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Simulation of Stochastic Wind Field on Long Span Cable-stayed Bridge

Yongyi Yang, Zizhen Zhang, Jizhong Yang
The quick and efficient simulation of wind speed profiles is a necessary condition for performing time history response analysis of bridges. This paper introduces the harmonic synthesis method for simulating wind fields and applies it to simulate the random wind field at the location of the Hanjia River...
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The Impact of Modularization Strategy and Life Cycle Design Concept to Increase Product Variety and Reduce Environmental Burden A Case Study in Manufacturing Industry

Dira Ernawati, Dwi Sukma D, Endang Pudji, Ni Ketut Sari
The design stage is the greatest stage in determining quality of a product and production process cost. Manufacturers have to apply the concept of supporting the optimization of raw material to produce good quality products at competitive prices. Modularization is an approach to simplify complex products...
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Time Series Prediction of Pore Water Pressure on Earth Dam Slopes Based on Recurrent Neural Network

Lin Wang, Junrui Chai
Landslides are common geologic hazards in engineering, often causing serious destructive consequences. The study of pore water pressure distribution on slopes has a positive effect on mitigating the hazards of landslides, but due to the limitations of the complex physical mechanisms in engineering practice,...
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Application of Rapid Trend Fracture Prediction Technology in Feixianguan Reservoir

Qiancheng Xu, Lei Chen, Yan Zhang
The main reservoir spaces of Feixianguan carbonate reservoirs in the eastern Sichuan region are various types of pores, caves, and fractures. Common reservoir types include fracture-pore type, pore type, and fracture type. From core analysis and testing, it can be seen that the reservoir type of the...
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The Influence of Slope Angle of Stairs on Energy Consumption and Work Productivity on Male and Female Workers

Sunardi Sunardi, Purwati Purwati, Tranggono Tranggono, Budi Santoso, Oryza Tannar
Material handling can be done with the help of equipment or manually with various methods or working positions. One of the real work which we seen everyday is material handling from warehouse to truck with using stairs, where we don’t know how to use slope angle by right so that it can result high productivity....
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A Practical Nonlinear Strength Criterion for Rock Masses and Other Geological Materials

S. D. Cylwik, J. R. Killian, P. F. Cicchini
Rock mass strength is a required input parameter for many types of analysis in both mining and civil engineering. This paper introduces a nonlinear formulation of the CNI method, an empirical rock mass strength criterion based on quantitative input parameters. Most of the input parameters to the CNI...
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Blockchain Information Tamper-Proof Algorithm Design Based on Searchable Encryption

Pingfan Jia, Junhai Cao
In view of the problem that the traditional blockchain platform data protection mechanism is not perfect, the blockchain information is easily tampered with and lost. In this study, a searchable encrypted protection scheme for blockchain information was designed to prevent information tampering. The...
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Design and Implementation of Goods Storage Cabinet Based on K210 Face Recognition

Xiaohui Yang, Hanhong Tan, Xiaoyan Li, Lingwei Li
This design is based on the fact that public lockers will be used to store items in shopping and supermarkets in an epidemic environment. It is necessary to reduce long-term stay in public places and avoid contact with public goods under epidemic prevention and control, and to store them safely, quickly...
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Research on Modular Flow Method of Emergency Response Training Organization

Shengli Kong, Zhen Yang, Chenhui Ying
Emergency response training are an important means to test the rationality of emergency plans, improve emergency response mechanisms, and enhance emergency rescue capabilities, etc. In view of the current problems of poor departmental coordination, formalized organizational process, and emphasis on performance...
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Effect of Subsoil Replacement in Frost-Sensitive Areas on the Frost Deformation of Channel

Dunzhe Qi, Hairuo Wang, Yan Wang
The water content of the subsoil is one of the main factors affecting the subsidence of the channel bank slopes, the looser the soil quality of the bank slopes, the greater the water content, the greater the deformation of the channel bank slopes, the use of non-freezing and expansion sensitive materials...
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Use of Six Sigma and Kaizen Methods to Reduce Concrete Iron Defects (Case Study of PT. Hanil Jaya Steel)

Yustina Ngatilah, Farida P, Alif L, C Pujiastuti, Indri P
Concrete iron produced by PT. Hanil Jaya Steel still has product defects in the form of line defects, village defects, nguping defects and flattened tip defects of 3.22%. The company wants to control the quality of this concrete iron, thereby reducing product defects. This study aims to determine the...
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Application and study of tracer technology in M oilfield, Iraq

Ligong Cui, Liping Jiang, Ce Duan
Strong heterogeneity is normally appeared in the carbonate reservoirs in the Middle East. The M oilfield is the one which is more prominent located in the southern part of Iraq. There is a high permeability layer exists in the X formation of the main reservoir, which leads to large difference in permeability....
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A Directed Graph-Based Method for Monitoring and Rapidly Assessing Fire Risk Secondary to Building Earthquakes

