banners

Juris Hannah Adorna, Aurel Jared Dantis, Rommel Feria, Ligaya Leah Figueroa, Rowena Solamo
Interacting with web-based interfaces is often done with a particular objective in mind. However, deceptive patterns could interfere with these inter-actions by taking advantage of cognitive biases to either distract users from this objective or mislead them into non-ideal outcomes. These are found in...
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A Comparative Study on Post-occupancy Evaluation of University History Museums in Xi'an Universities

--The History Museums of Northwestern Polytechnic University and Xi'an Jiaotong University as Examples

Mo Yang, Xiaochao Wang, Xin Chen
In this paper, two representative university history museums in Xi'an, Northwestern Polytechnical University (hereinafter referred to as NPU) and Xi 'an Jiaotong University (hereinafter referred to as XJTU), are taken as the research objects, and the display environment of the two university...
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Construction of Scientific Research Training System and Investigate Its Efficiency on Teaching Reform in the Medical Big Data Mining Course

Yuan-Nong Ye, Min Wang, Meng-Ya Huang
The importance of medical big data mining in scientific research cannot be ignored. In order to cultivate undergraduates’ medical scientific research literacy, improve their scientific statistical thinking and ability to solve practical problems in scientific research, it is necessary to combine scientific...
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The Effects of Investor Attention on Cornstarch Futures Markets

Lu Zhang, Li Sun, Peng Liu, Shiyang Sun
The futures market price of agricultural products is affected by many factors. We introduce the Baidu search index as a proxy variable for investor attention and examine the link between corn starch futures and the Baidu index. The Granger causality test is used to observe the direction of causality,...
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Modeling of Regional Innovation Spillover Effects Based on DEA Malmquist Index

Anna Firsova, Galina Yu. Chernyshova
The article presents the results of a study of innovative spillover effects using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) tools. The study is novel, in that an assessment methodology has been developed based on the Malmquist index and an output-oriented DEA model has been built to analyze the dynamics of the...
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Machine Learning Approaches to Intrusion Detection System Using BO-TPE

Yoon-Teck Bau, Tey Yee Yang Brandon
Intrusion detection system (IDS) has been intensively studied in the research community. The cyber threats that are evolving rapidly have caused a major challenge for IDS to achieve a reliable detection rate. Despite the application of various machine learning approaches to improve the efficiency of...
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Design and Implementation of Online Teaching Platform for Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Experiment

Yulong Wang, Hongyuan Qi
With the new form of “Internet + higher education”, online teaching platform has become more and more important, especially for practical teaching courses. In view of the problems of limited space, insufficient openness and low enthusiasm for learning of students in the traditional experimental teaching...
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The Russian Arctic World-class research and education center formation

Sergey Kozmenko, Anna Teslya, Asya Shchegolkova
The article addresses the formation of the human capital in the digital economy for the Russian Arctic. The urgency of the problem is stated; the requirements formed by the processes of digitalization in the economy are indicated. The negative trends regarding the development of the human capital in...
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Use of Topic Modelling for Improvement of Quality in the Task of Semantic Search of Educational Courses

Ivan Nikolaev, Dmitry Botov, Yuri Dmitrin, Julius Klenin, Andrei Melnikov
This paper proposes an approach, improving the quality of the original educational course programmes semantic search algorithm, based on vector representations, produced by distributional semantic. The proposed approach works by providing an expert with interpretable topic filtering of courses in search...
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An Empirical Research on The Application of Mobile Short Video in Higher Normal Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Taking Tik Tok Platform as an Example

Xueli Li, Xia Xiao
With the rapid development and wide application of mobile short video technology, it has gradually been “favored” by some higher normal undergraduate colleges and universities. A growing number of higher normal undergraduate college and universities have opened mobile short video accounts, which can...
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Recent Trends in Answer Script Evaluation – A Literature Survey

A.K.R Maya, Javed Nazura, B. L Muralidhara
Assessment of answer scripts is an integral part of an examination and education system. A fair, consistent, unbiased, and correct valuation ensures the integrity of an examination system and is important for all education institutions. Since manual valuation is cumbersome and can be biased or influenced...
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A Comparative Study on Authentication Vulnerabilities and Security Issues in Wearable Devices

