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Research on Cross-Border E-Commerce Operation Mode Based on Big Data Technology

JunJie Le
Big data technology has high-quality analysis function and continuously strengthens the optimal allocation of market resources for the development quality of cross-border e-commerce. The application of big data technology makes cross-border e-commerce form a more complete logistics distribution system...
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Probabilistic Analysis of a Slope Using RLEM and Cross-Correlated Conditional Random Field

Sina Javankhoshdel, Elahe Mohammadi, Reza Jamshidi Chenari, Terence Ma, Brigid Cami, Meghdad Payan
Probabilistic analyses of slopes using Random Limit Equilibrium Method (RLEM) have been extensively reported in literature. However, in these types of analyses, the generated random fields are based on assumed values of horizontal and vertical correlation lengths. In practice, horizontal and vertical...
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Research on Equalization Technology of Power Pack with Improved Buck-Boost Topology

Wang Qi, Wang Chen, Zhang Meng, Gao Tian
Aiming at the problems of traditional active equalization circuit, such as long equalization time, slow equalization speed and low control precision, this paper proposes an improved Buck-Boost topology equalization circuit based on the traditional Buck-Boost topology. Layering the battery cells in series...
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Improvement of Original Soil with Addition of Variation of Embankment Based on CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Value

Ibrahim Ibrahim, Andi Herius, Nadra Mutiara Sari, M Aidil Iskandarsyah, M Okta Fathur Rahman
Soil is the most widely used material in the construction of a construction. In order for the soil to carry the construction load on it, an improvement in the structure and density of the soil itself is needed. This is in accordance with the technical requirement that the soil must be hard. If the soil...
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Application of multi-level inventory intelligent decision-making system in the automotive aftermarket

Liu Yang, Xin Ma, Yingnan Liu
Automotive aftermarket spare parts supply chain related business gradually began to carry the core functions of customer service and profit growth, enterprises in the aftermarket spare parts business competition is fierce, after-sales business transformation has become a must for enterprises. This article...
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Uncertainty Analysis for Power-to-Methanol plant regarding Economic and Flexibility Parameters

Eero Inkeri, Hossein Enayatizadeh, Jaakko Hyypiä, Tero Tynjälä, Hannu Karjunen, Nashmin Hosseinpour
Power-to-Methanol systems, utilizing renewable energy sources, present a promising solution for achieving sustainable and low-carbon energy systems. This study focuses on investigating the operational flexibility and economic parameters of a PtM system, where hydrogen is produced through water electrolysis...
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Orthogonal experimental study on unconfined compressive strength of a novel flow filling material

Yanpeng Zhu, Tao Huang, Anping Huang, Dong Chen, Linping Wu
A certain project in Lanzhou generated a large amount of abandoned collapsible loess and red sandstone during the excavation process. In order to achieve the dual goals of saving construction resources and protecting the environment, a certain proportion of cement, fly ash, lime, and NaOH are added to...
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Potential of Electric Vehicles for Providing Regulating Power Based on German Mobility

Mohammed Hijjo, Paul Scheer
The ongoing transition of the energy sector, as well as the rising adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), both have led to new requirements to keep up with these new technologies. One of the main challenges to the grid operators is to keep the balance between the generation and the demand through the so-called...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System of Development Level of Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Innovation-Driven

Chengfen Zhang, Songjie Xue
The evaluation index system of the development level of digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises based on innovation-driven is an important basis for the measurement and evaluation of the development level of digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises under the current environment....
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Research on the Realistic Dilemma and Governance Path of Platform Monopoly Under Digital Economy

Nisa Jia, Jiafan Wang, Haoran Xu
Even if Internet platform businesses have made great progress, the issue of data monopolies has gained more attention. The fairness and effectiveness of society have been severely harmed by the monopoly of the Internet platform, and the platform economy’s anti-monopoly has emerged as the key to promoting...
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Finite element analysis of crack causes in the exterior wall of ANSYS basement

Chunning Lv, Qingli Han, Xieyou Wang, Pengling Zhang, Dongguang Han
Underground engineering is the product of the development of construction economy and construction technology, but it also faces serious problems such as underground structure cracking and water leakage, which affect the quality and service life of the project. For effective treatment of settlement cracks...
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Numerical Assessement of Energy Storage Performances of Magnetite and Quartzite for CSP Storage Applications

Yousra Filali Baba, Ahmed Al Mers, Hamid Ajdad, Yaroslav Grosu, Abdessamad Faik
this paper pinpoints the thermal energy storage performances of two TESM, quartzite as classic thermal energy storage material commonly used in CSP and magnetite as emerged thermal energy storage filler material. The TES performances included charge, discharge and cycle efficiencies (utilization rate)....
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Exploring Pre-service Science Teachers' Capabilities in Competing for National Scientific Fair through SETS Learning

Aris Rudi Purnomo, Martini Martini, Laily Rosdiana, Wahyu Budi Sabtiawan, Hasan Subekti
To participate in the National Scientific Fair, pre-service science teachers (PSTs) need to prepare their capabilities in the competition. This study used survey to explore the capabilities of PSTs in terms of preparing scientific proposal, assessing proposal format and surveying PSTs perception. Rubric...
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Wear Modelling of the Thread Pair in a Planetary Roller Screw Mechanism