Hang Zhang, Baitao Sun, Xiangzhao Chen
Seismic secondary fires are the main earthquake secondary disasters, and rapid post-earthquake fire risk assessment helps to take effective measures to reduce the occurrence and spread of fires and minimise casualties and property losses. In this paper, a method of monitoring and rapid assessment of...
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Design and development of safety assessment software for buried pipeline

Rujiao Duan, Ping Jiang, Xiushan Shi
Professional knowledge and practical experience are required to perform the assessment, and the criteria include a large amount of formulae and tables of data, which are manually calculated at great expense of work and time. To address the above issues, safety assessment software for buried pipelines...
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Analysis of the Working Position of Sandal Operator Using RULA and REBA Approach at Sisman Corporation (SISCO)

Rullie Annisa
One of the determinant factors in work productivity is an employee. An employee who feels comfortable with his work activities can increase productivity. In implementing the comfort for the employees, it is necessary to pay attention to the work position or posture which is ergonomic. this is because...
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Research on Design of Health Management Computing Module Based on FT2500

Bin Wu
In order to solve the problem of insufficient computing power of domestic computers for industrial scenes, a solution based on the computing module of FT2500 processor is proposed in this paper. The module uses ZX200 bridge chip to expand common interfaces such as serial port RS232, Ethernet, USB, SATA...
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Risk Decision and Predicting of Customer Churn Based on Principal Component Analysis

Shiyu Cui, Penghan Lai, Yuwei Deng, Xiaojiang Zheng
This study will establish a predictive analytics model that uses churn prediction models to anticipate customer churn by evaluating their risk of churn. These models are successful in focusing customer retention marketing activities on the fraction of the customer base that is most prone to churn because...
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Application of PLS and TRIZ Method in Optimizing Customer Satisfaction Insurance of PT X

Kukuh Winarso, Dyah Ayuning Tyas
Partial Least Square is a more flexible SEM (Structural Equation Modelling) method because it does not assume normally distributed data such as CB-SEM. PLS can also be applied to reflective and formative models with smaller sample quantities. In this study, PLS serves as a predictor to look for variable...
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Study on the adaptation of economic evaluation methods under the oil company model

Yue Hu, Cheng Dai, Hao Zhang
The “oil company” model is a new oil and gas field operation and management model proposed by the Group on the basis of studying and learning from the advanced experience of foreign oil and gas enterprises. The connotation is to set up a project-based management organization with the oil or gas extraction...
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The Adaptability to Fault Slip and Seismic Behavior of Exposed Steel Penstock Crossing Active Fault

Yu Zhou, Changzheng Shi, Wentao Xu, Hegao Wu, Shenghe Yang
By an exposed steel penstock crossing an active fault in high earthquake-intensity areas, the adaptability to fault slip and seismic behavior of the penstock is analyzed by the finite element method in this paper. The results show that it is effective to set several bellow-type expansion joints and arrange...
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Research on Permeability Characteristics of Waterproof Curtain Slurry for Foundation pit in Saturated Sand

Xiaowen Ni, Zhaoyu Li, Xiangjian Wong, Liang Song, Dong Liu, Wenhu Wang
For the construction of a waterproof curtain in saturated and highly permeable sand, conventional slurry often fails to form a filter cake and instead penetrates through the sand, leading to a loss of impermeability at the working face and posing a risk of instability. This study, based on a self-designed...
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Does Rock Engineering Need to Quantify GSI?

Beverly Yang, Davide Elmo
Numbers form the basis of engineering; without them, we could not determine forces, stresses, and safety factors. In most engineering disciplines, the numbers used represent quantitative measurements; however, rock engineering is unique in that many of the numbers used are numerical descriptions of qualitative...
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Factor Analysis and Random Forest Based Model of Software Cost Estimation

Wei Zhang, Haixin Cheng, Siyu Zhan, Ming Luo, Feng Wang, Zhan Huang
Software Cost Estimation is one of the challenges in software engineering. Accurate estimates can increase the speed of the effort for developing software projects, and prevent probabilistic failure consequently. Based on factor analysis and random forest, this article proposed a new SCE model. The model...
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Management and Control System of “Four First-Class” Team Construction Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Donghai Li, Kunning She, Shen Wang, Fanyu Meng, Zhao Wang
Based on artificial intelligence technology, the production, marketing and management of four first-class teams are designed to form an intelligent management system. Automatically release the work content and completion time, standardize the work execution project, and realize the closed-loop management...
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An Identification of the Predominance Factors of Sustainable Manufacturing Industry Competitiveness

Ni Luh Putu Hariastuti, Pratikto Pratikto, Purnomo Budi Santoso, Ishardita Pambudi Tama
Small and Medium Industry (SMI) is an industry that drives national economic growth in Indonesia. Its existence makes it as the main industry supporting the activity of manufacturing industries globally. Since the existence of SMIs for the nation’s economy is important, it is necessary to make an effort...
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Research on the Basic Ability of Manufacturing Industry in Liaoning Province Based on Model Testing and Data Analysis

