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Business Models and Grid Impact of Energy Storages and Controllable Loads for PV-Self-Consumption at Prosumer Level

Basem Idlbi, David Stakic, Matthias Casel, Dietmar Graeber, Gerd Heilscher, Martin Fiedler
Many countries are experiencing rapidly increasing distributed generation (DG) of renewable energy sources (RES). Electricity self-consumption is currently replacing feed-in-tariffs (FIT) as one main driver of this development. A prosumer, who is a consumer and producer of energy through his own DG,...
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Filtration and Electrocoagulation as a Combined Process for Electroplating Wastewater

Rusdianasari, Yohandri Bow, Adi Syakdani, Muhammad Taufik
Electroplating is a method of using electrolyte solutions to cover solid materials with metal layers. The strong metal waste from the electroplating process is contained in B3 waste (Hazardous Toxic Materials). One of the methods for electroplating is by combining filtration and electrocoagulation methods....
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Design of Geometric and Rigid Pavement Thickness on Jalan Lingkar Barat Sp. Sports Center - Bukit Sulap STA 0+100 - STA 7+583 Lubuklinggau City, South Sumatera Province

Kosim Kosim, Julian Fikri, Siswa Indra, Kiky Rizky Amalia, Intan Puspita Sari, Yudha Prasetya
Road construction is one of the government’s efforts to facilitate the mobilization of the Indonesian people, both economically and socially. The purpose of this study was to design the geometric and rigid pavement thickness on Jalan Lingkar Barat SP Sports Center - Bukit Sulap STA 0+100 to STA 7+583...
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Power-to-Process-Heat in Industrial Combined Heat and Power Plants – Integration of a Large-Scale Thermochemical Energy Storage

Gesa Backofen, Manuel Würth, Annelies Vandersickel, Stephan Gleis, Hartmut Spliethoff
With an increasing share of electricity from renewable energy sources in the German energy market, storage systems are needed to close the gap between production and demand. The thermochemical storage system based on the reversible reaction of CaO and Ca(OH)2 is one of the most promising approaches for...
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Research on Wave Characteristics of Large-scale Lakes Based on the Mild-slope Model

Yanxia Zhang, Kai Wang, Han Sun, Xixi Wang, Junyu Zheng, Yichen Huang
Lakes, as invaluable natural resources, serve multifaceted roles encompassing flood prevention, water supply, and ecological balance. However,Wind-induced waves within lake regions exert a pronounced influence on shoreline development and the proliferation of aquatic vegetation. Wind-induced waves seriously...
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Information System Planning for Emerging Start-Up Company: A Case from Software House

Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto, Wawan Tripiawan, Afrin Fauzya Rizana, Amelia Kurniawati, Fadillah Ramadhan
The use of IS believed to bring positive impact on the productivity and competitiveness of the organization. Most organizations in all sectors of industries, commerce, and government become fundamentally dependent on the use of information system especially startup companies. Start-up companies are considered...
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The Robust Regression Performance for Face Recognition with Lighting Condition Variation of Training Data

Budi Nugroho, Anny Yuniarti
In this research, the Robust Regression method used for face recognition tested its performance with illumination variations on the training dataset. Experiments were carried out using Cropped Yale Face Database B. By using this standard face database, generally the data for the training process used...
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A Decision-Making Tool Based Analysis of Onboard Electricity Storage

Egemen Sulukan, Alperen Sarı, Doğuş Özkan, Tanay Sıdkı Uyar
Energy has been used in maritime transportation, while fossil fuels began to be used more extensively since the industrial revolution to carry more products and obtain higher propulsion power. However; climate change appeared as one of the striking problem areas around the globe, where the scale and...
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Research on frequency calculation of short suspender with fixed support at both ends

Yijun Liu, Lijuan Wang, Quan Chen
In order to analyze the influence of flexural stiffness on the frequency of short boom, the calculation accuracy of natural vibration frequency of short boom cable force is low. Based on the existing formula for calculating natural vibration frequency of the cable with fixed supports at both ends and...
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Dispatch optimization of battery energy storage systems considering degradation effects and capacity inhomogeneities in second life batteries

Melina Graner, Vivek Teja Tanjavooru, Andreas Jossen, Holger Hesse
The performance of battery energy storage systems (BESS) along their lifetime is significantly influenced by their degradation. The rate of degradation depends on stress factors such as the state of charge, charge-discharge rate, and depth of cycle, but evolves differently for every individual battery....
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A Study on Traffic Analysis of Cross-Border E-commerce Shops on the TikTok Platform

Jiahui Liang, Huishan Lu, Yimei Zhao, Jiayong Li, Ziyuan Liu, Yixuan Feng
Since the new crown epidemic raged at the end of 2019, the epidemic has pushed online consumption to grow rapidly and the global e-commerce penetration rate has accelerated, making consumer demand accelerate to online consumption mode and global e-commerce sales show a high growth trend. TikTok, as one...
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Research and Application of Effective Exploitation Mechanism of Microscopic Pores in Heavy Oil Based on Displacement Pressure Gradient