Shangjun Ma, Qianjin Xu, Chuangchuang Li, Jianxin Zhang, Geng Liu
Based on the contact characteristics of helical surfaces and the coexistence of rolling and sliding at the screw-roller interface, a forecast model of the thread pair using Archard wear theory is proposed. To obtain the wear depth and the wear volume of the screw raceway in the whole effective stroke,...
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Development and Application of Enterprise Financial Risk Analysis System Based on Data Mining Technology

Ming Liu, Guoqiang Wu
With the rapid rise of the digital economy, the overall informatization level of enterprises is getting higher and higher, and massive data information is transformed into productivity, which gives enterprises opportunities for development and brings new challenges to internal financial management. Faced...
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Effect of decalin as a hydrogen donor in cracking of atmospheric residue from Tamsagbulag oil, Mongolia

Myagmarjav Orgilbulag, Myagmargerel Bayanmunkh, Narangerel Janchig, Anujin Munkhsaikhan, Bayasgalan Ulambayar, Gantsetseg Byambasuren, Tugsuu Tserendorj, Khulan Bayasgalan
In this work, we studied the thermal cracking of atmospheric residue from Tamsagbulag crude oil in the presence of hydrogen donor-decalin. The oil is highly paraffinic and has high a viscosity and low yield of distillate fraction. Therefore, deep processing is necessary to increase the yield of distillate...
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Research on Industrial Building Facade Design in Urban Core Area

--Taking 500 kV substation in Beijing CBD area as an example

Tong Chen
In traditional design, the image of industrial buildings in the city is often difficult to integrate with the urban environment, resulting in poor integrity of urban design and other problems. Along with People’s attention to the urban environment, the industrial building modeling design also needs to...
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Patent Status Review and Ultra High Voltage Patent Analysis

Yuan Jiang, Ziang Hu, Likai Liang, Tong Qiang, Yiming Sun
With more attention paid to the development of technology as well as the improvement of the public ’ s knowledge level, there is an increasing trend in the application for the patents. However, the concerning documents for the development of the patents in our country are so limited, so carrying out...
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Information System Strategy and Application Governance in The Government of Bandung Regency

Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, Heru Nugroho
Utilization of information system for support of the government process will improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of governance. This statement is in line with Presidential Decree No. 3 of 2003 which confirms that the use of technology in government will improve the...
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Effect of Adding Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and Slurry on Biogas From Cow Manure to Produced Methane Gas

Muhammad Hanif Fatin, A. Husaini, Leila Kalsum
Biogas is a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly and economical. High of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and cow manure have great potential as a source of raw material for making biogas. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the addition of POME and biogas slurry...
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Hybrid Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Solution with Optimizing Energy Management and Online Condition Monitoring for Multi-use Applications

Michael Böttiger, Margrit Wicke, Sebastian Sacht, Florus Härtel, Ronny Gelleschus, Thilo Bocklisch
The paper presents current research results of the HYBAT project, in which a hybrid lithium-ion battery storage solution is being developed for three types of application: self-consumption optimization in industry and commerce, capacity-firming in a renewable energy park and buffer storage for electric...
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Model Design Reuse Method Based on Fuzzy Theory

Shi Zhiquan, Bai Yu, Qiao Hu
At present, research on the reuse of design information resources mainly focuses on the representation and modeling of its information. Neglecting the design information itself can be used as a starting point for design reuse. Based on the existing instance model of the enterprise, this paper firstly...
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Narrative Review of Subchondral Bone Morphology on Cartilage Damage (Osteoarthritis)

Nanda Yusril Mahendra, Dicky Pratama Putra, Imam Akbar, Risky Utama Putra, Akbar Teguh Prakoso, Muhammad Yanis, Hendri Chandra, Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Muhammad Imam Amrullah, J. Jamari, Hasan Basri
The subchondral bone layer has an important role in supporting the articular cartilage under mechanical loads. Therefore, subchondral bone can affect cartilage damage, in this case osteoarthritis. Many studies have addressed osteoarthritis, but few studies have focused on the influence of subchondral...
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Application of Mineral Deposit Knowledge Graph for Jilin Province Utilizing Neo4j

Xiangjin Ran, Yao Pei
A mineral deposit knowledge graph (KG) based on deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) can unveil the association between the Earth system and mineral formation. It automatically extracts the overarching model of mineral genesis and discovers mineralization laws, aiding researchers in expeditiously...
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Visualization Analysis of Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Research

Based on CNKI Literature Database

YuFan Diao, YuJiao Shen
In this paper, 1181 literatures with the theme of “cross-border e-commerce” collected by CNKI are used as research samples. CiteSpace software is used in combination with bibliometric method and content analysis method to conduct a visual analysis on the research status of domestic cross-border e-commerce....
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Comparative Evaluation of Biofuel Products from EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) and PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) Based on GC-MS

Rusdianasari Rusdianasari, Leila Utarina, Leila Kalsum, Tresna Dewi, Daya Wulandari
Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) and Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) are potential bioenergy sources because they contain lignocellulosic (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) so that they can be converted into biofuel through the thermal cracking process. This research was conducted in a lab scale experiment using a...
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Insulating Piles for the Cost-effective Construction of Very Large-scale High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage

Alice Tosatto, Fabian Ochs, Abdulrahman Dahash, Christoph Muser, Felix Kutscha-Lissberg, Peter Kremnitzer
Large-scale thermal energy storage (TES) represents a key component in renewables-based district heating (DH) networks. However, the storage of water at high temperature (< 100 °C) for long periods can lead to a significant amount of thermal losses to the surroundings and to unwanted increase of groundwater...
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Probabilistic Analysis of an Embankment Under Extreme Rainfall Events Considering Spatial Variability of Soil Strength Parameters

Leila Baninajarian, Sina Javankhoshdel, Rashid Bashir
Studies have shown that the stability of embankment slopes are influenced significantly by extreme rainfall events. The results of previous studies have also indicated that embankments built with fine materials such as silt are more susceptible to extreme rainfall events than those built with coarse...
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Effect of the Amount of KIO3, Water, and Stirring Time on Salt Quality in the Iodization Process

Herry Santoso, Febianus F. Setyadi, Maria Lestanur, Kevin C. Wanta, Angel Nadut, Judy R. Witono
Currently, IDD (Iodine Deficiency Disorder) is a problem that still requires attention from the Indonesian government. IDD problems can be overcome by adding iodized salt to daily food. However, the quality of consumption salt produced by small industries in Indonesia is still relatively low in terms...
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Cracking in the Modular Belt for Spiral Conveyors in real operation

Josef Vašata, Ladislav Ševčík
This work deals with an investigation of recurrent cracking of the spiral modular conveyor belt over an extended period. The modular belt has been in operation for at least 2 years and is now showing wear that must be solved immediately due to a possible crash of the entire line and stopping of operations....
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Soil Physic and Chemistry Characteristics on Pesticide Application of Soybean Land in Jombang, Lamongan and Probolinggo

Mahanani Tri Asri, Tarzan Purnomo, Yuliani Yuliani, Fida Rachmadiarti, Evie Ratnasari
Applications of pesticides on crop land have been used by soybean land farmer in Jombang, Lamongan and Probolinggo in order to control pest. Pesticide application of soybean land influence physic and chemistry soil, against growth of plant furthermore. This study aimed to identify soil physic and chemistry...
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A Variable Center of Gravity and Intelligent Walking Cantilever Casting Hanging Basket

Kaiqiang Wang, Qing Sun, Xiaolin Fang, Baoshan Duan, Yu Zhang
A new type of concrete cantilever casting hanging basket that the gravity center is movable intelligently is presented. The gravity center of the hanging basket can be changed to the back of the equipment, which enhances the anti-anchoring ability under walking condition. The novel hanging basket also...
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Pressure variation law of CO2 injection target area in coal seams

Qingze He, Ping He, Zhishen Li, Yingxin Li, Shuya Wang
Gas outburst accidents are prone to occur during coal mining, and injecting CO2 into the coal body can achieve the goal of gas displacement. At the same time, this method will cause changes in the permeability of the coal body, leading to deformation, fracture, and other factors affecting the stability...
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Optimization design of F-type Traffic Signage based on ANSYS Finite Element Analysis

Lixia Yan, Zhiyang Fang
F-type traffic sign structure is a common cantilever traffic sign structure, its structural stability and durability in the life cycle is closely related to traffic safety. For the design and production of F-type traffic sign poles, a fully mature design theory has not been established, and favorable...
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Analysis of a Four-Bar Linkage Mechanism in Its Classical and Compliant Form - A Comparison

Zorana Jeli
A four-bar linkage mechanism to accomplish different tasks. Those mechanisms cis used in a vast number of application in different fields accomplish different tasks. Those mechanisms can have some theoretical and practical limitations, depending on their applications. From a theoretical standpoint, four-bar...
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Design of Scale Meter Auto-Verification Time Optimization Model

Min Ren, Qiqi Shu, Le Yang, Yabin Ma, Letian Xie, Jian Xu
With the concept of the State Grid Corporation of intensive management meter put forward and the completion of metering and intelligent provincial center of fully automated assembly line meter verification system in-depth applied, large scale power meter centralized verification challenges the intelligent...
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The Efficiency and Profitability of the Modular Multilevel Battery for Frequency Containment Reserve

Markus Förstl, Nam Truong, Marc Möller, Holger Hesse, Arthur Singer, Thomas Weyh, Andreas Jossen
The modular multilevel battery (M2B) is a novel approach to integrate battery storage into the electricity grid. This paper obtains the efficiency and financial benefits of a working prototype system, compared to conventional systems for frequency containment reserve (FCR). The efficiency is determined...
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Assessment of Urban Flood Resilience Based on an Innovative PSSR Concept Model

Yang Zhang, Kejian Shang
Urban flooding caused by extreme rainstorms is one of the most prominent and difficult problems to be solved in the expansion of the world's cities. This study draws on the Wuli-Shili-Renli (WSR) methodology, and on the basis of the Pressure-State-Response (PSR) index model, reconstructs the “Shili”...
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Application of CAD Programs for a Gearing Geometric Model