V. Vamsi Krishna, Y. Rupa, G. Koushik, T. Varun, B. V. Kiranmayee, Karnam Akhil
Wearable gadgets are technological devices with limited computational power that can be worn by users, providing them with information and seamless access to their master devices. It allows gadgets to connect and exchange data, enabling various tasks to be completed online. Wearables have revolutionized...
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Design and Implementation of Online and Offline Distance Music Education Platform Based on Internet

Jie Ding
The distance music education in modern society develops with the development of the information age. It is a new type of education. It has gone through the initial TV education and the education process using information technology such as computer network and multimedia technology. The main reason is...
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Research on the University Students’ Willingness to Participate in “Inquiry Learning” – Based on fsQCA Analysis

Junjie Xu
Inquiry learning is a new means of learning. It can open up students’ thinking, improve learning efficiency and enable students to have the ability of independent learning. From the perspective of teachers, research-based learning can make classroom activities active, let students experience the process...
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Experience and Thinking on the Construction, Management and Operation of Campus Card System in Colleges and Universities

Yao Song, Kun Zhu
University campus one-card system is an important part of university management, and its construction, management, and operation and maintenance are directly related to the convenience and security of campus life. This study comprehensively surveyed the construction, management, and operation and maintenance...
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Analysis of the effective combination strategy of computer and power system automation technology

Shiyin Ding
With the continuous innovation of science and technology, all kinds of new technologies emerge at the historic moment, providing sufficient data support for the development of the power industry, and driving the power industry towards the direction of automation, intelligence and modernization. At present,...
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Research on the Composition and Identification of Ancient Glass Products

Xuan Lu, Haoran Xiong
Because ancient glass is easily weathered by the burial environment, judgments about its type are easily affected. In addition, due to the influence of the surrounding environment, the internal elements of ancient glass will undergo a large number of exchanges with environmental elements, thus causing...
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Research on the Risk Control System of Securities Companies Under the Background of Big Data

Jiahui Li
Practices at home and abroad have proved that the Internet financial risk control system with big data technology as the core plays a huge role in preventing financial risks. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen and improve the risk control system based on big Internet data. As an essential part...
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Modeling the Spatial Effects of the Impact of Innovation on Regional Economic Growth

Vladimir A. Balash, Olga S. Balash, Alexey Faizliev, Elena V. Chistopolskaya
In this paper, we analyze σ- and β-convergence using data from the socioeconomic development of the Russian regions and reveal the role of spatial autocorrelation in regional economic development. We consider 80 regions of Russia for the period 2010–2017. We estimate spatial autocorrelation based on...
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Use of NLP-Powered Sentiment Analysis in Trading Strategy

Zanyang (Neil) Chen
The research paper focused on sentiment analysis powered by natural language processing and its use in trading strategy. Previous sentiment analysis based trading solutions are usually proprietary and produce market reports on a daily or weekly basis. We, therefore, aimed to address the lack of transparency...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Traffic Safety and Countermeasures

Pengfei Feng, Huiqing Jin, Mingyu Lu, Jiangbo Wang, Shulun Zhang, Tao Pan
With the continuous development of China’s expressways and cities, the number of cars began to increase rapidly, and traffic accidents also increased year by year. As a major issue in today’s society, it has an extremely important influence on economic development and social stability. The number of...
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Executive Team Functional Background and Enterprise Green Technology Innovation

--The Mediating Role of Environmental Strategy

Yeyun Liu, Jia Liu, Si Liu
To achieve "double carbon" target, intelligent design, green technology innovation and other changes and breakthroughs are needed. Based on this, this paper takes 2011-2019 manufacturing listed companies as the research object, deeply discusses the impact of executive team functional background...
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Research on the Time-Space Impact Paths of Economic Convergence-Empirical Evidence from 30 Provinces in China