Tingli Li, Jie Tan, Zhiqian Yuan
It is of great significance to study the effective exploitation mechanism of the micro-pores of heavy oil and design the corresponding injection and production pattern for enhanced oil recovery. Based on CT digital core technology, a lattice Boltzmann micropore simulation model was established to study...
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Library fire risk assessment based on variable weight theory-two-dimensional cloud model

Xianghong Cao, Zhengyu Hu, Xin Geng
The library has the characteristics of large fire load and dense personnel. Once a fire occurs, it will cause immeasurable serious consequences. Therefore, In this study, a method for fire assessment based on a two-dimensional variable-weight cloud model is proposed. Based on the variable weight theory,...
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Co-simulation-based probabilistic seismic hazard assessment method combining earthquake-event and ground-motion simulation

Shaoqing Wang, Jun Miao, Cuiran Zhang
Accurate estimation of ground-motion intensity is the key factor in probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA) at near-fault area. To get PSHA results matched with specific geological conditions near sites, we first propose a co-simulation-based PSHA method combining event-based PSHA and stochastic...
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Testing Device for Biaxial Loading of Textile Specimens

Ales Lufinka
Testing of real properties of textile specimens is needed during the development of new textile structures. One of the basic test is determining the specimen stiffness, it means measurement of the dependence of the force on the textile material stretching. Textile materials are mostly used in technical...
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Analysis of Cave System in Weak Sandstone Using RS2

Simon Ferley, Ian Williams
The Rocscience finite element program RS2 [1] has been used for a preliminary study to examine the stability of shallow caves in weak sandstone rock beneath a proposed development site in the UK. Focusing on the influence of in-situ horizontal earth pressures, this paper presents one of several models...
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Force Analysis of Long-Span Oblique Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

Dong Chen, Peng Liu, Shanwei Li
At present, scholars at home and abroad have conducted more research on conventional steel-concrete composite bridges and conventional oblique bridge, but there is relatively little research on long-span diagonal steel-concrete composite beams that appear in engineering. The article combines specific...
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Destruction Mechanism of Clay-Covered Karst Collapse

Jiayi Tian, Yan Gao
Based on actual engineering geological data in Guangzhou, this study establishes a finite element numerical model for the clay-covered karst collapse. The coupled Euler-Lagrange method (CEL) is adopted to simulate the process of the clay-covered karst collapse. Multiple sets of numerical simulations...
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Research on the Influence of Unclosed Residential Community on the Surrounding Road Network

Yujun Deng, Xiaoning Zhu
In this study, in order to analyze the influence of unclosed residential community on the surrounding road network, a method of road network capacity evaluation was proposed, and the model of traffic flow distribution was constructed to quantitatively describe the vehicle route selection in the road...
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Research on Personalized Recommendation of Magnetic Material Retrieval Based on Knowledge Mapping

Li Lei, Bai Yu
Since the concept of knowledge map was introduced, the internet has gradually changed from hyperlink between web pages to describing the association between entities.Knowledge map is mainly used in personalized recommendation and other fields. It can provide users with knowledge nodes and links between...
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Pilot Free Trade Zone and Productivity of Enterprise

Yuetao Yang
From the creation of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone from September 2013 to September 2020, China has set up six batches of 21 free trade zones in batches. The establishment of free trade zones may often lead to regional economic development and also have a certain impact on the production efficiency of...
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Design Compression Molding Machine with Hydraulic System

Fatahul Arifin, Yusuf Dewantoro Herlambang, Dwi Arnoldi, Eka Satria Martomi, Muhammad Noviadi, Hanif Akbar, Jihan Salsabilla
Seal is a part of the machine that is used by one of the Light Fire Extinguishers (LFE) so that the contents of this tube are kept awake until it is used to extinguish the fire. In the process of making this seal, a machine is used mold to make the seal part. One is as male (upper mold) and the second...
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Generalized integral representation method as applied to numerical simulation of Boussinesq wave

Gantulga Tsedendorj, Baljinnyam Tsangia, Khongorzul Dorjgotov
In this study, we present discretization schemes based on Generalized Integral Representation Method (GIRM) for numerical simulation of the Boussinesq wave. The schemes numerically evaluate the coupled Boussinesq equation for different solitary wave phenomena, namely, propagation of a single soliton,...
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IoT-based Intelligent Fishcarelab System (IFS) for Koi Fish Monitoring System

Minto Waluyo, Basuki Rahmat, Tuhu Agung Rachmanto, Mohamad Irwan Afandi, Helmy Widyantara, Harianto Harianto
Internet of Things (IoT) allows connections between devices using an internet connection with the ability to collect and exchange data. This research utilizes the IoT network to monitor the growth of koi fish in the pond. By utilizing the NodeMCU microcontroller, temperature and pH sensors, the sensor...
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Study of Temperature and Use of Catalysts in the Pyrolysis of LDPE Plastic Waste on the Quantity of Oil Fuel Products Produced