Samuel Sivák
CAD programs are used in engineering environment on a daily basis, because of their wide use in designing, machining or evaluating process. This fact boosted the development and impact range of CAD software possibilities, but in the field of gears, there may be some shortcomings. These shortcomings are...
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High Security Adaptive BCH Code Discrete Wavelet Transform Copyright Protection

Irma Safitri, Rizki R. Ginanjar, Yosa Yunawan
In this research, we analyzed the audio watermarking system with combining adaptive wavelet with SVD in various BCH Codes. The host audio signal is embedded with a watermark signal in the form of an image signal accompanied by several attacks on the watermarking system. The results showed that ODG and...
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Study on Numerical Simulation of Electrochemical Machining Ring Narrow Groove

Mu Ruiyuan, Cao Yan, Jia Feng, Lei Yan
For annular narrow slot structure of electrochemical machining process test cycle is long, type face the problem of difficult to predict, establish mask electrochemical machining process of the electric field, flow field and temperature field coupling mathematical model, using COMSOL Multiphysics to...
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Experimental Characterization of Magnetite Under Thermal Cycling For Thermocline Energy Storage

Yousra Filali Baba, Ahmed Al Mers, Hamid Ajdad, Yaroslav Grosu, Abdessamad Faik
the present paper investigates the effect of thermal cycling on magnetite thermo physical characteristics particularly density, heat capacity, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity. The purpose was to evaluate the stability of the TESM and to emphasize its suitability for thermocline energy storage...
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Characterization of Thermal Activated Fly Ash Adsorbent by Studying the Effect of Temperature

Aida Syarif, Rusdianasari, M. Yerizam, Sayhirmanyusi
Fly ash is a solid waste resulting from the use of coal as an energy resource. The potential for fly ash presence in Indonesia is considerable with increased coal consumption where the potential availability of coal ash is 10% of total coal consumption, with 80% details being fly ash. The increase in...
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Research on the Impact of e-commerce Development on Enterprise Digital Transformation: Based on the Intermediary Effect of R&D Investment

Yiqing Yang, Mengyao He, Zhengmao Yang
The integration of internet information technology and e-commerce has led to the digitalization of the production and operation mode of enterprises. In order to explore the impact of e-commerce development on the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, this paper takes listed companies of...
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Conduct data analysis of large-scale marketing for wechat market

Qianmin LI
Using wechat platform to carry on the development and design of data mining, and it is applied to the embedded bus, so that the enterprise marketing activities can get better results. Through the establishment of a large number of marketing data collection and scheduling, through the analysis and analysis...
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Dispersion and orientation of montmorillonite in Nylon-6

Ilchgerel Dash, Robb Winter, Ulziidelger Byambasuren, Myagmarnaran Tsedenbazar, Batbileg Sanjaa
Incorporation of high aspect ratio nanoparticles can significantly increase mechanical properties such as elastic modulus and tensile strength, and the functionality of the obtained nanocomposites. In this work, organically modified montmorillonite (Closite 30B) is dispersed and simultaneously oriented...
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Numerical Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed PLA Scaffold

Zainal Abidin, Irfan Ghani Fadhlurrahman, Imam Akbar, Risky Utama Putra, Akbar Teguh Prakoso, M. Zahri Kadir, Astuti Astuti, Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Muhammad Imam Ammarullah, J. Jamari, Hasan Basri
This study aims to determine the dimensional accuracy and porosity of polylactic acid scaffold using 3D printing and the value of the effective elastic modulus. The main contribution of this research is to obtain the most suitable scaffold porosity for use as cancellous bone implants. It was obtained...
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Meaningfulness of the Stable Range of Factor of Safety for Deep Pits – A Numerical Modelling Assessment

Mahdi Zoorabadi, Mojtaba Mousakhani
Limit Equilibrium (LE) methods have been used as the main tool to assess rock mass failure mechanisms at inter-ramp and overall slope scales in open pit mines. Rock mass shear strength parameters are determined by reducing the intact strength using Geological Strength Index (GSI), Damage factor (D),...
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Performance Evaluation of Over-Opening of Runner Blade and Vane Blade with the Internal Flow Simulation of Tubular Turbine

Zhibin Cai, Guandong Wu, Yanxun Wu, Bingxing Zhang, Zilong Hu, Qiang Liu, Ran Tao
Tubular turbines have been widely used because of their good hydraulic performance and energy characteristics. During the operation of tubular turbine, the runner blades and guide vanes may be over-opened. This article uses computational fluid dynamics methods to numerically simulate the internal flow...
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Study of Kana (Canna sp) and Butterfly (Bauhinia purpurea) Plants as Leading Absorbents (Pb)

Sunu Kuntjoro, Fida Rachmadiarti
According to the Environment Project Agency (2007), about 25% of lead (Pb) remains in the engine and the other 75% will pollute the air as exhaust fumes. Kana (Cana sp) and Butterfly plant (Bahuinia purpurea) are plants that are suitable for the needs of urban forest plants. Studies related to the potential...
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Research on Comprehensive Development Mode and Technical Path of Bus Station