Xiaonan Fan, Xinyuan Lu, Xiaocheng Sun
In recent years, the state has supported and guided the development of the manufacturing industry from a strategic level, which has greatly promoted the manufacturing industry to move towards the information age. Based on the slow development of the manufacturing industry in Liaoning Province, this paper...
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Effective Length Factors of Steel Frame Columns Arranged Diagonally in the Main Beam Plane

Lin Sun
This article calculates the effective length coefficient of frame columns by orthogonal decomposition of the linear stiffness of beams. Meanwhile, a simplified model was established using SAP2000 finite element software, and effective length factors in the x and y directions were calculated using the...
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China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) Oil and Gas Development Strategy Study in the United Arab Emirates under the Background of “One Belt one and Road”

Cheng Dai, Hao Zhang, Yue Hu
The UAE is rich in oil and gas resources, has a stable investment environment, is a major member of OPEC and an important pivot country along the “Belt and Road”, and has a certain influence on the international oil and gas market. It has a certain influence on the international oil and gas market. The...
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An Open Source Software Quality Model and Its Applicability for Assessing E-commerce Content Management Systems

Wahyudi Agustiono
Content Management Systems (CMS) are widely known to provide a simple and practical way to create and administer a web application including e-commerce. A variety of CMSs exist which offer different features needed to develop an e-commerce. Nonetheless, there is limited knowledge on what framework can...
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“Artificial Intelligence + Arbitration”: Research on the Implementation Path of Driven Intelligent Arbitration

Haitao Hu, Pinxiao Guan, Jiyao Lv, Yifan Xing, Linlin Li, Xiaoxiao Sun, Jiahao Zhang
With the advent of artificial intelligence technology and big data era, artificial intelligence technology continues to expand its application scope. Against this background, artificial intelligence law emerges. In China and beyond, the artificial intelligence law application systems including electronic...
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Emotional Tweets: A Convolutional-BiLSTM Approach to Emotion Classification

Hongyuan Ran
We introduce a neural network model using a convolutional and bidirectional long short-term memory framework for the purpose of emotion classification. Our work utilizes a corpus of more than 200,000 English tweets sourced from the Twitter API, collected between January 2020 and September 2021, related...
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Experimental Study on Suppression of NH4H2PO4 on Cassava Starch Dust Explosion

Yue Sun, Shunbing Zhu, Lujia Tao, Xuemei Wu
In order to study the inhibition effect of inert powder NH4H2PO4 on the cassava starch dust explosion. Using the 20L spherical explosion experimental device and the Hartmann tube experimental device to test the effects of NH4H2PO4 on the dust explosion parameters and flame propagation characteristics...
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Application of Continuum-Based Voronoi Tessellated Models for Simulating Brittle Damage and Failure in Hard Rocks

Navid Bahrani, Yalin Li, Farzaneh Hamediazad, Soheil Sanipour, Fatemeh Amiri
Voronoi tessellations are commonly used in discontinuum numerical models to simulate the microstructure of brittle rocks. In this approach, the model domain is divided into several randomly generated polygonal blocks. Discontinuum-based Voronoi Tessellated Models (VTM) capture the brittle rock failure...
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Electric Vehicle Marketing Planning Based on Logic Regression and Boosted Tree

YeYu Chai, YiTing Zhao, BaoRun Li
This paper studies the different target requirements of electric vehicle market sales under different conditions. After cleaning the data, the rank-sum ratio comprehensive evaluation model is established to compare the satisfaction of different flat brand electric vehicles. At the same time, Logistic...
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A New framework of e-Participation using data science to support community empowerment

Muhammad Yusuf, Budi Dwi Satoto, Sri Herawati, Imamah Imamah
e-Participation is an interesting field capturing how technology can support community empowerment in public decision making. Data Science is also an emerging field that uses methods, processes, algorithms and systems to develop pattern, knowledge and insights from tructured and unstructured data. It...
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The Simulation of Spatially Unsteady Seismic Ground Motion

Yongyi Yang, Zizhen Zhang
The simulation of spatially varying non-stationary seismic fields holds a crucial role in the fields of earthquake engineering and structural engineering. This simulation technique not only significantly enhances the safety of structural designs but also boosts multi-scale analysis capabilities, optimizes...
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Study on Economic Evaluation of Long-term Planning for Tight Gas Exploration and Development in Sichuan Basin

Hao Zhang, Yue Hu, Cheng Dai
The development of tight gas projects in the Sichuan Basin has come into prominence, and a good economic evaluation of tight gas exploration and development planning plays a very important role in realizing the long-term development goals of oilfield enterprises and ensuring the sustainable development...
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Research on the Support System of China's Cultural Industry Financial Services

Ying Li, Xiaopeng Zhang, Deyan Kong, Jing Liu, Xuejun Du
The rapid development of the cultural industry is of great significance to the continuous upgrading of the cultural consumption demand of the people and to speed up the upgrading of the industrial structure. At the same time, the cultural property right transaction provides a platform for the realization...
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Multi-objective Linear Programming for Supplier Selection and Order Allocation of Raw Material