Novarini, Rusdianasari, Yohandri Bow, Sigit Kurniawan
Low Density Poly Ethylene (LPDE) plastic waste has no sale value, buried in a landfill. The plastic itself cannot be broken down by microorganisms in the soil, so that people destroy it through incineration. Incineration plastics produce NOx, COx, SOx, particulates, dioxins, furans, and smoke, which...
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Research on Improved Resolver-to-Digital Conversion Method and Its Application Based on FPGA

Qijia Zheng, Shuping Meng, Sixian Sun, Yang Jiang, Yang Hu
According to the demand of high integration of servo motor control system, a method of resolver-to-digital conversion (RDC) based on FPGA is proposed. This method adopts the technology of synchronous excitation and peak sampling, which can realize the peak sampling of sine signal and cosine signal of...
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Tripartite Subject Game Research Based on the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Model

Yulong Xu, Yueming Wang
Through the evolutionary game, this paper selects the general contracting unit, design unit, and construction unit as the tripartite game subjects to investigate the influence of income distribution coefficients on their behavioral strategies, and utilizes MATLAB R2016b for simulation. The results reveal...
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Measuring E-Service Quality & Webqual 4.0 in ICMS Through Kano Method & Importance-Performance Analysis For Development Strategies

Billy Hartanto, Moses Laksono Singgih
This research focuses on the Palm Oil Company (POC), operating in Indonesia’s palm oil industry, and its implementation of the Integrated Calibration Management System (ICMS) application. The study aims to analyze the quality of the ICMS application and propose alternative solutions based on the quality...
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Analysis of output oil yield and energy utilization of bulk pumpkin seeds under constant loading

Emir Asyraf Agus, Je Zen Cheong, Nor Hafiy Adli Razali, Abraham Kabutey, David Herák, Idris Bin Ismail
The present study examined a repeated pressing of bulk pumpkin seeds heated at temperatures of 40, 60 and 80 ℃ for 1 hour and compressed under an axial loading at a maximum load of 200 kN and speed of 5 mm/min. The sample temperature of 23 ℃ served as the control. The pressing vessel of diameter 60 mm...
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Flash-aware Clustered Index for Mobile Databases

Wojciech Macyna, Michal Kukowski
Flash memory become the very popular storage technology. Recently, it may be treated as a main storage memory in mobile devices, PDA and personal computers. However, the architecture based on flash memory has some limitations. They suffer from poor write performance, as the flash blocks must be erased...
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Utilization of Bottom Ash and Sawdust Waste as a Substitute for Fine Aggregate in Concrete Mix

Kosim Kosim, Zainuddin Zainuddin, Raja Marpaung, Darma Prabudi
Concrete is a split mixture, sand, cement, water, and additives. The concrete to be designed is made of a mixture of cement with bottom ash + sawdust, split, sand, and water. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of using bottom ash + sawdust and the ratio between bottom ash + sawdust...
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Research on Response Strategies of O2O Take-Out Platform Merchants Based on Eye Tracking Experiment

Shengchun Ding, Yilin Wang, Linlin Hou, Yue Zhang, Jingyao Cai
This paper explores the different types of negative comments on an O2O beverage takeout platform to find the types of replies consumers pay more attention to and the types of remedies better impacting on consumers’ opinions. This paper employs eye tracking system to capture the eye movement trajectory...
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Research and Design of Health management system for the elderly

Ran Xu, Yue Cui
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and data processing technology, products and personalized services based on artificial intelligence have been widely used in different industries. With the accelerated aging of the social population, the current issue of elderly care has become an...
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Study on Mechanical Properties of Green and Environment-Friendly Three-Mixture Concrete Self-Insulating Masonry

Qingzheng Wang, Zhengchao Jin
In recent years, the state has been actively promoting the concept of energy saving, green and sustainable development. In this paper, according to the characteristics of two kinds of industrial waste slag, silicon powder and fly ash, and the agricultural by-product of rice husk powder, the uniform design...
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Electricity Storage With a Solid Bed High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage System (HTTES) - A Methodical Approach to Improve the Pumped Thermal Grid Storage Concept

Günter Schneider, Hartmut Maier, Jonas Häcker, Simeon Siegele
High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage (HTTES) systems offer a wide range of possible applications. Since electrical batteries such as Li-ion batteries suffer degradation and since complete battery-systems are expected not to fall to low cost levels (IEA-WEO report 2018 [1]) until 2040, it becomes economically...
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Design of a Parameterized Mannequin Using Rapid Prototyping Technology

Cristian Copilusi, Ionut Geonea, Cristian Vladu, Alexandru Margine
This research addresses to a mannequin design in a parameterized mode similar to a four years old child. The designed mechanical system will be integrated in an active exoskeleton, especially designed for children with locomotion problems. Thus there will be performed measurements for a four years old...
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The disassembly line balancing problem of type II

Wang Shuwei, Guo Xiuping, Liu Jia
Product disassembly is a vital stage for industrial recycling and remanufacturing which generates the desired parts/subassemblies by means of separation of a product into its elements. After disassembly, reusable parts/subassemblies are cleaned, refurbished, tested and directed to the part/subassembly...
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A Fuzzy Clustering Mathematical Model for Sub-assemblies Based on Game Theory