Hewen Yang, Wei Huang, Xun Ma, Yifan Xu, Minyu Huang
By constructing a geographical distance matrix and a technological distance matrix, a double-fixed spatial Durbin model empirical test was conducted using panel data of 30 provinces during 2002–2020 to explore the factors influencing the convergence of inter-provincial economic growth in China. The outcomes...
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Effect of Digital Technologies on the Energy Sector. International Experience. Russian Opportunity

Elena Balashova, Ksenia Maiorova, Elena Schislyaeva, Sergei Schislyaev
The existing technological structure of the electric power industry has reached the limit of its efficiency and in the future will lose its high competitiveness compared to the digital energy solutions. One of the key global trends in the development of the fuel and energy complex in current-day realities...
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The Influence of the Attributes of Interest-Based Virtual Community on Consumers’ Purchase Intention in the Context of the Internet—An Empirical Study Based on SIT Theory

Yan Mou, Lingyue Jiang, Zhengjie Zhang
Based on consumer psychology and marketing theories, using the Social Influence Theory (SIT) model, starting from the four attribute dimensions of interactivity, reliability, sociality and visibility of Interest-based virtual community, and taking perceived usefulness and perceived value as intermediary...
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Research on Intellectual Property Retrieval based on intelligent recommendation algorithm

Dianyong Yu, Yunliang Sun, Vadzim Samaryn
Effective retrieval of intellectual property is of great significance for promoting innovation and protecting intellectual property rights and interests. Aiming at the problems of information overload and low accuracy existing in traditional retrieval methods of intellectual property, this paper proposes...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Information Literacy of College Students in Guizhou Province

Yanping Shi
In today’s era of intelligence, personal information literacy is becoming more and more important, and the university stage is an important period for the development of information literacy. Research on how to improve college students’ information literacy is very necessary. This study takes college...
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Energy-Efficient Path Planning: Designed Software Implementation

Vyacheslav Petrenko, Fariza Tebueva, Vladimir Antonov, Nikolay Untewsky, Mikhail Gurchinsky
The paper continues developing the method of a real-time quasi-optimal trajectory planning for anthropomorphic manipulator. Our goal includes software implementation of previously designed methods and algorithms of the quasi-optimal trajectory for anthropomorphic manipulator. The general structure and...
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Allocation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Resources for Architectural Design Majors in Colleges and Universities Based on PSO Algorithm

Wenjun Xu
Given the lack of innovative entrepreneurship education teaching resources configuration research, in order to make innovation in colleges and universities entrepreneurship education resource allocation rationalization, realize the maximization of the benefit evaluation index system of construction of...
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Learning Improved Class Vector for Multi-Class Question Type Classification

Tanu Gupta, Ela Kumar
Recent research in NLP has exploited word embedding to achieve outstanding results in various tasks such as; spam filtering, text classification and summarization and others. Present word embedding algorithms have power to capture semantic and syntactic knowledge about word, but not enough to portray...
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Design of English Autonomous Learning Platform Based on Computer Technology

Juan Huang
In recent years, our country has set great goals for the future development direction of English teaching. Some business people will put forward some opinions on this and improve the needs of internationalization. They believe that English should be the future development direction of college English...
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How Data Security Could Be Achieved in The Process of Cloud Data Governance?

An Analysis of Data Security in Cloud Computing From Management and Technique Perspectives

Weijia Liu
Cloud computing has been widely deployed and consumed across different application domains. It has been defined as a shared pool of computing resources. In cloud computing, data governance plays a critical role in enhancing overall performance and ensuring data security. This paper analyzes how to achieve...
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Study on Lifetime Prediction of Locking Block Based on Artificial Intelligence

Jun Cao, Jianghong Gan, Hui Guan
Data analysis and data prediction based on artificial intelligence technology have a wide range of applications in daily production and life. Predicting the lifetime of the locking block enables train maintenance personnel to understand the current and future status of trains, and to develop targeted...
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Analysis of Environmental and Human Habit Factors on Where People Drink the Most Beer, Wine and Spirits

Houxu Wang
As we all know, people in almost all countries are inseparable from alcohol. Alcohol has multiple functions. Different alcohols have different functions and different manufacturing methods. This article will study the drinking preferences and habits of different groups of people in different regions....