Shumei Sun, Kun Tian, Yiwen Xu, Youke Wang
Under the urban development background of giving priority to the development of public transport, the comprehensive development of bus stations will become an effective means to alleviate traffic congestion, improve land use efficiency and promote urban economic development. However, the current comprehensive...
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Study on Deformation and Subsidence Measurement of Prefractured Sandstone under Dynamic Loading

Xin Wang, Shiliang Wu
The measurement of deformation and settlement of the ground surface under the action of dynamic loads is one of the urgent problems faced by geotechnical engineering. The rock mass is a non-homogeneous material and there are often a large number of non-penetrating fractures within the matrix. The rock...
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Ford vehicle identification via shallow neural network trained by particle swarm optimization

Jingyuan Yang, Lei Wang, Qiaoyong Jiang
Automatic identification of the car manufacturer is difficult to achieve because of the similarity among the different brands. In this work, we propose a new system of Ford vehicle identification. Firstly, we captured the side view of the car image. Secondly, we employed the wavelet entropy (WE) to extract...
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The Application of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in Slope Displacement Monitoring

Wenjia Wu
The stability monitoring of high slope engineering is extremely important. In this paper, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) is applied to the displacement monitoring of slope engineering in Dazhou Hospital Area of West China Hospital in Sichuan Province. The installation method of BDS under the...
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Drying Rate of Skim Milk From Virgin Coconut Oil Remaining Water

Abu Hasan, Indah Purnamasari, Muhammad Yerizam, Robert Junaidi
Coconut tree’s benefits were not only in flesh that can be processed into coconut milk, copra, and coconut oil but also in all part of coconut plants. Coconut oils were produced from dried coconut by extraction. The oil from this process is known as virgin coconut oil (VCO). During the VCO production,...
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Techno-Economic Assessment Of Production And Transport Of Synthetic Methane From PV And Wind Energy

Andreas Patha, Johannes Kathan, Judith Kapeller, Stefan Reuter, Philipp Ortmann, Christoph Zauner
This study investigates the methanation of green electricity from a combined wind and PV power plant with a peak capacity of 250 MW in three different countries (Chile, UAE, Tunisia) and the transport of the produced methane to Austria. The production costs were calculated through a simulation on an...
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Research on Knowledge Management of Aviation Manufacturing Industry Based on Association Rules

Ai Xin, Du Jiang, Bai Yu, Liu Hang
[Purpose/Meaning] Aim at the two Safeguard measures to strengthen the China's industrial infrastructure capabilities proposed by "Made in China 2025" plan and the real Product development requirements of China's aviation industry, the method to provide high quality and efficient knowledge management...
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Optimal storage operation with flexible tariff under consideration of sector coupling and renewable energy sources in a new settlement area

Muhammad Tayyab, Ines Hauer, Christian Klabunde, Martin Wolter
Energy storages are important to manage the high amount of electricity generation from renewable energy sources in microgrids. Furthermore, the economic benefits of battery energy storage (BESS) such as self-consumption maximization have proven its feasibility. In the present paper, a settlement area...
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Design and Performance Analysis of a Latent Heat Storage for the Operation of a High-Temperature Methanol Fuel Cell

Lisa Deinert, Robert Daschner, Andreas Hornung
Due to ever stricter economical and legislative regulations, the efficiency of technical processes has to be constantly increased. Besides many other efficiency enhancing methods, the use of waste heat has a great potential to save energy. In particular, the use of waste heat at temperatures above 373...
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Shear creep characterization of artificially prepared site soils

Xiuyu Ge, Zaiqiang Hu, Cheng Jin, Xi Yang, Tingxi Yang, Yi Wang, Yuxuan Wei, Chaochao Liu
Site soils have been subjected to hundreds (thousands) of years of geologic action, and more and more problems related to deformation, strength, and stability have arisen. The creep properties and long-term strength properties of soil samples with a 90:10 ratio of loess to glutinous rice paste were analyzed...
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Copyright Protection High Robustness Arnold Transform Wavelet Method

Bruguiera A. F. Agradriya, Irma Safitri, Ledya Novamizanti, Muhammad Ainul Yaqin
Audio watermarking is a technique of information insertion into an audio signal without altering the significant origin of the audio host. Audio watermarking is usually used to protect the copyright of a work in the form of songs, recording of state and other secrets to avoid irresponsible persons. Audio...
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Research on Predictive Maintenance Architecture of Experimental Aircraft Based on Digital Twins

Ziyue Liang
With the rapid development of industrial technology and the new generation of information technology, the integration and intelligence of aircraft equipment continue to improve, increasing the probability of experimental aircraft malfunction and functional failures, resulting in a significant increase...
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Research on the Design Strategy of Assembled Low-energy Housing for Post-disaster Reconstruction in Beijing Rural Areas Based on the Characteristics of Sansheng Space