Kou Xiaoxi, Cao Yan, Qiao Hu, Wu Yujia
Taking sub-assembly recognition problem as the research object and combining with the mathematical model of sub-assembly recognition algorithm, this paper analyzes the similarity and corresponding mapping between the objective function problem of sub-assembly recognition and the game problem. The object...
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Prediction of Calorific Value for Coal Gangue Based on the Machine Learning Algorithm

Xiangbin Gao
In order to solve the problems of inconvenience and high cost of coal gangue calorific value measurement, the machine learning algorithm is adopted and applied to the prediction of practical engineering. Firstly, the industrial analysis components and calorific value of coal gangue in Xinjiang are obtained...
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Research and exploration on flood control and management schemes in the Songli area of Dongting Lake

Qirui Ma, Peng Guo, Jiayang Wu, Wenting Gong
The Songli area of Dongting Lake is an important link between the Yangtze River and Dongting Lake, located in the two provinces of Hubei province and Hunan province in China. The water system conditions in the Songli area are extremely complex. The Songzi River, which passes through the area, connects...
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Storage requirments in urban energy systems for the integration of rooftop photovoltaics

Marlon Schlemminger, Dennis Bredemeier, Alexander Mahner, Raphael Niepelt, Michael H. Breitner, Rolf Brendel
Solar photovoltaics (PV) on building rooftops is a major contributor to the decarbonization of energy systems and provides electricity close to consumption. However, high shares of PV challenge distribution grids and require energy storages due to the fluctuating daily and seasonal production profile....
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Comparative Analysis of the Effect of Disposal in Tailings and Waste Rock Piles

Michel Moreira Morandini Fontes, Edna Lizeth Ardila Montilla, Anderson Nascimento Milagres, Gladys Hurtado Aquino, Vanessa Cristina Justino
The disposal of tailings currently represents a major challenge in the Brazilian mining scenario. As a result of the accidents that have occurred in the last decade, the legislation has become increasingly demanding with regard to the disposal processes of these materials. Therefore, new disposal systems...
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Air-Source Heat Pump with Integrated Latent Heat Storage for Residential Buildings: Concept Development and Design Evaluation

Arash Bastani, Justin Tamasauskas
Heat pumps effectively support electrification and reduce energy consumption associated with building heating and cooling. Air-source heat pumps (ASHP) use the ambient air as a thermal source or sink for the heat pump (HP). ASHPs are the most common form of HP system in Canadian residential buildings...
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Towards Reproducible Performance of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Battery Storage

Monika Graff, Olaf Wollersheim, Johanna May
Several attempts have been made to define and measure performance parameters of photovoltaic home storage systems. Ideally, performance parameters are accepted by the scientific community as well as by manufacturers, test laboratories and customers. The German industry association for energy storage...
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Heat pump and thermal storage sizing with time-of-use electricity pricing

Andrew Lyden, Paul Tuohy
Heat pump and thermal storage sizing studies require modelling to ensure capital and operational costs are minimised. Modelling should consider added flexibility, e.g. grid services, sector coupling benefits, e.g. utilising excess wind production, and access to electricity markets, e.g. time-of-use tariffs....
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CNN and SVM Based Classifier Comparation to Detect Lung Nodule In Computed Tomography Images

I Wayan Budi Sentana, Sri Andriati Asri, Naser Jawas, Anggun Esti Wardani
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) are biologically-inspired variants of Multiple Layer Perceptron (MLPs). Meanwhile, support vector machines (SVMs) are supervised learning models with associated learning algorithms that analyze data used for classification and regression analysis. In some research...
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Titanium Dioxide Soaking Time Effects on DSSC Powers and Efficiency

Rika Musiana, Abu Hasan, RD Kusumanto
The purpose of this study was to study the power and efficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) using extracts of yellow sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) with variations in the soaking time of Titanium Dioxide paste (TiO2) in dye and light intensity. This research used descriptive method with several...
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Clustering-Based Analysis of E-commerce Customers’ Consumption Behavior in the Post-epidemic Period

Zhengyan Cui
The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 brought huge changes to the world, causing many people to engage in online shopping and some consumers’ purchasing behavior to change before and after the epidemic. In order to better study the consumption behavior of e-commerce customers in the post-epidemic era, this study...
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Manufacture of Food Preservatives from Liquid Smoke as By-Product of Processing Coconut Shells (Cocos Nucifera)

Ida Febriana, Jaksen, Desti Lidya, Irawan Rusnadi, Mega Persada Putri, M. Rahman L, Chm M. ‘Azim Jamaluddin
Currently, environmental issue have become national and even international issues, the first is chemical/ food preservatives that must be avoided because they are detrimental to health such as formalin and borax. One of the latest innovations in this research is the use of liquid smoke as a preservative...
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Technical Condition Evaluation of Urban Class I Special Structure Bridges