Ika Deefi Anna
The production process of a company is very dependent on the availability of raw materials. Raw materials will be available if there are suppliers who send raw materials continuously to the company. As we know that each supplier has difference in price, supply capacity, delivery time and quality of raw...
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Experimental Study on the Mechanism of Thermal Composite Chemical Efficiency Enhancement in Offshore Heavy Oil Reservoir

Hui Cai, Yingxian Liu, Jie Tan, Pengfei Mu
X Oilfield is a representative of Bohai Extra Heavy Oil Reservoir, with high crude oil viscosity, large oil layer thickness, and large reserve scale. However, based on the current experience of thermal recovery experimental areas, the simple use of steam stimulation development method has low production...
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Elastoplastic Discretized Virtual Internal Bond Model and Its Application to Dynamic Fracture Simulation in Rock

Dina Kon, Alphonse Kakanda, Dave Mbako, Shu Jisen
Failure of a material is always accompanied by plastic deformation and fracturing processes. Continuum plastic mechanics can handle plastic deformation effectively when it employs a yield function and the flow rule. As a result of its inability to account for the microstructure of the material, the continuum...
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Block stability analysis considering depth-dependent damage on bedding planes due to blasting

Bo Lu, Dongdong Xu, Jiliang Wang
The study presents a case study on the stability analysis of a rock s lope using block theory. During the early stages of excavation of the intake slope, which is a dip slope with the bench face angle greater than the dip angle of the bedding planes, local failures due to sliding along bedding planes...
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Evolutionary Game Analysis of the Transformation from Traditional Logistics to Green Logistics under the Background of Dual Carbon

Mengfei Hou, Qinghong Xie
Green logistics is an important measure in response to national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, and in the long run, it is also a necessary measure to save costs for enterprises. This article aims to address the obstacles in the transition from traditional logistics to green logistics,...
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The Influence of Node Velocity and Traffic Congestion on The Performance of AODV in MANET

Achmad Ubaidillah, Miftachul Ulum, Heni Astutik, S. Ida Kholida
There were many researches that discussed about performance of Ad hoc on Demand Distance Vector (AODV) in Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). Some of them used mobile velocity and traffic congestion as variables in their observation. This research becomes very important because the writer of this paper was...
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Design Method and Engineering Application of new Music Road Surface Structure

Hao Ling, Honglu He, Shushu Chen, Jiake Yu
The music highway is a creative road design that has gained a lot of attention recently. It incorporates musical elements into the surface of the road so that when a vehicle passes on the road at a certain speed, the friction between the wheel and the surface can produce particular musical melodies....
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Research on Working Capital Management of BL Company Based on Supply Chain Management

Tianli Li
In recent years, with the release of the “Three Red Lines” and Loan Concentration Policy, coupled with the impact of the new crown epidemic, real estate companies have faced unprecedented challenges, with broken capital chains and frequent debt defaults. Working capital is the lifeblood of enterprise...
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Metaverse and Stock Market—A Study Based on Fama-French Model

Zhitong Chen
Stock prices reflect the value of anticipated future profits of companies. Since business cycle conditions affect the future profitability of firms, expectations about the business cycle will impact the stock value of firms. Recently, the popularity of Metaverse in the global financial market has been...
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Dwi Kuswanto, Aeri Rachmad
Cloud computing is a technology model in which resources such as computer components (processor, memory, network, storage) are no longer real problems, but abstract. One cloud service is Cloud Storage. With Cloud storage facilities, users can store digital data that is kept secret securely via the internet...
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Effects of glycerol and propylene glycol on the release of volatile substances from electromagnetic pyrolysis of reconstituted tobacco

Yuxing Tong, Yimin Xiong, Ziwei Wang, Mengheng Lei, Jiazhi Ni, Hao Shu, Zhe Xiong, Yang Yu, Yi Wang, Song Gao
Compared to traditional combustible cigarettes, heat-not-burn cigarettes can mitigate the production of harmful substances resulting from tobacco combustion, reducing the impact on the surrounding environment. Glycerol and propylene glycol are crucial constituents of the aerosolizer in the thermal decomposition...
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Automatic Application Of Graphic Design To Banner Model

Achmad Jauhari, Devie Rosa Anamisa, Sigit Susanto Putro, Faizah Mauliana Rizqi
Banners are one of the promotional tools. Banners have been printed with digital printing. Banners are usually used as media announcements or conveying aspirations about an activity. Banner is a simplification of billboards. Banners are usually designed in portrait or vertical form. Until now, banner...
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Mechanical Stability of a Tailings Dam Incorporating Principles of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