Ming Fang, Jing Ma, Xiaoxi Liu, Zichen Pan
For the urgent need of rural housing reconstruction in Beijing after the devastation caused by heavy rainfall and flooding, based on an analysis of the area’s basic climatic conditions and considering the spatial characteristics of production, living, and ecological spaces, known as the Sansheng spaces,...
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Curriculum Implementation in Biology Program of Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Ahmad Bashri, Rinie Pratiwi Puspitawati, Muslimin Ibrahim
This study aims to describe the effectiveness of curriculum implementation in the Biology Program, implementation of curriculum implementation in the Biology Program, and obstacles in implementing the curriculum. This research is an observational study, which observes curriculum documents and their implementation....
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Separation of Red Palm Oil from Crude Palm Oil Using Ceramic Membrane from Clay and Bentonite

Siti Chodijah, Erwana Dewi, Jaksen M. Amin
Filtration or filtration is a method of separating particles of solid substances from a fluid by passing the fluid through a filter medium; solid substances will be retained. The palm fruit consists of 80% pericarp parts (epicarp and mesokarp) which produce crude palm oil Crude Palm Oil and 20% seeds...
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A scheduling algorithm for social workflow optimization based on hybrid cloud streaming mechanism

Min Chen
In order to solve the current workflow scheduling problem, a new optimal scheduling algorithm is proposed in this paper, which has the advantages of high cost, poor time convergence, poor cost accounting quality and so on. Then, a self-evolving workflow structure is constructed to integrate the decentralized...
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Techno-Economic Planning and Exergy Analysis of Large-Scale Hot-Water Tank and Pits

Abdulrahman Dahash, Fabian Ochs, Alice Tosatto
Large-scale seasonal thermal energy storage (STES) substantially facilitates a full exploitation of the local renewable energy sources (e.g. geothermal, solar, waste heat) potential in renewables-based district heating systems in order to mitigate CO2 emissions and the climate change. Large-scale seasonal...
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The Source and Exploitation of the Program Vulnerability

Li jian, Lou jing, Gao Yang
Vulnerabilities with the C and C ++ language programming are the source of information security incidents. The language is an insecure programming language, which allows an attacker to change the behavior of the running program or completely control it through the vulnerabilities in the program. This...
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Effect of Sugar, Ammonium Sulfate and Magnesium Sulfate as Supplementary Nutrients in Coconut Water Fermented by Acetobacter xylinum to Produce Biocellulose Membranes

Elina Margaretty, Erwana Dewi, Leila Kalsum, Aisyah Suci Ningsih, Jaksen M. Amin
Biocellulose can be made by fermentation of coconut water by Acetobacter xylinum. Microorganism. Several developed countries have been starting to research the use of biocellulose as a bio-cellulose that is easily broken down in the world of plastics or membranes, such as edible films and biocellulose...
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Degradation of Methylene Blue Dye Using ZnO/NiFe2O4 Photocatalyst Under Visible Light

Yuniar Yuniar, Tri Mawarni, Poedji Loekitowati Hariani, Muhammad Faizal, Tuty Emilia Agustina
The effective synthesis of ZnO/NiFe2O4 photocatalyst with a co-precipitation technique was used to degrade dyes in the air in this study. XRD, SEM-EDS, and other equipment are used to characterize the crystalline phase, surface morphology, and chemical composition of photocatalysts. The exact peaks of...
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The Influence of E-Commerce Development on Traditional Retail Industry Under the Background of “Internet Plus”

Fengxian Yang, Limei Zhou
Under the background of ‘internet plus’, the development of e-commerce impacts deeply the traditional retail industry. This paper analyzes the different influences of the e-commerce on different segments of traditional retail industry under the background of internet. Firstly, we analyzes the development...
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Construction Efficiency Analysis of Ultra-deep Underground Diaphragm Wall in High Altitude Area

Wanting Zhao, Rongsheng Chen, Zhichao Tian
Due to the special geographical location, geological conditions and construction conditions of the project in Tibet, there are often problems in the construction of ultra-deep underground diaphragm wall, which lead to the current preparation regulations, cost standards and supporting quotas can not be...
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Study on Bearing Capacity Evaluation of Tie Arch Bridge Based on Dynamic and Static Load Test

Ran Xing, Dongguang Han, Liqun Ren, Xiujia Li
Taking the reinforced concrete tie arch bridge with single span 35m as the engineering background, the load test method of bridge-1 (JTG/TJ 21-01-2015). Load test includes static load test and dynamic load test. By applying the test load equivalent to the design load to the bridge structure, grasp the...
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The Impact of Internet-Using on Household Consumption—An Empirical Study Based on Multiple Linear Regression

Ti Wang, Jie Liu
Purpose-this paper is to study the impact of Internet-using on household consumption expenditure. Methodology-based on the data of Chinese General Social Survey in 2017, this study uses Stata16 software and multiple linear regression to test hypothesis. Findings-the results show that Internet-using significantly...
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Industry correlation chart model for industry chain feature mining and industry screening for demand side response

Yangyun Guo, Shuyu Xiao, Min Luo, Shangli Zhou, Yuchen Lai
To broaden the exploration of the latent value of industry electricity data and offer a novel perspective for socio-economic development and demand side management, this study proposes an innovative model for industry chain characteristic analysis. Initially, an industry electric energy correlation model...
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Mathematical Model of Technical System in SimScape