Bingjiang Yi
In order to study the reliability of technical condition evaluation method of class I special structural bridges, Taking Chongqing Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge as an example, The technical status of Specifications for Maintenance of Highway Bridges and Culverts (JTG 5120–2021), Standards for Technical...
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Study on wave propagation law of blasting stress and crack evolution characteristics of granite with weak interlayer

Tao Wang
To investigate the influence of weak interlayers in rock mass on the propagation law of blasting stress waves and the propagation characteristics of rock mass blasting cracks, numerical simulation methods were used to study the propagation law of blasting stress waves and the propagation characteristics...
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Geotechnical Risk and Risk Mitigation in Deep Underground Mines in Hard, Brittle Rock

W. F. Bawden
The paper reviews the challenges, and in some cases, extreme risks commonly encountered when mining at great depth in hard, brittle rock masses. For context, mining at great depth is assumed to imply mining at depths in excess of 1.0 to 1.5 km below ground surface. The paper focuses primarily on rock...
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Lie symmetry analysis and exact solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional generalized KdV equation

Yu-Shan Bai, Ya-Na Liu
In this paper, the symmetry group method is used to study a new (2 + 1)-dimensional generalized KdV equation. The Lie point symmetries of (2 + 1)-dimensional generalized KdV equation are obtained. Symmetry reductions and several interesting explicit solutions to the (2 + 1)-dimensional generalized KdV...
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Analysis and suggestions on the causes of problems found by water conservation supervision and inspection

Qiuju Zhu, Kang Zhang
In order to improve the current situation that the level of water conservation management in various parts of the province is generally not high, the water administrative department of Guangdong Province has continuously carried out on-site supervision and inspection of water conservation throughout...
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Latent Dirichlet Allocation Modeling for CPS Patent Topic Discovery

Usharani Hareesh Govindarajan, Amy J.C. Trappey, Gopal Kumar
Industry 4.0 is an organized framework to infuse the latest technology in the manufacturing sector. The inclusion of next-generation technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence approaches increases productivity and manufacturing output in today’s...
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Study on the Application of Bicycle Special Routes as an Environmental Transportation in the City Area of Palembang Using The Blos Method

Efrilia Rahmadona, Norca Praditya, M. Ade Surya Pratama, Sudarmadji Sudarmadji, Muhammad Iqbal, Arief Perdana Kesuma, Rica Solenne
The special bicycle lane has been inaugurated by the Palembang city government, the mayor of Palembang, in 2020 where the lane is divided into three official routes for bicycle lanes. The government’s purpose to build these three special bicycle lanes is to regulate traffic flow and facilitate cyclists...
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BLDC motor analysis in software ANSYS Electronics

Jakub Eichler, Tomáš Zvolský
The BLDC motor design is currently greatly simplified by the use of FEM software. This article deals with the possibilities of realizing such a design in the ansys electronics software.
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Single-Machine Scheduling with Piece-Rate Maintenance, Interval Constrained Processing Times and Rejection Penalties

Lei Jin, Xianyu Yu, Zhuojia Dong
This paper investigates single-machine scheduling problems with piece-rate machine maintenance and rejection penalties, where the actual job processing time is required to be in the given time interval otherwise the extra penalty should be paid. Each job should be decided to be scheduled or rejected,...
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Research on Optimization Method of Facilities Arrangement Based on Backtracking Search Algorithm

Wei Fengtao, Zhang Yangyang, Shi Yunpeng, LI Junyu
Aiming at the shortcomings such as large amount of manual calculation and subjective factors of designer in the system layout design commonly used in facility layout design. A method of facility layout optimization based on backtracking search algorithm is proposed. The paper takes a library in university...
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Plastic Waste Shredder

Jan Galík, Robert Kohár, Rudolf Madaj, Peter Stevko
Used plastics are all around us. Their production is excessive and presents a big problem today and an even bigger problem for the future. They are used very often for their positive qualities. Just as the pros also have their negatives. One of the biggest drawbacks is the decomposition time of this...
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Study on the flow plasticity and permeability of mixed and improved shield residue in water-rich sand layer

Jinlong Wang, Haijun Han, Chaojun Mao, Guobo Liu, Angang Yang
Shield tunneling in water-rich sand layer is prone to problems such as high cutter torque and severe wear, and spiral transporter gushing. Based on this, this paper takes the shield project of Xi’an Metro Line 10 interval as the basis, and carries out the experimental research on the improvement of slag...
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Investigation of Thermal Behavior of Paraffins, Fatty Acids, Salt Hydrates and Renewable Based Oils as PCM

Evdoxia Paroutoglou, Alireza Afshari, Peter Fojan, Göran Hultmark
Latent heat thermal energy storage (LHTES) using phase change materials (PCM) is a renewable energy solution that is applicable for implementation in space cooling due to its high energy storage density. A novel thermal energy storage which will encapsulate a PCM layer to absorb the rejected heat from...
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A Study on the Impact of E-Commerce Anchor Interaction Strategy on Consumers’ Willingness to Continue to Buy