Juan Pablo Cerutti, Marcelo Esteban Zeballos
Tailings dams are an alternative for the final storage of waste produced by the metallurgical mining industry. Unlike water reservoir dams, tailings dams have the particularity of requiring a detailed analysis of the post-operation or closure phase. In this stage, the structure must be as safe as during...
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Analyzing Building Energy Consumption Patterns for Green Smart City Development Using a Data-driven Method

Jian Zhang, Xin Guo, Hao Fu, Tingxu Chen, Yue Zhang
In the current era of dual-carbon construction, analyzing the energy consumption patterns of buildings is crucial for the development of green and low-carbon smart cities. This study analyzes the energy consumption of buildings with various functions, revealing the spatial and temporal patterns and their...
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Testing Problems and Quality Management Strategies of Building Energy-Saving Materials

Hong Chen, Wei Luo, Limei Geng, Wei Lu, Guobao Ning
In order to improve the energy-saving quality of building materials, this paper first analyzes the development of building materials and energy-saving management, and then puts forward the background of building materials inspection and energy-saving management; Clearly define the supervision and management...
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Research on Intelligent Reasoning and Decision Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicle in Context of Narrow Road Intersections

Like Wang
This article focuses on the precise decision-making problem of driving speed and safety of Autonomous Vehicle at narrow road intersections, and develops a collaborative decision-making platform for the safety of Autonomous Vehicle at narrow road intersections. The platform includes three parts: data...
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Introduction to BIM technology construction application

Junhong Li, Wei Jiang, Shiqiao Cheng, Qiang Wu, Wenqiang Ma, Tao Wang
With the promotion of the country and the industry, BIM technology ushers in a tide of application, and although the overall effect is not as good as that of European and American countries, it can indeed solve many engineering problems and provide valuable experience for the development of construction...
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The Influence of Cities’ Synchronization on Total Factor Productive: Based on the Panel Data of 21 Cities in Guangdong

Junliang Zheng, Jing Chu
In the context of Guangzhou and Foshan synchronization, this paper analyzes the impact of cities’ synchronization on total factor productive with difference in differences model based on the panel data of 21 cities in Guangdong from 2000 to 2016. For further analyzing the source of cities’ synchronization...
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Clustering of Potency of Shrimp In Indonesia With K-Means Algorithm And Validation of Davies-Bouldin Index

Firman Tempola, Achmad Fuad Assagaf
Among ASEAN countries, Indonesia is first ranked shrimp producers. Although shrimp from Indonesia is one of the main producers in the ASEAN region, in fact the potential of each province has not been explained in detail, so it needs to be studied further related to shrimp production in every province...
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Effects of metal powders on the release of volatiles from electromagnetic pyrolysis of reconstituted tobacco

Yizhen Chen, Yimin Xiong, Ziwei Wang, Ben Liu, Yaowei Xu, Song Gao, Zhichang Liu, Qunshan Yan, Yi Wang, Yuxing Tong
To investigate the effects of metal powders on the release of volatiles from electromagnetic pyrolysis of reconstituted tobacco, experiments involving varying types, proportions, and particle sizes of metal additives were conducted under different heating voltages. Results show that heating voltage plays...
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Utilization of NVIS HF Radio As Alternative Technologies In Rural Area of North Maluku

Saiful Do. Abdullah, Assaf Arief, Miftah Muhammad
this study is still an initiation stage for implementation in Northern Maluku Archipelago. Because of the characteristics of the archipelago and many black spots in rural area. An alternative research is conducted to overcome technical problems in rural areas of the archipelagoes. One of the alternative...
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Mitigating Geotechnical Challenges Associated with Marshland Restoration in the San Diego Bay

Sam Giannakos, Andrew Barrett, John Laplante, David Cannon
Coastal marshes provide many benefits to local communities, including increased habitat, coastal protection, and recreational use. The Otay River Estuary Restoration Project (ORERP) aims to restore disturbed marsh wetlands for the benefit of fish, birds, and other coastal species native to habitats at...
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Enhancing Concrete Supply Chain Efficiency in Civil Engineering through Digital Transformation: A Comprehensive Review

Hong Zhang, Rong Hu, Ao Chen, Yufeng Lei, Hao Qu
The rapid advancement and adoption of digital technologies as part of Industry 4.0 have enabled the concrete supply chain in civil engineering to be managed more efficiently, ultimately enhancing the performance of construction projects. This paper focuses on the digitalization of the concrete supply...
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Comprehensive Detection Method and Leakage Prevention Measure for Classical Garden Pond

Rongfang Huang, Wenxian Mei
The issue of leakage in classical garden ponds after prolonged use is highly pronounced. The exerting effects are not only detrimental to the overall landscape of the garden but also lead to the wastage of valuable water resources. This paper takes the detection and remediation project of leakage in...
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Stability Analysis and Design of Support Scheme for a Medium-sized Landslide on the South Slope of Xijiushui Village

Minghui Gao, Guoqin Yan, Yulong Li, Mingxu Gu, Chengbo Fan, Yanling Lai, Qizhi Wang
This project examines the stability of a medium-sized landslide that occurred on the south slope of Xijiushui Village, Bai'an Township, Xingtai County, using the MIDAS GTS software and the finite element strength discount method. It also examines the factors that affect the stability of this slope,...
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Underwater Image Correction Using Bilateral Filter