Jozef Jenis, Jozef Ondriga, Patrik Kováčik, Matúš Čuchor, František Brumerčík, Slavomír Hrček
The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the use of MATLAB and Simulink SimScape functions and toolboxes to model and evaluate key properties of an engineering system. In this case, it was a parcel delivery drone. The drone is assembled from four electric motors, propellers, a battery, four structural-bearing...
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Research on obtaining zeolite from the ash of Erdenet thermal power station

Qian Yu, Tungalagtamir Bold, Enkhtsetseg Erdenee, Byambagar Batdelger, Munkhbaatar Punsantsogvoo
This research work completed the study of obtaining zeolite by hydrothermal method using the ash of Erdenet Thermal Power Plant. According to the results of the study, the ratio of macroelements of ash in the ash pond of Erdenet Thermal Power Plant is less than 1, so it belongs to acid ash. Also, based...
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Analysis of Rheological Properties of Selective Laser Melting 17-4PH Powder

Yin Simin, Cao Yan, Wang Yuanfei, Zheng Ning
In the selective laser melting process, high mechanical stability, excellent thermal performance and rheological property are required for printable materials, and due to the change of environmental conditions such as external force and temperature rise during the forming process and the using process...
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Numerical Modelling for Improved Open Pit Optimization

S. J. Jackson
Simple open pit optimization using industry standard approaches (e.g. Whittle or NPV scheduler) provides a range of pit shells for an engineer to evaluate and select an optimal pit, and/or interim push backs to which a mine design can be developed. The first optimization step requires the definition...
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Carboxylated Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes/Calcium Alginate Composite for Methylene Blue Removal

Puguh Setyopratomo, Restu Kartiko Widi, Rudy Agustriyanto, Endang Srihari
In this research work, the adsorption of methylene blue (MB) on carboxylated poly-walled nanotubes carbon (PWNC)/calcium alginate composite was studied. The composite was synthesized by the impregnation method. The study was aimed to observe the impact of carbon nanotube dosage on the ability of the...
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Circular Flange Joints of Pressure Vessel

Jiri Zacal, Lukas Hruzik, Vaclav Mosler
For flange joints of pressure vessels, bolts are most commonly used. Even though they may seem to be only simple mechanical elements, the reality is ever so different. In some fields of engineering practice, these connections must meet particularly high technical requirements. The article discusses the...
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Extending the UTAUT Model to Understand the Citizens’ Acceptance and Use of Electronic Government in Developing Country: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Deden Witarsyah Jacob, Irfan Darmawan
The rapid development of information and communication technologies had a positive impact on the government to provide better and efficient services to the community. Despite some criticisms of electronic government services (e-gov) but so far, its utilization has continued to improve. The citizens need...
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Optimal sizing and dispatch schedule of battery storage in grid-connected microgrid

Dinna Fitriyana, Thai Hau Vo, Phuong. H. Nguyen, I. G. Kamphuis, Dintani Y. N. Naimah, M. Donny Koerniawan
Battery storage can provide considerable benefits in renewable energy transitions. However, high capital and maintenance costs become the main barriers to its implementation. To overcome the challenges, using the battery storage in multiple applications and incorporating optimization method are proven...
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Azolla microphylla and Pistia stratiotes as Phytoremediator of Pb (lead)

Fida Rachmadiarti, Herlina Fitrihidajati, Tarzan Purnomo, Yuliani Yuliani, Dwi Asih Wahyuningsih
Azolla microphylla and Pistia stratiotes were type of plants which used as alternative to remove pollutant from contaminated water. This study aimed to determine efficiency of Azolla microphylla and Pistia stratiotes as phytoremediator of Pb. These plants were grown in 14 days under hydroponic system...
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Numerical Study of the Influence of Fins’ Geometry on the Thermal Performances of a Vertical Shell and Tube Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage

Teddy Chedid, Erwin Franquet, Jérôme Pouvreau, Pierre Garcia, Jean-Pierre Bédécarrats
This study consists of evaluating the impact of radial-fins’ configurations on natural convection in liquid PCM and on the thermal performances of a vertical shell-and-tube latent heat thermal energy storage system. The design parameters tested are the fin number for a given tube length, the fins’ length...
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2013 Landslide Failure Mechanism and Back Analysis of Tijuana-Ensenada Scenic Highway

Carlos Chávez, Rafael Soto, J. Eleazar Arreygue
The Tijuana-Ensenada highway crosses the “Salsipuedes Bay”. This zone has been subject to numerous landslides due mainly to geological conditions. The last great landslide occurred on 28 December 2013. The principal causes that triggered the landslide were: the shale weathering, the groundwater, and...
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Study on the Effect of Impermeable Anti-Cracking Agents and Fibers on the Performance of Panel Concrete

Yan Shi, Yupu Wang, Yang Xu, Xingdong Lv
Concrete-faced rockfill dams (CFRDs) have become an important choice for dam construction worldwide due to their economy, construction simplicity and high adaptability to complex terrain. In this paper, the effects of impermeable anti-cracking agent, PVA fiber and cellulose fiber single admixture as...
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Research on the Impact of CSR on Innovation Performance