Huan-Huan Wang
In this study combed the predecessors about the live webcast, electricity anchor, flow experience and perception can continue to purchase intention of the research and diagnostic basis, could be divided into language humor electricity anchor interaction strategy, responsive, display novel objective four...
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Research on Emergency Repair Technology of Overhanging Pavement Slabs on Defected Subgrade Caused by Flood

Xiao Yin, Guanming Zhang, Qi Yan, Tingchi Ren
Overhanging pavement slabs on the defected subgrade are mainly caused by flood erosion that partially hollows out the subgrade, which leaves the highway in an unstable condition. This paper develops a kind of emergency repair technology of suspended road slab anchor pulling technology for this type of...
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Using P-wave Velocity to Monitor the Early Hydration Process of Cemented Paste Backfill for Disaster Prevention and Prediction

Zixuan Qing, Ying Shi, Sicheng Lu, Ruiyang Nie
Cemented paste backfill (CPB) is a widely used filling material in mine backfilling and underground engineering. Understanding the hydration process of CPB is essential for ensuring its stability and safety. The study utilized P-wave velocity to characterize the early hydration process of CPB. Three...
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Hydrolysis of Glucose from Bamboo with Micro Controller PID type Arduino UNO and Fuzzy Method

Ni Ketut Sari, Dira Ernawati, Intan Yuniar Purbasari, Basuki Rahmat
Glucose needs each year has increased significantly while glucose production has decreased, this is because supplies of the raw materials limited, where bamboo is one of the raw material alternatives to glucose. The selection of bamboo plants based on levels of cellulose which ranges from 42.4%-53.6%,...
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Effect of Feed Composition and Product Quantity of Co-Processing Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil (RBDPO)

Juarsa, Aida Syarif, Leila Kalsum
The research on Co-Processing Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil (RBDPO) was conducted to examine the Effect of Feed Composition and Product Quantity. It is to provide the competitive renewable fuels in accordance with the government programs to promote Renewable Energy (RE) by utilizing the processing...
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A Study on the Assessment and Status Quo of Environmental Information Disclosure in China’s Automotive Industry

Linfeng Lu, Ting Zhang, Jia’ang Li, Huanran Liu, Mingnan Zhao
The environmental information disclosure system has now been an effective instrument for the international community in environmental governance, and means a lot to businesses in terms of green transition and ESG and sustainability. This paper takes a hard look at the management status and performance...
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Multi-actuator Integrated Control Design FOR Freighter Cargo Door

Lin Li, Hao Wu, Zhao Xue, Xiaolu Wang, Shuai Liu, Zhenjin Nie
An integrated airborne Actuator Control Electronics (ACE) based on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) has been designed to control the main cargo door motion of ARJ21-700 converted freighter. This paper illustrates the designing method of the ACE, and analyses the relationship between control timing...
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Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a Mechanism for Assisting Human Locomotion

Ionut Geonea, Cristian Copilusi, Nicolae Dumitru, Alexandru Margine
In this paper we will present a new robotic system designed to assist human locomotion. The purpose of using this exoskeleton is to rehabilitate people with locomotor disabilities. We will present the kinematic diagram of a new mechanism used as the leg of an exoskeleton for rehabilitation. We performed...
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Investigation on the Optimization Model of Highway Maintenance Construction

Haonan Zhou, Zhoucong Xu, Quanlei Wang, Tianlong Chen, Liqin Long, LI Xia
In order to enhance the efficiency of maintenance construction and improve the capacity and service quality of expressways, a mathematical model was developed to optimize the timing of road closures. This model takes into account factors such as highway tolls, traffic flow, construction costs, and construction...
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The moderating effect of employee satisfaction and team trust on the positive traits of leaders and firm performance

Yanbo Yang
This paper mainly adopts regression analysis to study the moderating effects of employee satisfaction and team trust on the positive traits of leaders and firm performance. The results show that there is a positive correlation between leaders' positive traits and firm performance. Employee satisfaction...
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Design and Development of E-commerce Recommendation System Based on Big Data Technology

Jing Gao
E-commerce recommendation system is the key to solve the problem of information explosion and information overload faced by consumers in the process of online shopping, and it is also an important means to tap the potential needs of consumers. Faced with the shortcomings of the current e-commerce platform...
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Invariance properties of time fractional linear diffusion-wave equations

Nomuun Bayanmunkh, Khongorzul Dorjgotov, Gantulga Tsedendorj, Uuganbayar Zunderiya
We study a class of time fractional diffusion-wave equations with variable coefficients using Lie symmetry analysis. We obtain not only infinitesimal symmetries but also a complete group classification and a classification of group invariant solutions of this class of equations. Group invariant solutions...
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Optimization of Compliance Testing for Grid-supporting Inverter Functionalities

Siddhi Shrikant Kulkarni, Gunter Arnold, Nils Schäfer
Inverter based resources (IBRs) are capable of providing grid services to ensure system stability. Manufacturers of such IBRs are required to certify their products according to the testing procedures of each individual country to meet the grid connection requirements of the target markets. When various...
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Self-Adaptive Cybersecurity System