Nursanti Abdurrachman, Moh. Jamil, Iis Hamsir Ayub Wahab
Bilateral filter is one method of image quality improvement that is nonlinear and adaptive. Bilateral filters combine geometric proximity and color intensity similarity in mathematical calculations. This method has advantages in improving image quality compared to previous methods. Bilateral filters...
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Analysis of Information Technology Maturity Level Based At the Department of Informatics Engineering on Po and Ai Domains Using Cobit 4.1

Agus Prayitno, Fransiskus Xaverius Manggau, Nilfred Patawaran
Technology for communication in business processes by companies or organizations, in the form of services, is increasingly felt the benefits that ultimately encourage the use of information technology, with a guarantee of good service management becoming a fundamental need. Nowadays the Informatics Engineering...
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Peer to Peer Lending Risk Analysis: Predictions from Lending Club

Yueqi Gu, Lingqi Guo, Chongyue Ma, Haoyu Wang, Xiaoran Wei
In this study, we use data findings of a lending club, a p2p company, to visualize, categorize, and use statistical techniques as our research method. In the case of statistical techniques, a combination of logistic regression and random forest is mentioned. The study then analyzes the future risk of...
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Internal and Global Analysis of a Gabion Wall Using 2D and 3D Limit Equilibrium Analysis: A Comparison of Multiple Methods

Gianluca Brocca, Marco Vicari, Sina Javankhoshdel, Terence Ma, Brigid Cami
Gabion walls are a type of retaining wall made up of steel baskets typically filled with rock. They have gained popularity in recent decades due to their strength and aesthetic. Multiple methods for performing gabion wall internal stability analysis exist in literature. This study will consider two different...
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Research and quantitative analysis of ecological development trend of Saihanba forest farm

Huichan Li, Linshi Zhu, Maojie Pan
The cluster analysis method was used to select the more important influencing factors and related data in the ecological environment of Saihanba Forest Farm, and the evaluation was evaluated into three more systematic evaluation indicators. The analytic hierarchy process was used to determine the weight...
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Seismic Responses of Near-Fault Building-Structure Groups in the Vicinity of the Basin Edge

Wei Zhong
Earthquakes often lead to severe earthquake disasters in cities near fault zones, especially in cities on the surface of basins. To study the basin edge effects on seismic responses of near-fault building-structure groups, an integrated numerical method is adopted and two identical structure clusters...
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Study on Anti-explosion Performance of Steel Beam-slab Protective Doors

Ziye Liu, Xianxiang Zhou, Fantong Lin, Xiao Li, Lan Xiao
To investigate the anti-explosion performance of steel beam-slab protective door under underwater explosion impact, a three-dimensional numerical model for the steel beam-slab protective door under underwater impact load was established, and the effects of constraint conditions, height and thickness...
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Web Services Technology Using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Availability Coding On The Distribution Area Map To Reach The Community

Deril Alfiance Kaligis, Teddy Istanto
Displacement of kerosene to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), giving a positive impact as one of the staples in several respects. Viewed from the increasing demand for gas fuel (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), government through Pertamina launched a system to monitor the process of distribution of liquefied petroleum...
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Research on key techniques and hotspot migration of supplier selection and evaluation

Xiang Li, Huang Min Hao, Jia Huang
Since suppliers are the starting point for influencing the value of a company's final product, evaluating and selecting suitable suppliers is an essential element of purchasing decisions. This paper uses bibliometric and inductive-deductive approaches to identify critical techniques and hotspots...
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Deepar-Based Ground Subsidence Prediction Method

Tianyu Li, Feng Xiao, Jiaying Li, Jiaqing Zhang
Ground subsidence near transmission lines is frequent, and there is a certain safety hazard for the normal operation of transmission lines. The existing deterministic models for ground settlement prediction are complicated to apply and require specified data parameters, which are difficult to obtain;...
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E-Blood Bank Application For Organizing and Ordering The Blood Donation

Lilik Sumaryanti, Suwarjono Suwarjono, Lusia Lamalewa
Blood Transfusion Unit (BTU) is a blood bank of Indonesian Red Cross (IRC) which duties are to give service, collect blood donation, store and distribute blood according to the request of people in need. Administration process of BTU Merauke is in trouble due to conventional blood donation data management....
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Research on Deformation Control of Underpass River in Shield Tunnel Based on Orthogonal Test Method

Junhai Han, Jinlong Wang, Sheng Wang, Chaojun Mao, Ruicai Ju, Ping Yang
During the construction of shield tunnel under the river, the shield machine digs in the water-rich sand layer with rich water content and strong permeability, so it is difficult to control the disturbance and deformation of the stratum during the construction. In this paper, based on the shield tunnel...
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Creating a System for Storing, Processing and Presenting Geotechnical Information for Ghana