Empirical Analysis Based on Pharmaceutical Enterprises

Jingyi Ni, Huabing Zhu
Innovation is the foundation of enterprise development. More and more enterprises pay attention to technological innovation, and the impact of CSR on innovation is worth exploring. This paper selects the relevant data of A-share pharmaceutical enterprises from 2016 to 2021 as a sample to explore the...
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Study on Seismic Performance and Application of L-shaped Concrete-filled Steel Tube Column

Shiqi Jiang
In rural residential housing, there are issues such as limited homestead land area, leading to insufficient actual indoor usable space. Steel tube concrete special-shaped columns have good load-bearing capacity, occupy a small footprint, which can solve the problem of protruding indoor column bases....
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The study on efficiency improvement and reduction of “aluminum mold + climbing frame + full penetration” in high-rise structural engineering

Jichao Xie
With the construction requirements of building greening, industrialization and industrialization, and the requirements of various housing enterprises and construction units for multi-objective construction such as fine management of high-rise buildings, improving efficiency and reducing cost are getting...
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Comparison of Strategies for Thermal Storage Operation to Increase the Share of Renewable Energy in District Heating Systems

Nicolas Witte-Humperdinck, Christian Thommessen, Florian Nigbur, Jan Scheipers
Combined heat and power (CHP) plants are the main supply source in Germany’s district heating systems (DHS). Usually the generated power is fed into the power grid. Because CHP plants normally come along with thermal storages the heat supply operation is flexible, so that the electricity production can...
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Discussion on the Research Progress and Improvement of Two-Parameter Structural Damage Model

Chen Sun, Xiaodong Li
The building structural damage model is a mathematical model whose primary purpose is to assess the damage to building structures or components under external effects such as earthquakes. Over the past decades, scholars in earthquake engineering have researched building structural damage models and proposed...
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Diversify House Heating Mode Comparison and Optimization in Northern China

Shudong Zhang, Jingyan Xuan, Han Song, Yan Zhang, Chengri Jin, Dongzhu Yan
The air pollution caused by coal-fired heating in the northern cities is again attracting attention. As a new type of heating mode, electric heating enters people's view. In order to make the public understand the characteristics of electric heating, this paper firstly analyzes the technical scheme of...
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Effect of Sulfonation Temperature and Time on the Preparation of Methyl Ester Sulfonate Surfactant From Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Based Methyl Ester

Jaksen, Idha Silviyati, Endang Supraptiah, Rima Daniar, Elina Margaretty
Research to study the effect of temperature and sulfonation time on the preparation of Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES) surfactant using CPO-based Methyl Ester (ME) as raw material has been carried out. The temperature was varied 80 oC, 90 oC and 100 oC; while the observation time is carried out every 1...
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Syngas Analysis of Lowrank Coal Gasification Downdraft Products with Variations in Air Flow Rate

Aida Syarif, Neli Masnila, Indrayani Indrayani, M. Yerizam, Apriansyah Zulatama, Sarmidi Sarmidi, Mirza Adiwarma
Coal gasification is the process of converting solid into a gas mixture that has fuel value. Coal gasification will produce gas in the form of synthetic gas (syngas) with the main components consisting of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen(H2), and (CH4) gas. By converting coal using gasification as a clean...
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Intelligent Surrounding Rock Grade Identification Combining XGBoost Algorithm and Drilling Parameters of Drill Jumbo

Guoqiang Huang, Chengjin Qin, Feixiang Liu, Ruihong Wu, Jianfeng Tao, Chengliang Liu, Jinjun Liao
Surrounding rock classification represents distinguishing the different grades of surrounding rock according to the hardness and integrity of surrounding rock. Accurately obtaining the surrounding rock grade of drill jumbo working face is not only the basis for selecting the tunnel position and support...
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Applications of Some Extremal and Variational Problems to the Study of Vibrations in Mechanical Systems

Valeriu Ionica, Mihaela Bogdan, Leonard Marius Ciurezu-Gherghe, Adrian Bogdan, Ionut Geonea
The object of the present study is the mathematical side of extremi-related problems. We have studied certain applications of the variational calculus in the domain of vibrations existing in mechanical systems. The most frequently encountered problem in the matter of vibrations is the one of determining...
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RMB exchange rate forecasting algorithm and empirical analysis

Ruoxi Gu, Yongqi Du, Shaohua Guo, Zhuofan Zhang, Kaisu Wu
This paper studies the forecasting algorithm of RMB exchange rate. Firstly, the Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Adaptive Noise algorithm (CEEMDAN) is used to decompose the exchange rate data into several intrinsic mode functions (IMF). Then the correlation coefficients of each IMF...
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Study on Cathode Design Method for Electrochemical Machining of Turbine Blade

Li Lin, Cao Yan, Jia Feng, Zhi Xiaowei
Electrolytic machining technology is one of the main machining methods of turbine blade, which is the core component of aerospace engine. The standardization and uniformity of the angle between the cathode feed direction and the clamping angle of the workpiece and the normal direction of the workpiece...
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Characterization of Microorganism Isolated From “Fermege”: The Ruminant Fermented Feed from Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)

Isnawati Isnawati, Guntur Trimulyono
The aim of this study was to determine the number of bacteria and fungi in the fermentation process and characterization of these microorganisms. There were several steps in this research including production of fermented feed, isolation of indigenous microorganisms, purification, characterization of...