Aradea Aradea, Iping Supriana, Kridanto Surendro, Husni Mubarok, Irfan Darmawan
Complexity of cyberspace environment nowadays, arouse security vulnerabilities for all owned assets. Appropriate way out or solution for every obstacle in a case like this is a must for ICT role. However, user trust for ICT usage raises concerns. Cyberspace environment is caused by rapid increase in...
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Experimental Study on the Inner Wall Ring Groove of 1J116 Soft Magnetic Alloy Based on Electrochemical Machining

Bian Jianxiao, Ma Baoji, Ai Haihong, Qi Lijun
In this study, electrochemical processing was introduced into the inner wall ring groove of 1J116 soft magnetic alloy to obtain higher processing precision. A single factor experimental study was carried out for the processing and forming laws and mechanisms. The effects of pulse voltage, duty cycle,...
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Utilization of Remote Sensing Technology for Flood Distribution in Palembang City Web-based

Indrayani Indrayani, Andi Herius, Akhmad Mirza, Arfan Hasan
Construction that continues to be carried out in the city of Palembang, will result in changes to existing land use, more and more swamp areas are stockpiled to build buildings on them, this can certainly have an impact on the reduction of water catchment areas, with the result that when it rains it...
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Study on Confined Compression Characteristics and Particle Crushing Law of Phyllite Waste Slag

Yuchen Ji, Xu Wang, Yanjie Zhang, Chunxiang Guo, Jiandong Li
The particle crushing effect of coarse-grained soil has been widely studied. This study conducted lateral compression tests under high-pressure conditions to study the compression characteristics and particle crushing laws of waste particles from tunnel excavation of phyllite. Samples with continuous...
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Improved Multiuser MIMO Block Diagonalization

Yutao Li, Feng Li, Qingrui Guo, Xuerang Guo, Lin Ma, Bin Wang, Shuqi Qiu
This paper analyzes the status quo of the precoding algorithm, and puts forward a power allocation mode called SINR, which has low computation complexity in the precoding relative to the water-filling power allocation. This algorithm obtains the precoding matrix by SVD singular value decomposition and...
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Lean Manufacturing to Reduce Production Time for Pressure Vessel Production

Bintang Timur Lazuardi, Moses Laksono Singgih
In a fiercely competitive business landscape, every company must optimize its resources and minimize wastage in the production process. At the Pressure Vessel Company (PVC), a study revealed various areas of waste, including non-compliant raw materials, delayed engineering documents, extended production...
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Influence of Initial Pressure on Shock Wave Parameters in Large Explosion Wave Simulation Equipment

Chaoyuan Hang, Fei Liu, Kai Xin, Yonghong Gao, Yaoyao Zhang
In the equipment for simulating explosion waves, the ideal test loading curve can be obtained using high-pressure air drive. To investigate the impact of initial pressure on relevant parameters of shock waves in the test section, AUTODYN16.0 software was employed to simulate the propagation process of...
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A Rapid Estimation Method and Tool for Carbon Emissions in Substation Buildings

Zheng Huang, Jingyun Wu, Hao Liu
In response to the dual-carbon strategy, the construction industry actively explores energy-saving and emission reduction pathways. Carbon emission calculation stands as the primary step in implementing energy-saving and emission reduction measures. However, distinct from conventional civilian buildings,...
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Xylitol Used as Phase Change Material: Nucleation Mechanisms of the Supercooling Rupture By Stirring

L. Piquard, E. Gagnière, G. Largiller, D. Mangin, F. Bentivoglio
Owing to its high energy density, Xylitol is a very promising Phase Change Material (PCM) for low temperature applications (< 100°C). However, it presents a high and persistent supercooling that inhibits the latent heat restitution during thermal discharges. Bubbling in the supercooled PCM is known...
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Comparative analysis of new technologies for dam Deformation monitoring

Xiaochen Xu, Xufeng Zhou, Dan Li, Chunhua Dai, Guochang Ge
In order to analyze the applicability of new dam monitoring technology in dam deformation monitoring, a concrete face rockfill dam was selected, GNSS and machine vision monitoring system were arranged, and traditional monitoring methods were used for comparison. The results show that GNSS monitoring...
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Resolving a Problem with Cleaning of Tools by the 3I method – a Case Study

Vladimir Sojka, Petr Lepsik
This paper shows a case study of the 3I (Innovation by Increasing Ideality) method to resolve a production-related problem with cleaning distance rings. These rings are used to hold the gap between saw blades during the process of cutting hard crystals. The problem is that sediments are created on the...
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Making Bioetanol from Glucose Off Grade With Fermentation Process Using Fermiol

Ni Ketut Sari, Khurniawati Khurniawati, Uman Fathoni, Widi Wurjani
Fermentation can be defined as a process of anaerobic oxidation of carbohydrate which produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. Batch fermentation is fermentation system closed, where there is no addition of new media, there are no additions (O2), antifoam, acid/alkaline pH control is done in a way. the fermentation...
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The Addition of Natural Colour Pigment Brazilin from Sappan Wood Extract (Caesalpinia Sappan Linn) in the Manufacture of Tempeh to Improve Tempeh Product Antioxidant Content