Nancy Anataba Kyorku Dzikunu-Bansah, Felix J. F. Ayeh
Site investigation is crucial to any civil engineering or land development project. The geotechnical information acquired through site investigations is essential for the safe and economical design of buildings and infrastructural works. The field and laboratory tests (critical components of site investigations)...
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Research on the Evolutionary Stabilization Strategy of Coordinated Industrial Development in the Yellow River Basin

Sainan Cheng, Zhen Feng
The Yellow River Basin faces the major national strategic priority of constructing a green industrial structure and forming an ecological pioneer zone. Grounded in the assumption of bounded rationality, this paper develops a dynamic evolutionary game model among the government, strategic emerging enterprises,...
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Android-Based Geographic Information System in Mapping Location of Health Facilities and Infrastructure in Merauke District

Stanly Hence Dolfi Loppies, Hermin Agian Kaba, Izak Habel Wayangkau
Information needs by the community of Merauke Regency in this era are becoming more complex and diverse. The community needs a quick and easy access to obtain the information needed, one of them is by using a smartphone that is now owned by almost all people in the city of Merauke from various backgrounds....
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Experimental study on optimization and improvement of flotation index of altered rock and quartz vein ore in a gold mine

Wang Junjie, Li Guangsheng, Sun Qiwei, Zhu Xingfu, Zhao Xinhao
A gold concentrator mainly processes quartz vein ore and altered rock ore. The average tailings grade in flotation production is about 0.13 g / t, and the recovery rate is about 90%. In order to further improve the production index, the process mineralogy detection and flotation test of the two ores...
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Optimization of Construction Sequence of Buckle Arch in PBA Subway Station

Xiaowei Cheng, Xin Fu, Fusheng Wang
In the construction of the pile-beam-arch station, the construction procedure and force transformation of buckle arch are complex, which has a great influence on the stability and safety of the whole structure construction. In view of this, based on the subway station project, this paper uses the method...
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Anisotropic Strength Model for Stability Analysis on Metasedimentary Sandstone-Shale Rock Slope: A Case Study

Mohd Mustaqim Mohd-Nordin, Mohd Ashraf Mohamad Ismail, Mazlina Razali
The anisotropic geological setting has a predominant multi-orientation of weakness planes that are integrated with the matrix structure of major joint sets. The sedimentary bedding orientation and shear surface resistance significantly governed the plane’s deformation characteristics and, thus, the mode...
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Geographic Information System of Government Service Office Mapping in Merauke Regency

Susanto Susanto, Lilik Sumaryanti, Suwarjono Suwarjono, Teddy Istanto
Government agency is one of the elements supporting the implementation of regional autonomy in any fields applying decentralization tasks. Service offices in Merauke Regency consist of 20 regional agencies, 7 regional technical institutions, 1 regional public hospital, 1 civil service police unit, and...
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A Blockchain-Based Multiple-Parties-Involved Vaccination Passport System

Runzhi Wang, Bohan Wu, Taoyue Xia
At the end of 2019, COVID-19 roared out across the horizon. As a contagious and fatal virus, it turned the world into a mess and had a profound impact on everyone. Fortunately, with the emergence of vaccines, human beings can have resistance to the virus, and remain a comparative health status. To consummate...
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Effects of pretreatment on supercritical CO2 extraction of aroma components from tobacco waste

Qunshan Yan, Qi He, Chao Hu, Yimin Xiong, Jiazhi Ni, Xiangang Zhou, Sheng Zhang, Shuan Li, Lei Deng, Yi Wang, Yi Peng
The supercritical carbon dioxide (SCO2) extraction of biomass for aroma components has the characteristics of high extraction efficiency, low pollution, and easy separation of the extraction products. Combined with appropriate raw material pretreatment methods, the physical and chemical properties of...
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Research on Vibration Safety Evaluation and Control Standards for Gravity-type quay walls

Mingxing Zhu, Yang Zhou, Kunpeng Wu, Zhijun Liu
Gravity-type quay walls are widely used in port projects around the world because of their advantages of durability and convenience of construction. However, these quay structures are often subject to vibration damage from activities like ground treatment construction, pile driving and traffic vehicle...
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Slope Stability Analysis

Hongjun Li
Excavation construction can have an impact on the stability of the mountain and even form new landslide disasters. Based on the construction of a highway tunnel entrance in a certain mountainous area, the stability of the slope was analyzed, and numerical simulation analysis was conducted on different...
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Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Methods For Evaluation of Teacher Quality

Julyeta P.A. Runtuwene, Irene R.H.T. Tangkawarow, Mario T. Parinsi
Generally, if there are several complex criteria, constraints will occur in decision making. The decision making process faces the priority of several alternatives. Sometimes, decision making occurs using mere subjective values. This is not supposed to happen in determining teacher’s quality. Based on...
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Calculation of Unsaturated Seismic Active Earth Pressure under Steady-State Seepage Conditions