Sofiah Sofiah, Siti Chodijah, Ibnu Hajar, Desti Lidya, Martha Aznury, Wahyuni Sinta Dewi
Sappan wood with the Latin name (Caesalpinia Sappan Linn) is a plant whose wood is used as a colorant in food. Brazillin, is a yellow crystal which is the colour pigment in the cup. Brazillin can inhibit surviving apoptosis inhibitor proteins, so that it is able to cancer. Tannins are components of very...
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Multi-method Utilization Evaluation of E-commerce Incubation Center

Xin Hai, Mozhi Li, Dandan Zhao
This paper addresses the problem of inaccurate utilization rate of e-commerce incubation centers, Indicators based on service environment, service content, service capacity and social impact, develop outcome and condition variable indicators using fsQCA, and derive e-commerce incubation center assessment...
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Study on seismic performance of high-strength concrete shear wall after fire considering the influence of spalling

Yukun Ji, Jun Chen, Qing Wu, Yunhu Xu
After the concrete shear wall is exposed to fire, the deterioration of concrete and steel reinforcement caused by fire, especially the spalling of high-strength concrete at high temperatures, aggravates the decrease of shear capacity and seismic performance of the wall. Based on the existing HSC shear...
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Demonstration of German Energy Transition in Zwickau (ZED) - Presentation of Concept

Dimitri Nefodov, Shengqing Xiao, Thorsten Urbaneck
This paper discusses the general conception of a local district heating system for the implementation of a zero-emission quarter in Zwickau (living lab). The heat supply is to be provided by regenerative energy sources. For this purpose, solar thermal collectors, seasonal thermal energy stores, an electrical...
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Distribution System Planning with Battery Storage using Multiperiod Optimal Power Flow

Jaap Pedersen, Birgit Schachler, Anya Heider, Guido Pleßmann
The ongoing energy transition introduces new challenges for distribution networks and brings about the need to expand existing power grid capacities. In order to contain network expansion and with it economic costs, utilization of various flexibility options to reduce expansion needs is discussed. This...
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Tofu Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Electrocoagulation Method

Ibnu Hajar, Fadarina, Mustain Zamhari, Selastia Yuliati
Tofu waste liquid contains high levels of organic impurities, such as protein and amino acids. These organic compounds cause the tofu industrial wastewater to contain high biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), pH and total suspended solid (TSS) which can pollute the environment....
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Experimental Study on Sound Absorption Performance of a New Inorganic Sound-absorbing Material

Maowei Chen, Zhiyan Lin, Weigang Bai, Junwu Xia
A new inorganic sound-absorbing material is proposed with the background of the subways reduce the noise pollution by grouting behind the track wall. By using the standing wave tube method, we investigate the sound absorption coefficients of this new inorganic sound-absorbing material with water cement...
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Stability and deformation control of deep foundation pits of half covered excavation subway in soft soil

Jianpeng Qin, Jie Yuan, Xiang Xiao, Yiheng Pan
A three-dimensional analysis model was established by finite element simulation to study the deformation and internal force changes of the cover plate, enclosure structure, support system, and surrounding soil during the excavation process of deep foundation pit at the Tatou Station of Fuzhou Metro Line...
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Design and efficiency analysis of biogas engineering for the mixture of kitchen waste and garden waste

Man Zhou, Lihao Deng, Han Li, Zhiyong Zou
In view of the characteristics of food waste, large volume and constant output in universities, taking a Chinese University as an example, we explored the centralized mode of kitchen waste biogas disposal in universities. The anaerobic fermentation technology is the core of the design, and the "canteen...
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DLADRC Controller Parameter Tuning Based on IPSO Algorithm for Quadrotor

Yao Boyu, Lu Ping, Yang Seng, Ji Jinjian
ADRC controller has the advantages of simple structure, high precision and strong robustness, which can estimate and compensate the uncertainties and disturbances online. However, in practical application, it is found that the controller contains too many parameters, and the range and tuning direction...
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Utilization of the Kelekar River Flow as Micro-Hydro Power Plant

Indrayani Indrayani, Aida Syarif, Syahirman Yusi, M. Noviansyah Nugraha, R.C. Ramadhani
The number of rivers scattered throughout Indonesia can certainly be used as an alternative energy source, one of which is micro-hydro power plants, it is a power plant that uses water resources on a small scale as a turbine drive to produce electrical energy, where the generation of this energy is influenced...
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Design of Load Carrier Composite Reinforcement of Zero Generation of an Electric Car Frame

Ladislav Ševčík, Martina Ryvolová
The aim of the article is to report the methods of solving the construction of the electric car frame. The electric car is designed for movement in the field. This is a functional model marked generation 0. The electric car should move in the field according to the specified trajectories with a load...
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Self-Adaptive Load Balancing System for Grid Computing

Irfan Darmawan, Aradea Aradea
Load balancing is a necessary way of a computer network infrastructure services, with the aim of balancing of computing resources to achieve optimal load processing time. When this has been many methods that can be used for load balancing techniques, namely by adjusting the load on the computing resources...