Ranran Song, Junguo Peng
In order to improve the calculation method of soil pressure on retaining walls under earthquake action, a calculation formula for seismic active soil pressure on unsaturated retaining walls under steady-state seepage conditions was derived based on the variational method and limit equilibrium method....
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Bioremediation of Cadmium and Chromium Metal Polluted Soil Using Compost

Rusmini Rusmini, Sukarmin Sukarmin, Muchlis Muchlis
Research on remediation of chromium and cadmium metal contaminated soil using compost has been carried out. Added compost was 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% w/w. The study was conducted for 14 days and observed a decrease in the concentration of heavy metals in the soil. Measurement of heavy metal concentrations...
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Pit Slope Design in Weak Rocks: Experience from Sukinda Chromite Valley, India

Jayeeta Dey, Sujit Roy, Abdul Matin
Sukinda chromite valley is the largest chromite deposit in India with six chromitite bands mined by several open pit mines. Host rock ultramafic sequence is weathered and altered to a thick profile of limonite that forms majority of the pit walls. The limonitic rockmass is massive, silt and clay rich...
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Experimental study on the influence of umbrella anchor on the reinforcement effect of micro pile

Qinwen Liu, Shuxue Song, Yilin He, Yong Xiong, Jialin He
The construction of micro pile is more convenient than that of anti-slide pile, but the anti-slide ability is low and the deformation control ability is insufficient. The combined support of prestressed umbrella anchor and micro pile for channel slope is the solution. The indoor model test was carried...
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Time-series prediction algorithm based on VAR model to analyze the impact of trade openness on carbon emissions

Ye Huang, Yueting Jiang
Based on time-series statistical data from 1990 to 2020, this study empirically studied the impact of trade openness on carbon emissions changes through two representative explanatory variables, namely foreign trade dependence and foreign investment dependence, using Eviews software through cointegration...
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The effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the hydrophobicity of polyaniline surface

Nugrahani Primary Putri, Rani Putri Lavinia, D.J. Djoko H. Santjojo, Masruroh Masruroh, Setyawan Purnomo Sakti
Polyaniline is one of the conductive polymers that can be funcionalized as a sensitive layer on quartz crystal microbalance (QCM). The sensitivity of polyaniline can be enhanced via dedicated its morphology. The plasma oxygen treatment is used to modify the surface of polyaniline coating. The purpose...
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Forecasting the Pharmaceutical Stock Prices in China in the Context of the Coronavirus Crisis Based on ARIMA-GARCH Model

Lingxian Zhu
This paper researches the future trend of the Chinese pharmaceutical company’s stock prices in the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the optimized ARIMA-GARCH model, this paper investigates the China National Medicines Corporation stock representing the Chinese pharmaceutical stocks. The data analysis provides...
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Resolving Global Warming Issues from the Earth’s Energy Balance

Yuchen Li
Many scientists and researchers have expressed concerns about changes in the Earth’s climate. Recent years have seen various disasters arising from climate change, and the government has spent billions of dollars to resolve or adapt to this issue. However, climate-related disasters have shown no trend...
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Using a 3D Limiting Equilibrium Modelling Tool for Slope Stability in Weathered Rocks: A Case Study

Mustapha Seidu, Peter Andrews
Using three-dimensional limit equilibrium analysis to evaluate open pit slope stability has become popular in the mining industry. These tools allow geotechnical engineers to accurately input actual rock slope conditions and material strengths and obtain results that reflect slope behaviour and stability....
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The Settlement of the Nearby Pipelines Caused by the Deep Metro Foundation Pit Excavation

Zhijia Peng
When the deep foundation pit is excavating, it will cause stratums settlement, thereby affecting nearby buildings and pipelines under surface. In this paper, based on the e-p curve obtained from the compression test, the calculation method of tangential compression modulus under arbitrary pressure is...
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Electrical Performances of Lithium-Ion Coin Cell Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO)

Zainul Arifin Imam Supardi, Munasir Munasir, Dwi Astuti Ningsih, Bambang Prihandoko
Recently many portable devices need electrical energy which instant and high capacity. Lithium-ion battery is one of very popular as mobile electrical energy source for them. This study focused to elaborate the electrical performances of reduced graphene. They were electrical conductivity, cycle performance...
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Predictive control of multi-source - multi-channel supply chain under the influence of self-media live broadcast

Haifeng Guo, Yining Yang
The proposed approach combines a multi-source- multi-channel supply chain system with Model Predictive Control (MPC), with a specific focus on the impact of self-media live streaming. The study begins by modeling and analyzing the multi-source-multi-channel closed-loop supply chain under the influence...
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Research on Urban Renewal Based on the Application of Big Data——Taking Wuyishan City as an Example

Guang Yang, Jianhui Huang
At the present stage, my country’s land has transformed from incremental expansion to stock optimization. Urban renewal, which is a necessary and planned reconstruction of areas in the city that are no longer suitable for modern urban social life, has gradually become the key to improving the quality...